Saturday, March 6, 2010

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the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank owned by a group of Wealthy Bankers actually......

The Government has absolutely no power over it and it can do whatever it wants, such as loaning 2 trillion dollars in "Secret" loans as it did under the Bush Administration and continues to do today.

You see, Barack Obama has absolutely no power over the FED because it is a private bank - they are not keeping anything safe

Perhaps you should reseach what Lincoln did, there was no Federal Reserve bank when Lincoln was president, actually - Lincoln revived a Currency printed by the Government and used it for Infrastructure such as the Inter Contintental Railway and Agriculture Technology.

So, if Obama is such a supporter of Lincoln i would demand he follow Lincolns policies!

It really looks to me, (and i never really knew this) that the entire Von Mises website is a front for the Rocekfeller family. Thanks for the posts..... i really never knew how far this reached.

I knew that the origins of the school were outright fascist but i never knew they had articles up there defending the people who attempting to kill us right now.

-Revolt 426


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