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Barros Serrano wrote:
Similarly you attribute Saddam to the USA? Saddam's Ba'athist Arab nationalism traces back to Nazis far more than to the USA. They didn't create his ideology, they simply used him when it served their interests.
Arab nationalism and intense abuse of non-Arab ethnicity is 14 centuries old, beginning when the Arabs swarmed out of Arabia to abuse the world.
Again, the USA cannot have been the original motivation for this.
Arab Nationalism is not 14 centuries old. What we call nationalism hardly existed at all that long ago. As for Saddam Husseein, he was a useful dictator, like many others, so long as he served the interests of our ruling class. Rumsfeld even described him as a "moderating influence on the Middle East." Now how did that "moderating influence" then become the "butcher or Baghdad?"
Not surprising, however. Even Joseph Stalin became the amiable, avuncular "Uncle Joe" in films that MESSAGE TO MOSCOW...until Hitler was out of the way, and Russia became the main adversary.
It's the lying and deceptions, among other things, that disgust me.
Hell, even Hitler was getting his props from some over here--and even from Churchill---until he turned on us rather than red Russia.



EkDesiLadki wrote:
If you consider usage of fire, it can be used for good purpose like cooking or it can be used for destruction. Even the wild fires are contained by fire. Do you've problem liking people who use fire ? May be you dislike the misuse not every application.
Our civilization wouldn't been so developed if we didn't learn to domesticate dogs at the end of stone age. Dogs were used for many task like protecting our livestock, poultry and also us. Even today, farmers heavily rely on dogs. What will the farmer do if the dog get mad and start killing all animals in farm ? Once upon a time Taliban were good guys as they were fighting ussr, today they are like mad dog or WILD FIRE who need to eradicated.

One thing about fire is that it BURNS. One ought not to play with it. And I'm very suspicious of an argument that religious fanaticism is ok so long as it is directed at "them", but bad now that it's directed at "us." Religious fanatics are not "good guys." What's interesting here is the similiarity in American and USSR thinking: The Soviets, who were atheists, deliberatedly provokes religious zeal when it suited them. There's a scene in the film called REDS in which John Reed, speaking in the Middle East suddenly notices an explosion of enthusiasm in reply to the end o fhis speech. He asks someone about it, and one of Muslims said "We are supporting your call for a holy war of Islamic peoples against the Western infidels Reed had actually said CLASS WAR, but Soviet leaders conveniently mistranslated Reed's words for reasons of political expediency.(And I've read that there my be some historical basis for that event so depicted).
I'm sure that's not the first time. And I'm sure that those Stalinist loons resorted to such measures. And now Russia, and America, are both dealing with the "blowback."
I prefer the ethical standpoint of revolutionary nationalist leader, Amilcar Cabral: "Tell no lies to the people, and oppose lies whenever they're told. Tell no lies and claim no easy victories."


Two and a half Men - White. No blacks casts. Pan Am - all white cast. Bones, House, Lie to Me, The Office - predominately white shows. Give it rest. Whites are well represented - no threat of extinction on television at all. You bring up BET and television is soaking in White representation. Why do some Whites resent Blacks and Latinos having anything to call their own, when they have so mucn?

This is so petty. You can't force interracial dating. I think these guys were just looking for a reason to sue, but this is pointless. People have the right to date the race they prefer. This show will look like an affirmative action mess when token blacks start appearing on camera and smiling like someone really wants them there. It's degrading to sue just to force someone to date you on television.



Amilkar Says:

Anyone who is knowledgeable about the SOR can clearly see that this persistent, self-defeating phenomena is a direct result of centuries of brainwashing Black men, and Black women too.
I do not look upon these statements by particular Black men with as much disdain as I used to, having realized the ultimate motive behind such statements.
Light-hued skin is nothing more than a factor and living proof of the brutality of u.s. slavery. We all know the story about the rapes, sexual explotation and outright abuse of our Black female ancestors. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with light-skinned Black women; it is the use of cosmetic preferences for these women over other beautiful Black women that makes this phenomena unjust. all of us are created by The Creator, and given an individuality that makes each of us exclusive. Diversity in tones and hues of the epidermis was prevalent and uncontroversial throughout history, even before the advent of the u.s.
For Black people, especially Black men, to put so much expensive and spiritually-depleting energy into the nonsense of Black women’s skin color, especially at a time when our collective conscience can be raised to a higher level of cultural understanding is the epitome of “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Instead, we should continuously work on becoming “adults” and preoccupy our time with much more serious and productive issues, such as reenforcing positive images and psyches for our children in every aspect of our functioning lives as much as poosible.
The best way to counter this type of regressive behavior is, again, to love yourself first and appreciate the gifts endowed upon each of us by The Creator. In actuality, Black women are, hands-down, some of the most beautiful, highly-attractive, sexy and women in the entire world, along with having physical, spiritual and emotional attributes that are “e-m-u-l-a-t-e-d” by many, many women around the world. Has anyone ever paid attention to “this” phenomena??!!…
One of the traits of the SOR is the art of deflection and deception, tools which are used to “hide” truth and the real, underlying intentions of those who want to be like us.
I think that more Black women should confide more in the fact that there are many Black men out her who love them for who they are and how truly beautiful there are!
“Haters are gonna hate.” – Anonymous


Originally Posted by KagomeHigurashiView Post
I do.

I care about self-hate and lack of pride in Black people.

I hate that it comes from Generations of brainwashing convincing us Black people that we aren't wonderful, important Kings and Queens and vital to humanity.

I care when I see my people hate themselves, the little ones believing their less than other races.

I care when those little boys grow into men who think their own mothers are ugly and want women that look like other races...not for love but for self hate.

I care when those little girls grow up and Lil Kim themselves.

If they only knew the truth. There's a reason people try to rewrite history to remove our truth. There's a reason why with all the genocide committed against the Black peoples of the Globe we are not only still here but influential in the Global culture.

Yup I care and I felt like typing about it.


Amilkar Says:

If Black people controlled the destiny of our consumer dollars, by ensuring through a strategic-designed, systematic, well-defined plan that ensures each earned dollar benefits as many Black people as possible, through every economic ad social measure, before leaving outside of our “virtual” community, there would undoubtedly be a seismic shift in the economic habits we exhibit today. Why? Because by implementing a strategic plan into our functioning lives, from top to bottom, front to back, airtight with no wiggle room, “and” seeing the rewards of a truly-effective economic system workng for “us” as it does for other ethnicities (Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, etc.) would make a heluva difference.
Although whites do have a large amount of tangible material wealth, i.e. real estate, businesses, high-tech hardware, etc., they rely upon, exploit, (even steal!) the intellectual properties and ingenuity of Black/People of Color in the u.s. and abroad. As a matter of fact, have always done so with Black people, from slavery to post-Reconstruction to urban riots (i.e. Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, a purely-perfect example of economic jealousy by OK whites) to the foreclosures and personal wealth losses by Black households and businesses over the past 4-5 years (Great Recession).
The key to economic success from the system of racism is to use this “crack” in the wall of the dam, using our dollars to build a economic substructure as a bridge to detach ourselves from whites.

SimplyComplex_87Moderator6 hours ago
although i can appreciate what Star said, she shouldn't be directing her frustration towards's the public that watches the show (reality shows in general); VH1 is simply capitalizing off society's newfound interest in vapid, shallow, rich bullies' false lives.
Star's message should also be more directed towards parents who allow their children to watch these shows. Evelyn Lozada doesn't have to be your daughter's role model if you don't allow her to be. stop depending on television to parent your kids, for Christ's sake...put parental controls on your's really not that hard.


(An elderly being slammed. If these pieces of work can do this to an elderly woman, they can do this to you).

By Timothy

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Words by Kwame Ture




Trap house newz wrote:

Hahahaha! Nice monkey babble you have there chimp. That smartest family in Britain is a lie, I doubt they have contributed anything to technology. Just because they used their "special privilege" to get past school does not mean anything. It's not like their Isaac Newton, so none of that matters since they don't contribute to anything in Britain except minority benefits.

The poor honky is having a heart attack because the smartest family in Britain contains 13 year old black kids that have a higher IQ than your entire family combined, hahaha, don't hate, congratulate... Since when did blacks have special privileges in Britain???????

Technology is not essential to life, it is only essential to the life of WHITE people, without technology your entire race would of died out... Humans = 200,000 years, technology = 50 years, lol.

[QUOTE who="Trap house newz"]
We are barbaric?
Yes you are barbaric, I have already proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt, move on!
Trap house newz wrote:

You blacks are still using your primitive instincts in the "hood" and in Africa!
Primitive and barbaric are not synonymous, fool! remember it was your barbaric animalistic race that violently abused, raped and butchered blacks for 400 years, even lynching blacks right up until 1981. You trained blacks to be violent... Now you stfu and deal with the results of your races handy-work, kid! We are nowhere as violent as your history suggests you are!
Trap house newz wrote:

In some parts, you're still using spears! LOL! And we are the barbaric ones? We invented military equipment because we could.
Since when were spears more violent than Bombs and nuclear weapons? Dummy.
Trap house newz wrote:

We bombed Japan because they had our soldiers, torturing them. It was the quickest way to end the war.
You Bombed millions of innocent people who had nothing to do with your soldiers, don't try to con me, fool.
Trap house newz wrote:

When these "races" get the ballz to wipe us all off the face of the planet they may but no race in the world can. Not even the East Asians, have you seen their military technology? It's basically bastardized Western mixed with a little Soviet Union. Talk about originality!
All races can get together and wipe you out easily... You stole the invention of the gun, bombs, cannons and rockets from East Asians plus a whole host of inventions from all other races, now you are talking about originality, loooooooooool.
Trap house newz wrote:

You based your whole post off of "Out of Africa" theory. It was a theory invented by a Jew and backed by liberals so that blacks can feel equal. There is no way I came from a gorilla like you, not in one million years.
So keep ooking, kunta or #houseslave.
Maybe you came from pigs, I can more believe that.

-The Revolutionist


Trap house newz wrote:

Hahahaha! Nice monkey babble you have there chimp. That smartest family in Britain is a lie, I doubt they have contributed anything to technology. Just because they used their "special privilege" to get past school does not mean anything. It's not like their Isaac Newton, so none of that matters since they don't contribute to anything in Britain except minority benefits.
The poor h___  is having a heart attack because the smartest family in Britain contains 13 year old black kids that have a higher IQ than your entire family combined, hahaha, don't hate, congratulate... Since when did blacks have special privileges in Britain???????

Technology is not essential to life, it is only essential to the life of WHITE people, without technology your entire race would of died out... Humans = 200,000 years, technology = 50 years, lol.

-The Revolutionist

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April 2012 Updates





As you've obviously not studied the thought of Dr. King, you ought study more and post less. Do some homework! One is member of the 1% by virtue of one's position with a class wherein most wealth is concentrated. Moral attributes--which I suspect most members of the 1% lack--is not what gets you into their exclusive circle of privilege. Moreonver, Dr. King was a revolutionary. That's not the sort of thing that will make you a mulitimillionaire



Interestingly enough, many European racists seemed to insist that Jews were "aliens, " not really part of Europe. French racist Gobineau went so far as to say not only were semites not European, but that in teh case of the Jews, they were also tainted by "Negro blood," thus making them doubly alien from Western civilization. Of course, anti-Semitic discourse may evolve in peculiar ways over time. But in the not-so-distant past, both American and European anti-Semites often referred to Jews as "H____" (for "Hebrew" ), and Sartre notes that French racists often called Jews "Israelites " (more often "treacherous Israelite backstabbers" ). Contrary to your claim that the Nazis insisted that Jews are European, they specifically argued that they were NOT European, but a corrosive alien presence undermining Western civilization. In our country, you have people insisting that Jews are not "real" Americans--David Duke for one. In fact, it seems I've read that before irretrievably committing themselves to the "final solution" (planned in intricate detail at the Wannsee Conference) Nazis actually explored the option of mass deportation--to just about anywhere so long as they left Europe. (Many Jews who tried to leave lost their lives precisely because they were not allowed entry into other countries. America bears some burden of guilt in that area as well). Of course, the founding of Israel introduces a new situation which anti-Semites hadn't had to deal with prior to 1948. But at least until fairly recently--and maybe even now--anti-Semitism has tended to insist on the "alien ness" or radical "Otherness " of the Jews. Regarding Dr. King, he most certainly did oppose anti-Semitism and every other form of bigotry. But keep in mind that this includes antipathy toward people of different faiths as well. In his last days, when he called for the forming of an ecumenical community of religions to work for peace and justice, he didn't mean just Christians and Jews. His call went out to Hindus, Buddhists and, yes, Muslims ("our Moslem brethren"). And he would be deeply disturbed by words like "Muzslime " as by words like "k___" or "c____." 



KING'S REVOLUTIONRY Legacy discussed on YouTube Many of you know that I generally don't give much credit to YouTube. Nonetheless, there is an interesting INTERVIEW of Professor Jared Ball called The REVOLUTIONARY MLK. Ball talks about they way Dr. King has been wanitized by both the liberal and conservative establishment in order to erase or conceal his REVOLUTIONARY legacy. Some interesting critiques of Obama happens along the way. Check out THE REVOLUTIONARY MLK on I can't believe I'm actually telling folk to look at YouTube. LOL! But for every rule there's an exception.



DandelionModerator10 hours ago
Okay, so the Black man that killed this BEAST's father will be out of prison in two years, by then this BEAST will be likely sitting on DEATH ROW. This is proof that a RACIST is dumber than a MOOSE.


Sheri100Moderator14 hours ago
Does this have to be a bad thing? I saw a speaker who had written a book on the influences the pharmaceutical companies have on our society. The findings of this book were suppressed by these companies and rejected by many psychiatrist. That's why the author was doing lecture tours. The book stated that many studies were done on what happens when drugs stay in your body. Drugs are suppose to have the purpose of helping a diseased situation, and they do. However, he cited many test have shown that the longer these drugs, (especially psychiatric drugs, anti depressants, etc.) remain, in your body, the more problems you will have down the road. In fact, some of these drugs create the need for further drugs. Of course, this could be debated, but this information is not being released , in any major way, to have a debate. He stated that though many studies back him up, getting this data out has been very difficult. The speaker felt that this had more to do with the fact that the drug industry is a powerful industry worldwide. It's a matter of profit, not health. His argument wasn't even against taking such drugs. His argument was against having people stay on certain drugs way after they had served their purpose. It sparked my interest, because I was taught (biology 101) that the body was natural, organic and any foreign substance, if allowed to remain, eventually brings harm to it. Many people believe that that's the source of cancer in our society, i.e. chemicals in our food and air. The book, "Natural Cures they Don't Want You to Know About" is a popular book that states this. Also,
There are so many Black children (especially boys) given drugs today, I'm dismayed that there would be an argument for more drugs being introduced to our people. Especially after a report came out, a few years back, stating that many of the children given drugs didn't even need them. In other words, they were misdiagnosed. The drug empire has influence over the media, too. So I'm dismayed, but not surprised such an article was written. There are too many drugs (legal and illegal) being dispensed into our society. The addiction to legal drugs has now surpassed the addiction to illegal drugs. Why? I believe it's due to the push of drugs onto our society, by the medical field, via the media. And the fact that American don't want to look deep to solve and/or work out their problems, when a drug can just make things go away. That's why we're a drug-ridden society. DRUGS AREN'T AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING.


Tired of the stupid theory floating around on this forum that black women hate us black men. It's simply not true.

Do ALL black women support black men ? Of course not. Neither do all women of any other group. But a lot of black women do support us once you strive to do positive things. Unfortunately for black men, we have a nasty stereotype to fight, part of which has been promoted and encouraged by black male idiots who insist on being the most negative example of a man possible. Consequently, that leads to a lot of us having to go through the suspicious eye of our women. But this is also the case for non black women as many are just as suspicious of black men, if not worse. But I can safely say that in my experience, a good amount of black women have shown positive black men respect once they see we are not out there to dog them out.

I'm not sure what is wrong with some of the men and women on Topix trying to encourage black men and women to hate each other. Black women are individuals just like other women are. Some are horrible, but some are angels. Some are unnecessarily aggressive and rude, some of very sweet and polite. Some are control freaks who insist on dominating every aspect of your life, others are quite comfortable being your partner, giving you space and letting you take the lead quite often (assuming he is leading her in a positive direction). It is up to us as black men to be positive partners for our women AND choose women sensibly. There is more to it but in my opinion, these are good starting points.

Just putting it out there.



White people understand the system of racsim/white supremacy but when they talk to non white people about it they act as though they don't.

This is a MAJOR problem to producing JUSTICE.



That's why you have WHITE PEOPLE.

Those white people who have supreme power (the White Supremacists/Racists) should be using their POWER it to produce

JUSTICE: A balance beteween people, ensuring NO PERSON IS MISTREATED, and the people who need help the most get the most help.

Instead of a system of mistreatmenat based on COLOR.
Manifesting itself as a ROYALTY SYSTEM based on COLOR.

"I'm white so I'm better than you n_____"

simple and plane.

Until this is resolved, the race war will continue. And ultimatly I suspect by the hand of the Racists, we are ALL doomed.

So if your a white person and your on this board, as far as I'm concerned you should be helping me do my best to replace white supremacy with JUSTICE. So we can all finallly stop all this killing, crimes, hate, murder, lies and DECEPTION.

JUSTICE is better than all of that.

So if your a white person and your not committed to producing JUSTICE, it's probably because your are more commited to maintaining the SYSTEM of white supremacy, so that White peope will always remain ON TOP based on who they determine are non white.

That's gotta end in order for people relations and the other 8 areas of activites to improve.

This furverous commit to injustice instead of justice on the part of White People collectively on this planet, I strongly suspect to be the core reason whe have Racsim/White Supremecy.

So, if your a white person, you should be out there lobbying for the all help non white people need, instead hanging around [url][/url] and trying to either convince us nothing is wrong, or that non-white people are are their own problem, in a system of white supremacy that I suspect, white people are aware of.

What is that about?

Bottom line,

White Supremacy exists.

So replacing it with JUSTICE should be everyones (white and non white) top priority.

This includes EMINEM.



No, we clearly DO NOT hate black men. Just like well over 90% of them still love us. Don't let the media fool you. lol



Rolling stone a racist magazine giving out titles now. Labeling eminem the king of hip hop. First elvis stole rock and is the king of rock n roll and now according to Rolling stone eminem is the king of hip hop. This is a slap in the face to biggie and Pac. First they were trying to blame hip hop culture on the London riots, but now they are saying eminem is the king of hip hop. Get the f___ out of here!
More like whites are the kings and queens of swagger jacking


SimplyComplex_87Moderator14 hours ago
probably because blacks don't want to take antidepressants in the first place. which is smart, considering the severe negative side effects antidepressants are known to cause. if depression can be effectively treated through means other than drugs, then it should be. i'm glad that blacks are aware of the effort to drug up America, thus we tend to resist the prescription of drugs that are unnecessary and/or do more harm than good to our bodies.


Brian_G wrote:
Reverend King would have seen the left's assault on family and religion for what it is. He'd reject class warfare since equal rights isn't about wealth redistribution.
Equal rights are very much about wealth redistribution on the contrary.

Any Black person who lived during Segregation knows that : white schools and Black schools were not funded the same way.
It's also easy to connect social disparities with the stats of crime.

Moreover sir Savant will be more competent than me to expand on that but it's rather well known MLK jr was evolving in the last years of his life toward a greater social radicalism realizing the "equal rights" were still rather a theory, formal, without more wealth redistribution.
Plus his increasing opposition to the Vietnam war, a war which as a cost also in Black neighborhoods.

a whiteboi



sure, breeding out a population has always been a favorite way of getting rid of a people. and this could've worked in the past, but not now. even with the insane irr push all over the media. the problem now are the large numbers of afro-latinos, afro-caribbean, and africans coming in. if you can keep the black population stagnant you might be able to breed out. but there are way too many 'blacks' coming in from other places. just to give you an idea. the next mayor of nyc is going to be aa in 2013. with that D.C. baltimore, philly, and nyc will all have aa mayors, and the governor of massachusetts is aa.
that's an impressive amount of black political power, and what's driving this is immigration.

-Disaster Looms

Betty wrote:

Thank you for this. Hopefully black people will become more conscious of a VERY REAL AGENDA that is being played out.
But, of course, you can't tell many of them a damn thing until it's too late.
They couldn't completely eradicate us by pumping drugs and guns into our communities, so, a new strategy emerges. And, of course, WITH OUR COMPLICITY.



TrojanPam Says:

@ Thwack
Your suspicions are right on point.
That was the main theme of our book, “The Interracial Con Game” because the evidence that “black love/sex is taboo” is too overwhelming to deny it.
I think you’re right, everything black people do well seems to make white people more insecure. Our failures VALIDATE them and make them feel normal
because secretly I suspect that they know they are not, otherwise, why the need to inferiorize all non-white people? That just doesn’t add up to healthy self-esteem…
In our book, there was a black female who was said she asked why there were more black men and women in movies and films making love and the white person she asked (i forget the exact quote) said, “White america isn’t ready for black love”
or something to that effect.


MsNewNew wrote:

Thanks for posting such an informative thread. As Betty mention there are some who really doesn't see nor do they care. This game/plot goes deep. If you can get your own Men and Women to hate publicly against their own race, you know that's powerful.
Sad to say, not all are strong. This type of con only works on the weak minded. I have to be honest, do we really want them? Let the weak go.



Note by Me: Even if you disagree with certain segments of this book (or if you agree with everything mentioned in the book), I do agree with the book that black people should have respect for themselves, blacks should have more power, we should reject white supremacy completely, blacks can never worship whites, blacks of both genders are exceptionally valuable in our community, and we as blacks should love each other as human beings. Personally, I could never lay up with a white woman. That's just me. I love black sisters as I am a black man. Although, love is love. We can't be fascists and restrict love if it's for a legitimate reason. We are better than that. I just oppose self haters that love for superficial or illegitimate reasons. That's all. All people are created equal in the image of God. Do I recommend the book? Yes, because as a man, my black people are suffering. Black people need all of the insight necessary for sensible improvement and the book has a lot of relevant, accurate information.

By Timothy

The Interracial Con Game-Part 1

The Interracial Con Game-Part 2

The Interracial Con Game-Part 3

Pam - co-author of Trojan Horse: Death Of A Dark Nation & Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act, returns to The Context of White Supremacy. We'll discuss their third and most recent publication, THE INTERRACIAL CON GAME. Pam and her co-authors continue their undaunted effort to inform black people about the daily terrorism we experience at the hands of White People.

This installment offers a critical analysis of the tacky and tragic outcomes of sexual intercourse between black people and White people. The authors expose White sexual predators, White Supremacists who enjoy frolicking in the slave quarters, and the White Identification/Anti-Blackness that leads many Victims to their demise in the naked embrace of a Racist.

"If you've grown nauseous seeing another pop-up advertisement for interracial romance, contained the bludgeon a Sexually Sewered Victim who proclaims he/she doesn't see color, are concerned about a child or loved one who's pondering a pale face mate, or simply looking to learn more about the incorrect nature of a interracial relationships??

Nab a copy of The Interracial Con Game. Help keep White People out of your family, your bedroom, your backseat.

Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act:

Trojan Horse: Death Of A Dark Nation

The Interracial Con Game:


Asia Says:

the white sumperacist just used obama to shut black people down.
there was going to be a huge uprising in this country against the whites and most white people knew it..this is why I questioned the swift cool atitudes white people have with obama.Maybe its because he doesn’t really have any power ???? OBama is a puppet/human tool the white sumperacist used. what I find very weird is that tons of white people were buying guns after obama became president….is a mass killing of black people about to happen after obama leaves office? the police force was also began acting weird to me. something is going on cree….


 The profit motive in hip hop is the reason we hear so called conscious rappers saying some ignorant things like Nas did in that verse. Rappers like Talib Kweli don't sell platinum like the Waka Flocka Flames and Lil Waynes in the hip hop industry. All of this can't be blamed on the white male owners of the record companies either b/c black ppl prefer Gucci Mane over Common just like the majority of white fans of hip hop, this counterproductive stance taken by blacks is all part of the rural folk culture (somatic) vs urban high culture (cerebral) divide that exists in all black music forms. We can't continue to celebrate the worst in black men and then complain about our young men for aspiring to be like the worst in black men, this is self-imposed and we need to fix it ourselves. -humbleguy


No, what Maher say is simply racist. Black people need to wake up and understand that just because a white person votes Democratic does not mean that they can't hold racist views about blacks.

When Bill Maher goes on his rants about how he wants President Obama, a brilliant man and politician who uses his brain to change this nation, to act like Suge Knight or Shaft or some common thug, what he is doing is reducing the most powerful black man into just another n___. He's saying that the only way a black man should be is thuggish and n_____, because he thinks thoughtfulness and real power through words and actions is something that only white men can have.

Good for Wayne Brady for calling Bill Maher out. He's a racist. And I'm glad he spilled the tea about Bill liking tr____.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Mediation and Inspirational Speeches



how many of us in the church can say that we follow the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ when it comes to practicing forgiveness and love towards those who hurt us? this is a strong message that only by the Grace and Strength of God can we follow. I pray that our God will gather his people together... give us the strength to follow is commands concerning love and forgiveness.

this speech expresses this teaching beautifully. Praise God!

The Speech at Galilee

The first full length recorded speech by
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This speech of Dr. King was recorded August 14, 1958, at the Galilee Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana by his good friend and colleague Dr. C.O. Simpkins (Simpkins was a Vice President in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a prominent Louisiana figure in the civil rights movement). Many recordings exist to document the civil rights movement in the 60's but little has survived from the formative years of the late fifties. This piece showcases Dr. King at his finest as he quotes from the bible, Shakespeare, Ghandi, and other elements and figures of history to drive home his message of equality for all people. The speech has the feel of a classic sermon, and in many respects it was just that. The Speech at Galilee is a huge contribution to U.S. history and should be in every civil rights collection in America.

Filled with rare and special moments, the Galilee speech represents the FIRST KNOWN FULL LENGTH RECORDING of Martin Luther King, Jr., then an unknown 29 year-old Baptist preacher from Georgia with an inspired heart and a resonant voice. The recording contains many elements of King's future speeches including the famous "free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we're free at last!" closing from his well known "I Have a Dream" speech from 1963...only this is five years earlier!


vinniepaz Says:

One other thing that I would like to mention here. The Media CHOSE to bring national attention to this situation. Situations such as this happens EVERY DAY all over this wilderness called “America” and do not get the national media attention that is needed. Because of this I would like to remind everyone that we can’t lose sight of what Racist Man and Racist Woman are doing on the national and global political landscapes. What, with elections coming up and all, they may very well be allowing this to serve as a “distraction” from other things that they are doing right under our noses. I’m not saying to stop demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. I want JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin, but I am also keeping my eye on the people in Capitol Hill and on Pennsylvania Ave.


jazzwatchModerator6 hours ago
SO if he DIDN'T shoot the kid, then WHO did???? And please don't say 'The BUTLER did it", because nobody else hada GUN...only that dirtbag ,SMDH......
I swear when they do a dirty act, they cannot FESS UP to it and take the consequences.....just find EXCUSES or blame SOMEONE else, SMDH.....


Tim AdamsModerator8 hours ago
As a white individual, I just have to say that this is so embarrassing. The level of racial blindness or just plain stupidity necessary to think Trayvon's killing was anything less than murder motivated by racism is staggering. I am sad to esy that a lot of white people I have heard discuss this case seem to be of this ignorant view. Recently, in my city (columbus ohio) there was a rally to demand justice for Trayvon, and over 1,500 people showed up, but I saw only a few dozen other white people. This needs to change. It is in the interest of all people to unite against racism. But for that to happen, we whites have to learn to see it.


stevealexModerator10 hours ago
No one cares about Black people in this nation,it is every race for themselves,all other races are spectators when it comes to Black people and our problems,this is not a nation of unity and brotherly love,just a nation of consumers and debt slaves,the white elite will let peoples anger burn out,they are playing with time,they have set Black people up for a long time,they dare us to get violent,the police state is here,they have a plan and they are organized,the people of today are in La,La,land.


Obake ToraModerator10 hours ago
What irritates me, and makes me sick beyond belief, is that this kid was murdered over property, property that could be easily reimbursed through the Insurance agency. Zim clearly is a wannabee because if he suspected the kid was up to no good the bozo should have waited for him to commit the act. No instead the real people who need justice carry on with their evil lifestyles because they are too strong a target for people like Zimmerman. There are many real G's in Florida Zim could have handled but he chose a kid, and white Amerikkka will defend his actions based on events involving black kids irrelevant to the case. I use to cut through a condo community all the time to get to the park, and occasional some old man (always white) would follow me and ask me what I'm up to. I just wanted to meet up with my friends at the park so we could go to the corner store and play Galaga and Donkey Kong. It seems the most popular argument I hear is Tray should have explained himself to Zimmerman. What does that tell you? If Zim was black and Trey white we know what would be the outcome.


christovModerator10 hours ago
We didn't need a poll to tell us this. We could have pridicted this result long before Zimmerman pulled the trigger. My only surprise is how the black people have voted. Shows how divided we are. If Zimmerman had shot an animal or a gay men, niinety nine percent of white people would have said he was guilty. Many of those people probably wish they could do what Zimmerman did.


If Zimmerman was black and Trayvon Martin was white he would be in jail by now.

Amilkar Says:

Great observation LBM. Don’t forget China, too.
You don’t see the u.s. “bullying” nor “threatening” China as they are doing/have done with Iran and Libya, respectively.
The u.s. is becoming more and more transparent in its international profile as just aniother bully who will be challenged by some unknown and unexpected nation, just as it happens on the schoolyard. So are the participants in the SOR who continually victimize Black and other People of Color unnecessarily around the globe with acts of injustice. This type of expected behavior comes from the root of self-hatred, which why it is so important (really!) for Black people, in this country particularly, to not imitate these type of behavior patterns. again, as we have been told for millenium, it’s self-destructive to hate the gifts given to you by The Creator. Anyone who first loves themself have no problem with differences inherent in others. Where’s the threat when you can easily consider and care for another’s welfare as you do for yourself?


TrojanPam Says:

Another thought-provoking post (as always)
I wholeheartedly agree that it’s well past time to move beyond selling “wolf tickets” and writing checks our butts can’t cash.
I have heard comments from black people about ‘what white people better do” OR “if white people don’t arrest Zimmerman…” and so on as though white people are scared of retribution from us,
That’s not real talk. We can’t make white people “do” anything. What we can do is control ourselves, our reactions, and what strategies we need to deal with this system.
Also, I enjoyed the commentary from other posters. It’s nice to know there are people who are thinking (and seeing) outside the programmed script that most of us follow 24-7.


AussiPino wrote:
Filipino-Americans have a high employment rate and less reliant on welfare.
WRONG. They have a higher percentage, they put into the system less, and they do not have nearly as high paying jobs as black people do. In America, the Filipinos are the lowest economic achievers amongst Asians. Prove me wrong.
African-Americans have a high unemployment rate and high reliant on welfare.
Not really. 33% on welfare leaves 67% not on welfare. The presence of multiple black billionaires and HUNDREDS of black multimillionaires is a sharp contrast to NO Filipino billionaires or multimillionaires in the US. Your people do not have much ambition, and not much marketable in skills.
Hopefully this will get back to the topic unlike the two stereotypical African-Americans such as Reality Speaks and Harrisson who deflect the point continuesly.
You two stop talking about the Philippines and focus on the Welfare Stats By Race.
Welfare stats by race:


Comment on that then. Im right behind you.


-Reality Speaks



Amilkar Says:

Absolutely agreable, especially with the cashing in on “wolf tickets” (lol!)
The best defense that anyone of us can have is the thinking mind. Unfortunately, the majority of SOR victims have been damaged psychologically.


TrojanPam Says:

I agree, our power lies in our minds, which is why this system tries to control them. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter what we thought as long as they had enough guns and bullets to keep us in line.


Kushite Prince Says:

@Cree Great post! You hit the nail on the head. Amerikkka has a Justice Department but NOT a system of justice. We’re living in the belly of the Beast. The Trayvon Martin case breaks ny heart. And I understand why people are so upset. But the real question is….How do you get justice from the unjust?


Boyce Watkins' Words (and other comments)


mrequalizer says:
It is really sad, sad beyond belief …
People not standing up for Trayvon. A very smart, drug free young man, innocently walking home in a gated community.
Other animals are attempting to ignore the 911 calls of Zimmerman following him even went told not to, lies about having a broken nose, criminal background of Zimmerman’s and demand that the he go free to shoot and kill others young blacks, right down to the point that this insane animal can actually stalk his victims in their neighborhood.
Make no mistake, Trayvon DID NOT DESERVE WHAT HE GOT. You, your wife, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, etc. are not safe from this dangerous animal preying on innocent citizens!
Beware of his family, friends and those demanding a race war with blacks! They will be the next attackers of black people! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



  1. maubility says:
    Why do the heathen rage and imagine such vain things? All other self satifying,gratifying issues aside,Trayvon Martin 17,150lbs is dead. Killed by George Zimmerman 28, over 50lbs heavier and armed with a handgun. This is not mutual combat. All those lilly livered opaque and transparent zealots, who are screaming “what if it was black killing white,would there be such b____?”,need to know that if it was the other way around, the blackman would be locked to f____ up, if not shot and killed by police already. They would be no need for a lynch mob, or hanging party. I don’t think that black zimmerman would have the luxury of the prosecutor, getting out of bed to come release him, with his gun,or the police chief acting as his lawyer and invoking stand your ground. Get real m________. You have taken the bait. Who the f___ is george zimmerman. AskeNAZIm. This name rings racist,zionist.Lay off the victim here, don’t blame us for what the media shows us. Demonizing the victim with such photos is not going to change any of the facts, in your rush to defend stand your ground and killing rights, you have put yourselfves squarely on the loosing side. If you continue to fan the fires on the right in the wrong direction, watch as the prize is burnt up.