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Two billion dollars for education or health care would make more sense. And it might actually ACCOMPLISH something rather than being a waste of resources.



As a matter of FACT, the modern corporation evolved internally from the development of capitalism. Interestingly enough, Hannah Arendt--who was no socialist--observe d that in Italy and Germany Fascism emerges through a coalition of CAPITAL and the mob. Check out her book, THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM. In Germany, big capitalists (some of whom thought Hitler was a fool and a thug) supported his movement as a counter to REAL socialists (who wanted to transfer power to the working class), and Communists and trade unonists. I'm talking about the HISTORICAL REALITY. You can't simply define things however you please in disregard for how things actually happened. BIG BUSINESS AND FACISM is also worth a look see.



Paul Street is absolutely right.  Obama, first Black president disgraces the memory of MLK.   From Paul Street:
"Obama will share the podium with former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter (who rolled back civil rights protections as president and applauded the Zimmerman verdict this summer) and Bill Clinton (who played off white backlash to attain the presidency and acted to escalate mass black incarceration and to eliminate welfare protections for poor black families during his time in power). "
"There is not a shadow of a doubt that King would denounce Obama in the strongest terms, were he alive, today


The old line that Black activism was a Communist (or Communist duped) movement secretly instigated by Jews was a claim commonly made by southern reactionaries long before 9/11. The claim actually reeks of anti-Black racism as well as antisemitism. Apparently, our parents were too dumb to organize a movement, and could only act if instigated by lefty Jewish Commie conspirators.

The idea that Bolshevism is a Jewish conspiracy is one of the favorite fabrications of the far right, both in America and Europe. During the high point of the Black liberation movement of the 1960s, it was repeatedly asserted by reactionaris that our movement was crated or secretly led by Jewish Cmmmie conspirators. And Dr. King himself was repeatedly denounced as being either a Communist or, to use one of William Hendrickson favorite phrases, "useful idiot" and dupe of jewish commuist conspiracy.



Europe is a different place than the USA even though 70% of Americans are descendants of Europeans. Except in a colonial context maybe, European racism (within Europe) was often directed agsinst other Europeans. Hitler racial loathing for Slavs and Jews especially noteworthy. But now that peoples of color have increased their numbers in Europe, one is beginnning to see more color-based racism than before.

Most African-Americans direct their anger at white Americans, in both progressive and not-so-progressive ways. But not mainly at white Brits. It is our own compatriots who have made life a living hell for 355 years. Some African-Americans see Europe (UK included) as a better place than the USA. W.E.B. Du Bois in Germany, Paul Robeson in England, and Richard in France, believed they witnessesd societies freer and more tolerant than the USA. Not only our AA intellectuals (such as the previously mentioned gentlemen), but even ordinary AA folk who been to Europe during militay service often saw those countries ss more livable than their own. My Uncle Oscar,who's now very old and fought at Normandy, almost decided never to leave France. I also found France less of a racial burden than the USA. My experince would have been different, however, if I were a North African or Francphone Black. However, some African Americans (like Du Bois, Robeson and others) also saw Europe as a tyrannical power colonizing and pillaging Africa and other lands of color. And they've recalled that most American whites are descendants of people from UK and continental Europe. Europe is known for the Atlantic slave trade and colonialism. So, ther are many AA folk who share the sentiments expressed by Frantz Fanon: "Leave this Euroope where they are never done talking about Man but kill men wherever they find them, on th corner of every one of their streets, and on every corner of the globe." (Quotation almost exact). But UK is not often the main target of AA anger.

Capitalism is militantly chaotic, irrational and oligarchic



Take this comicbook capitalist apologetics and shove it.

Capitalism means usurpation of the means of production. It is all based on oppression... a feudal base, grown up big and strong by eating other countries.

Traditional societies had mechanisms to ensure that everyone ate. Inequality was not allowed to become so drastic that the masses were deprived.

Capitalism is a blight on the planet.


There's nothing "natural" about capitalism. It is no more 'natural" than medieval feudalism or Roman slavery. It is an historical, human creation not a creation of nature.
It is now the national and global establishment. It is not progressive,but is increasingly reactionary--eroding the politicaland economic rights and achievements which the common people have won through centuries of progressive struggle..
About the only time capitalism was progressive was when it helped to undermine feudalism.
It is capitalism that gave us WWI and WWII, and that era of murderous dictatorship. It due the the urge to protect capitalist interests that we go stuck in those Middle Eastern wars, and it aggravates (though not creates) militant Islamicism.
Capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It is past time we got rid of it.



Capitalism is like Golf. This is great if you already belong to a country club and have all the gear and training. You work hard to become the best, by beating everyone and eventually you make so much that you can afford equipment that no one else can, so no one has a chance to even compete. This is great for you and the people who make the golf clubs. You will claim that everyone has the same opportunities if they work hard enough, you know rent some s____ clubs on a public course. Yet roughly half of Americans believe they have a chance to beat the kids born on a golf course.

-Cap Black


You might want to look up an article called "Capitalism+ Dope=Genocide ". Written by a member of the Black Panther Party way back in the days of the Movement. An elder showed me that article once. I'm not sure about the author's name, but I think "Cetawayo " was a part of his name. And I think he was from NYC. Not sure.



If you were familiar with the thought of Dr. KIng, you'd realize that he favored "preferential treatment" in favor of those who had been disadvantaged on racial and class grounds. Today economic inequalities--the primary problem he thought needed to be tackled to bring the Movement to triumphant conclusion after Selma--is far greater than in King's time. Both racial and class gap in wealth has widened considerably since then. And anyone who studies history soon learns that democracy is not compatible, and cannot last, with gross and widening inequalities. That is why he sought to form a Poor Peoples Campaign. That is why he was in Memphis supporting impoverished sanitation workers on strike against a reactionary and racist mayoral admininstration of Henry Loeb. And it is largely because the "leaders " who came after King dropped the ball, that we face the current crises which could spell the end of the Republic I don't know how big you or Oskimar are on reading, but I would like to recommend to you Thomas F. Jackson's book, FROM CIVIL RIGHTS TO HUMAN RIGHTS: MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR AND STHE FIGHT FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE. And it may be rewarding if you checked out A TESTAMENT OF HOPE, which is a collection of writings and addresses by King himself, with more depth than these media soundbites


freddie47 wrote:

YOU are just crying over spilt milk..
Like I said before, I couldn't care less what Asians do, I'm only interested in the economical development of black communities as a whole. The Indians, Arabs, Jews and Chinese have economical influence as they helped and supported each other, now even the Polish, Russians, romanians and so on are building their own communities in London and supporting one another's businesses.

Sorry that the idea of black people doing the same scares the shit out of you for some reason!!!
freddie47 wrote:
your only solution is that we should patronise black owned businesses...a marketing expert would just put you down as backward...a dunce..business is about taking risks with your own money IMO.
I couldn't care less about what the so called "marketing experts" say, when did they ever give any advice that could help the black community gain economical power as a group, this is what I am interested in at this moment!!!

It is clear that you lack the basic common-sense to understand what I am talking about, that is because you are not black!

-The Revolutionist


Apr 9 2012 - 12:55pm
The Green Party Would have done better trying to enlist Chris Hedges as a candidate rather than Roseanne Barr [Bizarre]. If she ends up the Green's Pres candidate who will take the Green Party seriously? How will she not be compared to the Green's version of Sarah Palin??!!
Of course Hedges Perfectly lays out the argument against Obama{Romney}Care [especially its mandate that forces everyone to buy Corp so-called 'health' insurance] & for Medicare for ALL!


Michele Alexander notes in THE NEW JIM CROW that the purpose of the OLD Jim Crow was a system of exploitaiton and racial domination establishing as much as possible slavery or slave-like relations in new forms. Reactionaries COULD NOT restore the South exactly as it was before the Civii War, but they could reestablish racial caste in new forms. The danger, I fear, is not the re-establishing of Jim Crow in its ORIGINAL forms, but in new forms, and with new laws to expedite the process. With regard to the right of the ballot, I think that TODAY'S Republicans are playing a role comparable to the Dixiecrats of old. It was partly to maintain racist, plutocratic Dixiecrat political dominance in the South, that Dems did all manner of shennanigans to deprive Blacks of the Ballot. The Republicans were the party of Lincoln and Emancipation, and a party which appealed to many white working people as well--suggesting a DANGEROUS ALLIANCE. Since Barry Goldwater, the Republicans, now the most reactionary of the two parties, want to disfranchise Blacks and Hispanics--groups for whom the Dems became the party of FDR (with millions of working class whites), and of Civil Rights since the time of King during the Kenndy and Johnson administrations. If they can't fall back on "grandfather clauses" they will resort to new, unnecessary ID requirements, curbing or eliminating early voting, and other measures. The prison industrial complex, as both Michelle Alexander and Angela Y. Davis notes, are also part of the process for re-establishing racial caste in new forms. And is it mere coincidence that repressive laws against labor and agains women--practices once especiallly common amongst Dems, are now the favorite tactics of the Republicans. The reactionaries have swithced their labels. But how does that French saying go? "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose."


Abe Lincoln was a Republican, and so werea majority of Blacks in the late 19th and early 20 centuries. But the Republicans were the most PROGRESSIVE party of that time. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WAS NOT a Republican. His FATHER was, and he switched to support John F. Kennedy for the 1960 presidential election. If you look at Dr. King's own writings, you will see that he was SKEPTICAL about both parties. In a collection called THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. he says EXPLICILTY that he did not support EITHER party, and deemed it unwise to do so. He was about an AGENDA, and agenda of equality and freedom. An agenda of economic justice. His attitude toward any party or politician depended on the latter's response to King's and the Movement's agenda.



Now that's a good question. I think our economic empowerment and self-determination at some point will require the transcendence of capitaliism itself. But black owned enterprises may improve our situation, especially if they take the form of democratic cooperatives. I suggest democratic cooperatives, even though I don't exclude private enterprises, because in such institutions the AVERAGE person can play a bigger role in securing his/her well being and that of the community. I really would like to see folk take a second look at W.E.B. Du Bois's DUSK OF DAWN, and especially the chapter entitled "The Colored World Within." I've recently published on book on the philosophical thought of Dr. King, and I noticed that he seemed to promote both support for Black enterprises, and the formation of cooperatives among poor and working class Black folk. King discusses some of this in STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM and WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE: CHAOS OR COMMUNITY? I also think we can revisit some of the projects of SNCC, and even the 10 Point Program of the Black Panther Party. One sad thing about what happened after the 1960s, is that too much of the political ane economic thought and proposed programs were forgotten. But some of it is still relevant, even more relevant TODAY than in the 1960s.



In a way, I think that what Dr. King wrote in 1967, in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, remains true. There is a progressive "minority of whites who genuinely want authentic equality. Their commitment is real, sincere, and expressed in a thousands deeds" (TESTAMENT OF HOPE, p.562). But they are balanced off at the other end of the pole by unregenerate racists (most not so PUBLICLY bigoted as in King's time) "who have declared that democracy is not worth having if involves equality". Their goal, as Dr. King notes is "total reversal of all reforms, with the reestablishment of NAKED oppression,and if need be a native form of fascism." And the MAJORITY of white Americans today, as in King's day, "are suspended between these opposing attitudes. They are uneasy with injustice but unwilling to pay a significant price to eradicate it." (TESTAMENT OF HOP[E, p.562). While I think that the progressive minority is larger than it once was, it is still a minority. The reactionaries are substantial, not a majority, but probably at least as large as the progressive white minority.



The same thing is happening in Chicago (where I live), Atlanta, Philadelphia, etc

Neely Fuller Jr calls it "racial dislocation" -- search for him on youtube

The white supremacy system is waging war on black people all over the nation and all over the world. There's a blogsite I recommend checking out

racismws (just add the dot com)

and look for blogpost on 5/23/12 -- "Chicago School Closings = Racial Dislocation"


I heard just the opposite about black voters in 2012, that FEWER black people voted than in 2008. We must keep in mind that the people who create the stats do it to create our perceptions

it's important that white people blame black people for what is going to happen to them, the coming war, the bad economy, so they lie about the votes.



The expansion of capital---and capital must expand or die--leads to the elimination of smaller enterprises, and the monopoly of a few large corporate entities. Corporativism is a tendency INHERENT to capitalism. The power of a few corporate capitalist giants increases in the political sphere to the point where the "republic" becomes an oligarchy--the corporate state.
Moreover, technological advances within in corporate global capitalism renders labor more and more superfluous. As one big Italian capitalist put it in an article I read back in the 1990s, the new poor (coming mainly from a once stable working class) "don't have what we need and can't buy what we sell."
As labor is abolished under capitalism, there is increasing need to fall back on prisons and police to control the populaion. As working and middle class folk are rendered obsolete and impoverished, you must control them. Laws curbing or destroyin labor, working peoples right to organize is one example of the move toward corporate fascism growing from the nature of capitalism itself. The dumbing down of education is another. An enlightened population is a threat to the corporate autocracy. And I could go on and on.



Cap Black wrote:
A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.
According to the Human Rights Watch,people of color are no more likely to use or sell illegal drugs than whites, but they have higher rate of arrests. African Americans comprise 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those arrested for drug offense.
Once convicted, black offenders receive longer sentences compared to white offenders. The U.S. Sentencing Commission stated that in the federal system black offenders receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than white offenders for the same crime .
in sum, the available evidence indicates that the majority of those who deliver serious drugs in Seattle are white, and that a smaller percentage of those who do so are black. And yet, according to Seattle Police Department arrest records, 64.2% percent of those purposefully arrested for this crime from January 1999-April 2001 were black; 14.1% were Latino, and 17.6% were white .... This disparity assumes even greater significance in light of evidence that the Seattle Police Department conducts significantly more drug delivery arrests than comparably sized cities around the United States .... p.
As the corporate capitalist elite seek to defend their failing system against inevitable popular insurgency, they may lean more toward fascism. They probably even have to in order to protect capitalism. But they must also perpare a cultural and political climate for fascism. Old fasheined Americanm RACISM, because it's already deeply rooted in American life, is a useful tool.
But in the past, racism served to keep Blacks enslavedd or superexploited. They managed to do that within the limits of a republic, though denying Blacks (at least in the South) basic citizenship rights. Now it's a question of defending a system which is denying people the possibility of living. As labor becomes obsolete under electronic global capitalism, the emphasis is not even exploiting labor and superexpploiting Black labor, but of reserving repressive violence against people whom the market no longer needs--but who aren't going to just lie down and die.
The prison industrial complex, the criminalization especially of black and brown peoples, is part of that process.
Take a look a Michelle Alexander's THE NEW JIM CROW


Moorspeaks wrote:
"Just as they did...with Asian women,East Indian women and other women around the globe...it's more about what wm want(to be considered to be the end all be all for all women!)...than the women in question...this is why it's so important to degrade and demean all bm...to only concentrate on the negatives of some bm and never take a look at good,finished products that some bm are"
That's why there is sooo much hatred and anti- black love here on this thread about a bw who has married a man from her very own racial group!
It's the very reason that if I started a thread...here on the so called "AA forum" and posted this photo:
It would attract more negativity and hatred from non-bm....and many irbw...who have bought into the pure hatred and insecurity of white men..who seek to manipulate and control bw than simple "Oh that's nice...they look beautiful together!
These hateful people...simple minded people would instead...dig up every type of stereotype,assumption,generali zation and rumor that they can find...just to discredit this the couple in question!
*There are white males...at my wife's job...who have only just given up...after years of trying to challenge me through her, find something...anything...that they could to discredit me,our marriage and to question our every day lives together...I don't even know these guys for the most part...it's bizarre as hell!
Because I couldn't give a rats a____ about them,the nor the women in their lives...not if I were being paid to!


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Other Information about Truth

EjErica left a comment
These trolls on here are something else. (Ahem, Jamal Jenkums, how unoriginal to use a black person's pic in order to deceive. One only has to read your comment history and writing style and will know just who you are.)
He left out that most of those loans were made through deception and misinformation.(i.e the difference between an ARM mortgage and fixed rate mortgage). Where those mortgage payments ballooned 2-3 times its original payment, with astronomical late fees.
How the banks made sure to find a way to make money off the forcefulness of the government coming down on them to make homes loans more ACCESSIBLE to minorities, not more affordable(either you could afford a home or you couldn't.) There were and are plenty of minorities that can afford a home to match their salary bracket, but redlining and taking steps to make it difficult to get a loan was the problem. So the government stepped in and ordered the banks to change their practices. People say that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are mostly to blame, but those loans were presented to them to be bought and insured(but in turn, the government paid for the bulk of them due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being federally funded) and they in turned worked with the people who signed for these loans(the banks mostly didn't fool with these people, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae did, which some of the big execs at FM and FM knew along the way that these loans would be in default eventually and why they are now being sued by the government, both of whom were bailed out by the government in 2008 btw.)
Yes, there were those who signed for loans that they knew they could not afford, but let's also point out majority that were duped(either way, the bank knew that both parties could not afford them and gave them to them anyway, which is why a lot of the banks and home mortgage companies were sued.) Those same banks bought some of those loans from mortgage companies like Countrywide(the worst company known at the time for its shady financing practices), and then sold those loans called "toxic loans" to the highest bidders(who in turned, sold them off too, so people were finding out that their loans were sold over and over to different companies, even Warren Buffet made money from this. ) and to the federally charted and stockholder-owned companies Freddie Mac and Fannie May .
One of the biggest winners and worst banks out of all this? JP Morgan and Bank Of America(Bank Of America also has been cited for foreclosing on homes that were not in default as well as military homeowners who were on ACTIVE DUTY, in which, by law, those homes cannot be foreclosed on unless the lender seeks special permission by the court, and they did not seek any permissions.


Yeah um! You may want to read about
Traces of GE in corn
Despite institutional protections against GE corn, neoliberal policies have already enabled certain strains of GE corn to intermingle with Mexican maize, a fact that was discovered in 2001 by UC Berkeley Professor, Ignacio Chapela.
Thousands of tonnes of corn that began inundating Mexico from, primarily, the US (mostly for non-human consumption) after the signing of NAFTA in 1994 ensured that the promiscuous plant's pollen blewonto the pristine fields of small farms. As of today, it is estimated that at least one per cent of Mexico's corn has traces of GE
Gmo seeds are in Mexico and everywhere else ,for many different reasons.

TrojanPam says:
@ Subzero
That is your opinion — and I’ve expressed mine, and that is the beauty of the Internet. You and I can write and read what we like.
Yes, I believe I’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to draw my own conclusions. If you’re using Beyonce’s movie (a black couple with no black friends or neighbors) as a positive example of good (and realistic) black movie images, I don’t know what to tell you.
Also, I don’t consider it a sign of “black progress” for black females (or males) to have sex either ON or OFF the screen with white people, NOT as long as the system of white supremacy and white privilege exists and blacks are being oppressed because of it.
It makes absolutely NO SENSE for a black male or female to have sex under those conditions AND still expect to overcome racism by rewarding white people with our precious black bodies. No sense whatsoever. All it does is CONFUSE that black person who is having sex under those OPPRESSIVE conditions and makes them MORE likely to justify racism in order to justify having sex with whatever white person is in that bed at the moment.
Which is why the white media PROMOTES sexual intercourse with whites in black movies, and TV shows and internet articles and books. Because they know it NEUTRALIZES and PARALYZES our ability to think RATIONALLY about solving the problem of racism.
In fact, sex between blacks and whites UNDER the system of white supremacy ACTUALLY STRENGTHENS it, which is why white slave owners raped black females during slavery and FORCED them to bear their bastard children. They knew it would breed confusion, helplessness, division, and children who do not know WHO they are.
So, no, I don’t consider the love scene between Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana a positive thing, NOT as long as there is a BLATANT ABSENCE of love scenes between black males and black females. And again, she portrayed a black person — once again — who didn’t know OR socialize with any other black people. THAT IS WHITE SUPREMACY IN ACTION.
Obviously, you and I are literally on totally different planets in terms of our belief systems so all we can do is agree to disagree.
Some Questions for you (you can answer or not, that’s up to you):
1. are you a white person?
(I assume you might be since many times people will reveal who they are by what they write, like when you wrote: “And I hate to break it to you…but yes blacks were slaves and servants and they were demeaned.”
the KEY WORD being “they”
Of course, I could be incorrect but that dismissal of slavery is often a sentiment expressed by white people.
2. If you are a black person, are you sexually involved with OR married to a white person?
3. If you are a black person, do you have a white parent?



Russell Simmons said---
People around me are like, ‘Does that mean that you’re going to let people push you around,’ no, this is about Black women and they can push me around a little quicker than the entire world, and they didn’t push me around, they educated me on how hurtful it was, because I never considered rape.

A lot of African American black men and men in general need to understand that, black women have been standing up and fighting against the many lies that are often spoken about us. We always have, and will continue to do so. Don't get me wrong ,their are black men that do stand up and speak out as well. I know I appreciate men that do. So do many other african american/black women. It still does not negate the fact that many males join in bashing, calling black women out of their names, making broad ,sweeping generalizations about us, like it's the in thing to do. Many times,many men will watch it go on, right in front of them, and say nothing. That phenomenon's, been around for a minute.
Maybe his apology will open up a greater respectful discussion between more black men and women, when it comes to certain miss understandings between the two.We would certainly be better off for it. But if nothing else, I appreciate what he said about not feeling like he is being PUSHED around by African American, and black women , on this sacred issue about Harriet Tubman, She really should be important to all of us.He should never forget that if it were not for BRAVE black women like Harriet and black men, he would not be sitting in such a beautiful home, along with many other things.
Very good article. Kristen West Savilli.

Or, we can say what's missing is,,
!. GZ,. Getting out of his car, when told not to follow.
Rachel and Trayvon on the phone doing something as innocent as talking.While walking BACK home with skittles and an Ice Tea in his pocket. smh
2. TM telling Rachel that some creepy looking guy was following him.
3. GZ (creepy looking guy again) not identifying himself to TM
4. GZ grabbing TM and TM having to defend himself.
5. ,GZ ,taking his gun out and shooting TM in the heart.
Please don't say that your version are the facts. Your version has mountains of holes in them.

C.Andrews says:
They hired TD Jakes to seduce and trick all the black church goers, here is a posting: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/19/lee-daniels-the-butler-success-black-church-demographic_n_3781323.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#sb=2051039b=facebook


TrojanPam says:
@ C.Andrews
unfortunately ALL the prominent blacks — be they preacher, teacher, professor, politician, entertainer — are puppets for the white supremacists.
it’s like they’ve all been hypnotized or seduced or brainwashed and they must march to the white supremacist drummer’s beat
almost like they’ve fallen victim to a band of white supremacists body snatchers who have removed any bit of pride or self-respect they ever had
I mean, Russell Simmons doing a sex video about Harriet Tubman???
he should be forced to turn himself over to the NEAREST INSANE ASYLUM
it’s no loss to me personally, I don’t NEED them to THINK for me. That’s why God gave me a brain. I don’t need them to interpret the world for me. That’s why God gave me a BRAIN.
I know what they are, even though I don’t know WHY they are what they are
but I know they are being used to prop up this DYING, wicked system and they should ALL be avoided like the plague
because their SICKNESS and MENTAL ILLNESS and CORRUPT SPIRITS will infect you if you fall for their tricks.


Kushite Prince says:
@TrojanPam Unfortunately The Butler was the number one film this weekend. It made about $25 million over the weekend. With an 81% approval rating from audiences. Who do you think is the majority of the audience in this poll? Is it 60% black and 20% white? Is it 70% black? I ask because it saddens me to believe that thousands of black people saw this film and walked away thinking it was a GOOD film. Considering how much anti-blackness and white supremacy is in this film—that is a scary thought! This shows that the majority of black people can NOT see white supremacy even when it’s right in their face. I’m telling you Pam,our people are so lost. We are in for a world of hurt if we don’t snap out of this soon!


TrojanPam says:
@ Kushite Prince
It’s to be expected.
When you let someone else do your thinking FOR you, then you will lose the ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF

Who made Bill O'Reilly king of the Black people?? lol He needs to call Angelina Jolie and give her a lecture about having out of wedlock kids. Focus on your own Bill and we'll take care of us. There are a zillion white problems to fix, including the fact that white kids from TWO gainfully employed parents are more likely to do drugs, commit heinous crimes, bully their peers, etc... They're living a perfect white life so shouldn't someone be trying to figure out what's broken in their formula? Also, just so he knows, the issue isn't Black women having babies...it's Black women who live in impoverished conditions having babies. Poverty is the issue, Bill...poverty. Solve the poverty problem and we'll listen to ya! ;)
Amen. There needs to be nothing more to be said. Bill is refuted on the basis of those who are in poverty who were fired, those who have been laid off via sequester, or those suffered an unmitigated disaster. These folks are not cultural nihilists neither are they responsible for their own realities. They are poor by no fault of their own not because of vices. Also, single mothers exist across socioeconomic backgrounds. The dynamics of poverty, economic inequality, racial oppression, lack of jobs & real opportunities, and emotional abuse caused by the system of white supremacy is what we must fight against. Culture is important to talk about, but real black culture is not about social dysfunction, but community development (and the communal value of humanity). See, we are a community not selfish individuals. The individual and the collective are mutual beneficial realities that can work together. Extended families, nuclear families, and single families are very valuable if they are loving and legitimate. The diversity of families ought to be respected. Not all single mothers are monolithic. The reactionaries claim to love families, but some of them want to eliminate public funding for child care funding, paid maternity leave, etc.. So, we need to grow institutions to help human beings not just advance moral development among our people. Defending black women is the cornerstone of black manhood.
Also, the haters say yessa Boss to adulterous misogynists like white supremacist Bill O'Reilly. I am a grown man that bows to no one except God. I was raised by a mother and a father and I love my family. Many of my aunts are single parents (who raised great children I might add) and I love them too. The haters have no self control in cursing females out all of the time in the Net. The women haters in this forum have no self control to droll over racists like T. Davis, droll over hypocrites like Tommy Sotomayor (I did research on him and I know what he does relating to child support and his other actions. I will leave it at that) or to use slander, innuendo, sexually suggestive comments, gossip, ad hominem attacks, and sick profane language against the real commenters here. That is why a real man can agree or disagree with a woman with tolerable actions not bitterness or demonic hatred at all. Single mothers need assistance, love, hope, guidance, direction, and inspiration not blame for all of the problems of the black community. Many folks have been responsible with their actions, yet they still suffer poverty. Also, it is important to advance the value of black fathers. Many real black fathers are maligned and that is wrong. We should also give respect and praise to all black fathers that are doing what is right and handling their responsibilities also.
-By Timothy (Me)
couldn't agree more that Bill has moved the focus from the real issues and targeted a specific group for no real reason. Based on his approach on the topic, being white and having kids out of Wedlock in a poverty stricken enviornment is a non-issue.


Great Discussions with Sister Courtney



Me: Some of these trolls exploit political controversies as a means to try to intimidate black people in this forum. They also want as much black human beings as possible to ally with bigoted, nefarious characters from the Tea Party movement and other reactionary characters. So, I know what the deal is. Debate, Dissent, and critique are fine with me, but not disinformation, fear mongering, and obscene rhetoric against the President including his family by white racist extremists (since these sick folks have not just slandered the President, but his family too. Also, I do give due respect to the elegant and beautiful first Lady Michelle Obama for her exercise campaign that contributed to the lower childhood obesity numbers in the States recently).

Courtney: But that's the thing, they are NOT intimidating anyone here or anywhere else for that matter. Pretty much a waste of time and space on their part. smh

Me: Indeed. They are wasting real time for real discussions about solutions in our communities. They are like Don Quixote. They are riding the horses into faux causes and falling down hurting no one, but themselves. Brothers and Sisters know the real truth amidst their smokescreens. We are not intimidated by their rhetoric for we have truth on our side. When we have the truth, their deceptions will never effect us at all. We should continue to advance Unity, real solutions, Love for each, growth spiritually including morally, and the fight for Justice (as a replacement of the wicked system of white supremacy). I love your genuine, Kind Heart.
Good Morning to you Sister. Bless you Soul. :)

Courtney: Absolutely, What they are trying to do is disrupt flow but as they can see, it does not work. I'm all about advancing unity and finding real solutions but I also recognize that we should do our part as well by not becoming the problem. We all have work to do because the wicked, believe in their sick agenda. One of the goals for these types is to create issues and problems when their aren't any. We see it on here all the time.lol.
Be bless and thank the one that made you that you do not see life, through their eyes. That many do not subscribe to their way of thinking.

Good morning to you.As always, stay blessed. :)


Me: Indeed, Sister Courtney, I feel like my mind is running on huge cylinders today. LOL. My conscious feels stronger. Maybe it is because of the food I ate or I had a huge time to rest.

Courtney: Your conscious feels stronger? What are you eating? :)

Me: LOL. Just regular foods (cereal, bananas, meats, applause, etc.). Sometimes, it is just one of the those days when you have a lot of energy to write information.

Also, Sister, I feel like we are in the right track here more than ever. I find it interesting that the anti-woman haters (and the pessimists including the psuedo-black conscious types) are readily allied with white reactionaries like Alex Jones (a man that slandered the family of Trayvon Martin and these sellouts want to love him like he is a Savior. Just like these sellouts can't get enough of their idol). Alex Jones loves Larry Elder, made exaggeration about riots, made numerous false predictions about events, outlines massive xenophobic rhetoric, loves Stand Your Ground, loves the Tea Party movement, etc. Alex Jones also touts Thomas Jefferson, a 100% racist, rapist, and slaveholder. These liars need to keep it real for minute and listen to reality. Alex Jones allows Ted Nugent on his show and he never calls Nugent out on his rant against the black community on his show. Nugent is known to mention racist, sexist garbage for years. Alex Jones refuses to call out white supremacy as public enemy number one as the reason for our oppression explicitly.
I am doing my research about this. Actually, I did my research about him or Alex Jones for years. I know all about his agenda. I am putting things together. Also, these frauds & sellouts readily demonize Brothers and Sisters who are doing great research (those who are doing Great Research are Dr. Fuller, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and others). Ever since August 1, I feel like these liars (who constantly have a negative, demonic attitude, which signifies anti-blackness) are coming out the woodwork to try to use black conscious (or opposition to globalism) as a means to demonize black human beings on the low (especially black women). I will not obsess on this point for now on since I made my peace on this issue. I will move forward in advancing real Black Power.

Courtney: Brain food. :) Nothing wrong with that. One of my favorite fruit is a pear. That's my go to fruit that I carry during the day to curb the sweet tooth. You are aligned in thought. Maybe it's time to write a book. :)

Me: LOL. Maybe I will when I am older. Thank you Sista. LOL. I love a good pear. Back in the day, I would eat a pear with the quickness. Bless you. I do like strawberries since they give me a lot of energy as well.

Courtney: You. are welcome. Yes, the obsession to try and make everything black, obsolete is beyond wicked. The fear has to do with not dealing with their history truthfully. What saddens me is that, we have some of our own, who really hate themselves to the point that they will do all in their power to side with the many lies told about us from racist people. It's really crazy to see how you are prejudged as an African American woman or man by others when in fact, they don't know a thing . This is why it's so important to hold your head high and keep on stepping.

Me: Indeed Sister. We should never give up. That is the fundamental focal point that you have eloquently mentioned.
Positive energy and real inspiration can lead into momentous achievements among our people. You as an African American woman and me as an African American man have been prejudged before, but we do realize that we are in a long family tree of heroes. Our ancestors were great heroes that worked, cared for each other, built up great civilizations, and carried forward the idea of Justice for humanity.
We carry their tradition by the legitimate things that we enact in this generation of near the 22nd century. All of your words are accurate here of keeping our heads up. One thing that racists hate is when we will not show hateful, negative energy. If we show positive, strong energy, it can go a long way in inspiring our people (and it can cause more hope plus joy to exist in our communities. This energy along with militant action can further develop solutions in our communities too). So, Courtney, thank you for your words of wisdom and your inspiration for me and others here. Your light shines brightly here. You truly inspire me in my life.
Thank You. :)

Courtney: Thank you for your wisdom , strength and inspiration. Thank you for STANDING up and DEFENDING AFRICAN AMERICAN black women and men. As you can see, the world needs it more than ever now. I really hope Mr. Simmons can clear this up. WE don't need people making light of black heroes and the very real sacrifices that they made on the account of us and the entire world.


Courtney: I guess he does not know that their are black people who would rather work 2 and three jobs than ,take assistance. Assistance should be for those who really need it. Nothing wrong with it but lets be clear,the percentage of whites using food stamps, are very high. The first time I ever saw one was someone that I knew from school, who was YT , using them, and they lived in a very nice house. Getting the kitchen remodeled with straight granite countertops but was on food stamps. Go figure. True story. smh

Me: Indeed Sister. Poverty is a real scourge and it does not discriminate. I see a lot of the white poor all of the time in Hampton Roads, Virginia (where I am from). Many of them vote against their economic interests all of the time. It is ironic to say the least. That is why it is certainly necessary for us to fight against poverty. Also, assistance should be given to those that need it as you have mentioned. These extremists like O'Reilly & Limbaugh fail to see that our average tax rates are in fact lower than most years in the past five decades (among many taxpayers), we have record corporate profits, and the social safety net is being radically cut (yet, they still want more radical cuts when humans now in America are literally starving to death). Many of us have been blessed, so we will treat the suffering and the poor with humane compassion and profound, mature dignity. That is why I am more progressive on economic issues. Helping the least of these and the Golden Rule are common sense spiritual truths that both of us take to heart.
Good morning to you. :)

Courtney: NO it does not discriminate at all. The poor come in all colors ,shapes and sizes.As you stated, just because someone is poor, does not mean they do not deserve compassion, dignity and a helping hand because it can happen to any one of us at any given time. The poor are not to be pitied but helped as you stated and being witnesses to people who are poor, should humble us. Again, what we take for granted, others need and could use. I always heard from my mother, " finish everything on your plate because their are kids who wished they had food to eat, or water to drink. Same principal.
Good morning back. :)

Me: Thank you back.

Courtney: lol You're welcome.


Me: I think that age has nothing to do with it since many young folks are mature. He is 26. Yet, it is common sense for a pastor to not party at a Rick Ross concert, especially if you are in that position. Pastors are not perfect, but there is a line. He could of gone to a political rally, go into a barbeque, go hang out with friends, go to other concerts (from musicians like Sade, Anita Baker, and even some young religious musicians), and other places for having enjoyment. Just because you are a pastor, doesn't mean that you should end your fun. Yet, Ross talks about things in his lyrics that a real pastor can never support totally. The good news is that he can build himself up. He can use that as a learning experience (of seeing that we fall at times and his error is not the end of the world, just a bump in the road). In the final analysis, we are all fighting against police brutality, oppression, unjust wars, and monopoly capitalism. So, with faith and strength, he can be a better man.

Courtney: Yes. he even could of invited rick ross to a gathering , spoke to him about many things to take back messages to others. Learn and move on.

Me: Indeed, Wise and Sweet Sister. :) He or the young pastor can use his youth to bridge the generation gap among his parishioners and other religious human beings.

Courtney: I agree. Why not? :)

Me: Right Sister, Instead of tearing the Brother down, we should allow the Brother to redeem himself and be a better human. He is not like Jimmy Swaggart or a person like that. Redemption and human improvement ought to be one of the very vital basis of true spirituality. In this generation, we need to build up the Brothers and the Sisters in the world. I think that the youth have a lot of great value and this Pastor Rodney can have a real chance to be more revolutionary. He only needs a little direction, education, and inspiration. At the end of the day, we should help the poor, comfort the suffering, and use action as a means to benefit the people. That is how we receive our Crown and become real human beings.


Me: You are right. He tries to slander black people (both males and females now) as an excuse to deny the criminal nature of white supremacy. I will never ally with a man that says to blacks go back to Africa if they want reparations. I will never ally with a man that committed perversion in violation to his marriage commitments to his wife. This adulterer has no moral right to judge the black community at any circumstance. He is 6 ft. 3 and I am slightly shorter than him. So, he is no threat to anyone here. I wish that I was on his show, because I will say some words to him. He is a puppet of the FOX News network and the banking elite. Single mothers have nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin at all. This liar Bill O'Reilly has omitted that we in the black community has talked about and debated issues of family, the entertainment industry, and other likeminded issues for decades. Trayvon Martin's death has to do with a vigilante and woman beater killing an unarmed, innocent black male. I can not mention all that I want to write here, because of censors. In private, let's just say that I have colorful words for Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly is a piece of the work that ignores the need for economic and social justice (not just moral including ethical development) as a means to liberate black human beings. Sociologist Dr. Stephen Steinberg made an article about these issues refuting Bill O'Reilly's lies called, "'Poor Reason: Culture Still Doesn't Explain Poverty." In other words, regardless if you are a single mother or not, if you lack educational, economic, and political resources including fair institutions, some (not all) will still suffer in certain circumstances. Humanity is dynamic not monolithic. The Leave it to Beaver stuff doesn't work all of the time. I do believe that any child should have male and female influences though since we are in the human family. We need comprehensive solutions not Eurocentric, theocratic, and reactionary propaganda. Our African culture has been communal. We had grandfathers, cousins, and the whole community caring for our children beyond just the nuclear family (which I have no issue with if that family is loving and real). Ironically, his ancestors were oppressed heavily centuries ago by the same corporate elites that dominate his network today. He follows the agenda of our oppressors.

Courtney: Bill O rielly is a bully. Ever notice when he does not like what you are saying, he talks over you? or tries to get you out of there? Some people on here do that. lol. They are truly tragic. When people like Billio do this, you know you have them beat. You got to them and they can't control themselves. Making immature, degrading remarks about people they don't personally know. To easy. smh

Me: Right Sister. He is a bully. He disrespected Jeremy Glick (who was a grieving son), so that outlines his character. I talk with a masculine voice especially if I want to make an explicit point. If I was on his show, it will be a loud exchange. Yet, Sista, with folks like that, we can thank God that we can never be brainwashed. We can thank God that we love truth and wisdom not dissension or ignorance. He loves torture and he tries to lecture us on morality. On economic issues, he is the like Tea Party activists. We have them beat ideologically as you say since their intemperate anger outlines insecurity and hatred of any progressive insight. Blessings to you like always. You are certainly a gifted Sista and I love your wisdom. I love your sensitivity and I love your strength :)

Courtney: HAving to much COMPASSION is like having to much LOVE. :) Life is a journey and everyone has their own scheduled time, living their journey and bringing,calling into their lives what they want it to be. It has to come from a very pure place that does not judge. Something as all of us as human beings do,. We are not perfect but, we have those among us that strive to lend understanding to others, even if they themselves, have not gone through whatever someone else may be dealing with. It's harder to have compassion for someone when they can't relate. But even with that being said, you still have those people who are good natured, who try anyway. :) Their are a lot of wicked people in the world and on this site, who look to project the VENOM that is in their hearts, onto others. It's like looking at them through a mirror. I just have to shake my head because what they fail to realize is, the only thing that is truly in CONTROL, is the one who made you. Once you understand that in your being, EVerything else , and everyone who think like them, are small in nature. The great thing is, those that walk with us ,still try and extend that hand. The receiver of that kind of extension that shuns that, is not ready to deal with their issues. Step away, give it time,. Before its over for them, they will hopefully get it. I love your Strength, insight, intellect and kindness. Don't conform to those around you, who do nothing but put bad energy back out.

Me: Thank you. I will remember your words. You are so kind and your words inspire my soul, Sista.


Me: Tattoos are not a fad anymore. I seen the rich, poor, middle class, elderly, every race, and every background have them now. The vast majority of folks I have seen age 35 or younger have at least one tattoo. Back in the 1960's, that was not the case. This is a case of generational differences, cultural differences, and a wide spectrum of issues. I will look at both sides to make up my mind fully about this issue.

Courtney: I don't mind a few. Just my personal taste. NOthing against those that have sleeves on arms and legs,necks and faces (overboard) but I don't like that many on the human body. I think he should of worn a suit because so many YT males like Jesse James etc have the same amount of tats that the game has and I don't think he would be turned away if he wore a suit. Had the game wore proper attire for their dress code. ,and they turned him away, that would be a serious issue..

Me: Yeah, generationally the older crowd are more repulsed by tattoos all over the human body than the younger generation. For folks in my generation and younger, it is the in thing is to have tattoos on the neck, on the back, on the hand, on the legs, on the feet, on the torso, etc. You get the picture. LOL. This incident deals with his attire, dress codes, and what other occupants were wearing. The Game is an artist that folks in my generation know about. We know about his errors and some legitimate things that he has done. There is a balance to be struck. We should have decorum in a setting (in other words, we can't be nihilistic or obscene), but at the same time, we should not use this incident as an excuse for us to sugarcoat our soul or our normal black creativity too. We are Brothers and Sisters and we ought not to be bourgeoisie for anyone.

Courtney: tattoos on the neck, on the back, on the hand, on the legs, on the feet, on the torso, etc. You get the picture. LOL.
Thats not a person, that's a walking build board. lol.. Just kidding. Thats way to many and plus, this is what I think about. What happens when all of these people get older, like in their 60's and 70's with that many tats everywhere? I have two small ones. One on the inside of my left wrist. A music note I got in 2001.i'm done. :) I do believe that we should not have to be bourgeoisie for anyone. Just be respectful ,when you walk into someone else's house, so to speak. :)

Me: You are correct. We can be humble in our walk, but not sellout our core convictions. That is the name of the situation. When we walk into anyone's location, we should show human beings dignity and respect. I have looked at both sides and now I have made up my mind now. My view is that the Game certainly has a long way to go in improving his conduct. I believe that he can not just go into any establishment looking any type of way. Long term, he doesn't have to be like Benson, but he can express his gifts in more constructive ways. That is the fundamental truth. We are not children anymore and vulgarity and other evils are antithetical to the values of our community. Thank you for your words, Sister. Also, you are a genius on the essence of music situation. You really know your stuff about music.

Courtney: Absolutely. I believe the game has great potential to be a really good leader. He takes care of his children, and the show that he had with his fiancee and children, was an eye opener to a different, gentler side of him. But like you said, he has some more growing to do in certain aspects of life. Like we all do. So , I can't write him off because, he showed me some things that I like about him. Not talking about his past but he deserves a chance. As far as Robin, Pharrell and company, what they did, by trying to sue the GAYE estate first so the family didn't sue first, when its CLEARLY a rip off of Marvins song, is straight up GREEDY. But, that's what this business is about, and this is why its so hard for many to make it,if you are not about the many games that go on in that industry. Certain sides and things about the industry, is not for everyone.

Me: Indeed. In the long term, the Game can shock humanity if he go into radical improvements. As long as a Brother or a Sister is living, I will never completely count that human being off totally in life. As long as we are alive, folks can wake up and see the light. We can see history where folks we least expect can do great things in the future. We know about the Game's errors, but one thing that is true is that he loves his children. Even on the reality show, you can never deny that. We all need that growing including the Game as you have mentioned. Our bodies are our temples and we should love our people in a compassionate way (but we can never give our people license to glamorize nihilism or revelry either. Checking our people is an example of compassion as well without breaking someone down in an evil way). We know the enemy loves unnecessary chaos and evil vulgarity. We should never fall into their footsteps. Your words about the industry are accurate indeed. The industry is like a hot mess and a half.

Courtney: I can agree with that.You said. Checking our people is an example of compassion as well without breaking someone down in an evil way). Love that! One thing that is great about the internet is,we don't really have to rely on the industry now to get music out. That is crazy to me. The great producer, Easy Moe Bee, gave me some really good advice when I was younger.He was also a really nice person to talk to because he was patient in teaching me some things about radio.At that time, I was trying to come in with my own sound and not sound like everyone else and he showed me what the difference was about what radio wanted ,vs what I wanted. I met a few cool people along the way and not so cool people along the way. Their were no women around when I was actively pursuing it. Groupies yes, but not many women behind the machines.. Lenny Green was cool too but, at the end of the day, every creative person, has to stay true to what it is that they do and thats a huge decision to make. At the end of the day, no one can see your vision.No matter what avenue of creating that may be. Whether it be painting,drawing, music,writing, photography and the list goes on.

Me: Indeed Sister.
You are certainly gifted in music. We all have great stories that deal with our gifts. At the end of the day, we all have our paths in life. We should follow our inner voice or conscious as a means to fulfill our life's potential. We should individually work on Self and collectively fight for the improvement of the black community in general. There are huge temptations in life in general, but we can overcome them with self control and learning lessons along the way. You seem to be a great soul by your reflective nature (and your great insight on music, policy matters, and life in general). Therefore, we should encourage each other and respect each other as full human beings. I think things happen for a real. Every since I communicated with you, it feels like I put my life into more perspective and spiritually I have grown. I am not perfect in every way, but I have improved in my own personal maturity. You are great Sister and Keep up the great work in inspiring minds and building up the community. All of us here love you as a Strong Sister and respect you as a Great Human Being. :)

Courtney: Truth, NONE of us are perfect in life but because we are imperfect, it makes us all the more beautiful. We have nothing, if we don't continue to strive upwards for clarity,reflection,understanding. If we don't go out and experience what life has to offer. We owe that to ourselves while we are here, with the time that we are given.No one knows what's going to happen but appreciating the gift of life, being alive, reaching out to one another, is apart of living life peacefully. Doing what is right so everyone can at least experience what its like to be kind, understanding, compassionate, uplifting towards each other. I don't understand the unnecessary cut throat behavior that happens with one another. That is not how it's suppose to be and it does not have to be in my opinion. That is a waste of time. Like you stated, we all have our own journey and things do happen for reasons that we may not understand or simply, those things just were not meant to be. Maybe their are other avenues that are meant instead. I appreciate so many people that I come across on this site and in life. No one is better than any other. Both women and men alike. I am drawn to your energy because its a subtleness that I understand, that comes across people ,especially in men. Your parents should be very proud of you because so many of us here respect your nature. Thank you and blessings to you too. :) Great human beings are all around us and they are made. We all are great.


Courtney: what does surprise me is how many people out here think they have the right to control others. REALLY? People are really having a conversation about how black men should walk on the sidewalk in 2013? are you kidding me? you have the right to walk anywhere you want and how you want. You have the right to breath and defend yourselves like any other living breathing human being. People are pacifying black men by telling them to bow down to these unjust laws? the attitude should be , don't start none ,wont be none. you stay in your place,and there will be no need for me to come out of my place. Don't walk slow, don't walk fast, don't run so you don't look suspicious. Well F that.You have the right as black men to poke your chest out as men and claim your manhood and put anyone in there place if they feel they have the right to take your life. The only thing any man should be bowing down to is his creator. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST WITHOUT FEAR of being MURDERED because of the color of your skin. It is time for black men to unite because ,all of this is beyond ridiculous.

Me: You are 100 Percent Right Strong and Lovely Sister. Western society always wants to emasculate black men, which is one of their biggest crimes. A man should always be a man. We have to be strong in the midst the storm. As long as we have the umbrella of righteousness, then the rain won't effect us. We can stand the rain and overcome it. A man has every right to be aggressive in opposing injustice in the world. The actions of pacification and submission to evils are played out. If a Brother like Forest Whitaker (who is a great actor and an easy going Brother) was treated like a criminal when he was just peacefully walking in an establishment, then they have no respect for us. They definitely do not have respect for women (who are the creators of human life). We as black men and black women should stand up for our rights and oppose unjust laws. I am a Brother and showing my creativity, strength, and swagger is cool. A'int no man has the masculinity or the swagger like black men. A'int no woman has the femininity or the swagger naturally like a black woman. So, we are first with it and we will the last with a glorious legacy. The Brother from Richmond (BroShabbazz) is right that we have to teach the youth about the real truth and do legitimate actions to assist our communities. It is better for us to do constructive work than stay on the sidelines. I will never be ashamed of how I look, how I talk, my natural masculinity, or my basic social dispositions. The Trayvon Martin decision hopefully can be a turning point in our community for us to really cause radical, revolutionary changes in our black community. We have to do what is right for us and for generations unborn. You always defend us Brothers Courtney and we always defends Sisters like you (All black women also are deserving of dignity, equality, and respect). We will always have your back. :) We will always advance justice firmly.

Courtney: know matter our unique differences, we have your back too. The first man I ever laid eyes upon was my father. A black man.I see the beauty in black men because of him. Because of my brother, I see the beauty in you, john, BROSHABAZZ, edud and others. no matter how idealistic I grew up, i'm not EVER going to turn my back on the black man.I see the truth and know it. That does not mean that I dont wish peace on others to live their lives the way they see fit and with who but,this TRAYVON situation is serious.2013 and my grandmother who is still living, my mother and people of those generations have to continue to see this nonsense? Its time to start looking out for each other on all fronts and it starts now.Its why on the net or otherwise truth, I will not argue with another sister, or brother. will discuss and even not agree but, you will never see me go after,talk down, curse out another african american because I won't. I will give my opinion and agree or disagree and admit when someone teaches me something that I may not of thought of before or knew.And when another women does that to me, I will state that, Im not going there with them like that. but we can talk it out ...the rest, I put on ignore because they are here to agitate and purposely start problems by lying on you to push there agenda.


EVery woman has a right to not be assaulted FIRST by a man. Every woman has the right to fight back due to the fact that some spineless man put his hands on her first.And after that, her brothers, fathers, cousins and uncles, will finish what she may not be able too.
If this story is true,good for her for sticking up for herself. Just have to figure out when physically fighting back is necessary. I hope he learns that he can't do that if he did what she said he did FIRST. If he can't handle his jealousy that leads to hitting women, he's needs to not be in a relationship.

Me: Amen, Sister Courtney.
P.S. I read your deleted recent comment that you have made today and yes we have to wait to understand the total truth of the situation.

Courtney: Hello. I wasn't aware that one was deleted . Very strange now the trolls are calling the regulars,who are not paid workers for this site, just concerned citizens, giving thoughts and opinions on things like a website is suppose to. Also, social media makes it extremely easy to see when people comment to you, to reply from anywhere. being accused of that. Makes you wonder who really is. We already know the nuisance of this site, sure is concerned about how many people comment . He would know. But, thank you for reading the comment.

Me: Indeed Courtney. The trolls can show the most vulgar words against our black people, but you as a Nice Sister can show tolerant words being moderated. The trolls regularly slander anyone that advances Black Love and justice for humanity. It is a shame. Anyway, we are in the right side of history. There is the celebration of the March on Washington now. This time certainly inspire all of us to continue to fight against police brutality and other forms of injustice. We have a long way to go, but we will win. Thank you for your words Courtney since your words are always valued here by the real folks here including myself.

Courtney: To tell you the truth, no telling who anyone is. The way that some are acting. But erasing things and what is being erased and what is not, SAYS a lot about who the trolls really are. A lot of people playing games on this site. Also ,wording and how people speak,says volumes. One way or another. Speaking of folks, where is everyone?Most likely tired of the nonsense.

Me: I assume some of the real folks are tired of the trolls' antics. I feel like this is a test. Sister, this test shall past and we can overcome this test with flying colors. We should continue to show the truth, stay strong, and ignore these trolls. We know that we are right to advance racial equality. We are right to advance economic justice. We are right to advance Black Power and Black Love. We are right respect the Great Value of Black Men and Black Women in the world. We are right to advance social justice. We are right to agree with human liberty and justice for humanity. I do not mean to preach here. LOL. Yet, the sermons of truth and reality must be shown here.

Courtney: Who can blame them but you are right. Unfortunately, these are grown folks acting like this, without a care in the world, don't no better, not trying to learn any better. Everything else you said is correct . Advancing Love, whether it be black on black,,,,white on white,,,etc, is a right that does not diminish anyone elses view on love.

Me: Right, Love is Universal.


Me: I know that the moderators deleted my words (which was a great refutation of a woman hater that constantly degrades black women in the Net like a coward), but they will not do it to a woman hater here that slandered most black women as terrorists. The good news is that I recorded my words that they have deleted and I will show it all over the Internet just for that.
Now, The reality is that Regina Bennett is wrong for her actions (Regina is sick and wrong. She should be made accountable for her demented actions), but this is not representative of most black women at all regardless of what Signal7 says (since real Black women are Queens and very Beautiful and intelligent).

Courtney: Your first paragraph is spot on but people who want to degrade, don't work from what is right and fair. They have their minds made up and no amount of real is going to change that. Second, Regina Bennett is 100 percent wrong like you said. But people like the ones you mentioned, who say vile things about black women, people in general, have no backbone,So we can't be all that surprised. At least people who try to be open minded, seem to be coming from a place of some level of understanding. I have watched Tommy Sotomayor a few times, to see what he had to say. He has a right to his opinion although I believe the way he tries to get across some of his messages, may be doing more harm than good.He does not understand how important that is. The people who like what he does, that are working from an angle of hate, misinterpret the issue.
I have not watched all of his videos yet, BUT my opinion is that , he should watch how he says things, if he is trying to get out certain messages. in one of his video's he is right when he says, he is not forcing people to hate black women BUT, he does not take into account that most people , don't think for themselves so, the true message has to be clearer. Otherwise, people lose the context of what is really being said. That's reflective in the majority of posts he gets back. ...As long as he is not GENERALIZING I guess. ( shrugs shoulders) .It seems he just wants to speak about the negative and for those who work from the negative ,most of the time, that captures their attention. That is dangerous because that leaves no room for the opposite of what he does not speaks about, which is the BEAUTY of African American/Black women to become fair and balanced discussions...
Thank you truth for always SPEAKING up for Black Women and Black Men.

Thank you for your words Sister.
I can not mention all that I want to mention about Tommy Sotomayor here since I have to be TV G here. You are so compassionate Sista. With a man like me, I can be sensitive (to you and others since you are definitely 100 percent real with you having true love for our community and making a difference in the lives of many human beings), but towards others, I have to speak my mind in a politically incorrect fashion. Also, I like to listen to Neely Fuller, Trojan Pam, and others.
You are right that those who slander black women, women in general, black men, and people in general have no backbone. They are cowards and traitors to our people. Many of them refuse to confront poverty, racial oppression, or any form of oppression in the world. They refuse to look at the complexities of society. So, they project their insecurities at black people (which they make a scapegoat for the horrendous system of white supremacy). Like always, we can be constructive without fear mongering or evil hatred. As black men and black women, we bring great insight into the table of discourse. We are equal in our intellectual power, in our human value, and in our fundamental drive for Justice. Likewise, we can respect our physical, emotional, physiological, and other differences that we have as well in a progressive fashion. I can learn a lot of from various black men and various black women as a means to understand the world better and be more inspired to fight for black liberation.
Thank you for speaking up strongly for Black Women and speaking up for Black Men as well (with your great words about us Brothers. You were raised by a Strong Father, a Strong Mother, and a Strong Family across many backgrounds. We all love your inspirational life. You are Blessed and all of us who are real respect you a Great Deal Sister Courtney). Thank You Dear Sister for your words and your Strength. We are all in this same struggle for liberation and we will win with the Help of God, our Ancestors, and our people. On a lighter note: I recently got my edge up and my goatee is shaped up greatly, so everything is all good Sis. LOL. :)

Thank you. I'm reading the haters comment toward you and it's the typical nonsense spewed against stand up men. Why do some males think that when a man can talk to women, that they are simps.? I know men like you. You understand what black women go through and what they need. But black women also understand that, when MEN like you ,mean business, when its time to get your roar on, We step back so men can deal with business. The hater, does not know what that is about. They think, controlling women, talking down to them, cursing them out,making babies and cooking is the only thing women are good for, in his world. He does not understand ,generally speaking that, men who respect women can get women to listen and trust and eventually submit to men who understand that women and men are pairs that come full circle. smh Anyway,Keep being you.Women here respect your leadership,intelligence,wisdom,care and concern. Black men and women, can learn a lot from each other, when they are not fighting each other but listening more. You have a great family thats full of togetherness and love. Protect that and keep it near.Your mother and father should be so proud ...Bless you and yours. :)
lol, Well, you can never go wrong with a goatee. :)


Me: Go ahead with you bad self then. :) Sista Courtney.
There is a time to be logical (like if I am dealing with bills or handling other affairs of life) and there is a time to be emotional (if I want to celebrate joy or root for a team) at certain times in life. It is all about balance. Continue to show your Great Wisdom.

Courtney: Hello Truthseeker2436577 I see. He see's women a certain way, thats fine but women being other ways, does not make them wrong.. No man in their right mind, would have an issue with women who are emotional and can be logical.. Um, women tend to be emotional and nurturing. People that can see both perspectives,can work out issues between them.

Me: Hello to you too.

You are correct. Life flows in cycles and life is never mechanical or extremely scientific all of the time. Sometimes, life will throw a curveball and we have to adjust to it in a great fashion. Humans are dynamic filled with logic and emotion. We can handle each in a strong fashion as a means to grow our maturity and our social development. A man or a woman showing emotion and logic is just a part of being human. That is the real and that's the deal. Goodnight Sista Courtney. A Brother is about to get some Sleep now. LOL. Peace Lovely Sister.

Courtney: Lol, its how I see life so thank you. You always have such intelligent things to say and always defending black men and women who deserve to be defended. You never make excuses or paint black people with one large brush. As we all know, their are issues and solutions to them. At the same time, so many black men an women, do not fall into these negative stereotypes that we see some on here speak about. For those who never see anything good about black women only means, they are dealing with things that's reflective inside of them. One day, they will wake up. I know what you are talking about today, about getting some sleep. lol I plan on doing that myself, after I write back a few more .:) You are a blessing to everyone here and such a strong, inspirational man. Thank you.

Me: Thank you your words. I am a fair man and I never paint broad brushes against any human being. I do realize that life is filled with complexities and unique dynamics. You defend our people with compassion and strength. Hopefully, those deceived about society will wake up. Some of our community have woken up indeed. The reality is that we should continue fighting for justice. Our ancestors never stopped fighting and we will never stop because we can't stop. We can use mentorships, fund black conscious groups, institute other unique solutions, and fund local black businesses as well. Like you have mentioned, there is great value in Black Men and especially Black Women. You as a black woman and me as a black man complement each other in great ways. We go through similar struggles and we love the essence of our black identity too. Sister, you are the one that is inspirational too. You go out of your way to give advice and outline tolerant words here. Your light stay shining and that is a great asset for our people. I will always defend you and appreciate the goodness that you bring here and in lives of our community. Your family should be thankful of a great Sista like you. All of us who are real here love you as a Great Black Woman. You are a glorious inspirational woman inside and out. :) I care for you and I respect you. Thank you Sister.

Courtney: Good afternoon. You are so right. Our ancestors never stopped fighting. You touched upon something so profound and that is. like you stated "there is great value in Black Men and especially Black Women. You as a black woman and me as a black man complement each other in great ways. We go through similar struggles and we love the essence of our black identity too".
And because of this, we should be a bit more tolerant of each other as black men and women,and in general. Great black MEN and WOMEN exist not only here in America, not only in different states and cities,but around the world and on this site. They know who they are. :) It does not cost anything , to say something to someone that will help them understand things. But I'm also a believer in how things are said. That includes me too...If you want good for yourself, then how could you not want it for others? OUr experiences make up different but we share a common struggle as well as issues. All the more reason to learn from one another,uplifting each other, showing those differences so others can relate but having respect for each other in the search for common grounds on issues. I can only share what I know like others.NO one is better than anyone else .I can tolerate a lot like most black women, men, people but somethings we shouldn't have to and won't..I appreciate your words, your gentle nature, strong leadership,intelligence, laid back nature.. Your family should be so proud. I respect you too so thank you back. :)

Me: Good afternoon Sister
You are so great and eloquent with your words. We inspire each other and I am filled with joy in the sense that we can help our people in a myriad of ways. Have a Blessed and Nice Day Sister Courtney. :)

Courtney: Likewise and absolutely. Have a wonderful day too Truthseeker2436577 :)