Sunday, May 1, 2016

Savant's Words

Yeah, I know. These anti-Black reactionaries are too stupid to debate, and not worth spending your time on.



I listen to WEAA FM in Bmore. Plays everything from Hip Hop to Jazz or blues. But I heard a tune from South African singer Miriam Makeba that I liked so much I found it again on YouTube: "Pata Pata."



Well a negro male (for you are NOT a Black MAN) who'd even think of naming himself "PIMP" is clearly not a man of much quality himself, and hardly someone with a mind or character that would make him a good judge of black woman or anyone else. Malcolm X once said that the Black man will get respect from NO ONE until he learns to respect his own women. In fact, REAL Black men do not even respect such poor excuses for manhood.



Monday, April 11, 2016

Advice from Conscious People

angel9loveu on April 9, 2016 at 2:51 AM said:
They first diminish the targets humanity,likening them to animals hence calling us and the natives savages. A way to convince themselves and everyone else that the target is less than human hence justifying their destruction.
But they are the real savages.They have no remorse for mistreating us because they’ve already dehumanized us. Stripped us of our dignity, made the world to think we’re the one’s leeching on them and their “inventions” in their world. And we’re just a burden that everyone needs to see as lower than human. They are evil in every form.

And I know how you feel. I’ve gotten my peace of mind from separating from them also.I feel most at peace and able to keep my true self authentic when not mingling around those goofballs.Even if it’s in my little niche. Limited interaction, my bible and reading other common sense bloggers as well are my sanity.


alicia356 on April 8, 2016 at 11:18 PM said:

Funny you mention Native Americans because a few months ago I was watching Murder She Wrote which I never watched before and in one episode was a Native American guy who came to town saying the town was building on government sanctioned native land set aside for his father.

It’s my first time seeing something like this. It was one single Native guy and he came into the city hall meeting. After that the whites (who numbered in the 100’s, heck it was the whole town versus the 1 lone native american guy) were claiming to be scared of him, saying native Americans were violent, claiming he was violent although he never was. I saw an immediate parallel between how they got in a hoopla over the one native american guy in the town hall meeting and that of how whites have treated us.

I don’t think they have any sort of guilt for all they or their ancestors have done. I believe they lie to themselves even when mobbing ( which they did to the poor lone native guy in the town) that they are in the right and all other are savages, to be attacked and put down and flat-out wrong.

I find their behavior dangerous.

& yes I believe they have a scary hatred for us in every fiber of their being. I have learned as I mentioned that they will stab you in the back in a minute and they will be nice with a black person one minute and really hating you and wishing bad for you. I stay away and I’ve had more peace in my life since I’ve set boundaries and learned to stay away from negative people.

Exactly, hatred for us is in every fiber of their being. It oozes from their pores. It’s as if this hatred energizes them daily. I’ve had so many experiences with these smiling backstabbers, I’ve had to exit life for an hour to get my head together.
They’re fork tongued. The Native Americans were a perfect example of this. They were smiling in their faces and wishing them well all at the same time plotting to annihilate them and kill them with diseases to take over our now modern day plantation, America.


@ Diaryofanegress

I agree with your brother that religion is a huge obstacle. The other obstacles are white identification, sex with white people, rampant anti-blackness, low self-esteem, and not understanding how much slavery damaged us even to this day.

We are still under the spell of chattel slavery and the slave-0wner’s religion, white God and white Jesus guarantees we will never be free–unless we divorce ourselves from those false beliefs, rampant materialism, sexual perversion, most mass produced entertainment, and our blind worship of anyone black who makes a lot of money.

-Sister Trojan Pam


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our History 

D1Mind  21 days ago

George Washington was elected president because under the British system of the House of Burgesses, which was a 'secret society' of rich white landowning male slaveowners, only landowners could vote. The House of Burgessess was the template for all representative assemblies in the United States. This also means many governors, mayors, supreme court justices and other high officials were also landowners and slave owners. Washingon only came into his large shares of land as a result of marrying the widow of George Custis one of the biggest British landowners and slaveowners. The plantation they lived in was the White House plantation and from that came the later "White House" in DC. Martha Washington Custis' later descendants also built Arlingon Mansion. And it was one of these descendants who Married Robert E. Lee, who inherited the mansion as part of his estate. The Mansion was confiscated after the war and became Arlington cemetery.

The whole establishment of the Kings' companies of the American colonies was to profit off the land and labor of people conquered under the flag of the templars, the church and the Crown. That system created the House of Burgesses to manage the affairs of the company as administrators or local political elite. This was always the system and George Washingon, the former British general, was part of that system, which is why after he became president, he maintained the same system that he was part of under British common law and only expanded the companies assets to the Western Shore (sea to shining sea) as mentioned in the earliest charters given by the British crown. Just read the founding Charter of Pennsylvania which has not been rescinded. Not only that many of the early anthems of the United States are based on British anthems, like God Save the Queen.
The idea that the United States represents a break away from the colonial, corporate exploitation of land and labor as part of the global system of European banking houses and royal charters and common law is simply nonsense. It was simply a change of uniform but underneath the same old system.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Brother BlackHeywood's words

When Bill left office in 2001, the United States had the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Human Rights Watch reported that in seven states, African Americans constituted 80 to 90 percent of all drug offenders sent to prison, even though they were no more likely than whites to use or sell illegal drugs. Prison admissions for drug offenses reached a level in 2000 for African Americans more than 26 times the level in 1983. All of the presidents since 1980 have contributed to mass incarceration, but as Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson recently observed, “President Clinton’s tenure was the worst.”

Both Clintons now express regret over the crime bill, and Hillary says that she supports criminal-justice reforms to undo some of the damage that was done by her husband’s administration. But on the campaign trail, she continues to invoke the economy and the country Bill Clinton left behind as a legacy she would continue.

So what exactly did the Clinton economy look like for black Americans? Taking a hard look at this recent past is about more than just a choice between two candidates. It’s about whether or not the Democratic Party can finally reckon with what its policies have done to African-American communities, and whether it can redeem itself and rightly earn the loyalty of black voters.

An oft-repeated myth about the Clinton administration is that although it was overly tough on crime back in the 1990s, at least its policies were good for the economy and for black unemployment rates. The truth is more troubling. As unemployment rates sank to historically low levels for white Americans in the 1990s, the jobless rate among black men in their 20s who didn’t have a college degree rose to its highest level ever. This increase in joblessness was propelled by the skyrocketing incarceration rate.

When Bill left office in 2001, the true jobless rate for young, non-college-educated black men (including those behind bars) was 42 percent. This figure was never reported. Instead, the media claimed that unemployment rates for African Americans had fallen to record lows, neglecting to mention that this miracle was possible only because incarceration rates were now at record highs.

Bernie wasn't paid Six Figures in High School as Hillary was for her speeches for the same folks who drove America into the ditch. If she has nothing to hide, then why is she hiding the transcripts of her speeches. This is why I would NEVER vote for her and it proves she and Bernie are Not on the same side.



Free stuff is only a problem when Rich folks aren't at the receiving end for some people. I believe it's telling that Hillary Clinton claims she wants to help people but refuse to support expanding the Public Education system to include  College and Trade school. Expanding education opportunities is the fastest way to uplift masses out of poverty, grow our tax base and the economy.  Not supporting this tells me Hillary is more concerned about the bankers who give student loans than she about the families and our country that benefit the most.  It's not hard to see who Hillary Clinton stands for, it is not the American people.

She supported EVERY harmful policy her husband supported that has destroyed many Black Americans. Her speakers fees are six figures for the same folks who "drove America into the ditch" and she refuses to release copies of them to the People she wants to vote for her. She says she is for the people yet she rejects expanding  the public education system to include college and trade schools. That would lift Millions of Americans  (she claims to care about ) out of poverty faster than any policy or  program. And she is telling Americas we need to remain with the status quo which isn't helping many Americans. She is also a pathological liar as we all know from when she was " Co President and FLOTUS". Here is the perfect example of her lying about her 'great work" at the CDF. I do my homework as a voter and American citizen , I am not interested in making history by electing the first woman I want the best person for POTUS and it is not Hillary Rodham Clinton.I want a President I can believe and trust,she is not that person based on her own actions and history. This is not  personal.

 Once again Cornel West is 100% correct, It's tragic that those Black people who marched with Dr King has chosen to support a candidate who represents everything Dr King and the CRM fought so hard against. The CBC members loyalty is to the Democratic Party not the Black Americans who elected them. It's very sad and embarrassing.
Congressman John Lewis has become a compromised Black man, he believes Blacks are somehow indebted to White folks for us fighting them for our rights and winning. He lost my respect when he chose a White author to help him write his books. With all the economic disparity and his platform of being able to help Black writers and such he chose to go with those who already has economic advantage over his own underrepresented people.

 Hillary supported every policy in her husband administration during their Co Presidency that harms Black Americans today. She and Bill effectively put many Blacks in Slavery and disenfranchised many others. After calling Black children Super Predators she somehow cares about Black people ad our issues. Ha.


 Black people are calling and demanding monetary reparations for decades why didn't the Clintons support that. Presidents don't " do what people want " because their supposed to be intelligent enough to have foresight to see the ramifications of the practices, policies and laws they implement. The CBC are  enemies of Black people, they are tools and loyal to the Democratic Party not what's in the best interest of Black Americans. The Crime Bill did not target the folks who brought the drugs into Black communities, it targeted the Black folks who used  drugs, f that's not racist then please tell  me what is. No matter what Constituents want we have Lawmakers who are supposed to have better judgement  not lead the torch and pitchfork crowd.

 An apology is meaningless without monetary damages or support for reparations. Bill Clinton was POTUS how could he pass a law and not know and fully understands the long term ramifications of his Crime Bill.I swear some folks WANT to gullible and fall for anything instead of facing some hard truths.

You didn't do anything , it was the Hillary and Bill Clinton who supported , defended and implemented those laws  without caring about the consequences of Black people and families long term. A good leader doesn't lead for "the moment".
It lies to White people and gives them some false belief of ownership of Black people. It gives the false impression that White Americans are superior to Black people when we know that is not true. Truth and Facts do trump dollars and sense except when it comes to White Supremacy. White people must always the hero in Black people successes and lives in Hollywood movies. That sends a message to many White people that they still have some ownership of Black people and without them Black people would not successful. Hollywood has always been racist and paternalistic toward Black people.
 “If Trump hadn’t inherited $200 million, he’d be selling watches on the streets of Manhattan,” whatever demon possessed Marco Rubio claimed tonight

“I’m not a Superpredator, Hillary!”: Black Lives Matter protestors confront Clinton at South Carolina fundraiser

As we hear Hillary supported her husband Crime Bill , now whose kids are she speaking about, certainly not White children . The fact is Hillary was lockstep with her husbands policies that has harmed and destroyed the lives of many Americans but those laws devastated the Black race. It gave us massive Ue, the loss of Voting Rights and disenfranchising generations of Black folks as we see today.  She has to take responsibility for what she supported.

-Black Heywood


What logical  reason does a Black man who fought the establishment have to become the establishment?  That's what discredits him, how has Black Americans fared since the CRM , what did we gain the right to mingle with White folks, give them our money as our economic conditions worsen.

However, when you ask "what logical reason" does he have "to become the establishment," I would answer the same as any politician in current times - power and potentially money.  He's like many Americans, regardless of race or other other demographic factors - individual enrichment takes precedence over helping others.

Civil Rights leaders aren't wealthy by nature. Dr King died a poor man. How can you fight for the poor when you're wealthy. That's like the slave and master praying to the same God.

For those who ask

How Bernie pays for his proposals
PlanPaymentRebuild America Act: Sen. Sanders has proposed a $1 trillion plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructureand put 13 million Americans to work.Paid for by making corporations pay taxes on all of the “profits” they have shifted to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens, which the Congressional Research Services estimates may currently create losses that approach $100 billion annually, and other loopholes.College for All: Sen. Sanders has proposed making public colleges and universities tuition-free and substantially reducing student debt, in a plan that would cost about $75 billion a year.Paid for by imposing a tax on Wall Street speculators that would generate about $300 billion in revenue.Expand and Extend Social Security: Sen. Sanders has proposed expanding Social Security and extending the solvency of this program until 2065.Paid for by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000 so that the wealthy pay the same percentage of their income into Social Security as working people.Youth Jobs Program: Sen. Sanders has proposed a $5.5 billion youth jobs program to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans.Paid for by ending the carried interest loophole that allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses and truck drivers.Paid Family and Medical Leave: Sen. Sanders has proposed at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to all workers.Paid for by a payroll tax that would total $1.61 a week for the typical American worker. According to Sen. Gillibrand’s office, this would be “a self-sufficient program that would not add to the federal budget.”Protect Pensions: Sen. Sanders has introduced a plan to prevent cuts to the pensions of over 1.5 million Americans.Paid for by closing two tax loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid taxes on money they inherit and expensive artwork they collect.Renewable Energy and Clean Jobs Transition: Sen. Sanders has a plan to invest in clean, sustainable energy sources powered by the sun, wind and Earth’s heat. He also has a plan to provide comprehensive benefits to workers as they transition to making the solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries of tomorrow.Paid for by stopping taxpayer-funded giveaways to oil, gas and coal companies. Sen. Sanders has introduced a plan to expand health care coverage to every American.Paid for by a 6.2 percent income-based health care premium paid by employers, a 2.2 percent income-based premium paid by households, progressive income tax rates, taxing capital gains and dividends the same as income from work, limiting tax deductions for the rich, adjusting the estate tax, and savings from health tax expenditures.

 He should've did all he could to get folks JOBS and JOB TRAINING. Even with the ACA more folks particularly Black are uninsured or cannot afford the premiums. In States that doesn't have subsidies those folks still must purchase health insurance or be find thru the pittance of the income tax refund they depend on. How did President Obama help Blacks, poor Whites and other with the ACA again.

-Black Heywood


The Best thing Black Americans can do is support someone who supports us, that person happens to be Bernie Sanders. There is nothing more urgent and important than EDUCATION, Bernie wants to invest in our children by offering them the same opportunity all others have if they do the work and that would be Free College and Trade Schools a barrier that stagnated many Blacks, poor Whites and POC.Investing in free college is investing in Americans for a better America. Hillary wants the status quo which has not served Black Americans at all. The choice is not hard, this is about who has our best interest at heart.
 Her supporters are "Fantasizing " about an America that wasn't like they seem to remember what it really was like. They ignore all the harmful bills and policies Hilary stood by and defended.Michelle Alexander  The New Jim Crow summed it up nicely.

I don't understand the argument against Free College and Trade schools for all Americans. We are investing in our own people and country which makes our country better and stronger. Everyone benefits when we have a well educated American people. #Bernie2016

 Should've, would've and could 've  is not reality. So-called Hillary Care did not happen and never was going to happen. It ridiculous to mention it and proves Hillary is not an honest person. According to her President Obama did very little without consulting her then she asked the advice of her good pal and confident Henry Kissinger, a war criminal.

This book vindicate Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and myself who have criticized President Obama. Dr Dyson sat at the President's table and was one of the voices who attacked the same the critics of the President who he now agrees with. The Obama Presidency is a disappointment for Black Americans.

-Black Heywood

Friday, February 19, 2016

Savant's new words in 2016

By the way, Nick Mosby is running for mayor-making use of the political capital gained this past April by his wife Marilyn--which she decided to prosecute the six cops in whose custody Freddie Gray died. Marilyn Mosby, the DA, was speaking on our campus today. However, I couldn't go because Eddie Conway is coming next week, and that would be twice our class would be missed. Marshall Eddie Conway has decided to focus his activist work in Sandtown ghetto of West Baltimore where Freddie Gray lived and died. Regarding De Ray, the BLM person running for mayor, I believe the last time (or one of he last times) I saw him was during the summer at a showing of the film BLACK PANTHERS: VANGUARD OF THE REVOLUTION. The showing had to be interrupted because their were threats against the theatre, including a threat to kill members of the Black Lives Matters group (De Ray being one of them). My return to regular class activities has, naturally, reduced the amount of time I can spend at meetings and rallies, but will do so when I can...especially on weekends. Some stuff is happening at Red Emmas Café/Bookstore (an Anarchist collective) this weekend. Perhaps, if in Bmore, I can introduce you to some of that collective. I wanted to introduce Attai to some of our homegrown revolutionaries, but I think he was heading out of Bmore and didn't have time. But RED EMMAS is becoming a happening spot in terms of activism--multirac ial as well as Black or Latino activism. And, of course, they're within the radar of the FBI and ex-left reactionaries like David Horowitz.



Ah, brother De Ray McKesson. He filed recently for the mayoral race in Bmore. Well...hmmm from the left many are skeptical that this is a good move. They don't want the Black Li ves Matter movement to get too tangled up with the Establishment, with the Democratic Party machine. (Obviously, the Republicans are not even given a first thought, let alone a second). The Right (especially in the police establishment) regards DeRay simply calls him a cop hater, aiding and abetting criminality and terrorism. (We protestors, though nonviolent, have been accused of aiding terrorism and criminality because of our protests of police terrorism. You know how white racists accused YOU of being racist when you call them out for their racism. Cops terrorize us, and denounce us as terrorists--or aiding and abetting such--when we protest THEIR terrorism). Police are actually accusing DeRay McKesson if having provoked the April uprising in Bmore (his home town) and in other cities across the nation Moderates are saying that De Ray's move is a good thing because even if BLM raised awareness, and continues to do so, actually accomplishment of change (say the moderates) do require working within the political system and the law. My feelings are mixed because I don't want to see this mainly youth movement co-opted by the Democratic Party establishment, the "liberal " corporativists. But such a campaign may force a leftward shift on the part of politicians in the system, as Bernie seems to be doing with Clinton. DeRay is right that we won't get any great transformation by simply following the traditional political paths. One thing you can be sure of: Whoever runs in Baltimore MUST address these issues of racism, police brutality and economic deprivation or be rejected by the community. There's a lot of anger pent up in the community here; and some of it is against the Negro political class, not just the cops and the racists.



 Beaucoups des Noirs Americains observe la meme chose quand ils voyage a votre pays: par exemples Richard Wright, W.E.B Du Bois, mon Oncle Oscar (un soldat Americain a Normandie) et moi, Savant. (Quand j'etais un enfant, mon Oncle Oscar m' a dit : "Well those white folks in France are just a different group. Crackers over here make you have to look over your shoulder every other minute, cause you don't know what they up to. But in France I could just cool it, be myself sometimes, not always looking over my shoulder. Do you know, Savant, that in the years that I was in Paris after Normandy I was NEVER stopped by a French cop even one time for any reason? Not even one time did anybody say I can't eat here, or use this bathroom, be walking in this or that neighborhood or be seen in the company of a woman of the Caucasian persuasion." ) I got to see what he meant, what Ta observed when I finally visited France as a adult. In L'Amerique jour le jour, Simone de Beauvoir mentioned being introduced to members of a Black church in Harlem during the 19440's: "In her country there's no segregation, no KKK, no cops on your back." C'est vrai...main j'observait les problemes raciaux des Noirs francophone et les peuples Nord Africains. That did upset me even if it wasn't directed at me. Ta Nehisi Coates est un fils de Paul Coates, un chef des Panthers Noirs de Baltimore pendant les annees 1960s et (early) 70s. Peut-etre vous lisez aussi MARSHALL LAW:: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BALTIMORE BLACK PANTHER, par Marshall Eddie Conway. Mr. Conway visitera a mon university le prochain semain.


I've seen Latinos who support right wing Republicans despite their anti-Latin racism (including one Latin Republican presidential hopeful). I've seen a couple of Blacks wave Confederate flags. AndI've no doubt that you could even have found European Jews who collaborated with Nazis. Such persons are commonly known among THEIR OWN PEOPLE (and not just them) as fools ...or traitors



 But there is no longer a left, at least not a Communist left, for anyone to fight. Hence the political spectrum has moved so far to the right that even "liberals " are seen as leftists. In the past, it was mainly the extreme right which saw liberals as leftists.  ]