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You dont need to lower the woman to man up. shaka zulu bowed at the feet of his mother every morning and asked her permission to greet the day, and i think we can both agree that shaka wasnt a b_______. Acknowledging, respecting, encouraging, and cultivating the feminine principle is how you man up. we were given strength so that we can protect their vulnerabilities, they were given vulnerabilities to temper our strength. there isnt a verse in your book that puts women under men in the eyes of God.


edud01 Moderator 19 hours ago

I am sick of whites trying to PLAY like we don't know when we are being discriminated against. Because racism is SO embedded in society it occurs daily on some level or other. Because we don't always acknowledge it on the spot does not mean we didn't experience it. What so-called "good" whites beleive is hidden racism is obvious to most of us. Hidden racism is STILL racism.


I like that they felt the need to add"Is Gabrielle a credible person, just because she is an Olympic champion?"
The question should be, is the head of the gym (who more than likely was not present when the incident took place) more credible because he/she is white?


Right....why would she lie about this? It is utterly rediculous how easy they dismiss actual racism. Even in his quote he says: We never were knowingly involved in any type of bullying or racist treatment, like she is accusing Excalibur.” Not KNOWINGLY involved is just like admitting that it could very well be true. But I do agree, she really needs a publicist, do not give out such private details partaining to her personal life and family but stand on her convictions and fair treatment, build a solid reputation with a legacy....and make that money Gabby.


NOT!!! Nice attempt at transferring white behavior. When whites can't defeat the TRUTH, they try to marginalize it by claiming the "universality" of the problem.  Even white sociologists have concluded it IS whites who are FOCUSED on race almost to the exclusion of ALL other groups. Their extreme FOCUS on race, and Blacks in particular, is rooted in fear and self-hate. It is a disease they can't seem to come to grips with. Like the sociopaths they are, they really don't want to FACE their genetic situation and is satisfied causing havoc among people of "color" across the globe.


iI believe her I moved to Virginia and been here and there is a certain amount of racism here Im older then Gabby and I know she telling the truth I have experience the racism she is referred to at several jobs here and I could not believe it but I went through it and I knew those people where trying to mistreat me because I was black. Yes I believe her because it was something I also experienced in Virginia.


I cannot understand why you all are saying that Gabby should have not spoken up about this. Yes she should have, I live in Virginia and know all too well about the Racism that still exist here on all levels. If this can save another young girl of color the " Bullying " and humiliation that she suffered at the hands of these individuals then she is right in doing so. No one desrves to be mistreated in any capacity by anyone. I applaud Gabby for taking what she experienced here in Virginia and showing those losers what she was infact made of, regardless of the color of her skin! Now let this be a lesson learned for businesses and Parents alike. Racism is taught, you are not born with it...!!!


I think all the brotha's & sistas from whatever ideology should meet and determine how each can contribute to the upliftment of our people out our conditions. If what u are teaching has no substance or use in liberating our people then it should be thrown out.
Brothers and Sisters this Black Power Sister is dropping some real knowledge I hope the community take her words to HEART!!!!!!!!!! It's time to WISE UP PEACE and BLACK POWER for LIFE


fair_guy wrote:

Who is black love still alive for? Be specific.
For me, it seems DBA, dead before arrival...
That's an old lie. Black Love is still alive. When I look at black love, it's found in the bountiful black babies being born inside of hospitals and even via midwives throughout the world. It's found in my family with parents married for almost 40 years. It's found in the sacrifices and the powerful strides made by brothers and sisters working together during struggle. Black Love persisted during the era of B.C., during the Maafa, during the Civil War, during Reconstruction, during the Civil Rights Movement, and it definitely persists unrelentlessly today. Black Love is passionate and it is beautiful. So, black love is never dead before arrival. It's expressed in romance, children, love in general, and a multipilicity of other parameters of the human experience. Growing black love is a real goal of any real person. Apathy and pessessism aren't in my heart, but the inspiration to promote righteousness is present in my soul. Black Love will continue after you pass away and in the end, it will still continue to exist forever more.

-By Timothy

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Words of Wisdom


"Dr. King interview, Dec. 21, 1960.". (AP) — Stephon Tull was looking through dusty old boxes in his father's attic in Chattanooga a few months ago when he stumbled onto something startling: an audio reel labeled, "Dr. King interview, Dec. 21, 1960."

He wasn't sure what he had until he borrowed a friend's reel-to-reel player and listened to the recording of his father interviewing Martin Luther King Jr. for a book project that never came to fruition. In clear audio, King discusses the importance of the civil rights movement, his definition of nonviolence and how a recent trip of his to Africa informed his views. Tull said the recording had been in the attic for years, and he wasn't sure who other than his father may have heard it.

"No words can describe. I couldn't believe it," he told The Associated Press this week in a phone interview from his home in Chattanooga. "I found ... a lost part of history."

Many recordings of King are known to exist among hundreds of thousands of documents related to his life that have been catalogued and archived. But one historian said the newly discovered interview is unusual because there's little audio of King discussing his activities in Africa, while two of King's contemporaries said it's exciting to hear a little-known recording of their friend for the first time.

Tull plans to offer the recording at a private sale arranged by a New York broker and collector later this month.

Tull said his father, an insurance salesman, had planned to write a book about the racism he encountered growing up in Chattanooga and later as an adult. He said his dad interviewed King when he visited the city, but never completed the book and just stored the recording with some other interviews he had done. Tull's father is now in his early 80s and under hospice care.

During part of the interview, King defines nonviolence and justifies its practice.

"I would ... say that it is a method which seeks to secure a moral end through moral means," he said. "And it grows out of the whole concept of love, because if one is truly nonviolent that person has a loving spirit, he refuses to inflict injury upon the opponent because he loves the opponent."

The interview was made four years before the Civil Rights Act became law, three years before King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech, and eight years before his assassination. At one point in the interview, King predicts the impact of the civil rights movement.

"I am convinced that when the history books are written in future years, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest epochs of our heritage," he said.

King had visited Africa about a month before the interview, and he discusses with Tull's father how leaders there viewed the racial unrest in the United States.

"I had the opportunity to talk with most of the major leaders of the new independent countries of Africa, and also leaders in countries that are moving toward independence," he said. "And I think all of them agree that in the United States we must solve this problem of racial injustice if we expect to maintain our leadership in the world."


I hate being one of those.."remember when" butttt, it just seems like we had this collective idea of improvement and music wasnt entirely about the money but empowerment and growth. We have moved so drastically from these ideals and in doing so many kids do not have any curiousity of "the movement", or any of the leaders that are mentioned. Oh sigh...I remember when


You are the reason why, we as a people MUST keep the faith of generations past--see you get it!! Don't just sit on it ...push it, move keep it a live even when mainstream thinks, why?--because we know the truth and it SHALL make you & them free, chose this day to be free..a voice crying out in the wilderness, keep crying...somebody hears US!!! Believe it-- even when the only voice you hear is satan's!!


Oh please ..Get outta here w/ that "we are the world" rhetoric! I can tell you're just some phony white liberal! We can't call ourselves uniting w/ the world until we, first, unite w/ ourselves! Black love do not equate white hate. And when you consider that before integration laws, you had more black businesses, homeowners and MARRIAGES ...Yeah, you can call me a separatist all ya wanna...

CourtneyRModerator20 hours ago
“Many Mississippians are reluctant to go back there because they don’t want to remind themselves or the African-American people about our sordid past,” said Sansing. “But it is our past.”
yes it is our past at no fault of our own. Why be ashamed of it? the ones that should ashamed are the ones that created the conditions. The more we are ashamed of the past and refuse to revisit the past, is exactly what those who are trying to re write history want.


DesireeModerator16 hours agoin reply to Scapegoat4URLife
Actually,the two behaviors are not an oxymoron of themselves. All of the original perpetrators of slavery and sufferers of slavery may be dead, but there are a lot people who still share the Confederate value system and proudly wave that flag today. Evidence of this is all around you (racism and injustice towards blacks in modern times). It is important to bring racial injustice against us to the attention of the community if things are ever going to improve for us. This is why it is necessary to acknowledge and talk about racial wrongdoings perpetrated against the black community.


I never said that all whites share Confederate values. I said that a lot of people still share those types of values. Also, I'm not saying that people should point fingers and blame whites for fun. I do get what you're saying to a point because a lot of blacks do point the finger when it doesn't needed to be pointed. I'm saying that when there is an issue of inequality towards our race (blacks) that it should be highlighted and justice should be sought. I didn't stereotype whites because I never said that all whites share Confederate values. I feel that we are ready to react as a society to those exceptions because they need to be dealt with. Most black people that I know of are already reacting to these exceptions. I feel that these exceptions must be confronted and dealt with intelligently and intellectually if we are going to have any chance at progressing as a race. Also, racial equality will not come for blacks if blacks are the only ones who care about improving their racial equality. The whites that continue to partake in unethical treatment towards blacks will have to come to a realization that they must stop this type of behavior. A lot of the white race must come to this realization. How are we going to get them to do this? Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has found an answer to that question yet. Thank you for the civil reply as well. You also have a good day.


KemetianModerator9 hours ago
I cant take it no more. There is a agenda to kill black people. I just cant read anymore about young black boys handcuffed and killled, handcuffed and shot in the back of their heads, shot numerous times for walking out a club, i really think this is intentionally done. What other reason could it be except someone is trying to kill black people.


NubianSysta, surely u know there have been negros who supported yt even b4 Nat Turner's times. That's historically been a thorn in our struggles. As far as what's called complaints that I term indictments learn patterns. Next u'll be told to forget what's happened; to get a life and to move on. Its implied already when one distractor said u weren't enslaved. That's like u weren't there! Also u'll be called "a hater!" There's a thread now dealing with "hate." Check it out; some very pointed remarks therein.

We are our ancestors. There're negros who journey to a dungeon for captured Afrikans, say in Ghana or Senegal, and come out wondering what's the purpose. I've read one who said, it made no big impression in or on him to retrace some of our ancestors forced tracks inside those spirit filled "rooms." We should forget, he said and live today. Blind, deaf and dumb.

Although only a movie, SANKOFA is worthwhile. Graphic and stunningly real like. It can make u FEEL some of what happened to our ancestors.

About pale faced females amidst Rastas? Nothing new. And in the so called Hip Hop "cultures?" There too; they be all up with bruthas and into sistas. And remember this that this site is not immune to the same sicknesses that infect us in real time.

Like forces will gravitate with like forces. If I may suggest and u accept, do a time out and scan the different boards of interests bfore get'n bogged down and short stopped from get'n a broader and clearer view of what's happening here. Then come out firing, teaching, learning and hopefully inspired to do further works for Afrikan peoples.

-Baba Ahmed


Thank you Baba Ahmed for your input and well respected and taken advice. I will do so


grabbing my ears woooooooooooooosaaaaaaaaiii LOL



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Heroes and Other Information



Mississippi: Is This America? (1963-1964)
Mississippi's grass-roots civil rights movement becomes an American concern when college students travel south to help register black voters and three activists are murdered. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party challenges the regular Mississippi delegation at the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.



Deep! Black people will never understand their is a divide and conquer strategy being played on them. The people in power know exactly what they are doing through programming/conditioning your mind through TV (media), internet, and etc. (even more promoted on Black media, blogs, and etc. then BLACK LOVE). They have to breakdown the man to maintain control.  We Need MORE Black Conscious Men! I LOVE MY BLACK KINGS!
My message is the same as Dr. Umar Johnson's, nothing different...AND for blacks. This video is for black awareness not whites, if I wanted to change whites or inform them of anything , I would go to a video pertaining to whites. Which I have no desire to do so. My only concern is black!! You can always reach the Dr. yourself and tell him the same, his focus is for black only, same as mine. Why are you here anyway,this pertains to blacks and their awareness.
The bond between the black man and woman has been systemactically targeted with full intent to tear this a result...break the bond of family,marriage, child rearing together, date non-black and most of all break the bond of love for each other. If black men and women aren't aware of this, they will fall victim to these tactics once again. Black men and women must realise that it is a war against your bonding...your love for each other. Reproduction, unity, love...white supremacy's fear
As usual Brotha Umar U speak the truth, I agree whole heartedly yo that our blackmen who date white women feel that have arrived (yea right) & feel confident that they have taken something away from the white d____ man by getting with the s____ yikes! It's a d___ shame! Koodos to the bi-racial guy for identifying with his blackness becuase most bi-racials lean towards their whiteside as it has been all threw history (Read "The Destruction Of A Black Civilization) to reap the advantages sigh!
I am now leaning to the MARCUS GARVEY solution for blacks because it seems to be the only way that this racial problem can be resolved.
We never see Koreans, Indians, Hispanics, and Arab merchants partnering with any black business people, OR see them strutting around with white wives and white husbands in tow, and we don't call them "racist" for MARRYING and STICKING WITH their own "kind"... SO WHY IS IT SUCH A "PROBLEM" WHEN BLACKS TALK ABOUT RACIAL "UNITY"--- IN AND AMONG THEMSELVES, WITHOUT creating a RACIAL BIAS OR HATRED for other races.... ?WHY?

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News and Stories




CourtneyRModerator2 hours agoin reply to Tekah
nope and did you see the us team win the 4 by 100 last night? I never in my life seen 4 women run as fast as they did last night shattering the world record. the only other woman that was beyond this world on a track was florence griffith joyner. those ladies last night should be everwhere in the media today.


Try Malcolm X, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, Oscar Romero, & Frantz Fanon. I once had a poster of Ernesto Che Guevarra, but that hardly suits my current advocacy of a NONVIOLENT anti-capitalist, antiracist revolution. And I'm not so sure we can create a cooprrative society by means of guns and bombs. 



In Saint Louis, I know exactly two PHD's in Islm,aic Stduies, My guess in there are fewer than 5 here altogether. Natinwide, I would estimate between 20 and 50. Most of our intellectuals are trained in other disciplines, most are not in Islamic Studies as all. The best that we have are those who are in closely related disciplines such as Middle East Studies. Next to that would be those in African Studies. Clearly, this is a highly under-developed discipline in the USA. And, I am only just now beginning to wreslte with this problem. Eventually, it seems clear to me that we must set up an Islmaic Studies society or assocuiaton of some sorts that will work to raise and maintan the standards in the this discipline. Poliitcally and culturally, we have an uphill battle to fight because the USA is much too much eurocentric.



What's nonsensical is your presumption that you can intelligently evaluate an analysis which you haven't studied.
Amilcar Cabral, Frantz Fanon, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Kwame Nkrumah, perhaps Kwame Ture, Abbane Ramdane, & Patrice Lumumba and numerous others I can think of were committed to a revolutionry form of nationalism. They wanted to end not only white supremacy or colonialism, but also end oppression and exploittion in any form.
Hence they tend to critique CLASS and PATRIARCHAL oppresssion as well as racial/national oppression.
I wonder whether Abdurratin has READ Nkrumah's CONSCIENCISM, NECOLONIALISM or CLASS STRUGGLE IN AFRICA. Has he read Fanon's THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH, A DYING COLONIALISM or TOWARD THE AFRICAN REVOLUTION? Has he read Cabral's RETURN TO THE SOURCE? His posts show no sign of such study.




CandytoenailsModerator9 hours ago
Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells don't have anything to worry about because they are both winners. No matter where the media placed the attention, these two ladies still came out on top. Lolo Jones should not be blamed for what the media did either. She can hardly control what they do. I would love to see all three saying only positive things about one another and represent us well both on and off the track.


LexeModerator5 hours ago
This is nothing except a blatant effort to create animosity within the Black community. Harper, Wells, and the beautiful, exciting Lolo Jones are all Black women - we come in all shades of Black. I support them all and would never let white media drive a wedge in my mind between Blacks of different shades, mixed backgrounds , or whatever


Well as much as I admire Dr. King, Ia ma not Dr. King. I've littel patiencem let alone mercy for unmistable white racists, However, i do recall that white America includes people like John Brown, Viola Liuzzom Ann Braden, Michadl Lerner as well as racists like Ben Tillman, David Duke, KKK, white militamen, etc. No only John Vorster but Ruth First and Joe Slovo represents white South Africa. I recall Frantz Fanon's praise for those Frenchmen who went to prison rather than serve in France's colonial war in Algeria---and even some European setters who threw in with the despised "natives " rather than become butchers of colobized and butchers of their own conscience. I recall that Sartre's apartment was bombed twice because of his support for Algerian Independence I saw antiracists and well as fascistic National Front racists when I visited your country in the late 80s. And I recall Goodman and Schwerner who died with my black brother Cheney during the Mississppi Freedom Summer for their resistance the to murderous racial caste system of the time. As for your English, I think even an amateur can see that your English is way better than my French. And to think that we had to read Pascar, Descartes, and Diderot at Vanderbult. I had to translate Camus' ETRANGER and Le Myth de Sisyphe to pass my language requires. And I've forgotten the whole damned thing. C'est atroce!



I just wanted to say that i really appreciate any Black women who stands up and fights for the dignity and respect of our people.Unlike many,you promote Black love.Who is doing that? Not many.Sean John and a whole lot of celebrities promote it.Thank GOD for women like you.We need to buffer the negative images out here that works agaist Black unity,Black love etc.There are other Black woman on here like Moe17 and Black /American Princess who refuse to make us "neutral people".They love Black men.And many other women and men on here like Rah360 and others.So Nicole, thank you sis.Some of your comment i disagree with but i will never let small things get in the way of Black unity.

-Word Up


Thank you.... I appreciate that because I always try to stand up and fight for the dignity and respect of black ppl! I have two sons!!!!! So my husband and I are fighting for their future as my parents fought for mine!!!!!! good thread its refreshing to read something positive.....

-Kathy Kat


Go to sites like Huffingtonpost and you will see that white liberals are just as racist toward (jealous of)  black male athletes as much as white conservatives. Jusy sayin...


 [No one is taking anything away from LoLo but she hasn't won any medals
and seems to choke during the Olympics - and when she loses, she has
some sad story to tell. I'm not mad at her for taking advantage of the
opportunities presented to her and for making her own opportunities. 
Good for her!  However, I do see the point the other athletes are
making.  Sure, they can benefit from the use of "better people" in
getting themselves in the limelight.  But let's face it, darker-skinned
Black women have always had a tougher time.]
I agree with you Lolo gave a interview to CNN Fredrika Whitfield that will air tomorrow , I asked her why Lolo and not actual Black women who won medals. No response. We can change it by calling folks out when they pull this chit, just as we called them out for giving Gabby Douglas critics a platform and voice to express their ignorance. That is one of the blessings of being on the Internet,you can challenge and call out folks and yes make change happen. Don't sit back and accept this brand of racism. Folks only treat you as good or bad as you allow them to.


Cree SevenModerator17 hours ago
I TOTALLY disagree. Give Ms. Jones the same athletic performance, the
same personality, the same face, the same body, but change her a skin
shade and natural hair texture to those
more typical for black females in this part of the world, and there
would have been little to no mention of her. Most of her being held as
BEAUTIFUL is simply because her appearance is closer to that of a
non-black female. The defend and protect instinct of too many black males is disproportionately aroused by females who do not look typically black.


The race card was pulled on and played against Black folks since we arrived on these shores in 1513 by White folks. It's good to know our history and lay it on those who are ignorant enough to use such terms.One example of  Playing the "Race Card" was Jim Crow which lasted 97yrs from 1867-1964.


Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. I have to stand up when it comes to black men and black women because the white people are trying to keep us divided, but they don't want to take the blame for it. We also have to blame ourselves for self-hatred. White people have done their job, and WE are helping them finish it by self-hatred. I think that self-hatred is worse than racism. In order to love our people, it must start with ourselves. We have a loooooong way to go as black people. I was about to get into the interracial thing. I mean I made a blog about black women need to start dating out, but that was a couple of months ago when I was angry about what happened to me in the past, but I have to stop and think like, "What am I doing? I'm just as bad as the brothers doing it" I find out that I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Most of the time, a lot of black people, especially black men, date interracially for the wrong reasons. They do it out of self-hate. They want to talk all that b___ "love is colorblind", "people are people" "it doesn't matter what color he or she is". THAT'S B____!!! I can see the b________ from miles away. When it comes to our self-hate and our slave mentality that "light is right" and "black is wack" LOVE IS NOT COLRBLIND!!!!! That's why I don't believe in interracial relationships. I see it as a trap. A lot of people want to make a whole lot of excuse as to why they date out when I know the REAL reason why. 2% of the interracial relationships between a black and white are out of pure genuine love. 98% of interracial relationships between a black and white are not out of love, but out of self-hate. I probably going to make everybody mad about this, but I don't care. Maybe it's because I touch a nerve. You know it's funny when I talk about black love and black unity, they assume that I hate white people. That really hurt my feelings because I wasn't raised to hate anybody. I'm just telling the real truth. It's like when a non-black woman tells it like it is, she's being assertive, reasonable, and strong, but when a BLACK WOMAN tells it like it is, she's being a whiner, a b___, a jealous person, and attitudinal, and it really hurt. It hurts. I'm just concern about the state of my people, but it's like you're d___d if you do and you're d____ if you're don't.

-Nicole Little


I'm racist because I prefer my own instead of other races of people????? SMDH, what the hell is wrong with us black folks? And you, a black man, say that what would give white women the reason to be jealous of black women???? Is your opinion of black women THAT low??? They've been jealous of black women for YEARS! You don't see it because YOU'RE A MAN! I do not hate black men. You're mistaken me for capree, long island girl, and sassytrash. I didn't say to go get a white man. I'm not desperate to do that. I have to much dignity. I'm not the type that will kiss white people's a____. I'm not the type that's looking for a handout from white people. I support my own only. If I'm a racist, so be it.

-Nicole Little


Not to the extent of the Nazis, of course. But it is now well known that none less than Joseoph Stalin appealed to anti-Semitism in his crusade against Leon Trotsky. He wasn't so blatant as Hitler, of course. Nor did he adopt a Hitlerian Final Solution. But why was Stalinist propaganda at one point increasingly directed agains Lev BRONSTEIN? Not since Trotsky escaped a Czarist prison had he used that Jewish name. In his war against the internal (and external) opposition Stalin sought a certain advantage in TACITLY scapegoating the Jews rather than EXPLICITLY denouncing and exterminating them. That anti-Semitic tendency, though never comparable to Nazism, continued its poisonous influence in Soviet culture to the end...and is possibly now more explicit in Russia than in old Soviet times.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 29, 2010

@ Cali

i'll see what i can do

congrats for making this knowledge available to your girls and niece. If we mad more of an effort to expose the kids to CONSTRUCTIVE info, some of the problems in our community would disappear...

why do we think the mainstream entertainment industry pumps so much madness into our airwaves and rewards black entertainers who promote immorality, degradation, irresponsible sex, etc?



Why? Wrote:
I don't feel it is an honest portrait of what is going on. I am so sick and tired of these one sided movies that bash the black man or the black women. In one movie black men aren't sh*t but womanizers, jigalos,ex-convicts,absentee fathers etc, etc and in another movie black women are the overbearing, insensitive, angry, golddiggers who have yet to comprehend the term compromise. And we (both black men and women) feed into this like were idiots. Instead of taking responsibility for the way we treat each other and hurt each other we blame the opposite gender for all of our problems. And these types of movies only perpetuate those attitudes. Until we look at ourselves honestly and work collectively to be better husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers and all the other roles we play in each others lives these types of movies will continue to have an audience. What's worse than that, is that we continue to treat relationships with people outside of our race better than those we have in our race. This is just another divide and destroy movie. I still love my black men and I hope they still love me.


I'm with you. I'm sick of BW and BM bashing. I'm d____ sick of hearing some BW or BM claim how "great" some WW or WM is. B______. If WW or WM were so great the white divorce rate wouldn't be over 50% (and it would be a lot higher if it wasn't for money, kids, and other complications).

Blacks gotta stop acting like we the only ones with relationship problems. We gotta stop buying into the HYPE. Relationships are TOUGH--period, no matter what color you are. We gotta see the BIG picture as to why our relationships are failing, starting with the trauma of slavery, then Jim Crow, then segregation, and the systematic attack on the black family which has never stopped since we've been here. More than anything, BM & BW gotta start looking in the mirror and ADMIT what we are doing wrong so we can make things better.

Regardless, there are BM like myself who ain't falling for the divide and conquer programming. IR-dating is NOT an option for me--period. There are too many BW out here in all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities for me to look elsewhere.

D____ divesity--I want somebody who shares my reality--the good and the bad--and understands it. I don't want a woman who doesn't have a clue what I go through as a BM or a black person. I don't want people looking at me thinking I THINK white women (people) are better than black women (people). I d_____ sure don't want a woman who does not understand my PASSION for a good pot of collard greens! Now, that's me. Might sound intolerant. Too bad. Just being honest, here. In saying this, I can't speak for no other BM but myself and let me go one further: I LOVE YOU, TOO, SIS.

Keep the faith--it ain't over until it's over.


Why? Wrote:
Dear Selfguided,

No, I am not from and where would you get that idea?
I am against the constant portrayal of black men/black women being the bain of the opposite genders existence.If your a black women who only meets no good brothers then you really need to re-evaluate your judgment. If your a black man who only meets no good sisters they you need to re-evaluate your judgement. Why are you tired of black women, you should be tired of making poor choices.

Here we go again. Stereotyping. When Truthslayer wrote: "Anyone ever ask themselves just WHAT turns a man away from women, especially those of his own race?

Is it the media?
Is it society?
Or is it personal experiences?


Maybe, it's a combination of all the above, but let me say this. A mature person puts his or her own experiences in perspective, meaning the HANDFUL of men or women they PICKED have as much to say about THEM and their CHOICES (i.e., judgments) as it does about the other people. Surely, as reasonable, mature, intelligent people, we have to admit that NONE of us have dated enough people to say anything about the majority of MEN or WOMEN because we haven't DATED them.

For a BM to turn away from his entire race of women (bizarre) makes me wonder what his reaction is when an white employer "turns away" from him as a potential employee because of a few bad BM employees. Or a white policeman who "turns away" from treating them fairly because he just arrested five BM who were involved in criminal behavior. Guess he chalks that up to "normal" behavior, huh?

Sometimes, the logic of certain argument sounds like these individuals walked in the DOOR with issues that had NOTHING to do with the women they dated. No reasonable BM would say it was right for BW to judge all BM by their own personal experiences. Then, he would see the logic and necessity as judging people as "individuals". Funny thing is, he never remembers any of the BW he dogged out or any BW that were good to him. What do you call that? Selective amnesia.

And we BM have the nerve to wonder why we have to FIGHT for respect? What the h____  kind of men take so much enjoyment in putting down their own race of women? Women who represent their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces? All I can say is either one of three things are true:

(1) either he's got a f____d up family, or
(2) he's f____d up.
(3) or BOTH

I say, let the white folks (WW, too) have his a___. Who gives a damn? What good is a BM to a BW when he doesn't like BW? (strange, since his a___ came from a BW's womb)

We BM got as many flaws than our women. What if nobody wanted our less than perfect a___? Where would we be? Where would WW be if a WM had some bad relationships and decided WW ain't s___? Wouldn't you think he was a fool?

Even more evidence of dislike of women: Check out the end of Truthslayer's post:

"How to succeed with women - Succeed without them." (definitely hostile)

"Start shoveling the gravel." (WTF?)

"Little girls, you're outta AMMMMMMMOOOOOOOO!!!"

Sister, some men just don't like women. Period. Some find it perversely satisfying to taunt BW. I suspect they have problems with themselves and BW are just more acceptable to pick on. Kinda like the school yard bully picking on the smaller kids.

Some men don't like women. Some have mental issues. Childhood was all tore up. Some don't grow up and learn from their relationships, instead they continue to blame everybody but themselves. Some have SEXUAL issues (remember the D/L factor?)Never met a normal BM who spends a lot of time putting BW down. Never. Always something else going on...

Men like this have self-hatred problems. That type will f____ over people just because they're black. See it all the time. Can't respect other blacks to save their lives, especially women. That type, however, will be as SWEET (key word) as PIE to a WW and then will claim WW are nicer than BW. Then will turn right around and give a BW hell then will claim BW are mean and evil. :-)

All the enemies the BM got out here, we and got time to pick on our women? Sick a___ shyt. We are racking up some bad a___ karma, cause God don't like ugly and he damn sure don't like men who don't honor and protect their own women.

I can't stand these damn posts and I don't give a d____ if Truthslayer fires back or or anybody else doesn't like what I posted. This is some UNMANLY SHYT, stereotyping your own race of women and acting like non-black women's sh___ don't stink.


Signed: a brotha who LOVES BW.
(no, i'm not posting this trolling for p_____. Got a woman. :-)


We understand your point brother. However, you must realize that what our enemies are doing to us is already 'illegal,' and they do what they do to us because they can, because there is no strong-organized resistance from us.

There will never be healthy conditions for our people as long as we are under the 'yoke' and rule of our enemies! We have broken families right now, and the black family has always been under constant attack by our enemies. That won't change, whether we fight or not. We will still be killed/locked-up slowly (genocide) by the white supremacist dominant society/gov't, so we may as well fight! THE DARK PAST IS ALREADY SET (EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM), AND WILL AFFECT THE FUTURE, UNLESS WE CHANGE THE PRESENT (OUR RELATIONSHIP TO EUROPEANS/ARABS/JEWS/TURKS), TO CHANGE THE FUTURE! TIME IS CYCLICAL, NOT LINEAR. THE WORLD IS ROUND, NOT FLAT.

The point is, we should fight on our own 'home' turf of mother afrika, latin-america, and the caribbean, where we have the most to lose-gain in/for the future! The usa is the "house of bondage," behind enemy lines, and that is why we are falling 'victims,' as casualties-of-war. Our own foolish stubborness (ignorance-rebellion), and a deceitful-traitorous black boule leadership keeps the black masses 'stuck-paralyzed' in the usa, as if they are under some type of satanic spell-hypnosis-mass mind control!

We must expand the movement globally, reaching out to, and forming relationships with our people internationally. We must form alliances with the hugo chavez 'alba' group of nations! This is a start!

We must pool our money and resources, use the panama canal and colon free trade zone (cftz), setting up global businesses there, trading with our people, and putting our own people to work! This is what we are working to achieve right now!

We are not being 'educated' in the usa! True education teaches people how to build a nation for themselves, for self-rulership. We will never be allowed to rule ourselves in the usa! It is a "pipe-dream," and even with a "black president" we are made to obey their interests and wishes. Libya is just the first step, in taking the whole afrikan continent! What are we waiting for? Our only problem is cowardice and fear! As warrior/kings-queens we must conquer this crutch, which has been placed on us by our enemies (thru our experiences).

Mother earth is already fighting back against these wicked people, and as 'stewards' of earth, and as the original indigenous people of this planet, we have a moral and divine responsibility to fight back (facing death and extinction), to return the 'balance,' and to unseat/arrest/isolate/or destroy this menace!

And yes, we will have our own "nuremberg" trials for our enemies after they are defeated, and they will pay for their many heinous crimes! Enough said! We are already on the front-lines fighting long and hard, looking for re-inforcements! We will win together/united, or we will perish together, whether we remain 'legal' or not (continue to be good house negroes).

-Jah III


Brother Dany Bill ... i've never heard of this person before, but i did listen to the audio and was not impressed at all.

First of all, he implies that he is college educated, referencing college experiences, yet he uses all kinds of swearing, cursing, and referencing Black People as the N word repeatedly. He is talking about presentations of people, their weight, yet this is how he's chosen to present himself to the whole wide world?! Reminds me of the verse ... get the beam out of thine own eye ... first.

He made lots of generalizations with absolutely no supporting evidence. He cited no statistics, studies, journals, articles, anything, that lended credibility to what he was saying ... yet he's college educated? I'm not impressed at all.

He is talking so negatively about Black Women, that it took all i had to continue listening to the end.

He presented the challenge, attempting to prove his personal opinion ... asking anyone to present to him a millionaire with an overweight woman ... just one. As though what a millionaire has, is the end all and be all of truth. Many Black Men that have reached millionaire status, have white women. So using his same logic, it would be safe to say that white women are the thing to have, since millionaires have them?

He also said that the only free people in the world are white men and Black women. He put Black Men and white women in the same category, suggesting that they are oppressed the same! :puke:

He talked about how all a Black Woman thinks and talks about is getting a man. How it is her primary focus in life. He said that when Black Men aren't around, all Black women talk about is Black Men, how to get them, keep them, etc.

It seems that this is his own personal opinion, which he's certainly entitled to, but holds no validity in my world. He obviously only likes small skinny women (and perhaps even white, since he put himself in the same category as them), which is fine, but he can't shove that down the throats of everyone, as though it is the preference of all. I happen to personally know lots of Brothers that do not prefer skinny women. They want, seek out, and prefer a woman with meat on her bones. He says if a Brother is with a bigger woman, it's because he's broke, no good, down on his luck, and simply can't do any better.

When i first saw the title of this thread, i thought you were sharing your opinion Brother Dany Bill or asking some questions regarding this phenomena that might lead to serious discussion. Instead, i find this guy's "skinny white woman testimonial" inside, and well ... it's disappointing to say the least.

It's time out for us to be trying to demean each other based on any of the conditions we are all subject to, that haunt us, and manifest in our lives. I find it offensive that he has the nerve to be talking about women as though he is one ... and well ... maybe he is ... i don't know. Nonetheless, with so many issues surrounding Black Men in this world, that he could be teaching and speaking on ... he chooses to attack Black Women that may be carrying extra weight.

Whatever he says about most Black Women, he's saying about his Mother, Aunt, GrandMother, Sister, etc., and that's sad.

Such a great level of insensitivity from our own.




I'm sorry i still can't find anywhere where they hate on Lolo Jones.  I saw an interview where Dawn Harper spoke about not getting attention from the media.  I saw where an anchor woman inserted Lolo Jones name and Kellie Wells redirected the question to the point.  So where did I miss the hating on Lolo?  I think the Media are using Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells as scapegoats as to why the coverage of their win was limited.


When will our people learn that you can't get away with the same crimes or misdeeds as white people. While Chad was so busy down-grading black women, he should have opened up a history book. We do not live in a post-racial country. AmeriKKa is one of the most racist countries on this planet.