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Me: I don't need a study to witness the truth of the very active black father. My father took care of me for years. My father loved my mother for numerous decades. I know fathers in real life that help their children to deal with chores, that educated their children, and cared for their children. So far, I have not seen the mainstream media show this news far and wide in a massive scale. For decades, ignorant folks want to stereotype, scapegoat, and revile fathers. Fathers risked their lives to handle the family, to go out strongly and believe in real security, and to fight for justice in the black community. Also, I did my personal research on this issue and found even greater evidence validating the strong contributions of fathers in the home. So, when you see a liar coming along bashing black men or black women, this study out of many proves the point of the strong value of black fathers period.

Courtney: Tell it:-) so many of us have witnessed it with our own eyes:-) all shades of us :-)

Me: Thank You Courtney. :-)

Sometimes a Brother is going to have to tell it.
Yes, Courtney, Black is Beautiful in all shades.

Courtney: You are welcome. I was watchn some early episodes of the Cosbys and I tell you, extremely special programming,showing the truth about black parents and parenthood. It had nothing to do with them being a Dr and Lawyer but, more to do with structure,love,dicipline, togetherness,having fun,watching growth and so forth. Same can be said about Good times. I think people focus on mundane issues and by past the lessons.People need to realize that, you choose what kind of parent you want to be.That has nothing to do with social ranking and where one comes from. Not when we can think.

Me: That is an excellent point that you have made Courtney. Great points that you have outlined as usual. :). Regardless if a family is upper middle class (as shown by Bill Cosby) or working class poor (like the Good Times show represented), you can see the struggle, the love, the unity, and the care found in the families of those television shows. Watching shows like the Cosbys and Good Times will give you black love and the strength of black families 101. We were raised on such shows and those shows appealed to folks from across backgrounds as well. That great television programming outlined the power and strength of the black family unit. Yes, when we think and understand life, we see that the overall lessons of togetherness, love, and family improvement will exist across income levels in our people. I love both shows. They mixed humor, serious topics, and great lessons that we can all learn in our lives even now in the 21st century. They were great programming in our culture in general. :)

Courtney: And excellent points too. This is how both shows should be viewed. They finally fairly gave an accurate depiction of black family that was always there but, not fully shown. When they do those polls about who was the best t.v mom, Claire Huxtable is always in the top 5 but , in my opinion, should be 1 and Florida Evans. These Lovely ladies were on their JOB, when it came to their family. No compromise.They were a balance of everything. Loved that about them.With the full support and trust of their husbands. That reality was no just a show but fair representation of how many of us as black people grew up. So, I have no idea what these imbeciles are talking about, when they come here ,spewing nonsense.They know its nonsense.

Me: What I loved about the Good Times show was that is showed the diversity of the members of the poor community. Michael was conscious and very intelligent, the father was a Strong Black Man, and Florida Evans was a Strong Black Woman. Florida Evans on many scenes acted as the anchor on the show. The Cosby show showed the father and the mother in the show realistically in a fair representation (as it pertains to the upper middle class environment). Cosby was from the ghetto in real life and he knew about the ghetto and the upper middle class world (so, he is an expert on not only education, but in the dynamics of the black family). Yes, both ladies were strong and used commonsense and resiliency to overcome the challenges displayed on the show. I love a Different World too since it showed the Dwayne character develop from awkwardness to a stronger Black Man (he married the woman that he least expected to marry). The Different World showed many great characters as it relates to college life and human relationships in general. It had humor and serious subjects mixed together in such a great fashion. I don't worry about ignorant folks. Their lies don't matter. We just show the truth honestly and they can't stand it. Great points that you have made Courtney.

Courtney: Only further showing that, it does not matter where one comes from, its how people CHOOSE to live their lives. thelma, the big sis, Jj, michel the wiz kid,dad the hard worker, no nonsense but loving. Florida, always there for her children to count on. Their was way more to these characters too. These two shows wasn't a matter of pitting one against another but, both representing the same core important values of everyday family life. I never understood how many could not see that ,just because they so called couldn't identify with one or the other. If one looks past the surface, you can see how they were very much the same. Some of the most brilliant minds, come from difficult circumstances. Mr Cosby's real life is one testament of that. Like many people. One was not better than the other just, different roads traveling,and,telling the same story. A different World was right behind The Cosby's. Another Cosby production and reality. A Different World was major programming as well. So many diverse characters. Freddy always cracked me up...lmao. Whitely , lol, Rons get rich quick schemes,lol, Kim and Jaleesa, Mr Gaines and them stories, lol, Charmaine, Jada's character. That show just worked on all levels. Great observation. :)

Me: Right Sister. Regardless of where you are from, if you're real, you're real. I have known real people who are poor, middle class, or otherwise. Those 2 shows were about the diversity and the unity found in the black community. The shows were based upon different economic walks of life, but they were very similar in having the love of family, the love of black culture, and the strength of overcoming challenges. I love how TVOne and Centric still show such shows in the world. Very intelligent characters are found in both shows. Mr. Bill Cosby is a very smart man in terms of education and producing. We travel along different roads, but we are heading into the same path of justice and human liberation. Great words Sister and that is what I love about you. :) I just love your dedicated, excellent wisdom. :) Don't get me started on Different World Sweetie. Freddy was funny. When she became a judge, everyone was shocked. Whitley was special and funny. Sometimes opposites do attract since she was the total opposite of Dwayne. Ron was always out to make a buck, but wised up later LOL. Kim was loyal to Whitley always. Jaleesa was very mature since she came into college a little older than the younger students. Mr. Gaines was the rock of the show, because he was older, but he spoke relevant comments about the current generation. RIP to the Brother. Jada's character was interesting and she was spirited, yet conscious. Great Observation from you too. :)

Courtney: Yes they were As you stated, it does not matter where one is from. Who cares. .It was not about one being better than the other, even though, more than enough people did see it that way. That kind of thinking is also present in real life between people meaning, instead of embracing the similarities and differences,plenty want to ostracize based on something that they may not be familiar with.A different world tied all the diversity together.Rip to Mr Gaines. :) Thank you. Likewise.

Me: :-)

Yes RIP to the Brother Mr. Gaines (Lou Myers. He passed away on February 19, 2013). As human beings, we should respect our differences not only our similarities. Only the fearful or the ignorant would bash someone unfairly because of someone's differences basically. Ignorant folks fear what they don't understand. That was the beauty of the Different World. It was a show that tied black people together and these Brothers and Sisters had massive differences (and similarities too). At the end of the day, we care for our families, we care for our community, and we want the best for each other. I appreciate your words that you tell me in private about my family as well. Also, RIP to your Father too Sister. Your father was a great Man and a true hero. I know that he is smiling on you and you are such a great human being Courtney. :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Great, Sweet Conversation with Sister Courtney :) (One of the Greatest Conversations that I had with a Human Being)


Me: Congratulations to both.

Courtney: Congrats to Gabby and Dwayne. They got engaged today on my parents wedding anniversary. :)

Me: On your parents' wedding anniversary. How Sweet. :)

Courtney: Yeah.. It's both a blessing and bittersweet at the same time..Def not the same around here.

Me: I know Sister. I know. Bless your late Father. You almost made me tear up. I rarely tear up. Always remember that your father's strength is in you Sister. I know for a fact that he is proud of you. He is proud of your accomplishments, your musical talents, and your compassion.

Courtney: I'm sorry and thank you...

Me: Goodnight Sister Courtney.

Enjoy the forum. Show the world your views.
You have a great light and I appreciate your wisdom here like so many others. Sistah Soulful Spirit have shown a lot of gems here too. Mirah has shown great words in defending little children. smitty is smitty. LOL. I do miss Erica and Dandelion. Edud is dropping jewels like usual. Msjames210 is showing her uncompromising style like usual in showing the truth. So many Brothers and Sisters here are showing the truth and helping out their communities in real life.
You remind me so much of the compassion and strength of my mother. You inspire me and I inspire you. Thank you for your words and thank you for your gifts to the world.
Peace and Blessings to you. You are a Great Dear Friend. I got your back and you have mine.

Bye Boo. :)

P.S. A Brother is about to get some Sleep now. LOL.

Courtney: I will. I am always going too be me period.Who likes that fine, who does not fine. :) Everyone you mentioned are intelligent and bright and have lots of wisdom to share with others.Today was Solemn but a blessed day.Very special day to me so thank you for your kind words of support.They are met with much gratitude.Have a peaceful night and TTYL. :)

Me: Also, yes Black Love is so Beautiful as others and you have said. :) I wish nothing but great blessings for Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. Football is coming soon and we are both fans of it. Also, I like to listen to inspirational speeches from world leaders to get my mind charged up. Also, I am really into African music now.

Courtney: Yes black love is beautiful. real love like black love and true love of anykind when authentic is beautiful too. everyones journey in life is not the same. gabby and dwayne did things their way and because of it,they are much better off,instead of listening to others who know nothing about what their journeys are about.its great that she did it when she was ready too. I wish them all the love in the world:-) I still hate the heat but I like lebron:-) I have no idea who is playing today. and my knicks. So frustrating.smh you are your own individual and have your own ideas about what works and does not work for you. just keep being sincere, dont push your agenda on others and let your heart shine in your truth.all things deserving will come when its suppose to for you. GOD is your ultimate navigator in life because his intentions are never flawed towards you, (he will let you know whats right for your journey in its stages) wicked towards you, or self serving towards you,but man,human beings are. you run your life and no one else except the man upstairs. Never stop listening to his whispers because every decision you make,is setting you up for greatness, whether others think they have the right to agree with it or not. Understand you or not. It does not matter. People can be slick but come in many forms. True intentions is coupled by understanding and respect.:-) Nothing wrong with listening to African music and speeches:-)

Me:  Love in general is a very powerful force. It can end tensions and grow societies much more fully in a fruitful disposition. Black Love and real, true love in general is holy and great. You are right on that point. True love is more than about goodwill (which should be cherished in our hearts). It about inspiring each other, caring for each other, believing in hope, and standing up for truth. Dwayne and Gabrielle have a strong connection. They are in the 30 plus club, so they are heavily emotionally mature. Your words are so sweet about wishing them the best. :) I know you hate the Heat Sista. LOL. It is what it is. I will definitely look at the Christmas NBA games. I have to look it up to see who is playing today for the Heat and the Knicks. Yes, I have my own views.
I love my core convictions. I love religious freedom and I love to fight against economic inequality or poverty. I love to defend the essence of Nature. Also, Thank you for your advice. I always take your advice to heart. In life, we should never use our views to be rigid in an authoritarian fashion to force convictions. We should be honest with our convictions and advance real dialogue and real cooperation to form solutions. Yes, I love inspirational speeches and African Music. :) Thank you again Beloved. :) Your words are so real and filled with understanding too. The Creator always inspires us and gives us signs and great lessons to continue in our journey. You have great philosophies and your compassion plus wisdom shines brightly. Sincerity is a great policy. I love the speeches from Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hammer, and so many other of our heroes.

Courtney: I agree anything real about love is powerful but so is the opposite of love called hate.when a human does not allow love to consume them but hate instead,it makes for an absolute horrible life and they only truly get the full understanding of time lost when their number is called.They donot have the ability to step outside of themselves to write their future.The smart ones realize at some point that not liking something is very different from hate,that's in the core of a human being.A hateful person is manipulative which makes them dangerous.But a hateful human being is extremely insecure on an entirely different level.

I believe gabby is 41 or something like that. Not sure about dwayne:-)She doesn't have children but hope she gets that if that is what they desire:-)Every thing put in our lives are for the purposes of growth,learning something about ourselves and developing a broader understanding of some kind. Allies understand about inspiration,core convictions and emotional maturity because without emotional maturity,one can never empathize.You are right about the creator and he means something different to all of us or not.What one tends to believe is not superior over someone elses belief may not agree but its no more superior than any one else's.The creator that has hands on us,knows what we each need to mold us into that complete being that he wants us to be period.We all have our INDIVIDUAL marching papers:-)I thank you for your understanding,intelligence.Even if we tend not to agree on something,you understand something about life that few can't see,won't see and just to lowdown to see.It's something that I do not have to mention because anyone with eyes open can see it through your writings and teachings so, you are welcome. Thank you.

Me: You're Welcome Sister Courtney :) I read all of your words on this issue and they are excellent and eloquent like usual. It is accurate that an individual consumed with hate increase the risk for the damaging of their souls, their immunity, the rest of their health, and their sanity. That is why Love is superior to hate. Love is a very powerful force. It enlightens humanity. When I feel love, I feel happy. I feel open intellectually, I feel spiritually more mature, and I just feel joy. I feel joy communicating with you because of exceptional light, insight, and spirituality that you possess. We agree on more than 90 percent of all issues. Even when we disagree on minor things, we are cordial about it and we appreciate our overall intensions. We both want truth to reign in society, we desire our people to have liberation, and we want the human race in general to have justice (from the poor onward).
Being happy and embracing love cleanses the soul and doing almsgiving has tons of benefits. Better karma, better relationships with humanity, and greater appreciation of life in general are all positive results when a person embraces love. I respect you a lot. Yes, the Sister Gabby is 41. Dwayne Wade is 31 (or the same age as one of my older brothers). Ideological and spiritual growth are all concepts that are important in our lives. We grow via more insight and more human interaction. If the couple wants children, then they deserve it. :) Children are always a blessing.

Also, you are right to mention that we should not even embrace arrogance or a superiority complex about our views. Our views should be utilized to inspire hope and not to dictate folks in a harsh fashion. Your writings and teachings teach compassion, strength, and understanding. So, Thank you for your great spirit. :) The Creator can mold humanity and he has foreknowledge. He knows the beginning and the end. I knew by instinct that you are special and we can ally in fighting for black liberation. I always respect your commentaries even before I typed comments here. I always encourage you to live your life and be the best that you can be. :) Keep up the Great Work. Brothers and Sisters respect you a great deal. I support you and I respect you.

Courtney: You're welcome. I will never allow hate to consume my soul. That is not what he wants for me. Being cordial is a sign of strength and common decency. our lives are different but the same but it is my firm belief that many of us just want to be happy. I agree with everything you stated about being happy. We do want black liberation because we are human beings and things are not fair around the world for black people, due to systems put into place but, that does not Mean that I or we, have to mistreat anyone else because they are rotten. Their are many things that must be eradicted so that the playing field is fair.And their are many weapons to eradicate them.Elevation is always the focus Ultimately, humanity should be liberated since we all share in this gigantic globe called earth but their are serious things that must be worked out for everyone to live fairly.As history has shown,it will never be easy or handed to any of us but must be fought for,and we all fight it in our own way.again,it goes back to how the creator will utilize each one of us for something bigger that we dont fully understand yet.It will take eons to get, or a global catastrophe to realize it all.We are as human, and unfortunately at times,such a small thinking species and thats for a reason too,believe it or not.

As for gabby and d, they were put together for a reason. she may or may not birth her own but maybe she will be meant to take care of other peoples children's tart a foundation for children in some way:-) who knows. As i stated, everything is for a reason. I apppreciate your words towards me. Always coming from a place of tolerance and understanding.Your future is bright and will only get brighter with all of the wonderful things that you will sincerly attract your way, wonderful people and situations:-)

Me: Well Sister you are genius with your insight and words. :) You have always been cordial with people in this forum and in real life. You use humor too and nothing is wrong with that either. Humor nourishes the soul. :) The goal of black liberation is a legitimate one. We want it as a means to express love for our people and the love for humanity in general. The liberation of humanity is tied to the black liberation struggle too. Also, unjust mistreatment is abhorrent. We can still love our people and disagree with any mistreatment and abuse of any human at any circumstance. I love your wisdom Sister Courtney. :) In the final analysis, we all inhabit the same Earth. So, we have to create ways for us to get along, to progressively improve Nature, and to adhere to brotherhood and sisterhood. You certainly remind all of us that cultural respect is important and defending black women and black men is necessity in our lives. We have unique gifts and we use our gifts to fight for revolutionary change in the world. We have our roles and our roles are not superior or inferior to each other.

Our roles represent our equal value and golden opportunities to help out our neighbors. So much light comes from you and I am a better man now than many years ago. I appreciate my journey and I love your great advice. I saw Gabrielle Union on Youtube working with helping Vietnamese children. She might adopt children or have children. Either way, it is a blessing. Creating a foundation is cool. :) Sister, Real recognize real. I know from a mile away that you are real, humble, and have a sweet spirit. You have a wonderful northern sounding voice too. I appreciate your kind words to me too. Things do happen for a reason and I am very glad in knowing you and inspiring you. :) Thank you for your last sentences Courtney. Your future will be bright too. :) Wonderful people can inspire me including great situations. :) On another note, Washington is having close game with the Cowboys. Mirah will have a field day here writing about football. LOL. Through the rain, through the fire, and through the storm, I will always defend my people like you. Anyway, I appreciate you. :)

Courtney: Thank you Truth. I'm not a genius, i'm just me. We are all who we are. I love life, I love being here,I love to see what makes all of us different and the same,I love those that treat others fairly,etc and I just love this gift called life and all the beauty it has to offer.I don't have time in all reality for things in this world,that seek to put out energy thats negative in this umbrella of life. For me, thats just about everything that seeks to be about that.To say it again, we all have our marching papers and our tests differ from one another.We also have DIFFERENT experiences as human beings, as a culture. In my opinion, one of the most important things that all human beings should strive for is, to be the best human being one can possibly be period. Meaning, how we choose to treat others.One simply does not allow the world, to dictate anything different, when you are listening to those whispers:-) What motivates some in life,does not motivate others so we have to find energy that mirrors our own.At the gist of it all, it's all just energy.Gabby is growing at the rate that was meant for her.Her choices as anyones choices, is not for the world to dissect as to why she may or may not be doing certain things that the world says she or anyone else says they should do .Again, marching papers:-)Our end game is to nourish our souls.

Our light, our spirits and only we as individuals understands what that means for us being in our own vessels of energy period.If the motivation for some vessels is to tear down,to illuminate their light,its others motivation to not join in but to show why that energy does not work for others through action.We can't live our lives,by someone else's plan because they don't know what you are meant for.That's the creators job, nobody else's.People come into our lives, sometimes for a short period of time and sometimes for longer but,it's always for reasons of showing us something for continued growth.Sometimes its negative to show us something and sometimes its positive to do the same thing.All in an attempt to get our energies right before that day comes.So with that,never be afraid of other peoples agenda's because,that is a game that they will ultimately loose in the end.There will always be evil in the world but,we can choose not to be apart of that team.You have the broader understanding of life coupled with the very important work that you are meant to do in educating others on liberation.I respect your spirit because it is rooted for pure reasons.So, keep on keeping on and its always a pleasure to converse with the like of people like you.They are indeed,extremely challenging to find down here:-)

On a side note, I have no idea if the cowboys won.Yes Mirah does not like them.That is ok tho.We like what we like. :-)Blessings to you and everyone else here and thank you for the growth lesson:-)

Me: Thank you for your words Sister. Oh, you don't want to be called a genius and that is fine. Yes, we are who we all are. We all have unique gifts, strengths, and great value. In our unique dispositions, we can make the world better and educate our communities as well. Well, what makes you you is wonderful. I know you love life and so forth. What I love is how we are similar and different. I love life and beauty of the Universe too. What I also love is your personality, your wisdom, and your compassion. At the end of the day, what matters is how we treat each other, how we care for each other, and rejecting negative energy. Standing up for justice is one positive means to enrich our souls and to give glorious tribute to the sacrifice of the ancestors. I always pray for you and you pray for me (that I am thankful for). I want to be excellent in my life like you. We should be magnificent and be the best that we can be as you say.

Also, in our growth during life we can reject evil and focus on empowering our lives. We empowering our lives by almsgiving and understanding that life is a gift. We grow by learning advice from others and realizing with humility that we don't have all of the answers (because of human limitations). Getting advice and constantly improving are some of the greatest means to have human growth among our longevities. I am at a stage in my life that I am more spiritual and I feel connected more with wisdom and truth. We do these things of standing up for our people for our loved ones, for our ancestors, and for the Creator. Your Father was a real Man and he saved lives, so he will always have great respect from me. We both share great love for our families.

Thank you for saying that I have broader understanding about life. My parents gifted me to have strength, to have conscious thinking, to realize that the love of the community are intrepid ideals to embrace in my heart. I certain love you as a special friend and I appreciate your great words of wisdom. Your spirit is true, because you are honest with me. We know about each others' lives and I feel like I have known you for years Sister. Sister, keep going forward because your gifts are indeed a blessing. I will keep on keeping on. LOL.
Blessings to you Courtney. :)

Me: Goodnight for now Sister Courtney :)
Peace and Blessings to You.

Great convo today. This is one of the greatest convos that I have with you. You know exactly how I feel about you. You know. :) I care for you and I respect you. I feel happiness when communicating with you.

One Love Queen. :)
P.S. The Cowboys won in a close game. :) You know Mirah is angry. LOL. Bless her heart and Bless her family too. We both respect Mirah. That is our Homegirl.

Courtney: I wrote you back and it was erased but you probably already saw that:-)again,amazing convo. I respect that you are a decent human being and a true leader and it takes alot of major understanding to be an effective leader. You know how to treat others and that is so important. Your continuous support and understanding towards me is very much appreciated.:-)Your parents should be so ever proud of raising a man of character and strength. I appreciate the convo because not everyday do we have opportunities of understanding this level of conciousness. I appreciate and respect you and the fairness and understanding that you show.Thank you for your light and inspiration. Im glad that the cowboys won:-) Yes, bless Mirah and her family too:-) I have respect for many people. I hope you have a great night and wonderful start to your work week.No case of the mondays lol. Many blessings to you and your family. Goodnight Truth and thank you again. You are a special light that the world needs more of.I know that you are a friend Ttyl :-)

Me: Goodnight Again Courtney on this Monday.
Peace and Blessings to You.

Ugua pole


Sister Courtney,

I want thank you for your wisdom, your strength, and your great heart. :) You certainly remind all of us about the most important things in life. Life is beyond futile ego or corruption. It is about hope, love, and doing meaningful, honorable action as a means for all of us to benefit our neighbors. It is about not looking for scapegoats in our people. It is about looking inward to seek reflection and inspiration to carry onward in the pursuit of human justice. Life is about having love for the poor, love of abhorring oppression, and the love of Nature. Life is also recognizing the beauty and strength of black humanity. So, I am with you in fighting for truth and justice for our people. I respect your ideals and I love the contributions that you have made in society in real life.

I love the strength of your family too. I know you respect my family as well. You are a very honest, sweet human being. I am honest with you as well. I am not going to front. I respect you. You are an incredible person and I just love your light. Your light is wonderful and it shines. :) I care for you and I love you as a Dear Friend. :)

Goodnight Courtney on this Day. The Weekend is coming soon.

Peace and Blessings to You.

Keep Up the Great Work Sister

By Timothy (Me)


The following Response from Courtney touched my heart. It was a great response from her and I want to share others the sweet words that she said about me. She is such a wonderful, kind black woman. The following words come from Courtney:

Hello Tim. :) 

That is very decent of you. Thank you. It was purposely instilled to have gratefulness of life, respect for it,and never ever forgetting that the creator made all of us they way that he did, for specific reasons. Reaching back in kindness to others but defending those who can't be defended and defending oneself, when warranted. Their are many battles to be had in life, serious ones but, everything about life isn't a battle. I refuse to miss out on the beauty of life because despite certain things, it's absolutely amazing to be here.I am not so much about the cynical nature of things, but more of the simplistic realness of it. And the innocence of it. It's what I want around me and what I will continue to surround myself with. These are my set of eyes and how I view life and will continue to, not so much ignore the opposite of it's beauty but, guard against it. I honor and respect where I come from and have a great understanding that the man upstairs knows my heart like he knows all of ours. Be Patient, be still. Watch, observe, but don't jump. Be cautious but have fun. Run with the wind with every beat of our hearts. Try your best Truth, to enjoy this ride..Be kind to others but don't let them run over you either. Stand up for what you know is right in your heart, without disrespecting others. That behavior is ugly and changes you and will start to show on the outside. Speak up for our people but be cordial to others. 

Trust in this way. The true monsters always reveal themselves when your heart is right. What will be for you will be. I respect you as well, your energy is a pure one. Even when folks come for you, you are never disrespectful. Your parents are strong people and it shows. You are incredible yourself and that shows too. I will never disrespect life, whether it be a flower, animals, people.To fight for truth and justice for what is right when it comes to black people and to fight, regardless if its not a always about this.I just believe, when you have a sense of who you are, regardless if others may be confused about it. your walk is TALL. Its not suppose to be understood by the masses but, their are people who will understand it. :) 

And understand you on all levels as well., with open,warm hearts, with egos tossed aside. The man upstairs will continue to navigate you until he tells you when to stop. When to notice something or someone, when he tells you, it's time for you to settle. It will be an unbelievable understanding in your heart that no one will be able to undue. You have to trust in his guidance and your decisions. Nothing that they will say, will persuade you anything different. It may come sooner or later but , you will know when it's truly for you. I will never understand how people continue to take kindness for weakness. How they are sadly mistaken.

To invest in misery and manipulation, is wasted energy and somehow I just know, you will never be that kind person. :) You live and let live.I will forever appreciate how you treated me and continue to treat not only me but others on this site. YOU get it. I love you as a friend as well Truth. I love all life. You are an amazing, insightful,full of spiritual and human intelligence but most importantly above all else,just fair,caring and decent. I hope and pray that you get what you want out of life. You deserve it. People like yourself, your folks ,give humanity hope.

Thank you for being that... Continued blessings to you and your family.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Real Words

A lot of white culture, traditons, and beliefs can be traced back to Blacks or others. Those who KNOW and UNDERSTAND history know the belief in a cruxified savior (who was killed by the powers of that day, and was resurrected and seen among men)was around 3,000 years BEFORE the modern day WHITE jesus was INVENTED. While everyone SHOULD know that the REAL Jesus, nor "santa" are white, MANY doNOT as they are too INDOCTRINATED into WHITE culture, traditions(July 4th, etc), and belief "systems".



And that is why NOW they are on here because they HAVE NO FRIENDS! No one likes them and their many demons and attitudes and no one wants to put up with it any longer! At this point in history, they will have to PAY people to be their friends because most of them HATE so adamantly! Look at how that African lady was in ITALY and those HEATHENS threw BANANAS AT HER! They were so classless about their actions and NEVER APOLOGIZED. They probably wish they could throw bananas at the Obamas just because they are black and this has nothing to do with his political view and how he is handling the country, even though I don't agree with everything he does, I still have enough RESPECT for OTHERS! That is what God wants us to do, have respect for each other, but it very rarely happens today.



But all of the EVIL that ANY Man DOES, The forces of this earth, which I feel is GOD, WILL ONLY allow certain events to take PLACE BEFORE THE WAKE UP CALL COMES! Believe me, PAY BACK or KARMA is COMING very SOON! What I have personally learned in life is that people who do wrong do not realize they are on BORROWED TIME, so when things start to spin out of CONTROL, they react by wanting to take their ANGER OUT on INNOCENT PEOPLE, but from what I have witnessed at that time it is too late, these people that are over due for their just reward normally self destruct or something or someone else destroys them. That why I do not worry at all because the things people put out here, they get EXACTLY the SAME coming BACK! You cannot plant ROTTEN SEEDS IN A GARDEN and expect PLUSH FRUITS TO GROW! What ever you planted is the exact protege of what comes up. BOOMERANG! It is only a matter of TIME!



The subject is NOT about Kwanza at the moment. And if evil, DEMONIC behavior is the standard, you need to start pulling down statues and start renaming schools, roads, bridges, etc erected across the country in honor of whites who have MURDERED, raped, burned, incarcerated all across the globe. Do that, THEN you can address other alleged atrocities of Blacks.



This makes me so mad. She has no business what so ever , being on life support. My suggestion, read up on procedures that your loved ones need to go through, before ,leading up to the surgery.Ask every question you possibly can and what the procedure is, on top of what level of care,will they be receiving afterawrds... She was ignored? Their are people in hospitals that do take their jobs seriously but sadly to some, it's just a paycheck with others. In a hospital setting, their is no room for not even 1 person not caring ,going above and beyond because it can mean the difference between life and death. Many people do lots of talking but, do not back up compassion and care with action. It's a shame..



Anonymous said...
@ Haterade
Malcolm X was one of the few men that lived by principles. Most are full of hot air and false pretenses esp those that have a penchant for sleeping with the enemy, Malcolm realized how duplicitous those types of blacks were and knew they were never ever to be trusted.

Well TrojanPam your blog has helped me as a young black man become a more socially conscious person about the sort of world that we live, a world that is 100% dominated by white supremacy.
Even though I was always comfortable being me, when I look back, I really regret that I had internalized some of the negative ideas about blacks and tried to “integrate” with the ideals of White America. Honestly, I get angry at myself and say-Why did I fall for that? I should have been smarter!Why was I trying to be some “uppity Negro” instead of trying to help my fellow black brothers and sisters.
For example TrojanPam, my mother is biracial(half black/half Portuguese and actually taught me about Huey Newton & the Black Panthers). My hair is sort of straight and sometimes if people asked me back in the day I would use the famous black people line of “I probably got Indian in my family”. Even though it sounds innocent and we know a lot of black folks say it, I now ask myself-While I respect my mother’s biracial heritage, what was I trying to prove by being “mixed”? Who was I trying to impress?
Anyway, thanks to your blog and some other conscious black bloggers, I now see how white supremacy affects us, other non-whites and even the non-human parts of this Earth(e.g. environment). I see how the white media likes to distort the true message of Dr. King and Nelson Mandela, who recently passed away. Finally, I realized your message is not about being a pro-black nutcase but being a black person who is pro-truth about white supremacy.
So TrojanPam, keep giving the life giving message to our people who seem at the undertaker(sometimes sadly due to white supremacy, it is in the literal sense)


TrojanPam says:
It’s comments like yours that make the work I do worthwhile
Don’t beat yourself up, we have all been programmed from infancy and perhaps even before then via our parents and grandparents memories and experiences to think white is superior and black is inferior.
So, black people understandably adopted behavior and language that made them feel more valuable, such as “good hair” and “light pretty skin” and “I got Indian in me”
because we were taught that there was something wrong with being “black” or “all black”
when in reality, the REVERSE is true, that having MORE melanin gives you advantages biologically that people with LESS don’t have, like fewer genetic defects and mental disorders and the skin aging better and higher fertility rates.


Honestly TrojanPam, I love your blog. I love how you as a black woman speak the 100% truth about the dangers of white supremacy. Even though this is not an invention, as black people, we inspired other groups of people to fight back against white supremacy.
Native Americans- Red Power Movement(Angela Davis supported this also)
Australian Aboriginals had a Black Power movement that was influenced by the Black Panther Party(e.g. Huey Newton) in the 1960s and 1970′s.
We are indeed not a “lazy” people.
Keep preachin TrojanPam!


TrojanPam says:
I’m glad you love it :-)
I agree wholeheartedly, that black people seem to be the VANGUARD of many social movements, from white women’s suffrage and “equal rights,” to people all over the world mimicking the rhetoric of black activists during the turbulent sixties.
I remember reading about a group called the “Gray Panthers” made up of elderly white people who obviously took on the concept of the “Black Panthers.”
Today, you have immigration activists and homosexuals “borrowing” rhetoric from the black Civil Rights movement.
Even poor black youth are imitated by yellow, brown, red, and white people ALL OVER THE WORLD.
BUT NO ONE imitates poor brown, yellow, red, or white people.
There is something SUPER special about us black folks, some of it good and some of it not so good
but we are definitely not your run-of-the-mill downtrodden folks.
which is probably why the white supremacy system KEEPS US in its sights and is terrified that one day we will RISE OFF OUR KNEES


TrojanPam says:
@ mstoogood4yall
How can a trained psychologist NOT be aware of at least some of the psychological studies on inherited phobias, racial memories, and mental illnesses?
A lot of educated blacks are programmed to see black people via white eyes by the time they graduate from mainstream universities. That may be one reason why so many wind up dating and marrying whites after they graduate.
And I have found in my own family–that there is often a disconnect between educated blacks and blacks THEY perceive as uneducated or poor (meaning, less intelligent).
And I have also found that common sense and education don’t always go hand in hand.
I think education is a beautiful thing — but NOT if it makes you look down on those who have less.
And the irony is, many educated blacks are finding themselves in the same leaky economic boats as those with less education.
Hopefully, this will wake some of them up to the realization that in a white supremacy system an educated black is still BLACK.

TrojanPam says:
@ eriktrips
Thanks for sharing your insights.
What is disturbing are the last two comments (from martin andrews and Keisha Murray) who– if they are black (which may or may not be the case) think it is “ridiculous” to talk about the damage done by 400 years of slavery to African people.
If they are black (and I pray they are not) their obvious anti-blackness and callousness (as evidenced in their comments) is MORE PROOF of the damage I’m speaking of, and possibly a revelation about their own childhood where compassion for others was clearly not taught–and perhaps, not given (to them).
Could you imagine Jews telling other Jews to forget about their Holocaust–something that happened over a 12-year period? Or white people, who spend MILLIONS of dollars studying and treating the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome on white people who have experienced ONE traumatic event–like the Columbine shooting–telling other TRAUMATIZED white people to “just get over it?”
Yet, there are black people who think (after 400 years of chattel slavery and 150 years of systematic racism) that discussing the effects of SLAVERY is a “ridiculous” topic.
Sad, indeed.

Here’s an excerpt from the book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act”
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Can Affect The Offspring Of The Survivors
According to an article by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS),, the emotional wounds of Jewish Holocaust survivors may have “seeped into the psyches of many of their children.”
The article also stated that the children of Holocaust survivors were at greater risk for depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms because of their exposure to their traumatized parents. Another study in 1998 found that the children of Holocaust survivors reported “Holocaust-related thoughts and images as their primary traumas.”
The total lack of interest by the mainstream media, law enforcement, and the white collective in general in the almost daily murders of black children in America may explain their callous dismissal of the “Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome” (PTSS), and why this term cannot be found in any Webster’s dictionary.
In this chapter, the authors will attempt to do what the mainstream media, the medical/psychiatric communities, and the guardians of Webster’s dictionary refuse to do: acknowledge the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome as a LEGITIMATE DISORDER, and demonstrate how PTSS is the SINGLE BIGGEST CAUSE of BLACK GENDER WARS between the black male and female.

“We are still slaves. The chains are inside us now. They turn our spirits mean, our hearts into metallic chambers…They render our memories empty, our vision short, our song coarse, our fathers broken, our mothers bereaved.” — Randall Robinson, author of ‘The Reckoning.”

Regardless, it’s to be expected, that so many blacks are so contemptuous of other black people, while offering NOTHING in opposition to the white people who are dominating and oppressing them — and in fact, would probably deny they were victims of racism at all.
A black person opposing white supremacy/domination takes REAL “moxie” (and GUTS). A black person talking bad about other black people takes NONE.
It will be interesting to see the shock of these white-identified, anti-black blacks in the coming days of greater economic decline who think (other) blacks should pull themselves up by their emotional bootstraps…
Regardless, I will continue sharing information and providing food for thought. And I sincerely hope those who find this topic unnecessary or ridiculous will find a more constructive use for their time.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Conversations with my Great Friend & Excellent Sister Courtney

Also, Goodnight to you Sister Courtney :)

I want to mention that this has been a Great conversation today. You have dropped jewels, gems, diamonds, etc. of great Wisdom that our people vitally need today and in the future.
I am grateful to dialogue with a great human being like you. You are my Friend and we are allies of each other. We want the best of each other. Yes, I do feel joy and feelings of inspiration when communicating with you. :)

I appreciate your wisdom and your defense of Black Women Sister. :) I appreciate all of the real folks in this forum (like Erica, Soultry soul, jazz, Burning Bush, Dandelion, bee, msjames210, Mirah, BroShabazz, Jeanette Johnson, John Henry, KJ, Bricktop MelindaM, etc.). Shoutout to the Homegirl Beka Shakur for being active in real life in the black liberation movement too. Shoutout to Trojan Pam (a Great Sister), Brother Paul H, and Brother Kushiteprince for their wisdom too. Courtney, you are a great Woman and I will pray for your happiness, joy, and peace in your life. Forever, I will have your back. I like your wisdom, your strength, your compassion, and I like your humility.
Peace and Blessings to you.

-By Timothy (Me)

Courtney:  :) Goodnight Truth. Great convo and so much wisdom that many can benefit from by what you write. I appreciate you for being fair to people and being a voice of reason. So many appreciate you here. I will do the same and pray for your happiness as well .Everyone you mentioned are strong and wise in their own right. I appreciate them too. I only know what I know from my experiences. I have much to learn and hope to continue to learn valuable lessons in life, come across people who speak the language, and move forward.. As I always say, thank you for being fair and recognizing that we all have value and should be treated with respect and dignity. I wish you happiness, peace, and hope that you get what you deserve. With that, have a wonderful, peaceful night, thank you again, and TTYL :)


I am glad that you are enjoy the Secret Santa film Tatiana Ali is a great actress including Della Reese (she was hilarious in the film Harlem Nights). Enjoy your movie Sister. :)
The Texans played a great game and they should not be ashamed of their effort.
You statement is excellent like usual. Your words remind me of something. The haters hate positive, strong energy. It is as you say when we black males and black females show that energy of love, compassion, respect for our people, Black Love, and truth, then the haters go into fits outright. The lies that the haters embrace are easily refutable that you and so many others have done. Humbleness :) Yes, there you go. LOL. Wicked folks do need that humbleness. LOL. I am the man that I am because of my parents and other unsung heroes in my life. I can never name them all here. They know who they are from classmates, teachers, co-workers, friends, and other human beings. Your parents are great.
There can be no description to the outline the real love they have for you. We are blessed to be loved by mothers and fathers that sacrificed and cared for us. The haters can never stop us since the truth is infallible and our cause is just. We are right to love Africa.. We are right to advocate respect for black women and black men. We are right to call out evil folks that seek division and bigotry. Thank you for telling me to keep being me. I will. I will never be ashamed of who I am. I am what I am. Also, I know you will keep being you Sister. You're welcome for me telling the truth that black women have diverse experiences, diverse interests, and unique gifts that should be cherished in any real, progressive society. :)
P.S. Once again, Enjoy your movie. :)

-By Timothy (Me)

Courtney: Thank you Truth for always being a voice of reason. What you speak is nothing more than commonsense and being an all around decent human being. Hate is like cancer. All consuming if you let it.To much to be thankful for to be so down right doggish and hateful. Lol @ humbleness and my theirs . don't care. lol You are right that their are many people that we cross paths with, that also help to shape us into who we are. They contribute something significant . Whether it be advice, teaching,showing, caring, taking the time to steer someone on the right kind of path. Their is no ego involved with people like that. They are just extensions of good will. :) People don't get very far, manipulating and being wicked. sure at first, it seems like they are winning but it most certainly always falls apart at some point so, navigate around these types. :)


Courtney: The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.
Marcus Garvey .

Me: Great Quote Sister. :)
You are breaking down the actual factuals like usual.

I feel like GOD hand crafted Kelly Rowland using a big block of the Sweetest Godiva chocolate.
Charlamagne the god. Twitter. CHECK :)

Me: Yes, the beauty of dark skinned Sisters is found readily in human beings like Kelly Rowland, Kelli Wells, Natalie Benson, Shelly-Ann, Fraser-Pryce, Damu Cherry, Dawn Harper, Sloane Stephens, Bria Myles, etc. That is well known. :) Also, Sisters in all skin tones are Beautiful as well. Black is Beautiful without question

Courtney: Of course the REAL TRUTHSEEKER2436577. :) All shades of BLACK ARE BEAUTIFUL but we will continue to STAND UP and CALL out those IGNORANT of TRYING TO CLASSIFY DARKER BROWNER skin as something OTHER THAN. :) That includes hair as well. More women need to start telling some of these clowns to kiss their as because they are not moving any one here. If we make them uncomfortable. GOOD. We hold the power. CHECK :)

Me: Also, I am about to get my hair cut now Courtney :) Talk to you later. Also, hold down the fort Sister. I know you will, Sweetie. Thank you for your words and Thank you for your Strength plus wonderful intellect. All of the real Brothers and the real Sisters respect you a great deal. We should show the truth and not care about what the haters think. Their lies don't matter. We matter and the building of our community matters. CHECK :)
Have a Wonderful Day on this Saturday Sister. :)

Courtney: Enjoy the barbershop.:) Yeah, the one that does not matter thinks he is stopping the flow of information by not allowing my post to go through. Some of them. lol. Anyway, I speak my mind and what I believe whether people like it or not, is not my concern. What they attempt to do by being devious, only makes us stronger and shines the light on their attempted darkness. :) I find it comical and sad at the same time. They know they are weak in your presence. Hence the reason for the deviousness. lol. Enjoy your day Truth knowing that you get to them. :) I love it actually. :) All Black skin is beautiful. light,medium,brown, dark. Period. People should really stop listening to propaganda. it does a great disservice

Me: Amen and more Amen Sister Courtney. :) You are telling the truth like usual. We have the right to stand up and refute ignorant folks and liars. Calling out deceivers is part of our M.O. as a people and as a community. I appreciate the Brothers and the Sisters fighting for liberation. We will forever love Africa. We also respect all BLACK PEOPLE in Africa and in the Diaspora too. We will forever stand up for our people and real humanity in the world. Yes, all shades of BLACK ARE BEAUTIFUL. The diversity of our hair ought to be cherished greatly. THE CREATOR HAS MANY BLESSINGS IN OUR LIVES. We hold the power and we have the right to execute our POWER AND STRENGTH. CHECK :)

Goodnight Courtney. TTYL. :)

It is never a dull moment here. I am glad that you had a great time with your family. God bless you and your family. Peace and Blessings to you Courtney. You are a real Sister. :)

-By Timothy (Me)


Hey Truth. I see you. :) Thank you for your post. I would like to say that I read your writings that you told me about yesterday and I'm impressed. You impress us all here anyway with your intellect, compassion and writings and willingness to stand up for black women of all shades. I also saw that quote on the Africa piece. Thank you again because you didn't have to quote it. :)
Whoever that is ,attempting to question me, is feeling some kind of way and should probably get out of their feelings. :) This is the world we live in. A bunch of overgrown children, hiding behind their jealousy, envy, hate that is really nothing more but admiration in disguise. As you know, I love to chill and get along but I have to remind them from time to time, don't play with me. :)


Me: Well, I see your great truth shown here too, Courtney. :)
I know you Black Goddesses do not play when you are slandered by ignorant people. We Brothers are with you in supporting your right to defend your dignity and honor. Thank you for your words. You and others here inspire me. You have a great spirit and a great light from the Creator. Our ancestors are smiling down on us. Not to mention that I am impressed with your strength, compassion, and intellect. You stand up for us Brothers and I will forever stand up for the Sisters of all shades like usual. :)
The haters are always jealous. LOL. It is always funny and it is signal that we are in the right track. The haters do not like any uplifting information about black people or any call for solutions in the black community at all. Our cause is just. We are going to continue in this fight and we are going to win. The truth is on our side. With the truth, victory is assured. We all know that you love to chill, but you will always handle ya business when it is necessary. :) So, keep rocking ya great Swag Courtney.

Courtney: Yes, I know a lot of light, medium, brown, dark skin women that do not play. :) Haters stay talking that Yabba dabba doo nonsense. lmao. Its hilarious that they don't even know what they are talking about but actually think they do. It's too much. smh.

Me: Sister, you have that gift to shut the haters up with the quickness. We all have that gift to outline the truth quick, fast, and in a hurry. :) LOL. Anyway, yes Sisters from light, medium brown, to dark are beautiful and they show and prove their worth and dignity 24/7 no doubt. Sweetpeach, a Brother has to get some sleep now. So, Goodnight to you. Hold down the fort and keep making the truth known. If they don't know, now they know. Blessings to you Sister. :)
It has been a great conversation. Bless you and your Family.
One Love.

Courtney: Truth, i'm right behind you I think. You know I only come to talk to a few here,share, gain, learn, and comment on articles of interest. It was a interesting night. Thank you for your words. They coming, we ready.Hope you have a wonderful ,peaceful night. TTYL :)


Courtney: Another beautiful, intelligent sister. :) Love her answer. :) Exactly!!! What does that mean? Pretty for a dark skin girl? Like dark skin women are not women? We are women, all women are human beings before they are any color or race. sheesh. I swear, IGNORANCE is at an ALL TIME HIGH. smh. ON another note, her song It won't stop is a BANGER!!!! :)

Me: Ditto to the rest of the words from the real Folks.
We all wish the Sister Sevyn Streeter much blessings and success in her life. Black is beautiful. Women are beautiful and black women are beautiful in all skin tones. Also, Dark Skinned Sisters should be treated just the same as any other black human being. Colorism is an abomination like always. Beauty is never monolithic and human beings should just be treated with profound dignity and respect. I love Dark Skinned Black Women too just like tons of other Brothers do in the world. I love black women in general. At the end of the day, we are all of black African descent. We are all black. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

Courtney: Exactly!
Truth. We are all Beautiful. From Light, to medium, brown, dark. We are black people all the same and we should never buy into this machine that one is better than the other. That one is prettier than the other based on color. No such thing as light vs dark etc. We are all Black and we should respect each other. And we should check any black person that plays this separation game that base beauty on skin color when we are all black period. Check any black man or woman, that will put another brother or sister down by stating that being a certain color, is more wanted than another. Or that dark skin is not wanted. smh. how ignorant when we know that these types, have family members the same color that they put down. That does not seem very family oriented or loving to me. It seems very fake and they seem very empty. We should have each others back so when other races try to play this game of pitting each other against one another ,based on color, we can check them too.

Me: Amen.
You are 100 percent correct. That is what I love about you. You show the truth.



Courtney: Consequences to ones actions. Hitting someone who is not ready to defend themselves, could lead to serious injury, even death. At the same token, never underestimate that the one you target, may not retaliate or even worst, shoot you. Which would be justified, regardless of what the guilty party looks like. The moral of the story once again would be, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.! It's really not a hard concept to understand. It really isn't a laughing matter. Smh

Me: I agree.

Hello Sister Courtney :)
Good Afternoon. How are you feeling today? Great avatar by the way. I know you have NY in your blood. :)

Courtney: Hello Truth :) I'm good. Getting ready to go to the park in a bit.. Um Yeah. My survival is essential. lmao.... Doesn't matter how nice or bad a person may be. Anyone with some sense would feel the same.

Me: I am glad that you are good, Courtney. :) Yes, human survival is vital in our existence. It is greatly important for any human being to have their dignity and protect themselves with precautions. It is a shame that sense is lacking among some human beings, but the good news is that we know tons of folks here and in real life that have tons of good sense on the real. In life, you have to learn lessons. I can never judge a book by its cover since some folks you least expect readily can surprise you. Also, enjoy going to park Sister. :) Exercise is always excellent.

Courtney: Yes, I am. Thanks. :) Hope all is well. Precaution is the key. Not jumping into things and assuming is another key. Watching your surroundings is important but living life is as well. Its just a balancing act. Trust your intuition. Its real and rarely wrong. If places dont seem right or people don't. take heed to that. We all have to learn lessons. How else would we grow if we didn't ? And our lessons are unique to us. And I agree, NEVER judge a book by its cover because some people you least expect, can readily surprise you. Of course we are not speaking on trivial issues but those issues that can alter lives. :) More often than not, ones thinking can be more dangerous than anything.
Thanks about the park. .:)

Me: You are right to rep LIFE Courtney :)
You have said great words and great advice.

Courtney: From the standpoint of what spirituality says. Try to anyway.


Me: R Kelly is musical genius. He has great talent. With that being said, if I had a daughter, I will never allow her to be near R Kelly at all (especially if she was a teenager). That is just me. Individually, a human being has to make up their own decision to support him or not support him. There is controversy over the type of attachment that he has with girls. I think a man of his age should talk about more mature commentaries and actively work in programs to fight teenage exploitation, etc. In the final analysis, we should not be prudish as adults on issues of intimacy, but we ought to place intimacy in a proper context. We have to know that children are watching us and we have to promote ethics in our community. We can be grown, but being grown is never an excuse to being reckless.

Courtney: Hi Truth. He so messed up when he started messing with little girls. Starting with Aaliyah. Rest her soul. He is beyond amazing when it comes to music but like you said, the lines are blurred with him. Intimacy in its proper context is wonderful but in todays world, their is no such thing as context anymore. No grown man should ever be looking at a young girl as if she is a woman. Those that do this ,do it for one reason alone, to manipulate and mold a female the way they want them to be. To have an unhealthy upper hand.This is why some grown males cant deal with women that are mature. They do not want to be called out on their bullchit. If I were married, listening to songs that speak on intimacy , between me and mine, would not be an issue. its kept behind closed doors, where it should be.There was also a time where men did not blabber to other men and males about the intimate nature between him and his wife or woman because these men understood that, keeping that sacred, kept those boys wondering and kept his woman protected from those looking to get between what that man ,built with his woman. Sadly, women do it today as well and then they wonder why, so many other females be all up in dudes face. I say, you are with a man or woman, keep your business to yourselves.

Hello Sister Courtney :)
Good Afternoon to you. :)
I think his relationship socially or otherwise with little girls went too far. Aaliyah was down to Earth and a real person. RIP to her like always. Aaliyah communicated with anyone for an interview. She was honest about her life and she wasn't arrogant at all. His error was crossing those boundaries with young girls. R Kelly should of used better judgment in his behavior especially when it is said that he once married a teenager and he was almost 30. That is straight up wrong. A man should be a man. If a man wants intimacy with a woman, then he should go out with a grown woman in a legitimate fashion. Many in my young generation seek instant social gratification (for illegitimate purposes) and life should not be like that. That is why the Creator created biological clocks in humanity, so humanity can see that intimacy is cool used in the right fashion, but life is bigger than that. Life is about developing our spirituality, loving our neighbors, and doing things to constructively build solutions in our communities. Yes, a man should never look at a young girl as if she is a woman. A girl is a girl. A woman is a a woman period. Some men do not need to go out with a woman right away. Some men need to build in their own lives and then go out with a woman (when a man is emotionally ready to do so). What grown folks do behind closed doors in marriage is their business, but exploiting children is a very harsh crime.

Courtney: Good evening Truth. Thanks. I had to step out for some medicine and get my Fast 6 copy to watch tonight. What can I say about what you wrote.? Nothing. You said everything..I do feel the same with young boys too. No grown woman should be chasing down an 18 year old boy, expecting him to handle manhood that a full develop man can provide. Everything is upside down. No excuse ever to be messing with kids. Whats sad is, people don't know the difference today. To use the excuse that a child came onto a grown man or woman, is a total cop out. As a grown human being, it's our duty to set those young folks that do this, straight. Not take advantage because we can. What does that say about the grown person that should know better?

P.S. Courtney, I might use my gift card to buys books and movies tonight.

Courtney: ok , what books , and what movies? :) I know they were closing some bookstores but I think their should always be a Barnes and Nobles in each town. Even though everything is becoming digital, their is something still to said about a hard copy , printed book of your choice.

Me: I do not know about movies. I will probably pick a mixture of documentary and action movies. Books will be about politics, culture, and the mysteries of life. I love to study the mysteries of life even when I was younger (just like my youngest brother).
You can give suggestions about movies if you wish Sister. :)
You know I respect your advice.

Courtney: I like to pick random books. From literature, to SCi fi, Bios,History, We are your sisters is an example of what I own, music books,yes, a few comic books too.The ones that I follow, not many tho.etc. I would suggest fast 6 but only if you watched the other 5 because its involved. I don't really buy movies anymore unless I really want it. I redbox first or watch online to see if its worth buying later. Man of steel is good, Jackie robinson movie 42 is too. I truly don't buy unless its part of a sequel or something like that.

Great advice.
42 is an emotional movie. I heard that Man of Steel was good too. Fast 6 has a lot of action too. You are so much like my mother since she loves a diversity of books. Also, she loves children's movies and movies dealing with history or adventure. She also loves books that deal with fiction, biographies, and other forms of history from the past. She also loves music (like gospel, classic music, R and B, etc.) and other cultures from all over. You have shown great advice like usual.

Courtney: Your mom sounds like a ball of fun. :) lol

Me: :)
Thank you Sister. She has a heart of gold and she worked in real life to help children . She is retired now. Tons of times, I meet strangers telling me how compassionate, great, intelligent, and nice she was to them.

Me: Thank you Courtney. :) Good Evening to you. I am glad that you are better. Yes, I know how you love the Fast and Furious series. Yes, it is important to note that women should not be chasing after boys either. That has been glamorized a lot in TV and movies, but the reality is that this action has also hurt young children. Pain is always is related to the evil of pedophilia (no matter who does it). We have a long way to go in developing a more strong society that doesn't treat children in that way. There is no excuse for the perversion of pedophilia at all or grown adults messing with children or teens. Firm boundaries should be continually advanced in any progressive society. Any grown adult have the responsibility to tell any human about the necessity of proper conduct. Grown folks definitely know better and children are our future. They or children should never be manipulated or abused at all. Those who know better, but still do it ought to be ashamed of themselves (and punished). We should not be a totalitarian state, but we ought to have true boundaries on how we treat each other.

Courtney: I should be 100 percent by monday and thanks to Mirah,talking me into getting some medicine.:) Yeah, the character thats Letty is back. lol Anyway,You see, the powers that be, know that they can easily manipulate a certain percentage of the public , to change the course of society and their are lots of factors and reasons that make it easy for them to do this. They understand that vast majority of folks are incapable of independent thought. That to many cannot figure out what is reality and what isn't. As you and so many others have stated here before, once they started working on the breakdown of the family structure, it became even easier to tell those without direction ,what their new direction SHOULD be. Making everything exceptable.I for the life of me, cannot understand how a child is seen as a grown human being, just because they MIMIC what grown folks do and how they SPEAK. DOES NOT make them GROWN by a long shot. It also makes me understand that their is something fundamentally wrong with any grown human being, male or female, that will justify their selfish actions by pushing up on a young male or female, who is clearly not ready, and does not understand the entire magnitude of what they are getting themselves into. Which would be the reason why a grown person should NOT entertain the thoughts of a child but, turn them away and show them the proper way of how they should try to conduct themselves.

Me: Being 100 percent is always grand Sister. Bless Mirah's heart for giving you great advice on fighting the illness. Mirah is a real Sister and a great Friend to both of us. We both love her a lot. :) I like her wit, intellect, and sense of humor. It is easy to witness that the PTB want to stir society into a certain direction, which deals with bashing independent thinking (and wanting to restrict revolutionary insight among the populace). There should be balance in society. True liberation has nothing to do with nihilism. You can still love the concept of a family structure, still love black humanity, and still love truth as a means for us to live in a totally freedom filled world. You made a great point of how sick folks view children as grown. It is definitely perverted for some to treat a child as a grown up. Yes, children and teens are not psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, and intellectually ready for all facets of adulthood at all. They are children not adults. That natural reality was made by the Creator for the purpose to make sure that we know the differences between children and adults. Adults should never mess with a children at all. Adults should make sure that children understand ethics, truth, and righteous living.

Courtney: Their is no confusion when it comes to adults and children.. Anything thats well built, starts with a sound foundation first. This applies to just about everything in life. It also starts with a sound mind. Some things about life, should not be played with. Ex, Family, children, marriage. Children are meant to be just that, Children and its our duty to make sure that they keep that part of them alive and dear to their hearts. Everyone should want to see that in children. Even if they didn't have it themselves. Why deny something to someone else that may have eluded you? Its the right thing to be so just do it. Its a special time for a human being to be a child and it should be protected and fought for.Its the only time in their entire lives that they will see life on innocent terms.. As it should be. Adulthood, should come in their proper stages for both boys and girls .All that corny stuff is what childhood is about.Fun , love, protection, guidance,play, education and more fun. With 100 percent of that ,coming from home. They should know that home is safe, creative, productive,welcoming, loving... With a mindness of how things are done and conducted in front of them during their formative years because they are like sponges.

Me: I agree with you 100 percent.
This is some of the most insightful, intelligent words that you have mentioned here (as you described some of my words yesterday. Yes, I return the praise back to you :)
Your words deal with commonsense. A foundation is necessary for any situation to be stable. Without a strong foundation, children and families suffer. Strong children and strong families contribute to the growth of the black community. We have to treat children as children. The development of children should exist in home, school, etc. Education, guidance, real support, and compassion ought to be given to children. Not to mention that discipline fairly applied to children is a requirement to make sure that children stay accountable for their deeds. Life is divided into stages including adulthood. It is very clear that children are not adults. Anyone that fails to see the distinction has issues to put it lightly. So, we have to care for mothers, fathers, and children. If we do not care, nothing changes.

Courtney: You said-
Not to mention that discipline fairly applied to children is a requirement to make sure that children stay accountable for their deeds.
Thank you for stating this. Everything you said in this post is spot on and truthful. Nothing that you said ,harms the family unit but keeps it standing. :) I do believe that little girls and boys need to see their likeness in their mothers and fathers and the opposite in each other to know how to deal,relate, and respect the different things about us as they get older. Again, everything pretty much starts with the adults , and how they want to raise the children.

Me: Right, discipline shown to children builds up the children's character, strength, and discernment. Discipline allows children to learn from mistakes and it shows that parents care. Parents that do not care will refuse to discipline their children. Back then, we had discipline. In retrospect, our parents loved us so much that they cared for us with their guidance, encouragement, wisdom, and discipline. Bless you late Father Sister. :) With continued focus, I will be a better man and I am glad to realize the truth. Knowing the truth and doing almsgiving are great actions. I feel more inspired to fight for justice. Yes, we need a strong family unit for us to defeat oppression. The family is such a valuable part of our glorious black community. I greatly respect your words on this issue and so many others' commentaries Queen. :)

Courtney: You've said some really important things tonight, that we all appreciate. :) You are forever teaching through your words of wisdom through your personal insight. Always respectful in how your convey your thoughts and intellect. You will be fine.. :) Thank you for the dialogue and respectful nature of it all. You are a wonderful beacon of light and valuable like so many black men and women on this site..I appreciate you. So do others here. You have a wonderful family and they are so proud of you. So , thank you. :)
Tomorrow is sunday!!! Which means, football. lol. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your night Truth ,stay blessed and will TTYL. Great stuff you dropped today as always. :)