Saturday, June 21, 2008

Robert Schuller on Freemasonry



by Australian Correspondant Jack Bauer

Robert Schuller came to Brisbane city in Australia on Sunday November 10, 2002 at 2:30pm at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. He was celebrating 25 years of Masonic broadcast in Australia. I ran a BlackOp to see if I can uncover any evidence of his Masonic membership. I waited for him backstage to ask him several questions. I taped the whole conversation secretly and have uploaded it to this page for you to listen. If you have no background information on his Masonic membership and his heritical/unbiblical teachings then go to Robert Schuller 33rd Degree Freemason

Schuller in the middle, white hair. Just missed him before he went onstage

Schuller preaching New Age Masonic Filth

Just after the recording Schuller is seen here leaving the Convention Centre

Use Windows Media Player or Winamp to listen

Recording Transcript ( I pretend to be a Freemason)

Music in background, as they walk away into back room the audio is clearer.
Jack: Illustrious Brother Robert (Masonic greeting), may I ask you one question?
Some mumbling with both Schuller and his buddy saying they have no time
Jack: Pardon......can I ask on the way?
Schuller: :........right now
Jack: I'm a Freemason and I don't believe that there's anything wrong to be a mason and I
Schuller: Me too
Jack: Pardon
Schuller: I don't either
Jack: You don't either
Schuller: No
Jack: Because your mentor Norman, Norman Vincent Peale was a great Freemason and minister
Schuller: Sure of course he was
Jack: So can I be a Christian and a Freemason
Schuller: Of course you can

Here we have it. 100% documented evidence that Schuller says it ok to be a Christian and a Freemason.
This is the view of the biggest individual religious broadcaster in the history of the world broadcasting filth in 180 countries.
He mentioned in his speech that we need to take the focus off eternity (the great commission to evangelise) and to focus on the individual. This is New Age Christianity.

I am expecting his lawyers to contact me. Last time I was contacted by lawyers they got my page removed. I have collected top information on these men that is nowhere on the Internet. Email me if you want to stay informed as I might be banished from this location soon. Part 2 of this article will include Masonic handshakes involving Robert Schuller and deeper insights into his Masonic membership. To be informed when this is done email me at



KnightTemplar777 said...

I find it indicative that you chose to lie to Dr. Schuller, that you are a Freemason. I suppose that you will say that the end justifies the means???

And then you are so kind as to enlighten all of us unwittings!

You need help, and I hope that you find it.

PM, Knight Templar, KCCH

Timothy said...

Let put things clear without unnecessary emotion shall we. Now, I'm not a mason. This information was from someone else asking Schuller a question. The end justifies the means? Not to me, but many high level Masons use deception unto their low level "brethen."

I don't need help. Funny you don't refute these words, but use ad hominem attack. The truth is that Schuller is a Freemason, part of the Ecumencial movement, believes in tenets which are contary to authentic Christianity. You need help to realize that reality. You call yourself a Knight Templar. That's ironic because of their history.

By Timothy

Widow's Son said...

So what? Schuller said it's okay to be a Freemason. What's your point?

Widow's Son, a Freemason

Timothy said...

So what? Being a Mason is ok because Schuller says it is not justification for joining it. My point is that Masonry is against the Orthodox doctrines of Christianity and it has manylinks to the global elite.

By Timothy