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Note by Me: Dr. King called himself a demosocialist, so it's not a big deal for me. A man has the right to accept whatever philosophy he wants. No economic philosophy is 100% perfect, yet it's 100% legitimate to call for labor rights, economic freedom, real liberties, social justice, and real justice for all peoples. It's a big deal for reactionaries that feel that anyone to the left of Glen Beck or to the left of Bill O'Reilly is a hardcore Communist.

By Timothy

I just got a letter from BO c/o DNC!

Here's the reply (roughly, from memory) that I sent back in the comment section of the fund raiser, in the prepaid envelope. (Note: I have never given any money to the DNC; no idea why I am on the list but I use the return SASE.)
"No drones, respect civil liberties, respect treaties, respect international law, create a federal jobs program. P.S. I gave my contribution to Occupy Wall Street." signed "one of the 99%" That's all I can remember.

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Ok.It's obvious you subscribe to the Herman Cain school of thought.We see what happened to him,didn't we?To use the word victimhood let's me know that you were schooled well by the racist scholars of America.Countless studies have shown that there is indeed a glass ceiling in America's economic and social spheres and that racism is pervasive in all sectors.The police slaughtered brothers wholesale and with impunity in the 60's and are still doing it today and getting away with it.Brotherman,why don't you save face and refrain from commenting on these black sites.You let the world know how insanely foolish you are.

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your stock is rising with me my brother. I hear you loud and clear. I tend not to express myself in the same way that you do, but you speak much truth. However, this has always been the debate among us. Do we shut up and take it? Or do we fight back? I personally say that we fight with those that fight with us. But Im not sure if we as a people have figured out when we should fight, versus when we should remain silent. One thing that is for d___ sure is that we have kept silent for FAR TOO LONG. And im not talking about yelling, screaming, and marching my brother. But I also do not advocate running in the streets burning down our own neighborhoods.

I think the masses of us need to come together and figure some things out. THis needs to be done by black people, and only black people, no black political figures need to be present, because they have already been bought and paid for. We dont need them bringing us down with their compromising spirit with the agents of white supremecy. Keep speaking these truths my brother.
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Almost brung a tear to my eye. Why? Because conscious Blacks shouldn't be a minority in our own community with all that has taken place. As I live life I always picture Garvey, and Khalid Muhommad watching my moves. That makes me conscious in what i say, do, and decline to do. I believe we have to start off at step one. No house gets built w/o a solid foundation so our's must be constructed out of IRON. Create a council of elders, go in a assigned location, shut the doors, and TALK, BUILD, LISTEN, and REMEMBER as Sankofa teaches us because the past gives us the blueprint for tomorrow. Its fairly simple to know what to do, but we cant do it w/o first uniting. After every game even the winners review game tape; how does the past not matter? We're gonna have Buck Eyes and turncoats for sure, but so what? That shouldn't slow what we know must be done. UNITY and education. I have children. If it's up to me they'll be the most most well read, knowledgeable, and wise Blacks to ever live. Better than me, better than Elijah Muhommad, better than Haile Sallassie. I challenge other Blacks to do better than what I'll do with them. How about if we all compete to make the children great they'll all be phenomenal tomorrow? That's what our elders did for us (our tried to, and died trying). That's why the Panthers did school and breakfast programs for the chidren, but the powers that be would degrade them and only have them remembered as a group of thugs. I believe we're on the same wave link bro. Hotep

Van Jones

We saw this in his stated reasons for accepting resignation from his advisor position on green jobs. When he came to Temple this March and I asked him why he accepted his resignation, he said Obama was trying to pass healthcare. I knew then that if he was willing to step down as WH advisor because of racist exaggerations by Republicans, then he certainly would not mind being used by the corporate Democrats to co-opt grassroots movements like OWS. Thank you Glen for reminding us we have to keep this OWS movement independent of the lethal two party mainstream who helped engineer this recession in the first place. -RF.


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So many ww and the black males who also defend these same ww are allowed too much to go unchecked by bw. I really do not know who these people think they are but we black women need to let these racist ww and these bm who support these same women, we need to let them know their place, now we don't want to go to jail for fighting and shiite, there are others ways, but black women need to look after their own gender more, and let these racist ww who think the can talk ish that it will not be tolerated, when most of them are all talk, they need to realise bw will show them what their life is all about and same for these phoney black men.

GWBush Sr & Jr Are Descendents of the British Royal Family...

Its probably true that the Bushes are descendents of the Mayflower gang; but I know for a fact they are decendents of the British Royal family as is/was John Kerry, & Obama's Mama, FDR, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, etc... If you really study these facts you probably conclude that the US Presidency is in effect an extension of the British Royal Family.
IMO: The core issue is not the Puritans [which is not to deny anything you pointed out above], nor Dims vs Repugs, nor so-called 'Liberal' vs conservative, nor Capitalism vs Communism- these are just different facists of the core issue. For non-white people the core issue is White Supremacy & White Domination over non-whites- Thats NOT to condenm white folks per-se' -but- any-one white or non-white infected w the madness of White-Supremacy! And make no-mistake about it- House-Negros like O-bomb-em, Susan & Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Uncle Judge Thomas, etc- are products of white-supremacy- thus they've bought into this white-supremacist system hook-line-&-Stinker! Bro Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, articulated so well - “We’ve got to uproot this system {of white supremacy}, so that our people & all people of the World can live,” - He went on further to explain that the concept of the Euro {white}Race was invented in the 1600s in order to unify whites, even those who had no personal stake in slavery, vis-a-vis non-whites whose cultures were under attack by & whose lands, resources & even the people [Africans] themselves were being stolen by Europeans infected w the madness of white-supremacy!


MdeborahModerator18 hours ago
I've been around there since Monday, Sept. 19th and the first two weeks it was an entirely different story. That was the day I sat there and told them the stories of the slaves who built that wall on Wall street, who were the first stock on the exchange, who were forced to clear the old Indian Trail now called Broadway and who were lynched on Maiden Lane, Bowling Green and the very Wall street they scream about. They listened at first but when the money and the media and the infiltration came things changed by week 3. I knew they would. The only way many will ever learn the hell we and the Native Americans go through is to suffer the same indignities and live with it or not.
After the raid there was one girl screaming about how the police came and beat them up and did what they did to them and I had to remind her that before there was a Harlem and we were in it we were in every part of this city and we lived a nightmare. Riot after riot where crazed Irishmen during the draft riots in 1861 tried to raid every police station holding Blacks to kill them, how they burst into Alexander Abraham's home that he shared with his Mother up on 27th st. and 7th avenue where FIT stands now and dragged him out and lynched him in front of his mother. After the cops came and cut him down, the mob came back and strung up his dead body, tore pieces out of his body and set him ablaze. We ran to the outskirts of the city such as Weeksville in Brooklyn and Bergen, NJ.
I told her stories about how in 1900 one Black man had to defend his wife from being raped by a plainclothes cop on 41st St. /8th Ave. When the White man went to hit him for interrupting the attack he stabbed him and killed him. Two days later no Black person once again would be able to walk this city in peace for crazed Whites once again went after every single Black person would be under attack. This time when they appealed for help from the mob, the cops threw people back to the crowds to have their way.
Thomas Jennings who invented the dry scouring process did it right there on Church street, a stone's throw from Zucotti Park. He was the first Black man in American to own a patent and would form a vigilante group to defend Blacks from incessant attacks from maniacal Whites in this city. His clothing store was the largest and quite successful on Church street. Incidentally on that same street on Church and Leonard St. was a church started by Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas. Thomas Jennings daughter, Elizabeth Jennings Graham successfully sued the trolley system after being thrown off a horse driven car in the 1890's to make way for a White man after she paid her fare on the only car that allowed Blacks that Sunday on her way to church. This occurred on Chatham and Pearl streets. When she died she was living at 271 W. 41st street.
She was represented by a future President Harding who would admit that relatives on both sides of his family jumped the fence.
I notice that so many of our folks don't know this history and that's just a smidgen of what used to go on there. We long for the old days of Harlem but it's downtown and every other part of this city we were once in fromwhat's now Chinatown andLittle Italy to Broome/Spring/Mercer St. to once burying our dead outside of Chambers street where we had to build yet another wall to keep "enemies" from entering the city limits at that time. We're buried on Greene street at the African burial ground but the graves of our ancestors number over 20,000 over the entire area.
In all of this I had to tell her about the hell of the Native Indians, on Lenapehoking (Land of the People) had to endure when being massacred or removed from a place they had lived for thousands of years. At that time they respected the land and the land returned the favor. I had to impress upon her in such a way that she understood that the cops, a group formed first formed by rich slave owners to patrol the slaves in NY and across the country were there once again to protect the interests of the elites. Just like back in the indentured slave/servant days, we're living this mess again and now you get to repeat the history that was suppressed. Welcome to America. She said "I'm from New Orleans!" I said "read Sally Mueller, the Lost German Slave Girl and get back to me about New Orleans. "
Sally Mueller is the true story of a German indentured servant who traveled as a child with her family. Both parents die, she is separated from her siblings and then the owner of her child labor decides to say she is Octoroon or Quadroon and keep her as a slave and everything that went with it. She and the reporter couldn't handle it. I then went on a walk up church street and stopped at the corner of church and Leonard to say a silent prayer of thanks to Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and to Nanny - Harriet Tubman's Jamaican counterpart. You know, they didn't lynch all the valuable slaves back in those days, they sent the most rebellious off to the Caribbean. For a moment I can imagine Thomas Jennings getting a kick out of George Jefferson playing a dry cleaner in NYC. Those shows are so poignant even to this day although he needed to stop with all that honky nonsense and give Tom a break.
Ok, I've said enough but I'll leave everyone with this: Survival is the legacy of our ancestors including the White ones that risked life and limb for us. Take a look at our situation in comparison to our ancestors and recapture what they did to keep themselves together. We walk passed Church Street and you would never think we were ever there. We encounter scared, prejudiced Whites who want you out of the way or under control just like our ancestors encountered on all the streets of NY and always that threatening cop ready to stop and frisk
this is a classic example of speaking when you have no knowledge of what your talking about. he's just saying something to get ppl in his party (middle class and upper class white ppl) something to agree with him for votes cause they don't know nothing about living in a poor neighborhood and being part of the percentile that never gets mentioned... the ones that do come in early on monday and stay late on fridays, and are consistent with attendence at work and have been doin that for years. if that's the case, many of these businesses wouldn't be where they are today cause a big percentage of employees come from those very same poor neighborhoods. and those same ppl he's talking about pay taxes just like everybody else.     
-A Person
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"aren't you all americans?"

Nah homie, this country has really never seen or treated blacks as if we are americans....And this occupy thing is no different. We , blacks are only seen as americans when the whites want us to fight for them...We are americans when the gov't wants to send our brothers and sisters to wars, we are american when they NEED our numbers and strength for something they want accomplished. Then it's back to basics and blacks having to fight tooth and nail for whatever we manage to gain....

They can have this occupy movement......
The411Moderator1 day ago
Well, I participated at an OWS movement for a day just to see beyond the biases of the news. I found a bunch of disgruntled yt people who were very slowly and haphazardly trying to piece together why the lie they base their very existence on was coming apart. A lie to have the same rights of their high class counterparts. A lie in which guarantees their comfortability of their survival. Their yt privilege is being threatened and diminished. They aren't getting their piece of the pie that was/is guaranteed by being yts for the past centuries.

Now, I came with a peace offering and donated bottled water. The first few hours I sat closely around people and was ignored as other yts talked to each other about how badly all politicians were, what their bosses did to them and/or how much their students loans were. When I politely tried to join, I was cut short or asked questions like "why don't Black people like or want to vote for Herman Cain". Same ol' ignant yt folks!

When I got back home my coonish friend stated I should have kept going because once the yt folks restore jobs, it trickles down to Black people. But nahhh, this is primarily THEIR fight, because I betcha many aren't hoping for liberty and justice for All. It's their survival. And since they are fighting for their piece of the pie, they should have done this mess years ago! Before allowing politicians they voted in to make trade agreements which prompted corporations to leave America, and destruction of vital checks and balances which made this country into a corporate owned one - to name a few. Now the yts and the corporations they own have become a heart worm to this country ---- sold it out, and are sucking every last breath out us and their own folks too!
I have little to no respect for such "pastors".

Do you think Jesus went into the temple going in on the money changers with a PC approach?

Hell no, he turned the place upside down and ran those fools out of there

Do you think Jesus held his tongue when he was preaching to folks on how to live and showing them the error of their ways? Do you think he sold out and watered down his message just so he could get some more tithes and offerings?

Hizell no.

So why are preachers selling out and pandering? If anything they should be the first in line to tell it like it is.

But IMO these days the church and it's leaders have no backbone. They are corrupt and too easily influenced by the prospect of money and power/influence, so I wouldn't expect them to be a driving force towards positive change in the community.
-A Person
LA StoneModerator1 day ago
And then there's that problem where we might get the SH!T beat out of us. Occupying While Black. They're pepper spraying their own white college kids. LOL I saw that and figured they were sending a clear message to us. Imagine what we would do to you. There's no chance I'm going to be out there.

But I also feel very strongly that it's kind of unrealistic for us to hope that the same people who enslaved us and continue to relentlessly hate us are looking to give us jobs in any appreciable numbers. If we can't find ways to earn money without begging for jobs from the oppressor, then we will continue on this downward trajectory that we're on. At this point, they are struggling to employ their own people. We're not even a thought for them. Once they find that their tables are again overflowing with prosperity, they will allow a few scraps to fall off for us to scramble over. We must become self reliant like other groups. I'm currently employed full time for "tha man", but I'm hoping that this will be the last time I have to do this. I ran my own business for about 8 years and I'm looking to do it again in 2012.


My exwife is white and she is nuts. My ex gf right after her is even nuttier. They both had a "Teena Marie" mentality which quickly turned valley girlish when other white people were around. That was enough for me to just leave them (white women) alone. Over time, I have grown to not even find them attractive. Honestly, the more I pay attention to whats considered a "beautiful" white woman the more I realize the traits that separate them from the run of the mill white women are black women features. Dont believe in the stereotype that white women are submissive....theyre not. Frankly Im disgusted in myself for being gone from black women so long. All these beautiful black women and my dumb a___ chose to give myself to women who dont deserve to have me. Im not saying Im a super successful black man. Im far from that, I am a convict who started my own legit business 5 years ago. My business is small but the potential for growth is great and my income exceeds fiance's. My fiance, a black woman, is college educated and gainfully employed. She never judged me for going to jail. She doesnt even bring it up because she loves me for me. She loves my scarred hands, my blue collar work uniform, my tattoos, my lowriders,my white t shirts 501 jeans and Stacy Adams....basically she loves me for me and not what her friends deem a "successful black man". I dont need a 401k or a suit and tie gig, she drives a BMW I dont have to because its not what I like. I drive a truck, an old dependable Chevy truck at that, because Im humble...until Sunday lol thats when I pull out my 83 Coupe DeVille on D's and hydraulics. She's doesnt care what her friends think of it either. My woman wont hesitate to roll with me to car shows or for a Sunday cruise and a bite to eat.

There's a lot of us good black men out there... just stop trying to make us into something we are not. If you want a n___ black man....find one. If you want a professional business black man....find one. If you want an athlete...find one. Whatever youre looking for is out there just give us chance. For awhile I stopped believing in you (black women)...I was a fool. I can tell you from the stories I heard when I was locked up. A lot of us made mistakes early on in life but dont let that be the reason why you pass a lot of us by. I love my woman and I thank God everyday that He finally gave me a good black woman who loves me for me. Those white they are living out a forbidden fantasy...taboo. Thats all it is. In my entire life, Ive only seen one interracial couple stay married for over 10 years....what does that say ?

--buffalo soldier


Just my opinion but the reason why a white woman won't get pregnant is because they don't want the black man in the first place. Just his NBA, NFL money. The thought of having a black child even for the purposes of child support disgusts most of them.

If it wasn't for the sports dollars these same white women would not give them the time of day or look in their direction and probably cross the street if they saw him coming in their direction.

Years ago I had a white girlfriend/golddigger who dated a legendary sports star (hint: I live in chicago so your first guess as to the legend is correct) and other celebs as well.

Did he give her things/money - Yes!
Did they have sex - Yes!
Did she want his child - Hell-2-da-Naw

She would not think of showing up at her moms house with a dark skinned baby. After all what would her german father say? He would disown her. But money is green.

I was young and assumed that she had no issues about having black friends cause she liked black men so much. But when I realized that it's not blacks she liked, just black men (and only ones with money), I realized that I had befriended a racist white c___ and stopped all communication with her.

-A Person
You must be talking about that hoochie Kendra that is married to the basketball player, no.. I don't watch the show but saw a clip on where hubby was headed out looking for ways to earn money and she said something to the effect "yea, you need to go make that money" with attitude in her voice.Icon_confused

-lovelyone (A Black Woman)


Paltrow notices sowmthing that deeply upsets white racists and some racially biased blacks as well---that younger people are coming more and more to see each other as HUMAN BEINGS. They are more and more able to appreciate the BEAUTY in human diversity.
But I think they need also see the importance of recognizingh and breaking down INSTITUTIONALIZED inequaiity still existing along racial lines.

Nonetheless, there is progress. Look at the OWS Movmeent that is sweeping America and the world: It is the color of the rainbow

Seahag12Moderator1 day ago
I think Black Americans are not protesting because in the past, we have always carried the banner and others have stood on our shoulders, without a "thank you" or a nod.

However, I think that this movement will be futile unless a massive and violent riot erupts.

Obama actually took office in 2009, the House was lost in November 2010. Obama's mistake was in not taking a FIRM PROGRESSIVE position such as universal single payer health, and COMPELLING the then discredited Republicans to either cooperate or hit the road. He should have done that starting in 2009. By compromising with a then weak and discredited right wing, he lost the initiative. One has to be strong, and CRUSH the Right if need be. Obama tripped over the stumbling block of his own CENTRISM. In his position, with all the political capital with which he began, I would have hanged the Republicans out to dry.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Videos and More Information

Yes, it was that wild and that out of control in America just less than 50 years ago. It's sitll wild in some parts of the USA today in 2011 and 2012.

By Timothy

When Men and Women of color love each other unconditionally in it's puriest form, that is the most powerful force in the universe and known to mankind. Fam. Love is as strong as death is! Hotep.


Yes,excellent view.Black men STOP 'blaming ' Black women and Black women STOP 'blaming' Black Men.Black gender war is INSANITY. Counter white supremacy and replace it with justice.


Thanks for raising the profile of this wonderful sister,Ida B.Wells,our beloved heroine.She saved many lives & showed us how to resist.
  • @yorubablk3
    Well sister ida b wells was definitely one of our most beloved sister warriors in our time,but this discussion was about the lynching that took place on December 3rd,2010 to the young brother frederick jermaine carter, and the queen here in this show made sure to wrap around this discussion, the heroine acts and courage of our brothers and sisters of the past during even worse conditions, and tie it into why our people of today arent awake enough to realize it ain't no different

  • Beautiful women on the video. Why should black women care what men of another race think about them ? It's time that black men start honoring the women that look like our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, etc. Other races cherish their women. Any feature you want can be found in the black woman. The black woman is the mother of mankind. It all started with the black woman. Also, those of us with kids gotta start teaching our kids to love themselves. The media is not our friend.


    IwillbfreeModerator14 hours ago
    Pharmaceutical companies aka [DRUG stores], and pharmacists [DRUG dealers] are the BIGGEST LEGALIZED 'distributors' on the planet, givng out those pills and other DRUG RELATED prescriptions, are killing people, just like the street dealers, who are killing our people with the same chemi(kills) they are dealing at Rite-Aid and Walgreens.



    Lindsey Lohan is one of the biggest drug heads, in hellyweird, and gets off ALL the time!


    Malcolm KyleModerator7 hours ago
    Not only does the US have the highest rate of incarceration on the planet, but the racial disparity of arrests, convictions and imprisonment have become grossly pronounced. Nationwide Afro-Americans are arrested, convicted and imprisoned disproportionately. Thirty-seven percent of drug-offense arrests are Afro-Americans, 53 percent of convictions are of Afro-Americans, and 67 percent -- two-thirds of all people imprisoned for drug offenses -- are Afro-Americans. This is depute the fact that Afro-Americans do not use drugs at a perceivable higher rate than white Americans. - 8.2% of whites and 10.1% of blacks use illicit drugs.

    Much of the voting rights & victories won by the civil rights movement during the 1960s have effectively been eroded. Nearly 5 million people are now barred from voting because of felony disenfranchisement laws. The United States is the only industrial democracy that does this.

    Drug prohibition has become a successor system to Jim Crow laws in targeting black citizens, removing them from civil society and then barring them from the right to vote. If harsh sentences deterred illicit drug use, America would be "drug-free" by now. But that is not the case, and never will be. The drug war has given the "former land of the free" the highest incarceration rate in the world and disenfranchised millions of citizens. It is a cure worse than the disease.

    Don't expect them to pay attention to violent crime. It works in their favor and the court still gets paid when they arrest the killer, while the victim family does nothing but suffer. Just look at how many people get pay checks when someone kills another person or other people. Why would they want to stop it?


    Shangri LaModerator2 hours ago
    What is happening, what has always happened, is a plan that was certainly put together years in advance, directed toward removing the black population from the planet. Crack was introduced to the black community by the controllers. Guns were, alcohol, gambling and perversion is handed to us on a silver platter and the messengers (rappers, the so-called singers on stages today, actors, women who have been made the biggest stars by being the most sexual) are paid handsomely for their work. Trust me, the money that our favorite rappers tease us about because they have it and we don't, is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the real money that the controllers have compiled, largely from the free labor and torture and dehumanization of our enslaved ancestors.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Information in late November 2011

    The corpoarate pirates who constitute the top 1% of the population, and have lock on most of the weath, are the ones who have driven the economy into the ground. It was driven into the ground BEFORE Obama was elected. And speakin of the "race card," it seems that it is Cain who serves up that piece of demagoguery with his nonsense about Blacks being brainwashed to vote Republcan.CAin is playing thw WHITE RACIST card, and he is there precisely to be able to play that card without charges of racism. But white racism is white racism even when a Negro buffoon is promoting on behalf of white corporate massa. What's interesting is that while American racism certainly crosses all political lines--right, left and center--the MOST vehemently and stubbornly racist elements nearly always come from the Right. And yet it is the right that is always complaining about Blacks using the race card---unless those blacks, like Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas--are playing the race card AGAINST Black folk on behalf of their right wing white masters. And if there is a Medusian stare of which many whites are afraid, perhaps it's their OWN IMAGE in the mirror. Better than to cover the ugly visage of bigotry with a smiling, clowning and accomodating Negro face. But whence comes this face? ENTER: Herman Cain.



    Note by Me: I don't agree with the Jesuits for obvious reasons (you can find their real history in libraries, books, and the net that isn't shown in the media), but I agree with these acts to fight against poverty in America.


    Well there's several things wrong with that thought:
    1) every other developed nation is not on the gold standard either. It's become obsolete to rely on gold as a use of money. What are you going to do? Give someone a piece of gold to purchase something?
    2) Tax cuts increase the deficit.
    3) Eliminate income taxes and the federal government basically loses its main source of revenue. Besides, every other developed nation also has an income tax, I don't think you can escape it by moving.


    Of course JFK was right that we must maintain good public health to remain strong as a nation. My girlfriend was surprized that John Kennedy was a US Navy veteran and that he also personally directed the embargo of Soviet missile imports to Cuba. Why is this not in public school history books? Are we remiss of educating our public of these essential facts?


    That's not really true...Canada for example has a 5% federal tax on top of the regular sales tax and they still have an income tax and while the government deficit is alot less than the US, they still have some deficit. Since it's a consumption tax, the government only receives what people spend, nothing more. It does pay for universal healthcare though.

    What isn't mentioned is JFK reduced the tax rate from 78% to 72% he would not have reduced it to 35% that is just insane!!!


    What you say is right on short run, but what about the long run? Cutting taxes in recession mean you have to adjust and avoid structural deficit, otherwise big problem will come. It's not just taxes, it's everything. Sure, cutting taxes could help on the AD-AS model, but a government could spend more on stuff that have a big multiplier (e.g: public road) to bring the economy to the full potential. It's like clothes : a XXX T-shirt does not fit everyone all the time.


    This is a comment i read in a you tube video:
    MAN bg lane from southside compton crip did it
    finch,brim1,and brooks
    brooks was working at that casino that day
    tha dude who killed pac got a myspace to this day cuzz
    pac got killed cuz he never experience tha la gang life and he punched out the wrong crip(that's one reason why he got killed)
    but it was also reggie wright's fault becuase he didn't provide the proper sucurity for pac after the fight and before the fight
    he should of had pac on a tight leash
    i just gave u the n____ that killed pac
    brim,finch,baby gangster lane and some other n_____  from southside compton crip
    they went to the hood and bragged about it at south park loc
    yea i know the n____  that killed tupac
    well finch got killed a week later after pac got killed
    brim got shot but the buster _____________ lived
    bg monk with the caddilac got killed
    brooks still out their living
    baby lane dead he got killed by the stones from poccet hood compton crip
    brim is living well and he got a daughter that just graduated from compton high and he got a son name tk brim3 he a light skinned _______________
    brim is 6'3 200 pounds a ball ________________

    -A Person



    If that speech was given today, Fox would be calling President Kennedy a socialist, Marxist, Nazi and communist (like they do Obama) who hates America and wants it to fail. Hannity, Beck and the other clowns would be calling for his resignation. No question about it.

    SimplyComplex_87Moderator2 days ago
    lol...keep taking your vacays and eating healthy, Michelle...while you watch Limbaugh's chubby face turn even redder in the frustration that his fat ass can't be healthy and fly out on his own Boeing 757 like you.

    i love to see racist mofos get their panties in a bunch when blacks fare better than's absolutely hilarious.




    "I read an article online today and I was shocked to read so many people believe Africans just sold their own into slavery just like that. I wanted to comment on the article, but the comment section had been disabled so I couldn't comment that is why I am making this post to let people know that Africans weren't that stupid to have sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery.

    We were stupid to have allowed the white strangers into our land in the first place but we weren't that stupid to have sold our own brothers and sisters into slavery just like that. We allowed the white strangers into our land because they said they "come in peace".

    According to my grandfather, In those days when there was no Christianity and no modern day government system in Africa, Kings, Queens, and other traditional rulers ruled their kingdoms as heads of states and judged cases according to the rules and regulations of the land. Those who disobeyed the laws of the land were punished and those who obeyed and sacrificed for the land were rewarded accordingly.

    Although every land had some prison facilities, those prisons weren't meant for large groups of criminals so those who killed were killed. Those who stole paid dearly for it. Those who slept with people's wives were banished from the land. Children who disobeyed elders were punished accordingly. And so on.

    My country Ghana in West Africa was a major Slave Trade Post (Headquarters) where slaves from different parts of Africa were brought and arranged before shipping abroad.

    When the White strangers first came to Africa, we were not sure about their intentions so most communities drove them away from their lands but the White strangers managed to convince some of our traditional rulers that they had not come to cause any harm but just to preach the good news and to trade with the local people. Some of the local chiefs along the coast started accepting the White strangers by giving them a place to stay.

    The White strangers started building missionary centers where they stayed and preached the gospel and also traded with the local people. But they later on expanded those missionary centers into forts and castles where they packed slaves before shipping them abroad.

    The white strangers did not understand the local language and the local people did not understand a word the white strangers were saying so it made communication very difficult. Because of that the white strangers went to the local rulers and asked the local rulers to give them some of the local people to train so they can speak the foreign language which would make communication easier but none of those local rulers were ready to give their people out to go stay with those white strangers.

    Later on some of the local rulers came up with an idea that, instead of killing those who killed, they could actually give those criminals to the white strangers so the white strangers could preach the gospel to them and also train them in the foreign language in order to aid communication which is better than killing those criminals. So those traditional rulers gave these criminals out to the white strangers and to show appreciation, those white strangers gave gifts like bottles of wine, mirrors, etc. to the traditional rulers. That was how the white strangers got their first "local servers".

    So those local people lived and served the white strangers in the castles and forts and learned the foreign language which enabled them translate the local language for the white strangers and the foreign language to the local people. This helped a lot in communication.

    Those local people living with the white strangers served and worshiped them so well to the point where the white strangers began asking for more. Because of the benefits they derived from these local servers, some of the white strangers took some local servers with them on their return home. Back home (abroad) they found those local servers very useful and decided to come back for more.

    They realized that if they bring more of these local servers abroad, they could use them to work on their plantation farms back home to make more money. They also realized they could sell some of these 'local servers' to their friends and relatives and make more money and that was why most of those white strangers returned with the intention of picking more local servers (this time around, slaves).

    So, they returned for slaves but no local ruler was ready to sell his people out except those criminals I mentioned earlier on and prisoners of war (tribal wars). In my country for example, the Ashantis and those living in the interior parts of the country did not want to have anything to do with the white strangers.

    In fact the first white stranger who set foot on the Ashanti empire did not return. But the white strangers needed slaves and more slaves so what they did was that, they created confusion among the various tribes so that there would be more tribal wars and more war prisoners so they could get more slaves and that was exactly what they did. As time went on, the white strangers started supplying some of the local warriors with guns to enable them wound and catch more war prisoners for them and in return the white strangers started giving those local warriors gifts to encourage them catch more prisoners of war for them.

    In other words, the more tribal conflicts the white strangers created, the more slaves they got so those white strangers created even more confusion amongst tribal groups and communities. In my country for example, because the Ashanti empire was so powerful to defeat, the white strangers created so much confusion and so much wars between the Ashantis and the neighboring tribes and in some cases supplied some of those neighboring tribes with guns to enable them defeat the Ashantis.

    The white strangers continued this until they were able to defeat the Ashantis and took away the King of the Ashantis (Nana Prempeh I) and the queen mother (Nana Yaa Asantewaa) and several others just to break the Ashanti Kingdom apart even after slavery so they can colonize and control the Ashanti gold,etc.

    So, to conclude, we Africans did not sell our own brothers and sisters into slavery just like that. We were deceived and we were manipulated and the most painful part is that, some of my people were too blind to see which is very bad."


    Now, what; white b___?


    The Time Has Come (1964-66)
    After a decade-long cry for justice, a new sound is heard in the civil rights movement: the insistent call for power. Malcolm X takes an eloquent nationalism to urban streets as a younger generation of black leaders listens. In the South, Stokely Carmichael and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) move from "Freedom Now!" to "Black Power!" as the fabric of the traditional movement changes.


    whowantz2knoModerator5 hours ago (on Pat's comments)
    I would have told him....."You damn right it's a black thing....Matter of fact, ALL the food you white folks eat are a BLACK THING, cause we all know y'all can't cook worth s___ and always been too damn lazy to find your own food"

    Then I would have said..."What is murder, slavery and genocide....isn't that a white thing?"

    See.....These damn black news heads and ppl in the media don't know how to verbally yet politely smash on these silly a___ white folks. They just laugh or shrug the s____ off like it's nothing...Perhaps it is nothing, BUT I'd have to let those arrogant white beasts know that I'm not the one to fool with like that....Save your slick side jokes for obama, because BLACK PEOPLE will get you told!

    I guess that's why I never strove to be in the media spotlight....With this overtly sarcastic ass character I have, I wouldn't stand a chance....Biting my tongue has never been my strong point.....
    inalej21Moderator22 hours ago
    "That Old Racist Pat Robinson (Obama Hater), Makes A Complete Fool Out Of Kristi Watts, Has Anyone Checked Out Those Two On The 700 Club - It Is Pitifully Ridiculousness"???

    "Whatever GOD He (Pat Robinson) Is Serving, I Don't Want NO Parts Of Him" ! ! !
    missbettyModerator4 hours ago
    Roberts has had dementia for years Before that he was and still is a lying scam artis preying on weak minded who won't think for themselves.It's all about money with him and his family and staff. Him,Beck,Hagee all cut from the same cloth.
    blksouthern_belleModerator1 hour ago
    thats one stupid silly k____.. I've seen all shades of people eat Mac and Cheese and call it "Mac N Cheese"... Mac N cheese is an all- American dish.. What the h____ is he talking about???!!!! Is being that Stupid ..., a white thing???? i'd like to ask him that..... and if he was trying to be funny-he failed miserably!!