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Sister Trojan Pam's Excellent advice.


Trojan Pam
@ all

you know what the irony of it all is — SPEAKING of the dialogue between Linda Keres Carter and some of is

she is the only one on this thread who is talking about her suffering to black males and females who have been mistreated in ways she could never deal with or imagine. Most of us suffer in silence, we seldom share the horrible experiences we’ve had under the system of white supremacy, all the slights, and insults and snubs and treatment at the hands of white employers (or people who wouldn’t HIRE us), and the mistreatment by police, or authority figures, etc.

Many of us have had friends and family beaten or killed by police (I have), many of us have buried our children before their time, been the victims of crime by people who have been trampled under the system as children, have loved ones incarcerated, been cheated out of JOBS and opportunities, been denied service, been humiliated in public and in private just for being black, been “racially PROFILED” as we shop in a store or drive down the street (I definitely have experienced that many, many times), and have watched our children and ourselves and countless numbers of black children go through the wicked process of educational genocide as we languished in black schools custom designed to destroy our educational potential

and as black females, dealing with the twin assaults of SEXISM AND RACISM, who are regularly maligned in the racist mainstream media, been called nappy headed and ugly and worthless nearly all our lives, and are the WOMEN MOST LIKELY to be raped or assaulted in the U.S, and the MOST LIKELY to keep that secret because we know no one cares, including other black people

and I have watched countless numbers of black females have walking nervous breakdowns as they struggle to live under these conditions and raise their children often by themselves for a variety of REASONS (while Miss Linda is married to a black male), and so many in my city are burying their children before their time, children who were murdered at the hands of police, even children as young as NINE YEARS OLD.

yet I can’t remember a SINGLE black female (or black male for that matter) spending three entire days or more talking about how much they’ve suffered, like Linda Keres Carter has who I doubt has buried a single child or been racially profiled (unless traveling with her husband and he is the real target), or been refused service, or been saddled with inferior schools, or been denied unemployment (if she works), or denied ANYTHING ELSE.

I could understand if the police in her community here in the U.S. had been murdering the children in her community like they do in ours but I doubt that’s the case. YET black people as a whole seldom come on ANYONE’S blog (including mine) to talk about our immense suffering under the system of white supremacy

and then it OCCURRED to me, maybe we should. Maybe, instead of listening to that other stuff, we should be SHARING our stories and releasing some of the PAIN that is making us so physically AND mentally ill so other victims won’t feel so isolated and alone and will know it’s alright to feel however we feel, to let go of those egos and the shame of being mistreated because it is NOT OUR FAULT that we are being mistreated because we are black.

let’s not waste our precious SPIRITUALLY healing POWERS and sympathetic hearts on the WRONG PEOPLE.

-Sister Trojan Pam.


Trojan Pam
@ Herneith

Do not be irked by what I believe, given the overwhelming evidence, is true.

think about what Linda Keres Carter has posted and how SIMILAR it is to what I’ve (and maybe, you’ve) seen on Abagond’s blog posts and countless other black blogs, including mine.

The REFINED racism/white supremacy ‘game’ of deception, denial, then guilt. I have watched this play out so many times, you would think there’s a rulebook guiding racist behavior

and guess what? There IS. Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. calls it “codfication” where white people often ACT and SPEAK in code. There’s even a LANGUAGE designed around it that many blacks do not recognize

for example, “urban” = “blacks”
“suburban” = “whites”

I would STRONGLY suggest all check out Mr. Fuller’s books and this website

blackcodefiles_com (where you can listen to free sound clips of Mr Fuller breaking down the system of white supremacy and you can find him on youtube as well.

Also, I cover many topics in my books which you can check out free excerpts on racismws_com

Without going into a long, detailed diatribe about it, this is the evidence that white people — collectively — are far from “dumb”. (now, as individuals, their intelligence ranges from the low end to the high end like every other group on the planet, and that is where I think black people get confused. They see the “ignorant” white person in person and think, this mother is too dumb to be smarter than me

That is NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR/INTELLIGENCE of white people that has allowed a small minority (less than NINE percent of the planet’s population) to control the other NINETY-ONE percent.

How? Through VIOLENCE, CONFUSION, and DECEPTION -but also from following a CODE OF CONDUCT — CODIFICATION — in how they deal with people they have classified as “not white”

It’s like saying a CON MAN or WOMAN is dumber than you when they’re conning you out of your money, your property, your bodies, and your self-respect.

How can white people — collectively — behave the same way for the last 500 years toward people of color, no matter where they go on the planet? How is that possible without a “code?” How can they be ignorant when this behavior happens everywhere they go, even before the telephone or television was invented?

How could whites landing foot on Australia wind up doing the SAME THINGS to the original people (the Aborigines aka “originals) that they did to the non-white people in New Zealand without a CONDUCT CODE?

And if my CONDUCT CODE has been largely successful, and I have most of the non-white people on the planet under my thumb, watching my white supremacist movies and TV, applauding the anti-black MUSIC and black entertainers who degrade black people,

and bleaching their skin and thinning their noses, and having sex with me (despite my mistreatment of them), and fighting and hating and killing each other while being loyal to me and my whiteness

how in the WORLD am I acting out of ignorance?

It is black and non-white people who are IGNORANT — because we do not understand and/or REFUSE to understand and accept that we are being DOMINATED by a system of white supremacy and that ALL white people are benefiting from that system

and that is why the Linda Keres Carters of the world will NOT TELL YOU THEY ARE WHITE or are LIVING AS A WHITE PERSON with ALL the privileges of being white

so the black people she comes into contact with will remain CONFUSED and that is NOT ignorance, that is a CODE, that is CODIFICATION, and you were reading it right here on this post.

We MUST be our egos aside and tell ourselves the truth because only the TRUTH will set you free because if you are under the thumb of someone else there is no way in H you are smarter than they are, especially when you are COOPERATING with the same system that is oppressing you.

I hope you will check out Mr. Fuller’s sounds clips, believe me, you will begin to see things more clearly than you have ever seen them before.

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More Great Information

TrojanPam says: February 1, 2014 at 5:01 pm @ larissa No I haven’t I do find the scenario playing out on the global stage fascinating (and frightening) Here’s a SITE that I read occasionally.


 brother, I grew up on the WEST SIDE of Chicago -- the BEST SIDE -- lol, and you're right, it was a way of life, HOWEVER, with the intro of rap, crack-infested gangster-ism, MTV, BET, rap videos, and rap h___, the black female became the easy target for disenfranchised black male youth, a trend which was BY DESIGN. Because the powers that be knew that once the BM disrespected the place WE CAME FROM -- the BW -- it was all DOWNHILL we should caught a clue when we became the only men on the planet to regularly degrade our women for profit that something FOUL was up MTV had a show about two years ago (maybe it's still on) called "Yo Momma" and all these ignorant young dudes would come on just to bust on each other and their mommas... Black folks -- especially black MEN -- have got to start thinking for ourselves and stop letting the white media define our women OR ourselves for us. We need another Million-Man-March, only this time the theme should be RESPECT FOR SELF...

 -Paul H.


 Has anyone noticed that the only black people who get a mike to talk on mainstream white media are those who provoke disunity, stereotype other blacks, and pit black male against black female? Any time we see a message in mainstream media directed at us or talking about us we need to remember where we are and stop falling for the bait of fighting and fussing with each other. The powers that be want black women to hate us and they want us to hate them.

They put these black male/white female and black female/white male couples out here and there's nothing but bi-racial children in every TV commercial Don't we think it's time to ask why they don't want black men and black women to love each other? They don't tell white men not to love white women. They don't tell Hispanic men not to love Hispanic women. They don't tellAsian men not to love ASIAN WOMEN? Why are black people the only ones getting these messages? What are they afraid of? And how can we be so easily fooled by the white media to fall for these tricks?

A smart people would do the opposite of what they tell us because there must be power in us loving each other. It's time for us to act like we know it.

-Paul H.

 TrojanPam says: February 5, 2014 at 8:57 pm @ LBM Unfortunately, one of the main reasons (some) blacks seek white and Asian lovers/spouses is they don’t WANT their children to look like them (too black) because they OPENLY or secretly believe black is inferior — which means they must be inferior as well. That’s the poison that we walk around with due to 500+ years of white supremacy/black inferiority programming. And thanks to our collective addiction to entertainment (movies, TV, music), we are taking in double and triple doses every time we turn on the TV set or sit in a MOVIE THEATER. It’s a uphill battle trying to convince most of us that our powerful DNA is one of the MAIN reasons we are being attacked by the white supremacists. I agree with you on the REST.


Tim John wrote:
After what we seen in Ferguson; the militarized response.... now we are learning that the government to use even greater forms of unprecedented sophisticated resources and other military types of equipment on a scale as if Marshall Law has been declared can't be seen as anything other than what it is.... the declaration of war ....against American citizens who dare want to seek equal forms of justice for all people of all backgrounds and colors, creeds and so forth.
The only protest against such a mighty willing to use systems and platforms of military warfare is the mass exodus of Americans as refugees fleeing this country for a safer country... no such actions would exist in a advanced state anywhere else around the world!
...this Chicago Defender story...this story alone shed an awful light on the most radical of responses to civil disobedience ever in a so-called civilized state that claims to be a free democracy!
The platforms and military resources being declared to use for the Ferguson protests is a despicable display of freedom in America!..and says that America has declared war against American citizens...period.
What will you do? Better get your passports in order!

It's time to prepared for MASS RESISTANCE against mass repression. -Savant


 Gri0tttt wrote: The FBI has succeed in keeping some of what was known as COINTELPRO alive to this very day. Take a look at this Chicago Defender story that should open your eyes about the current Ferguson, Missouri context: Breaking: Ferguson Decision to Indict Officer Darren Wilson Coming This Week The most disturbing highlights: Check out what the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Sheriffs Department and the Missouri State Police have planned in case demonstrators willingly express their First Amendment Rights of peaceful protests and demonstrations. 1) Military assets such as heavily armored vehicles are being stored at Scott Air Force Base and McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. 2) The Missouri National Guard is on high alert and last week reserved 100 hotel rooms in downtown St. Louis. 3) A Northrop Grumman Global Hawk RQ-4 arial drone has been assigned to monitor and possibly block communications. 4) There are 300 homeland security vehicles parked in a three-story underground garage in St. Louis 5) Ferguson is reportedly being monitored by Fusion Center. The center acts as an early warning station for terrorism in Ferguson. 6) There are 24 agencies getting orders from federal agencies. ...My point, is if calls for peaceful protests, heck even if the calls were for rioting, why is such an armada of sophisticated law enforcement resources; even military resources being brought to bear? The FBI COINTELPRO federal movement against 'certain' people in America even having a movement is still alive. There is absolutely no reason, there can be no reason at all that these resources are being used in this type of concentration against American citizen amasses to protest a grand jury decision.


 Unfortunately, the FBI did have some success. True, the agency failed miserably in their effort to destroy King's reputation, and did more to discredit itself and Hoover. But it's COINTELPRO program did succeed in undermining the Black Liberation Movement and many other dissident movements in this country. Had those movement CONTINUED and prevailed, America might today be one of the more advanced and progressive nations on earth rather than among the most backward. Today, King is admired by nearly everyone the world over, with racists and reactionaries of various sorts being the exception. Even some American reactionaries now try to claim King as a fellow right winger or "conservative Republican." But the FBI which failed to discredit King did work to undermined the movement of which he was the most renown leader and spokesman. -Savant ________________________________

 In fact, even the "republic " as commonly conceived by the so-called founding fathers is often a disguised plutocracy. Hence John Jay's famous quip that those who OWN America should rule her. For that reason it is not surprising to see in the FEDERALIST PAPERS (have you heard of them?) a profound distrust of democracy, and the advocacy by Madison and Hamilton of "republic " as the alternative. They were AFRAID of the common people. Your beloved proto-Fascist "Republicans " also fear the common people (especially the poor and people of color). That's the reasons for the numerous measures to restrict the right even to vote. Their "American dream" is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY for ME, ME, ME. And the political expression of their right wing version of the American dream is "Government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich."



 Unfortunately, your reply evades rather than answers the question of WHAT the American dream is, what it actually does MEAN. Moreover, the phenomenon (immigration) which you speak of is GLOBAL, not particularly American, and hence doesn't necessarily tell us what (if anything) the American dream means to people "dying trying to come to the USA." Millions of people from the poorer lands of the global south are trying to get to many countries of the richer global north. Millions are coming to Europe from Africa and Asia People are going to Canada as well. Are millions of other immigrants motivated by some European or Canadian dream? No, this doesn't answer the question. And even assuming that people are coming to America to obtain the American Dream, what does it mean to them? Are they motivated by Dr. King's vision of the American dream as a Beloved Community of universal brotherhood, freedom and equality? Or by the ethos of Gordon Gekko which holds that "greed is good"? Perhaps, they are seeking to escape poverty and hunger. They have my sympathy. Coming from East Baltimore I wouldn't wish poverty on a dog; and the economic deprivation of people coming from Latin America (probably the largest source of current immigrants to the USA) is far worse than the poverty of our ghettoes, barrios, of our urban and rural slums. But one needn't have a notion of an American dream to want to escape deprivation. And even if they have such a notion, they're coming here doesn't yet tell me what that American dream means to them. So, I would prefer people offered well thought out responses rather than curt, dismissive replies. There 300 millions of Americans, many in such a state of cynical malaise, that one wonders whether the American Dream isn't an empty phrase for THEM. -Savant


 There's no end of talk in the USA about the American Dream. But what the hell is the American dream? Is it a vision of community of universal freedom, dignity, equality and brotherhood? Is it really just about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and ME, ME, ME and to hell with everyone else? Is it the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Universal brotherhood and equality? Or is it the avaricious self-aggrandizement and acquisitiveness so common in America, and embodied by the notorious Koch brothers? Is it real democracy? Or the endless madness of the rat race and inebriation with the intoxicating "success"? Is it compassion and respect for the "dignity of man" and human right? Or is it the deification and property and the idolatrous fetish of wealth? Is it the human person regarded as the highest value, our greatest real treasure? Or is it the deification of profit? Is it mere coincidence that the words "In God we trust" is inscribed on American MONEY? Is that America's true god?



 And then again, I recall a letter of a young Philosophy professor (and daughter of the Black middle class), Angela Davis in her letter to George Jackson: "I love you and I love my people Revolution till victory!"



 How many middle or upper class Black people TODAY can say--honestly--wit h Dr. King, "I choose to identify with the poor, with the disinherited" ? And while this may not be a very good examples (since Fred Hampton was a Panther brother from the hood).: I'm not gonna die slipping on no ice. I'm not going to die in no airplane crash. I'm not gonna die from no heart attack. I am gonna die for the people. I'm gonna die for the people because I LIVE for the people. I live for the people the people because I LOVE the people! I am HIGH on the people!"



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First Christmas without him. Inside MLK's home in 1968

Savant on Important Issues

Not completely off topic at this point The system of injustice which King tried to fight by mean of the Poor Peoples Campaign has grown worse. The divide between the haves and have nots has worsened. More and more members of the middle Class--educated professionals and moderate size propertyholders--are being pushed into the poverty. The middle class itself is divided into those barely hanging on to middle class standards of living, barely staying out of poverty, and those who are more securely middle class. I think that the former group of insecure middle class folk outnumber the more secure ones. This is especially (though not only)true among Black middle class folk. For thanks to slavery and racial caste, they have mainly been unable to accumulate INTERGENERATIONAL wealth and capital. That's one of the reasons that the recession affected them more severely than it did the white middle class (who were also severely damaged). If the middle classes had good sense they'd make common cause with the poor, especially the working class poor, in the struggle for economic and social justice. They would emphasize solidarity and abandon backward and reactionary ideals of "rugged" or possessive individualism. They would do what Dr. King was urging us to do while he was trying to organize the Poor Peoples Campaign--what he himself was doing as a middle class intellectual man in supporting the impoverished sanitation workers in Memphis in 1968. The choice is still their: to be CONSCIOUS and COMMITTED or to be irrelevant and possibly reactionary.



 Well I've noted from experience as well as study certain realities regarding the psychology of first generation middle class Blacks. Other newly arrived people from other groups also experience this insecurity, but with us it is compounded by the stigma of race. As you know, I am myself a first generation college graduate--son of parents from the Jim Crow South who didn't even finished high school. I grew up in the ghettoes of East Bmore. I still recall when I finished school and got my first full academic position. I was actually STUNNED when I paid all my bills and found that there was MONEY LEFT OVER!!! I could even buy a car, rent a decent apartment (not a project or slum), and have money to travel. I'm now a homeowner, but then I was afraid to try to buy a house for fear that my new found affluence wouldn't last, and the bank would come a calling. Fortunately, the difference in my upbringing---and probably the influence of certain of my high school and university teachers who were Movement veterans--help prevent me from becoming socially indifferent, politically reactionary or simply given to narcissistic self-indulgence. I continued being involved in community struggles, and struggles related to fights for freedom elsewhere--for example, the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. But of the few brother and sisters in the hood who "rose" up with me,, that social conscience usually wasn't there.

 I believe there was a book written decades ago by Harry Edwards called BLACK STUDENTS. In it he seemed to indicate that the Black students radicals of the time were more often than not middle class youth who--unlike their parents--were born in the lap of affluence. I know that to be true of many white students radicals of that time as well. However, Howard Zinn in NEW ABOLITIONISTS (originally came out in 1964) stated that most SNCC activists in the South were children of poor, working class Black families who happened to be able to get more education than their parents had. But he seem to argue also that Northern Black and white students who came South to support SNCC and other movements were usually educated middle class people. So, the picture may be a little more complicated.


Je ne suis pas religieuse maintenant. Main je n'ai pas un desire a fais un guerre contra religion. L'ete derniere j'avais un entrevue avec M. Marc Steiner de WEAA, FM 88.9. Monsieur Steiner (un juive tres progressive, former SDS, for Poor Peoples Campaign worker) is at least as old as Barros, probably older. He interviewed me regarding the meaning of King's legacy in our time. He thought it interesting that I, an agnostic, find King to be one of the most admirable men in history. J'a dit a M. Steiner: "Although I am no longer religious, I can find more common ground with a devout Jew, Christian, Muslim or Hindu who is progressive and committed to the freedom of all men, than with an agnostic or atheist who is reactionary and a defender of race and class privilege. After all, Ayn Rand was an atheist and also very pro-capitalist. Her animosity toward Christianity, was largely due to her perception that the teachings of the Christ were implicitly anti-capitalist, anti-elitist and revolutionary.. She would never supported Dr. King's poor peoples campaign. There are progressive religious people just as there are progressive secular people. And there are reactionaries in all religions just as there are reactionary secularists. But I will work with progressive Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, pagans, atheists and anyone else who is willing to fight the liberation of ALL the oppressed, and for a community of freedom as the birthright of every man, woman and child on earth. My very religious ancestors used to sing from the dark dungeons of slavery: "Didn't my Lord free Daniel, Daniel? Did my lord free Daniel? Why not EVERY man?"



By the way, mon oncle Oscar (un soldat a Normandie) arrive a Baltimore l'ete derniere about two weeks after you left this past summer. A couple of his sons were with him. He's very old now, but still remembers the war and his days in your country. It would have been interesting for you to have met him. Il aiment le francais beaucoups. "Pas de segregation" dit mon oncle, "pas de KKK, et zero police raciste"--unl ike North Carolina. I was tempted to tell him he had too idealized a picture of France....But I thought "What's the point?" And I understand the point of view of old black men of that generation. It might have been interesting to see what his reaction would have been if I had been able to introduce the two of you. Mon oncle aiment la France et les Francais. He thinks the French are the coolest white folk around....LOL!



There is lot more paranoia about Black criminality. Notice that no one even speaks of white criminality. Take a look at the May 14, 2014 edition of Take a look at an article entitled "White People Commit the Most Heinous Crimes, So Why is America Terrified of Black Men." The author is Lisa Bloom, and the article is excerpted from her book, SUSPICION NATION: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE TRAYVON MARTIN INJUSTICE AND WHY WE CONTINUE TO REPEAT IT.



Well mass deportation is pretty much out of the question, at least without a fascist state. And as long as they're lingering in the shadows avaricious businessman and other scumbags can exploit the labor of immigrants at wages lower than everyone else. That could create a problem for the Black community as well as the exploited immigrant community. Better to legalize and demand DECENT WAGES for absolutely EVERYONE, be that American born or from other countries. Otherwise, the powers-that-be will pit one oppressed community against another.



We must also consider some important economic changes within American and global capitalism which deeply affect the lives of our communities. Kathleen Cleaver, former Black Panther leader and former spouse of Eldridge Cleaver, posed a question while in Baltimore a few years ago: How are things so different? Why is it that you find such militant confidence arising in the poor, especially the Black poor among whom we used to organized? Our people were at the bottom of the economy, as disproportionately we still are. But there was an industrial economy that was relatively stable. Hence even poor people could maintain fairly stable families, schools, and other institutions that were a part of any real community. But things have changed. We were at the last phase of industrialism. What has happened since, and probably was already in its early phases in the late 1960s, was a technological revolution based not on industrialism, but a new information economy, and electronic economy. And the first jobs to be lost were those at the bottom of the industrial economy--in the part of the capitalist economy where Black people were disproportionately to be found thanks to decades of racist discrimination in industry. Where are those old factory jobs? Those jobs in steel? What happened to your Bethlehem Steel company in Baltimore, or the auto industry in Detroit. Even jobs at the bottom of those industries were relatively stable in those days; and they allowed for a stable social existence even within poverty. That is what has changed, and it affects our current efforts to organize." I'm recalling from memory the essence of Kathleen Cleaver's remarks. We might add also observations made by Cornel West in RACE MATTERS, namely the increasing influence of the corrosive materialist and narcissistic values of consumerism, of consumerist capitalism in our communities. Have these maleficent influences weakened former bonds of solidarity, community, communal love, and care for others?

What kind of community and value system had we then that would enable poor people to risk jobs that they were in no position to lose in order to win freedom and self-determination for their people? What values and community had we then that would enable SOME members of the middle and upper classes of Black America---W.E.B.Du Bois, Paul Robeson, Ella Baker, Martin Luther King, Jr., Angela Davis---to risk their careers and what could have been comfortable bourgeois lives for something as "abstract " as freedom, justice, equality, self-determination , and the dignity of the human personality? What values allowed an Angela Davis to risk a promising academic career (after studying at Sorbonne, Frankfurt School, Brandeis) for the sake of a revolutionary movement, or to sully her middle class image by getting involved in efforts to liberate imprisoned brothers from the "hood" like George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo and the other "Soledad brothers"? And again, the class divide was not so great as now. Whether the divide of classes can be overcome in some larger solidarity today, I don't know. But I think that we can reconstruct the Black community from the bottom, up. Except for the most degenerated among them, we can re-educate, conscientize and organized the poor and the disinherited. Probably we can win a fraction of the Black petty bourgeoisie, though not on the level of the 1960s.



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It's truly amazing....HOW so few people know anything that is TRUTHFUL about African Americans.
In 2009, of 41 million Blacks:
1.2% were upper class or 200K and up
8.1% were upper middle or 100K-200K
38.4% were middle class or 35K-100K
28.8% were working class or 15K-35K
23.5% were living in poverty.
to the OVER-FOCUS of the mainstream, White-owned media and college 
classes on that 23.5%, most people, including many Blacks....strongly 
believe that the majority of us are poor.
That's VERY IGNORANT....AND NOWHERE near the truth.
of us are middle class or higher....yet the image in most minds 
--racist or not-- is that 90% of us are poor, under-educated, 
dysfunctional, crime prone, won't work....and thus relies on welfare.
while Whites often preach education to us....only 29% of them have at 
least a 4-year degree while 17% of African Americans do.
With all 
their talk about education, you would think that 90% of Whites have a 
college degree, but less than a 1/3 of that number do....just a measly 
12% more than Blacks despite the fact Whites have had access to a higher
education much, much longer than any Group of Color in the United 
Three, besides the " 'usual' " form of welfare, Whites have benefited from a large number of federal government giveaways.
In 1862, the Homestead Act was passed and signed 
into law. The new law established a three-fold homestead acquisition process: 
filing an application, improving the land, and filing for deed of title.
U.S. citizen, or intended citizen, who had never borne arms against the U.S. 
Government could file an application and lay claim to 160 acres of surveyed Government 
land. For the next 5 years, the homesteader had to live on the land and improve 
it by building a 12-by-14 dwelling and growing crops. After 5 years, the homesteader 
could file for his patent (or deed of title) by submitting proof of residency 
and the required improvements to a local land office.
Two hundred seventy million acres were given to Whites for free....while refusing to give 40 acres and a mule to freed Blacks.
billion in housing loans went to Whites in the late 1950s, with only 2%
going to African-, Asian & Latino/a-Americans and Indigenous 
There's quite a number of other government programs that have been implemented to assist Whites.
Hence, they did not pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
The bootstraps are the federal government giveaways in land, loans, jobs, etc., etc., etc.
Where....would Blacks and other groups be today.....if they'd had the SAME opportunities as Whites?!
fact that 47.7% of us are middle class or higher....and we did it 
without any land grants ro other government giveaways, pretty 
amazing, isn't it?!
Can Whites make the same claim?! NOPE.
Whites should never open their mouths to 
criticize any group....with all the federal welfare they've 
received....and continue to receive in subsidies, tax loopholes, etc., 
etc., etc.

WAKE UP people.
WHY in the world would you accept your oppressor's stories about your group and other dominated groups?!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Nixak*77* • a day ago

 Let's be clear what's currently the main driver of slashing of rain-forests in Africa [& SE.Asia too] for the production of Palm Oil. Traditionally palm oil was/is used in food & cosmetics, but now it's main use is for so-called 'Bio'-Diesel for foreign markets, Just as the main driver for slashing the Amazon is currently the combo of cattle grazing & so-called 'bio-fuels [aka Bio-Fools]- again for Foreign markets. This represents the 'darker-side' of green, along w so-called 'green' nuke power [& now even 'green' fracking]. One of the first articles @ AlterNet on this Ebola out-break, tried 'blame' an alleged W.African 'appetite' for 'bat-soup' along w the Chinese allegedly slashing Africa's rain-forest for this Ebola out-break. I know enough about Liberia to know both of these assertions are dubious at best- especially in Liberia. I've never seen nor even heard of anyone in Liberia eating 'bat-soup', & Guinea [where this out-break originated] is at-least 85% Muslim. Muslims do have strict dietary guidelines & IMO bats likely don't 'meet' them [no pun intended]. I also know that at-least in Liberia the main ones who were slashing the forests there were logging companies from the US, Scandinavian countries, Germany & Israel- NOT China [the US alone has the Firestone Rubber plantation, the largest in the World at 1 Million acres- under lease till 2029. PS: Firestone has a real sordid 90+ yr {& Counting} history re: how it was acquired and how it's exploited, underpaid & overworked its Liberian workers.]. FYI: Whether Ebola originated w bats or even if they're the main carriers is still an open question [IE: it's a presumption]. I've read 2 reports on the issue [one from DRC Congo {trying to implicate 'bat-soup'} can NOT really even be called a scientific study, because it failed to even test any of the 'suspect' bats for Ebola - the other's from Bangladesh] trying to link bats to Ebola & neither is a slam-dunk - IE: they failed to make an air-tight case.


 David Pear:

Colonialism is alive and well in the 21st century. It doesn't look much different than the 19th century. I have written about this many times before and feel the futility of writing about it again. As we focus on the Ebola epidemic we should not forget that millions of people have been slaughtered in the D.R. Congo in the worst genocide since WW2. The US is backing the génocidaires; the same ones it backed in Rwanda in the 1990's. The US backed Paul Kagame's invasion of Rwanda and now it is backing his invasion of the D.R. Cong. It is always the same issue. Any country in resource rich Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Eurasia that has the best interests of its own citizens instead of the interests of Western corporations will be a target for destabilization and regime change. Neocolonialism started even before African decolonization began. It goes back to before the US, British and Belgian instigation of the overthrow and execution of Patrice Lumumba in 1960. Lumumba's 'crime' was that he was a 'socialist'. It didn't matter to the West that Lumumba was democratically elected. This is what AFRICOM is all about too. In the guise of the War on Terror the US is looking out for the profits of Western corporations. It shows how little truth there is in the ability of 'free-market capitalism' when it has to be enforced with military power. Yet we will see many racist comments in the main stream about how Africans are tribal. How blacks can't govern themselves. Eating 'bush-meat' which we call 'wild-game' in the West. There is not much 'free' about capitalism. Nor is there anything 'liberal' about neoliberalism.


Speaking of the Haitian REvolution, probably the greatest of Black leaders from the elite (slave elite) was Toussaint L'Ouverture. Here, people like Frederick Douglass and Denmark Vesey come to mind. But being outnumbered as well as outgunned our slave ancestors in the USA were not able to raise a massive popular insurrection such as happened in Haiti. By the way, have you read CLR James' BLACK JACOBINS? I actually had the pleasure of meeting CLR once.



 There is a question of character and consciousness. Paul Robeson was well paid, but also a man of principle and integrity. Drs. Du Bois and King could have been much better "paid" if they had betrayed. Angela Davis, with her European education, could have probably done even better than her committed predecessors who lost their standing. For she came along in the LATE 1960s, by which time most of the racist legal caste restrictions were removed. Her radicalism lost her a potentially cushy job, and her involvement in the case of the Soledad brothers--brothers from the hood, not middle class folk like her--eventually led to her imprisonment. Martin, Paul Robeson, Angela, Ella Baker , Jo Ann Robinson were all being paid middle class wages....actually, upper class wages for Paul Robeson. They risked it all for the love and liberation of their people. Of course, they were EXCEPTIONAL members of the Black bourgeois or petty bourgeois classes. They would be even more exceptional now given the PRESENT character of the Negro elite.