Saturday, October 25, 2014

Great Words

As a Black American with a global and Pan-African perspective, I can only say that Blacks here and in the Motherland will all be better off when we learn cooperation and solidarity rather than division and competition. Why don't people start intelligent and progressive threads talking about our common challenges and interests instead of pitting one against the other? Malcolm, Martin, Paul Robeson & W.E.B Du Bois taught us better than that. They taught us solidarity. Similarly, Amilcar Cabral, Nkrumah, Lumumba and others taught solidarity from their base in the Motherland. I know it's pretty late in the day, but it's time we learned those lessons 



 Why would T-BOS think that contemporary Blacks would try to make a Nat Turner type rebellion? As chattel slavery is no more it would hardly make sense to launch a slave revolt. Duh...Nowadays what's happening in Ferguson, MO and the Moral Mondays Movement led by Rev. William Barber is a more relevant topic of discussion if we're thinking about contemporary revolt or resistance to oppression.....wel l, at least in the REAL world. Unfortunately, T-BOS is allergic to reality and reason.



Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Prophetic Fire: Cornel West on the Revolutionary Legacy of Leading African-American Voices

Crammasters' New Words in 2014

The answer is programming. Anti-blackness is built into the white supremacy system-- the system we currently live under. I would suggest you check out the BOOKS ON trojanhorsepress_com and they will explain this mentality. Also, check out Neely Fuller, Jr on youtube and you will understand that all people of color have been programmed to think white is superior



crammasters Feb 1, 2011 i'd say both still it's suspicious that the only time Hollywood seems interested in a "serious" black movie, it always shows BM and BW at each other's throats or we're mistreating our kids, never the BM and BW working out their problems together or saving our children


@Cali then spread the WORD, all your folks There is NO greater power on this planet than BLACK LOVE -- the love between the black man, woman, and child... which is why this "system" keeps attacking it! they want us to turn on each other...which means they NEED our cooperation, without it, we WIN, they LOSE...


Thursday, October 9, 2014

More Words


 Hello. How are you? Do you happen to be interested in stuff Cornel West is talking about. I happened to have met him when I was myself a philosophy student. I read a number of his BOOKS, and wrote a review of one of them. In DEMOCRACY MATTERS he talks about the prophetic tradition, especially in terms of AA religion and of progressive movements.. While I don't always agree with him I think the brother is pretty sharp. -Savant


 The fact that you haven't heard the word bourgeois used (and probably don't know what it means) is itself revealing. And it means you're not in a position to debate me or other informed person on any political or social issue. From my examination of the history, it is clear to me that the decline of the Movement, and the current crisis in the Black Community, is due not only to COINTELPRO (research it, d____) but also the treachery and betrayal of the Black bourgeoisie. Dr. King was right: The bourgeois--white, black and brown--behave pretty much the same way all over the world. And that probably includes you.

 -Savant (His words are in response to a hater).


That's not what you ORIGINALLY said, but you are entitled to revise your jibberish. When discussing the realities of a bourgeois capitalist society it is expected that one might use the word "bourgeois " quite often. Since America is also a racist and patriarchal society, you will often hear well informed people speak of race, racism and patriarchy. In another society the socially conscious might speak of fascism (e.g. in Franco's Spain, Nazi Germany). Of course, for those who are detached from social reality words describing that reality sounds strange. But unlike you some of us actually STUDY and have risen well above the level of Maury Povich and YouTube Institute. -Savant