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hesacon Moderator 17 hours ago in reply to SoultrySoul
 I could care less if he looks like Obama.  Black folks should be ticked because satan is portrayed as a black entity.  I don't appreciate that at all.


 That is a tough one. Either spend your whole life fighting for what you are owed, and perhaps getting it several generations in the future, or go someplace where you can enjoy life now, and be treated as a human for a change.


Mardell007 Moderator 2 days ago
Intelligent and a decent piece of writing. Seems you're all so powerful grandfather's legacy is still haunting the powers which be from his grave. Be ready and equipped. This stink ain't going away anytime quick. Malcolm X was a great man and it's a shame we haven't anybody like him to unite the mass Black community world wide..


FreeBLACKman804 Moderator 2 days ago
Looks like COINTELPRO is still up and running.  Which would explain why they still will not make those records public.  Those of you that still question why we as a people are in the condition that we are in need to look no further than our elected public officials that appoint certain people to positions of power and then look the other way when things like this happen.  People such as myself always push for Black unity, but the truth is that there has always been, and always will be a force within the USA that will never allow black people to truly be organized and work together for the good of ourselves.  And there will always be those among us that would rather  continue eating the scraps dropped from the oppressors table instead of doing something for ourselves.    


Kristopher M. Mosby Moderator 6 hours ago
When Essence removed the tag line: "For Today's BLACK Woman" we all knew it was all over!


Once the national black community was full of revolutionaries. I've even met a few of the 1960s revolutionaries in the middle or old age: Angela Y. Davis, Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael, Kathleen Cleaver & even CLR James.
These were/are men and women devoted to bring about a fundamental change in the sociel order, and in our order of values.
Freedom, self-determination, the transcendence of racism and economic exploitation. And, in Fanon's words, the settting "afoot of the New Man."
What they seek is as much a moral and spiritual revolution as an economic and political one.
In the 1960s, many gave their lives for the liberation of our people, black people, and indeed oppressed people throughout the land and throughout the world.
Even thier idea of freedom was different, as in no. 1 of the Ten Point Prgoram of the Black Panther Party: "We want FREEDOM. We want the power to determine the destiny of our Black community."
Community was at the heart of the very conception of freedom. And then you had Dr. King with his idea of Beloved Community.

Do we have it in us now to be revolutionaries? Or are we totally immersed and bemused by the toxic culture of consumerism and narcissism?
Have we a vision of a better life transcending the Established order?

Fred Hampton was not an armchair revolutionary. The corporate police state doesn't usually bother to take out arm chair revolutionaries. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and others were not armchair revolutionaries.
Revolution involves a process of radical social transformation, and a tremendous degree of commitment.
Do we have such people today?



Revolution to end the tyranny of the coporate racist state, and the racist capitalist order of society.
Revolutions are always from within and without; involving a radical transformation of the social order(its institutions, for examples) and a radical transformation of values and interhuman relations.
And while you obviously don't know this, you bemused millions of WHITE SERFS need a revolution nearly as badly as do we Blacks.
But the main difference between we Blacks and yourselves, is that most of us know we're not free, while you believe you are.



Yes there are many the problem is their voices are being drowned out by those puppets. I would suggest checking out Dr
Jeffries, Dr Umar Johnson, Dr. Cresling, Dr. Henrik Clarke there are others, but this is a great start



Why now allow the race baiters,(I'm not going to call them a "racist",debunk this?

" Researchers show vitamin D supplementation may help African-Americans lower blood pressure

High blood pressure, a risk factor for heart attacks, heart failure and stroke, is 40 percent more common in African-Americans than in other American ethnic groups. In a new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), along with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, researchers show that vitamin D supplementation may help African-Americans lower their blood pressure. The study publishes online in the March 13, 2013 edition of the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.

"This study may explain and help treat an important public health disparity," said the study's lead author, John Forman, MD, a physician in the Renal Division and Kidney Clinical Research Institute at BWH. "More research is needed, but these data may indicate that vitamin D supplementation lowers blood pressure in African-Americans. "

Start debunking.



FyLe ForMatz |
“Stop allowing others into everything we do. They will neva contribute or enhance anything we do,only drain us of our natural talents. They need us. We don’t need them. I wish My People could see that!”
i agree 100%!


crazychris Reply:

no whites need somebody to emulate they need blacks to make the music or come up with styles and trends then they send in a token white who learn then starts off so called urban but then they get to the point where that white artist does’nt need to be around blacks anymore.
everlast was the token in ice t’s rhyme syndicate then he went from house of pain still hip hop from being solo to singing country.
same thing with kid rock, mark walberg, elvis who started out in black churces.
fred durst, britney, christina, they all don’t really need to be the token for black music anmymore they made they’re millions.
while the black artists expand as well but they’re forgotten and tossed back to the streets when they go broke.


Why is there a dte energy billboard at the top of the page?

Anyway. I think they want to kill off or leave a considerable amount of the population for dead.
There's no other plausible explanation for what's happening if you consider the fact that the banks don't pay any sales tax on its financial transactions/turnover.
The private "Federal" Reserve prints billion's every month, hundreds of times greater than the deficit of Detroit. This money is handed out to the banks and used to fuel new speculative bubbles.
You can't start a 401K because they might snatch that (plus they're using your retirement for attacks on places like Detroit). You can't put your money in the bank because they're gonna snatch that. And you can't keep your money in the house because they wanna take your guns. We pay into Social Security, Medicare, and other retirement programs and they wanna take that.
We can't win.
Glen is right, lawsuits ain't cuttin it. We can't trust the Unions and old civil rights groups. Time to start pushing the idea of a General strike.



I understand where she is coming from (as women of every color ought to be treated with respect), but didn't we as blacks tried this decades ago. Decades ago, we did everything we can to find some acceptance from mainstream Western society via assimilation and post racial rhetoric. What is the fruit of that? That fruit has been rotten to the core. So, we as black human beings of both genders should be concerned about building up our own culture and of our own way of thinking. White supremacy has allowed a huge amount of false beauty standards and so forth in the world. White women are highly represented in the fashion world and in magazines globally, but it is rare for a black woman to be on a cover of other prominent, international magazines. Some of our people want to placate a vicious society when the Jews, Hispanics, white ethnic groups, Indians, and others don't care what others think about them (they just create their own infrastructure and keep it moving. They could care less about acceptance from white supremacy. They want Power). I do not feel like we should hate non blacks since that is wasted energy. More energy should be made in promoting black African interests instead.

-By Timothy (Me)


JoAnn Gamble Moderator 15 hours ago
I feel if Jada wants to see more white girl on our black magazine she has money maybe she should start with that, may that can be her way of giving back(white) I haven't seen a black girl on "Marie Clare" just saying it has taken black over 50 years to get a foot in the white door. Had it not been for Mr. Johnson we'd still be struggling to get recognized .


I did some research on this series. Many of the advisors are from the same prosperity gospel movement that infiltrated some of Christianity to this day. They even get some of the Bible stories wrong. I have more respect for the History Channel (other than this issue) than the Discovery Channel since the History Channel at least tries to talk about some mysteries of life that I enjoy. As for the Obama controversy, far too often, the President is being used as a scapegoat for our country's ills collectively. It is so easy to say it's Obama's fault 24/7, but it takes a wise human being to witness & acknowledge Obama's errors while at the same time acknowledging that our oppression never started when President Barack Obama was elected at all. As for God and Satan, blacks are the first humans on Earth. God created black humans in his image first, so who do you think God is? It is obvious who God is. We all know who is Satan.

-By Timothy (Me)


Yeah....because all black women behave in this manner right pal!

NO not hardly....stop acting as if all black women are exactly alike...they're all no more alike than we black men are all alike!

Stop acting like a's weak,pathetic and unbecoming!



As to your last point: Human relations, human community, is more involving than two points connected by a line. A new human community is what I've got in mind. It is an active relation of self with others and the world. There can be no "I" without a "thou".
In part, I have in mind something like Dr. King's idea of the World House, if you're familiar with WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, CHAOS OR COMMUNITY? And I find myself in stream with the moral sentiments implied in the following words of Black revolutionary humanist Frantz Fanon:"What we want to do is to go forward all the the company of Man, in the company of ALL men."
This is the fundamental meaning of a new Revolution. FREEDOM RISING!!!



Tell that to the Algerians of whom the French massacred about 1 million. Or the Iraqis who were subjected to poison gas by the British long before Saddam Hussein. Or the Hereros, nearly exterminated by the Germans. Or even Europeans exterminated by other Europeans
Racist whites probably would not have allowed Muslim Arabs into Europe, except as cheap labor. Same way in which they admitted Blacks and others. But racist whites didn't mind allowing THEMSELVES in Muslim and other Third countries.

And after what those whites did to women of color in Africa, Asia and the Americas, don't b_--- to me about rape.


SoultrySoul Moderator 8 hours ago in reply to Mardell007
Last month he was on tour assisting Sister Souljah, promoting her new book - which I was very surprised.


Angelo Darden Moderator 9 hours ago
Jada naively believes that all covers are created equal. You see, Jada, it is already assumed by white Americans that Black magazines are inherently "inferior". Just as Black colleges and all other Black institutions are also considered inherently "inferior". You will never see a white contestant for Miss Black America, because it
is already assumed that Miss America represents "all" of America which
is predominately Caucasian and inherently superior

We play into the inferiority by preferring white owned and operated firms and institutions rather than our own; we eschew even our own culture when we process our hair and when women try to emulate the same physical figure as white women. Consider the case of Zoe Saldana being cast as the lead for a biopic about Nina Simone. While Ms. Saldana is indeed a talented actress, she bears no resemblance to the late Ms Simone. Now while there are other talented Black actresses who would be equally
as capable of portraying Nina Simone and have a greater resemblance to
her, Ms.Saldana's complexion is more acceptable to white audiences rather than a Black actress who would more resemble the darker skinned Nina Simone who was proud of her looks to the point of militancy (God Bless Her) and Hollywood is not willing to risk huge amounts of money alienating white audience members. And yet they say there's no more segregation.
I would challenge Jada to request one of her Caucasian friends in Hollywood to offer to pose for a Black magazine and see what their reaction would be. The only one of note would be Coco Austin (wife of the rapper Ice-T) and you already see how white America in general regards her. I would welcome any discussion on the subject from Jada Pinkett-Smith or anyone for that matter if you think I'm wrong on this subject.


Real Lesson RE Dims vis-a-vis Bush Jr: Capitulation & Complicity

The Dims capitulated [or were in cahoots] from the very beginning vis-a-vis Bush Jr. First they 'conveniently' scape-goated Nader in 2000 because the Dims let Bush Jr get away w hi-jacking the 2000 election in broad day-lite [so Bush Jr did it again in 2004] & because Gore failed to win his own [& Slick Willie's]  home states of TN & AR. They then confirmed their capitualtion / complicity when the CBC tried a last ditch effort to challenge Bush's thievery in 2000 yet could NOT GET not even ONE so-called 'liberal / progressive' white Dim senator to sign on. In fact the CBC members were MOCKED by the senate. IMO this set the stage for the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event including the Anthrax Home-Grown [via Fort De-trick MD] {false-flag}Terrorist Attacks on the Bush Jr / Cheney / NeoCON watch.
But the modern fore-runner to Dims' capitulation to Repug skull-duggery RE: Bush Jr- was the Iranian Oct [thru Jan] surprise 1980-81 w Skippy-Jiff Carter vis-a vis Holly-weird Ray-Gun. Word is that Carter refused to even listen to those who tried to tell him how Mr CIA / Skull{duggery}& Bones Bush Sr, Bill Casey & Bob Gates [all were top Ray-gun_Repug type CIA Guys] sabotaged his efforts to negotiate w the Iranians to end the hostage crisis. 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Words of Truth

MsDivagod 5 days ago
I love to listen to this brutha, he is informed, enlightened, thinking outside of the box and passionate. We need to hear more bruthas like him come forward and speak.


NOI is the acronym for the Nation of Islam, a sort of religious sect in Black America. Perhaps one day I can explain what it's about. In the meantime, you might gain some insight by reading THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. There are also some revealing info in Robert Allen's BLACK AWAKENING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA. See also James Cone's MARTIN & MALCOLM & AMERICA:A DREAM OR NIGHTMARE. I never finished reading Manning Marable's book on Malcolm X, and it's very controversial in Black intellectual and left political circles, but I hear that it is often quite revealing about the inner life of the NATION OF ISLAM. I can't vouch for (or against) the cogency of that revealing until I've competely read the book. Was too busy with my book on King when it came out. Will finish reading it this summer, if possible. START with the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X.



My gosh thank you! Just because ONE man mention this does not make it so. We even have members on this site posting about rappers as if ALL Black Men are the same. First they will combine ALL Black men into one group as losers and then later come back to say,*I don't mean all Black Men* after they have made over ten comments putting down the men of their race while uplifting non-black men like they do no wrong. I'm so glad Black women are not listening and following their nonsense anymore. That as Black women who are individual thinkers, who see Blacks selling out their own race are just slaved minded people on a mission to divide. I think its so pathetic for people to say they are through with their own kind, yet they post 24/7 about them. You don't see whites doing this stupid mess... On their forum uplifting another race.

I mean dang, do she really believe Black Women are not intelligent? That WE don't know how to choose between good and bad MEN?

White women also have to choose. EVERY white men is not perfect.

If it was that easy, one date is all it would take. That first white men would have been the right men.

Life is hard and a relationship is even harder. Every relationship will not be perfect. All this bashing on your own is pure stupidity.

Men supposedly are the chooser, however its the women who have the last say on which men to choose from. And believe it or not most Black women are choosing their own race. Black love is not dead and its strong because Black Men and Black Women are choosing their mate based on self. A Good Black man chooses a Good Black woman.



They don't have to be fat or unattractive, but there's still a common denominator for many non-Black women (whether they date Black men or not): they will usually think that they're better than Black women.

-A Person


It's not just ww who date black men. Insecure people in general love to hang around stereotypical people. It makes them look good. Racists love stereotypes too.



fmcneillii 1 week ago
Make sure they know which UNIA-ACL because there are two claiming to be representative of Garvey's organization. From what I been told the legit one is uniaacl (dot) org (slash) w w w (dot) uniaacl dot org


Tim Moderator 4 days ago
This is a good article, I would also add that the hiring practices or need for those blacks in positions to help other blacks is also the problem. Closing the door on others once your in, Siding with whites against others who look like you by choice (Causes of Uncle Toms), and often projecting white peoples racism out first against other blacks before they do is the problem!
I mean how many times have you worked at a place where the white mentality out numbers Blacks yet there are more Blacks working there than Whites?  Also, with this new practice of Human Resources being farmed out to Employment agencies that seem to be Indian (From India) I am surprised anyone is working who is Black. I have actually had friends say they will have several contractors on a location and the white ones make more than the Blacks, all they may all be doing the same work
I agree with Ben Carson that policies should be made to address this, but to not acknowledge the fact that attitude and privilege are not at head of the table when talking about this issue is not going to cut it anymore. Carson who lives in Baltimore, and works for a employers that has a history of treating Blacks badly as it pertains employment in the past, he should know this. He wrote a book stating how he got his shot and the things he went threw until that time came. With Blacks we get shots at whether we belong or not, while others can mess-up over and over again. Knowing Carson is friends with people like Armstrong Williams and has been seen at events hosted by Williams with Clarence Thomas in attendance, this view of "I did it alone without laws to get me there" attitude was sure to catch on.
Yes we need policies but when you speak on behalf of a party that would see things the other way, how can one make such arguments? You work in a place that treated you badly(based on privilege), Vivian Thomas badly(based on privilege), and lets not get on the Henrietta Lacks paradox! Yes, Hopkins did that! Have any policies been made to address that Mr. Carson? Policy is not written by one man but the congress, but look at who has blocked, obstructed, and voted against most things that could have nipped most of this in the bud two years ago?


4787opium 3 days ago
Umar Johson May the ancestors guide you an help you prevail


It's funny

It's funny how the rich always blame the poor and how 1% of the worlds population has 90% of the worlds riches.
Now, the rich not only do they want more money and want other people to be poorer but they also want to get rid of all those pesky taxes that burden them. I mean come on, you have milions of dollars, spend them on crappy things then want your money back while others struggle to put food on the table.


Addressing the replies

I'm a black man but not American. Dailing in from the UK.
I have never voted for or offered any kind of support to any American president or British prime minister and therefore accept no responsibility for the actions of any holder of either office.
Neither do I accept that the conduct of the people I come from has been as destructive as that of whites.
Simple as.
Lastly, other than the fact that Obama is the current potus, I'm not really seeing why BO is being singled out as a singularly  injurious president since his (mis) deeds are a mere continuation of the atrocities that are a staple of ALL American presidencies.
They're all bastards in my book and the people most responsible for allowing these mad men to unleash the horrors they inflict on the world and its peoples are the whites who elect them and do their bidding.
No doubt Karma may come knocking on my door to demand to redress for my misdeeds, but mine don't include any of the following:
I haven't invaded, genocided, raped, enslaved bombed tortured and looted my way around the globe.
End Of
Funny how the only area that whites are willing to accept blacks as equals is in wrongdoing. No "white guilt" there then.
Indeed white guilt =
whites are guilty of everything but feel guilt for nothing. 


An analysis with much merit, G.Ford.

When I was a grad student in "American Civilization" (funny name,yes), I preferred to wait for analysis after, rather than as newspapers spun history-in-the-making.  I was young, naive and although I knew, even then, that who wrote the history bent the results in the telling of it, it was much later that I realized the same errors I'd objected to, in the newspapers, at the time they were current, would "work their way into history" because the bias, as well as error, would be used as basis.  That is, what the history writer quoted decade(s) later as primary sources, would be the NYTimes, etc. with their errors and bias.  Howard Zinn didn't write "A People's History of the United States" (publish it, I mean, since he worked on it for 20 years while teaching, beginning at Spelman College in Atlanta) until much later.  Historiography was just beginning, so to speak, as I was leaving grad school to begin my art career in the mid1960s.  So I had a lot to learn. Still learning.
    So many people around the world protested before the U.S. attacked Iraq ten years ago, bombing starting today.  I had protest art going out, citing the above mentioned "Project for a New American Century" was mentioned during the media build-up, in a critical way,in a column  in the not-very-radical Atlanta Journal Constitution, the daily paper.   I was able to get out for awhile, wearing a sign protesting the war on the day of the big march in NYC, rolling part of the way, spouse pushing my wheelchair.  At Columbus Circle, a reporter from Japan wanted to push me, in my wheelchair, towards the camera and his cameraman, so my individual protest could be seen in Japan:wheelchair user as photogenic item.  Even though he protested that he pushed his own mother's wheelchair, I said, "Only my husband pushes my wheelchair."  So, the reporter couldn't bear not being the smiling pusher in his newsreport.
     My art of protest after the Iraq invasion began is in two places on the internet: my art webpages and the musuem archive webpage.  Note that the CLARA database of the museum has never changed the date, which they typed wrong, but I had put the date I completed the art, 4-28-2003 on the art itself, in the margin of the French Liberte stamp.  The piece is titled "Liberte".  To  find it, google search "sanda aronson".   


crazychris |
yes funny how most of these whites who do black music never marry outside their race.
okasy gwen stefani had her wigga moment and her hip hop phase who’d she marry.
j lo never married a black dude.
britney spears married 2 white dudes.
christina aguilera married a white dude.
madonna never married a black guy or had a child by a black guy lourdes is mixed but she’s hispanic.
we know who pink, fergie, and other white girls who love hip hop marry.
who’d justin timberlake marry blink and you missed the fact that he dated tatyana ali who shocked me by dating drake.
a black woman was’nt good enough for elvis to marry.
mick jagger disowned his biracial daughter by marsha hunt for years and refused to pay child support.




From The Real News Network- Feb 28 2011: 
Paul Jay: WI Gov Walker talked today about how one of the provisions of his bill will allow union members not to pay their dues, and they could use what he says will amount to almost $1,000 a year towards the new pension and health care benefits contributions he'd like them to be making. The unions respond that this is just another piece of trying to break the union altogether. In the battle in WI is the kind of publicity & TV ads, that attempts to split the workers in the private sector from the workers in the public sector, a lot of specific references to 3 plants, Kohler plumbing, Mercury Marine, & Harley Davidson, 3 big factories in WI where the workers took a 2-tier contract agreement, under the threat that the factories would leave WI if they didn't agree. So workers that are already there are going to make around $22.50 / hr & they have a 5yr wage freeze, new workers are going to start at $14.50 / hr. And then these people are being told, well, you should support WI Gov Walker so that public sector workers get cut as well, because then it will all be fair. What do you make of this split they're trying to engineer?
FRANK HAMMER, FMR. PRESIDENT, UAW LOCAL 909: The Corp / Biz Elites have been threating to taking our livelihoods away & sending them to non-union areas or overseas. That's been their leverage, especially with the free trade agreements that have been passed over the last 20 years [IE: GATT & NAFTA - So this is on-going since at least Reagan]. But they don't have that leverage on public workers. They can't move the WI's Gov't to North Carolina... Every time they attack one sector of the workforce they use that to bring along the other sector of the workforce & slowly but surely ratchet us all down to the level of mere survival...
JAY: When I talk to un-unionized, lower-paid workers, they're  resentful about higher-paid, unionized private sector workers... Is this having an impact, that people resent the sort of job security that public sector workers have that private don't?
Hammer: Between public & private, one in eight or one in nine  are w unions. The vast majority of working-class don't enjoy the benefits of either private sector workers in unions or public sector workers in unions. Jealousy is really an amazingly destructive human emotion. Folks like the Koch brothers & all these anti-union institutions in the US are making use of jealousy to say, well, if I can't have it (I'm speaking as a non-union worker), then why should they have it? It's jealousy gone amok being stirred & manipulated by folks like the Koch brothers, who would like to do away with all collective organization of the working class as a whole. A friend of mine today told me they saw an article in The NY-Times quoting a UAW member from a Jaynesville plant who was laid off. He's unemployed- so he's supporting WI Gov Walker because he's feeling like, since I've lost my job & I'm now being asked to pay taxes to pay for what public workers now have that he doesn't have, then he feels resentment and doesn't want to do it. I think it's a question of unions reaching out to the non-union sector, reaching out to the community to explain that unions are the best thing since sliced bread, - the more of us that gather inside unions & work for our behalf, the better off we're all going to be. As long as we non-union workers gang up on union workers, we're all going to lose.
JAY: How much fault do you put towards union leadership for over the last few decades not being as vigorous about unionizing non-unionized workers as they could have been? Certain sectors of the working class got very privileged, while most of the other working class became totally unorganized. Maybe there's a bit of chickens coming home to roost here [Due to a Selfish / Darwinistic- I got mine so You get yours - Looking out for Number One - Survival of the Fittest Mentality]?...

Then there this from Feb 24 2011 DemcracyNow! broadcast where WI Gov Walker thinking he's talking to a Koch Bro says:  [I pulled out a picture of Ronald Reagan. And I said, "You know, this may seem a little melodramatic, but 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan," whose hundredth birthday we just celebrated the day before, "had one of the most defining moments of his political career, not just his presidency, when he fired the air traffic controllers." "To me, that moment was more important than just for labor relations or even the federal budget. That was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism, {thus he's equating busting unions w defeating communism - meaning people like him, 'I can't recollect'-Reagan, the FOXes, Koch Bros, OH Gov Kasich, etc- see any union member as a communistbecause from that point forward, the Soviets and the Communists knew that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a pushover." And I said, "This may not have as broad of world implications, but in Wisconsin’s history"—little did I know how big it would be nationally—Wisconsin’s history, I said, "This is our moment. This is our time to change the course of history."] - And also this: [IAN MURPHY: {as David Koch} "We’ll back you any way we can. But what we were thinking about the crowds was planting some troublemakers." - GOV. SCOTT WALKER'{sresponse}: "You know, well, the only problem with—because we thought about that. The problem with—or my only gut reaction to that would be right now the lawmakers I’ve talked to have just completely had it with them. {and} The public is not really fond of this." - And also This: [WI Gov Scott Walker: "I've got layoff notices ready, we put out the at-risk notices, we'll announce Thursday, they'll go out early next week...  we'll probably give five to six thousand state workers... at-risk notices for layoffs. We might
 ratchet that up a little bit too."] 
So newly elected Govs Walker [WI] , Kasich [OH]  & the Koch Bro phony Tea B_----- had going after Gov't worker unions in mind from the get-go. Further WI Gov Walker is apparently ready to use five to six thousand Wisconsin state workers as pawns in his political chess game- denying them the ability to feed their families- to use as leverage in his show-down w WI State workers' unions. We also see planting agent provocateurs to stir up trouble as an excuse for the storm troopers to crack down [IE: crack heads] -or- even as one IN official just said 'Shoot to Kill' WI protesters [sounds like what Boss Daley said during the 1968 riots after MLK assassination & Khadifi's orders to put down the current Libyan up-rising]- is standard operating procedure by the Fascist Gov'ts & the Power Elites. So why didn't so many working class white folks in WI & OH [& else-where] see this coming when they voted these guys in this past Nov? Could it be that so many of them where caught up in the FOX Noise Tea Bagger thinly disguised race-baiting [presented as anti-Obama, anti-AlQaeda] rhetoric - that they've been blind-sided??!! 
This is how the Power Elites pit the people against each other - to their advantage [& our dis-advantage]- the old Divide & Conquer Strategy. Pit- Black vs Brown vs white, - young vs old, - men vs women vs children, teachers vs parents vs students, - private sector workers vs public sector workers, - union workers vs non-union workers, - employed vs un-employed, - Christian vs Muslim vs Jew, etc, etc, etc [The Ole Willie Lynch letter tactics]... If we keep falling for this Ole Okee Doke [Rope a Dope] We're All Gonna Lose [IE: We're done for].


ON So-Called Socialism in The Bible & Liberation Theology

Many so-called poly-trickal hard-core right-wing GOP FOXes like to wrap themselves in the mantle of the Bible [& the flag] as they rail on & on about the evils of socialism. But the reality is most of them are really Social Darwinists- I don't care if they say they believe in Creationism or how much they hoop & holler about Jesus [generally thats nothing but poly-trickal posturing anyway]. But most so-called political leftists run from the Bible [as well as embrace Darwin's concept of evolution] so they don't how to neutralize these fake FOX type holy-rollers w the BIBLE [fight fire w fire so to speak].
So here is a few verses that might help:
I am my Brother's Keeper...- The greed for money [power & materialism] is the root of all Evil...- You shall protect & watch out for the fatherless, the widow & the old...-
[And when you harvest your fields- you shall not strip it completely bare- but leave some so that the poor, needy & the sojourner don't go hungry...]
[And they {the Apostles} were not fixated on there own personal stuff - but rather shared all things in common - according to their needs...]
[And the Lord said: I was hungry but you refused to feed me, I was homeless & out in the street but you refused to give me shelter, I was sick but you denied me medical care, I was unjustly imprisoned &/or treated unjustly in prison because you denied me justice...  Verily I say... since you haven't looked out for the welfare of the least of [my people], then you have neglected & abused ME... And those who do so shall face condemnation...]
[And a rich-man came to Yeshua [aka: Jesus] saying- I believe in your teachings & I'm ready to get w what you're talking about. So Yeshua responded That's Great - but I've got one more thing to ask of you - Take all that excessive material stuff that you possess [but don't really need or even use] & give it to the poor & needy [who have far more need of it than you]. And the rich-man left from him rather upset because he was very rich. Then Yeshua said to his apostles- It is easier for a camel to go thru the needles' eye than for the rich to get into the Kingdom I'm talking about-(So what the heck did he mean by that- its impossible for a camel to get thru a sewing needle's eye - That seems like an utterly ridiculous statement- EXCEPT- Old Jerusalem was a walled city w several main gates. But it also had smaller passage ways which only 1 or 2 men could pass thru simultaneously- called Needle Eyes. So when traders w goods came to the city w only 1 or 2 camel loads instead of a whole caravan - instead of opening one of the main gates {especially during conflict} they stripped the camel down {naked so to speak} of all that stuff it was carrying & made it hunch down on its belly so it could crawl thru these narrow openings called Needle Eyes -&- Most rich folks aren't going to be willing to share their wealth w nor see & treat ordinary folk as their equals - Now do you see his point...]
Now people often refer to these scriptures as a call to so-called Christian charity - But- One could easily say they are referring to a type of Socialist Society - except that modern Euro concept of Socialism has removed the spiritual [IE: Biblical] essence from that ideology. So faux holy-rollers FOX Noise types get to call so-call socialism = communism which is supposedly godless- Except - what they are pushing is Social Darwinism [disguised as so-called Free Market Capitalism, Disaster Capitalism, Neo-Liberal Global Free Trade, etc] which is just as godless [IE: cut-throat / dog-eat-dog]- if not more so. But because most so-called leftists avoid publicly talking about concepts of Faith - even to defend their own political positions - they lose in this arena by default... Rather They spend too much time {pseudo}intellectualizing about issues- But most people [especially Black & Brown people] are not that kind of faux intellectual.
I think Rev Dr ML King, Haitian Pres Aristide, & Arch Bishop Romero called it Liberation{for the masses}Theology!