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Real Strong Truths


Shanequa says:
While racism is being hit in front of our black faces, we have a great number of black men & women that are in denial that racism still exist. We have came to a point now instead of us pointing our fingers at the root cause of our condition which is white supremacy, we will point the finger at our own black brothers & sisters. We as black people need to stop running to the rescue to save these other races when they wouldn’t dare come to our rescue. I rarely watch television but that is a tool for manipulating and sending our people the wrong messages. Sometimes I’m even glad when they don’t have black characters on television because it is always a degrading or submission role they will play.


TrojanPam says:
@ Shanequa
I agree, that’s why there is so little cooperation (and participation) when it comes to our own (black) liberation.
I am also relieved when I don’t see any blacks in TV and movie roles because if we are present, black males will be separated from black females — or in conflict, and the one or two black faces present will be in service to white people and white supremacy by playing either a degrading role OR that of a “color-blind” black person who is totally accepted by whites


Shanequa says:
@ TrojanPam 100% agreed with your statement.
I know when that interracial Cheerio commercial came out with the white woman, black man and biracial child, black women got a lot of negative backlash from black men. The media made it a big up roar but to me it was another divide & conquer scam toward black men & women. I seen black forums & youtube videos of black men complaining on how racist white men & angry black women were upset by the commercial of seeing a loving interracial family. But again that interracial family image sends a negative message to our people saying its good to love non- black but bad to love your own black people. I notice this to on television when it involves a black family they will always have two dark skin parents & biracial children but never two dark skin parents & dark children.
The same thing when it comes to natural hair products rather the woman is biracial, light or dark skin they will always try to find the one with “good good hair” curly or wavy hair (in black people term) to advertise there product you want find a black woman with kinky or tightly coil hair . Even on youtube you have natural hair black women trying to define there curls which in my opinion trying to manipulate there hair into a curly or wavy pattern but if you wasn’t born with that hair pattern its not going to work. Then its a hair chart of the varies types of hair texture that I seen some black women go by to find their hair texture type. But in my opinion that hair chart you can’t really go by because we as black people have too many different types of hair pattern & textures they doesn’t match to that chart.

TrojanPam says:
@ Shanequa
I’ve noticed the same things, how dark skinned black children and females have DISAPPEARED from TV commercials and how over 95% of the “black” children are the offspring of white females with black males. (according to someone I knew who worked with casting directors — MOST OF THEM WHITE FEMALES)
no accident
And how natural hair products hardly exist BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PROMOTE WHITE BEAUTY STANDARDS
and how most of the top black female entertainers have lightened their skin and their hair and wear UNREALISTIC looking hair weaves — because that’s what black females have to do TO SECURE WORK IN A RACIST ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY
and how black males who DO NOT DATE OR MARRY BLACK FEMALES — get MORE WORK AND MORE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES than black men who DO
Once we start to REALLY SEE what we are looking at, we will recognize it as WHITE SUPREMACY PROPAGANDA — and will be able to build PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFENSES against it.

sondis says:
Powerful…posted on abagond’s blog.


TrojanPam says:
@ sondis
there is so much anti-blackness being generated by mass media that it is endangering our survival in this nation.
I compare it to a husband and wife who are trapped in a burning house set on fire by a mob
and instead of trying to put the fire out OR get their small children to safety,
the husband and wife are fighting each other over why he or she came home at three in the morning the night before
Yes, that might be a conversation that needs to happen (why one partner came home late) but NOT RIGHT NOW
NOT while their house is on fire and their children are dying of SMOKE INHALATION and BURNS
We –black males and female — better WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT OUR HOUSES ARE BEING SET ON FIRE
so whatever BEEF black males and females and black males and black males and black females and black females have with each other
has got to be either TABLED OR SQUASHED
(that’s what I’m saying)

TrojanPam says:
@ Timothy
Thanks for supporting this blog with your input.
I agree, we must do our best to respect each other as black and African people, no matter where we are in the world. We are ALL under attack–and we need to see that as EVIDENCE that the rest of the world knows how potentially powerful MELANATED PEOPLE ARE — and that we have the SPIRITUAL POWER TO TRANSFORM THE PLANET and ERADICATE WHITE SUPREMACY.
That’s why we are being attacked. If we were so “inferior” and worthless why bother oppressing us? You don’t have to make inferior something that already is. It doesn’t make sense.
And the one thing I know for sure, like the air I breathe, is that when we disrespect other black people, that DISRESPECT REDUCES OUR OWN SELF-RESPECT.
Have you ever noticed that some of the most anti-black black people, who are always putting down black people, are some of the angriest and miserable people you know?
Like the young black females on these reality shows, calling each other the most horrible names, like “rachet h_ b____h” and if you look at them and their lives, they are CHOKING ON THEIR OWN POISON, and are usually involved in very dysfunctional sexual relationships
and they can’t put it together, that by dogging out and degrading other black females there is NO WAY THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES, no matter how much hair and makeup and high heels and BIG TALK they use
and that is the TRICK of white supremacy. They get US to do THEIR dirty work and stand back and watch us SELF-DESTRUCT
we have to be smarter


ProBlack says:
Thank You Pam, for this post.
I had read about the murder of Kendrick on another website. I was deeply disturbed to say the least. These atrocities keep happening. At times I wish I had a magic wand…at others, I am consumed with hate, and wishing the perpetrators dead! But, I come back to my senses and get
down to work (homeschooling my son, buying black, etc…). The determination and persistence that I have been blessed with, keeps me going. On the other hand, I am inpatient and want to see immediate results, a better position for our people etc…. However, I keep telling myself if it was up to THEM, we would have been exterminated long ago. So, the only fight is the good fight, and I am not in it to LOSE!
Once Again, Thanks for all you do!!!


TrojanPam says:
@ ProBlack
I think you have to be a robot NOT to feel anger and even a degree of intense dislike when you see what is happening to other black people JUST because they are black.
It’s the black people who don’t feel anything, who aren’t angry or outraged, or who walk around talking about being color-blind, that have the REAL problem
A moral person is always OUTRAGED by cruelty and injustice
anyone who isn’t — in my opinion — has lost their moral compass, or never had one to begin with
Thanks to you for supporting this blog!
Please share the info with others

anonymous says:
Ms. Pam, I have a couple of questions? In your opinion why is it that lately I have noticed a lot of attacks on Black women, like White people going out of their way to denigrate Black females, and lastly, why do a number of them seem to get scared when Black people wear their hair in it’s natural state?
I am posting a link here where I was reading about the ill treatment a young lady has gotten from individuals while living in Taiwan. I am struck by how many White males who are living there are participating in the dynamic. I see this behavior as increasing. They seem to really be uncomfortable when we wear our hair in it’s natural state, and I see an increase in ill mannered behavior toward Black women. Why do Black women scare them so much? Thank you in advance for your answers.
And of course LAPD, where they treat you like a King.


TrojanPam says:
@ anonymous
Absolutely! I expected some of this when I read — about ten years ago — a study on the self-esteem of teenaged girls.
According to the WHITE PEOPLE who conducted this study black girls had the HIGHEST SELF-ESTEEM when compared to white, Asian and Hispanic girls.
I was like — uh-oh! They’re coming after us now, they can’t let that fly, after all the demonization and denigration of black females over the last 500 years, how DARE us have higher self-esteem than white females!
And then I started noticing more degrading images of black females in the media, the black males wearing wigs and dresses to look like ugly black females, and promoting attractive black females as “video h_____” and today, most attractive black females in TV and movies are chasing and begging white males for sex (AKA being white men’s W_____S).
And now that black females are doing a reverse, and getting away from degrading OURSELVES, the harassment and degradation aimed at black females who choose to wear our natural hair is DESIGNED to further confuse us and devastate our attempts to restore our self-esteem and dignity.
As long as we wear unrealistic, unflattering weaves and wigs and perm our hair and straighten, the white supremacists can relax.
But once we embrace the bodies and hair and skin THAT GOD GAVE US, then who knows what might happen next? We might start really loving and respecting ourselves and not buying into the notion that whites are superior.
And once black males SEE us LOVING OURSELVES, they might find the COURAGE AND CONVICTION TO LOVE THEMSELVES — and US
and before you know it, black people are liking and loving themselves and each other and our children are rising up out of the psychological and emotional and sexual cesspool of white supremacy and becoming OVER-DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS instead of UNDER-DEVELOPED, SELF-HATING CRIPPLES.
Because once a people falls to that lowest of levels where they hate themselves and love their enemies, they have become the WALKING DEAD
That’s why almost EVERY black female in entertainment is wearing a weave, and more are wearing blond weaves and MOST of these weaves LOOK LIKE WEAVES and are very unflattering. I suspect they are told they have to wear them if they want to get work in the industry.
I also believe a lot of white males who degrade black females’ bodies and hair ARE CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS — AND view us MUCH in the way a FEMALE VIEWS HER FEMALE COMPETITORS because what NORMAL HETEROSEXUAL MALE spends any amount of time talking about women he is NOT attracted to?
And why are Black males being REWARDED for being homosexual and for shunning black females as lovers and wives?
I believe it is happening for three main reasons:
1. black males embracing black females could lead to BLACK UNITY
2. black males embracing black females means MORE BLACK BABIES
3. black males embracing black females (or any females) means FEWER black males that are SEXUALLY AVAILABLE to the racist homosexual and down-low white males.
It is obvious there is some kind of fixation on black male genitals by white males collectively, and I think some view black females as OBSTACLES in their quest to control and covet the black male’s penis and his awesome reproductive and sexual powers — while at the same time, whites males’ sperm is increasingly NON-VIABLE (UNABLE TO FERTILIZE AN EGG)
I would warn black females collectively to be aware of all the above, and to NOT INTERNALIZE anything anyone says about us. They are afraid of us FOR GOOD REASON.
I would also warn black males NOT TO JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON of bashing black females. Like the KING on the chessboard, once the QUEEN is removed from the GAME,
Black brothers, do not become APPEASERS, hoping the white alligators will eat you last (and eat the black females first).
Do not throw your women and children to the alligators but join with them to defeat your enemies.
I don’t want to make this post any longer. I talk about this phenomenon in my fourth book, “The Beauty Con Game” — and about the homosexual connection between white males bashing black females and secretly desiring black males in my third book, “The Interracial Con Game.”
I’ve made both books available in print and ebook so they will be affordable.


anonymous says:
Thank you Ms. Pam for taking the time to respond to my question. I read another post on the same website where the young lady would overhear Chinese women asking their mates if they thought she was pretty, to which they replied they did not. I have to wonder about any woman who would have to resort to that type of behavior. They must feel terribly challenged by her presence, and insecure about themselves. I will try to remember what you have said, and I hope to one day be able to read the books you have written.


TrojanPam says:
@ anonymous
I have personally experienced a great deal of hostility and insecurity from both non-black/non-white females and white females because of the way I look.
It’s hard to describe, but there is something SPECIAL about black females that we may not see BUT they do
Black females have a strong presence that has nothing to do with being masculine or “superwomen” (because we’re NOT)
but I think it’s an invisible force, something spiritual and a lot of non-white cultures have worshiped black females as the MADONNA, a diety, but only through the lens of white supremacy is the black female deemed inferior
If I could accomplish nothing else before I’m buried six feet under, I would want to convince black people that WE ARE NOT INFERIOR
if we were, there wouldn’t be this HUGE EFFORT to oppress us
because it wouldn’t be NECESSARY

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great, Positive Words


Me: Hello Sista Courtney. :)

Courtney: Hello Truthseeker :)

Me: How are you Doing today Courtney?

Courtney: Im good truth. What about you Sir?

Me: I am doing Great Sister.
It has been raining here all day and now all night. LOL.
It is breezy too. Typically fall weather.

Courtney: Good :) Rain is ok some times. Its great when you want to play board games I guess. :)Breezy, I love.

Me: LOL.
We have below average rain totals, so this is beneficial. Fall and breezy winds go hand in hand. The fall weather allows me to evaluate my life and it causes me to be reflective. Board games are great at any age. It is perfect weather to think about life, read, or watch a movie.

Courtney: Well, thats one thing if you guys need it. I noticed down here ,when it rains, the roads flood.As far as board games, I will play the heck out of some connect four and don't even mention, Scrabble is ok and monopoly. Im trying to buy up all the property :) reading ,thinking about life , movies are fun things to do as well..History is something I know you like to read but what other genres do you like reading?

Me: LOL.
You are sweet and Lovely. :)
Yes, in the South, many places flood easily. Roads flood easier down here in many locations. We are so close to sea level, which is why it floods in some places. Connect Four is great including scrabble and monopoly. My mother loves scrabble. What other genres do I like reading? I like reading about politics, the mysteries of life (like things that deals with Secret societies, etc.), books on intrigue, and I like to read about the consciousness of our people (i.e. black culture). My mother loves to read fiction including non fiction books.

Courtney: I'm seeing that along with other things. :) I went to the grocery store last night and saw what I thought was a fox or something. Just chilling, walking across the road. Something ran across my neighbors yard the other night, as I was pulling in. I bet you it was a fox or something.I have to keep my eye out for things that im not use too. smh. Ok. Secret societies sound intriguing.of course, history,biographies,fiction, literature,, non fiction too. :)Your mom is a good woman. :)

Me: A fox.
Well, that is interesting. Where I am from, there is a group of geese in certain areas and some of them cross the street. Thank you about your comments about my mother. :) She is a people person. She loves to talk and she talks with a Southern accent.. She is in her early 60's looking like her early 50's. I have her humanitarian, sensitive side. My more competitive side (and political side) comes from my father. So, I can be sensitive (like with you Sweetheart since you are great Woman. :) and I can be more relentless in fighting for justice. Also, your family is great as well.

Courtney: I think thats what it was. I dont know. It was dark but it didn't look like a dog.Aww, I love to see ducks and geese crossing the road. They are so cute and waddle. lol I think baby ducks are good pets. lol. Bless your mother for being in her 60s and looking youthful. :)Your dad is competitive and mom is more sensitive.:) I understand. Its the same with mine but my mother ,especially younger, had a competitive side to her that worked well with dad. :) I think it had something with her being 5'2. lol my mom drove stick when we were kids.smh

Me: Baby ducks are so Sweet. Bless your family too. Learning about your family and you learning about mine shows what it is all about.
Life is about Love, sharing experiences, and doing the right thing. Thank you for your continued praise of my mother. I guess our parents are very similar to each other. That is why our thinking on issues mirror each other on so many subjects. Mothers and Fathers are always great. Your Father was a real man and your mother is a great woman living today. When I am getting older, I appreciate what is most important in life and I am becoming more mature. You are the one that has contributed a great amount in causing me to be more mature in my life. So, you are a Blessing to so many folks. :) Now, I feel so much of the love of God in my heart when communicating with you. I feel peace and great understanding.

Courtney: I'm considering getting one at some point. They are adorable.:).I'e had a few things in my lifetime so duck does not sound far off. lmaoYeah, they do kind of mirror each other.I think we like so many other black men and women on here and in the world, have great parents as BLACK people.Regardless of what the bigots would like the world to believe. They are so misguided, so stuck on stupid and ,so misinformed. Its tragic to be that ignorant. Anyway,Thank you for the compliment but I think your maturity is all your parents doing :) I think Im mature were it counts but I can certainly not take myself to seriously.:) Its great to come across people who want to understand.,who try to understand, with peace and respect, being at the center.

Me: Yes, my parents taught me a lot about respect, humanity, and strength. They influenced my maturity greatly. Peace that surpasses understanding is a great thing. The bigots are ignorant since they view life in such monolithic, narrowminded terms. They are just wrong since they fail to see the dynamic, intellectually strong, and diverse attributes of the black community. Mutual respect and the advocacy of liberation are great themes to live by. We are right to disagree with injustice and have great love for our families. We are right to believe in our hearts Black Love and Human Justice. We love Africa with all of our hearts as the Motherland. Well, real folks are all over this Newsone forum from you, Soultry Soul, msjames120, Brother Jazz, Mirah, Anthony Ellis,the Homegirl Erica, Evette, KJ, Dandelion, BroShabazz, the Burning Bush, and so many other Brothers and Sisters. We all love you Sis. You know how I feel about you. It is not a secret. Like always, I love you.
So, Goodnight to you, Sister Courtney. :)
One Love
Blessings to you.

Courtney: Yes they did. :) Thank you for the convo.:) Wishing you a good night, along with Sister Soultry,Ej 318,Dande, Broshabbazz,jazz,,msjames120, and everyone else who I forgot.:)
TTYL Truthseeker and as always, thank you so much. Goodnight :)
P.s Friday is almost here. :)


Me: Jay Z made many interesting points. Many of his words are accurate, but racism is still in epidemic levels in the States. You can just look at the criminal justice system and various unjust laws on books now to witness that. A lot of his words reflect the differences between the younger and older generations. The following is what I have been wanting to write for a long time. The younger generation seeks transformative human expression & unique creativity, which is fine. Yet, sometimes, some of them glamorize vulgarity and some of them view that form of expression as being equated to enlightening commentary on society. I disagree with that view. The older generation wants stability and social continuity. That is fine, but some of them must realize that even the younger generation has a lot of value and the youth's spirit for justice and social change is not inferior to the older generation's spirit for the same aims. In other words, the younger generation's unique style and strength should never be downplayed or devalued by the older generation. Therefore, the younger and older generation (who have massive similarities) should work together on common cause to build up our communities and execute solutions. I do not agree with many of Jay Z's lyrics that in my mind degrades his own people including women. Yet, we should also have a dialogue among our people and we should fight for economic justice, social justice, and real revolutionary changes in the world in favor of the interests of our people. That is the fundamental point.

YOu said--In other words, the younger generation's unique style and strength should never be downplayed or devalued by the older generation.
So true,in all actuality, we need them but they need us too. We just have to show them how to redirect that energy as well as helping them to close the generational gap that exists between the two. We need their strength, creativity , lively spirit like they need our experiences and wisdom to help create real unity and real solutions to problems that exist.Another great post . :)

Me: Thanks Sis Courtney. I have been thinking about this issue for a while. There has been news about it and debates here about it. Also, your words are correct as well. We should bridge this generation gap and our energies are important to harness in the positive direction. The older generation's experience and long lessons and the youth's creative spirit and huge strength merged together is a great combination as you say. Balance and social Unity are great parts of our cultural ethos. So, you always bring that fire of wisdom too. I do greatly respect you, love your insight, and certainly it is great to see Brothers and Sisters coming together for a common cause. I am 29 (I am approaching my physical prime. When we approach our physical prime, our spiritual development grows exponentially if we do the right thing), so I know both angles. I know what older folks say and what younger folks say also. Once again, bless you, Lovely and Insightful Sister :)

Courtney: Thanks Truth. Your insight is much appreciated. So much strength and truth coming from people on this site despite all the other nonsense. At 29, you are already ahead of the game with your mindset. :) Wait until you hit your 30's. The age of being your best you physically,as well as seeking more wisdom, strength, more spirituality. Knowing both angles leads to more understanding about life. Bless you too. :)


Courtney: you are right. They keep proving us right, by their actions actually.They sure like to study the best. don't they?They LOVE to steal and take from others. Nothing original about them.RAcist trolls.They are missing that one key ingredient. Spirit.They don't have it and will never have it. This is why . we stay winning.They think winning ,is worshipping money. So sad.

At the end of the day, it is human character, love, truth, and human liberation that is superior to their agendas of bigotry, extreme materialism, militarism, and hostile unnecessary divisions in the world. They or the racists target the Best since they are jealous and angry at the fact of a strong conscious movement that refuses to submit to their reactionary aims. Human life and Black Love are sacrosanct and we have every right to harbor compassion, inspiring deeds, and positive actions. You are right about spirit. The spirit of LOVE and wisdom causes us to win. We win because we never give up. We win because our souls are tied to righteousness and we win because we never forget the legacy of our glorious ancestors (who paved the way for us in this new century). So, Thank you Sista for your words. :)


Me: Good afternoon to you Sister Courtney. :)
How are you doing today?

Courtney: Hello Truthseeker :) I'm good. How about you?I'm home now. Can't wait for monday night football. The jets are playing Atlanta. :) Go Jets!!!!

Me: Yes, I know how you love the Jets. :)
I am glad that you are good Sis. :) I am chilling too Sweetheart.
Yes, I will be switching channels between MNF and the Celebrity Crime Files show on TVOne. I love many shows on TVONE like A Different World, Unsung (with its new season), etc. I just came back from the gym and my mind feel energized.

Courtney: Those are good shows. Yes the the jets are 2-2 so hopefully we can edge out a win tonight.I have to get in a workout before the night is over.:) Working out is always a good thing so keep it up.EVen if its just for 30 minutes a day.But a strenuous workout.

Me: You are correct.
MNF is very exciting from the pregame show to the actual game. A workout in the night is excellent too since when you wake up in the morning, you feel a rush of great energy that can carry you throughout the day. Thank you Sister for your encouragement of continuing working out. I will work out whether in a gym or just using calisthenics, walking, running, or otherwise. A strenuous workout is something great. :) I usually do both cardio and strength training. I usually workout for 50 minutes in a day. A person doesn't have to workout beyond a hour per day.

Courtney: I agree, unless a person is training for something specific , working out past an hr, is a bit to much ,during a week of being busy..I keep it to 30 minutes to 45 ,every other day but it changes up.

Me: You are right. Beyond an hour is too much for my taste. I keep it simple, diverse, and unique.
In exercising, you battle against yourself since subconsciously and consciously you want to do better than yourself from a previous time. Each human is unique, so an exercise plan should be geared to a human's specific physiology.

Courtney: Yeah, like you know what works best for your body, how long, what kind of exercises to do to get certain results. i also can't do the same thing over and over when it comes to exercising or I wont do it. So I have to switch things up. :)

Me: Yes,
That is why so many human beings are embracing the plyometric exercise deal. Since those exercises are diverse and prevent plateauing so to speak. Diversity in exercise combinations is the key in creating great results. Sista, nothing wrong with keeping exercises unique and multifaceted. Keep rockin' ya great swag Sista. :) Also, I researched sprinting and HGH levels. Sprinting exercises can increase natural HGH levels massively. I did some sprinting a year ago to see if this was true. Next thing I know, I had super agility and it was a great feeling.

Courtney: I thought you were going to say," I did some sprinting a year ago to see if this was true. Next thing I know, I had superpowers, could fly, and see through brick walls or something . lmaooo. Just kidding. I will have to look into that HGH level stuff. :)

Me: LOL. Go ahead on with your bad self. :)
You are something special and I like it.

Courtney: LOL. Just silly at times.

Me: Nothing is wrong with that since your humor and silliness makes you, well YOU.
I do appreciate your gregarious Nature. :)

Courtney: Well, thank you for understanding. :)

Me: Thank you Sista Courtney.
You are gift from God. I will always respect you. We are certainly in unison in this struggle for liberation and justice. I also respect so many Brothers and Sisters here from Soultry, Erica, Dandelion, Brother Jazz, BroShabazz, Edud, etc. We inspire each other and I feel joy in communicating with you. You are compassionate and very intelligent. You have a heart of gold and I am a better man as a product of you in many ways. I wish happiness to you. I wish Blessings to you and your family. You are making your Father very proud of you. I mean that for real.
Enjoy looking at MNF. :)

Courtney: Yes I like yahoo but I like disqus too at times.:)

Me: I know you do. :)


Courtney: Thank you truth but so many of us are. I respect a lot of what you and many of the other posters have to say as well. From ej, vanity, soultry,dande,Broshabazz,edud01, John H, and many more . They know who they are because they approach things in a decent manner. Also, there were many other posters that got banned a minute ago that had many intelligent things to say as well. A lot of information to get folks to open there eyes a bit.I

Thank you.
You always a great gift of sensitivity and strength Sister. I do feel comfortable with real folks and I embrace decent conversation. I am a man, so sometimes I roar the truth in a strong way, but Sisters can roar too. You always make me feel inspired to continue my talents on this journey for black liberation. You are very intelligent and very sweet. The interesting thing is that for years, I looked at this site with you and the other real Brothers and Sisters that you have mentioned making their comments here. It is only recently when I made comments here and I feel great about it. Each of the folks that you have mentioned have their unique styles and unique diverse talents that they give to discussing the interests of our black people (in a real way). We are all blessed to be in this generation as a means to defend our people and to love the concept of Black Love. We have to make our ancestors and the Creator proud of us and we will.
So, you should be encouraged to intrepidly live your live, to fight for truth, and to continue to be a glorious Blessing. I will always have a respect for you, Sister. You are beautiful inside and out. :)

Courtney: I cannot take all of that credit truthseeker2436577. My mother is a remarkable lady and as I get older, well, you know the saying, we become more like them. Extremely intelligent, kind,decent, overly helpful, caregiver but a fighter. She always said to me, " know when to pick your battles" and it so true. She is a very standup human being and so was my father.I often say, they do and did not play around when it came down to the seriousness of things,.My mother is a refined lady and I'm a bit more rough around the edges. :) I would not be a decent human being, if it were not for there love and guidance. So I hope to be able to pass that along someday, to my own..

But remember, this drives racist folks batty because it exposes them and their behavior,for the animals that they are. :) Sometimes, you just have to laugh at them because it's so pathetic and readable.The way that you are, takes me back to my teenage years when , we were all just inspired to do great and good things, full of vision and promise, and pulled those around us, towards one another.I'm glad that I inspire you. You inspire me too. So many decent,beautiful people on here inspire me as well as outside of the net.The internet is just another means of bringing people together,communicating and inspiring one another. Not like those that tear each other down, that make racist statements against African Americans, and people in general.Like we see many infiltrators do on this site and others. Understand, What they say and how they say it because it's who they are ,on and off of the net. That is in them and because they choose to be this way, they hate anything decent that they encounter. We remind them of what they are NOT .But, they should not make the mistake of taking peoples kindness for weakness either. So thank you. :)

Me: Yes, and your mother raised a great daughter in you. My mother is similar in being religious, a people person, kind, and still strong. She doesn't swear or curse. She loves me and the rest of our family dearly and she is conscious of world events as well. The kindness of my mother is reflected in me. The interests of politics and the mysteries of life from my father is reflected in me too.
I see that the white racist trolls are running amok. I believe this is just a blessing in disguise, because as long as we keep our composure and stick with the blueprint, then we will past this test with flying colors. It is a test sent by the Creator in my opinion to not only sharpen our wits, but to improve our spiritual growth and moral growth. What drives the racists wild also is when we explain our views in a tolerable, strong, and comprehensive fashion (as it refutes their lies and it advances the strength of black humanity).

You are a shining light and I appreciate your insight, wisdom, and strength a great deal. It seems like this year, I feel different in the sense that I am approaching my physical peak. Therefore, I have to grow my spirituality into higher heights for life is spiritual not just physical. Things happen for a reason and communicating with the Brothers and Sisters here certainly inspire me to further connect with my black essence too. Also, you are correct to say that there is a time for kindness and a time to express strength. So, keep on living your life, be blessed, and you are always a great human being Sister. You can believe in that. :) Thank You.

Courtney: Oh no i'm not a genius, I .Just like being alive. :) lol. But you are and so many others like Edud01, Truth, Jazz, Broshabazz,Ej, vanity,soultry,and other folks here not guys are indeed sharp and humor is needed as many ways for people to be beautiful and I love to connect with that. :)


Courtney: did you watch Fatherless Sons this past weekend? I think another one called Fatherless Daughters is the next installment.The thing that stood out to me, was the sons and there anger towards the fathers. It all made sense ,why these young boys are acting out in certain ways.

Me: I haven't watched the shows yet, but you make an interesting, accurate point. Young boys do need strong male role models in their lives as a means to get an accurate picture of true masculinity and manhood. Many of us are fortunate and blessed to have such great male figures in our lives, but many of our people lack that influence. So, we have to keep on trying to tell many troubled youth that that the strong energy that they show (which is descended from the warrior influence from our great ancestors) can be harnessed into a more positive direction (in athletics, engineering, science, mathematics, art, music, black consciousness, and other real qualities of human life). Deadbeat parents are disgraceful and hurt young human beings all of the time. There is nothing wrong with a young boy being aggressive if it is geared into great avenues. Some want to patronize and pacify young boys, but they should not be patronized. They should be encouraged and strengthened as a means to live to their great potential. Also, young females ought to be respected as well as an excellent means to live progressively in their lives. We have to respect the masculine and feminine energies in the Universe.

Courtney: The way you speak about energy is wonderful. One thing Dr Perry said that stood out was that One of the many responsibilities of a dads role is to establish structure He said,The low tone voice of a man could crack a puppy. Very powerful statement. Then they went on to say that a father can be in the house and not be emotionally invested, leaving that kid feeling empty. Dr Geoffrey Canada, Ceo Harlem Children's zone believes that a fathers role is to be this kind ,loving, disciplinarian at the same time his actions are saying to his children and wife that,I"m here to protect you but it comes with some demands and that is, you are going to have to be a good person. etc. I do believe that we as women, women who believe and think like this, have to watch the actions of men, and look very carefully, to see if men have these certain tools to become great role models and fathers for our children.We have responsibilities towards one another as men and women. And it goes farther than, he looks good, I want cute babies.ON that show, it was said that we as a society, are at ground zero . Meaning that, a shift occurred and that fatherless children crosses all races today, all economic backgrounds. Where as before, it was a small portion of society. I saw what you wrote about the Warrior influence. :) I agree with your post.

Me: You are absolutely right. Males and females are equal in our values and intellectual gifts. In other words, we have the same intellectual power. Although, we can appreciate our emotional, physical, physiological, and other specific differences that we have as well. We are equal in our human value, but we are not totally identical. In this mutual appreciation of our values in the world (and the fight for real equality), we can have true balance (and balance is one of the great spiritual, moral principles of the Universe).
The rest of your points are excellent like usual. You are always a great blessing. Sister. :)

Courtney: We are equal in our human value, but we are not totally identical.
:) we can have true balance (and balance is one of the great spiritual, moral principles of the Universe).
Yes, we are always a work in progress and some work harder at it than others. but when you see some who purposely want to disrupt that balance for there own agenda, is when you have to cut that energy loose , if they choose not to respond accordingly to the energy that you put out. No since in going in circles,There are times when that negative energy, that others put towards you, have to be dealt with but, thats for that individual to determine for themselves.If it's worth dealing with or not.They have to find what's for them and it's o.k to let that energy, pass you by. (play on Pharcyde passin me by) :)

Me: Right, you can not pass pearls before swine. Also, you are trying to go old school on a Brother by mentioning Pharcyde. I see you. LOL.
Go ahead on with your bad self.
That song came out when I was in elementary school. I am a young cat being 29 now and being 30 by the end of the year of 2013. The big 3-0 is coming soon for me indeed. :)

Courtney: 30? you are an old soul. :) My brother turned me onto them when we were younger. My brother turned me onto a lot of interesting, fun things.. I'm not that much older than you.I have a b day coming up in a about a week.. 30's.? Great decade to be alive. I mean, all of them are great of course. :) I'm a proud cancer. :)