Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Savant's Words

 That's Robert C. Smith, not ""Willia ms". Author of CONSERVATIVSM AND RACISM



 I sometimes wonder whether the people who continuously start these Black man/Black woman hate threads aren't really white racists pretending to be pissed off black men and women. Or maybe they're white racist negroes. It is clear that they work to promote strife in Black communities. People committed to Black Liberation try to mend our communities and our relationships. They don't start idiotic threads like this one, or thread like "I don't want to marry a Black man" and "I don't want to marry a Black woman." Folk who promote this sort of trash are enemies of the people

Not only in Baltimore, but NATIONALLY, Black men marry Black women overwhelmingly. And that goes for Black men who are light, dark and in between. I can't speak for every specific locality, and where you live may be different from the national norm. Check the US Census data on that. About 89.1 of all married Black men are married to a sister---NATIONWID E.



 That I can understand. And here at least I would agree with Noam Chomsky. He argued that while Hillary was a corrupt neoliberal opportunist, Il Duce Don is a Fascist--which is much worse. In that case, hold your nose and vote for Hillary in any state where the Republicans could win. Chomsky was also critical of people who sat out the election in protest. On the other hand, as I belong to a deeply blue state--Trump was BURIED here in Maryland--I decided to vote Green. I'm seeking a left alternative to the two corporate parties. But when it comes down to either Dems or Repugnant parties, I vote Dems


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Black History Heroes

Bessie Stringfield

Elizabeth T. Greenfield

Althea Gibson

Floryence Kennedy

Queen Nanny of the Marrons

Dr. Matilda Evans

Mamie Johnson

Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Lucy Hicks Anderson

Willa Beatrice Brown

Anna Arnold Hedgeman

Pauli Murray

Dr. Alexa Irene Canady

Sanite Belair

Sister Rosetta Sharpe

Maria Stewart

Benjamin Banneker

Miles Davis

Josephine Baker

Lewis Howard Latimer

Bessie Coleman

James Baldwin

Bill Pickett

Edmonia Lewis

Viola Desmond

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Savant's Words

 The Left is not the ones trying to build walls rather than bridges. They're not the primary sources of xenophobia and racism. They're not the ones who are most intransigent in misogynist bigotry either. And there is far more anti-intellectuali sm, outright contempt for reason among the rightists than anyone else



About 68% of Hispanics voted for Hillary. About 90% of Blacks did likewise. And a large number of whites also didn't vote. Were those non-voting whites really voting for Hillary or Il Duce Don Trump?

Does this person mean that the top 20% of the richest people are white? True. Indeed the top 2% are probably white. The 1% is almost certainly 99% white. And those predatory fools are also the ones who nearly destroyed the economy that enriches them at the expense of the rest of us. They nearly plunged the country into a 1930's scale depression a mere ten years ago. Moreover, only a fool thinks that wealth is proof of intelligence or wisdom. And that's even aside from issues of race.



You're asking Savant this, who is a black intellectual?

My AA linguistics professor was an intellectual.

My AA medical anthropology professor was an intellectual.

My AA social geography professor was an intellectual.

My fellow grad student friend from Liberia was an intellectual.

My fellow grad student friend from Nigeria was an intellectual.

My Kenyan and Ugandan college friends in Missouri were intellectuals.

Working in the Democratic campaign in 2016 one of the people I met was an AA administrator in a local school district, and an intellectual.

There's an institution around here named for AA Carter Woodson, an intellectual.

Blacks aren't intellectuals? Cracka please!



I've done research on Dr. King and KNOW that he did preach Black independence. Even in his first book, STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM you can find it. And even more so in his last book called WHERE DO WE GO NOW, CHAOS OF COMMUNITY? Perhaps, you need to get better educated on the topics concerning which you post. If this place were so nutty, I'd might even share a book and articles I've done on Dr. King. Your understanding seems not to go beyond the narrow limits of what one can find in silly TV programs. In fact, you could even get a clearer picture of King if you listened to enough of his speeches on YouTube. (I know how unpopular reading and study are among most Topix people).



Saturday, January 28, 2017

Conscious Information







I know the history and culture of my people better than you do. The progressivism of the majority of Black America--surveys continually show a social democratic inclination among at least 70%--80% of Blacks, and historical records show that progressive tendency at least as far back as Reconstruction--re flects a more intelligent understanding of social reality. Moreover, the most militant and aggressive forms of racism have always been found on the Right. (Liberals, socialists, anarchists and others don't bomb black churches, didn't lynch Blacks, and are not he ones currently involved in suppressing the black vote. But leftists have lead anti-slavery movements, labor, civil rights and other righteous causes). Also, there is no "democratic capitalist" society, only a plutocratic corporate capitalist autocracy. And more Blacks are aware of this than are whites, and hence are less likely to support their own enemies.


Black women or men--NEITHER of whom get much acceptance outside their own ethnicity--are entitled to mate and marry whom they please. That's their right. What I will NOT accept is their demeaning of men and women of their own group while virtually worshipping virtually any non-Black man or woman who walks the earth. Negro males and females who do that are rightly to be regarded as toms, coons and buffoons. There were IR Blacks in the 1960s (though far fewer than today) who supported the Struggle and did not demean men and women of their own ethnicity. Merely having a non-Black significant other doesn't make you a traitor. Demeaning your own people does.

Instead of our next president, we need another thread: "Donald Trump: America's First Fascist Dictator.


I do recall a book called Islam's Black Slaves which estimated the Muslim and Christians each took about 14,000,000--roughl y equal. Of course, there's something obscene about crunching numbers of human devastation. And I am not sure how estimations are done since I see different figures. Either way, both Christian and Muslim powers have some colossal crimes to answer for. And Africans were even the only ones they preyed upon.



My views in refuting people who want to red bait Dr. King:

Paul Robeson and Claudia Jones were Communists and heroes for black people. The FBI is known for lying and fear mongering. Hoover slandered Dr. King as a Communist when Dr. King publicly denounced Communism. The Highlander school wasn't a Communist training school. It was a school which promoted racial justice and labor rights. White segregationists slandered that school as a Communist school. Levinson left the communist party before the 1960's. I have noticed that the views of white supremacists are very similar to those who hate social justice. Hoover was a notorious violator of people's civil liberties. Also, Dr. King is not perfect and I don't agree with his imperfections, but Dr. King was right to oppose the Vietnam War, he was right to oppose racism, and he was right to fight poverty. I'm not a red baiter and I'm not in support of reactionary propaganda at all. There is nothing wrong with revolutionary change too. I heard of this red baiting stuff over 10 years ago, and I reject red baiting. On this Black History Month, I certainly honor black heroes which includes non-communists, socialists, communists, and other black people from a diversity of political views.

-By Timothy (Me)


More often than that, the disrupters are probably police and FBI agents. SOME riots (not all or most) that broke out in Black communities during the 1960s we now know to have been provoked by agents of COINTELPR. In particular, I learned during my research on Dr. King that the riot that broke out in a March 1968 demonstration intended to be led by Dr. King was provoked by police agents who had infiltrated a militant community group called "The Invaders." One book that talks about this is Michael K. honey's GOING DOWN JERICHO ROAD: THE MEMPHIS STRIKE, MARTIN LUTHER KING'S LAST CAMPAIGN. A nice documentary depiction of this situation (though it doesn't speak of FBI infiltration) is called "At the River I Stand." In another lengthier documentary (by a Baltimore film maker whose name I forget) called CITIZEN KING, Andrew Young says that some young dudes actually admitted to him that they were PAID to provoke the riotous disruption of the demonstration in order to discredit King and obstruct the Movement. So, while some-even most--riots are spontaneous outbursts of undisciplined popular anger, others are actually instigated, and very often by police and FBI agent provocateurs.



Some people live more online than in REAL LIFE. But all the OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE in the world will not change some people's negative minds. Whether it be AAM2000A or Drilling for the Nerve", Cigar Face or SadbutTrue, that are some people who are simply obssessionally attached to their delusions. And a person unfamiliar with AA life in the USA as a whole would probably get the impression that all or most Black men and women hate each other, and that Black Love is nonexistent.. Yet for about 90% of Blacks, black love is actually assume almost as a matter of course and hardly even an issue of debate. Indeed, not even all IR Blacks are motivated by hatred of other Blacks, though some clearly are. People don't REASON in Topix, they mere vent. The person who started this thread ought to know that it's simply FALSE that there are "no more BM/BW couples." About 90% of the time that's ALL there are. And when AAM2000 claims that "black love is officially dead" one wonders where she gets the official authority to declare that the love lives of the VAST MAJORITY of Black people are dead. And one other thing: Those Negro males and females who are promoting this jibberish tend to be Blacks with the LOWEST level of social and political consciousness. They're dumb as rocks. There's a notorious negro male hater of Black women called "Tommy Sotomayor"--- I call him Uncle Tom Sotos--who when he's not vilifying Black women (and Black men he calls "simps" for supporting Black women), actually PRAISES the police for shooting down our men, women and children. He's a black fascist. AAM2000 is willing to reject the Black struggle because of her attitudes toward Black men. (That fascist pig cops kills sisters and children is obviously aside from the point) Notice that you don't find these attitudes among Black men and women who are committed to the liberation of their people. It's not that they aren't aware issues between Black men and women. But they don't see each other as the enemy. They realize that these and many other issues outgrowth of systemic oppression; that oppression breeds dysfunction, and that Struggle and solidarity are the only sources of any possible solution. And the more politically and socially evolved members of our community actually LOVE our people, love our people with all our strengths and weaknesses, with all our human beauty and ugliness. It involves a love and understanding that surpasses the limited comprehension of people like "Drilling, " SBT, AAM2000 and other shallow personalities.


Here's the killer. The only reason why blacks, whites, Latins or anyone else needs welfare is because CAPITALISM isn't working--except in the interest of the rich. But instead of getting mad at the capitalists, at th 1%, some people prefer to be angry with Blacks, Mexicans, immigrants in general, women, gays or whomever---anyone except the ruling class! The class whose irrational and repressive system makes welfare necessary. I know people on contractual employment who voted for Il Duce Don Trump (or didn't vote) who have health care coverage ONLY because of Obamacare. But they voted for a man who intends to take away their coverage. Folk need to lay off the Kool-Aid, man. Even at the university level, many of my contractually employed colleague--unlike "regular faculty"--wou ld have no health coverage without Obama care. (However, I don't know of contractual faculty who voted for Obama, probably because they're better informed). Hey, I'm a TENURED faculty person, and at least for some time needn't worry about my health care or job. But most people are not so fortunate. The less fortunate who voted for Trump (or didn't vote) really got DUPED big time.


Actually, that's quite RARE and more often than one suspects the work of agent provocateurs, often in the pay of police and/or FBI. And am talking about NOW, not 50 or 300 years ago. I've seen that often enough myself. And some of my studies of history indicate that violent disruptions are at likely to be the work of undercover pigs as of undisciplined elements within a demonstration. Oh, and Barros was RIGHT when he spoke of provocateurs provoking violent confrontations with police after infiltrating Black or Native American demonstrations. As for violence in general, right wing violence--includin g terrorism--is much more common than such violence from the left or even (at least in the USA) extremist Muslims. Dylan Roof was not a liberal, socialist, anarchist or Muslim. But he is much more common that the occasional Anarchist rioter or Muslim terrorist



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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

History and Culture













Dan neeah18 hours ago (edited)
Your Logic is lacking a bit.
At the time of X, The Democratic Party was more of a Racist Old Confederacy sympathizing Based party.X died in 65, just as the Voteing Rights Act was passed 1965.(((AFTER))) this, the "StatesRights" Dems became todays GOP.and the Norths repubs became todays Democrats.
Let me put it like this .......
If Dylan Roof would have  Voted in this election ,he would  have voted for trump. and if  he was alive during the 60s hed be calling for the head of X and King.
+ If king was alive he wouldnt be flying the Confederate flag again like a good number of trump supporters

i left out its not enuff to read we have to relate the past  w/whats happening in the present.
but Wow, u are on point .
 Trump is preying on the stupid/ppl who like to be entertained.That mfer went to Gettysburg and said ...."People may not know this but the republican party is the party of Lincoln".Now lincoln really wasnt perfect.But the false narrative trump is painting,"the poorly educated" will fall 4 it.Lincolns party didnt fly the Southern Flag,Trumps "StatesRights" base is.
i never heard of that book,im seeing some stuff by Greg Palast about Chris Kobach on trumps transition.Hes the creator of a Crosscheck Vote purge problem where they throw people off the ballot w/o the voter even knowing.And u r right this came after the gop lead supreme court tore apart the VRA.
+Did u hear the comment from trump where he actually((( Thanked Black people for Not Voteing)))?
Trumps people even set up fake black accounts after  facebook cracked down on fake sites.