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Words to Think About from Brother Nixakliel and Others

So BLM Folks Ask Killary Clinton to Look in her Heart? Huh WTF?
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 08:07
And Oh 'Please Say Black Lives Matter'... And they really expect to be taken seriously??? Are these guys radical activists or store front preacher wanna-bes???

Killary ['I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!'] Clinton, like her fore-runner & Hubby Slick Willy's Sec of State Madame ['I think the Deaths of 500,000 Iraqi Children are Worth It'] Albright [the 1st women to hold that post], has w those statements clearly shown themselves to be ruthless merciless sociopaths- yet apparently these BLM folks think just because she's a woman & mother [& grandma?] that she really has a 'heart' that gives a DAMN about Black people!!! And of course Billary / Killary's going to say 'Black Lives Matter', cause she's way too shrewd a poly-trickster NOT To- especially when she knows NO Dim candidate can hope to win without getting an overwhelming percent of the Black & Brown vote! [FYI: In 2012 Obama barely got 40% of the white vote, but locked-down 93% - 95% of the Black vote & 70% - 75% of the Hispanic vote - which put him back in the White House. - PS: Slick Willy also got over 90% of the Black vote]!!

So is this all the BLM folks plan to do, is ask poly-tricksters ala KIllary Clinton to 'Look in Their Hearts' [that presumes they actually have one] & say 'Black Lives Matter', like a Sunday morning go-to prayer-meeting [Amen]??!! And some of these folks actually call themselves Marxist style Revolutionaries??! Pleeease!!!

- Nixakliel


A Must Hear Young Activist's Critique of What's Happening w BLM
Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 06:17
R.L. Stephens II, founding editor ofOrchestrated Pulse and author of this essay, talks about Black Lives Matter and the creation of a leadership class @ Mr Stephens' is the 2nd Interview [FYI: the first interview is worth a listen too, especially when it talks about how white hi-school drop-outs or who have criminal records, have the same employment status as Blacks w college education, & white hi-school drop-outs actually have MORE Net Wealth than Blacks w college degrees]

Also see Dear #BlackLivesMatter: We Don’t Need [you as a new'] Black  {mis}Leadership [Class] @ - } Some Key Excerpts: At multiple turns, the fact that queer Black women started the Black Lives Matter hashtag has been a major point of emphasis. However, making certain Black people, even if they’re queer and/or women, the face of a new Black {mis}Leadership class will not save Black people. The problem with the Black leadership class of old isn’t that it was male, it’s that it was elite and used to control the masses. The same dynamics are in play today; just look at who was left behind following the Ferguson unrest. As Sarah Kendzior comments, “The average Ferguson protester is often struggling to get by… a lot of those people who were living in poverty on August 9th are still living in poverty; some more so, because they gave up hourly wages and other things to become part of the protest movement.”

The two women that interrupted Sanders last weekend seemingly did so unilaterally. You can’t build real mass political power that way, but building effective power is not their point. Make no mistake, this Bernie Sanders hoopla is ultimately about campaign jobs and foundation funding, not emancipation for the masses. These interruptions will create career opportunities for a few activists and political operatives—the Black LeaderShip desired by Tia and others—but, as with Ferguson, the masses of Black people will be unaffected.... - You might call this trickle down racial justice, and it’s deeply cynical.... {

Mr Stephens then goes on to talk about how LBJ used 'mainstream' Black leaders to Marginalize Fannie Lou Hammer's MFDP's attempted insurgency [by a real Black grass-roots movement] at the 1964 Dim Convention.

- Nixakliel


Submitted by akechlo on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 12:16
The DNC wants the Blacks to vote for their  party candidates by the masses. The party elites running the show are not interested in touching, leave alone, solving  any issue affecting the black community! PERIOD!

The DNC have channels through which it can get the African American votes without talking about that community's grievances. Some of those channels are elites in :

(a) Congressional Black Caucus (chosen and paid for)

(b) Black churches and their Ministers

(c)  Black Non-profit organizations (NAACP and Urban League) funded by multimillion $$ FOUNDATIONS

(d)  Black talk show hosts,.., etc.

These are some of  the elites through whom DNC channels  its mega $$ solicited from corporations ensure that issues associated with or affecting African American community are either watered down or squashed (not addressed). These elites are well compensated for the "demolition  and window dressing" jobs they do because their livelihoods depend on it.

Pleading with DNC to listen to you will never work because the black votes can be obtained by other means!


Corrected Link
Submitted by JWW on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 03:47
The link to the “video” of the BLM delegation and Hillary Clinton has been removed from RawStory’s site, but here it is in 2 parts:

Julius Jones, though he appears sincere, has no clue about how this system works. . . or how power works.  He is asking mass murderess, lying, scheming, corporate representative and mass incarcerator, Clinton to “examine her heart.”  Is he serious?  If only the devil will repent, everything will be just fine.  Pure fantasy.  And what shall the street do in the meantime?  Just keep hoping and waiting for the enemy’s repentance?

The government’s repressive occupation forces in the community, the prisons, the economic devastation, are all an exercise of power against the community.

The growing movement in the street is the emergence of an opposing power.

The struggle between the two creates the possibility of a realignment of the balance of power.  But realignment to what?  That depends on the objectives (articulated as demands) of the opposing forces.  To be sure, the state is clear about its objective: to maintain the status quo.  But the efforts in the street are at present, directionless.  That is why clarification of movement goals is so essential (both long term objectives and more immediate minimum demands). Then the struggle itself is the negotiation.

Black Lives Matter is a good sentiment, but sentiments are not enough.  Murder by police continues.

Black Community Control of Police is the only way to actually make Black lives matter.  Much depends on the conference in Philadelphia this weekend.  The Black is Back Coalition deserves our confidence and support.



Questions the BLM Folks Should Ask Bernie...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 08:33
Rather than just grabbing the mic from him & demand he say 'Black Lives Matter' [IMO BLM folks don't need to ask Killary {'I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!'} Clinton JACK- Ditto for the Repugs - IMO it would be pointless cause They should NOT even consider endorsing Killary & has also 'allowed' the BLM folks to get 'schooled' by her]

Questions for Bernie:

Why did you support Slick Willy's Crime bill, & what will you to do to reverse the harm its done to Black & Brown Folks???

Why did you support Bush Jr's NCLB, & would you as POTUS continue w NCLB & Obama-Duncan's RTTT, or phase them out [if so explain just how would you phase them out]?

What's your stance re the so-called 'War on Drugs'? Do you intend to phase it out or at-least scale it down & if so exactly how?

As POTUS how would your DOJ & AG deal w the issue of Killer Cops gunning-down unarmed [or marginally armed] men, women, children & elders [generally Black & Brown]? Would your DOJ & AG charge & prosecute Cops in at-least the most blatantly outrageous cases???

Why did you support the Obama Regime's role in FUK-US NATO 8 mon 'R2P' bombing assault on Libya [& drone bombings in Somalia, Yemen, etc...]? Woulld your admin continue in this same vein of so-called 'R2P' / 'humanitarian' military intervention [& drone bombing so-called 'signature-strikes']???

How Bernie answers [or dodges] these questions, IMO should indicate to the BLM folks if they should even consider endorsing him!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brother Nixak*77*'s words

I don't expect Billary Clinton to do jack for Black & Brown folks, except offer-up more 'I feel your pain' rhetoric that her hubby Slick Willy's 'famous' for. The 'Billary Clintons' have made a career out of, 'acting sympathetic' to the the Dims traditional voter base [Blacks, Hispanics, Labor, etc], while cynically Knifing Them in the Back via: NAFTA, Doubling-Down on the 'New Jim Crow' w Slick Willy's 'Crime-Bill, his Welfare Deform law, Billary's seat on WalMart's board, & also re: Haiti, Honduras, Libya, etc!!!
Note Labor [which traditionally does have some currency w the Dims] thought they had a done deal w Obama re: 'Card-check', & civil liberties orgs thought likewise re: closing Gitmo. But when Obama became POTUS, we saw that didn't go NO-Where / were essentially abandoned by him... IMO the BLM folks should expect more of the same from Billary!!!
PS: It seems the BLM folks confronted Bernie, but apparently just had a 'conversation' w Billary- Humm...


'Liberals' [even some feminists] give porn a pass [or even hype it] under the banner of so-called 'free-speech' & ''freedom of love expression' ala the so-called 'sexual-revolution' [Chris Hedges wrote pieces condemning porn & the hyping prostitution as so-called 'empowering for women' {NOT!}, & caught a bunch of flak from 'liberal' commenters].
While Corp 'conservatives' are on-board w porn - cause it makes them BIG $$$ [though they try to play this low-key]!!! Corporate sectors that have been quietly heavily invested in porn are: Media [print, cable TV, movies & now web-sites] & the Hotel / Motel BIZ!!!
So likewise 'liberals' give 'Gangster Rap' a pass [though some feminists ala Ms Hutchinson condemn it] based on freedom of speech & expression, while corp media promotes it Big-Time cause it makes them BIG $$$!!! FYI: Gangsta Rap = the porno-bastardization of Black rap / hip-hop culture!!!


I stand by me statement about Hollyweird & its phony so-called 'liberal' image. It's too often portrayed Blacks [along w Hispanics, Native Americans, Chinese, etc] as stereotypes. From 'Birth of a Nation' [glorified the KKK & Lynching], 'Gone w the Wind' [glorified & sympathized Slave-Owning Dixieland], 'Tarzan' [portrayed all Africans as Savages] & 'Steppin Fetchit', Blaxplotation Films ala 'Superfly' [glorified / glamorized Black Drug-Dealing PIMPS]; plus Cowboys & Indians [IE: 'Lone-Ranger' Kimosabe = 'Great Wise One' vs Tonto = FOOL]- to the only best actress oscar Hollyweird as awarded to a Black woman was for Hallie Berry's portrayal of a modern 'Bed-Wench' of a Racist southern deputy [from a family of racist deputies] who helped execute her own Black husband! And Oh that same yr they threw in a best actor oscar for Denzel for portraying a thug n-gg-r rouge cop in' Training Day' for 'good-measure', after failing / refusing to give it to him for portraying Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Reuben 'Hurricane' Carter, or even real life Black Gangster Frank Lucas [in 'American Gangster'- both a better film & role than 'Training Day']- cause apparently for Hollyweird those real-life characters were just too 'Black & so-called 'controversial' [as if His & Ms Berry's roles in 'Training Day' & 'Monsters Ball' weren't 'controversial']!!! And Oh let's not forget Hollyweird's award Hype for 'Precious' [extremely 'controversial'!]!!
And 'Liberal' Hollyweird has been just as big a promoter / glorifyer of GUN-Violence as the NRA & ALEC- going back to Cowboy & WAR films, to now the violence is both more excessively graphic & out-right mindless [Oh 'But it's just BIZ' you see]!!!
PS-FYI: Dr Ball will tell you that the 6 Big Media Corps have deliberately pushed 'Gangster Rap', over all other forms of more positive &/or revolutionary Rap!!! And they've deliberately targeted Black & Brown youth, as their main market for 'Gangster Rap'!!! So while you're lecturing Blacks on 'responsibility', Be sure to go & give that Same LECTURE to the WHITE Execs [mainly men but also women] of those Main Media / Music CORPS- & that lame-ass excuse 'Oh It's Just BIZ'- DON'T CUT IT!!!


Nixak*77*  4 days ago
All Due Respect to Mr Akuetteh, Mr OBomber is double-talking & talking-down to Africa YET AGAIN! He's chiding Africa about dictatorship & human rights issues [IE: legalizing gay-marriage], yet backs 3 of Africa's most notorious long-time dictators in Ethiopia, Rwanda & Uganda! Rwanda & Uganda are are to their neck re mass Genocide in Eastern Congo, & Ethiopia & Kenya helped stir-up even more chaos in Somalia [at the US' behest] that led to the advent of Al-Shabab!!!
Plus S.Africa & the US too, proves you can technically have the 'form' of 'democracy', yet have NO real improvement in the conditions of the rank & file [mainly Black & Brown] working-class people. FYI: US so-called 'democracy' has made DAMN sure that 1/8th of all prisoners on the entire Planet, are African American!
Mr Akuetteh briefly spoke of the ICC, which is basically a racist instrument of US & EU neo-colonialism & imperialism, that's been unleashed mainly on Africa [Note: the US refuses to even recognize the ICC's jurisdiction over itself]. Thus IMO Africa should just kick the ICC to the Curb!
OBomber's disrespect for the AU was apparent even on this trip, but was most apparent during UK-US NATO's 8 month so-called 'R2P' bombing campaign on Libya in 2011, when he along w 'Napoleon Complex' Sarkozy & UK PM Cameron [= UK-US NATO] NOT so subtly threatened to blow any AU delegation out of the Libyan sky, for trying to negotiate a cease-fire agreement in Libya back in 2011! That's about a big a diss vs the AU, as it gets!!!
Mr Akuetteh seems to being saying he takes more issue that the US & EU has left Libya to the [AL-CIAeda & ISIS] Wolves, after devastating Libya via 'R2P' 'smart bombs' [a totally predictable outcome of UK-US NATO being unleashed on Libya]- than the fact that UK-US NATO 'R2P' bombed Libya to smithereens in the first place!!! Is it that Mr Akuetteh thinks Khadaffi had been in power too long & thus needed to go- by hook or by crook??!
And it seems Mr Akuetteh is saying he was against AFRICOM BEFORE He Was for It [if I heard him right], due to the rise of Boko-Haran, ISIS, Al-Shabab, etc... If So, Does it occur to Mr Akuetteh that perhaps / maybe these Islamic 'terror' groups just 'conveniently' 'popped-up' across Africa so that they can be used to 'justify' AFRICOM's ever widening grip in Africa??!!
FYI: Boko-Haran arose from the US backed Nigerian Govt's acting in tandem w western Oil Corps, to suppress the rights of Nigerian ethic groups [IE: the Ogoni] in that oil-rich region [IE: the execution of activists ala Ken Saro-Wiwa].
ISIS turned up in Libya AFTER UK-US NATO 'R2P' bombed Khadaffi's govt into Oblivion [bringing CHAOS to what was Africa's most prosperous country], while using that AL-CIAeda linked Racist LYNCH Mob as their foot-soldiers!
And Al-Shabab arose in Somalia AFTER Bush Jr 'persuaded' Ethiopia's regime to invade Somalia & take-out the forming of relative moderate Islamic governing councils that were returning some sense of order to Somalia at that time!


This person's pushing the old 'it could NOT have been a [govt] Conspiracy, cause it would have involved too many [IE: 1000s] of people'- meme. First of all the official 9-11 'tall-tale' IS a Conspiracy Theory- DUHH!!! Second- I can put together a list of 'Usual Suspects' / 'Persons of Interest' that likely would NOT exceed 50 people [certainly NOT over 100], though my list of material witnesses would exceed 100+ people.
Why only about 4 dozen conspirators, NOT 1000s NOR 10s of thousands like this person is trying to sell??? It's called 'Chain of Command', 'Following Orders', 'Need to Know Basis' based on who's 'In the Loop' & who's NOT [aka 'compartmentalization'], 'Plausible Denial', & Reward vs Retaliation'!!!
This whole 'it could NOT have been a [govt] conspiracy' meme is belied by the historical fact of USG govt programs ala the Manhattan Project, COINTELPRO, MKULTRA, etc. The Manhattan Project literally involved 10s of thousand of people both Military & CIVILIAN at at-least 3 sites [Oak Ridge TN, Los Alamos NV, & the Pentagon] for several Yrs, Yet FDR's own VP HS.Truman did NOT even know about it, till FDR died in office & Truman became POTUS [IE: he was kept 'out of the loop', till he had to be brought 'into the loop']. Heck even when they did the Trinity Nuke [open air] Test, neither the Japanese, Russians, NOR the US general public knew about 'The Bomb', till Truman ordered the nuking of Hiroshima & Nagasaki!!!
And J. Edgar Hoover's infamous COINTELPRO prog went on for at-least a decade & a half or more before it was finally publicly exposed! And we still don't know everything about the CIA's notorious MKULTRA [mind-control?] Prog!!!
Hell IMO most folks could NOT even tell you about USS Liberty Incident, & that's NOT even 'officially' a secret!!!


FYI: I read that PNAC Manifesto 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' BEFORE reading David Ray Griffin's 'The New Pearl Harbor'!
And NO I Don't believe 4 guys [Arab or NOT] who NEVER actually flew any jets of any-kind before, can fly jet air-liners like experience 'Top Gun' Jet-fighter pilots, near the very edge of those planes performance limits!!!
OBL was a very rich guy w many contacts thru-out the Arab / Muslim World, & Arab & Muslim countries have many EXPERIENCED & CERTIFIED jet pilots [both airliner &/or military]. Thus IMO he could have [& IMO would have] easily recruited at-least 1 or more of those Many EXPERIENCED & CERTIFIED Arab / Muslim Jet Pilots looking for & ready for 'Martyrdom' against the 'Infidels', & could have 'sweetened the deal' by promising that their families would be well compensated for the rest of their lives [something a very wealthy OBL could easily afford to do]!!! But rather we've been sold the WTF 'tale' that 4 rank amateurs hit 3 out 4 targets, knocking down FOUR Bldgs [FYI: WTC-7 was NOT even hit by a plane- DUHH!]!!!
Some Key Excerpts from the Bush-Cheney-NeoCON's Sept 2000 PNAC manifesto, 'Rebuilding America's Defenses':
} Transform U.S. Armed Forces: The Pentagon must begin now to exploit the “revolution in military affairs,” sparked by the introduction of advanced technologies into military systems; this must be regarded as a separate and critical mission worthy of a share of force structure and defense budgets.
CANCEL “ROADBLOCK” PROGRAMS such as the Joint Strike Fighter, CVX aircraft carrier, and Crusader howitzer system that would absorb exorbitant amounts of Pentagon funding while providing limited improvements to current capabilities. Savings from these canceled programs should be used to spur the process of military transformation.
EXPLOIT THE “REVOLUTION IN MILITARY AFFAIRS” to insure the long-term superiority of U.S. conventional forces. Establish a two-stage transformation process whichmaximizes the value of current weapons systems through the application of advanced technologies, and, produces more profound improvements in military capabilities, encourages competition between single services and joint-service experimentation efforts.
INCREASE DEFENSE SPENDING gradually to a minimum level of 3.5 to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually.
Deter Soviet Expansionism: deter rise of new great-power competitors [IE: Russia & China];
Exploit Transformation of War - To preserve American preeminence through the coming transformation of war made possible by new technologies.
To meet the requirements of the four new missions highlighted above, the United States must undertake a two-stage process. The immediate task is to rebuild today’s force, ensuring that it is equal to the tasks before it: capable of winning multiple, simultaneous theater wars; these forces must be large enough to accomplish these tasks without running the “high” or “unacceptable” risks it faces now. The second task is to seriously embark upon a transformation of the Defense Department.
The fourth element in American force posture – and certainly the one which holds the key to any longer-term hopes to extend the current Pax Americana – is the mission to transform U.S. military forces to meet new geopolitical and technological challenges. While the prime directive for transformation will be to design and deploy a global missile defense system [ala the one the US & NATO is now installing in Eastern Europe- aimed at Russia’s strategic deterrent], the effects of information and other advanced technologies promise to revolutionize the nature of conventional armed forces. Moreover, the need to create weapons systems optimized for operations in the Pacific theater [aka the ‘Asian Pivot’] will create requirements quite distinct from the current generation of systems designed for warfare on the European continent and those new systems like the F-22 fighter that also were developed to meet late-Cold-War needs.
In fact, work on the key elements of such a missile defense system, especially those that would operate in space, has either been so slowed or halted completely, so that the process of deploying robust missile defenses remains a long-term project. If for no other reason, the mission to create such a missile defense system should be considered a matter of military transformation.
Alas, neither [Clinton] Administration strategists nor Pentagon force planners seem to have grasped this elemental point; certainly, efforts to fund, design and develop an effective system of Missile defenses do not reflect any sense of urgency. Nonetheless, the first task in transforming U.S. military to meet the technological and strategic realities of a new century is to create such a system.
Creating a system of global missile defenses is but the first task of transformation; the need to reshape U.S. conventional forces is almost as pressing.
For the United States to retain the technological and tactical advantages it now enjoys, the transformation effort must be considered as pressing a military mission as preparing for today’s theater wars.
In general terms, it seems likely that the process of transformation will take several decades and that U.S. forces will continue to operate many, if not most, of today’s weapons systems for a decade or more. Thus, it can be foreseen that the process of transformation will in fact be a two-stage process: first of transition, then of more thoroughgoing transformation. The breakpoint will come when a preponderance of new weapons systems begins to enter service, perhaps when, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles [aka DRONES] begin to be as numerous as manned aircraft
Executing the variety of missions outlined above depends upon the capabilities of the U.S. armed services. For the past decade [IE: during Clinton’s & Gore's 2-Terms], the health of the armed services has steadily declined. Not merely have their budgets been dramatically reduced, their force structures cut and their personnel strength sapped, modernization programs starved and efforts at transformation strangled.
Thus This- ‘Process of Transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is Likely to be a Long One, Absent Some CATASTROPHIC & CATALYZING Event – Like a New PEARL HARBOR.’ {
Thus this Bush-Cheney-NeoCON PNACer cabal called for US 'Full Spectrum Dominance' of the land, seas, air, outer-space & 'cyber-space', which would take a HUGE Increase in USG DOD spending! So in order to get the US 'public' fully on board, they needed a 'New Pearl Harbor' Event! And almost exactly 1 YR later they got 9-11-2001, ON THEIR OWN WATCH!!!
PS: This PNAC manifesto names Saddam &/or Iraq as a threat to the US at-least 30Xs, vs exactly ZERO Xs for OBL &/or Al Qaeda- NOT even naming them as it briefly mentioned Clinton's cruise-missile attacks on alleged Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan & Sudan [which was really Sudan's main pharmaceutical factory]. So obviously Saddam was HIGH on the Bush-Cheney-NeoCON {s}Hit-List even before Sept 2000 = 2 months BEFORE they HI-Jacked the 2000 POTUS Election!!!


Nixak*77*  a month ago
What's ironic is not just that Baltimore, a predominately African American city, has a major park named after the Confederacy's commanding Gen Robert E Lee, but also that Maryland though a pre Civil War slave-state, NEVER even joined the Confederacy!!!
Yet there are those who insist that NO-One today is affected by slavery in any way, shape or form- even though there are STILL Today plenty of symbols, monuments, school text-books, etc- Glorifying the Confederacy [= Slave-States' tradition of SLAVERY] that go well beyond the just Confederate Flag!!! And they ain't just in Ole Dixie-land states either- IE: There's a land-mark &/or street named after Robert E Lee even in NYC!!!


Discussion on The Real News Network  23 comments
Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt - Chris Hedges on RAI (3/3)
Nixak*77*  rltmlt  a month ago
The Dims were NEVER a 'progressive' party. At best FDR style Dims were a centrist mildly 'liberal' party- under FDR, JFK, & Jimmy Carter.
FYI: The Democrat party BEGAN as a DIXIECRAT platform for notorious Slave-Owning / Injun Killin Andrew Jackson's 1828 POTUS bid! And the Democrat party remained the party for Dixiecrats past the end of the Civil War, & thru-out most of the Jim Crow era [NOTE: From 1860 - 1932 the GOP 'Party of Lincoln' was actually considered more the so-called 'progressive' party than the Dims, which is why Blacks voted faithfully for the GOP from 1866 to 1932].
Even w the advent of FDR & JFK the Dixiecrats still had far more influence in the ['liberal' centrist] Democrat 'Party of FDR' than did Progressives. Heck HS.Truman & LBJ were themselves {quasi}Dixiecrats. Then after Carter we got the Corp DLC Dims of the Billary Clintons, Al Gore & Obama ['ironically' Carter {GA}, Slick Willie {AR}, & Gore {TN} are all from traditional Dixiecrat states].

Hedges: } 'Part of my frustration w Sanders is that he's clearly cut a deal with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is part of the problem. He won't critique the Democratic Party. And that's not hypothetical, because when I did an event w him in New York w Kshama Sawant, Bill McKibben & Naomi Klein, we asked him [Sanders] beforehand why WON'T he run as an independent... And he [Sanders] said, 'I don't want to end up like Nader' [Note: according to Nader, Sanders & Liz Warren won't even return his calls & emails]. And he's right, he would have become a pariah. He would have been stripped of his committee chairmanships. The Democratic establishment would have attempted to crush him, even when he ran for reelection in Vermont. He's not wrong, because I watched what they've done to Ralph...' {
- In the 'wake' of the 2000 POTUS {s}'Election' debacle, the Dims & their apologists sycophant shills, have spent far more time & effort demonizing Nader, than [publicly] Analyzing just how the Bush Boys HI-Jacked FL from under Gore's nose! [Some go so far as to blame Nader for Bush Jr's Iraq Attack Pt2!]- Let alone how Gore himself BLUNDERED by managing to LOSE both his own & Slick Willy's home states of TN & AR, which if Gore had won both [or even either] it would likely have made FL a moot-point.
Thus so-called 'independent socialist' Bernie Sanders 'acts like' he's really going to 'put the brakes on' the 'Billary Express' to the Oval Office, by running as a Dim.
PS: The Dims' got Sanders running so scared of the Nader treatment, he WON'T even return Ralph's phone calls!!! I bet if Sanders' Repug colleagues [IE: Jeb Bush] called him, he'd return their phone call!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sister Kim Jones' Words

Kim Jones
Teen pregnancies have dropped by half in the black community. The fastest growing group of single mothers are white. The black birth rate had dropped. Most black women work so who are all these women wanting welfare and housing.


Kim Jones
Step up, stand up and be men. It is black men that cannot compete in the real world because they live to make excuses and like you are not productive. Black women were badly affected by the recession due to a loss of government jobs. Black men have always had a higher usemployment rate.


Kim Jones
That is not true and you need to admit you are not from here, you do not have any facts. 69% of black children are raised in single parent homes which include single mothers, single fathers, couples who are not married and divorced people. The black marriage rate had a slight increase in 2010 and black people are marrying each other.


You are now just repeating what I told you that the breakdown in the black family happened in the early eighties due to the war on drugs, crime and prison. You are now contradicting what you said before that the family breakdown happened in the early seventies due to feminism. Stop quoting form Daniel Moynhan who was a known ravist, you are showing that you are not from here. You are full of rubbish and I am embarrassed for you. Learn black American history and learn to like yourself.

-Kim Jones


Women want men to step up, pull their Weight, provide for their families and be leaders, role models, mentors, responsible fathers.
What is stopping them?

-Kim Jones


Please post facts. Most men in jail are poorly educated not from single parent homes. The common denominator for most is that they are high school drop outs. If you blame single mothers then how come 1 million black women are not in prison, we are being raised in the same home. Men make excuses and do not want to value education or hard work, that is why they go to prison. Most black women have never embraced the feminist movement.

-Kim Jones


You do not know our history. Most black women were not feminists or part of the movement. We have never just marched for, protested and demonstrated just for women rights. We always have and always will fight for the rights of black women, men and children.
It was never welfare that caused the real breakdown of the black family because the black family was still intact in the seventies. It was the war on drugs, mass incarceration of black men, crime infested communities in the Eighties that led to the breakdown in our families. You are proving that you are not American by quoting racist, bigot that hated black people Daniel Moynihan, you just out yourself that you do not know black life or history and are an outsider.

-Kim Jones


Please explain to us why so many black men are in prison, close to a million, please tell us why so many are irresponsible absent fathers, please tell us why so many black men kill other black men almost everyday in every inner city, please tell us why so many black men deal drugs in the black community, please tell us why so many black men are in gangs, please tell us why black men do not respect education, please tell us why so many black men are out of work.
Please also explain why Black women are the largest group of college entrants, please tell us why black women are the fastest growing group for starting new businesses, please tell us why black women started Black lives matter, please tell us why one third of working black women are in management, please tell us why black women are the largest voting bloc in Democrat primaries if the black women is the one that has destroyed the black community.

-Kim Jones


You still have such low self esteem. The feminist movement has always championed non violence towards women, equal and fair pay, equality in education and employment, healthcare and reproductive services for women and the right of women to make decisions for themselves. You are not American and should know that most black women were not feminists. Our struggle was and still is fighting for civil, voting, political and black rights.

-Kim Jones


You work for this site and post stupid comments everyday trying to start fights, grow up and have some self respect. Most black men and women have and want black partners. It is black women that started Black lives matter and protest, March and organise in support of the black man.

-Kim Jones  (in response to a troll on a site)


If police are the worst bulies, if things are wrong in society why did NWA turn black women into their enemy by showing black women in such a negative light.
Not supporting this movie.

Most black men date and marry black women. Not one of the Kardashian women has a good, respectful man with any pride. They pick weak, black men because white men won't touch them.

-Kim Jones


You are making excuses and rewriting history. Most black families were two parent families right up until the late seventies. It was the war on drugs, drugs being flooded into the black community and crime rates increasing that tore the black family and black community apart especially in the inner cities. These things had nothing to do with feminism and most black women have never been feminists. Stop making excuses for black men not building and supporting thier families.

There is no black woman anywhere in the World that is stopping Black men from being leaders, mentors, role models, entrepreneurs, community organisers, husbands and responsible fathers.
Why do too many keep making excuses and blaming others for why they are not building strong families and providing for and protecting our community.

Maybe the first step towards Republican outreach should be to stop stereotyping black people. What low expectations are these, black women have one of the highest college enrolment rates and are the fastest growing group for new business startups. White men have had affirmative action since they came to this country. Democrats fight against all forms of Republican voter suppression from stopping Sunday voting, cutting early voting days, stopping same day registration, stopping the use of student ID and unfair voter ID laws.

White excuses on full display.
It is funny that Republicans have to go back 50 years to show that they sometimes we're not racist. The racist Republican southern strategy is why black people stopped voting Republican.
Why would any black or Latino voter vote for a Republican Party that constantly refers to them as rapists, murderers, criminals, welfare queens and illegal aliens.
Why would any black person support a party that embraces racists and bigots like Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Nugent, O'Reily, Palin, Trump, Guiliani, Fox news, Breitbart, Drudge.
The poorest most welfare dependent States are all Republican led Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina.
Democrats remain popular with black people because they push social, voting, healthcare, economic and educational policies that benefit all not just the rich.

-Kim Jones

The Black man needs to be a friend to himself. He needs to lead a spiritual life based on having morals, values and self respect. The black man needs to see himself as a leader, mentor and role model not a black stud or criminal. Black women are working hard to better themselves and keep the black community going. Black men need to focus on rebuilding our families and community.

Black success like black women being both the fastest growing group for college enrolment and new business start ups is rarely reported. I think there are more positives than negatives in the black community.

-Kim Jones


Criminals and murderers kill people in thier own community that is who the police should target. The police that are paid to protect and serve should not be murdering innocent, unarmed black men, women and children.

Black lives matter.

-Kim Jones

Friday, August 14, 2015

Savant's Words

Some people can't understand that many progressive Blacks from Du Bois, to King, to post-Mecca Malcolm, to the Panthers to most contemporary youth with BlackLivesMatters (or Moral Mondays) believe that we have to deal BOTH with matters internal to our community which requires INDEPENDENT Black organizations and associations, and with the totality of the struggle for human liberation which requires alliances with progresives whites, Latinos, Jews, Asians, Arabs or whoever. If you look at some the old Black Panther Newspapers still in my mother's closet, you find articles talking about what we need to do INSIDE the Black community that CANNOT be done by anyone else. But you also see articles emphasizing how the full achievement of what we want to accomplish inside our communities is bound up with the struggles of peoples everywhere. It's not rocket science, but you do have to make some effort to THINK rather than being an ankle biting smart a__ like freddy. Fortunately, I wasn't reared on the kind of narrow nationalism or (as some critical race theorists say) "racial essentialism" of NOI, the so-called black Hebrews or Ron Karenga's US. Perhaps I would have been if the Panthers hadn't happened in the projects after King was killed. For my mom became pro-Panther after King was killed, and we (me and my little sis) were influence by that REVOLUTIONARY tendency while we were growing up. (But we did have older cousins in the South who were down with SNCC when we were kids). Being sandwiched between the generation that made the movement of the 1960s (including older kindred) and the youth I'm teaching in academia today --youth who are fomenting the NEW movements--I see myself as a link and as mentor-student. I'm a mentor just as were elders (e.g. Paul Coates, Eddy Conway, Sharon K) from the 60s mentored me, and a student because I am always learning---learnin g from youth, contemporaries, and elders. So there is a intergenerational continuum of struggle. The traitorous freddy says that my choices are questionable, while presumably his choice of treachery is beyond reproach. Well, I recall Paul Robeson once said that every artist can choose to be a voice from freedom and liberation or an apologist for oppression. Robeson his choice was to be a voice for human freedom. That is also my choice as a philosopher, teacher, writer and MAN; to be an ally and comrade of the oppressed and dispossessed; especially (though not exclusively) of the despised Black poor from whose loins I sprang. For this I make no apologies. And it is not I who needs to explain. Le Peuple au pouvoir!!!!



East Baltimore is a beleaguered community. Mainly, it's white racists and bourgeois negro reactionaries who describe it as a "sh___e " or (as you once did) "depraved. " At any rate, I'm convinced that I KNOW more about East Baltimore than you do. And your posts don't reveal the mind of a socialist, but of a reactionary and a bigot This evident in your PERPETUAL defense of fascist pig cops, and your ENDLESS vilification of the masses of the Black people of America. In short, you're a poseur and an enemy of the people.


This moron doesn't even know that I'm a democratic socialist even thought that's been obvious in AA Forum for years. He obviously has also missed my critiques of what I call simplistic racial analyses and racial essentialism. What has sometimes happened in American history is that the struggles of the Blacks have precipitated struggles EVERYWHERE, as I stated in my post directed to Barros. So, do they teaching basic READING in British schools any longer?



Actually, about 45% of Blacks are married; and about 90% of the married Black men are wedded to Black wives