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Sister Shanequa's words

Shanequa says:
September 19, 2015 at 2:47 am
These are the types of Black people that often make comments such as or similar to the following:
-” I trust Whites more than I do Blacks”
-“All White people ain’t bad.”
-“If we speak negatively of whites we are no better than them.”
-“We sold each other into Slavery.”
-“If America is so bad why are so many immigrates coming here?”
-“Whites have treated me better than Blacks ever have!

They have been totally brainwashed to hate themselves and love and adore white people and white culture.

They also usually believe that the only path to success and true happiness is to marry or assimilate into White culture, hoping to escape the sins of being born Black.

These types are sometimes easy to recognize because they often speak in a exaggerated white vernacular or pursues the white standards of beauty by wearing blonde weaves, blue contact lens and bleaching their skins.

They are also the types of Black people that feels obligated to speak in behalf of and or defend Whites, even when Whites are not present to do so for themselves.

“The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.”
–Frantz Fanon

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sources about African History and Culture

"The Niger River system flows more than two thousand miles through West Africa from the highlands of the Republic of Guinea to Mali, Niger, Benin and finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean along the Nigerian Coast. The river actually splits the Republic of Nigeria, one of Africa's most important nations, into two halves and is the source of its name. During the Medieval Period from 1,000 A.D. to 1,600 A.D., the Niger River Valley was the center of African Islamic Civilization that produced the great Empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhay which were famous for their gold trade across the Sahara with the Mediterranean world. This Sudanic Civilization with its mixture of traditional African cultural systems and Islam was based on agricultural development combined with extensive commercial activity in several city-states, such as Kumbi-Kumbi, Gao, Mopti, Djene, Kano, Sokota, Zaire and Timbuctoo which was famous for its trading and its University of Sankore. Several Arab scholars visited these empires and wrote about their prosperity, the peace and safety throughout the land and the fairness of their systems of justice and administration. The Empire of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay rose to prominence during the period of the Middle Ages when Europe was suffering from the chaos and confusion of the Crusades, feudal wars and the Dark Ages.
The Congo River system is one of the World's greatest watersheds and rivals the Amazon River Valley. It is the center of the great rain forest or so-called jungle that is located in Central Africa. During the slave trading era the Africans of the Congo River Valley and adjacent areas were the victims of a double attack by slave raiders. They were initially victimized by the Arabs raiding from the North and East and later by the Europeans raiding from the West and South. These events triggered continuous warfare among Africans. On the international scale they triggered conflicts and wars among Europeans. This period represents a very sad chapter in African and World history." - Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr., "The African Americans Search for Truth and Knowledge"

"Afrocentricity is not a theory just for the African diaspora. In fact, Afrocentricity is fundamentally rooted on the continent of Africa where it has its largest following. Furthermore, Swahili was not been proposed as a Diasporan African language but as a language to unite Africans. It is a very logical choice and the l977 FESTAC colloquium held in Lagos, Nigeria, concluded that it would make an excellent choice for the international African world since it was least attached to a large ethnic group such as Yoruba or Hausa. At any rate, no African slaves were brought to the Americas, only African people were brought here." - Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, "A Quick Reading of Rhetorical Jingoism: Anthony Appiah and his Fallacies"

"This book deals in some detail with the migration throughout West Africa only. This is not to underestimate and/or neglect the dispersion of Egyptians and/or Egypt model society, to east, central and southern Africa. Such dispersion was caused by foreign invasions and the Islamic onslaughts on Western Africa in the 11th century. Substantial archeological evidence shows that there was a significant population growth between 750 and 1110 C E [i.e. AD], accompanied by the emergence of a dozen or so stable and distinct regional traditions, which flourished in central and eastern Africa. These new societies had the same features of the ancient Egyptian model government, beliefs, and building technologies. The dispersion to central and southern Africa in the 11th century, began from near the Upper Bennu River, to the Congo and Southern Africa. Academia and records tell us that this was the largest migration in Africa’s history. These people, who are called Bantu, created states that emerged in Africa’s interior without any reference to events at the coast." — Moustafa Gadalla, “Exiled Egyptians: The Heart of Africa

Here's another good source: "And lastly, just remember that when you see the Ashantis, the Yorubas, and all the other African people, they were not always where they are now. Arab and European slavery made the African migrate from one part of the African world to the other; that is why you can see in Akan culture as written by the African writer Dr. J. B. Danquah, the people with the same hair-cut, and the same beads and jewelry system as Queen Nefertari (the wife of Pharaoh Rameses II in the Nineteenth Dynasty), and Queen Nefertiti (the wife of Pharaoh Akhnaton in the Eighteen Dynasty). It is too much to speak about it, really." - Yosef ben-Jochannan, "Nile Valley Civilization and the Spread of African Culture"

Sister mmmdot's words

mmmdot • 16 days ago
I like what they have to say about cultural appropriation, but "tribe" is a white supremacist term in reference to Africans. I DO love that gorgeous makeup, tho. Black is beautiful!
Pretty much. And thank YOU for everything you've said.

I have to look for the info but I'm sure that I read somewhere that I read that somewhere that Swahili an indigenous African Bantu language from people who migrated from West Africa to Eastern Africa. I'll have to look it up but it irritates the hell out of me b/c I constantly hear white academic racists (and their acolytes) bring it up like cultural continuity AND diversity can't exist on the African continent at the same time. It just seems like such a stupid white person thing to bring up and fixate on...

mmmdot (in response to a deciever):
Lol! Everyone: this is the colonized mindset [i.e. internalized white supremacy] in practice. It's a mental illness caused by white supremacy. This is why it's important to teach your kids something other than faulty (Aristotelian) disjunctive "logic" and dichotomous (Manichean) "reasoning" - they end up being incapable of producing anything approaching a comprehensive, intelligent thought. Their tactics and speech resemble the mentally incompetent whites with fragmented, limited reasoning skills that we ALREADY deal with all day, everyday. Unless they ever choose to decolonize their minds, talking to these dumb fucks is LITERALLY like talking to a racist white troll in a (supposedly) Black body.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr.: Africa is a vast continent. It is second only to Asia in size. Traditionally it has been divided into large geographical regions and studies have focused on its diversity and distinctiveness. As we learn more about Africa and its peoples, it is obvious that there are two major themes which will help us understand the diverse continent. One is that Africa is not jungle; it has a diverse geographical mixture of climatic zones with different ecologies and environments. In the North and South there are temperate zones. The dominant feature of these regions, however, are the deserts, particularly the Sahara which affects the northern part of the continent from the Red Sea in the East to the Atlantic Ocean in the West. In the central and eastern regions are the Great Lakes and mountainous zones, featuring Mount Kenya and famous Kilimanjaro and the Ethiopian Highlands. The vast majority of the continent in the East, the West and the South is Savannah or grasslands that have facilitated the migration and movement of peoples and animals. The rain forest or jungle covers less than 10% of the continent and is concentrated in the great watershed of the Congo River basin in the heart of Africa and along the West Coast.

The other theme centers around the cultural unity of Africa and its peoples. This subject is very important because the ethnic uniqueness of the various African groups often hides the cultural unity throughout the different regions of the continent. To better understand the many ethnic groups in Africa, it is helpful to look at the common functions of the most important institutions and similar practices of the folkways and custom. To more fully appreciate the uniqueness of the different African peoples, it is necessary to look at the value systems and the institutions that perpetuate these values. As a result, a more productive approach to understanding Africa and her peoples is to see the cultural unity within ethnic diversity. AFRICAN UNITY AND DIVERSITY.

African Ethnic Groups

Africa has many ethnic groups and distinct societies. Some are large populations, representing millions of people; others are small, representing thousands. Some have highly structured kingdoms with kings and chiefs and councils. Others have independent clan structures. Some are world famous for their art work and sculpture as well as weaving techniques. Some are unified culturally with sister groups and have developed high levels of civilization, such as the Akan, the Yoruba, the Mande, the Swahili, the Amharic and the Hausa-Fulani. Some are famous as cattle herders and warriors such as the Zulus, Masai and Kikuyu.

African Languages

It is generally accepted that African has over one thousand languages among its various people. Most of these local languages, however, can be grouped into major African language families. The principle of unity and diversity is applicable in the language area just as it is applicable in climate, geology, food production, culture and physical type.

Four language family classifications are:


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Important Points from Trojan Pam

@ Alicia

I think that is a question millions of non-white people have asked throughout the centuries. Why do you hate us? And why do you think it’s your right to harm us simply because we are not white?

I don’t know the answer but I do feel the behavior of white people collectively has its roots in genetic survival, seeing that they are such a small percentage of the world’s population. I also believe that their ORIGINS have a great deal to do with their aggressive and acquisitive (greedy and grasping) nature. The need to conquer and control and possess EVERYTHING including those things that belong to NO ONE, like the water, the air, the land, food, the natural resources, and even all the people of the planet(!)

Perhaps it was the desperate struggle for survival in a cold, unforgiving climate of caves, snow, raw meat (before they discovered fire), and the lack of fruits and green vegetables and all the foods that create a peaceful nature in people are at the heart of their aggressive genetics. According to European scientists, the European is a HYBRID between man and neanderthal so this might account for some of the aggression, I don’t know.

Or, maybe, it’s just time for non-whites to stop asking WHY and just accept what we know to be true — then decide how we will react to this aggression for our own survival

Most non-whites don’t even accept the FACT that we need to change what WE DO instead of BEGGING white people to change what they are. Most are still convinced that they can “prove” to white people that they are “human.” What kind of madness is this, having to prove we are human? Yet, we feel compelled to do this everyday (and I am no exception).

Since it is obvious that the nonwhite population isn’t ready to change the way we think and speak and act by our over-consumption of white supremacy entertainment and skin bleaching and hair straightening and hair coloring and weaving and worshiping, and preferring whites or white looking people as mates and sexual partners over darker skinned people

— if we think black people have it bad look at Japan, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, India, who literally worship at the altar of white beauty standards —

then we will have to do the best we can in the coming global upheaval

-Sister Trojan Pam.

Nixakliel's Words in early September 2015

Too much Hype over Donald 'Duck' Trump [along w Berine]...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 07:18
Even In the so-called 'alternative media' [mainly @ AlterNet, but also DN! & even @ CounterPunch to some extent]. IMO Donald 'Duck' gets enough / too much damn hype in the Lame-stream media, so why is AlterNet wasting sooo much space warning of the 'Trumpocalyse' [& other Repugs] like 'Chicken Little'??! I think even Rev Jessie wrote a recent peice [@ CounterPunch] comparing the so-called 'insurgent runs' of Bernie [the Dim] vs Trump [the Repug]... I mean - Huhh WTF??! Personally I've NOT bothered to read even one piece warning of [= hyping] the 'Trumpocalypse' [nor of any of the other Repugs]- cause what else do you expect to hear from a / some HOG(s) but a GRUNT!!!

There a saying in the Media / Show-BIZ & Poly-Trickal World: 'Even bad publicity is better than NO Publicity'- cause even if they're talking bad about you, your name is still out-there, but when NO-One even bothers to talk about you, Who even knows your name?!!  So while AlterNet & their ilk is Hyping Bernie & the 'Trumpocalypse', who are they NOT even talking about at-all??... GP candidate Jill Stein, let alone other independent candidates who are even to the 'left' of her! So w all this hype, even in the supposed alternative media, over Bernie vs the 'Trumpocalypse' it still ALL boils down to Dims vs Repugs- & nothing else [= the 2 Corp Party Duopoly]!!!


It's Good Bro Glen Ford Gave a Brief Outline of the Dims-
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 07:53

Real Historical Dixie-crat legacy! Cause too often one hears supposedly knowledgeable 'progressives' saying 'We've got to return the Democrat party back to its [so-called] 'progressive' roots' [Huhh WTF]. The Dims started off in 1828 as notorious Slave-Owning / Injun-Killin Andrew Jackson's Dixie-Crat platform for his 1828 POTUS bid. Thus the Dim Dixie-crats traditionally were the pro-Slavery / pro Jim Crow party- & remained so till the advent of FDR [FYI: the Dixie-crats still had so-much sway that FDR's 'New Deal' dealt most Black folks out of it, to appease Dixie-Crats]. This is why from 1868 till 1932 most Blacks backed the GOP ‘Party of Lincoln’. And Dixie-crats still had far more influence in the Dim-o-crap Party than ‘progressives’, till the advent of LBJ [who he & HS.Truman were themselves {quasi?}DIXIE-Crats]. Thus the Dims have at-best been a Centrist Party w mildly 'Liberal' tendencies during the tenures of FDR, JFK & Jimmy Carter. Then in the 1980s to early 1990s, came the rise of the Billary Clintons' & Al Gore's [& now Obama's] Corp DLC Dims [FYI: 'ironically' Slick Willy, Gore & Carter all come from traditional Dixie-crat states: AR, TN & GA]. So any so-called 'progressive' [IE: Bernie Sanders] who claims they're trying to 'return the Dims back to their 'progressive' roots' either don't know the real history of the Dim-o-Crap [once aka the Dixie-crat] Party, or they're just full of CRAP!!!


Key Questions for ‘Bro’ West re His Sanders’ Endorsement:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Wed, 09/09/2015 - 14:48
1} Since Bernie is unlikely to win the Dim’s POTUS nomination, which will most likely to go to Billary / Killary Clinton, & then Bernie endorses her [as he’s obligated to do],-will you ‘Bro’ West follow Bernie’s lead & also endorse Billary??

2} I can see what Bernie gets from your [key] endorsement [see below], but what do you hope to gain from endorsing him? Did he get your endorsement ‘on the cheap’ [so to speak], & do you plan to do some key campaign events w &/or for him??

IMO you should have insisted Bernie made you his Running-Mate, w the up-front understanding that you would continue to publicly articulate the very same issues you’ve been publicly articulating, & w the agreement that you’d do so w his full support [& also w the understanding you would NOT be obligated to endorse Billary, if Bernie’s {& your} run were to fall short]!

What Bernie gains from ‘Bro’ West’s Endorsement: As a hi-profile Black intellectual & activist, ‘Bro’ West can ‘sell’ Bernie as the ‘New White Hope’ to Black folks [IE: helps Bernie deal w his ‘Black Problem’]. And Consider the Timing- Back in July - Aug, Bernie’s been blind-sided twice by BLM activists at fairly hi-profile events. The first time Bernie failed to handle it w much ‘finesse’- the 2nd time he did just marginally better. But ‘Bro’ West has a lot of currency w the BLM ‘movement’, so he can run ‘interference’ for Bernie as his surrogate vis-a-vis Black [& Brown] Folks.

Back to Point-1: Should Bernie ultimately end-up bowing-out & endorsing Billary [which will most likely happen], what ‘Bro’ West will you do then? Follow suit? If you ‘Bro’ West end up endorsing Billary / Killary based on your endorsement of Bernie, IMO you’ll loose much credibility!!! IMO Already w your endorsement of Bernie got some [IE: Bro Baraka] questioning ‘What’s Up w That?’ IMO you ‘Bro’ West must know about GP candidate Jill Stein, & as a close comrade of Carl Dix you must also know of other socialist(s) &/or independent party candidates as well. -But- The one thing that both Obama’s & Sanders’ candidacy have in common [as Bro Baraka states here]- They both ran / are running as {pseudo} 'Progressive’ sounding DIMS!!!

‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice & the shame is on me!’

Savant's Words

Some old story. Le meme chose pour 400 ans. American racist white "justice " means "just us." "I swear to the lord I cannot see why Democracy means everyone but ME" wrote Langston Hughes. We assembled at the Mitchell Courthouse yesterday to demonstrate our opposition to certain measures being attempted by Baltimore police in the Freddy Gray case. They wanted to have the charges dismissed, and to recuse Marilyn Mosby from prosecuting the case. They also wanted a change of venue from Baltimore. (That's an old tactic. Remove trial to a conservative white county that can be usually counted on to exonerate cops from accountability for all violations of Black citizens). Fortunately, the defense attorney failed in these motions. We want killer cops in cell blocks.