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Once again, well said. The thing is not to pretend that there are no people who are of diffenrent color but to aknowledge it and say that, regardless of the color, we all should be equal in all meaning of that word and we are still not.
Problems do not go away by pretending they do not exists. Seeing them is the first step forward, denying them is a leap backwards.
Regarding Mr King as well as Malcom X they have been misquoted for so long that people do not understand at all what they were all about. They were both true visionaires who wanted to dismantle and wipe out racism totally. King was not loving the american system and X was not hating whites for fun. They both hated the white american system of oppression and both of them did understand that one basic element of that system, corner stone of that system, was social unequality and poverty. That is why they were both killed by that System.


Louis DeCaro Jr.
It’s really quite wrong when whites start promoting that “reverse racism” stuff. If a so-called white man doesn’t understand that being “white” is the norm and standard of everything in this society, and that this translates into real power, then he won’t understand the validity of this blog. Yes, blacks can be racially prejudiced. But racism has a history that whites do not understand because they don’t need to, since the world works for them as if naturally. Whites with extended, meaningful relationships with black people usually come to understand that blacks cannot take everyday things for granted the way whites can. To point this out is not reverse racism or “racist.” It’s reality. In a period when it is no longer fashionable to be outrightly, overtly, and ignorantly racist, the fact is that the majority “white” population have re-tooled their worldview. They don’t need to use the N-word except in private, and instead express their racialism in the political, social, cultural, and religious venues that carefully accommodate the centrality of whites. The point is that whites are always the norm, the regular, the standard human. Everyone else of color, especially blacks, have a racial prefix attached to their lives. When they let slip their racism, here and there, they act scandalized, as if it were an alien influence. But the majority white society is made up of “well-meaning” people who inherently exercise their racial prerogatives by the social circles, churches, politics, and cultural “votes” they cast everyday, as well as how they choose to overlook and deny the manifestations of racism. People don’t even have to be mean to do so, they just perpetuate the racial sensibilities that make them the most comfortable, and then point their fingers at the minority of flagrant, ignorant racists who are still working with the social toolbox of the mid-20th century. Let’s stop this whining about black racism and reverse racism.


@ Abagond,
Deftly written and that test is a good measure although the instincts i had were to go for none of the answers although number 3 might in fact be the truth if i were to really look into the mirror. I guess racism for whites is a one day at a time struggle like alchohol or drug abuse. Own the addiction don’t let the addiction own you, as they say.
@ Louis De Caro Jr.,
Nicely stated. I think ‘reverse racism’ as some of the whites posters would like to shriek about is really a bunk concept altogether. As soon as they surrendar the white systemic supremacy that they have clung to for so long, then we can’t even talk about reverse racism as we know it. That reverse racism conversation is so far from the reality of white global privilege.


It's crazy how most of yall have molded your answers just because Chris Brown brought up a point. Yall don't like him that much that yall won't agree to that fact that TMZ is racist just because he said it? Silly. I bet the same ones in here disagreeing were the same ones in the thread about TMZ trying to be funny about Blacks needing to be shot (with a video camera) a certain way crying foul. TMZ is racist. I don't care if there are two Black people working for them. On their show they say slick things about Black people all the time and people find it funny. I don't.

 TMZ is racist and Chris brown is color struck.
 -Miss Jackson


 Quote: Originally Posted by Cantaloupe Didn't he make fun of Sandra the blogger about her dark skin color? If he can be racist then why can't others. Him and Lil Wayne are such hypocrites. Its okay for them to be racist and then they turn around and cry when the same thing is done to them.


and they also have a poll asking if "rappers" are inherently violent.

next it will be are black people inherently violent. black folks will sure cut a backdoor for themselves even where none are present

beat me to it. as i said in the other post, when we cosign their discreet racist f_____  just because folks dont like cb, we are complicit in cosigning racism towards all blacks.



I've been reading and watching them for a long time and they have done and said some bogus stuff concerning african americans--bogus. they KNEW they better not say a damn negative thing about Heavy D and certain others. its really relevant on the tv show, the stupid shit they said to Samuel Jackson about race etc... they generalize alot about blacks, we smoke only Newports, eat fried chicken, slavery and watermelon, it goes on and on. I don't mess w/them like I used too cause some of the things are truly offensive to me-I keep it moving.


I think if someone like Denzel said that TMZ is racist then there would have been different responses. I took the whole is Chris Brown inherently violent is them saying are black people inherently violent. But then again, I don't know if they meant b/c of his dad being violent or what. I think TMZ goes in on black people more than white people. I have listened to their show plenty of times and the black people on that show even make some sideways remarks. Do I think Chris is somewhat crazy? Yes but TMZ can go overboard on the black racist comments.



I haven't finished the thread yet, but TMZ is DEFINITELY racist! My hubby and I vowed to never watch the show again during an episode that had a story about both Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen. This was when the whole Charlie Sheen scandal was at it's peak. Anyway, in one segment they talked about CB with such disgust, you could see it on their face, they weren't even trying to hide it. The very next segment they had CS and they were laughing and talking about him with such delight, and how they hope his crappy ass show stays on the air and blah blah blah. TMZ always rubbed me the wrong way but after that mess, I was DONE! And to be honest, it's not just with CB, with any black celeb they find a way to spin the story negatively. And I can't believe that people are in here co signing this how to shoot black people segment. I tell you, if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything!


This is our fault for not protecting and validating our young black girls and making a big fuss over light-skinned blacks and blacks who have a white parent.This madness was taught to us from the days of slavery and we still have not recovered from this mental illness.
check out the book, "The Beauty Con Game" (on amazon) to find out how beauty is used as a weapon against black people


Bigsmoke wrote:

White Americans do have a bad image with regards to racism in many peoples eyes but they're noting compared to the Russians in the modern era. I wouldn't think twice about visiting the whitest part of the USA but Russia and Eastern Europe in general is out of the question.
I'm just saying this so you know Europe isn't a race relation heaven many parts are worse than anywhere in the USA. I can't exactly name which countries but I'd say Russia, Poland, Ukraine etc. Then again I know very little about mainland European societies due to language barrier I am more aware with what is happening in the USA than lets say France which is next door.
It was only in the 1980s that the late Dr. Manning Marable was dscribing th4 USA as the SECOND most racist nation on earth.(First prize went to South Africa).
We are learning more about problems of racism in Europe, especially in light of the economic crisis over there.



Sorry I gave you props when I meant to hit the remote button. Now part of what you say is correct. Slavery was an abomination. Your comments about Africa are shortsighted.
First, how did Africa get in the situaiton that it is? How did the kingdom of the Kongo, once stable and peaceful, become a disaster area? How did the once prosperous lands in the western Sudan--lands where once thrive Mali, Songhai & Timbuktu University---get into the desperate shape they're in now?
You say that the one good thing that came out of slavery is that we're no longer in Africa. I would propose that people STUDY Africn history, for the slave trade is one of the reasons Africa is in the shape it is today.
I would suggest that people acquaint themselves with the works of Walter Rodney, Eric Williams, W.E.B Du bois, Cheik Anta Diop and even Basil Davidson to get some historical perspective.
Perhaps, start with Du Bois' THE WORLD AND AFRICA, move to Eric Williams' CAPITALISM AND SLAVERY, and Walter Rodney's HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA.
Simply peddling media images only promotes confusion.



Of course, you have evidence that Obama's mother was a communist. I take it she ws a member of a communist party or organization, and that she subscribed to the ideas of communism. You have proof of that? Oh, and also a Muslim. Now unless you mean some kind of RELIGIOUS communist (like Thomas More or some of the insurgent peasants during the German Peasant War), I'm wondering how Obama can be BOTH a communist and a Muslim. For it is certainly true that Marxist Leninists are atheists, but also that Muslims are monotheists, of the Abrahamic tradition which includes Judaism and Christianity. "It hass been said that..." WHO said when Mrs. Obama married her second husband "it was noted was noted" on offical documents that Obama was a Muslim. And WHO noted this? What evidence had this alleged person so noting? What offical documents? Not since the era of McCarthyism have we seen so many outlandish speculation. ("I have in my hand the names of 20 known communists in the State Department.....etc , etc., etc) Is there any offical document noted by somebody or another that Obama assassinated Lincoln? LOL! One other thing about this Muslim business. America, whatever her limitations, is a SECULAR REPUBLIC. Frankly, I wouldn't care if Obama REALLY was a Muslim. I want single payer univesal health care. The Obama plan, ss I indicated earlier, is weak but even still better than the NOTHING (or the little bettter than nothing) that we've had so far. I WISH Obama was a socialist---a REAL socialist, rather than your Muslim Communist boogeyman. He might then have fought for a better health care package, and done more than give lip service in support of working people whose economic rights are under attack. There are sometimes when I wish you reactionaries were really right. I wish Allen West was right about all the socialists in the Democratic party. It might make life a lot easier  



This is part of the arrogance, the arrogant stupidity of racism and white privilege.
No matter how dumb a white person is, he or she (if a racist) presumes to claim that even a highly inteligent man like Obama is really a "dumb a___." White people who are barely literate, and who are so dumb you'd think some mind altering chemical was put in their drinking water, would assume themselves superior to the most intelligent, articulate and best educated black man or woman on earth.
The more racist the white is, the more stupid.



First, the problem is the latent racism in America.
Unfortunately Faux News and the right wing race baiters have been able to re-enforce certain fears in whites about Obama simply because the color of his skin.
Did you notice how every incident that has occurred under Obama has been spun with some form of racial undertones.
Remember the Skip Gates incident? The right wing was more than happy to add a racial dimension to it by claiming that Obama defended his friend because Gates was black and the officer was white.
Then came along the Sherry Sherrod incident from which the White House couldn't run away fast enough because it dealt with race although the incident was completely manufactured.
She was fired basically to keep potential white folks from thinking that Obama had taken her side because both of them are black.
That incident proved how far Faux News had gotten into President Obama's head and the head of everyone else in the White House.
So regardless of what happens Faux News and Republican Party still control the narrative and the agenda in this country.


Desmond Sandiford wrote:
I'm just saying...as fine as these chicks are, brothers would fall in love with their personaity FIRST!...THEN you got all that booty and them hips...and asian women are far prettier per capita than most. You gotta be on your TOP game to even TRY and compete with them... aint no sloppy, ignant, stank attitude, hoodrat can even dream of measuring up.
I see you are still getting your Wesley Snipes on brother. LOL. The reality is that tons of non-black women have disrespectful personalities. You have the right to get your Wesley Snipes on, but I have never seen an Asian woman dead or alive that is superior to a black woman in terms of moral courage, strength, social maturity, defending the rights & liberties of the black man, or beauty (when black women have beautiful, dark skin complexion, a natural feminine body shape, a great African phenotype, beautiful cheeks, a diversity of hair texture, and a great smile). It's not there in my opinion. Although, black women have a great deal of maturity and intellectual vitality as proven in the histories of Harriet Tubman, Corretta Scott King, and other many other leaders of our people. So as black men, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to black women. You have the right to go out who you want to, but dogging sisters out in the process of that is silliness. The maligning of black women is tired, it's old, and it's blatantly wrong period. There are plenty of black women across socioeconomic classes that have class, standards, intelligence, integrity, and constructive insight on issues. Asian women come from black women genetically, so our sons and daughters (non-black people) are not superior to the architects of the human race (that being us black people). You just want to excuse your dating decisions by stereotyping some sisters. Nobody is perfect, but I will not stereotype my people in public or in private. I will acknowledge the excellent value of black men and black women in how we can be better human beings. Black Unity, Black Love, and Black Power are better policies than just bowing down before the feet of non-black people.

-By Timothy (Me)


Tolu April 30, 2009 at 6:24 pm The Jury Is In:
Asher Roth Is A Racist, Self-Destructing, Deluded Fool. The nerve of this cat! Africa? Really? Does he care to elaborate on the reason Africa is “suffering”? Thought so. The problem is, as Black and Brown folks, we excuse this kinds of assaults. We let the descendants of our slave masters dictate to us what the truth is. And this is even truer in Hip-Hop, than it is in many other realms of social engagement.



This idea that the established hip-hop community has dubbed him "real" is a contrived marketing ploy. Again, refer to the Byron Crawford/Eskay beef going on: http://www.byroncrawford.com/2009/04/the-peasant-mentality-in-hiphop-journalism.html

This idea that he HAD to play his "suburban card" is disingenuous to the reality of a mass marketing ploy. Do you think Asher Roth actually sat down, smoked a blunt, played some video games, and thought "You know, I'm not from a disadvantaged background, but that's what I need to be cool in hip-hop. I better emphasize my suburban roots so nobody calls me out?"

Of course not. This is pathetic marketing strategy at its worst. This is, what happened instead was a group of suits that said, "Here's a white kid. Let's market him to white kids and sorority girls." And they tried it. And he sold 67,000 copies of his record in the first week. And it sucked. And so did his Don Cannon mixtape.

Also, you seem to use "suburban" throughout your post as code for "white." I think you might want to check out my post that calls into question the "inner-city legitimacy" claims of some of our favorite rappers: http://socialsciencelite.blogspot.com/2009/04/fck-where-you-at-kid-its-where-you-from.html

I'm kind of in the business of respecting other people's opinions, so I most definitely respect yours. But we might just have to agree to disagree.

ps. You really think he can flow?!?


I dont care if I never see a White male in power ever again.Boyce you have to get rid of the slave mentality.Obama cannot save Black America no President can.Show your intelligence and admit that.


I fail to understand the concept that Obama isn't Black because he grew up in Hawaii and had a white mother. Nobody questions the Blackness of  Bob Marley, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Derek Jeter, Jasmine Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Smokey Robinson, Soledad O'Brian or even Malcolm X, all of whom are part White and often raised outside the 'hood.  All of the sudden we have a Black President of mixed background, and we hear this garbage that "he isn't really Black."  I didn't hear "well Halle isn't really the first Black female best actress Oscar winner because she was raised by a white mother and plays roles in mostly white movies."
Let's not forget that Clarence Thomas was born and raised in the deepest, Blackest part of the South; and you see how much he relates to mainstream Black people; so your Blackness can't be gaged solely by where you grew up, who raised you and where you went to school.
Finally Clinton was a strong supporter of racial disparities in drug sentencing, including three strikes, that has resulting in long jail terms of Blacks for mostly minor offenses.  Clinton also signed and supported the 1996 Telecommunications Act that has resulted in the demise of Black owned and locally programmed Black radio.   There are two articles this week on EUR and the grio about how this act prompted the creation of Clear Channel and other media giants that have all but shut down Black radio.




 Anonymous said... @5:09 Yes, there are plenty of colorstruck cultures in the world. I believe it was in Portugal where a man went off on Rihanna - calling her a n____ and everything. The Portuguese crowd also called Lewis Hamilton a n_____. He's a race car driver that dated Nicole Sherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls. He's only half black, which means his skin is light, but apparently, not light enough. Racism is disgusting


Yes, they coddle and all that because our God is loving and forgiving and the sinners are told to pray, go and sin no more..

To bad the flesh is weakIcon_confused

Sinners need more than words of love.




 A Terrible Book That Proves Men Are Simple-minded, April 17, 2010 By Mediaman "TVviewer" (USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment (Hardcover) This terribly-written book has Harvey spouting humorless relational philosophy, such as "men are simple creatures." And he proves that point by writing such a simple-minded book that it's a complete waste of time to read it. The book is sexist, stereotyping all men into knuckle-dragging, sports-loving hunters that just need a little sex to keep them happy. The book is addressed to women, telling them to dress better, accept that the guy won't talk much, and give sex more often in order to keep their guy from straying. Most offensive is Harvey's constant references to "the Lord" and Jesus, leading people to believe he upholds spirituality, yet he point blank tells people to have sex after 90 days together and accepts a couple living together without being married. He often mentions going to church--didn't he learn anything there? He also conveniently fails to mention that he has been married three times. The book would lead you to believe he was married once, to a woman he admittedly slept with and cheated on before she threatened to walk out on him. There is also no real mention of his children. A quick check of his bio online will uncover the truth. If you can't trust a guy writing a book about relationships to come clean about his own relationships, then why read the book? There are a couple of valid points, such as the fact that men need respect and loyalty from women. But the lousy writing style and simplistic examples negate any reason to read this book.

 Note by Me: I don't believe that non-blacks are subhumans (all people deserve equality, respect, and dignity), but we as black people are the original people on this Earth. 
-By Timothy

 DaisyDooks said... @SoHo - Genetically, Isabella IS a Caucasian. No matter where she is born, she will STILL be a Caucasian. Isabella is a WHITE Brazilian---not a BLACK Brazilian. Since BLACK humans ARE the indigenous on EVERY continent and island, native Brazilians are BLACK. An AUTHENTIC Arab is BLACK AFRAKAN---period. Anglo-Arabs are Caucasian---and impostors. They are Turks, Persians, Aryans, Hindi. No BLACK human should EVER be jealous of the straight-haired ANIMAL-grafted Neanderthal-Primate-Caucasian A-B-AB blood type species. We, AfRAkans, are O-Bloods--the original HUMAN blood type. I am Black and unapologetically AfRAkan. AfRAkans have a saying, "The only humans are BLACK---everyone else is an EXTRACTION!"


You'd be a d___ hypocrite to say the least!
Of course you can't be both. A genuine pro-black person would keep preservation of the black family at heart, not undermining it, which ultimately becomes a factor when having children with nonblacks, as that further contributes to the intra-racial disunity in the community.

Wrapping themselves in the pro-black flag is a convenient cover for dating and mating proclivities that contradicts the ideology in a hilariously laughable way, but to black peoples' credit rarely are these charlatans taken seriously, despite their cunning efforts.

I disagree with your assessment of the ideology.

"Much of that ideology is based around the seperation and "purity" of races."

That’s way too easy, and conflated with supremacy doctrine which we know who the architects and practitioners are to date. Pro-black ideology promotes self sufficiency without apology, nor outside interference. The tangible symbol is an intact, successful black family unit.

Collective identity would be compromised by outsiders. Cultural or otherwise.



I'm thinking if the person wants to be with you, they want to be with YOU. You go changing and toning things down, you won't be YOU, that'll be somebody else when, if he wanted somebody else, then he would have gotten with somebody else. 

I support give him what he wants and what he thought he picked -- the real you. Besides, that's what men fall in love with -- it's not your hair, your complexion or the shape of your a___ -- they like those things but when they fall in love, they fall in love with YOU.
-A Person


Originally Posted by TheMadHatter View Post
No, I would never change myself to date someone no matter what their race was.

I am who I am, I like what I like. If you can't deal with it, find someone who fits into your framework, and I will find someone who will accept me.

I'm sure that people tone down their ethnocentricity in some IR relationships, but I'm sure that's not the case for all IR relationships. I think it depends on the people involved.

alot of blks tone down their ethnocentricity for whites when dating. they act in a way that they think whites would like.

-A Person

 _________________ ____________________________________________________


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL Posted June 29, 2010 @ bush2win

 missed your presence, brotha and I think most BM (if we were honest about it) would ask the same question: where would WE be without our black women, black mothers, sisters, grandmothers, wives, friends, and lovers?

 where would the Jena Six young BM be if it were not for the young college sister who started the movement to go down to LA for six black boys she'd never met? didn't see no Hispanic or Asian OR white female organizations or co-eds down there, brotha... I'm a broken record, but hell, if that's what it TAKES, that's what i will do some folk think by ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of BW in our lives, we are saying they are perfect. One thing has nothing to do with the other. do we not honor our mothers, and in doing so, does that mean our mothers were perfect people?

 Again, showing appreciation and love does NOT mean we lose anything in the process but AS MEN, we actually get stronger and more confident in ourselves. why do we think the WM praises and uplifts the white female PUBLICLY? because SHE is a reflection of HIM and by raising her VALUE, he automatically raises HIS VALUE.... simple math and physics.... and before I get on a roll, I'll stop here...lol

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More Facts






Taking this moment to wish you a Happy Father’s Day because you are appreciated!

You are the strength that bonds us. You are the provider who has to struggle more to enrich your family. You are the warrior who has to protect the family and home. 

We really don’t understand the battles you encounter from the naysayers of the world. You feel you constantly have to prove them wrong. Many have tried to jump ahead to plant the seed of doubt that you are not worthy of praise. Many have tried to say good black men who are great loving fathers doesn’t exist. We all know they are incorrect. We all know they thought they could bring you down. 

There are some that has to provide in separate residents, but have no doubt we know you love your children and there is nothing in the world you won’t do for them to show them they are loved. 

There are some who are distant who has to fight wars here and abroad. You are missed, loved and we are grateful for all that you do. 

No matter what type of negativity that might come today, remember you are loved, you are needed and you are appreciated. 

Happy Father's Day my Brotha's!




Downunderbrutha wrote:
Oh hear we go a lecture from a "white privileged" position. Like we haven’t heard this tired out old crap 20 millions times.

The fact is that anybody who has "white skin" is the direct benefactor over 400 years of wealth that was generated from the slavery & the forceful accusation of non-white lands. Not only this but whites then restricted via "institutional racism" fair & equal access to these gains all the way up until the 1970s.

As for "whites" tilling their own land, don’t you think that’s a mute point because?

a/ The land was often stolen from a Native either directly or given to whites for free to own.
b/ That this represented an opportunity self-advancement not afforded the Natives or the Africans.
c/ It actually validates my point about how the initial inequality has lead to generational disadvantage of non-whites.

Despite your negative propaganda; blacks in America have done very well, in less than 50 years (when legal segragation was ended) they have become very productive contributors to modern America. Yet we have racist whites like yourself who only want to focus on people who aren’t doing well by your standard, so you can somehow feel superior. Something that whites have excelled at is finding ways to look & feel superior (white supremacy), and this is where your kind of thinking originates from & it is easy to dissect in a second.

I pointed you to some well researched & even government run sites that point out, that black babies die more in countries run by whites. & you avoid comment on these & go on to slavery revisionism WHY?. Now when you speak of RESPONSABILITY if a social system is run by one group & it’s clear that it dose not benefit the other, who is responsible for that inequality.

As for your crap about slavery I wont spend long on it because its mostly apologist myths cooked up to exonerate the so called "white race", and its also irrelevant as the wealth generated from SLAVERY & colonialism benefited all whites every where by funding progress which you all shared. The Irish where held as indentured servants during & after conquest by the British & where only held for a set period of time, when they where allowed to go free they where often GIVEN FREE LAND after the indenture period. If the Irish where so persecuted in the colonies why are they major owners of property in most of the American cities?.

This is not the same thing as chattel slavery of Africans which meant you where owned as live stock until death as where your offspring, so please don’t try & use the Irish as an example. Nor did they endure another 200 years of institutional racism designed to limit access to progress, as did blacks & Natives in America.



Downunderbrutha wrote:
"Blacks in Africa still own slaves today."

And the so called civilised white man still runs the world’s largest people & children trafficking rings globally. They also the biggest users of child sex services in Asia & Africa, and run & profit from global rings of child pornography- What’s your point?

I am not going bother answering you any further as its clear you simply came here to absolve the "white race", we arent interested as you have no idea what we are talking about & you wont look at the information you where offered.

BTW its you living in the past, the one where you position of white privilege gives you the right to dictate to colored person how to think. I’m real sorry for you but that time is long gone & you won’t escape the results of wielding 400 years of advantage over non-whites for much longer.


Kushite Prince Says: 
June 10, 2012 at 9:52 am
@TrojanPam Yes,I know a few black people like that as well. Why do you think they can’t see the evidence? Do you think it’s denial? Or do they really not see it? I think we’ve been trained in this society to always have hope. And to look for a better tomorrow. To just look past the obvious evidence and be hopeful that one day whites will see us as equals. And just give us justice without demanding it. Looking at the history of white folks,I don’t think they would do this on their own. I don’t think it’s in their nature to be fair and just. All that “Truth,justice and the American way” crap,never applied to us in the first place. We came here as free labor and to build up this country and to a large extent–that’s what we still are.


TrojanPam Says: 
June 9, 2012 at 3:11 pm
@ Kushite Prince

There does seem to be a collective white conscious and subconscious that has allowed them to sustain their system by doing and saying the same things no matter where they are on the planet

which explains why they have been so successful in dominating the non-white majority on the planet

Sadly, most of the black people I know would think this is an exaggeration,

and totally resist the notion that they — we — are living under a white-controlled system that totally dominates us — despite all the hard evidence.


TrojanPam Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 3:55 pm
@ Kushite Prince

you mean reviews like this:

“I am encouraged that my grandson, now 15, has been raised on the Lord of the Ring stories. He loved those movies, and when the time comes, he will identify with his people, and fight with everything in his power to preserve them and their way of life. He and others like him, will be formidable indeed.”


“They picked rather ugly actors to play Snow White and the Huntsman. They have broad noses and the huntsman looks brutish. I have personal friends that are much more attractive than these people! Compare the appearance of White performers from a few decades ago. In the old days you could also take as a given that the Evil Queen would have black hair.”


“Great article! What can be more moral than defending a people from extermination and extinction? Whites are worth defending and they WILL survive. We should do everything in our power, spiritually, morally, financially, socially to wake our people.”


“Beautiful article! May Whites awaken in such a way that they build strength and strategy, so as wisely to fight for what is theirs!”


When I was reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dr. Welsing and her theory about FEAR OF WHITE GENETIC ANNIHILATION. Only extreme paranoia could account for this sociopathic ABILITY to see themselves as victims instead of victimizers./>



Kushite Prince Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 2:23 pm
Have any of you read the comments from the review? Those white folks are something else!lol They’re really going at the Jews pretty hard! Many if them feel that the Jewish-controlled Hollywood is too anti-white.lol. How funny is that? It’s always been interesting to me how blacks and whites can see the same films–but see them totally different . Whites definitely see things through a “white scope”. I don’t know how they can claim Hollywood is anti-white. I’m sorry,I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough I guess.lol


TrojanPam Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 1:23 pm
@ Cree

Only repeating what you, Gus, Josh, Dr. Welsing, Mr. Fuller, and so many others have said in multiple ways and multiple times.

I know how potent that white crack is cause I have caught myself smiling at the idiot box as I got my first white crack high of the day….

But I’m getting better…


TrojanPam Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm
@ Kushite Prince

I saw a pic of Charlize holding her non-white child, and it was so frustrating to know that we can no more protect our children from white possession than we were during slavery.

The irony is many black people seemed thrilled by these white adoptions (more proof of ‘good white people’) as though these black children are luckier than the ones who have black parents

But if you’ve ever read or talked to these adopted children when they become adults all you hear is sadness and a sense of not belonging anywhere. And they often speak of being victimized by the whites in their family and social circles.

I think these adoptions are no different than the aboriginal children in Australia who were STOLEN from their parents and subjected to all kinds of mistreatment AKA destroyed.

This is white supremacy in its most refined form, sabotaging the victim when they are young and the most vulnerable to guarantee they will NEVER oppose this system.


June 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm
Me either. The “HUNTSman?” Hunting for white people is practice for murdering us. “Fair = white = beautiful? NOT.”


June 7, 2012 at 1:05 pm
Shakin my head fast—vertically—-It hurts so good. THANK YOU.


TrojanPam Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 12:18 pm
Here’s my two-cent perspective on the Guest Post by Josh Wickett (who has written some counter-racist movie reviews that reveal a ton about white supremacy (http://www.thecode.net/features/movies/movie_index.htm)

I agree that Hollywood films are often laced with white supremacy/black inferiority (which is precisely why i seldom pay to see movies).

There are a ton of hidden AND not so hidden messages in most films but unfortunately, most black people (in my opinion) see movies and TV as just “entertainment” almost as though we’re wearing the kind of blindfolds Josh talks about.

I have concluded that for us (black people) movies and television are a fatal form of escapism, a way to avoid our own reality, a way to avoid the work that must be done to make ourselves and our children safe in a racist society, and a way to get our daily dose of white crack (white people),

cause face it, if you watch a lot of TV and movies, white people are about 95 to 99% of the people you’ll see. Not Asians, Not Hispanics, Not Black or Brown or Red or Yellow people. There might be one or two of us as background material, where we’re smiling and grinning and helping white people,

but no real context of black or red or brown or yellow life or lifestyles.

That being said, I have torn off my blindfold (for the most part) and try to see what is really there (white supremacy).

The scariest part (to me) is the millions of black men, women, and children who are watching a ton of TV and movies and getting that white chip permanently rooted in their skulls with the message that:

white is right, white is normal and white is the best,

because you can’t tell me that after watching hours of white people doing whatever it is white people do, that you don’t develop an AFFINITY towards them. You’re watching them day after day crying, laughing, working, living, creating, discovering, and loving with very few images of black people living NORMAL lives or ACTING NORMAL.

and so what happens is when you’re away from TV or movies what you really miss is your white people in the form of your favorite white characters on the shows and movies you enjoy most,

and you’ll be cheering for them and smiling with them a hell of a lot MORE than you do with the real (black) people in your lives.

and after the TV is turned off,

most of us (i believe) seldom extend that type of loyalty or friendliness towards the real (black) people in our lives

The proof is the way we put down and act toward our own (black) people and yet we think our growing dislike for our OWN people is just a coincidence…

caused by too many black people acting like….n_____s (not my word)

It’s so bad that I’ve actually heard black people who are being victimized by racism (white people) still blaming other black people for being victims of racism (!)

and more and more of us are looking at AND judging other black people through white eyes

as though we are white, too.

You might counter with, wait a minute, TV is escapism for white people, too!

Well, yes it is, but they are getting a different message and that is THEY are the smartest, bestest people on the planet, always coming to the aid of these inferior non-white people,

and if white people are not careful and do not keep that big white foot on those black and brown necks, these savages will wreck this wonderful society, world, and planet that white people built (all by themselves)

The white supremacy in TV is a WHITE WAKE-UP CALL which is why you see more alien and monster themes, more Planet of the Apes sequels, and more black male and female villains (like the movie Precious, District 9, and certain Denzel movies)

and this will lead (as planned) to more blatant racist acts/statements/policies/ and police actions against black people

TV and movies are no longer ‘just entertainment’

they are a rallying cry to get the white troops on line with the real message:

white supremacy now and forever

I just wish more of us understood this when we pay $20 for theater seat and a tiny bag of popcorn laced with artificial “butter”


Kushite Prince Says: 
June 7, 2012 at 11:28 am
Charlize Theron is also added to the list of white celebs who have adopted black pets. Oops! I meant black children. I guess this gives her a bit more “black cred”. I won’t be seeing this garbage called Snow White. They even still use the line “fairest of them all”. Just more white supremist programming. I think I’ll pass and save my money.


yea, its a purposeful shunning of the murderous savagery that whites have and still do engage in to our people, and will try and cover up ttheir tracks by placing the blame on the victim, just as they've done throughout their existence and infiltration amongst our people and melanated peoples of this world......
They stink a place up, and murder/wipe out or subjugate innocent and naturally evolving peoples, then try and justify it or downplay it in some form or fashion.

Well sister ida b wells was definitely one of our most beloved sister warriors in our time,but this discussion was about the lynching that took place on December 3rd,2010 to the young brother frederick jermaine carter, and the queen here in this show made sure to wrap around this discussion, the heroine acts and courage of our brothers and sisters of the past during even worse conditions, and tie it into why our people of today arent awake enough to realize it ain't no different


Thanks for raising the profile of this wonderful sister,Ida B.Wells,our beloved heroine.She saved many lives & showed us how to resist.


I remember many years ago a brother came on this radio show called hot 97 saying that lynching is still going on but its always ruled a suicide Wether its in jail or somewhere else.I have a cousin that been to jail and i happen to know that its near impossible to hang yourself there without any help.That brother who came on the show was their to promote a Emmit Till documentary or play that he made(i don`t exactly remember).Thanks for the post,i never heard about this.

ya know....lol...ain't much else need to be said....hahahaha....whats ashame is that this actual conversation i've overheard, give or take a few lines...thats why i decided to put this shit on here....expose some of these negropeans hidin behind melanin.....

Sagacity wrote:

Of course, but would you opposr all hands in the government till or only white republican hands?
The insidious lies that the Republican party uses to inflame racists by insinuating that it's only Blacks or other minorities receiving federal aid through entitlement programs is the height of hypocrisy when one realizes that Republicans (mostly white) have their greedy, grubby hands in the gov't till through programs like the federal farm subsidies. So you can make of it what you will. However the fact remains that these hypocritical accusers, i.e. Malkin, have their hands in the government till as well. It's way more profitiable, I might add than any welfare mom could think of, lol.



Note by me: I don't agree with calling this man a moron, but I get the point.

By Timothy

Abdurratln wrote:

The freeing of the slaves was the work of the right wing Republicans. Now that you have raised the issue, let me ask you a question: what exactly has the Dummycrats ever done for Africa? I grant you that Johnson was forced to sign the Civil Rights legislation. But, the Dummycrats have been watering it down with "women rights" and now "gay rights" ever since. So, what have they ever donw that Africans benefit from? The only thing I can think is Obama forgave Liberia's national debt. But the first time that was done it was a Republican president who did it, not to mention that Republicans helped to get Liberia started in the first place.
I am waiting for your answer. I expect to be waiting forever.
Moron! it was the DEMOCRATS who were the right wing party in the time of slavery and the Civil War. In THOSE days, the Republicans was the most LEFT of the two parties. Why else would KARL MARX correspond with Abraham Lincoln?
What have the Democrats done for Africa? Same as your friends, the Republican fascists: noting.
Liberation is thw work of the popular masses themselves. 
Now it is certainly true that Johnson was under pressure from the Movement top sign the civil rights acts of the 1960's as Licoln was under pressure to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.
Poliics is politics, you simpleton. So, even "liberals" in office, have to be pressured. 
That is why mass movements are so important. But you must stand outside the narrow confines of your Muslim fundamentalism if you want to understand how the real world works. Learning a little history might help also



Abdurratln wrote:

And do not gorget that you said only a couple of days ago that the "industrialists" donated huge millions top help built up Tuskegee U. "Indiustrialists" have a habit of being Republicans, not gangsters and kkk terrorists like most left wing Dummycrats
Indsutrialists wanted a docile labor force, and Booker T. Wshington offered it to them. Tuskegee, like Booker T., was a tool. 
Also, indsutrialists have been found in both Democratic and Republican Parties. And they are gangstars, thugs, and warmongers when it suits their interests.
Furthermore, there ;s no records of leftists engaging if lynchings of African-Americans.
Neither liberal Democrats, nor liberal Republicans (when there wer some) were know for lynchings. The Socialist Party, the Communist party, the IWW--none of them were involved in lynchings. In fact, the American left always opposed such barbarism.
And if you're stupid enough to think that the KKK--a fascist, anti-progressive terrorist organization--is leftist, then you should be denied the ballot on grounds of mental incompetence.



Abdurratln wrote:

And do not gorget that you said only a couple of days ago that the "industrialists" donated huge millions top help built up Tuskegee U. "Indiustrialists" have a habit of being Republicans, not gangsters and kkk terrorists like most left wing Dummycrats
Indsutrialists wanted a docile labor force, and Booker T. Wshington offered it to them. Tuskegee, like Booker T., was a tool. 
Also, indsutrialists have been found in both Democratic and Republican Parties. And they are gangstars, thugs, and warmongers when it suits their interests.
Furthermore, there ;s no records of leftists engaging if lynchings of African-Americans.
Neither liberal Democrats, nor liberal Republicans (when there wer some) were know for lynchings. The Socialist Party, the Communist party, the IWW--none of them were involved in lynchings. In fact, the American left always opposed such barbarism.
And if you're stupid enough to think that the KKK--a fascist, anti-progressive terrorist organization--is leftist, then you should be denied the ballot on grounds of mental incompetence.



Bravo-Sierra wrote:

Any analogy that disagrees with your Marxist agenda is "weak" in your opinion.
Yes, you are a marxist. This quote of yours proves it;

No one appointed you to dictate who can post where.
I've also noticed you're a big proponent of violence.
A perfect candidate for the aimless Occupy movement.
Citizen journalist Ringo captured this speaker at the Occupy Los Angeles camp a few days ago letting the cat out of the bag: After dismissing nonviolence as a dead end, he admits that for the Occupiers to achieve their goals, violence and bloodshed will be necessary:
Watch the video before you make a ridiculous claim of it being made up by the right.
Don't talk to me about any "Marxist agenda", you politically illiterate buffoon. Like most ignorant reactionaries, you wouldn't know Karl Marx from Grouch Marx. As for my postion on "Truth teller," I stand on it. Jews do not allow Nazis to publish anti-semitic rantings in JEWISH TIMES, nor are such bigots welcomed in Jewish forums like TIKKUN. Similarly, white racists should not be allowed in an AFRICAN-AMERICAN FORUM to vilify and race bait black people. They can express their racist free speech in Stormfront or some equally depraved outfit.
Either that, or AA Forum should be rquired to change its name.

As for my position that the Occupy Movement has remained a primarily NONVIOLENT MOVEMENT, I've seen no evidence to the contrary. Incidents selectively cherry picked do not prove otherwise.
Futhermore, you racist right wing scalawags have not business preaching to em about violence--not with your record of mass violence.




Indeed, glad you know now, because a lot of our people don't even know what happen to this young brother, as well as a lot of other lynchings that have taken place in jails in mississippi, within the past 10 years.....


LION wrote:

NO. I was just asking, thats all.
I am proud of you for doing that.
NExt step is to get with a few black friends and start up a small investment company.
Penny stock or vending machines would be a good start.
SAve money and put other blacks in their own businesses with your company getting atleast 5 percent of the profit.
Thanks and I totally agree with you we need to do more investing in US.



I believe that alcoholism is recognized as an illness, a REAL illness in the medical community. And if you're REALLY disabled by it, then the disability is REAL, not bogus. However, alcoholics commonly do have jobs. Even people on other drugs often have jobs. Even rich people running companies has members who are alcoholics and dope fiends. But only those from the middle classes on down, are seen as slothful or lazy. Such is the state of our decadent capitalist society. 



Bravo-Sierra wrote:

The Obama administration has already ruled out the only rational response to the crisis of healthcare availability: the establishment of a single-payer system in which the federal government would guarantee universal access to healthcare as a matter of right. Every other advanced industrialized country has some form of universal coverage. But such a system would eliminate the tens of billions raked in by insurance companies whose “business model” requires that they limit coverage, deny treatment or reject bills—in other words, it would infringe on the “right” of MetLife, Aetna, CIGNA and other giant corporations to make a profit from illness and disease.
Despite the fevered rhetoric of the ultra-right, the Obama administration’s plans have nothing in common with such a restructuring of the healthcare system along socialist lines. On the contrary, Obama has repeatedly sought to reassure the profiteers that their interests will be looked after and that they are better off at the table, working with him, than outside. The for-profit healthcare and insurance firms have taken up this offer with enthusiasm.
Well, that's a persistent criticism of the Obama policies from a left or progressive perspective. After SAYING during his campaign that he favored universal single payer health care, after arguing contra McCain that health care is a HUMAN RIGHT rather than a privilege, Obama offers a health care package only a little better than the nothing we had before, a package which leaves corporate dominance (slightdly reformed) in place.
for tme this is another indication that established "liberalism" is exhausted, and that America needs more radical left if the country is to move forward. The few good ideas which liberals as far back as FDR ever had came from socialists and left populists anyway. Without a more militant progressive presence, Republicans and the right will likely drag us into Fascism.




Let's distinguish between  "civil rights" and "civil rights movement." We may not own the term "civil rights," but it can be successfully argued we shed enough blood to own  "civil rights movement."  No other group's civil rights has been more suppressed and oppressed than those of the darkest skin in this nation and elsewhere around the world.


I fail to see the similarities. You just described what is called a false stereotype about black men. It turns out, the very same white men who lied about black men being "beastly sexual perverts" were themselves guilty of some of the worst forms of perversion and fornication, including bestiality.


True, but clearly we suffered the most, and what became the "civil rights movement" came into existence because of the blood our forefathers shed in this nation's hateful past. We also don't own the word "slavery" but we sure suffered the most because of it.


beautiful black woman wrote:

The only women who are claiming this probally are not even women, do you realize that trolls come here on a daily basis pretending to be black women and black men? What black woman in their right mind would say such a thing? Who are these black women you speak of? Because I know the majority of black women do not place white men above black men that is the biggeest bs Ive ever heard in my 34 years of life. And why do you say ww why not say ww youve had met in your life?? Your prejudging black women and making us seem like the enemy but your praising all white women which more than half are racists???? What is wrong with todays black people????
I agree. We need to talk about real issues (that benefit black men and black women) instead obsessing with the anti-black propaganda. This new generation of anti-blackness slander (even from some brainwashed black people) is truly disgraceful. The trolls should be ignored like usual. The real deal is that instead of attempting to mimic a group of people that don't care for us or have the best interest for us at heart, we should heal and find unique ways to advance the agendas of our own black communities. The white supremacists always try to brainwash the weak or the doubting in our community, but they will never win in the end. The weak and the doubting although should receive compassion and a chance to grow their own social disposition. Many brothers and sisters are waking up. In the end, Black Power & Black Unity will be resilience, strong, and graciously potent in world society.

-By Timothy (Me)


By the way, you shouldn't be so hard of philosophy majors. Some of the most distinguished---ev en BRILLIANT spokespersons--for Black freedom & Liberation (here and abroad) have been philosophy majors. Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, a founder of Pan-Africanism and grandfather of our Civil Rights Movement, earned his baccalaureate degree in Philosophy from Harvard U before earning his Ph.D. in History. Kwame Nkrumah, before leading Ghana to independence, earned his M.A. in Philosophy from University of Pennsylvania. (His philosophical acumen is shown in CONSCIENCISM) Dr. Martin Luther King studied philosophy & systematic theology at Boston University up through the Ph.D. level. Bob Moses, before becoming a SNCC leader in the early 1960s freedom movement in Mississippi, studied and obtained a M,A. degree in Philosophy & Math. Kwame Ture (aka Stokely Carmichael) obtained a BA in Philosophy from Howard University. Angela Davis studied Philosophy at Brandeis (with Marcuse) and later at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt Germany. Amiri Baraka holds a MA in Philosophy. And Frantz Fanon (who was studying philosophy, history & literature before going to university)studied Philosophy even while studying Psychiatry at the university of Lyons in France. (To be exact, he enrolled in the Philosophy Dept at the school of Liberal Arts while studying Medicine) It seems all this learning didn't obstruct them as thinkers of as movers and shakers. Creative thinking won't hurt you. It may even improve you. Try it sometime.