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Great Words

As a Black American with a global and Pan-African perspective, I can only say that Blacks here and in the Motherland will all be better off when we learn cooperation and solidarity rather than division and competition. Why don't people start intelligent and progressive threads talking about our common challenges and interests instead of pitting one against the other? Malcolm, Martin, Paul Robeson & W.E.B Du Bois taught us better than that. They taught us solidarity. Similarly, Amilcar Cabral, Nkrumah, Lumumba and others taught solidarity from their base in the Motherland. I know it's pretty late in the day, but it's time we learned those lessons 



 Why would T-BOS think that contemporary Blacks would try to make a Nat Turner type rebellion? As chattel slavery is no more it would hardly make sense to launch a slave revolt. Duh...Nowadays what's happening in Ferguson, MO and the Moral Mondays Movement led by Rev. William Barber is a more relevant topic of discussion if we're thinking about contemporary revolt or resistance to oppression.....wel l, at least in the REAL world. Unfortunately, T-BOS is allergic to reality and reason.



At least part of the blame belong at the doorstep of the BLACK BOURGEOISIE (to which Cosby belongs) who betrayed the Movement. While Youtube is mainly trash--I'd prefer you studied real scholarly literature--I would recommend folk take a look at a Youtube clip called "The BLACK ELITE and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.". We were being warned of the dangers of elite betrayal way back in the 30s & 40s by Du Bois and Paul Robeson. Robert Allen tried to warn us in 1969 with his book BLACK AWAKENING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA. And while I have my differences with Manning Marable, some of his works were also a warning: FROM THE GRASSROOTS, BLACKWATER, HOW CAPITALISM UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK AMERICA, and an ESSAY which I believed was titled "Black Nationalism in the 1970s." Bell Hooks tried to clue us in with her short volume called CLASS MATTERS: WHERE WE STAND. And I can go on and on. The disruption of Black communal life which Cosby b____ about (but which his class helped bring about) is due to changing economic forces, the betrayal of the Struggle by the elite, the suppression of the most visionary and committed Black leaders and organizers by the government (especially through COINTELPRO), and the flooding of our disorganized and beleaguered communities by the poisonous consumerist values of a decadent capitalist society and culture.. So, it's not SIMPLY a matter of bad white people pushing us around, nor (as Carson or Cosby believes) reprobate Black folk who just won't act right. It is the entire social order that is obscene, corrupt, racist and tyrannical. It must be RADICALLY TRANSFORMED f rom the bottom up. Transformed or destroyed, pick your choice.


Il est possible que les Repulicans gagne le Senate a Mardi. Perhaps notre Resistance must be against the entire state, the corporate state. -Savant


Amandla! First of all, let me say that I have the greatest respect and admiration for the courageous struggles of the people of South Africa. And probably no struggle outside the USA has been more inspirational to African Americans than the heroic resistance of the Black people of South Africa. Our poets have written in praise of Mandela, of the courageous children of Soweto who pit their lives against the murderous fascist behemoth of apartheid. The problem is not, nor did I suggest, one of South Africa being a war torn country, or a "barbaric" land. The problem seems to be that the inequalities of the colonialist white dictatorship has continued even after the formal dismantling of apartheid. The dissolution of a fascist regime and its replacement by a parliamentary democracy is an accomplishment of no mean importance. But without fundamental democratic transformation of the socio-economic order, the new civil liberties are severely weakened and rendered largely abstract and ineffective--at least for the masses. That is a lesson that many of us have had to learn the hard way in the USA after the great battles of the 1960s.

Fanon warned that exploitation can wear a Black face as well as a white one. My concern now is whether the new order in South Africa will be one of growing social democracy---which seemed to be implied by the ANC FREEDOM CHARTER--a democracy which empowers the common people, or whether we will have a new order which privileged the few at the expense of the many--an order in which perhaps the police (though now African) will be compelled to behave has they did under apartheid. What measures are being taken to undo the radical economic inequalities and exploitation engendered by the Native Land Act? Is at least partial nationalization part of the current agenda of the ANC government? I seem to have read the support for the ANC among mine workers has diminished. The winning of parliamentary democracy ought not be an endgame but a step toward the full democratization of society. I hope that this is what's under way Only thus can it be said that the thousands who died to win South African freedom did not die in vain.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Prophetic Fire: Cornel West on the Revolutionary Legacy of Leading African-American Voices

Crammasters' New Words in 2014

The answer is programming. Anti-blackness is built into the white supremacy system-- the system we currently live under. I would suggest you check out the BOOKS ON trojanhorsepress_com and they will explain this mentality. Also, check out Neely Fuller, Jr on youtube and you will understand that all people of color have been programmed to think white is superior



crammasters Feb 1, 2011 i'd say both still it's suspicious that the only time Hollywood seems interested in a "serious" black movie, it always shows BM and BW at each other's throats or we're mistreating our kids, never the BM and BW working out their problems together or saving our children


@Cali then spread the WORD, all your folks There is NO greater power on this planet than BLACK LOVE -- the love between the black man, woman, and child... which is why this "system" keeps attacking it! they want us to turn on each other...which means they NEED our cooperation, without it, we WIN, they LOSE...


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More Words


 Hello. How are you? Do you happen to be interested in stuff Cornel West is talking about. I happened to have met him when I was myself a philosophy student. I read a number of his BOOKS, and wrote a review of one of them. In DEMOCRACY MATTERS he talks about the prophetic tradition, especially in terms of AA religion and of progressive movements.. While I don't always agree with him I think the brother is pretty sharp. -Savant


 The fact that you haven't heard the word bourgeois used (and probably don't know what it means) is itself revealing. And it means you're not in a position to debate me or other informed person on any political or social issue. From my examination of the history, it is clear to me that the decline of the Movement, and the current crisis in the Black Community, is due not only to COINTELPRO (research it, d____) but also the treachery and betrayal of the Black bourgeoisie. Dr. King was right: The bourgeois--white, black and brown--behave pretty much the same way all over the world. And that probably includes you.

 -Savant (His words are in response to a hater).


That's not what you ORIGINALLY said, but you are entitled to revise your jibberish. When discussing the realities of a bourgeois capitalist society it is expected that one might use the word "bourgeois " quite often. Since America is also a racist and patriarchal society, you will often hear well informed people speak of race, racism and patriarchy. In another society the socially conscious might speak of fascism (e.g. in Franco's Spain, Nazi Germany). Of course, for those who are detached from social reality words describing that reality sounds strange. But unlike you some of us actually STUDY and have risen well above the level of Maury Povich and YouTube Institute. -Savant

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Sister Trojan Pam's new words in October of 2014

@ Courtney H

Thanks for sharing the article. I believe Ebola is a man-made VIRUS and biological weapon used to reduce the world’s population and to create fear in the world’s populations.

There are four other reasons that the white supremacists (and it makes no difference if they are from the U.S. or Europe or Israel, they are all one and the same) are attacking Africa and African people:


Africa is a strategically mineral and resource rich continent. Whoever controls Africa, controls the world. Now that China is making inroads into Africa, building infrastructures and alliances with African leaders, the white supremacists are not going to sit by and let that happen. Africa belongs to them like the rest of the world and they are trying to sabotage any efforts to build it up. This recent “outbreak” of Ebola is one hell of a coincidence.

I would highly recommend a youtube channel — “X22 Report” and start back about six months ago up to the present and it will explain a lot about what is happening between the U.S., China, Russia, Africa. Your eyes will be opened WIDE
In fact, I’m thinking about posting some of his youtube videos on my blog because we have to learn to look beyond the obvious ways racism/white supremacy is practiced and start to see the GLOBAL PICTURE and what lies in store for all of us, including the entire planet. This is much bigger than mistreating non-white people, this is about the intention to create mass genocide all over the planet.



The movie: 2012

If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it not because it was a good movie but because it revealed a very important reason why white supremacists want to control Africa and why they want to greatly reduce the black populations there

A natural disaster occurring in the U.S. and possibly other PARTS of the “white” world: One of the most possible scenarios is the eruption of the huge volcano below Yellowstone National Park.

If you remember in the movie, the world was experiencing a global calamity at the hands of mother nature and they built “arks” to take them where: TO AFRICA — the ONLY PLACE where life still existed. I thought at the time I saw it back in 2011 or 2012, AHA–what are white people trying to tell us?

That they believe Africa will be the new white homeland for white people.

And when I found out about two months ago that the U.S. offered the African National Congress (the ANC) TEN BILLION DOLLARS a year to build camps in the event that Yellowstone erupts and they’ll need to evacuate Americans, I said, wow, this reminds me of that movie.

ANC turned down the offer and said very diplomatically that allowing millions of white americans into Africa will destroy their cultural identity when what they were really saying, I believe was,

“After all you’ve done to us, you want us to save you? Well, what goes around COMES around. Ain’t Karma a B___?”

Shortly after, there’s a “outbreak” of Ebola. Hmm….


The white supremacists know the African people will rise up one day and bring an END to the system of white supremacy. The population of African people is still increasing despite all the attempts by european scientists and politicians (ALL CRIMINALS and psychopaths) to reduce non-white populations via manufactured wars, famines, man-made diseases, and the poisoning food, crops, and water supplies, etc

Despite all this, the African/black female, the most degraded person on the planet, is still the MOST FERTILE WOMAN ON THE PLANET


And NO MAN, NOT even racist man and woman can defeat God, the UNIVERSE OR Mother Nature


Killing black and African people is what white supremacists do. They don’t have to have a reason, they just do it.

I hope you’ll check out the youtube channel link above or just google “the X22 report.”

Also, google on youtube: “Paul craig Roberts” — he is also a good source of information despite there being a few things I disagree with, but mostly he’s right on.

-Trojan Pam