Sunday, September 5, 2010

Houston and the Civil Rights Movement

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1 year ago
I did n't get the privilage of going to private school, but i went to community college in the suburban neighborhood. i had felt very un welcome and the teachers prepare you for failure. I will keep it real. i saw this teacher telling me to drop out of his class because i was nt good enough in the third day off classes.

1 year ago 5
I usually am the only brother in class too and I feel like im the representative for all the black men in the world like its always all eyes on me...

9 months ago
@ghanboy: i think an ordinary black guy is someone whos just ur regular working man. not super-rich, or an athlete, or a hot boy/drug dealer. non "superstar" type

6 months ago
Society doesn't like a BM who's comfortable in his own skin, who doesn't fit into a stereotypical box & who isn't about any bulls___. The sad thing is, a BM such as that is 9 times out of 10 walking a lonely path...

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