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Political Tibdits in Mid 2011

I second that

I second that, and I'll add to it that in addition to a march on Washington by some real African-American folks we also need to bring in poor and working class whites and latinos. Remember, Dr. King made the bourgeois power structure nervous when he was a civil rights leader for African-Americans. But he really scared the p____ out of them when he started talking about poverty regardless of race and bringing up the glaring problems with the underlying capitalist wage slavery social order, threatening to be a cross-cultural icon bringing along everybody in this country who isn't wealthy and has a conscience. His Poor Peoples Campaign he was planning for the summer of '68 was to be his crowning achievement. It's high time we picked up where the good doctor left off.


Joe Baegant

was a funny and powerful voice for poor working class whites. He passed away recently, his wit and insight will be missed. But Joe sounds like a "Marxist, Commie, humanist pig" (LOL) when you read his words. A working class revolution of sorts should and given the current trajectory of events, most likely will happen out of sheer necessity and default. The class and divisions of wealth concentration are becoming so great, so obvious, so brazen and unrepentant, the jobs losses appear increasingly as structural, that Americans have no choice but to see Ayn Rand Capitalism for what it is.
I agree also that King became a threat to the Empire when he linked, unfettered capitalism and Imperialism to domestic poverty and social ills. As we can see now with school district and residential patterns, they really weren't that all worried about "integration."
If you really want to get a sense of what's going in in poor, rural, roll up your sleeves White America, and get some good chuckles and searing wisdom, check out Joe:
Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie's Boy
That ain't no class underclass; it's 250 million rugged individuals being p__d on.


Democracy Now is funded by foundations with CIA ties

Democracy Now is funded by foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation which are basically tools of the C.I.A. Which explains why Democracy Now refuses to take on the biggest issues of the day for example the 9/11 false flag operation which is the underlying MYTH for the entire series of wars for energy resource dominance being sold to the American people and the world as a "War on Terror". Democracy Now is like Bill Maher, Michael Moore, the blogs Daily Kos, Crooks & Liars, Liardog Fake (er, sorry, Firedog Lake) etc.
They serve the elite by being left gatekeepers, mouthing a few good ideas here and there and pretending to talk truth to power but honestly all they're doing is keeping the discourse confined in a little corral that is marked "Topics that won't make the bourgeois power elite nervous". Hence the reason why Bill Maher got so upset at a heckler in his audience who shouted out "9/11 was an inside job!" and ordered his thugs to throw the heckler out rather than have a discussion about it. They clearly don't want a discussion on certain topics and the modern-day Reichstag fire 9/11 is just one of them.


Black men could have it all if they work with black women and their communities to build businesses for blacks. But instead all blacks want to do is complain and talk about the world being against them. Instead of complaining why not get up and do something about it. And Im not talking about getting with a white woman to make the white man jeolous because that has gotten us nowhere.

-beautiful black woman


Also, the black woman is hated just as much as the black man. We're only women and we get the same kind of action as you men do. No other woman has suffer the way the black woman has suffer. So this thread should just be "Is the world against black people?" I can answer this question, hell yeah. Which is why us black men and women need to stick together.





Zaius is not to be taken seriously. You can see that he simply makes things up, and then peddles his fabrications as facts.
Examples: he describes Obama as a mulatto "C student." Fact is Obama grauduate SUMMA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law, and was PRESIDENT of the Harvard Law Review.
One thing to note about contemporary reactionaries, whether they be leaders of the Republican Party, the Tea Party (which is actually part of the Republican Party), Christian Right evengelists, or racist simpletsons like Zaius or OhReally: They DON'T CARE if what they say is true or false, and they don't care whether they know what they're talking about.
In the past, liars of all poltical stripes at least took into consideration whether their lies were believable or not, and whether their lives might be exposed.
My mother remember President Dwight Eisenhower admitting "I stopped lying when the lies stopped working."
Nowadays, at least liars on the American Right are so BRAZEN that they will repeat a lie even after it's been EXPOSED as a lie. They will tell lies which can easily be discovered. They will lie even when the truth is KNOWN. In this respect, contemporary American prevaricators resembles fascists and Nazis who'd repeat a lie--even a known lie--quite brazenly and often, apparently on the assumption that if you lie often enough many people will believe it.
I've heard rightwingers say that Obama was Malcolm X's secret "love child" or secretly an Al Quaeda operative. And, of course, I've been called a "Muzzie" and a "commie" so often that I can only laugh at the chattering idiots.
OhReally--quite possibly the DUMBEST creature in Topix--a man who writes in such a way as to make you wonder if he ever REACHED (mush less graduated from) high school, has the nerve to call you IGNORANT...Duh...He's an AMERICAN (I'm embarrassed to say) who knows less about America--his own country--than you do. But you're the one who is ignorant. And Zaius, who knows NOTHING about Europe, and hardly more about America, claims that you Europeans are all envious of the USA. If he even reac a good number of posts BY Europeans in the earlier parts of this thread, he ought to have a clue that he's off base. He's totally unaware of the nuanced complexity of European (or other non-American) attitudes towards America. But that doesn't stop him from utter whatever idiocy that pops into his vacuous head.
The days when you could have an INTELLIGENT exchange with an American conservative has essentially passed. There are a few exceptions, very few. No wonder Ron Paul, one of the few feasonably intelligent Republicans left, thinks his party has lost its way. Bill Maher was right: Democrats have moved to the right, and Republicans into the nut house.



RETROGEMS-thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I'm now doing research on Hoover's Cointelpro. I've discovered some crucial and disturbing facts. We need some Malcolm Xs today. Our race has taken 10 steps forward only to fall 20 steps back. Our celeb sisters and brothers are being tricked. Most of them has forgotten about the great Malcolm X, Bro. Edger, Dr. MLK, , and so many others that we failed to reconize because their names weren't mentioned in the media. These are our real stars

Your last question was:

Last question, what makes you any different from a White Supremacists, other than the difference in who you are batting for.


Because a white supremacist looks to progress white supremacy, i look to end was a stupid question....

In order to end white supremacy in the minds of our brothers and sisters, they must know in all forms why the white man is NOT superior.......

Now in you bougies minds, that would be racism....yet i'm not advocating superiority, but showing how and why the white man and race itself is not, and to that you have to show the actions, lies, and facts regarding the history and present day white man.......


-216 Elite


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21st Century commentaries

ICC Court Is an Instrument of US & EU Racist Imperialism...

The International Criminal Court's [ICC] indictment of Khadaffi & Sons reeks of imperialism & racism. They aren't even trying to appear even-handed. IE: No mention of the Rebels attacks on Black Africans [including Black Libyans] or even dark skinned Asians - including apparently hunting them door-to-door, -nor- that F___K-US NATO [France, UK , US, NATO] are letting African refugees drown & starve to death at sea rather than let them immigrate to EU soil...; Nor that F___K-US NATO illegally [by US & international law & in violation w UN Res 1973] tried to assassinate Khadaffi- MURDERING his 3 GRAND-KIDS & his Son in the process - which was their Immediately Response to Khadaffi making yet another truce offer on April 30 [He's made other such offers - which F___K-US NATO & the AL-CIAeda inspired Rebels keep rejecting]...; Nor that F__K-US NATO are using DU encased warheads which will kill Libyan civilians even if they're not killed out-right as well as contaminate Libyan soil indefinitely [same as in Iraq]... - This ICC indictment is all about putting a veneer of phony 'legality' to [IE: white-washing] F___K-US NATO's assault on Libya - while demonizing Khadaffi. Yet its so-called evidence supporting its charges against him- IS THIN. AND- If the US refuses to sign-up to the jurisdiction of the ICC - why does it have the right to bring a case against anyone to the ICC - unless the ICC is subservient to the US & its allies??!! The ICC hasn't indicted the any of the Bush / Cheney / Bliar / Rumsfeld / NeoCon Gang [not even Yoo or Bibeby] - So it definitely won't indict O-Bomb-em , Billary, Rice-II, Sarkozy, Cameron, etc... The ICC only indicts mainly Africans that the US / EU have demonized & thus is nothing but an instrument of Racist Imperial Power - Thus all African & 3rd World Peoples should consider it as TOTALLY BOGUS!!! So much so that even the ICC's indictment of Sudan's Pres Al-Bashir should now be called into question.


Better late than never for

Better late than never for West to awake from his kool-aid stupor. However, he gets major points off for promoting Obama propaganda from the get go. This man isn't dumb; he knew all along the fraud that Obama was promulgating. Prominent and influential people such as West should have been calling out Obama, making demands on him, and mobilizing voters to do the same.
Is West prepared to totally break free from Obama's spell? It appears this might not be the case if he allowed Ed Schultz to make him look silly. Given the boatload of betrayal and destruction wrought by the administration, West (experienced on the pundit and lecture circuit) had plenty of material to work with and should have had no problem standing up to corporment stenos like windbag Ed Schultz. Perhaps West is lamely straddling the fence - tepid calling out of Obama while looking over his shoulder to make sure his gig as Harvard professor/favorite black ivory tower pundit of poser liberals remains in tact.


Peace All,

We hope this email finds you in revolutionary spirits. Thank you for attending African Liberation Day in the past. We are convinced that African Liberation will only be successfully when all African people engage in struggle to liberate our land and ourselves. We once again ask for your participation in African Liberation Day to help us move one step closer to achieving Pan-Africanism. Sometimes we can become discouraged that our small contribution is not making a dent in the struggle for our liberation. But the A-APRP is here to set the record straight, every ounce of work complete by every African or human that is in the best interests of our mother (Africa) and our people is positively contributing to achieving Pan-Africanism.

In this spirit we invite you out AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY 2011 to once again join us in the fight for our freedom and right to manage our own affairs!! We have several programs that we would like to invite you to and hope that you can attend at least one if not more of these great programs. This year we want to walk away from ALD with a cadre of individuals who are willing to do work for African People. This year’s theme is: AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY LIVES: ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE!!! The Eastern Region and the Canada chapter of the A-APRP are hosting three celebrations we humbly invite you to all three. The logistical information for the programs is below:

African Liberation Day Detroit, Michigan

39th Consecutive African Liberation Day
Starts Friday May 27, 2011 18:00 PM
Ends Saturday May 28, 2011 18:00 PM
Ticket Price $10
Where Cobo Hall 475 Washinton Blvd., Detroit, MI

All-African People's Revolutionary Party (GC) has posted a new item,''

Join Us at African Liberation Day 2011!

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)
invites you to

African Liberation Day 2011 Symposium and Webcast
Help Build a Militant, Mass Movement to Expose and Smash the Imperialist Assault
on Africa, the African Diaspora, Latin America and the Middle East!
Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 1:30 to 7:00 PM EST
Emergence Community Arts Collective
733 Euclid Street NW - Washington, DC
(1/2 [...]

You may view the latest post at

You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
Best regards,




All the Black males in my family happen to be great intellectuals. On my moms side and my dads side. So, I just basically proved your theory wrong.

-yourlove_101 (A Sister)



Black people built our own and it was called BLACK WALL STREET. Multi millionaires running our own businesses and poor white people descended upon the residents of BLACK WALL STREET killing 3000 black people. That is the greatest mass murder in all of USA'S history.

-The Relic



No, Tamera is BIRACIAL, and if her dad is white then that explains her choice. If her father was black, and she were black I could understand your annoyance, but women usually go for guys who remind them of their fathers and men for women who remind them of their mothers. This is why black folks need to stop getting so annoyed and using biracials as prime examples of "blacks" chasing non-black people. If this was Sanaa Lathan or Gabriel Union I could understand, but blacks need to stop begging mixed people to love us exclusively when they are NOT exclusively black in the first place.



"Races of men" don't treat women better. Men of QUALITY treat women better.

Qualities of character are not racial.



attai1 wrote:

it's your own opinion and you're entitled too. Though statistically and factually it's not much supported.
- over a 1/3 of the British dream to settle ... in France according to opinion polls
- numerous Brits travel ... in France, buy properties everywhere in ... France (very few French people are buying a house/apartment-flat in the UK)
- a noticeable quantity of Brits are retiring in ... France (or Spain or Malta but they flee rainy Britain as soon as they can)
- thousands of Brits are coming into France for medical reasons due to the poor quality and long delays of the National health service.
- economically Britain has been severely hit in 2008, more than France and the pound sterling lost 20-25% of its value
- everybody can compare what a British student has to pay an what a French one is paying it's close to 1 to 10 in ratio.
i personnally like Britain, though to be honest more Scotland than England or Wales ; however I feel the quality of life is greater in France than in the UK (and I'm not paid by the French department of tourism to write this post).
Hum btw, who made Cannes and the Provence Riviera a magnet for tourists ? Queen Victoria and the British in the XIXth century, we kept dedicated to them "la promenade des Anglais" in Nice.
nb. Being seen as an African American is hardly negative with French Arabs/Blacks : my tutor and I were in an Arab café in Montreuil surrounded with French ethnic minorities and they were asking him all sorts of questions and he was the key attraction of the place :-)(i was there to translate and this was exhausting because everybody wanted to chat with the Black Yankee)
a whiteboi
Michael Moore's description of the French health care system was quite impressive.
Angleterre et Les Etats-Unis ont un tradition de pensee politique tres similar. Historically, Le Gauche Americain et Anglais n'etait pas fort comme La France.
Peut-etre vous avaez plus des protections sociales parce que beaucoups de votre ouvieres et intellectuels etais socialiste. La bourgeois faut conceder plus de protections sociales parce que le peuple Francais sont plus militant.
A Paris, j'ai vu votre manifestations contre le racisme pendant les annees 1980s. Il etait plus grand que les manifestations aux-Etats-Unis pendant les annees de Ronald Reagan,



La triste vérité est qu'en France même qu'en États-Unis il y'a des forces dedans le gouvernement qui se mobilisent avec le but de détruire tous les aspects appellés "socialistes". En France ce veut dire le systême social, tous les avances du "demosocialisme". En É-U le but est ce de détruire tous les agences et programmes mis en place pour FDR, LBJ, etc.

Le danger existe en tous les pays démocratiques... la vigilance dont Jefferson parlait est rendu nécéssaire ainsi... par les manipulations des riches, des vrai gouvernants... notres maîtres néo-féodals...

Et pourquoi les russes osent a DSK? Car maintenant ils jouent aussi au capitalisme.

Barros Serrano wrote:

I've had this same discussion with Africans in the USA, who were not naive and well aware that many whites who patronized them were hostile toward and fearful of AAs. There's a historical relationship to overcome; as the USA had enslaved and persecuted AAs, so France had colonized Africans, and so there is all the accumulated conflict, guilt, racism, etc.
Ai, je l'ai dit en anglais.

-Barros Serrano


Yesh, some folk are more perceptive than others. But I guess Essance Magazine just preferred that feel good story told by certain AA sisters in the pages of their mag. Did those ladies not even notice? Had they even HEARD of the National Front which had a 15% representation in the French Parliament. Or were they so wrapped up in their personal lives of global middle class consumerism to notice any injustice of which they were not themselves the target?



Le peuple Francais--les noirs, blancs Arabs, etc---etait tres amical quand j'ai visite votre pays. En effet, ils etait qauelquefois PLUS amical avec nous Americains Noir que avec notre compatriots blancs.
Many American blacks are actually surprised at this. Our media (and some former visitors to your country) tell us that the French are so vehemently anti-American and generally unfriendly.
While I did see some of that it didn't seem to be widespread. What surprise many of nous Americains noir etait les francais etait tres amical avec nous.
Of course, some older black people like those who visited France before the end of the Civil Rights Movement here --including my uncle Oscar who fought at Normandy---they virtually saw France as a paradise.(I think of Richard Wright---as Simone de Beauvoir mentions in "Amerique Jour en Jour"--introducing his famous French writer friend to Adam Clayton Powell's church in Harlem, saying something like "This is my friend Simone de beauvoir from Paris, France---a beautiful country with NO JIM CROW, no Lynch mobs, NO KKK..."etc.)
Some Afro-Americans were shocked when I told them about Le Front National de Jean-Marie le Pen. Some were saddened. But I also gave them the encouraging news that there were also sizeable anti-racist movements over there, including some group called SOS.
Other Afro-Americans, whose general attitude towards whites are less than flattering, would say "Well what did you expect from whites over there? Hell, the c____s over here come from over THERE? Did you think they'd be any better over in Europe? Don'tyou know what those bastards did to Africa?"
Suffice it to say that I am aware of French (and European) racism and antiracism, imperialism and anti-imperialism. For the most part, my stays during various trips to France were pleasant. But I was aware that many North Africans didn't find the situation quite so pleasant as I did.



Savant wrote:

Is this a recent experience? Most sisters from the USA whom I spoke to in France (or who have been to France) seems to think that that attitude of the French were actually quite friendly.
But my impression was also that we Blacks from the USA were not treated as poorly as Francophone Blacks. In fact, I have had personal experiences with the differences.
A man in a bistro near St Michel who was cordial and respectful to myself and this Black teacher from Harlem, but who was about to chase away the Francophone African guy who stopped to speak to us.(We threatened to leave, never return, and tell every American we met about the patron's behavior before he would get off the back of the African brother).
In fact, I thought some African-Americans---who often admit not feeling the burden of race in France nearly as much as we do at home--develop perhaps naive ideas about France.
On my return from Paris in 1987, some Black American women in an article published in ESSENCE magazine talked how great things were in Paris. I then wrote a letter to ESSENCE explaining that just as one finds that Blacks over HERE are often better treated than are we African-Americans (Africans were exempted from Jim Crow restrictions even before the victories of our Civil Rights movement), We often find ourselves better treated in France than are Francophone Blacks.

One correction. I'm not a woman, but an AA man. Well, I just don't know whether France is more or less friendly than UK for Black Americans generally and Black women in particular.
I know that historically, especially during the days of Jim Crow, many American Blacks saw Europe (especially France) as more enlightened in matters of race than our own country. And our intellectuals and artists, like many white intellectuals and artists, saw Europe as more welcoming and tolerant of art and intellectual values than the USA.
However, England and France haven't always had a LARGE Black population---except in their colonies, where racism was commonly quite explicit.
Perhaps as Black and other Third World peoples increase in proportion, Western Europe is proving to be less tolerant than previously thought.
Even Africans in America during the 1950s & 60s would have found themselves better treated than we African-Americans. I've tried to indicate to fellow American Blacks that our relatively "enlightened" treatment in Europe may be a European expression of the same hypocrisies with which we are so familiar here in Yankeedom.


 know Obama is NOT a capitalist, but he BELIEVES in capitalism. Obama has no ownership (as far as I know) of any reserves of capital, of "means of production." In fact, most conservatives are not capitalists either. Most are foolish people who believe in a system that exploits and oppresses them.
Obama's problem is not ignorance in any general sense. He is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, very gifted, and one of the best educated men ever to occupy the office of presidency. But alas, that does change the fact that he's a centrist or liberal corporativist, while you are a right wing or conservative corporativist. Just by being pro-corporate you are (even if unwittingly) allied witha class elitist agenda.
And BOTH political parties are corporate parties, parties subservient to corporate interests. It's just that the Republicans don't have a constituency such as the working class, oppressed racial minorities or non-conservative women they have to answer to.
Because the Democrats do have such a constituency, but are still a corporate party they have to at least pretend to be the party o the people, to support "main street" against the predations of Wall Street.
Hence, Barack Obama went so far as to say that the Chicago Windows and Doors workers (who took over the plant when employers tried to fire them without notice or severance pay) were RIGHT.
But once in office, Obama compromised away the full bodied universal health care program that he said he favored BEFORE he was elected. Before he was elected he told rallies of workers that he'd actually JOIN THEIR PICKET LINES if their rights to collective bargaining was attacked. Well unless I missed it, Obama has yet to even SPEAK on behalf of the workers whose collective bargaining rights have been attacked.
Until the mass of the American people break with CORPORATE politics and create some alternatives, we're going to continue getting screwed.
Malcolm X once said that the Right were like wolves, and liberals like foxes. The wolf was more or less OPENLY hostile to civil rights during the 1960s, while the smiling liberal fox pretended to be a friend.
But one had to struggle against the fox as well as the wolf if one didn't want to be eaten alive.
Malcolm's observations are plausible not only regarding racial justice, but regarding economic issues and economic justice as well.
It's time to break the back of corporate power! A blade in the throat of oppression!



The men who pulled the trigger on Malcolm X were Black. I don't think that's ever been in serious doubt.
There has been some question of FBI involvement. My research on that is not deep enough for me to form an strong opinion on that issue.
But given the activities of COINTELPRO at that time, FBI involvement is not implausible on the face of it.
And I've seen some FBI documents (probably released under authority of the Freedom of Information Act) which makes it clear that there were Cointelpro activities against Malcolm.
Of course, one tactic of the FBI at that time was to foment internal conflict within the Movement, and to widen any conflict which may already have existed.
I should not be surprised if the FBI were not provoking or at least intensifying tensions between Malcolm X and thosel loyal to Elijah Muhammad, and doing to to the point where an assassination was made more likely than it might have otherwise been.

By the way, it seems to be a matter of record that at least one of Malcolm X's security persons was an FBI plant. I think his last name was Roberts. However, he was black.
In fact, it would have been extremely difficult for a white person to kill Malcolm X.
A white assassin would have stood out like a sore thumb in the middle of Harlem where the assassination took place.
A white person killing Martin King would have been much easier, and did in fact happen.
Short of something like a murderous police raid on Malcolm's home such as was conducted by Chicago police (under FBI authority) against Fred Hampton in 1969, the only way that a white could have killed Malcolm in Harlen would have been to use some twisted black person to do the dirty deed.

A cooperative society, based on voluntary mutual associations. And yes, direct democracy---at least to the extent that this is possible. We may need to revisit communes, cooperatives, democratic councils.

At any rate the old society based on the gospel of work and money has become like a vampire, a walking cadaver. It has no life.
Either we shall have a democratic, cooperative society or barbarism.



Conscience Sister wrote:
In many of those situations, the people were victims of all kinds of things from discrimination to police brutality so are you suggesting those perpetrators go unpunished? That black people just ignore the terrible things that have and continue to happen to them so that white people won't feel bad? If it wasen't for the media attention those cases got, no one would have known they occurred and less pressure on the system to do something.
Agreed and thank you for an insightful post. Far too often, people trvel down this river called DENIAL which is long and traveled often. There is an audience of ignorant people and it's amazing that certain people will cling to any negative occurence and use it to describe an ENTIRE RACE but hesitant to do the same when one of their own are involved in a similar occurence. Those type of people believe everything they see on t.v. because the brainwashing is working. There are many accomplished people and some have the nerve to group all as one. The less intelligent need to keep their ignorant mouths shut as some are just illiterate imbeciles without a clue.
Some are always posting simple minded nonsense about others involved in stupid behavior, yet never hear a word out of them when their own are involved in stupid / criminal behavior, no wonder they're looked at as stupid / ignorant.
Negative behavior has no race / religion, it crosses all boundaries. Again thank you for your comments.

-RC the Bx


if you would have ever heard malcolm speak, if u would have ever paid attention to what he preached you would know that he was not advocating anger and hatred towards the whites.insted he told his people that if the government could not protect them from the brutality and massacre that others where committing on them they should arm themselves for protection. read the cointelpro papers and it will give you an idea why most people have a wrong image of the great malcolm x. learn some history before u spew your ignorance online. what would you do if YOUR people where being hanged,killed,oppressed,humili ated just because of their skin color?



God bless Jill Scott. I love all my sisters and my people. I just wish we had more faith in each other. We give up so easily because we have a bad experience or someone did us wrong. Love isnt always magical and easy. Often its about commitment and hard work. We have to realise that this special thing isnt readily available that we can just be with someone and just have it. We have to love ourselves and understand what/who we want to be for that special someone. Also we have to be patient and observe potential mates. In this cheap world something so special is not gonna be just around the corner. It will be a journey.
TBABY9711 year ago
@ Katdaddy2 ... Why do we have to be addressed as b___?? You my brother were born from a black woman do you address her as a b___??? I'm just sayin.. As for black women being bitter I dont agree with that. Jill was just stating her opinion and keepin sh___t real. I respect her for that. Believe it or not, there are some really good black women out there who are successful, beautiful and educated and they carry themselves like REAL WOMEN. All you have to do is treat us with the same respect that you would want for yourself. I love black men and have never dated outside of my race. I firmly believe that there are some good black men out there. So please black men, dont degrade us or disrespect us by calling us b___ and h___. All females dont act like that.


Drogba__ wrote:

I don't understand why this person would make an entire thread over my preference. It's not that serious. Lol.
Anyways, one thing is for sure. There is no way I would even consider someone who degrades women of my race/ethnicity. These women are my mother, sisters, nieces, and good friends.
This forum is a trip!
A brilliant THINKING man. Thank you, we are you and you are us. Even if you aren't my man you are my brother and I am so proud of you. TELL IT!!!!!
We black women are naturally beautiful. We don't need botox or a___ injections or lip injections. We are born with a___ ,thick hips, and beautiful kissable lips. We don't have to run to 10 different tanning salons because we already have beautiful dark skin. We beautiful black women don't age or sag as quick as white women. We are fine even in old age. WE beautiful black women also are capable of loving you black men even when you arent capable of loving yourselves and we stand beside you to help you carry any burden you endure. So think about this the next time you think about abandoning a Sista for TRASH.
CaliFemme231 year ago
I am still behooved as to WHY one is considered racist because they stick to their own race. Back in the day that was called UNITY, now its called racism...When did the label change and who changed it? Oh I know..when white people decided to OPENLY crave and salivate over black people it then became 'ok'....My bad, carry on...

Sorry Perionne27, I HAD TO!


Kennyinbmore wrote:
Angela Bassett. Pure acting skills and doesn't just take any role to pad her bank account. She takes the right roles
Yes, Angela Bassett is a really classy sister, a sort of younger version of Cicely Tyson..



Dr. King on Black Power:


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Economics (and other Information);wap2


@ neva1betta who said, "hell i could take a pic holding a white baby up in the air..kissing it on the forehead, twirlin around in la la land AND shyt all day..SOON AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER WALKS OFF….say “someone come get this baby out my damn face”

politicians do it all the time, and the public still falls for it...which explains why this country is in the shape it's in...too many gullible and non-thinking folks...



fatterbatter, " it shouldn’t matter if she’s white what matters is she loves her child. just because she has a different skin color it doesn’t mean she can’t love this child because he’s black."

Yeah if this wasnt america it wouldnt matter...BUT since this is, therefore it does matter.
For the record, NO ONE said she cant love the child..That is probably the easiest thing to do in this world...But Im sure you know that there is more to a child than simple love right? Love entails more than clothes, shoes, food, and a roof over the kids head. Think about it..How many kids have you heard of, especially those of celebs who have EVERYTHING yet arent worth the salt from the earth? This debate is about this white woman not being equipped to bring forth a strong black man, period.
No matter what anyone has to say about this chicks 'good deeds', these white women are treating black kids like baubles, trinkets, collectors items. You should probably go find and read that article about Angelina Jolie's black kids she adopted... A relative of the oldest child(not the black ones), left a comment on either facebook or myspace about the kids being raised by the 'nannies', and how their 'mother'(I use that term LIGHTLY), leaves them ALL THE TIME. But you guys go right ahead and keep thinking that million dollar moms are the greatest....they are wealthy true, but thats all they are...



crammasters, "which goes to show that (some) black folks make a LOT of negative assumptions about other black folks all the time, but let you make ONE negative ASSUMPTION about a rich and famous white folk they like? All hell breaks loose…."..

That was my point for the post. Black people are QUICK to say.."Well black folks arent doing it..."
They prove OUR point everytime they set fingertip to keyboard. IF WHITE PEOPLE DONT TELL YOU ITS HAPPENING, YOU DONT BELIEVE IT'S OUT THERE!
That is the damn shame of you all. Before everyone jumped on the negative with your own kind, Why didnt ANY of you stop to find out if you were justified in condemning and shaming black people to even back-up your ignorant posts? (Yeah I can call all of you ignorant because that means LACK of knowledge, and NONE of you are learned about your own race like you should be...). You were so fired up about defending this nazi supporter LOVER, that you FORGOT to say to yourselves.."Hmmm I wonder just how many black celebs have also adopted?"...Here you losers, let me help you...

Whoopi Goldberg
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan (foster children)
Ruby Dee/Ossie Davis
Cicely Tyson
Alfre Woodard
C.C.H Pounder
Della Reese....

Thats just to name a SMALL FEW. Im not saying y'all need to 'hate' white people, I'm saying you need to be more supportive and informed of YOUR OWN for a change! Crammasters needs to give this one up, its CLEAR that all of you have already been HERDED by your white SHEPHERDS....



@ Cali

thanks for enlightening us about blacks who have adopted...and that is the problem, we are UNINFORMED (myself included) but one damn thing I will say is IF I'm going to give anybody the benefit of a doubt, I will at least give my own people one...
I don't know what happened to some of the black folk on this board but they are so brainwashed (yea, I said it) that they automatically put whites on a pedestal even before they know any's truly sad, Cali...



@ Cali who said, "Whoopi Goldberg has adopted THREE children over the past 12 years and you dont ever hear shyt about it BECAUSE SHES NOT WHITE…"

say what? I never heard that, didn't know that...
which goes to show that (some) black folks make a LOT of negative assumptions about other black folks all the time, but let you make ONE negative ASSUMPTION about a rich and famous white folk they like? All hell breaks loose....(yeah, i'm exaggerating, but u get my

@ Perionne27
over the top is my middle name….
when u said, “I doubt many of the comments on this board would exist if she was black” – Sis, I disagree, there is nothing but negative gossip on these black websites about black folks, like “Halle Gets Dumped – Again!”
We are LESS kind to our own folks than we are to white folks. Look around your jobs, how do black folk treat other black folk? Then think about the way we treat (and kiss the azzes of) white folk…
And how much heat do WE give single black mothers, for raising their OWN black boys without fathers? YET we praise this white female as though she’s the second coming.
never once called Bullock a racist, I don't know the woman....but I don’t buy the story that she didn’t know how her hubby felt about “minorities,” I know how MY WIFE feels about white folk :-) from the things she says TO me, in front of me, etc...not saying she dislikes them BUT i KNOW where she's coming from...and she knows where I'm coming a matter of fact YOU folks never met me, but I bet u think u know where I'm coming from...
so what are the chances that Bullock didn't know how her hubby felt? come on now...
I also appreciate your respectful debate, the one thing we both agree on, is hoping that black baby boy will be alright…as I have pretty much exhausted my argument here…
Take care…



Here's ONE REASON Black Men should be mad AT OURSELVES

Once a rich/famous BM marries a WW (who is broke when he met her), and they divorce, the next man she gets is USUALLY -- if not always -- a WHITE MAN.

The list is long, but here's a few examples: Nicole Simpson (OJ's ex-wife) and Montel Williams' ex-stripper, ex-wife...

The white female -- once she gets the rich BM's loot, never looks back and NEVER marries/dates another BM. Why? Because she doesn't need a rich BM's loot anymore, and wants to rejoin respectable white society.

She will NEVER pull up a poor BM, like the rich BM pulled her up. She will NEVER marry a BM gardener, waiter, stripper, or high school dropout...

And you can be damn sure that if Tiger's wife divorces him that will be the LAST BM she lays down with

Which explains why there is so little black generational wealth despite the HUNDREDS of rich BM and BW that have come and gone and it explains why the black community is financially POORER than every community in America, including the illegal community

Because INTELLIGENT, SELF-RESPECTING MEN enrich their own communties, not the communities of their oppressors

It is also proof that the white man uses his females to keep that black wealth out of the hands of the next black generation because even if that white female has children with that rich BM, those black kids will be white-identified, and will marry white because they are white-identified, with a white female instilling values, and a missing BM father who is already white-identified.



jj4u wrote:

Malcolm, MLK and even MJ were all great men. I have not examined their life with a fine tooth comb. I am sure that like every one of us they have strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, I will not follow any man blindly and accept their authority without questioning it. I don't need anyone to pigeon-hole me into a racial category. I am first of all a man. The race game was never meant to work for me, I don't expect to benefit by its rule. I do recognize that it is the creation of humans who hope to benefit economically, socially and politically from it.
Don't know if all KKK-er's are blonde hair and blue-eyed. I know adolf was not blonde-haired. If one wants to accept absurd racial theories, should they not go along with the notion that only blond-haired blue eyed people are pure whites.
If this is the case then thhis child is a pure white, despite her parentage.
If you have noticed, some members of stormfront hate jews more than anything else. So the question lies, should jews be given any of the white racial designation such as "white", european, caucasian, aryan, nordic or not.
It is confusing because it is all meaningless garbage, coming from a bunch of moronic hate mongers.
Sorry, I dont have nay more time to continue with this.
Kashta hasn't studied Malcolm or Martin either. Otherwise, he'd know that Malcolm moved away from racial separatism after leaving NOI. Moreover, Dr. King---as is evident from a reading of his WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE--adopted SOME elements of the idea of Black Power.

Both Martin and Malcolm came to see the vital role of economic interests in the perpetuation of racism, and the interrelatedness of economic exploitation and racial caste oppression--which led them to increasingly sharp critiques of CAPITALISM, imperialism and militarism. Malcolm at least BEGAN a critique of sexism as well. The simplistic racial essentialist theories pushed by both white racists and Negro race pimps was ultimately REJECTED by both Malcolm and King.