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Prospects For Freedom In 1965- Malcolm X





You need to go underground, i agree though that mainstream mess has no soul. It all about violence, decadence, and greed.



Redefined wrote:
If you read the comment section on youtube, you'd see that there are some youngins who'd still appreciate the oldies. Keep the music alive!!!
I've noticed that too. It's about time. They sound pretty good. Maybe they're trying to pick up the torch from the old school sounds. I hope they keep it up.


I love my culture and I love being black, I could not feel completely comfortable dating another race of man, especially if we had nothing in common. And then if that white man doesnt like black men then that would turn me completely off because my family consists of black men and I have the most upper respect for them.

-beautiful black woman


NIJERIA:- Dambe - Gidigbo (Yoruba martial art)- Igba Magba:

' The Igbos believe that "A man is said to be a man only when he has efficiently and effectively handled trying situations" They also believe that a man should fight his aggressors be they human or spiritual, to the best of his ability. It is always a privilege for young men to have the courage to engage in a wrestling match. For one has the opportunity to distinguish themselves and to attain a statues in the community as a star, warrior or a distinguish wrestler. Throughout Igboland wrestling is an important sport. Wresting has been known to be used not just as a sport but for other purposes. At times, disputes are settled with this all-important sport. An extremely popular girl, who has had several approaches from suitors, may find it difficult to choose the one she will marry. What happens in this case, is that; a wrestling competition is arranged for all the suitors and whoever emerges victorious marries the girl. Inter-village wrestling competitions are not uncommon. Each village has its own wrestling ground, which is very soft and well looked after. The wrestlers are grouped according to their records of achievements. All the villagers are informed of any competitions, which usually are in the in the evenings. A ring is made and spectators sit around this ring. The chief, titled men, the boy providing the music and the wrestlers all sit inside the ring.
Boys who have been specially trained provide a brand of music. The wrestlers squat and chat together. The competition is started by the two principal wrestlers from the two villages. Various techniques are employed and a wrestler can easily win the applause of the spectators with his adroit styles. Any competitor that is carried up and if his legs are no longer touching the ground is declared defeated. If it appears that no competitor is defeating the other, the wrestlers are said to be evenly matched. It's declared a draw and another set of wrestlers comes in. Meanwhile, the music provided by the boys' plays an important role on the occasion. It has been once described as heart stirring, capable of giving added strength to the weak. The total successes and failures of each team go to determine the result of the competition. The team that has the greatest number of' successes becomes the winner and the chief presents the prize, which can take any for

-Cap Black





ETHIOPIA:-Donga Stick Fighting:

"The donga, is a male-only, stick sport which takes place from November until February (in between growing seasons). Each competitor carves their own six foot long stick to be used as a weapon with the only protection coming in the form of body paint. The event involves the top men of each village competing one on one, each trying to knock down his opponent. The rules are few and far between the main one being that you may only maim - not kill - your opponent. If an accidental fatality occurs, the killer and his family are banished from the village and all of their property is taken away from them. So what's the point of the donga? Simple ... manhood is proved, quarrels are resolved and honor is defended. When all is said and done however, the real reason for the fights lies elsewhere... "The tournament winner is borne on a platform of fighting sticks to a group of young women, who decide which of them will offer herself in marriage to the champion".

- Dula Meketa - Re Efi Areh Ehsee

GAMBIA:- Borreh

"Grappling art of the Mandinga tribe, it consists of knees, head butts, kicks and holds to break the neck, leg, collar bone and arm"

- Maratabeen

NIJERIA:- Dambe - Gidigbo (Yoruba martial art)- Igba Magba:

' The Igbos believe that "A man is said to be a man only when he has efficiently and effectively handled trying situations" They also believe that a man should fight his aggressors be they human or spiritual, to the best of his ability. It is always a privilege for young men to have the courage to engage in a wrestling match. For one has the opportunity to distinguish themselves and to attain a statues in the community as a star, warrior or a distinguish wrestler. Throughout Igboland wrestling is an important sport. Wresting has been known to be used not just as a sport but for other purposes. At times, disputes are settled with this all-important sport. An extremely popular girl, who has had several approaches from suitors, may find it difficult to choose the one she will marry. What happens in this case, is that; a wrestling competition is arranged for all the suitors and whoever emerges victorious marries the girl. Inter-village wrestling competitions are not uncommon. Each village has its own wrestling ground, which is very soft and well looked after. The wrestlers are grouped according to their records of achievements. All the villagers are informed of any competitions, which usually are in the in the evenings. A ring is made and spectators sit around this ring. The chief, titled men, the boy providing the music and the wrestlers all sit inside the ring. Boys who have been specially trained provide a brand of music. The wrestlers squat and chat together. The competition is started by the two principal wrestlers from the two villages. Various techniques are employed and a wrestler can easily win the applause of the spectators with his adroit styles. Any competitor that is carried up and if his legs are no longer touching the ground is declared defeated. If it appears that no competitor is defeating the other, the wrestlers are said to be evenly matched. It's declared a draw and another set of wrestlers comes in. Meanwhile, the music provided by the boys' plays an important role on the occasion. It has been once described as heart stirring, capable of giving added strength to the weak. The total successes and failures of each team go to determine the result of the competition. The team that has the greatest number of' successes becomes the winner and the chief presents the prize, which can take any form.

-Capricorn Black


Every black man and woman should go to Crammasters BP page and read every Blog posted there! This Blog is being reposted here because it is still relevant to our situation and circumstance--regardless of the fact that we have a black President in the White House. Understand this, if we do not WAKE UP as a race of people, we are going to eventually lose the battle as well as the war!

============================== =======


With 70% of BW being single parents, and 45% that will never marry, BW should be UP IN ARMS about all the defecting, interracial-dating BM, especially since MOST are leaving behind the black children they had with BW. I PERSONALLY know several BM who fit this description.

No other (sane) race of people, facing the problems that black folks currently face, would think it was acceptable to divide and conquer themselves, especially when faced by a powerful enemy that is literally stripping away EVERY so-called economic and employment gain that blacks have made over the last 40 years.

Nor would a sane (or self-respecting) male put the female of his oppressor on a pedestal OR put his precious time, money, love, and energy toward ENRICHING his own enemies instead of taking care of his OWN black women and children.

And for those who are confused about who this enemy is -- it's time to pick up a book and READ ABOUT YOUR HISTORY -- both past and present.

There are all kinds of indications that blacks are under severe systematic attack on every level, and we better start taking this SERIOUSLY..With the ECONOMY literally deconstructing right in front of our faces, with a black unemployment rate of OVER 26% and rising, with over ONE MILLION black people rotting in prisons, making one dollar a day for the prison industrial complex, with BM being the MOST LIKELY to be unemployed regardless of education, with the Jena Six, Katrina, and Sean Bell-type shootings on the rise, with the increase of white extremists groups who are arming up and doing WEAPONS TRAINING after the election of the "first black" prez (who doesn't address a SINGLE BLACK ISSUE);

Hell, the list is too long for this thread, and too damn long for a sane black person to ignore... and that is the problem, some of us are literally insane... I got to be blunt about this.. In light of the plight of black folks today, there are too many black folks who think coming together as a race is NOT a necessity even as they lose ground, jobs, homes, and their minds...

It is what I believe is the TOTAL psychological assimilation (destruction) of the black mind, to the point where some black folk have become so subtly INSANE that we see the world and ourselves and each other through "white eyes"

In other words, they think like white folks, are white-identified, and somehow, actually believe that they will be treated like white folks when the deal goes down.

Even as we (black folk) LOSE all the economic and employment gains that took our ANCESTORS over FORTY YEARS to accumulate.

We dismiss the rising racism as just "those ignorant white folks" instead of seeing it for what it is: SYSTEMATIC RACISM.

we skip along, all hugged up with white Mary and Bobby and think our romantic choices make us better (and safer) than being with other black folks.

And we don't understand that the efforts of the white media/system to divide and conquer the BM and BW have been SUCCESSFUL, we don't see the mental trick bag of a BM (like bluebeam) who makes ugly and contemptuous comments about the women of his race are part of the problem, forgetting that his mother, sisters, and daughters (if he has any) are BLACK FEMALES.

And in their ignorance, BM like this forget that the MAIN reason so many BW do not like the hair on their heads is because WE BM are always rewarding, loving, and praising white and white-looking females who have straight or long hair on their heads.

It is a FACT that all this integration and interracial dating/breeding/and marrying has made us WEAKER not STRONGER as a people

It is also a FACT that this was all by design, that the white media pushed this concept on us by rewarding those celebrities who do it, by making movies and TV shows that push the notion that IR [interracial] is a better alternative than LOVING EACH OTHER.

And we still don't see the mind game, the trick, the trap and the plan to destroy our race, but I guarantee you, in the coming days, we will completely understand once the consequences hit home....


IMO Modern Era of Twisted Identity Poly-Tricks Began When-

George Bush Sr picked Uncle Judge Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall on the SCOTUS Court. This cleverly cynical pick put Blacks in a 'dilema' whether to openly criticize Thomas, who was not just a Black GOPer, but a hardcore corp Repug type {house}Negro & liar [yes he lied about some of that stuff that came up vs Anita Hill]. Even Min Farrakhan said things that backed Uncle Judge Thomas as a 'Black' man. IMO the only reason Blacks aren't more hyped up on Thomas is because he's so oviously & blatantly a hard-core Repug who backs every ruling that attacks pro-Black & Brown policies [FYI: Thomas voted FOR Bush Jr's hi-jacking of the 2000 election].
The issue of blind racial identity 'loyalty' emerged again in the OJ case. I witnessed too many Blacks who 'assumed' OJ's innocence, not based on evidence & logic, but as a knee-jerk reaction to whites' presumption of OJ's guilt [note I agreed w the verdict & now also think he was innocent- some 15 yrs hence based on evidence]. And for what? What had OJ [& MJ too] done to curry such unwaivering support from Blacks as a so-called 'Black role-model'??? - Just beause he was a famous ex-football player who became Avis' pitchman? Here's a guy who left his Black wife [who was also his hi-school sweet-heart] in a time of true need & family tragedy- for a 17yr old Nicole Brown- that's really supposed to be an example of a true 'Black role-model'???
IMO When the {white} power elites saw that Blacks tended to have unquestioning 'loyalty' to Black faces in hi-places- coupled w Blacks' unshakable loyalty to the Dimo-crap party, even for a slick-talking southern Dim whose nickname was 'Bubba', they combined those 2 tendencies to come up w Obama, Holder & Ms Rice(s).
Min Farrakhan's [& Amiri Baraka's] dilema reflects Black Folks' dilema RE Obama & Rice. Farrakhan was an early supporter of the 'Obama Candidate' in 2008 [FYI: Farrakhan's & Jesse's homes are in the same area of Chicago- where Obama moved to]- even as Obama publicly made at point of renouncing his support. Farrakhan in fact was an unswerving hyper of Obama until O-bomber & Rice [& Hitlery / Killary] unleashed hell on Libya last yr- resulting in the slaughtering of Khadaffi- who was a long-time friend / ally of Farrakhan & the NOI. So Farrakhan denounces Hitlery / Killary & the NeoCONs- but did he directly denounce O-Bomber & Sue Rice??? Me Thinks NOT! Yet Farrakhan [& Baraka] knows far more about African Affairs than the average Black person, who is focussed so much on day-to-day survival [&/or 'American Idol', basketball & football] than on the US' backed attrocities, in Africa & beyond, on Obama's & Sue Rice's watch.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted January 13, 2011

@ _A_

right, right

whites have used IR sex for HUNDREDS of years to destroy non-white nations in Africa, Latin America, North America, Canada, Fugi Islands, Australia, and Hawaiians, and the out come is ALWAYS oppression and confusion for non-whites...every single time.

because they use those mulattos as the buffer between blacks and whites,

and they use confused, self-hating blacks as an additional buffer, to do the close dirty work that whites can't do without exposing themselves as outright racist

whites in power are doing the same thing to the descendants of former slaves, dividing and conquering us, creating gender wars, planting false info about BM and BW, promoting IR sex, and trying to use our genetics to enrich their DYING genetics.

and the most perverted thing of all is their sexual obsession the racist white male and female have with black people. Someone once said if black people collectively refused to have ANY IR sex with whites, they would try to kill all of us, that's how serious IR sex is for them

the idea that their slaves (yes, we are still their slaves) rebelling against them is intolerable and extremely threatening..

otherwise, it doesn't make sense to want sex from a race you claim to despise...



Male, Age Private, Hazel Crest, IL

Posted Yesterday

@ Maxwell1982

Do you also OPPOSE racism when someone white is practicing it?

If your only interest in BW is purely physical then it AND you are no different than the long, long, long list of white males throughout the centuries who have enjoyed black flesh but are UNWILLING to oppose or give up the benefits of white privilege (racism) while doing so...

I would greatly advise sisters to keep comments like Maxwell's in a HISTORICAL perspective, because it may NOT be the compliment you think it is....

two questions for all the BM on this thread who are reading this:

If today, something happened, you got sick, got arrested, got in a jam, got beaten up by the police, or falsely accused of a crime....

who would YOU call first?

would it be your (black) momma?

Your black sister, cousin, auntie, female friend?

What organization would you hope would come to your aid if you were unjustly accused or beaten?

would it be a black organization?
a white organization?
a Hispanic organization?
an Asian Organization?

if you're not sure of the answer think back about a year or so, when the Jena Six hit the news about those 6 teenage black boys facing felonies for a simple schoolyard fight in Jena, Louisiana, and who started the movement to save the Jena Six (a college age young black female)

and who rode those buses for hours, dropping school and work commitments to stand up for six black male STRANGERS, the MAJORITY OF FOLKS WHO RODE THAT BUS WERE BLACK FEMALES there were NO Asian females, NO Hispanic females and maybe a few white females those who do not appreciate what they have will LOSE what they need the most\when they NEED it the most..



Edward Lee McDanielModerator10 hours ago
That's crazy it falls down to ain't no justice it's just us. That's why I hate when I have to go to a court for anything because anything can happen and you never know how it's gonna go but wow twelve years and it took 5 and a half years to even reach that decision. Basically his goose was cooked either way even if he had took the plea he would have gotten 5 years. That plea deal trick is a beast they trick people into pleading guilty to things they don't even feel they did for some bargain to get less time or less punishment but either way you still get punishment. Exactly as the article says when you don't take the plea deal they throw the book at you hard. That system is no joke.


edud01Moderator19 hours agoin reply to Sue Magdall Curry
The age old, "we're not all the same" is a MASTER game of white supremacy. The system is operates on a global scale to destroy Blacks and advance whiteness due to your genetic fear of dying out, and in the process, being controlled by people of color. The "game" is to PRETEND there are only a FEW racists and all others are fair loving people. NOT!!! If that were true, the majority of "good" people would quickly over run the few and the system of white supremacy and racial discrimination would be non-existent. If fact, the opposite is true. There are only a few whites who believe in TRUE freedom and equality for all. While most whites have varying degrees of racism-(from flat-out murdering Blacks to segregation of schools, to "harmless" racial jokes)most are aware and agree with the "systems" designed to control Blacks. And it's interesting that the,"we're not all the same" game does not apply to Blacks and people of color. This is designed to confuse Blacks as to who the enemy is as "not all" whites are alike. Yet, ALL whites support or go along with white supremest systems as it benefits them to do so.


MichaelModerator16 hours agoin reply to Sue Magdall Curry
@Sue Magdall Curry The issue is not individual racism, but systemic racism which produces individual racists and the economic, political, and social policies it also creates. Let me explain. You said that you are personally outraged at the injustice and that not every White person (you), is not racist. Fine. What you may want to research is the concept of White Privilege and systemic racism. That will better equip you to understand why we as African-Diasporan people in America and the West respond to posts such as yours. A book you may want to read is "Beyond Racial Gridlock" by George Yancy. It will open your eyes to how Europeans/Americans and Africans understand racism. When you say "Not every White person feels like you says they do..." can be perceived as saying "Stop whining, We are a 'post-racial' now. Get over it." when in reality, racism is far from over. I'm not attacking you, but I just want you to understand the situation better.


BigWood1Moderator8 hours agoin reply to Sue Magdall Curry
Actually, if you pay close attention to the movie "Gangs of New York" there is a scene where the white citizens decide to rebel against the government, the first thing they did was seek out the BLACKS to make an example of their outrage over the civil war by burning, hanging, shooting black men, women and children. The white New Yorkers blamed Lincoln and ALL black people for the civil war. The director- Martin Scorsese said in 1842 this horrific scene actually took place. Black people- instead of buying gold teeth, spinning rims, expensive cheap sneakers and a host of other BS, black you need to stock pile automatic weapons and ammo. Because, one day the racist portion of the caucasian race will mount an all out attack against YOU- America's black race and don't expect anyone to come to your recuse, you will have to defend for yourself.


CourtneyRModerator21 hours agoin reply to Norma Nixon-Steinberg
your right. its astonishing to see the hatred and rhetoric against the president based on nothing more than their own irrational fears about the black man and black people in general. it makes them look extremely cowardly and insane. Those that take part in this kind of soul destruction.



attai1 wrote:

What a trollesque redneck silly post.
There are plenty of Afro Europeans and their number is growing up nicely every year.
Get ready for a much Blacker European Union at the end of this century which is by the way a normal trend with the growth of African population on one hand and the ageing, declining white Europeans on the other hand.
In the past 10 years, the social ascent of these Afro Europeans is very visible : today the French Attorney general is a Black woman.
a whiteboi
There were so many Afro-French people in Paris when I visited there that I sometimes thought I was in New York City.
The world is changing.


Brngthtrth2u wrote:

I thought you would. Seems our ears are connected to the same sound. No problem getting back sooner.
Hey You!

Yeah, we know the good stuff.:)




Saturday, November 24, 2012

At the River I Stand









The following words of mine are controversial and you know some folks hate the following words:
I think that a Black agenda ought to be promoted in society. The President talked about the interests of other groups of people and ethnicities (by name), so we as blacks have the right to make our grievances known. The issues of education, the prison industrial complex, the war on terror, health care, etc. are important to us. Yet, some people in this forum have things backwards. Some people say that they are so independent and so freedom loving, but they advance the same reactionary ideals of libertarianism or laissez faire capitalism (this is the same economic philosophy that harmed our people via the Maafa. This stuff murdered our people literally. Imperialism, colonialism, gender inequality, and economic inequality are always related to unregulated capitalism, feudalism, or its geo-political cousins. People shouldn't talk about Mao or Stalin since they were funded by capitalist industries and both men followed dictatorial anti-liberty policies). You can criticize Republicans and Democrats all you want to, but if you want to scapegoat the indigenous peoples of America or someone of another background (in a vicious fashion), you are no different than a reactionary who hates black people. Dr. King said that social democratic solutions are great. Kwame Ture said that there are weakness to capitalism and Malcolm X (who so-called “independent” blacks claim was so conservative) said that capitalism sucks the blood out of people. In 1965, Malcolm X said that Africans have the right to advance a version of socialism if they want to. Yes, Kwame and Malcolm criticized the establishment liberals (as they should be criticized for their token agendas), but they did accept some progressive principles from gender equality to universal housing. Also, black leaders from Kwame Ture to others respected people of color fighting against oppression. As blacks, our people's interests should have a paramount importance in improving ourselves of course, but I will not scapegoat people of color (who aren't black) as a means to execute the policies of real Black Power. Real Black Power is executed out of a genuine heart. We are near 2013 and some people still want to call the original inhabitants of the Americas "aliens" (many of the same people who use that word are the same people denying the humanity of black people) when they didn't come from outer space. They are human beings period. Just because a person isn't a citizen of America doesn't mean that person is to be denied human rights. Also, I do believe with one independent black person in this forum that ultimately we should be political Independents. We shouldn't bow before the altar of liberalism or conservatism. We should be revolutionaries.

Also, some black people want to glamorize Jim Crow segregation. I don't want to revert to that time period nor do I accept the injustices in this time period. To have draconian restrictions of human liberty & human sexuality back then is evil. I will agree that we had better cultural cohesiveness and that's a positive thing (we need more black unity now), but overall Jim Crow apartheid caused a great psychological damage to our people. I am glad those days are over and we are fighting new challenges nearing 2013.

The Dems and the GOP aren't demigods at all. Both parties have exploited our people for centuries. Now, what we need isn't some faux pro-Tea Party version of Black Nationalism. Not even Cornell West or Tavis Smiley agrees with that nonsense. We need a real black nationalism that yes focuses on business development, self-sufficiency, & economic growth, but also fights poverty by a radical redistribution of economic and political power. You can never have Power unless you create it or take it from the oppressors. As people say, the poor doesn't need permanent austerity, but real, long term investments. Fundamentally, all human beings deserve real dignity, real equality (the haters can talk about God all they want, but the Good Book says love your neighbor as yourself), real rights, and real respect. We as blacks have the right to make our views known to the White House and the White House has a responsibility to be part of the solution in helping our community (we have the responsibility to handle our situation as well not just the White House). We need cultural improvement and an international perspective of uniting with our black brothers and our black sisters in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. For our issues for black African liberation are international not just national. Back in the day, I used to believe in a lot of the rhetoric of the so-called "Independents" until I woke up.

By Timothy (Me)


I think Jamie Foxx made a joke. I wouldn't use the joke since The President isn't the Savior, but there are more important issues in the world. Once again, the reactionaries claim to be something that they are not. The truth is that we ought to promote alternatives to the status quo. I am Independent, but I don't make it my duty to call supporters of the President idiots and stupid all of the time. That doesn't solve anything. I promote solutions like universal health care, help for the environment, progressive economic solutions, and yes respect for your neigbhor (since these reactionaries always try to use religion as an excuse to promote bigotry). You can talk about the Creator all you want, but the Creator wants us to feed the hungry, promote mercy, and have a radical redistribution of economic and political power.

-By Timothy (Me)


TheDriftingsmoke is just another empty schill for pro white imperialism over non white people.As long as rich white folks run everything it could care less about CIA/Al Qaeda death squads & camps,millions in US prisons doing grunt work for rich capitalist corporations or the millions more homeless children that roam the streets in most all capitalist countries and their dependencies.


Only if u buy that 'the best defense is a good offense'. The facts are Korea was an occupied territory inside the Japanese empire.Japan was an imperialist rival to Euro imperialism.The USA intervened n Korea to thwart the indigenous anti Japanese imperialist independence movement in Korea from being unified with the rest of anti Japanese imperialist movement across eastern Asia being led by Asian communist.The USA was & is n Korea to extend it's power as a post ww2 global imperialist hegemon.


Black Pearl |
Well, Well, Well. Hollywood is just like any other community in America. It is filled with racist bigots.
We really don’t know anything about these actors and actresses, other than what they portray in public and on the movie screen.
I bet those black actors and actresses could tell us some horrific racist horror stories that they have encountered in LaLaland. But, they won’t tell for fear of being blacklisted.


When It Comes to Gaza, Don’t Let Obama Speak for Black Americans
‘Like an olive tree planted by the water, we shall not be moved’
by Jesse Hagopian


At the end of our trip I attended what must have been an illegal book reading in East Jerusalem by Palestinian author and activist, Omar Barghouti, who read from his just released, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights (Haymarket Books, 2011). East Jerusalem, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since its 1967 war, is illegally annexed by Israel and thus falls under the jurisdiction of the 2011 "Law for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott.” As the law reads, “Knowingly publishing a public call for a boycott against the State of Israel will be considered a civil wrong to which the civil tort law applies.” Under this legislation, an individual or organization proposing a boycott may be sued by any individual or institution claiming it could be damaged by such a call, and evidence of actual damage will not be required for a court to order compensatory damages. As Barghouti began speaking I grew uneasy and wondered if we would be raided by the IDF. Then another anxiety crept into my thoughts: What if this law had existed in the United States during the 1950s? I convinced myself that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have still led African Americans in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1955 bus boycott.
At the conclusion of the reading, I told Omar Barghouti about our African Heritage Delegation and the connections members of our group were making between Israeli apartheid and the segregation they had lived through in the American South. Barghouti responded by telling us how important it was for us to tell this truth because the Israeli state was attempting to “blackwash” its crimes by cloaking the Zionist project in the language of the American civil rights movement—offering as proof the Israeli project of planting trees over the ruins of six destroyed Palestinian villages located in the Safad region, naming it the “Coretta Scott King Forest,” after Dr. King’s wife.
African Americans must not allow the history of our brave freedom struggle to be used in the service of—in this case quite literally—covering over war crimes and oppression. Everyone should organize their communities to oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but we African Americans have specific role to play in challenging the first Black president’s unyielding commitment to Israel and connecting our ongoing fight for equality at home with the struggles of the Palestinian people.


Gaza_Why Obama [& the CBC] Stand & Salute Bibi's Likudnik AIPAC

Cabal- Recall That: Last yr a couple off the street crashed a major White-House affair as Obama was hosting another head of state. This represented a significant security breach- presumably this mystery couple got within striking distance of Obama.... - Then Earlier this yr the editor of a major Jewish publication w the largest circulation in the South, explicitly called for the Mossad to put a hit out on Obama if he refuses to go along w Bibi's desire to launch an unprovoked attack on Iran. So what messages were being sent in these 2 well documented cases? Seems like Obama [& the CBC] got that message.
As Obama stood & saluted Bibi's IDF move on Gaza, he said: 'No nation would tolerate their citizens having 1000s of rockets rain down on them from the outside...' I say O-Bomber needs to take heed to his own words. As Bro Glen Ford has pointed out repeatedly, O-Bomber has authorized drone hell-fire missile attacks from Libya, to Somalia & Yemen, to Af-Pak- which have literally killed hundreds if not thousands of non-combatants as 'Collateral-Damage' [aka 'Bug-Splat...' - By comparison KHamas' barrage of inaccurate, fairly low-explosive power, rockets have thus far killed 5 Israeli's]. The Bible says: 'Those that live by the sword will die by the sword' -&- 'You will reap what you sow' The Old Folks used to say 'What goes around comes around'. My point: O-Bomber by his own words & 'Deeds' has just justified what Bro Ford calls 'The Mother of All Blow-Backs'.


Speaking Truth to Power

Obama shouldn't have signed up to be President if he isn't ready to die. It it what it is. A President can be taken out by some redneck racist who thinks he's a commie Muslim, let alone for standing on principles.
If Israel wants to accuse people of being anti-semitic than challenge them to reveal the (diabolical) nature of their system of apartheid. Let's show it up close and personal and see who withstands scrutiny.
There is no reason for Obama and the CBC to be cowards when regular folks are being targeted with bombs. Abby Martin has a more real possibility of being "taken out" than Obama or the CBC.
RT’s Abby Martin Accuses Israel of War Crimes for Targeting Journalists
by Juan Cole
Abby Martin of Russia Today’s Brainwash Update pointed out that Israel’s targeting of Gaza media centers, which killed journalists and endangered employees of many news organizations, was a war crime. (She was hardly alone in this). She was the victim of a smear attempt by the Israel lobby, which accused her of support for terrorism (because she dared call illegal Israeli actions illegal). If more journalists stood up to such smear campaigns with her feistiness, the world would be a better place. Watch her let her detractors have it:
Crimjust10 months ago
First of all white women have always been able to be seen as the virtuous ones although we all know the truth. A great number of black men see her as the ultimate goal while putting the black woman down and making it seem like she is the worse being on earth. Secondly, the white woman is stupid enough to believe it and goes around spouting her disdain for the black woman and sending a message loud and clear that the black woman is a sad and pathetic creature of doom Chelsea and Madonna are indicative of this type of ignorance. Has anyone ever wondered why they try to be us, butt implants, lip implants, breast implants and tanning is all in an attempt to look like us but they are grateful they are not us so the next best thing to do is to insult us. The black woman regardless of how educated she is and how far she has come and will go will always have various women of other racial backgrounds insult us because that is all they can do. Those of us who try to look like them only gives credence to their claims. Our strength is in our faith and we know who we are and those of us who don't need to search themselves and get it together and stop allowing yourself to be morally bankrupt. Believe it or not some black men use us more than any other will this of course is because of their own insecurities and ignorance case in point Bow Wow and 50 cent along with many others.


Meangrl Me9 months ago
That is the part that bothered me the most. WW Privilege has been around since forever, but the fact that 'Fiddy' did something so disrespectful to another black woman to impress a white woman is the BIG problem! Many black men do the same exact thing, while at the same time empowering a white woman weak and silly enough to buy into that nonsense. I don't care who dates who, but selling out your own race to justify your "preferences" is the badge of a self-hating, insecure, house-N! How many black men have gotten bold enough to just throw it out there that they have no love for black women? Has any other race of men ever done that? This slave mentality has gotten out of hand and while we cannot change someone else, we can boycott them. My black skin isn't good enough? Neither are my black dollars. Deuces.


A.J.10 months ago
I (heart) this article. Black people, especially Black women, have been saying this for years. It always bothers me when white women try to form some sort of solidarity with Black women's issues, trying to put it all under the banner of women's rights and female liberation. What they don't realize is that their color as well as their gender gives them a certain amount of protection in this society, one that women of color constantly miss out on. Madonna has no call saying that someone else's behavior is scandalous.


lmao. you have it totally backwards. "by today's standards", reagan would be a moderate communist. jfk even worse. he was the guy who called the united nations "our last best hope". remember in the 60s democrats were actually liberals, pushing for progressive programs like medicare, medicaid, public broadcasting, civil rights, etc. today they're corporatists. this is the week obama will announce he's cutting 'entitlements' - when he officially becomes a republican.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Relevant Facts


CourtneyRModerator6 hours agoin reply to peepsqueek
its not if he says so. its historically suppressed but its their and provable. sheesh. you are extremely naive to believe that white people and only white people invented everything that contributes to the world and society. very narrow minded thinking..
African American InventorsThomas L. Jennings
(1791-1859)A tailor in New York City, Jennings is credited with being the first African American to hold a U.S. patent. The patent, which was issued in 1821, was for a dry-cleaning process.Norbert Rillieux
(1806-1894)Born the son of a French planter and a slave in New Orleans, Rillieux was educated in France. Returning to the U.S., he developed an evaporator for refining sugar, which he patented in 1846. Rillieux's evaporation technique is still used in the sugar industry and in the manufacture of soap and other products.Benjamin Bradley
(1830?-?)A slave, Bradley was employed at a printing office and later at the Annapolis Naval Academy, where he helped set up scientific experiments. In the 1840s he developed a steam engine for a war ship. Unable to patent his work, he sold it and with the proceeds purchased his freedom.Elijah McCoy
(1844-1929)The son of escaped slaves from Kentucky, McCoy was born in Canada and educated in Scotland. Settling in Detroit, Michigan, he invented a lubricator for steam engines (patented 1872) and established his own manufacturing company. During his lifetime he acquired 57 patents.Lewis Howard Latimer
(1848-1929)Born in Chelsea, Mass., Latimer learned mechanical drawing while working for a Boston patent attorney. He later invented an electric lamp and a carbon filament for light bulbs (patented 1881, 1882). Latimer was the only African-American member of Thomas Edison's engineering laboratory.Granville T. Woods
(1856-1910)Woods was born in Columbus, Ohio, and later settled in Cincinnati. Largely self-educated, he was awarded more than 60 patents. One of his most important inventions was a telegraph that allowed moving trains to communicate with other trains and train stations, thus improving railway efficiency and safety.Madame C.J. Walker
(1867-1919)Widowed at 20, Louisiana-born Sarah Breedlove Walker supported herself and her daughter as a washerwoman. In the early 1900s she developed a hair care system and other beauty products. Her business, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, amassed a fortune, and she became a generous patron of many black charities.Garrett Augustus Morgan
(1877-1963)Born in Kentucky, Morgan invented a gas mask (patented 1914) that was used to protect soldiers from chlorine fumes during World War I. Morgan also received a patent (1923) for a traffic signal that featured automated STOP and GO signs. Morgan's invention was later replaced by traffic lights.Frederick McKinley Jones
(1892-1961)Jones was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. An experienced mechanic, he invented a self-starting gas engine and a series of devices for movie projectors. More importantly, he invented the first automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks (1935). Jones was awarded more than 40 patents in the field of refrigeration.David Crosthwait, Jr.
(1898-1976)Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Crosthwait earned a B.S. (1913) and M.S. (1920) from Purdue University. An expert on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, he designed the heating system for Radio City Music Hall in New York. During his lifetime he received some 40 U.S. patents relating to HVAC systems.Patricia Bath
(1942-)Born in Harlem, New York, Bath holds a bachelor's degree from Hunter College and an M.D. from Howard University. She is a co-founder of the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness. Bath is best known for her invention of the Laserphaco Probe for the treatment of cataracts.Mark Dean
(1957-)Dean was born in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Tennessee, a master's degree from Florida Atlantic University, and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He led the team of IBM scientists that developed the ISA bus—a device that enabled computer components to communicate with each other rapidly, which made personal computers fast and efficient for the first time. Dean also led the design team responsible for creating the first one-gigahertz computer processor chip. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1997.
Of course their are alot more.also have to think that, during the 17 -18 AND EARLY 19 hundreds, alot of what black people invented , was stolen. the ideas. to think that white men were the only ones to invent serious contributions to the world ,is absurd. we live in the age of technology. people shouldnt hold onto racist ideas for no other logical reason other than hate. enlighten yourself with real history. not just the white mans history.


LexeModerator1 day agoin reply to peepsqueek
peepsqueek , What you said makes white racists more ridiculous than ever. They are ensalved by the elite yet they are foolish enough to still champion white supremacy, and vote against their own self interests, just because they are ignorant enough to hate Blacks


Timothy (Me) wrote:
There are exceptions to the rule. Yet, if a man wants to do something, a man should be just active and accomplish their goals directly. So, I do believe that a man should court a woman, because culturally we men are territorial, we like our space, and we can be aggressive because of our testosterone. Therefore, a real man should be active in communicating with a woman for romance first. Sometimes, subconsciously, a woman courting a man views the man as inferior socially (not physically), because some women see that man as a work in progress (not as a real strong, progressive human being or not as an equally, emotionally strong partner). That is why some men who are courted by women feel lackadaisical in their relationships. They feel entitled when a relationship is about common bound (and mutual sacrifice) not a man depending on a woman for most of his needs.
It's very creepy for a man to be desperate to depend on a woman for his livelihood. It's very embarrassing for a man to give up and just let a woman to court him at every circumstance. So, if a man has trouble in the dating scene, that man should step back (and have self reflection and work on himself emotionally & socially then focus on dating people. That man can focus on his education, occupation, and other facets of his life before having a long term relationship with a woman. Getting advice is great too).
Great post. Some men are misguided and actually believe giving up his manhood (and the whole pursuing, courting etc is a part of manhood- there are things a man learns about himself during this process which also helps him in the larger world) is a testament to his manhood.





shouldn't be a surprise, the ONLY reason blond white females scored the highest is all our lives, we've had that "blond and beautiful" message rammed down our throats. I guarantee you had it been the reverse "blond and ugly" or "dark and beautiful" or even "purple-skinned and lovely," a purple-skinned female would have collected the most money. Let's stop

(continued from post below) Let's stop pretending we don't know that it's about white beauty, while subjecting everyone who isn't white to the default standard which has NOTHING to do with true beauty otherwise blonds wouldn't spend so much time getting a suntan

all the so-called "aware" folks on threads like this know that no BM, including President Obama, is in charge.The folks who decide if WIII will happen are all WM. Let's keep it real.
But some are still falling for the OLD CON GAME of racial scapegoating/distraction instead of facing the FACT that your worst enemy looks like the man or woman in the mirror.
At some point, you will have to make a choice: keep practicing racial politics OR deal with the real enemy to survive. It's just that simple

yahoo-55NG2EWTPXBE65UVQQVMPIWFL4Moderator2 days ago
Bill O’Reilly , Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter & the rest of the white racist who support their theory that the President won because he promise things must didn't listen to ole Mitt speeches. He promise a whole lot of things, only problem was all his promises were lies in order to get votes to support & pay back billions of dollars spent on trying to get him elected. Hey Bill I would like to invite you to my home just so you can see just what I have got from the government. I'm pretty sure you would be very surprise at all the things the government has given me over the last 50+ years. As a matter of fact you would be so surprise you ight become a democrat after seeing that not one thing in my home was paid for with government subsidies. Bill if you actually got off your a___  just for a minute & checked you would see that at least 90%+ of Americans put in a lot of hard work to get what they have. Guys like yourslef only think people are getting gifts because that's what you have been taught by your momma & daddy for some stupid reason. So in closing Bill, that offer still stands & be sure to call first because on my land I have a lot of no racist trespassing signs & I would hate for you to be misstaken for one.......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Words in This New Era


Like Richard Wright or Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X was a self-educated Black intellectual. He didn't have the advantages enjoyed by Dr. King or Paul Robeson. In a way, that makes his achievements all the more admirable.



Bigsmoke wrote:

But my point is the use of stone tools is very, very, very prehistoric, we're talking over 3,000,000 years ago in pre-Human species thus all Human species were stone tool users at least.
Neolithic Age humans were farmers as opposed to hunter gatherers who predated the neolithic revolution. They domesticated other animals and plants while creating permanent settlements. This was a drastically different/new way of living.
Humans 200,000 years ago were very different to those in the Neolithic Revolution.
The only difference are the lifestyles but this isn't really an indicator of Humans being less evolved like many of these scientists are clamming because even Humans going back 100,000 years ago were still using paints, beads, pottery (possible) & creating weapons according to the articles. Now there may have been less evolved species on Earth such as The Neanderthals.



RealHistoryww.com Tackles Question When Ancient World Went From

BLACK & Brown, to white. It deals specifically w the North African 'Arab' issue at their section found @ http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/North_Africa/North_African_History.htm

Its now universally known that Africans were the first people to develop on Earth. FYI: Now even [white] scientists are saying [admitting] that advent of white-skinned blue-eyed blonde-haired folk is a relatively new phenomenon in the World, from the post ice-age Nordic regions of Europe- occuring as recently as 4000 BCE. That means that they could NOT have been any-where near Africa [IE: Egypt], Palestine-Israel [The Canaanite-Phonecians & the Hebrews], the Mesopotamia [Sumeria & Persia], the Indus valley, etc, etc, etc creating agriculture, culture, technology & civillizations in these regions at the same time that they were first making their appearance in the remote Nordic regions of Europe. In fact we may have to come up w a new model of how civilization began in Mediterranean Europe itself [IE: ancient Greece & Rome- see: 'Stolen Legacy', The World & Africa' & 'Black Athena- The Afro-Asiatic Roots of Classical {aka Greek} Civilization'].
So where did caucasian Arabs come from if the ancient peoples of both N.Africa & the Arabian Pennisula were Black? [& they were]? The conquest of the Greeks of Afro-Asiatic lands under Alexander was the first historically verifiable deep excusion of a 'basically' non-African / non Afro-Asiatic people into the ancient Black & Brown World. Then w the defeat of the legendary African General Hannibal by the Romans under Scipio [who got the title Africanus = Conqueror of Africa- for his conquest]- the Roman Empire was extended along the entire Mediterranean coast of Africa. Just prior to the advent of Prophet Muhammed, infamous European tribes IE: the Vandals also raided [vandalized] parts of N.Africa.
With the rise of Islam, including the African Islamic Moors' conquest of Iberia [the Castilian Christians finally expelled them circa 1492] the Euro-Christians counter-reaction was the Crusades circa 1100ACE - 1300ACE. Involved in this struggle for the Holy-Land were a people who adopted Islam but were clearly identifiable as non-African / non Afro-Asiatic in heritage IE: the whitish Asiatic Ottoman Turks. The Rise of the Ottoman Turk empire began circa 1300 ACE [thru 1922] immediately after the Crusades. They became the most influential Caliphate outside of the African Moors' control of Iberia. Their empire extended across the African Mediterranean coast from Morocco to Egypt, into Palestine-Israel & the Mesopotamia, & deep into the Arabian Pennsula- including Mecca & Medina [IE: the Ottoman Turks controlled the 3 Holiest Cities / sites in all of Islam- Mecca, Medina & Jerusalem- for over 600yrs]. IMO this is how N.Africa went from Black-African to kinda-sorta whitish-Arab [Its an interesting fact, as documented at Real History's site, that Black Islamic Princes often had whitish-turkish women as 'concubines' in their Harems, just as whitish-Arab princes often had African women for 'concubines' in their Harems]. YET There are still many millions of Black N.Africans & Blacks in Arabia, as there are Black indigenous elements scattered thru-out the so-called Mid-East- including Palestine-Israel.


White america was horrified by the Black Panthers. The KKK was an actual terror group while the Black Panthers had a positive political and social agenda but the Gov't had what they viewed as the black KKK
All they saw were black men with guns that challenged white authority and they (the U.S. Gov't) aggressively fought it. In their day the KKK was FAR more dangerous but I assure you there was never a methodical attempt to disband them and it's clear why (they didn't challenge white authority).


etrlf wrote:
What seems to escape some is that the populations that exist in west and southern Africa today were not always there. I know for certain that the Yoruba in Nigeria, the Ashanti in Ghana and many other tribal families tell of their ancestors migrating from the Arabia and the "middle east"(i.e Northern Africa in reality!) The various invasions from the far East and European lands in ancient times, as well as wars and famines caused these ancient peoples to move, at various epochs in history, to where they are found today. So learning of the ancient Egyptian, Kushitic, Phoenician, and ancient Babyloni histories is really being aware of what the ancient Africans did. And if the Olmecs were related to the ancient Ethiopians, and the ancient Celts and Scots to the Egyptians, is it too great a stretch of Bakari Neferu's imagination that the Old Oyo empire builders were probably related to the druids who built the stonehenge?
Truth. They are determined to keep division amongst AA's,West,East,North,and South Africans,etc.



ShavondaModerator23 hours agoin reply to William
First off I DO NOT pay attention to campaign ads. I, unlike others, actually research things for myself and I watched the darn debate and looked many things up via factchecker. I really despise it when people assume things. You know nothing about me yet you assume that I am an uninformed voter. lol if only you knew. So sir, since I got my inaccurate information from Obama ads, why did I not vote for Obama sir??? And also, since based on your statement I am "willing to throw my children & grandchildren under the socialist bus," please explain how I have done so? Also, socialism is not a bad thing. Many countries are doing much better than we are since they have abandoned the federal reserve and opted for government controlled healthcare & education seeing as though everyone gets the health services they need and everyone can get an education without worrying about swimming in debt before they can get into their chosen careers.


I know it's not nice, but I am enjoying the discomfort of the right. They tried to destroy Obama. The made their top priority preventing his re-election. They spent billions of dollars, tried to rig elections, appealed to thinly veiled white racial resentments and paranoia, and were totally certain that Obama wa toast (and Romney's landslide victory a foregone conclusion).
Then on the night of Nov 6, they found egg on their faces. They're still dealing with the shock of Obama's win. Some of the loonier among them are even talking about secession from the USA.
What hilarious carnival of buffoonery these rightists are!



ShavondaModerator1 day agoin reply to John Ericks
I don't know your age but I do know that the things that you miss about the " Old America" did not start under Obama. Welfare benefits have been around for quite sometime. Also, the rules for said benefits changed under the Clinton administration. Example: individuals can only receive cash benefits for a maximum of 5 years in a lifetime and must actively be searching for work. A person has a limited amount of unemployment that can be drawn for a limited amount of weeks. Food stamp benefits are contingent upon active search for work and/or vocational or job training. There are also working families who benefit from food stamps also. Some of those people work two jobs but because the cost of living is so high & the wages are so low, they need a little help. Those same people can qualify for child care assistance so that they can go to work everyday. I went to school with a few people who benefited from these things. Medicaid & Medicare is included, which is based on age and income, social security is included under this umbrella of welfare and so are housing benefits like Section 42 tax credit housing that is determine by income and offers below market rate rent to a percentage of the units in a building or complex in exchange for tax credits, there is Section 8 & disability payments. The main people receiving the benefits that you speak of are the elderly & disabled.


Grow up and stop your whining! The America you want to return to is long gone!! If it ever existed. That old America you refer to, is that the one where blacks worked for a living, but were NOT paid? WE don't want to go back to that America! So go FYS as far as that one's concerned.
Also, WHY r u afraid of the government? What illegal thing r u doing or have u
done? I don't live in fear of the government/police, because I'm not doing anything illegal. So I don't give it a second thought. You are a racist and everything about your comment tells us that. Stop hating and be about living your life to the fullest. Afterall, it's the only one you have and God don't like ugly.


We still have the power, but we have a long way to go in really growing our power. We had the power to end overt slavery and we expressed the power to end Jim Crow and we still have the power to end the prison industrial complex and other ills in our society. Also, people are talking about smoking weed. I don't agree with smoking weed recreationally, but I don't believe that a brother or a sister should be sentenced to prison in the same amount of time as assaulters and rapists just because this person is a non-violent posseser of marijuana (which is proven to treat diseases and handle pain when used in the right fashion as expressed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I believe in the legalization of industrial hemp too as supported by people from across the political spectrum). The Drug War should end and replaced period ASAP. Also, these state laws don't allow children to smoke marijuana. It allows the states to regulate it. You have the right to disagree with this, but something has to be done to end the War on Drugs. People from across the political spectrum oppose this war on drugs. Also, Loving your neighbor as yourself last time I checked wasn't immoral.The injustices against Africa has been done by many factions long before the President was in the White House. The President deserves no passes on his errors, but it's bigger than the President. It's about a corrupt system that must be opposed with vigor, strength, and resiliency (not pessessism).

-By Timothy (Me)


Nobody's "red-baiting"; you just don't know what you need to know. What will now take place, is that you will not get the help from those who were willing to help those less fortunate, BECAUSE they did have the means to. Let's just face it, and this is what you said you wanted it by voting the way you did. You want to be governed by someone who will now give people things that they couldn't get without government's help. The Democrat Party has "pandered to a population of people who always feel they are victims, so people who are given things, will never feel the need to work hard. It's like this dang "spoiled" (and maybe that's just who I'm talking to) generation who chose this kind of government--they feel "entitled". You ain't entitled to anything; you've got to work hard for it. The standard of living will be lowered by this type of governing, and those who work hard for what they get will always be scrutinized by those who are just given things. If someone has more, as a result of working hard, poor, lazy people are programmed that a person has more, because they took it from someone else. That's the real meaning of governing from behind. You create a bunch of people, that must be led all the time, and doesn't know how to do things, themselves. That's also how dictators come to power.

To Listennear2me:

This is a perfect example of red baiting since you claim that certain government interventions that can help humanity is equivalent to socialism. I know what I need to know. I don't believe in intellectual condensing rhetoric that you intrepidly display. Help to people less fortunate ought to come from both the public and the private sector not just the private sector. The Constitution in Section I, Section 8 allows the government the right to fund the general welfare of society. Society can be enriched with a combination of government help and non-government help. You just have some fetish against any government help that can prevent pollution, educate humanity, and promote
the social development of any society. Also, I am an Independent. I don't follow the Democrats or the Republicans unconditionally. You just love GOP talking points and try to indoctrinate black people to follow a more reactionary way of thinking. The good news is that most black people reject the indoctrination procedure (since war mongering and austerity are as abhorrent as oppression). Also, most black people don't consider themselves spoiled or victims in an offensive fashion. That commentary from you represents arrogance and a bigoted mentality. The poor and minorities built a large part of this society and it is no shame for a social safety net to be preserved at all. People from across the political spectrum work hard period. Just because someone is a Democrat doesn't mean that person lacks a strong work ethics. Poverty, socioeconomic problems, and discrimination have occurred and have prevented many people from experiencing work or a better socioeconomic situation (not laziness or inferiorities). No one said that people are entitled to anything. People said in the majority via polls that people should have Social Security, etc. if they work hard, that the Afghanistan war should end, and that poor bashing rhetoric is offensive. We have economic inequality problems and most poor people don't believe that all rich people steal from someone else. We are saying that trickled down economics has created economic inequality, which causes economic problems (via globalization and other problems). Most Americans reject your red baiting, poor scapegoating ideology. No real person wants a dictator. People want freedom. People want the general welfare to be enhanced and people fairness including opportunities wherefore society is greatly promoted. We want fairness not theft. We are entitled to some things. We are entitled to freedom, equality, and justice unconditionally.

-By Timothy


Great points brother. Dr West should take the time to jump on struggling people, instead of taking those in power, who have greater impact on society, to task. Instead of blasting our anti-Constitutional, authoritarian, war criminal president, he should devote more time to telling black men to be fathers to their children, and young black boys facing adversity to hit the books.

lmao. you have it totally backwards. "by today's standards", reagan would be a moderate communist. jfk even worse. he was the guy who called the united nations "our last best hope". remember in the 60s democrats were actually liberals, pushing for progressive programs like medicare, medicaid, public broadcasting, civil rights, etc. today they're corporatists. this is the week obama will announce he's cutting 'entitlements' - when he officially becomes a republican.


josefmarinaModerator5 days agoin reply to GhostNeo
There is no way you can tell us that Jill Stein's policies weren't more progressive than Obama's. If she and Rocky Anderson had been allowed to participate in the debates, the public would have been able to hear real issues discussed, and been able to compare between the candidates. Their platforms were better for this nation, for Americans, and particularly, for the poor and minority groups.


josefmarinaModerator6 days agoin reply to Phaeton
First day after the election, they were organized, mobilised and on him, demanding he gives up the comprehensive immigration reform. They know that without their vote he would've been the ex-president, as there aren't enough blacks voting to make up the difference. If it wasn't for Latinos giving him their vote - with conditions - there would not be a black president now.


 Voice Of TruthModerator6 days agoin reply to James Alexander
I think we can all agree to disagree, but Mr. West is far from a fool. Many said the same thing about Bill Cosby some years back when he criticized the current state of Black America. i think it's healthy to encourage differences of opinion as we all brainstorm solutions to our problems. There are things about the presidency that men like West and Tavis are bringing up that is worth paying attention to. I do think Mr. West should temper his choice of words regarding the President, but he has a right to critique the Office of POTUS, which is an institution that is separate and perpetual with respect to the man that occupies the office.


josefmarinaModerator6 days agoin reply to James Alexander
My politically, historically challenged, prolific neoliberal, capitalist brother, Cornel West has been saying the same thing for over 25 years, 30 years. I am not encouraging you to go back and read his work or check his interviews, but you can do something as simple as get on YTube, do a search for his speech at Ralph Nader's Green Party event at the Madison Square Garden, and you will see that he has been highlighting the same issues: inequality, climate change, social justice, etc. You ought to be ashamed to disparage his character and commit the sin of bearing false witness, pretending that you have the authority or qualifications to mentor to him. If you want to give him some financial planning advice, then fine, but stay in your lane.
As for the role of government, we are close to the bottom of the OECD, index of so called developed nations, for inequality, infant mortality, level of education, etc. We are supposedly the richest nation on earth and yet we let people sleep on the street, deprive the poor - half of this country - of adequate education and healthcare, have an embarrassing level of infrastructure - for anyone who has traveled the world -, squander the lives of millions with a defective, punitive criminal justice system, and barbaric prison industrial complex, etc etc.
The fact is, the problem is our warped priorities, as Dr West put it, it is not because people want handouts, or in Reilly's words, "stuff". Just consider the trends in distribution of wealth and the effect that Obama's policies have had relative to Bush or Clinton (it's far worse). If we wanted public, universal healthcare, we could have it, and at about half of present costs. If we wanted to reform the educational system, and provide free university education, we could likely do that as well, while bailing out the students, so this generation won't be indentured servants. We could take billions spent on wars and empire and put them into nation-building at home. Etc. Etc.
You're right, the solutions are from within, but it requires real leadership up top. If we had a leader like FDR, he would be putting people to work, with something like the WPA, the Works Progress Administration, instead of wasting great American talent that could be building this nation. But we can't do that, we say, because that smells like socialism. And our president is no Kenyan anti-colonial socialist Muslim, no, not like the Republicans say. No, he cannot do that and we cannot do that, because we are not a socialist state. And it is not the role of the government to look after you, or be sure you can get a job, or have shelter, or get an education. No, none of this talk of a nanny state or social welfarism, we only have socialism for the rich, and a nanny state for corporate interests.


josefmarinaModerator6 days agoin reply to Shari Neal
Who is PO? The president who followed PB? And PC?
Stop deifying the brother. He is an elected official, a politician. He has no credible claims to Dr King's legacy. Dr King was a prophet, a martyr, while Barry is a war criminal, an authoritarian. If you think I am being hyperbolic, look at his track record.
Your Democrat Party talking point about GOP obstructionism completely ignores the fact the Democrats had the majority in Congress the first two years. During that time he showed what an uncreative, reactionary, conservative politician he is. If he had advanced the hope and change he led people to believe was coming, then the Democrats probably would have fared better in 2010. Regardless though, you are ignoring his foreign policy, his renewing the Patriot Act, the continuation of Bush era policies, his signing of the NDAA, his insipid war on whistleblowers, his torturing of Bradley Manning, his murder of a 16 year old boy, and US American, Abdurrahman Alaulaqi, via drone. How can you defend that? That is PO, not PB, it is PO. PO is the more effective evil, than even PB could ever wish to be, because he put the left to sleep, he further tribalised black America, quickly integrating black America into the imperial project - rather than questioning it. In bygone eras, black America is where the critical voices of empire came from, but now we have black America waving the flag, getting behind PO, because he is said to be black, as if all that was wanted was a black face at the helm. And we have our black president now, we have our black imperial president, presiding over a crumbling republic, and an overstretched empire.


Voice Of TruthModerator6 days agoin reply to Heru Ammen
"What Smiley, West, and other self appointed and white corporate backed African American leaders..."
Careful. Keep in mind that the Office of POTUS is white corporate backed, too, and in fact, Obama saved a white corporation called GM. The NAACP is also white corporate backed. The "self-appointed" label alone is sufficient.


european enslavement of africans is the ONLY instance of slavery that has had lasting effects for centuries on a modern society, and that is our american society. it is also the only type of slavery in which it was law to treat and regard humans as less than human. it is also the only type of slavery that was used to build a capitalist economy. racism in america is not just "personal discrimination." it's deeper than that. much racism in this country stems from anti-black sentiment.

And why delete your post? Oh...that's right. Because the TRUTH is horrific to you and you didn't want to unravel any more of it. That's the one thing about Caucasians. They don't like to look into the mirror. Note that when they mention their ppl were 'slaves too', they are trying to take away from the pain of AAs. If anything, they were merely servants - treated quite fairly. Enslaved AAs were treated like cattle and worse than feral rats.

european enslavement of africans is the ONLY instance of slavery that has had lasting effects for centuries on a modern society, and that is our american society. it is also the only type of slavery in which it was law to treat and regard humans as less than human. it is also the only type of slavery that was used to build a capitalist economy. racism in america is not just "personal discrimination." it's deeper than that. much racism in this country stems from anti-black sentiment.
Lol. You can try - with as much strength as you have possible to try to make me look like the bad person but it'll never work. That's possibly why you've wrote me three comments - or four. You are become emotive, based on something that I must have said. 'With people like you, of course racism goes on'...in better words, you'd rather POC ignore racism, pretend it doesn't exist and stop talking about all they have to endure at the hands of whites, because Morgan Freeman, a BLACK MAN said it?

Let all those that want to leave go! They will save all of us that want to work together the problem of bickering and defending ourselves against homegrown terrorist. I say to them all, "See ya and don't let the doorknob hit you where the Good Lord split you!!!


Black women and men seem to be dying to be with each other, considering the fact that 88% of black men have black wives..

a number which seems to be increasing.



I am a happy black women that just love my black race from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark I don't favor one over the other,I just LOVE all of my race and wouldn't like it any other way.

-Raquelle wright