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Malcolm X on Senator Barry Goldwater's chances in the upcoming election

Malcolm X explaining Black Nationalism in interview

Malcolm X speaking in interview about the necessity of adopting guerilla warfare against white oppression

Malcolm X speaking in interview about Cassius Clay's involvement in Islam and his own personal falling out with Elijah Muhammad

Malcolm X speaking in interview about allegations that he is on the lunatic fringe of the American Negro Movement.






I always tell my brothers- reach within like Ali did- he told himself every day how great he was - look how far it help him ascend - daily positive affirmations and mantras are key to keeping a strong mind, family and village- ONE TRIBE ONE FAMILY- ZALUTE BLACK KINGS!
you are awesome black queen the desire of a black king
you stay in place befor the waters that we drink everyday
what else compare to your love and energy my queen?dm


Make that change. The work of Chiek Anta Diop was even more revolutionary than G. M. James. He set them all straight at the 1974 UNESCO symposium on Km't (Ancient Egypt) and the overall biased scholarship on Africa and Africans (AAs included).


Thanks for the video goddess....The black man can't be great without our queens(earth).....and thats always....


AngeliBlaque.....I want to thank you DEARLY for the hard work & profound truth that this vid presents to us (Black Men). It was truly uplifting watching this vid & knowing that a sister supports her brother/black man with every fiber of her being.
May continued blessings of favor, love, wisdom & guidance greet you always. -E-

Timothy wrote:

Why is this not hard to understand. If a man wants to be like their enemy psychologically and collectively plus disown their own women, then that man is scarred for life (if he won't recieve that wake up call). Some men haven't been taught the truth about masculinty. Some men feel that masculinity is about going along to get along or acting docile (especially treating non-blacks better than people of your own race). Yet, true black masculinity is opposing publicy and privately white supremacy, fighting for justice, and promoting the great value of women in our own race. Real people of every ethnicity place a high value of their women. So, it's common sense for the black man to do the same for black women. Black women are worldwide too in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc. I don't believe in embracing naiveity though. We can't sugarcoat our complications and Kashta eloquently pointed out these issues (I just disagree with him on other issues). No human being is perfect. Both genders have issues that we need to take care of. Although, a real solution is for both black men and black women to work together in fighting for improvements in the black community excluding the gender wars (that promotes division and an Eurocentric supremacist ethic of white supremacy & materialism). Umoja and Co's new book called "Black Love is a Revolutionary Act" talks about this gender war issue in more depth. I recommend that book.
Some say that we can't win. Once, people said that American slavery would continue forever. These people were wrong. Some people said that Jim Crow segregration would last forever. These people were wrong. Others said that a black man (regardless of what you think of him) can never be President or the First Lady of America could never be a beautiful, strong, and highly intelligent sister. Of course, these folks were wrong. If in a period of less than a century, we can witness the end Jim Crow and allow a black family to be inside of the White House, then we can certainly make the black community much stronger than ever before.
Black Separatist wrote:
What is your opinion? me personally believe they never changed & its about time they show there true emotions and evilness.
I thought I was the only black person who thought this way. Thank you for bringing this topic to light. As an african woman, I see this in africa a lot. Whites love to go to africa and learn our dances and stuff and we are welcoming, but the other way around it is not as pleasant for us. Non-blacks do love to steal our culture. How many times do you see a black family disown their child for interracial dating, but there are many non-blacks who would.


People who laugh at, gossip about others, or would like to see you do bad etc., have low self esteem themselves. They project their own sense of self worth on other people. Talking bad about people, makes them feel superior.

You completely misunderstood my video. The point that I was trying to make was that that there is no point on black men hating on the thugs, because society doesn't really differentiate between the two anyway. In my opinion, brothers shouldn't even WORRY about how some other black man may look to other people, and just worry about THEMSELVES.
Most people can already tell, most of the time, the good black men from the bad ones, it's just that they don't CARE either way.

That's why black people should discard it and treat each other better as Black people and stop beating each other up because we are not white.The terms 'good hair''pretty boy' etc based on how close to white or 'mixed' a Black person looks should b discarded and normal Black people should b loved & embraced.Places where Black people live & congregate should b places of peace & refuge 4 Black people.Until that happens,'white supremacy' reins supreme n the minds of Black people.


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Comments by Others






Views from other people on various issues:

 Ron Paul says he didn't write those racist screeds, didn't know about them, and disavows them. But this, like his statments regarding civil rights, leave some questions in my mind. Should he have allowed such things to be published in his name, in his newletter? How did he not know about racist tripe published in his name over a period of some years (apparently from some point in the 1980s --90s)? WHEN did he learn of this, and when did he disavow this junk? I wouldn't surprise me that the Paul's GOP adversaries are trying to discredit him with this, as no doubt with the Democrats should he be nominated as the Republican presidential candidate. But if he allowed stuff to be published in his name without repudiating it (and maybe firing the persons who wrote it), he left himself open for that attack


In the popular lingo of Black America, and "oreo" was not a biracial person. An oreo is a Black person who, like an oreo cookie, is Black on the outside and whiite on the inside. White on the inside means largely being wholly committed to white racial values, white aesthetics, and often even wishing to be white. As for progressives defending the president on his policies, some do and others don't. Some support his health care package even if they don't think it goes far enough. Some progressives--e.g. , Cornel West and Chris Hedges--deny that Obama is a progressive, and argue that he is in the hip pocket or corporate power. But they also charge that much of the criticism of Obama from the RIGHT is racist, or motivated by racism. While I am also severely critical of Obama from a PROGRESSIVE perspective, I think that much of the anti-Obama opposition from th Right is racist, and sometimes not even thinly veiled racism.



It is precisely his attitude toward social rights that is unclear to me, and which makes me less receptive to Ron Paul than are some fellow progressives. Frankly, I don't know if he's a racist. He does not appear to be, though those clearly racist writings under his name makes me pause. But from what I read (and heard in one interview) regarding his attitude towards the Civil Rights Act of 1964--without which I'd have pretty much the same life my father and grandfather did--he was very weak. It's not that he argues or presumes like the typical racist that Blacks are an inferior race, or that racial caste and segregation ought to have continued (or be restored full blast). It's the attitude, perhaps integral to right wing libertarianism, that the government can't intervene to end discrimination or segregation so long as it is practiced in the private sphere. Apparently, it would be ok for Paul for the Civil Rights act of 1964 to be used against segregation and discrimination at the FEDERAL level. But in a capitalist society, especially one like the USA, the private sphere is dominant. Most employers are in the private sector. Most businesses are private. In short, on a day to day basis I actually have more interaction with private, non-Federal parts of society--a sphere that would apparently be untouched by the Civil Rights Act on Ron Paul's view of things. For example, I might not have obtained by doctoral degree in philosophy from Vanderbilt University, a private institution if Ron Paul's constriction of the range of the Civil Rights Act had been enforced. Given his emphasis on the constricting of the national government, I can't see how he could begin to stomach universal health care. I fear what would happen with social security, medicare, etc. The Federal hands off approach may allow Paul to adopt relatively sane policies in some areas: reduction of militarism (which every progressive desires as well), probably de-criminalization of drugs (which many of us also want) which would also mean a decrease in massive incarceration. But I am uncertain about Ron Paul's stand on other social issues



JenQueenModerator8 hours ago
What an imbecile. I do not understand why there is in such an uproar over Michelle's healthy eating plan. What is the big freaking deal? If you do not want to feed your children more fruits and veggies, then don't!

Not to mention that it is weird to me that he is discussing the First Lady's behind at all.


SimplyComplex_87Moderator4 hours agoin reply to JenQueen
there's such an uproar because white racists hate to see a black man as president, so they will resort to bashing even his family in order to further tarnish his name.


whowantz2knoModerator6 hours ago
Ummm hate to tell the white man this, but uhhhh, no matter how much a black woman exercises and eats healthy, that A____ ain't goin nowhere son! But judging by the way his rectangular, "piece of ply-wood' women are shaped, I can see why he knows NOTHING about that.....

All hail the large posterior sisters!!! hahahhaa! :D
Shangri LaModerator5 hours ago
another example of the jealousy and disrespect black women experience. He knows no black woman would ever want him and he could never enjoy what our President is enjoying with his wife. Sad he can never get his hands on one unless he pays one of our troubled and confused sistah's to let him touch hers. Like many, he's jealous that the president and first lady can barely keep their hands off each other in public. Our president and first lady have the entire package and he knows that no matter what he does, or how hard he tries, he's never going to get it.


Highest30Moderator8 hours ago
People choose to eat what they want and I don't recall Michelle stating it was mandatory for everyone in America to follow her regimen for healthy eating. However, you can't expect common sense from people who are simply blinded by melanin. And I mean that. Highly conservative whites in America are having some type of mental crisis due to the fact President Obama is in the White House. None of what they say make any sense. Last, we have to remember that whites are so use to everything being given to them and America really being "their country" for so long. And they had segregation laws, police brutality, systemic racism to help secure their sense of white superiority in America. This world is changing rapidly and they are aware of it. It's why they say the most bizarre s___ relating to President Obama destroying the country, being un-American, Hitler's equal, or b_______ about socialism. They will pick apart any and everything relating to the President and his family because that is what whites do when they feel threaten. They can't see reality right now. Look at their history in this country and around the world. They always resort to insane, illogical tactics to satisfy their hate.
Shangri LaModerator5 hours ago
another example of the jealousy and disrespect black women experience. He knows no black woman would ever want him and he could never enjoy what our President is enjoying with his wife. Sad he can never get his hands on one unless he pays one of our troubled and confused sistah's to let him touch hers. Like many, he's jealous that the president and first lady can barely keep their hands off each other in public. Our president and first lady have the entire package and he knows that no matter what he does, or how hard he tries, he's never going to get it.
SoultrySoulModerator3 hours agoin reply to Seahag12
My husband describes me as a 5-B Sistah, and none of them stand for B____h.

Bank own

one does not come without the other (You feel Me!) - and what man wants to choose!

In fact, even as far back as his memoir DREAMS FROM MY FATHER(1995), Obama was pointing out his differences with his paster, including his view that much of what Wright interpreted as racial injustices were sometimes as much CLASS injustice as race. When that "God d***n" America speech hit the news (though Wright made that sermon several years before Obama's 2008 candidacy)Obama rejected it publicly, and used the occasion for a more general discussion on the problems of race in America. And that wasn't Obama's speech, nor one published under his name. When Ron Paul was queried on CNN about those racist statements under his name, he became quite DISMISSIVE (as though they weren't important), though he also denied writing or agreeing with them. His dismissiveness also bothered me, as did his dismissive attitude when queried about his view of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.



Frankly, the appeal to property rights (like the appeal to states rights) has long been the right wing defense of innumerable injustices--includ ing both slavery and post-Reconstructio n racial caste. While it could point to a belief--also maleficent, though no inherently racist--the property rights takes priority over human rights, that same appeal has been used by politicians whom I KNOW (not just wonder about) to have been racist. Also, the claim that before Civil Rights Black advancement in managerial positions increased only to DECREASE AFTER civil rights legislation--that claim is simply untrue. While I'm neither a sociologist nor economist by profession, virtually everthing I've read (or anecdotally observed) indicates quite the opposite. After the mid-1960s the professional/manag erial strata grew larger than it had ever been before. I know for a fact that both the schools which I attended, and many at which I've been teaching, would have barred me prior to the achievements of the Civil Rights movement, including the legislation of 1964 & 65.



bappie wrote:
Hello FM Doc, good to see you posting again.
We have to take responsiblity for what we do, especially if he's running for president. The buck stops with them as it was his editiorial and he edited the newsletter and if he disagree with what was printed in it, he could have very well edited it out.
With regards to President Obama and Jerimah Wright, yes, he attended his church, but where did he "personally" put out a newsletter or anything in print cosigning what Wright preached or believed? As a black woman, I understand fully what most whites cannot about what Wright preached and why. We don't expect most whites to agree, nor understand, but as the underclass in this country, there is a feeling of alienation and rightfully so. HOwever, Mr. Paul is or was part of the priviledged class. Educated, articulate, and even brilliant some say, but to cosign such a newsletter 20 years ago or yesterday, is political suicide. As a black woman, I am deeply offended by those writings. I liked him before but I'd never trust him now and sadly none of the people he wrote intolerant articles against (or he allowed to be written) will trust or like him either. We'll see him in the same light as we see most Republicans and that's racist.
Just saying...
In fact, even as far back as his memoir DREAMS FROM MY FATHER(1995), Obama was pointing out his differences with his paster, including his view that much of what Wright interpreted as racial injustices were sometimes as much CLASS injustice as race.
When that "God d***n" America speech hit the news (though Wright made that sermon several years before Obama's 2008 candidacy)Obama rejected it publicly, and used the occasion for a more general discussion on the problems of race in America.
And that wasn't Obama's speech, nor one published under his name.
When Ron Paul was queried on CNN about those racist statements under his name, he became quite DISMISSIVE (as though they weren't important), though he also denied writing or agreeing with them.
His dismissiveness also bothered me, as did his dismissive attitude when queried about his view of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.




i love Bobby Seale, but however, CNN never would've brought him on, had they thought that he would say anythin negative against the actual white power structure, which is the same today, as it was in the 60s.. He can disagree with the new black panther party, but they're goin through exactly what the orignal panthers went through, only that they dont shoot back at police lol.. But although Bobby is againt the NBPP, he shouldnt have come out on CNN against them, because thats what the enemy WANTS

capitolguy106 I suppose, in ur racist mind, Blacks don't have a God-given right to self-defense. I say that we do--even against state-sponsored terrorism. The only bombing between Blacks & pigs that I recall, are pigs bombing Blacks. Such as Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 when Blacks were bombed from the air w/ police collusion, decimating innocent men, women, & children, in Oklahomas Black Wall St. & in Philadelphia, in 1985, where police bombed an entire city block. But that's not terrorism, right?

But the Panthers bombing pig stys? No. & any such claims, that such occurred, would be categorically false. However, had such occurred (which again, it did not), given the state-sponsored terrorism that police departments across the country were subjecting Black communities, in general, given the campaign of harrasment, suppression, & criminal brutality, that law enforcement agencies were subjecting the Panthers, in particular, such would mark such bombing as a self-defense tactic

I've had lunches, afternoon discussions, & debates, w/ Bobby Seale, himself. So u'll forgive me if I find ur reading of ONE Panther biography, & pronouncements of my being, "uneducated about...the Black the 1960s," both amusing & unimpressive. Now granted, it's been a few years since I've perused, "A Taste of Power," nevertheless, I recall no claims by Brown regarding Panthers bombing police stations--the Weather Underground, the SLA (both white radical groups) Yes

Listen u sad halfwit, I've read a"A Taste of Power" by Elaine Brown, as well as "Seize the Time" by Bobby Seale, and "Revolutionary Suicide" & "To Die for the People" by Huey Newon, and "Assata" by Assata Shakur, and "This Side of Glory" by David Hilliard along w/ countless other Panther biographies & histories. Not 2 mention that both of my parents, along w/ several of my aunts, uncles, & cousins are all former Panthers. I grew up in the movent, not just reading it, u dumb a______!

Bobby Seale a domestic terrorist? *smh* Guy, do us all a favor, if u don't know what u're talking about, (& u CLEARLY don't) if u can't differentiate between ppl organizing 2 defend themselves, & their communities, against state sponsored injustice, oppression, & brutality--or ur racist nature makes u lack the integrity, 2 acknowledge the difference bet. the 2--then please, just shut the fuck up. U're adding NOTHING of value 2 the discussion.


bappie wrote:
A interesting dilema. The idea of messing up the GOP game is appealing, however, his evasive and cranky answers do little to quell the issue of those rabid, racist, statements. The man has/had? issues with Jews, blacks and gays and whether or not he actually wrote the articles his name was on the cover and he admitted editing these missives. People can and do change but not most people with such rabid, racist views. He wasn't some young person sprouting off ignorant, racist, nonsense. This man was a doctor, highly educated and motivated.
Smear it might be by the Republican party as I am sure some of the other Republican candidates smeared Herman Cain (although liberals are blamed for it as if he could possibly beat Obama, lol); as those voting for Paul will take votes away from whatever Republican candidate is selected to run against Obama, so in essence, Paul is a non-issue as he has no chance of winning the presidential election and this news for those who were unware of it, hardly will get him more votes, especially from minorities, gays or Jews.
To be quite frank with you, my estimation of Ron Paul was not that he was a racist, but that he had a political and economic philosophy which at points might aid and abet racism. Much==probably MOST--of the racism to which we have been subjected dwells in the PRIVATE sphere. Paul's conservative "hands off" the private sector leaves reacism to run while in civll society. Also, the emphasis on letting the states govern however they choose amounts to the same thing.
In short, my impression was somewhat like Dr. King's impression of Barry Goldwater. Not a racist but a man whose political and economic philosophy affords support, even if only inadvertently.
Ron Paul's attitude toward the Civil Rights act of 1964 (which precipitated or enabled MOST of the desegregation that has occurred in the past 45+ years) has made me deeply skeptical. And, as I've said previously, I am also skeptical about his position on numerous other social issues.
But what REALLY made me wonder about the possibility of Ron Paul being a racist was precisely the news of those racist articles in his Newslatter.
Somehow his claim that he neither wrote them nor even KNEW about it sounds implausible.
By the way, Ta Neheisi Coates is a brother from Bmore. Son of Paul Coates, former head of Bmore's Black Panther Party (original one, not "new" pretenders). Paul, his dad, was one of the elders who had a certain influence on me as well when I was yonger.
He's now publisher of Black Classics Press.



truthseekerModerator9 hours ago
Thumbs down on Ron Paul. I thought he was a decent person but he is not. Ron Paul wants persons with no health insurance to die if the health care can not be paid for by charity. I do not trust Ron Paul and it is a shame because I viewed him as a potential presidential candidate. I like his views about the federal reserve bank, our involvement with israel, the endless wars and the crony capitalism but his views towards race, gender and class trump all of this because all of the views blend together and each is the consequence of the other.
Let's keep it real. I understand Rev. Wright's speech. Most whites don't want to hear it (those who are sensitive, racist, or looking to bash Obama). If we're to get real about race relations in this country, then the truth has to be told and the truth is, many AAs were unhappy, angry and disenfranchised and why they should have to apologize to whites who are clueless about why is not something ANY BLACK PERSON SHOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN, LET ALONE APOLOGIZE FOR.

With that said, no, whites are not responsible for what their ancestors did during slavery. Nor are they responsible for what their grandparents did, but they're responsible for "what they do, or didn't do, with regards to equal treatment, i.e. what they expect or take for granted and that's still their "priviledged" status, not only in America, but the world.

Yes, slavery has been over long ago. Mind telling me why it took till 1964 for a "civil rights" movement and laws had to be enacted? Mind telling me why these people who fought for civil rights, also fought in wars, paid taxes, had to demonstrate and fight for the rights and priviledges that were afforded to white citizens? So, from 1964 until 2011,(37 years) blacks were supposed to take this gigantic jump, and just assemble into the mainstream of American life. No complaints, nada, zlich?

I offer this in conclusion, no race, on the face of this earth, has come so far, so fast, with so many obstacles place in their way. Yes, slavery ended a long time ago, but racisim didn't and it interfered with blacks ability to obtain an education, where to live, jobs, health care and every other aspect of American life that whites take for granted. So yes, in this day and age, I can fully understand Rev. Wright's so-called outrageous speech for people who didn't want to hear it as most are the same that were the ones who were the obstacles in our way.

I'am proud of my race and president as we finally have someone who can identify with not just one segement of the population, but all people. White, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native, poor, rich, disenfranchised, hopeful, young, old, etc. A president, finally for the people, by all the people!

As for Ron Paul, he's over. A wolf, in sheeps clothing. Isolationist? hmmm, whom does he want to isolate? I think we already have the answer an it's a crime and a shame that a man, so gifted with the ability to save live, in effect, the closet we on earth come to God, is such a shallow, unelightened, flawed, human being. Our elders are supposed to be wise, but he's lived a lifetime and should know better and look further, but he's stuck in the elite attitude too. What is the elite attitude? There is no God, the white man is God on this planet.

Not true....

With regards to our society, it's a given that people help those who they're associated with. They help in jobs, education, social organizations, etc., and that, in and of itself, isn't racist. We all do it. The problems occur when you "discriminate" against someone outside of your "social circle" or family. These people,(i.e. blacks, asians, hispanics, etc.) don't look like you, don't speak like you, don't share your world view, etc., so they're strangers and don't fit into your "small" world view. Obama was in a church with people of Chicago and that's how they felt! And they had reason to feel that way! Instead of lamblasting him, Rev. Wright or the parishoners, did any of these naysayers ever wonder why the parishoners felt that way? Did they care to know the reasons for the firey speech? Condeming it from their biased point of view? Where they not Americans? Did anyone question why they were so upset before decrying they were wrong? Trust me, if whites were ever mistreated, YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT IT! It's their American Right by the Constitution, but does it only apply to them? And they get to decided what people should or shouldn't be angry about?


Excellent post Bappie. It's interesting that racists fear strong black people that are not afraid to speak out that's why they hate Obama.It has nothing to do with policies because they are actually happy when legislation doesn't get passed they want him to fail.Also attacking Michelle Obama is another example of pure racism because there is no reason to attack her.



DandelionModerator1 day ago
Our natural has been getting a bum rap for too long. I'm glad we're gradually dispelling the myths!
moonrose4meModerator1 day ago
I've been natural for sometime now, and I can definitely tell more sistas are rockin their natural hair. I just hope that sistahs continue to buy from small black owned businesses who are genuine and knowledgeable about black hair. Because we all know that major (prominently white) hair care businesses will notice this natural hair movement and how much they can make off it and start targeting naturals. LET'S PLACE SOME MONEY BACK IN OUR COMMUNITIES!
SymoneModerator23 hours agoin reply to moonrose4me
I so agree!!!!

I refuse to let Whites make money off my hair when they have always denigrated certain textures of Black hair....I get my oils from a Black lady that my mother knows that has provided oils to my Mom for years because Mom has been rocking "natural hair"...Love it!
freelancepimpModerator1 day agoin reply to freelancepimp
Oh ans sisters don't seem to need to wear all that d_____ makeup when they go natural too.


IwillbfreeModerator18 hours ago
Remember when I told y'all that Ohio is the 3rd largest state as far as racism! This is the PROOF!

Ohio is still considered SOUTHERN because it's right next to Kentucky, another racist state. This is why Ohio is so crucial to these parties because they know that this is red neck terrority!




As long as we keep fighting and hating each other; they know we will always have to depend on them!

Amen with clown circles on their cheekbones. Black skin is at it best when it's make-up free and glowing. Many Black women unfortunately do not appreciate their natural beauty, that's another symptom of Stockholm syndrome many Blacks suffer from.
SymoneModerator1 day ago
I'm just glad to see more Black girls and Black women rocking "Natural hair" and it's also great that many of us that rock it also know how to take care of it.I also say this to many Black women and girls that have not had a perm in atleast a year but may still get their hair flat ironed once a month or perhaps every two months but even with that said if you moisturize your hair and seal the moisture daily you shouldn't have much breakage......
jazzwatchModerator1 day ago
And the natural hair is the SEXIEST hair, IJS.......and you H-O-T-T-I-E-S out there KNOW who you are :).....
nodoubt10Moderator1 day ago
It's great that someone finally decided to address this issue, particularly for women coming from fatherless homes. I've encountered many women who fit the categories of the women shown in the video above. Most were seeking intimate relationships with older fatherly men or just seeking validation in the form of promiscuity from any and many men. What's worse is that the women weren't aware or conscious of what they were doing to themselves and why they were doing it. I'm glad to see that the women in this video are brining to light this issue which could be very unhealthy- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically- to all women. I know not all women will be interested in watching the video, but I hope many have the chance to check it out. Along with religious principles, these are the type of community issues pastors SHOULD be addressing in churches. Bishop TD Jakes and Roland Martin are great for their work in putting this out.

As for the men who have helped to bring a child into this world, please help to raise that child, especially your daughters. Give them the guidance they will need to face a challenging society and stop being selfish. Regardless of the setbacks or relationship issues you may be dealing with, you still have a duty! Lest they will become part of the 70% statistic that could lead to; "acting out, using drugs, quitting school, becoming pregnant, and also going to jail", and also being involved with unhealthy relationships with carefree men like the women interviewed in the video.

Share this video!
Peace and God Bless!
DandelionModerator1 day ago
Excellent video! To all mothers and potential mothers, do understand that nature provide balances for a reason. Parenthood was never meant to be a one person job. Children having both parents rearing them is a BIRTHRIGHT.
whowantz2knoModerator1 day ago
Actually, all black people have a natural curl to our hair...All we have to do is find the right products, (natural ofcourse), to bring out that natural curl/wave pattern. Trust...The natural hair is the QUICKEST and easiest to take care of. My picture on here is old, but I'v'e been rockin the short, baby afro for a while now and I've never felt better than tangling with all the other styles I've tried....

Glad our women are at least working with what we were originally given these days... :)
SymoneModerator1 day agoin reply to LA Stone
Oh trust it is NOT a trend!

Go on Youtube and check out all the videos on naturals and taking care of Black hair as far as using natural oils such as "Coconut oil/Jamaican Castor Oil/ Jojoba Oil/ Rosemary and just all kinds of oils.I personally use Coconut oil /Jamaican Castor Oil to pre poo and seal the moisture which is really really key for Black people!

"Natural people need natural oils".....


Laquita T. HodgeModerator4 days ago
I believe it. If he's continuously cheated for pretty much their entire marriage, why all of suddenly leave after the 10 year mark?
His parents & sister warned him, he didn't listen & cut them off until his oldest daughter was born. They didn't even attend his wedding because they wanted him to sign a pre-nup.
Besides, who would let their teenage daughter marry a pro athlete while she's still in high school? There were no encouragements to get a degree?
Vanessa wanted a big payday and she got it.
dkh2Moderator3 days agoin reply to Timothy Daniel
I personally know dozens of African American couples who have been married over 15 years (this count includes my parents until my father passed away). These couples are partners. Both work jobs and share in paying bills, etc. No one in the relationship is "after the money".

It's apparent to me that some (not all) people that comment on this site have not witnessed enough Black love first hand, and they therefore have a distorted view of marriage. You can't base a genuine view of marriage off of the lives of celebs. Celebs live a different world from the one that we (commenters on this site) live in.
Hotep.Brotha Free, I've been studying & researching the the brotha Dr. Hagins, and Maaaann what truth! I can understand your disdain for reLIEgion. I myself was conflicted with so much and begain an awesome journey of research & discovery. I finally researched this brotha, and have been unlearning the MOUNTAIN & CENTURIES of b_____ lies & religious teachings to cover up the truth, seperate us from Kemet & to purposely keep us in perpetual bondage, fear and darkness!

What a mind job thats been done to us & the ENTIRE WORLD! Im still in shock, yet I understand why you express yourself the way you do. I also understand why you dont want to continue to try to wake folks up using this deceptive news site. I futher understand your comment on this article because if others knew what has taken place between this yt devil & this blk brainwashed sister, they wouldn't hardly acknowledge this union. I know my skin color may make me a contridiction, but make NO mistake I fully embrace my west African roots & DNA, more so.

I shall continue to unlearn the non-sense, but I will seldom make comments on this undercover opressive site!
Tee GeeModerator4 days ago
I feel no sympathy for him no one twisted his arm into marrying this girl and whether he screwed up or not he got what he deserved. Maybe some of these guy should stop and pick women of substance instead of latching onto their trophy wives. Tuff.......