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Sandra Bland

Nixak*77*  a month ago
RE: Ms Sandra Bland's Death while in Police Custody in TX, based on a BOGUS Stop:
1} After that cop Encinia stopped Sandra based on BS, he took her off-camera & then slammed her head into the ground while cuffing her. Sandra can be heard [but 'conveniently' can NOT be seen] complaining that Encinia slammed her head into the ground so hard she was dizzy & could NOT even hear out of one of her ears. Based on this she may have had a concussion & even internal brain-bleeding that, untreated could have been fatal. If so then these TX cops likely fabricated this whole 'Sandra hung herself in her cell' meme to cover up their culpability for in effect her homicide!
2} From WSWS & Global Research, Aug 18, 2015- 'The Cover-up of Torture in America's Prisons':} Last week, the New York Times reported allegations that prison guards systematically tortured inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York following the high profile escape of 2 inmates.
- More than 60 prisoners filed complaints claiming that they suffered abuse, including beatings, stranglings and death threats. Most significant, however, was the apparent personal involvement of New York's Dem Governor Andrew Cuomo, in these brutal actions.
- Just hours before state prison guards without name tags descended upon the cell block to TORTURE the escapees' fellow prisoners, Cuomo visited the prison, asking one inmate, in the presence of the media, why he did not hear the escapees cutting through their prison bars. 'It must have kept you awake with all that cutting, huh?', before giving him 'his best tough-guy stare,' according to the prisoner, and walking off.
- Within a matter of hours, the inmate Cuomo spoke to was asked by an unnamed guard, 'You know what waterboarding is?', before having His Head Thrust into a PLASTIC BAG HANGING FROM A PIPE and being beaten for 20 minutes. Another inmate also reported being HUNG BY A PLASTIC BAG USED AS A NOOSE TILL HE PASSED OUT.
- Despite these shocking revelations, not a single national news outlet has commented on the incident since Wednesday or even bothered to follow up on the story - Including the NY-Times... {
3} One of notorious Ex Chicago PD Lt of Dects Jon Burge's favorite methods [of several he regularly used] for torturing false confessions out of mainly Black [& some Latino] suspects, was to hand-cuff the suspect to a stationary object [like a pole] w their hands behind them & then 'bag-em' / 'hood-em' = Wrapping a plastic bag or plastic type-writer bag tightly around the prisoner's head, to the point of passing-out!! If the prisoner still resisted confessing, Burge & his 'crew' would just keep on repeating this till they 'broke' the prisoners' resistance. This was / is a 'deviously clever' method of torture cause it left / leaves NO marks on its victims- so long as they did / do NOT suffocate to death or collapse into a coma!!!
So we see based on points 2 & 3 the Cops have been documented using plastic bags to 'hood' &/or hang prisoners in their cells!!! So maybe Encinia &/or his fellow TX 'crew' were having a bit of 'fun' w Sandra, but took it too far! Especially w her prior head injury she got from Encinia slamming her head into the ground!!!
PS: IMO it is indeed possible that Sandra was targeted- IMO NOT far-fetched at-all. The first thing TX cop Encinia would have noticed is that Sandra car had out of state [IL] plates. IMO he likely ran her plate number & instantly got a computer data-base read-out that the car belonged to a Sandra Bland from Chicago, a known Black Lives Matter Activist!!! Otherwise he had NO real cause to even stop Sandra in the first place!!!

Nixak77's Words

IMO James Petras' Global Research article- is a particularly BLISTERING Critique of the Dim's in-house 'progressive' 'radicals' ala Jesse J., Dennis K, Obama & now Bernie- & their role of effectively keeping progressives tied to the Dim party, rather than kicking the Dims to the curb- & moving to &/or forming a real progressive &/or radical movement & party.
IMO Based on Mr Petras' article Sander's supporters [ala some commenters here] are really stretching credulity by claiming Sanders running as a Dim helps GP Jill Stein, just because he's articulating many of the same issues as the GP Platform.
- First of all Sanders' foreign policy has LITTLE in common w the GP's. IMO Bernie's FP outline basically sounds like the 'Obama Candidate's' did back in 2008. Obama then [like Bernie now] too hyped the fact that he as a IL state senator back in 2002 [NOT as US senator from IL: 2004 - 2008] said something that could be 'broadly interpreted' as speaking against the Iraq War- to 'appear' separate himself from Billary re Iraq, & then sell himself as a so-called 'peace-candidate' [we've seen just how much of a 'Peace' {NOT!} POTUS he's actually been]. But Obama never critiqued the Iraq Attack Pt-2 as an ILLEGAL & IMMORAL War based on LIES!!! He instead called it a 'dumb' war [implying he's just A-OK w 'smart' wars], cause he figured Iran would be the main strategic beneficiary of the US recklessly 'regime-changing' Saddam [Has Bernie ever acknowledged the Iraq Attack Pt-2 was indeed an ILLEGAL War based on LIES?].
- But in fact Iraq is the only 'clear' distinction Bernie can try to make re FP vs Killary! Other than that his FP position mirrors hers, & she even called him out on this during the last Dim POTUS debate!!!
Bernie's Domestic policy could be described as a 'lite' version of the GP's [some might say a watered-down milquetoast facsimile of the GP's], but he's presenting it as if it's his [or perhaps FDR's]- IE: Bernie's NOT mentioning the GP, let alone Jill Stein, at-all!! So should Bernie NOT make it, it's a far-gone conclusion he'll endorse Billary [ala Jesse J. in 1984 - 88 & Dennis K. in 2004 - 08]. So just how will the GP & Jill Stein benefit from that- instead of DNC Corp Dim Billary??!! If Bernie drops out & then endorses Billary, IMO at-least 80% - 90% [maybe upwards of 95%] of Bernie's people will 'follow his lead' & then back Billary- Meaning likely NOT more than 10% - 15% of his folks [& likely Less] will turn to & back the GP's Jill Stein or some-other 3rd party independent candidate(s)!!!
My Point: It's quite a dubious proposition that Bernie running as a Dim can in ANY Way help the GP & Jill Stein!!!

The fact is because of the cramped, unsanitary conditions in CAFO factory farms, plus the unnatural diets these animals [especially cattle] are fed, plus the rush to fatten them for the slaughter-house 'market'- They simply can NOT - NOT feed these CAFOed animals a slew / 'witches-brew' of drugs, growth-hormones & antibiotics!!!
But they can NOT go back to open-range / grass-fed beef, because the US, w one of the World's highest [if not THEE HIGHEST - along w Australia] per capita rate of meat consumption [+6Xs more than the Aver African & +30Xs more than the aver Indian & Bangladeshi]- the US' total Meat consumption has increased at-least 8Xs to up to 12Xs since 1900 [current US per capita rate of meat consumption = 2Xs - 3Xs more than for 1900 while the US population has increased +4Xs since 1900]. There's simply NO way meat producers could continue to 'meet' such a quantum-leap in the US meat-market demand, via old-fashion open-range grass-fed cattle grazing!!!
Thus at this point its either dramatically cut the US per-capita meat consumption by moving away from the SAD meat-based diet to a more plant-based diet, or just keep 'pigging-out' on drug & disease infested meat from CAFO factory farms!!! And of-course CAFOs are also a serious environmental insult!!!

1} That electing more Dims will really make a real difference re halting &/or reversing the 'Hard rightward' shift in US Poly-Tricks.
2} That Obama's really serious re: 'campaign finance reform' when the 'Obama Candidate' got more $$$ from Wall St Banksters, than John ['The Fundamentals of the US Econ are Strong'] McCain did- & also maybe even more than Billary did for 2007 - 08 POTUS race. It seems Obama got even more corp & Wall St Bankster $$$ for his 2012 POTUS race.
3} That Repug Bush Jr's regime was totally to blame for the 2007 - 08 economic 'melt-down'. Dim Slick Willy {dollar}Bill Clinton's regime's, spearheaded by the 'Rubenite Mob' [IE: 'Rob' Ruben, Larry Summers & Tim Geithner]- dereging of Wall St Banksters [led to the derivatives & Housing bubbles], plus their role in urging for the repeal of Glass-Steagal, among other-things- Set the stage for the economy to 'melt-down' on Bush Jr's watch.

} AS POTUS I [Bernie] will defend this nation, its people, and America’s vital 'strategic interests' [what exactly does that mean]... America must defend freedom at home and abroad [humm...], Senator Sanders will protect America, and be relentless in combating terrorists... [exactly who are these so-called 'Terrorists'] {
So-called US vital 'strategic interests' in the Mid-East boils down to OIL [& Israel] & in Africa it boils down to OIL [NOTE: the US military is the World's top Oil / Gas-GUZZLER] plus a slew of key minerals [IE: copper, gold, diamonds, tin, cobalt, coltan, etc...]. So is Sanders saying he's prepared to commit the US military to 'insure' US Biz-Corps are able to continue 'exploiting' these key strategic mineral resource-markets in the Mid East & Africa, etc...???
'Defending freedom at home'- So is Bernie committing to reigning in the US mass-Surveillance-Security {police}State, that's threatening everyone's legit right to privacy & freedom of [legit] speech & legit access to important info??!
'Defending Freedom at Abroad'- Has Bernie forgot that the Bush Cheney Gang's official name for their illegal Iraq-Attack Pt-2 was called "Op Enduring Iraqi 'FREEDOM' " & that OBomber & KIllary 'R2P' 'Humanitarian' Bombed Libya [then Africa's most prosperous nation] into total chaos & ruin??! Is this what Bernie means by 'Defending Freedom Abroad'??!
Bernie refuses to out-right reject assassination by Drone-Strike, or even be specific about just how his drone policy would really be much different than OBomber's current one [IMO Bernie's foreign policy talking-points sound too much like the 'Obama Candidate's' did in 2008]- IE Out-Right REJECTION Of: Signature Drone Strikes [= zeroing in on a suspect cell phone number, rather than on an actual terror suspect]; 'Terror Tues' [or it's equivalent]; Extra-Judicial Execution by Drone [including of US citizens & legal residents ala Anwar Al-Awlaki & his 16 yr old son]; The Idea that there's an 'acceptable' level of 'collateral damage' [= innocent civilians] when targeting 'terror-suspects'- especially in countries the US is NOT even 'officially' at WAR with ...
Bernie's 'smart' Terror-plan to combat ISIS is to let the Saudi headed GCC spear-head the fight vs ISIS- which is like letting the FOX guard the chicken-coop, or trusting in the arsonist 'fire-fighter' to 'Do the Right Thing' [= NOT so smart at-all]!!
And is Bernie ready to reject the Neo-CON's 'regime-change' agenda which has effectively been a center-piece of US policy since the immediate wake of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' Event- & articulated in detail at-least a Yr earlier, in that Bush-Cheneyite NeoCON PNAC-Manifesto of Sept 2000??!!

Nixak*77*  8 days ago
My question for Bernie supporters [ala these young, lovely & articulate Isa Sisters], what's their 'Plan-B' should Bernie NOT make it & then he endorses Billary, as he's already committed to do [as the price of admission for him running as a Dim]??
The odds are stacked HI against Bernie- cause the Billary Clintons [whose influence over the DNC should NOT be under-estimated - the current DNC chair-woman has a long link to the Clintons] are determined NOT to let 'lightning strike them twice' [back to back] ala Obama in 2008. Plus there's NO one w the counter weight / influence among Dim insiders & Dem voters vis-a-vis the Billary Clintons to back & boost Bernie to the Oval Office w their key pivotal endorsement- ala Teddy Kennedy re: Obama's run vs Billary in 2008 [except Obama himself & IMO that won't happen].
- From CounterPunch Jan 4, 2016: 'Why Sanders Will Not be the Democratic Nominee, No Matter What Happens in the Primaries': } If you think Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016, you’re out of your mind.
- There's NO way the Democrat Party will allow that to happen, for 2 main reasons:
1} It's Billary’s turn to be the nominee. Though that’s pretty distasteful for most Bernie’ supporters, it’s been decided by people who actually matter in the party’s hierarchy (read: NOT you).
2} It is simply IMPOSSIBLE that a neoliberal, right-wing political party like the Democrats in a country with a nominally right-leaning electorate will allow their standard bearer to be a self-described 'socialist'.
- Putting aside the fact that Sanders is NOT a 'real' socialist, and at best is a slightly right-of-center social democrat, he's still able to identify as one in US politics & the Democrat Party will NOT allow themselves to be identified as “socialist”- Won’t happen guys.
Sanders, in a Dec 2014, interview with New York Magazine, said that he would not run as an independent and “play spoiler” like Ralph Nader did.
It’s even possible Sanders may win a majority of the primaries. But he still won’t be the Democratic nominee. The Democrat Party will NEVER allow it.
- The Democrat National Convention, where the Democrat's nominee will be decided, is under NO obligation to assign delegates to the winners of primary states. In fact, the rules don’t even specify that the primary results be taken into account when deciding on the nominee.
- Plus Billary's lead in superdelegates is already insurmountable, so Bernie doesn’t really have a chance... {
So if this above cited CP article's analysis is correct [IMO it most likely is]- again Bernie supporters must ask themselves what's their 'Plan-B'??? IE: Backing GP candidate Jill Stein, or some other progressive 3rd Party independent candidate [which so-called 'independent socialist' Bernie specifically rejected running as]- Or just sitting-out the 2016 POTUS election??? Other than that their 'choice' will be either Dim Billary / Killary vs Repug Trump [or some other Repug just as BAD him / them]!!!

Nixak*77*  11 days ago
Until the so-called 'liberal-left' is ready to take on & try to 'Cut the Head off the Snake of' the dubious narrative of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' Event, along w addressing dubious discrepancies re: the Boston Bombing, Chelie Hebdo & San Bernardino 'terror attacks', etc..., anti-Islamic bigotry will only grow in so-called 'post-racial' [NOT!] USA & in the EU!!
- One big clue that there's more to these dubious so-called 'Islamic Terror' attacks than what they seem- is that most of them had near simultaneous 'drills' 'mimicking' virtually the same scenario, near the same location as these 'Terror-Attacks' themselves. Another is that the alleged 'terrorists' are often known to &/or were being tracked by authorities- implying the attacks could have / should have been preventable.
- I won't rehash all the glaring 'issues' re the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' Event yet again- but rather briefly outline some glaring discrepancies re: Boston, Charlie Hebdo [CH] & San Bernardino [SB].
Re: Boston: There 'coincidentally' apparently was a 'terror-attack' drill taking place nearby earlier that day [Ditto re: 9-11-2001, 7-7-2005 re the London Metro & Bus bombings, & re Paris' Nov 2015 attacks- among others].
- Putin had Russian security-services specifically warn the US about the Tsarnaev Bros' links to & visits w Chechen 'terror groups', at-least 2 YRs before the bombing of the Boston Marathon. So we KNOW they were [or at-least should have been] on the FBI's 'radar'.
- The younger Tsarnaev Bro was convicted in 2015 of the bombing using a pressure-cooker bomb packed in a Black back-pack, yet photos of him that day minutes before the bombs went off, clearly shows ‎Tamerlan wearing a WHITE back-pack.
- The elder Tsarnaev Bro was 'officially' killed in a shoot-out w cops, yet there's apparently a video of him being arrested ALIVE- stripped-naked & being put in a squad-car. Later his battered dead-body's shown stretched-out on a slab in the morgue.
- A friend of the elder Tsarnaev Bro who was under-going 'interrogation' by 2 FBI agents, ended-up apparently 'EXECUTED' by 1 of those agents in Miami!!
CH in Paris: Re the ole 'conveniently left &/or found' photo ID 'trick' yet again- The alleged CH terror perps [the 2 Kouachi Bros = the 2 Tsarnaev Bros 'redux'], were IDed as the CH gunmen after one of them allegedly 'conveniently' left his photo ID in the abandoned get-away car [to be discovered later]. This is especially 'hard to buy' cause the CH gunmen apparently went out-of their way NOT to be IDed by wearing ski-masks & gloves!! [Note: as w the Tsarnaev Bros, the Kouachi Bros were already on French authorities' 'radar']
- A Deputy police chief from the Kouachi Bros home town near Paris, ['allegedly'] Commits suicide in his own office at 1A.M., just a couple of hrs after being debriefed about evidence directly related to the CH attack case- Humm...
- There's a video showing one of the Paris cops who allegedly was killed by the CH gunman, actually being [allegedly] 'shot' execution style by a CH gunman- Except NOT really! What it really shows is the CH gunman [who obviously knows how to handle his weapon], shooting into the GROUND Near the cop's head [= a clear miss at point-blank range] & then the cop laying his head on the ground & playing 'dead'- while the gunman just keeps walking. And there's NO pool of blood collecting anywhere near that cop's head &/or body.
- The 'Resurrection' of Anwar Al-Alwaki: Just before the Kouachi Bros are 'officially' killed-off, the oldest one makes a video claiming that Anwar al-Alwaki helped both Plan & FINANCE the Jan 2015 CH Paris attacks- Except- al-Alwaki was 'officially' KILLED-Off by an OBomber OKed drone strike in Sep 2011 = 3.5 YRS BEFORE the Jan 2015 CH attacks!!! Plus Al-Alwaki spent several months [or even a Yr or more] running for his life, hiding-out & dodging US drones out to kill him- in Yemen's sparse desert region. So just how in HELL could a DEAD-Guy both Plan & FINANCE a sophisticated Terror {'black'}Op at-least 3.5 YRS AFTER his death [IMO more like 4Yrs in advance]??!!
SB: Firstly- The alleged SB attackers were Parents of a New-Born, & the woman was a NURSING-Mom. FYI: It's relatively rare for Muslim [or any] Women to be terrorist attackers, & UNHEARD Of [till SB] for a NURSING MOM of a New-Born to ['allegedly'] be one!!!
- Plus this nursing mom was barely 100 lbs soaking wet. Yet we're supposed to 'buy' the hype that she was just able to wield a hi-powered semi-automatic assault-rifle just like 'Rambo' & the 'Terminator', absent any training- Huhh WTF??!!!
- There were initial reports that the Gun-MEN were 3 WHITE MALES of Tall & Athletic build, dressed in military attire... So what happened to them?! Did they just 'vanish' into 'thin-air'??!!
PS: Progressives need to stop trippin on Repug Trump so much [what the Hell else do they expect from a Hog but a Grunt], & put 'hip-sounding' anti-Islamic bigoted 'cruise-missile' 'leftist-liberals' ala Bill Maher & Sam Harris & especially Killary [I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!] Clinton in 'Check'- who theoretically 'progressives' have more influence & impact on than Repugs like Donald [Duck] Trump!!

Nixak*77*  18 days ago
NAIRN: They [the US military & the CIA] would oftimes back formal military forces that go into the field and wipe out entire villages. The Guatemalan military did that, especially during the early '80s when the Reagan administration was backing them enthusiastically under the time of the dictator general Rios Montt. And they would go into villages in the Mayan highlands in the northwest, and I was there, I spoke to the soldiers as they were doing it, I spoke to survivors. They would DECAPITATE people. They would CRUCIFY people. They would use the [very same] tactics that ISIS uses TODAY that's shocking the world.
HEDGES: You had written about a death squad leader completely trained, funded, backed by the U.S. called Chele Medrano in El Salvador who was eventually assassinated by the FMLN rebels. And when we were in El Salvador, the head of the military group, Col. James Steele, who had been with some of the dirtiest army units in Vietnam, there was always that question as to the extent--we knew that there were, there was collaboration between the death squads, which were run primarily out of the hacienda police, the treasury police, and the national police. And then you had freelance squads run by the right-wing group of Roberto D'Abuisson and others IE: and the army too. So then right in the middle of the Iraq war we find Steele resurrected as a private contractor and sent to train, arm, equip, and run the Shiite death squads in Iraq. And suddenly we are hearing the Salvador option.
NAIRN: In El Salvador some people showed me some of these actual files, and Gen. Medrano, who was seen as the godfather of the Salvadoran death squads because starting in the late '60s & thru the early '80s he was the leader working on behalf of the U.S. and organizing the system. I spent 13 hours interviewing him on tape. And he drew diagrams. And he explained to me how the Salvadoran priests, the nuns, the catechists, the unionists, all became targets. And it was his mission to kill them all. He described in great detail how he did this while working on the payroll of the USA.
- You mentioned Vietnam, and Steele having served in Vietnam. Medrano showed me a plaque. Photographer Mickey [Kienitz] was working with me took this photo of Gen. Medrano proudly showing the plaque given to him by the U.S. Green Berets in Vietnam when they brought him over for several months to observe their methods and work with them.
- He also showed me a silver medal, which he said was presented to him in the Oval Office by LBJ. It said 'For Exceptionally Meritorious Service'. And these were the death squads that produced actions like the rape and murder of the nuns. The anniversary of which just, just happened few days ago.- & also the assassination of Archbishop Romero.
- An important aspect of that related to today's [ISIS} situation where the, the world is finally starting to understand what's involved with political killing when they see the videos of ISIS. With the death squad method in Salvador, not only would they kill but they would cut off hands, they would cut off arms, and they would display their handiwork on the road... {
After saying all of this IMO what's truly amazing is that Nairn is 'amazed' that people on the front-lines of the US NeoCONs' / Neo-Liberals' regime-change agenda in Iraq, Libya & Syria, etc- are convinced that the 'Rise of ISIS' very well may be yet another CIA style 'Dirty-War' 'Black-Op' or at the very least have 'contracted' it out to their 'surrogates' in the Saudis' & Turks' 'intel' [often trained &/or work in tandem w the CIA, DOD & US private merc orgs ala Black-Water / Xe]. With all due respect- Exactly why shouldn't they think that Mr Nairn, especially considering all the links that you've just outlined above??!
Just 3 yrs ago No-One [at-least NOT in the west] even Heard of ISIS, now they're all everyone's talking about! And they've just 'conveniently' showed up in the very places the Neo-CONS marked-out for Regime-Change in the immediately aftermath of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' Event [IE: Syria, Iraq & Libya]- Humm... In 2013 OBomber was all set to BOMB Syria based on a likely false-flag Sarin attack, but could NOT quite get all the ducks lined up for a 'go'. So in 2014 ISIS pops-up in Syria & Iraq -seemingly almost out-of nowhere- So now the US, France & NATO is doing what- BOMBING Syria, 'conveniently' using ISIS as their pretext- Humm... I'm very suspicious of such 'coincidences'!!!

FYI: A young Richard [the 'Boss'] Daley Sr was 'implicated' in the notorious 1919 Chicago 'Red-Summer' race-riot, where Bridgeport's [Daley's old neighborhood] Irish gangs 'invented' the drive-by shooting, by driving thru Bronzeville & shooting at Blacks on the street.
Young 'Boss' Daley's Bridgeport Irish gang's intent was to burn-down Bronzeville & drive Blacks there out of Chicago!
PS-Note: Traditionally many of Chicago's top politicians, cops & firemen came from Bridgeport. I would NOT be too surprised if Jon Burge also came from Bridgeport [or maybe Marquette-Park].

2 Cleveland Cops gunned-down 12 yr old Tamir Rice for having a toy-'gun', in just 2secs after rolling up on him like the 'Jump-Out Boys'- which they initially LIED by claiming Tamir pointed his [TOY]'gun' at them after they 'allegedly' repeatedly ordering him to 'drop it'- Except the video shows NO such thing actually happened!!! Tamir NEVER pointed his [TOY]'gun' at them, & in fact apparently had it tucked away under his jacket the whole time!!! Never-the-less those 2 LYING Child-KILLING Cops still walked!!!
Killer Cop Wilson gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown after claiming [a LIE] he stopped him for shop-lifting some cigars 15 mins earlier. Killer Cop Wilson again LIED [& these are NOT the only LIES he told] that Big-Mike' socked him in his left jaw, except the pics show it was his RIGHT Jaw [facing away from Mike] that perhaps / maybe [or NOT] might have been bruised!!! Yet folks like you & your ilk cheered as Killer Cop Wilson walked scot-free!!!
Compare that to 'Demon Dylan' Roof, who cold-bloodedly gunned-down 9 Black church members in Church- 6 women & 3 men, 6 of those church members were over 45yrs old- 3 of them over 70!!! Yet the cops NOT only arrested that racist terrorist killer alive & intact, but even 'treated' 'Demon Dylan' to a Big Mac & Big Gulp w Fires!!!
That's called 'Justice' in so-called 'Post-Racial' AmeriKKKa!!!

Are Whites Really the Cops Main Shooting Victims?
There’s a meme circulating [IE: your comment] that the cops mostly shoot white vics-perps to death. So is this true? Well based on data compiled by it’s NOT. data shows 335 Blacks were killed by US cops in 2015 [over 100+ were confirmed / ‘admitted‘ to be unarmed] + 192 Hispanics + 20 Native Americans & Pacific Islanders + 22 Asians vs 508 whites. Thus the number of NON-whites killed by cops is 570 vs 508 whites- w Blacks comprising over +58% of the total for NON-white Killer-cop victims [or 31% of the total including whites].
- But IMO this ‘official’ tally is actually an undercount for the total of NON-whites killed by cops- because the true number is hidden in the category ‘race-unknown’. For just 2015 there were a total of 104 people killed by cops
that are counted as ‘race-unknown’. However a quick scan of WHERE some of these folks were killed by cops, suggests that they are mainly people of color- [IMO mainly Black] IE: for Chicago I know that the addresses given in +80% or more of these cases are in Black neighborhoods, & a few of these so-called ‘race-unknown’ cases were killed in Compton CA which is an overwhelmingly Black suburb of LA, ditto for Ferguson MO, E.Peroia IL, Benton Harbor & Detroit MI, & Baltimore MD. Furthermore some of the so-called ‘unknown-race’ cases have Hispanic surnames. Thus IMO likely 2/3s of these 104 cases are Black w the remaining divided equally between Hispanics & whites. That would mean in fact for 2015 there were 400 Blacks & 210 Hispanics killed by cops vs 525 whites. That means likely a total of 655 NON-white killer-cop victims vs 526 whites killed by cops. With 61% of all NON-white victims being Black [= 34% of the total including whites]. Thus about 44% of victims killed by cops are white vs 56% are NON-white [34% of that 56% are Black].
- Now considering that Blacks are just 13% of the US population vs 65% for whites, this means Blacks are killed by cops at a rate 2.585Xs GREATER than their % of the US population vs whites killed at a rate 0.68Xs LESS than their % of the US population- Which means US cops kill Blacks at a rate at-least 3.3Xs faster & likely up-to 3.7 - 3.8Xs faster than they do whites, & Hispanics at a rate of approx 1.6Xs faster than they do whites.
Note: In 2015 cops apparently did kill more white women [30] than the total of NON-white women they killed [22], though they still killed Black women at a rate of over +2.5Xs faster than they did white women!
PS: In 2015 there were 42 Cops in the entire US including City, State, & Federal [FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshals] officers murdered in the line of duty vs 52 killed in crashes, vehicle & training [& other] accidents. In 2014 49 US cops were murdered in the line of duty vs another 49 killed in crashes & accidents.
- So that’s 42 Cops murdered vs them killing a total of ?1134? [actually 1180] people! Indeed US Cops actually killed 10 more women [52], than were themselves killed by perpetrators [42] in 2015!!!

Nixak*77*  Shel_TR  a month ago
That's a real 'generous' interpretation re: Mesopotamian vs Nile River Valley civilization! In fact both regions had pre-dynastic periods that went back for 1000s of yrs BEFORE the 'official' point of either Egyptian or Sumerian civilization. This includes formation of small towns & cities, development of agriculture, arts & crafts, writing, etc... From Wikipedia re: Pre-Dynastic Egyptian & Nile River Valley culture:} There is evidence of pastoralism and cultivation of cereals in the East Sahara in the 7th millennium BC.
By 6000 BC predynastic Egyptians in the southwestern corner of Egypt were herding cattle. Symbols on Gerzean pottery, c.4th millennium BC, resemble traditional hieroglyph writing. In ancient Egypt mortar was in use by 4000 BC, and ancient Egyptians were producing ceramic faience as early as 3500 BC. Ancient Egypt gains credit for the tallest ancient pyramids and early forms of surgery and barge transport.
It is now recognized that the pre-Dynastic Egyptian states were part of a string of inter-related cultures along the Nile Valley as far south as Sudan. Some of these (notably Ta-Seti and the city of pre-Kerma) had monarchies and urban development by 3000 BC. Pre-Kerma became the basis of the first Kushite empire (Kerma, c.2500-1500 BC)... {
- And from BBC 'The Story of the Nile' - Feb 17, 2011:} By 3100 BC the Nile Valley and Delta had coalesced into a single entity that was the World's FIRST Large Nation-State... { = Egyptian Civilization: 1st Dynasty founder- Narmer / Menes from Upper Egypt [aka Nubia].
PS: And Just who were the pre 4th millennium BCE proto-Sumerians?? From Wikipedia: } Historians have 'SUGGESTED' that Sumer was first permanently settled between c. 5500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who spoke the Sumerian language (pointing to the names of cities, rivers, basic occupations, etc., as evidence).
These 'CONJECTURED' [= conjured-up?] Pre-Historic people are now called "proto-Euphrateans" or "Ubaidians", and are 'THEORIZED' to have evolved from the Samarra culture of northern Mesopotamia (Assyria). The 'Ubaidians' (NEVER [even] mentioned by the Sumerians themselves) are 'PRESUMED' by modern-day scholars to have been the first civilizing force in Sumer, draining the marshes for agriculture, developing trade, and establishing industries, including weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery.
However, some scholars contest the idea of a Proto-Euphratean language or one substrate language. It has been 'suggested' by them and others, that the Sumerian language was originally that of the hunter and fisher peoples, who lived in the marshland and the Eastern Arabia littoral region, and were part of the Arabian bifacial culture.
RELIABLE historical records begin much later; there are NONE [= ZERO] in Sumer of ANY Kind that have been dated BEFORE Enmebaragesi (c. 26th century BCE)... { Sounds like historians don't really know who settled the Mesopotamia before the 4th millennium BCE, NOR where they Really came from- which why this 'issue' is called the 'Sumerian Problem'!! So they've just conjured-up based on 'conjecture', some hypothetical folk just to plug this gap!!!
- Thus if you want to 'move Sumeria's goal post' to 6500 BCE, Dr Ball & Mr Browder can do the same for ancient Egypt to 7000 BCE!!
Most historians generally mark the point where dynasties, &/or the union of city-states as official confederations under unified government(s), as the official beginning of a particular 'civilization'. That's why the fertile crescent region is called the 'Cradle of Civilization'. FYI: the Fertile Crescent ain't just the Mesopotamia. Its an arc that stretches from the NILE River valley thru the Levant over to & including the Mesopotamia! So you choose to focus on the Mesopotamia portion of the Fertile Crescent / Cradle of Civilization, Dr Ball & Mr Browder are focused on the Nile River Valley portion of the Fertile Crescent / Cradle of Civilization; while I tend to look at the link between both regions.

Nixak*77*  Sarah Elaraby  25 days ago
First of all- Technically most Africans / people of African ancestry are NOT truly 'black' in color [IE: jet-charcoal black], rather most are some shade of brown ranging from tannish-brown to chocolate-brown. Relatively few Africans' skin color actually approach jet-black [just as few 'white' people are actually 'snow-white' in color].
2nd} Ancient Egypt's / KHemet's 1st dynasty kings, starting w the founder of the 1st dynasty Narmer / Menes, came from Upper Egypt = Southern Egypt = NUBIA!
3rd} The ancient Egyptians left more than enough artifacts depicting themselves, & few look if any like most modern 'typical' Egyptian-Arabs- excluding the Nubian-Egyptians, whose cultural traditions & traditional language are reportedly being suppressed!
4th} Egypt & other lands have been conquered by NON-African peoples beginning w Alexander the Greek, who indeed then set himself up as King of Egypt & built Alexandria as his Egyptian capital & name-sake, thus establishing the Alexandrian / Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt circa 332 BCE [that's when they changed the name of KHemet to 'Egypt' {a Greek word} & the Piaron to 'Nile' {also a Greek word]- which lasted to circa 44 BCE w the demise of Cleopatra linked to the rise of the Roman Caesars / Emperors.
- At that point the Romans took over, prefaced by their ultimately crushing & destroying the N.African city-state of Carthage in the 3rd Punic War [circa 159 BCE]- which Rome's domination of Egypt lasting until circa 400 - 475 ACE.
- Then the next main power to dominate Egypt after the fall of Rome was the Ottoman Turk empire starting circa 1300ACE at the end of the Christian 'Crusaders' series of invasions [aka 'Crusades'] into Afro-Asiatic lands [IE: the Holy-Land]- which like the Roman empire before it the Ottoman Turk Empire stretched across most of the North African Mediterranean coastal regions, BUT unlike the Romans, it also included much / most of Arabia including Mecca & Medina. The Ottoman Turk Empire had Islam as its official religion, using Arabic & Turk as its official languages. Its domination of Egypt & much of North Africa lasted till 1922- [IE: it ended less than 100 yrs ago].
FYI: Turkey was originally the main region where the term 'Mid-East' initially referred to, till they just kept expanding it- Till now it includes everywhere from Iran to nearly all of Saharan North Africa!!!!
Thus we see there's been at-least 1750 Yrs to up-to 2300 Yrs of NON-African conquers dominating originally AFRICAN ancient Egypt!! IMO that's enough time to 'change the face' of almost any place!!! Compare that to the fact that 'the face' of America was totally changed, from that of its original peoples, in less than 300 - 400 Yrs!!!

That's all you've got??? Your 'secular minister' Raphael Lataster dismisses near contemporary NON-Biblical evidence for Yeshua's existence by both Josephus [a Judean] & Tacitus [a Roman Historian], cause they either wrote [Josephus] &/or were born [Tacitus] a few decades after Yeshua's execution [Note: Josephus was actually born in Jerusalem around the same time that Yeshua was executed- IE: a near contemporary, who Like Yeshua {& Yokhanon / 'John' the Baptist too} also had actual close family ties to the Levitical Priesthood].
- Yet your secular 'prophet' Darwin wrote about the 'theorized' event of apes 'evolving' into people MILLIONS of YRS after such a 'THEORIZED' event 'theoretically' [in Darwin's 'vivid imagination'] occurred, Yet you accept it without question- Humm... That's some kind of [dubious] 'Belief'!!!
But your 'atheist minister' Lataster said exactly ZILCH / Absolute ZERO about the 'hard' written-archeological evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls, NOR the 'solid' Archeological & written evidence of the 'Lost Tomb of Yeshua [aka 'Jesus']'. In other-words Lataster just regurgitated the same-ole TRITE & STALE atheistic meme re Yeshua's 'alleged' non-existence, which only convinces dogmatically hard-core Atheists!!!
PS: What you & your 'atheistic minister' Lataster are unreasonably demanding is a contemporary BIOGRAPHER of / STENOGRAPHER to Yeshua, who also was NOT one of his followers- NOT actual historical NON-Biblical evidence of/for Yeshua's existence- A 'bridge' that you, Lataster [& Coyne] & your ilk are sure is just 'too far' & can NEVER be crossed!!

Nixak*77*  Wilby Stoned  a month ago
FYI: Biblical King Hezekiah's Royal-Seal just found in Jerusalem. From 'Science Daily': } Impression of King Hezekiah's royal seal discovered in excavations in Jerusalem - First seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king ever exposed in situ in a scientific archaeological excavation
Date: Dec 2, 2015, Source: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Summary: Excavations by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at near the southern wall of the Temple Mount have unearthed an impression of the royal seal of [Biblical] King Hezekiah (727-698 BCE). This is the first seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king to come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation. It brings to LIFE the BIBLICAL Narratives about Hezekiah and activity in Jerusalem's Royal Quarter in the First Temple Period.
- The Ophel excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount, conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Archaeology under the direction of Dr. Eilat Mazar, have unearthed an impression of the royal seal of [Biblical] King Hezekiah (727-698 BCE)...
- The impression bears an inscription in ancient Hebrew script: "Belonging to Hezekiah [son of] Ahaz king of Judah," and a two-winged sun, with wings turned downward, flanked by two ankh symbols symbolizing life... { See @
Again from 'Science Daily':} [BIBLICAL] King David's palace? New archaeological evidence uncovered in Judean Shephelah
Date: July 21, 2013, Source: Israel Antiquities Authority - Summary: Archaeologists have uncovered what they believe may be [legendary Biblical] King David's Palace in the Judean Shephelah. Royal storerooms were also revealed in the joint archaeological excavation of the Hebrew University and the Israel Antiquities Authority at Khirbet Qeiyafa. These are the two largest buildings known to have existed in the tenth century BCE in the Kingdom of Judah...
- One of the buildings is identified by the researchers, Professor Yossi Garfinkel of the Hebrew University and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority, as David's palace, and the other structure served as an enormous royal storeroom...
- The palace and storerooms are evidence of state sponsored construction and an administrative organization during King David's reign. "This is unequivocal evidence of a/the [Davidic] kingdom's existence, which knew to establish administrative centers at strategic points," the archaeologists say... { See @
PS-FYI: The tombs of Yeshua ben Yosafe's [aka 'Jesus'] & Simeon bar Yonah [aka 'St Peter'] have also been unearthed in Jerusalem, some yrs ago.
That's the problem w you & your ilk, in your desperate attempt to debunk the [entire] Bible, you nearly always over-play your hand / over-state your case!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Crammasters' Words

@ NoneofyaBizz
Don't worry, Sis, i'm hanging in there. For sure, this is a matter of LIFE and DEATH and we better start taking our (black) dilemma seriously. The ONLY protection we have is each other -- and that means to survive in a hostile white society we must have BLACK UNITY.
check out the website
and hit me back :-)

-Paul H.


One of my favorite bloggers, Trojan Pam of Trojan Horse Press, says
something that has proven true time and time again. She said that any
black person who is given air time on white mainstream media like this
black female. Ben Carson and Bill Cosby, that they are being used to
promote white supremacy and anti-blackness. I have found Trojan Pam was
100 percent right and now I know when I see a black person on network TV
news I put them on ignore and dismiss whatever they are saying as it
is usually nonsense. Once they have served their purpose they will be
kicked to the curb, like Bill Cosby was after he dogged out poor black
people. Makes you wonder when will black people learn our lesson and
stop being the pawns of our enemies?

-Paul H


 @ Wayne
the SIMPLE FACT is a man cheats because he wants to cheat. It has nothing to do with whether the woman is doing right or wrong, it's his character that is at test. It is his honesty or dishonest that's on the line. If a lady is not right for you leave her.
And what I have found from the numerous men I know that cheated and the reason I cheated in the past was (1) selfishness (2) ego (3) insecurity - has to prove I was the 'man', (4) greedy, wanted everything that I saw, (5) lack of self-control, (6) immaturity, (7), and opportunity
That's like saying a woman cheats because the man is doing something wrong. How many of us would allow our woman to use that lame excuse to justify her behavior? I wouldn't.
A real man doesn't blame his behavior on other people. A real man takes responsibility for his own actions. A baby boy wants to blame everyone but himself because that's what little boys and little girls do. Which one do you wan to be, brother?

-Paul H


The white supremacists are using black males to demean black females which creates even more anti-blackness and resentment against other black people.
I believe it was deliberately staged so Simmons would have to apologize but the real intent was to put the disrespect out there, because once a deed is done, it's done. Once the nasty trashing of Harriet Tubman in a sex video has been done, it can't be taken back. No false apologies should be excepted. Simmons should be permanently put on the "do not support" list by all of us.
And now black males and females can start squabbling with each other over another manufactured issue orchestrated by those who pay Simmons' paycheck -- white people.
Like all black entertainers, they are under the control of the whites who made them rich and for whatever reason they seem to be eager to demean and degrade other black people even when they have enough money to last two lifetimes.
I treat the Russell Simmons, the Tyler Perrys, the Oprah Winfreys, and the Lee Daniels, etc as the mentally ill. Their money, talent (if any) and fame are non-issues, it is their willingness to be used against their own people for a buck that proves to me that they are mentally ill, sick-minded individuals who should be avoided and not suported at all costs.
We can shut most of them down by not supporting them.
Also, check out this blog about the movie, "The Butler" -- another piece of whitewashed black history (like the movie, "Lincoln") -- designed to get black people to accept the roles of domestic servants as a noble profession.
the blog is -- racismws (just add the dot com) and the name of the post is "Why I Will Not Spend One Dime on the movie, "The Butler"
Be mindful of what is going on in the media and in politics.. There are no coincidences. It should bbe obvious that the white system is steadily turning the clock back on blacks

-Paul H


And bananas don't grow on the North Pole. What's your point?
I wouldn't heap too much praise on being part Neanderthal if I were you. Neanderthals were savages that ate their young, raped their women (remember the phrase only used by whites about a caveman dragging a (cave) woman by her hair?), ate raw meat, lived in caves and knew nothing about personal hygiene (no water or showers in caves) and even today your folks still prefer bloody meat and have turned vampires into their folk heroes
who does that? people who feel a kinship with creatures that drink blood
Instead of wasting my time quoting historical facts about African history, you know what? I don't care about your phoney, non-historical, non-facts. I don't care what you think about black people or black history.
Black people don't have to prove anything to a white male who has nothing better to do than waste hours of his time posting to black people he obviously despises (not something a smart white person would do) instead of spending his time posting to white people
Whites have lied and distorted history for such a long time, you actually believe your own lies and have created a system that makes you appear to be superior by denying people of color the opportunity to compete fairly then walk around patting yourselves on the back and telling yourselves you're superior.
who does that? People with an inferiority complex
which proves you don't believe it yourselves, otherwise, you wouldn't have to discriminate and lie and cheat and deprive blacks of equal education and opportunities if you were really superior.
Talking all that nonsense about skull sizes and IQs and other unscientific foolishness that doesn't prove anything. Even the creator of the IQ test admitted no one can measure intelligence with a paper test. Google it.
Before I drop this useless conversation, let me get one thing straight.
Are you saying a white person with a small head is less intelligent than a white person with a big head? And an elephant is smarter than a white person because its skull is bigger than the average white person's?
Just for the record, I didn't start this attack, you started it by throwing racist slurs at this young black female and calling her a "silver back" (ape) so I figured I'd throw some of your own Neanderthal origins into the equation.

-Paul H


the biggest cannibals were Europeans (that info came from a white archealogist)
when Europeans lived in caves they used to eat their young and if you look today there is still a tendency to eat RAW meat or meat with blood coming out of it because they didn't know anything about FIRE or cooking food.
Africans were not meat-eaters, they mostly ate grains and food from the ground and they had spices and fruits and lived near the water.
and if you look at the language of whites it's sprinkled with a lot of 'caveman" and Neanderthal references like,
"He thinks like a caveman."
"Stop acting like a Neanderthal"
in fact, National Geographic did a series on how Europeans were HYBRIDS of Neanderthals and Man.
Guess who "man" was? The AFRICAN MAN, the first man on the planet.
Don't care if you believe it -- GOOGLE IT

Paul H


Another black showcasing trick, all while Mayor Rahm Emmanuel just closed dozens of black schools, is doubling property taxes, and purging blacks out of Chicago. This high school will be built in a predominantly white, upper-class area that used to be home to Cabrini-Green housing projects at a time when Chicago leaders claimed they didn't have the money to keep black schools open. Also, Chicago elites (via another black showcasing trick, hiring a black female, Byrd, to head up the educational slaughter) are firing teachers, especially black teachers, and are doing their best to break the teachers' union. Public schools are closing to funnel taxpayer money into corporate owned charter schools which are quicker to suspend students, especially black students, which means our black children will be taught only what the corporate elite want them to be taught, as future low-page wage slaves and cannon fodder for future wars. This is educational genocide using black showcasing via President Obama to hide the truth from the people who are still walking about with their rose-colored glasses on despite the evidence that black people are worse off then we were five years ago. We have to use our heads and not allow such a shallow trick to pull us back in. This isn't anything for black people to celebrate. -Paul H

Also, because MONEY is not equal to POWER.
Until those black millionaires own TV networks, radio stations, FCC licenses, distribution channels, retail outlets, and the kind of companies that can afford to PAY to be sponsors to keep those TV and radio stations on the air, whites still call the shots.
That's why -- in a white supremacy system like America -- blacks are allowed to make millions because those millions generate BILLIONS for the white folks who really have all the real power.
Until we understand that buying things is NOT the same as having (real) power, we will be nothing but $40 million dollar slaves, selling our talent and potential power for some cars we will never drive and some homes we are too busy working 24-7 to enjoy.



because they were the only ones running for president
and that was a waste of time for black people, too
now let's flip the coin you just tossed out
we (blacks) criticized and laughed at white people for voting for Bush, Jr. the first time -- just because he was white and he screwed them over -- and then they went out and voted for him a second time and got screwed over again
and now we appear to be doing the same thing
voting because he is black even though he has done nothing for black people but the closer it gets to election time will suddenly make an appearance
for the record, I'm not blaming Obama, not really. We didn't select, nominate, educate, raise, or finance him. The ones who did OWN him. Let's be clear about that.
He does not control anything, he is a spokesman for those who do control EVERYTHING.
That is the real world



I agree. Most of the BM I know PREFER BW -- and would not think of marrying a WW or AW.
All the males in my family who are married are married to BW
I personally have NEVER slept with a WW, I just prefer my own women
Like I have said many times before, if black people had been enslaved for 400 years by a race of purple people with green hair and purple skin, we would be brainwashed into thinking purple skin and green hair was the most beautiful
check out this site
they have two books out
'Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation"
"Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act"
and a 3rd book is due out the first week of December
"The Interracial Con Game"


@ whowantz2kno
Any man (or woman) that has to constantly announce he's a "REAL MAN" (or a "REAL WOMAN) has some doubts himself (or herself).
Not interested in starting any flame wars -- nor am I afraid of them. This just had to be said and should be obvious to all by now that the wheel that squeaks the loudest is usually nothing but
don't mistake the twisted or bitter comments of a handful of BM as representative of most BM. Most of US prefer our OWN BLACK WOMEN. And the BM who don't, who the H*LL wants them? They can't even help themselves, let alone be of any use to a BW. Let the white females and non-black females have them.
From what I see, they don't do much better with white or Asian or Hispanic females than they do with BW -- which is why a lot of BM like this are IN and OUT of these interracial relationships and on to the next one. The main damage they do is to THEMSELVES.
I have personally witnessed many BM who come back to BW after they get their heads (and azzes) seriously bumped, and that the wake-up call that no amount of international P*SSY (excuse the French) made them less black and that the non-black communities, especially the white community, will NEVER accept them.
This usually happens after they get in a serious jam OR get a serious head-knocking or a nervous or mental breakdown. Real talk, I have seen this happen.
Bottom line, most BM prefer our OWN BLACK WOMEN and most BM don't post on websites, and there are a TON of white impostors posing as BM so take everything you read with a shaker full of salt and understand that these "articles" are designed to divide and conquer the BM and BW.
These articles and "studies" are written is create and fan the flames of Black Gender Wars - to keep BM and BW fighting each other so we won't turn our attention or energy to our REAL ENEMIES: the system of white supremacy -- which these articles are sponsored by.



I respectfully disagree, ALL white people are aware of what it means to be white, to be privileged, and to be treated better than non-whites. Whites say things around other whites when no blacks are in the room. They won't TELL you what is said, but they know.
There is no way blacks and other non-whites are being mistreated on a DAILY basis by whites practicing racism and other whites are not aware. You may not want to believe your white parent, or white relatives (if you have any) are practicing racism, but I assure you they are doing one of two things: either practicing racism OR remaining silent while others practice it.
In our book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" we call this the crime of COMMISSION and the crime of OMISSION. If you check out an earlier post, I included an excerpt of what racism is (in our opinion).
For example, whenever a black person gets a job, a promotion, or some other "benefit" usually reserved for whites, what is the TYPICAL white reaction? REVERSE RACISM (or discrimination). Why do they feel that way? because they feel (and know) that a white person should always win over a black person.

Look at the sports arena. If a BM ballplayer thinks for himself, he is called "ungrateful" or arrogant and is immediately demonized. But a white player who tries to maximize his money potential without asking permission from white people is called a 'savvy businessman".
Bottom line, there is NO WAY 9 percent of the world's population could oppress 91 percent of the world's non-white population unless the vast majority of that 9 percent is practicing either the Crime of Commission and/or the Crime of Omission -- aka ARE RACIST.
What I find puzzling (and disturbing) is how many blacks (and multi-racial folks -- who by the way will ALWAYS be black if they have one black parent) will break their necks to excuse racist whites from any responsibility
BUT are super quick to demonize a black person OR demonize ALL black people whenever a black person mistreats or harms someone.
they call that psychological ILLNESS : a terminal (and sometimes fatal) case of white identification AKA mentacide
the cure: to read and understand all you can about the system of racism/white supremacy because your life and your future will depend upon it.
check out www_trojanhorse1_com



Amen, brother,
Everybody's got some serious issues,
I know I got 'em and i've never met anyone who didn't have them,
and the worst folks are the ones who DON'T think they have any issues.
One thing I realized was BW who grew up thinking, "I want a man just like my daddy." often make good wives. Good fathers make good women. Bad or missing in action fathers make hurt, angry, and bitter women (although some sisters manage to overcome their pain).
I have NEVER met a BW who loved AND respected her father, who did NOT love BM, and who did not make a great wife.
Bottom line, our women are our fields, and our children are the crops. If we want fertile fields and plentiful, healthy crops, we must take better care of what we have. Our women and children are all we have in a system of white supremacy,
They are also our ONLY allies and the reverse is true for BW, with the BM being their only allies. If you doubt this is true, get in a jam and try to get a Hispanic, Asian, or white organization to take up your cause, and march, picket and protest on your behalf.
How many white, Asian and Hispanic females showed up the Jena Six protest for six black male strangers that nobody knew from a hole in the wall? Who made up over 60% of the demonstrators who came from everywhere in the country to that small, dusty town in Louisiana? BLACK WOMEN.
time to get a CLUE
Any black male who spends his time taking care of the white man's or the Asian male's fields should not be surprised when he has NONE OF HIS OWN and he starves to death.



Unfortunately, most blacks today know about the world through two mediums:
1. the classroom where they are brainwashed with a whitewashed version of history and current events and white value systems = blacks did nothing; whites did everything of value
2. the TV set/movie screen -- where white supremacy/black inferiority is literally rammed down the throats of black viewers who at a very early age, choose the white doll over the black doll -- and never ever recover from that traumatic brain injury


_ _________________________________________________

those who think racism is "going away" or believe all we have to do is strive for "tolerance" and "understanding" do NOT KNOW THE HISTORY of white supremacy and white domination/colonization/imperialism here and abroad
Not do they understand the system that dominates the LIVES of every non-white person on the planet.
White supremacy is a GLOBAL SYSTEM that is thousands of years old --
Until its non-white victims GET OUT OF DENIAL and stop cooperating with it (by treating whites as if they superior) it will continue for another THOUSAND YEARS
check out racismdaily_com
Neely Fuller, Jr (on youtube)
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (on youtube)
and you'll learn that racism IS white supremacy -- and that it is a GLOBAL system NOT the acts of a few "dumb white people"