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Martin Luther King's The Three Evils of Society Speech (from 1967)


I'm so glad that you made that change. :) I think, if a person had it every now and then, like once every few months ,it might not be as bad but, we just don't eat it. What's strange I think is, black people are probably more predisposed in getting high blood pressure because of the foods that were forced to onto us during slavery? They didn't have any choice, eating the many scraps of unhealthy food that was given and available.So even today, we have to be careful about those kind of foods ,that can raise our pressures quicker than other groups of people I think?
There are a great deal of studies on the impact of the ride from Africa and slavery as a whole on our health today. For instance, there have been studies that linked high blood pressure and sickle cell anemia with slavery.
When you have the trait, you have to be careful who you have children with. If two people have the trait and have a child, the child will have sickle cell anemia. The trait is not supposed to cause symptoms, but my brothers and I all had some mild symptoms as kids that our doctor told our parents were from the trait. Anytime we got overheated, dehydrated, etc. we would have symptoms. For me, it was worse when I was elementary age. I was the kid that couldn't play on certain days in P.E. :(
Anyway, the actual full blown disease is way harsh. The hemoglobin (and it has been a minute so I will defer to Erica if I'm wrong) from the sickle cells is abnormal. Because the hemoglobin is abnormal, the cells become misshapen which leads to problems with blood flowing through your body. The result is pain. One of my brother's girlfriends had it and she stayed sick. She passed away before her 21st birthday. Last time I actually looked at the disease, I think the average lifespan was around 50 years.
The origin depends on what you are willing to believe. My Mama did a lot of research because of all the problems we had. Some studies said Africa, some said Europe. Years ago, I read the link was traced back to the slave trade. Neither of my children have the trait, but two of my nephews do. Go figure.
Wow. O.k . didn't know that.So I guess you have to be tested in order to know if you carry the trait? So no matter what, no hit or miss, it's a definite that a child,who's parents carry the traits ,will have it without a doubt? Um, having to sit out at P.E is devastating to a kid who wants to participate and run around. That must of sucked. You probably had to pay more attention ,along with your siblings ,to not get dehydrated, or exert yourselves to the point of falling ill. :(
With Sickle Cell Anemia,the cells are abnormal? That is extremely serious and 21 is so darn young to pass away.smh.. Just beginning life.That's what T -BOZ has. Understanding from an outside perspective ,not knowing how painful that must of been for her, especially being a world wide superstar, traveling ,dancing ,singing, keeping up , she had to of been some kind of strong because I can't even imagine what that kind of pain must feel like. Days that you can't even get up out of bed.. Well, it's a blessing that people who do have it, live to see 40 plus years, especially if the lifespan is only 50? Not long enough.

That is very interesting information about where it possibly came from. Europe/Africa, Slave Trade? I want to read about that link to the slave trade. It would be interesting to know if it was in Africa before the Slave Trade or came about because of the Slave Trade. Good that your children don't have it. They won't have to really worry about if the person they have children with, carry it. And your Nephews will just have to be careful... Goodnight Sister. And to everyone else.

Hey, 318. I just peeked in and viewed your post. Actually you are doing well on your own with this subject. If one parent has sickle cell anemia (SS)and the other has normal (AA) blood, all of the children will have sickle cell trait. If one parent has sickle cell anemia (SS), also called sickle cell disease(SCD) and the other has sickle cell trait(AS), there is a 50% chance (1 chance out of 2) of having a baby with either sickle cell disease or sickle cell trait with each pregnancy. When both parents have sickle cell trait (AS), they have a 25% chance (1 chance out of 4) of having a baby with sickle cell disease with each pregnancy.
Sickle cell trait (AS) is an inherited condition in which both hemoglobin(an iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells)A and S are produced in the red blood cells, always more A than S. Individuals with sickle cell trait are generally healthy but may show signs of tiredness, excessive thirst upon minor excursion as well as having low iron and being cold. Sickle cell conditions are inherited from parents in much the same way as blood type, hair color and texture, eye color and other physical traits. The types of hemoglobin a person makes in the red blood cells depend upon what hemoglobin genes the person inherits from both parents. Like most genes, hemoglobin genes are inherited in two sets: one from each parent.
A simple and painless blood test, in the first year of life, followed by a laboratory technique called "Hemoglobin Electrophoresis" will determine the type of hemoglobin. When an electric charge is passed through a solution of hemoglobin, distinct hemoglobins move different distances, depending on their composition. This technique differentiates between normal hemoglobin (A), sickle hemoglobin (S), and other different kinds of hemoglobin (such as C, D, E, etc...).
Sweet potatoes are an old remedy to help stave off the onset of a crisis along with iron vitamins, and foods also high in iron. Blood transfusions are sometimes needed depending on the severity of the crisis. There are also a couple of medications being used but it is a bit risky. Pain is caused due to some or most of the red blood cells being ice sickled shaped(hence the name) instead of round shaped in order to pass through blood vessels easily so they end up becoming sticky during their travels, clump together and block circulation and much needed oxygen to parts of the body. This can cause blindness, strokes, damaged organs and loss of function of the spleen. I don't like to talk about the average life span for obvious reasons. :( There are several types of this blood disease with Sickle Cell(SS) being the most common:
Sickle Cell Anemia: When a child inherits two substitution beta globin (a globin protein, which makes up the most common form of hemoglobin) genes (the sickle cell gene) from both parents, the child has Sickle Cell Anemia (SS). Individuals with sickle cell anemia may acquire symptoms of sickle cell disease. Populations that have a high frequency of sickle cell anemia are those of African and Indian descents.
Sickle-Hemoglobin C Disease: Individuals with Sickle-Hemoglobin C Disease (SC) have a slightly different substitution in their beta globin genes that produces both hemoglobin C and hemoglobin S. Sickle-Hemoglobin C disease may cause similar symptoms as sickle cell anemia but less anemia due to a higher blood count level. Populations that have a high frequency of Sickle-Hemoglobin C disease are those of West African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descents.
Sickle Beta Thalassemia Disease: Individuals with Sickle Beta Thalassemia (Sb) disease also contain substitutions in both beta globin genes. The severity of the disease varies according to the amount of normal beta globin produced. When no beta globin is produced, the symptoms are almost identical to sickle cell anemia, with severe cases needing chronic blood transfusions. Populations that have a high frequency of Sickle BetaThalassemia are those of Mediterranean and Caribbean descents.
Sickle-Hemoglobin D Disease: Through research, hemoglobin D, which is a different substitution of the beta globin gene, has been found to interact with the sickle hemoglobin gene. Individuals with Sickle-Hemoglobin D disease (SD) have moderately severe anemia and occasional pain episodes. Populations that have a high frequency of Sickle-Hemoglobin D disease are those of Asian and Latin American descents.
Sickle-Hemoglobin O Disease: Hemoglobin O, another type of substitution in the beta globin gene, also interacts with sickle hemoglobin. Individuals with Sickle-Hemoglobin O disease (SO) can have symptoms of sickle cell anemia. Populations that have a high frequency of Sickle-Hemoglobin O disease are those of Arabian, North African and Eastern Mediterranean descents.

Hey, Court! When you get the chance, you may refer to my post as well. 318 was excellent in her knowledge. There is actually a 25% chance of having a child with the disease if both parents carry the trait. :)


If there is no link, how did you see it then. Is it in a book and only you are privy to it. This is ridiculous, no matter what proof is presented to you, you come back with something that doesn't make sense. The fact is most Americans will benefit from the ACA and like any other entitlement will get better with time.We need a single payer option and to expand the ACA to mental health, dental and vision.That is the Right thing to do and will be done in due time.
I am not a Democrat, you're wrong again.I am a registered Independent. I don't believe it's a crime for Americans to have health care and JOBS even the JOBS are government created. When people work, pay taxes and feel they have a stake in the game, they tend to do better in their personal lives,community and yes their country. But some folks refuse to understand that because they have a psychosis to fear folks who don't look as they do, despite Black folks being on this soil since 1513 and fighting in every conflict since 1637 and they many truly believe they are superior, which facts PROVE that to be a lie.

The Re/Teapublicans, Tea Baggers & Conservatives in House are going "balls to the wall" and will shut down the government in order to get what they want. This is all happening because of the ignorance of the American Voter who elected folks into the House who HATES Government and want to destroy our country as well as bring down their arch enemy President Obama. The ACA aka Obamacare is a Republican Plan, the Heritage Foundation created it all in the name of "Personal Responsibility", now that a President they absolutely HATE passed their plan, they hate the plan and want to blow it up. Who can believe sane, rational, responsible people are in the House of Reps.

We Black folks are NOT stupid,it's not their skin color but their practices, policies and self-hatred which is attractive to those who hate Black people. All of the Black GOP have serious psychological self-hatred issues.They find it easier to denounce Blacks for money, fame and acceptance of those White Americans who applaud that in "their Blacks".



And bananas don't grow on the North Pole. What's your point?
I wouldn't heap too much praise on being part Neanderthal if I were you. Neanderthals were savages that ate their young, raped their women (remember the phrase only used by whites about a caveman dragging a (cave) woman by her hair?), ate raw meat, lived in caves and knew nothing about personal hygiene (no water or showers in caves) and even today your folks still prefer bloody meat and have turned vampires into their folk heroes

who does that? people who feel a kinship with creatures that drink blood
Instead of wasting my time quoting historical facts about African history, you know what? I don't care about your phoney, non-historical, non-facts. I don't care what you think about black people or black history.
Black people don't have to prove anything to a white male who has nothing better to do than waste hours of his time posting to black people he obviously despises (not something a smart white person would do) instead of spending his time posting to white people
Whites have lied and distorted history for such a long time, you actually believe your own lies and have created a system that makes you appear to be superior by denying people of color the opportunity to compete fairly then walk around patting yourselves on the back and telling yourselves you're superior.
who does that? People with an inferiority complex

which proves you don't believe it yourselves, otherwise, you wouldn't have to discriminate and lie and cheat and deprive blacks of equal education and opportunities if you were really superior.
Talking all that nonsense about skull sizes and IQs and other unscientific foolishness that doesn't prove anything. Even the creator of the IQ test admitted no one can measure intelligence with a paper test. Google it.
Before I drop this useless conversation, let me get one thing straight.
Are you saying a white person with a small head is less intelligent than a white person with a big head? And an elephant is smarter than a white person because its skull is bigger than the average white person's?
Just for the record, I didn't start this attack, you started it by throwing racist slurs at this young black female and calling her a "silver back" (ape) so I figured I'd throw some of your own Neanderthal origins into the equation.

-Paul H


add your daddy, his daddy, and his daddy's daddy to the pile
that should do it. Now the planet's just a little bit cleaner and a lot saner. Speaking of baboons, whites are the ones who descended from Neanderthals, the closest thing to "apes" and "baboons" -- not African people, who have no genetic link to monkeys or apes or Neanderthals - until they bred with Europeans.
Don't believe me, here's a quote from the article, "First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found"
"The skeletal remains of an individual living in northern Italy 40,000-30,000 years ago are believed to be that of a human/Neanderthal hybrid, according to a paper in PLoS ONE.
If further analysis proves the theory correct, the remains belonged to the first known such hybrid, providing direct evidence that humans and Neanderthals interbred.

(by "human" they mean African man and African woman, the first human beings on the planet. National Geographic did a special on this and concluded that Europeans were a Hybrid between "man" and "Neanderthal. If that is true, Africans were on the planet long before the Europeans so they must be the "man" National Geographic was talking about)
Prior genetic research determined the DNA of people with European and Asian ancestry is 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal.
NEWS: Neanderthals Lacked Social Skills
Numerous flint tools, such as axes and spear points, have been associated with the Mousterian. The artifacts are typically found in rock shelters, such as the Riparo di Mezzena, and caves throughout Europe."
After you shave off the fur off an ape, baboon, or monkey, guess what color the skin is? Pink.

-Paul H


doing my best. I really didn't want to go the Neanderthal route but I
figured, if he wants to throw around "ape" comments, I would tell him who the real primates are and it sure as hell ain't us. Black people did not descend from any animals, Africans were the first men and women on the planet, not the first animals or apes or Neanderthal hybrids or bananas.
And when it comes to talking accurately about black history, it's a waste of time with white people, who make up their his-story (stealing other people's accomplishments or wiping them out altogether) just to suit their own inferiority complexes so why waste our time?
Plus, black people don't have to prove we're not inferior, not as long as white people put so much time and energy and money and obstacles like inferior schools and racism against blacks and entire white supremacy systems into proving they are.
That alone, speaks of a people who have something to hide and who are afraid of being found out and who deep down don't feel superior at all but seem to be jealous of the people they claim to be superior to.
I wish more black people who see the psychology behind that behavior. A superiority complex always means the person feels inferior.

-Paul H

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Historical Truths

TrojanPam says:
I appreciate your thought processes. You didn’t just take my word for it, you THOUGHT about what YOU had observed and drew your OWN LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS.
that’s what counter-racism is all about — in my opinion. It’s not about trading “white think” tyranny for “black think” tyranny,
it’s about presenting the LOGIC and encouraging other victims to THINK about what they are seeing.
Once a person does that they might be surprised by how MUCH they already know,
Because if you look around the world, throughout history over the last 600 or so years, you will see that white supremacy works the SAME WAY, no matter where you go in the world, no matter how handsome, or pretty, or smart, or talented, or nice, or rich you are
If you are NOT WHITE, you will at some point be mistreated simply BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WHITE.
That is a huge hurdle for a lot of non-whites to accept, that racism/white supremacy is a SYSTEM and that ALL white people KNOW they are white and ALL white people know what it means – and they also know what it means when you are NOT WHITE
That transfer of understanding doesn’t happen by accident, that doesn’t happen OUT OF IGNORANCE,
It is SYSTEMATIC, DELIBERATE THINK, SPEAK AND ACTIONS by those people classified as white that create the same injustices wherever they go.
The problem with creating any “solutions” to dismantling white supremacy is most VICTIMS want to solve the problem without giving up anything OR changing what we do.
I had a person leave a comment on Amazon for my book, “The Interracial Con Game” and this is what he said:
“My main criticism of this book is it doesn’t offer an rational and logical solutions to this issue. It asks basically all blacks turn into automatons and distance ourselves from all white people and in this heavily assimilated culture it’s impossible to do that. Human beings have different personalities, different dreams, desires and life goals and this book posits that all blacks should abandon our personal interests for the good of us all and it’s easy for the author to tell other people what they should do with their lives.”
think about his comment for a second.
“…all blacks should abandon our personal interests for the good of us all and it’s easy for the author to tell other people what they should do with their lives.”
Nowhere in the book does it tell anyone they have to do anything or everything. Nor does the book claim to have the answer to solving the problem of racism/white supremacy.
It gives SUGGESTIONS on SOME things we can all do — without breaking the law, losing our jobs, or putting ourselves in danger. Yet this reader interpreted it as “abandoning (all) his personal interests…” by making some or a few change.
Have you ever had a friend ask you for advice and then get irritated by the advice you give? What does that really mean?
That they never wanted your advice in the first place, they just want the “problem” to magically correct itself or disappear without them having to change anything they’re doing.
We want racism to “go away” without us giving up anything, including our comfort level or our “right” to sex and socialize with white people.
So, I plant seeds when I can and KEEP IT MOVING.
RE my economic solutions, I don’t have a plan, I have some suggestions, one of them is to STOP SUPPORTING BUSINESSES THAT DISRESPECT US
I’m not familiar enough to make a blanket comparison with the NOI’s program but I’m sure I would agree with many of their points,
one of them being we have to CIRCULATE OUR DOLLARS in our own black communities, which means we have to start more businesses which will provide more jobs for black people
that requires black people being willing to support other black people, and as I mentioned earlier, that is a VERY DIFFICULT thing for us to do due to the brain-trashing we have experienced for such a long time.
Which is why I stress the importance of understanding racism/white supremacy and how it works so we will understand how we were damaged and can work to reduce our own anti-blackness.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Reality and News

TrojanPam says:
@ No Black Pete
This is how I see it
Either we are in a system of white domination or we are not. If we are not, white supremacy cannot and does not exist.
There is no such thing as a partial system of white domination. It either dominates us or it doesn’t.
the word “supremacy” means “the HIGHEST”
There can ONLY be one thing that is “supreme” at any given time. That is why “white supremacy” cannot co-exist with “black supremacy”
In my opinion, IF President Obama was educated, nominated, vetted, and financed by the most powerful white people in the nation (he was) then he is WORKING for the most powerful white people in the nation (and possibly the world).
Why is President Obama where he is?
Because he is being USED by the most powerful people to CONFUSE and DECEIVE us into believing we do not live in a white supremacy system.
That is the point I was making in my last three posts, that TITLES are NOT SYNONYMOUS with power.
The most powerful people are the ones WHO GIVE OUT THE TITLES.
Of course, President Obama is SUBJECT to the system of white domination, that much should be OBVIOUS.
He is a PUPPET carrying out the orders of the most powerful whites who GAVE HIM HIS TITLE
Because Obama is WORKING FOR THE SAME WHITE PEOPLE THAT Bush worked for.
We must understand what REAL POWER is, and how it is OBTAINED.
People in POWER do not give up POWER because of an election when they are the ONES who CHOOSE the candidates
I believe (and it should be evident to ALL by now) that President Obama was (s)elected to be the BLACK SCAPEGOAT for all the things that are happening and will happening,
which includes the current wars and future wars,
the genocide in Africa (that is going on right now),
the bombing of non-white nations (which is going on right now),
and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy.
that is the ONLY REASON Obama is sitting in the White House
Black people DID NOT ELECT HIM, we do not have enough votes to select a president.
We really need to be clear about that.
There is NO TIME LEFT for wishful thinking and playing MAKE-BELIEVE.
We cannot afford to tell ourselves ANY MORE LIES.
For example, if the owner of a company hires me and gives me the title of CEO, that does not suddenly make me HIS boss.
He’s the one who GAVE ME THE TITLE, and at the end of the day, IF i want to keep that job as the CEO, I have to do what he tells me to do.
Otherwise, I will be fired.
Being the CEO (or the President of the United States) doesn’t make me the owner OR the boss of the people WHO HIRED ME.
In a white supremacy system, EVERY white person has a higher caste than EVERY black person, regardless of title, education, looks, income or occupation.
that’s why it’s SUPER IMPORTANT to understand what white supremacy is and how it functions.


I know that ALL nationalism is not reactionary. The Italian nationalism of Mazzini is one thing, and the nationalism of Il Duce is another. The nationalism of Lumumba or even Fanon is progressive. That of Mobotu is another matter. And, of cousre, the revolutionary nationalism of MalcolmX, the African Blood Brotherhood or the ORIGINAL Black Panther Party is each a different creature than the conservative nationalism of NOI or US. Now both Bobby Seale and Ron Karenga invoked the image of Malcolm X--Seale for revolutionary purposes, and Karenga for reactionary ones. Now to what use is the memory of Charles Martel put by a seemingly fasacistic group like "generation identitaire" ?. And their assaults on the office of the Socialist Party? But not on the National Front. I'm no expert on that group but I think I can make an educated guess what they're up to. As for places of refuge? Depends on time and circumstances. Some AA revolutionaries DID seen refge during the 1960s in the predominantly Muslim Arab country of Algeria. Of course, Algeria's revolution, despite betrayal, was still young and the revolutionary spirit still existed. A more conservative Arab regime would be a different matter. And, of course, Algeria today is far different than in the 1960s



Marx explained what your Indian speaker "failed" to see. "Free trade" is good for the big companies and detrimental for the small economies.

It's insane and ignorant to say that the French cinema industry and the American cinema industry are equally competing and that the French market is closed to American movies.

Here are the last stats by the official office that is monitoring the cinema in France.

"La part de marché des films français est estimée à 35,2 % sur les sept premiers mois de 2013 (41,3 % sur janvier-juillet 2012) et celle des films américains à 54,2 %(45,4 % sur janvier-juillet 2012). Sur les 12 derniers mois, la part de marché des films français est estimée à 37,5 %, celle des films américains à 47,4 % et celle des autres films à 15,1 %."

In the last 7 months : French movie share : 35.2%
American movie share : 54.2%!!!
In the past 12 months, French movies get 37.5% of the market, US movies take 47.4% and other nations (including your clueless Indian Bollywood) 15.1%.

Have a look on the American market and find us the various shares of foreign cinema ... In fact, the USA is the most closed market in the West, the arch-protective because theaters never put foreign movies in their programs.

The diversity policy is made to maintain an open market and prevent the US monopolistic cinema companies. In many fields, free trade is not "free" at all and only a new face of monopolistic capitalism, imperialism and destruction of local cultures.
We keep up cultural diversity in France without switching to xenophobia or US types of veiled protective policies.

a whiteboi


I recall that House Speaker John Boeghner was invited, as well as George W. Bush. At least one other Repuubican office holder was invited, but I don't recall his name. They declined. But I don't find anything curious about that. The Republicans are a right wing party, certainly far more so than during the 1960s. Dr. King himself, the freedom Movement which he led, and many of the people commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, were progressives of various stripes. Most contemporary Republicans--unlik e many of the 1960s--would have felt out of place at such a gathering as I would a gathering of the Tea Party or one of those "Christian Aryan" meetings. I guess this one of the longterm outcomes of Nixon's "southern strategy."



"....Taylor who sat in silence, BOTH women had other folks hair glued and sewn to thier scalps". That's WHY she sat in silence. And that's WHY it's SO difficult to eradicate white supremacy, so MANY Blacks BELIEVE in it THEMSELVES!!!!


Did you see the episode of all the cast members who demonstrated clips and fake hair on the same show? Julie the asian woman took hers out, the blonde took hers out,Taylor took hers out. The only one that had all her hair was Sarah. The point is, non black women ,have been doing this for years.,Wearing fake hair..This didn't start with black women but sadly, we get the brunt of it. Trust when I tell you, Their are just as many if not more, non black women who wear FAKE HAIR.
YOU said There is NO doubt that whites, asians, latino's, etc wear false hair. But their hair is CONSISTANT with WHO they ARE. These women are not walking around with afro's or braided wigs/weaves. Nor do most Black women opt for afro/braided wigs/weaves. Instead, most opt to wear LONG hair CONSISTENT with white hair. Notice, even Blacks who talk about having NATURAL hair often preference it with the word "LONG"
I agree with everything you just said except the LONG PART What I mean by that is this, Long hair, no matter what the race. LONg hair has spiritual implications so those of us who are naturally long, should never FEEL ASHAMED THAT this is what we were given. I always say, more black women would have naturally longer hair, if the mothers before them, took time and not frustration with our own hair. Because our black beauty is so unique, it does require us to take DIFFERENT care of what is ours . AS YOU SEE, other races of women ,can just wash and go. Nothing really pressing to it. But us, we are a bit different and their is nothing wrong with that. Long hair is not special because black women , including other races can grow hair long. The problem is, long hair is synonymous with Yt,asian,latin women only and thats bull sheet. Our hair is long and bushy but we can show any other race of women that, HAVING LONG HAIR IS NOT SPECIAL because WE CAN DO IT TOO. but, they cannot naturally achieve the beauty that was given to BLACK WOMEN. AGAIN, they have been chasing us for centuries and because we have grown to hate what we naturally have, is the only reason that gives them some kind of societal dumb edge. I say ,reverse the thinking.
We should not be ashamed of having long hair. Whether its straightened or in an afro, the length is ours short medium or what have you..YT ,ASIAN, LATIN, women DONOT have a PATENT on LONG HAIR. So when you see a sister wearing her natural LONG OR KINKY, it's not BECAUSE WE ARE TRYING TO BE YT by a long shot.
There is NO doubt that Black women ARE the most beautiful, the cream of the crop of ALL women. That's WHY I push for naturalness(Skin, hair, etc). Even our imperfections are superior to "others" flawlessness!!! We were CREATED to both adapt to and survive in our enviornment. Every PART of us were made for those reasons. Natural Black hair offered MORE protection from the sun than long stringy hair. Black NATURAL hair offered MORE protection from falling objects than long FLAT hair. In addition, Black natural hair offered MORE resistance to bugs and parasites than white hair. And whites KNOW that. Their hatred of us is based on simple genetics, thus their job is to enstill DOUBT about our NATURAL selves(Tops in the genetic food chain)WHILE pretending THEY are the TOP of the line genetically. NOT so!!! While we tend to agree on MOST topics, we must agree to disagree on this one, and that's ok as I am still learning and absorbing as I live.
I have nothing but respect for you.
this post you just wrote is 100 percent true. OUR hair was given to us for many reasons. when we start to understand what you have written ,we will throw away and do away with this notion that we have to obtain what others have.....Have no doubt about it,I agree with this post you wrote. We really need to educate ourselves about the positives of our own beauty,hair,skin.We are like no other. :)
edud01 Exactly. Had it not been for these physical traits, Blacks would not have survived to be the origin of all human life. Yet these attributes are viewed as "ugly" by other races and sadly some of us. Ironic isn't it?
Hello Erica. I believe that Sheryl Underwood should be treated with compassion though, even though I disagree with her statements. I think this a learning and a teaching experience. We all wish for the days where Black Consciousness was in a higher level than today.
-By Timothy (Me)
Before I went natural, I wore relaxers, wigs, extensions, braids, etc. So I'll never vilify someone for their choice of hairstyle. With me, hair was like an accessory. As you stated, it's the mentality behind the hairstyles that creates issues. And it's easier and safer to blame Black people. That's plantation negrahs for ya!


Emily Wright                                                                                                         
    Black women, as individual women, are allowed to have agency over their own heads.
If they want to wear a weave, so be it. It is THEIR hair. I wear my hair natural and at times I wear a weave at times. Even when I was relaxed. As a busy woman, it was easier to style my hair in the morning with a weave then with either relaxed or natural hair.
I also don't like manipulating my own hair too much. Weaves actually helped my hair grow because it wasn't breaking off as much due to styling.
There was a time when black women were not allowed to have agency of their bodies. That time is gone. Let women be individuals. Wearing a weave doesn't have to mean you hate your natural hair. I think natural hair is beautiful.
" Even our imperfections are superior to "others" flawlessness!!!"
And you're still equating natural hair with imperfection, a little freudian slip there?
Right!!! They were(still are, only MORE covertly now)attacking our ENTIRE being, including hair, skin color, lips, eyes, hands, feets, etc. And those who BELIEVED that indoctrination took steps to CHANGE themselves into the IMAGE of whiteness. Skin bleach, different colored contact lenses, long wigs/weaves, european nails, etc.

I echo everyone else's words. There is too much self hatred in world. This self hatred is accuminated among blacks and non-blacks. Don't get it twisted, because other non-blacks have expressed this self hatred too. The major point about this situation is that we should love our natural black being. Our natural hair is very beautiful, unique, and asthetically dynamic. Underwood is wrong in this affair (which represents her self hatred. She needs to understand her true inner and outer beauty without degrading the hair of her own people), because natural hair is a cogent, beautiful aspect of black humanity. We must be allied with our people. The only positive outcome of this situation is that we can discuss about this issue maturely and we can be further inspired to advance natural hair more readily in our community. We certainly have an opportunity to speak truth to power. Subsequently, our black value and our black humanity must be respected. We must always love Natural hair irrespective of the nefarious materialistic nature of modern Western society.

-By Timothy (Me)


No wonder Caucasian birthrates are dwindling. You'd rather spend your time pretending to be Black men than procreating. Therefore, you're not the best person to speak on intelligence.

When somebody start talking about saving hair my first thought is a voodoo spell. LoL Sheryl should have kept the tired joke/comment to herself. Our hair is curly not nappy. Nappy is nothing but another derogatory "N" getting thrown around way too much


Hi Courtney :).....It is very serious based on how we are viewed by others as less than; It is seen as "look at them, they don't even like themselves, they have the same negative opinions of themselves as we do so why should we view them as anything more than how we view them?" Which gives others the excuse not to hire us as frequently as others, not to give us the same justice as others, to treat us with less respect than others and etc... These negative views of our traits are the same as the mockery of us in the media and in advertisements of the past. (By the way, it is funny how anything we do is viewed so negatively but when others do it, it is perfectly fine i.e. wearing fake hair or whatever it may be that others are doing as well.)
exactly. they know what they are doing from a mental stand point. They hate themselves. Always altering but they through media,figured out how to propel themselves as the most beautiful in the world after taking bits and pieces from us.At the same time, consciously making sure that they don't show to many of us at the same status as far as beauty goes, on a national level. Just a few and those few that fall in line in what THEY THINK is acceptable. So, I get it, I see it.We are treated as less threatening when we look more like what they want .So, what is the real insecurity that they have ,when they say that their is something wrong with anything other than what does not fall in line in what they want..?
Exactly, and one major problem is that back in the 60's and 70's, there were organizations and watch groups that would protest the negative images of native Americans and blacks on television, of course there were still some negative stereotypes but the protests were heard and usually their wants met as well as there were many positive black shows and images on television. I'm sure there are still those watch groups but their voices either are not being heard as loudly or they are not trying to yell about much and now you have very few positive images and these bullchit shows: Meet the Browns(and basically any other Tyler Perry produced show since I can't name them off hand), The Rickey Smiley show and etc....

The love for ourselves has been lost and it is such a shame. I loved those days of "black power" unity and love of how we look and who we are. One can only do to you what you allow one to do to you.

I agree. All that attack black women for doing what other races of women been doing for centuries know that they are liars.The hypocrisy in it is what I'm pointing out. As far as some black women, the the detriment comes when they start to believe that , their is something inherently wrong with our hair because its naturally different. Well, thats the entire point. we are NOT like any other race of woman on the face of this earth. We stand alone and because of that, we are admired and picked apart because those races look and have attributes like every other race of women except us. WE ARE ELITE but somehow, the world has done a great job on many of us to make us hate what is so BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT ABOUT US AS WOMEN. Case closed.

First of all, it's a mistake to make generalizations about what 45 MILLIONS of African Americans think about Africans, just as it would be silly to make generalization about what 1 Billion Africans think about African-Americans. A lot depends of the consciousness of people, and there are different levels of consciousness within any group. Many African Americans were part of the anti-apartheid movement, and some of us went to jail for our militant protests at the South African embassy or places where officials of the South African racist regime met. Pan-Africanism has been a sentiment among African Americans for at least a century. Then, of course, there are backward American Blacks who do dislike Africans, as there are backward Africans who dislkke African Americans. It would be better for all involved if we paid less attention to backward Black people (whose hatred for others is an expression of self-hatred) and focus on our common struggle and legacy of solidarity.