Friday, December 31, 2010

crammasters' un P.C. , Yet Accurate words (I guess people love this information, so this will stay up)

@ CaliFemme
right again…

I don’t have a problem dialoguing with anyone, but I do have a problem when someone assumes a superior position with me… and as far as “black racism” there is no such animal, and I wish folks would get the definition straight…

racism = power = the systems and institutions that enable one race to oppress/mistreat another. Blacks can be bigoted or prejudiced (to pre-judge) but blacks in a white supremacy system CANNOT BE RACIST because we have NO institutions or systems or the power to oppress white people.

The proof: I have asked countless numbers of folks this question and have NEVER EVER received a response:

Name one thing that black people – as a group — have stopped white
people – as a group — from doing that they had a RIGHT to do? For
example, denying them the right to work, own a home, live in a certain
area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.

If anyone can answer that question, they need to write a BOOK about it OR stop misinterpreting and misusing the word “racism”

and just to cut the nonsense short, a “first black” president is not the correct answer. He is NOT in charge, he was selected by the white-controlled Democratic MACHINE, not by black people. We didn’t select him, we didn’t nominate him, we don’t control the electoral college that elected Obama BEFORE the popular vote was counted. He is NOT independent, he is NOT in charge, anymore than Bush was in charge…

affirmative action — wrong answer. Blacks did not create it, and did not have the power to institute it OR decide how it was used. IF we had that kind of power, why the hell would we need affirmative action? LOGIC, please…

let history speak for who has a problem with the skin color of others…we need not beat that dead white horse…



crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
at 10:47 pm

@ _A_
here’s an excerpt from the book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation
When someone benefits from a system, they are understandably reluctant to
change that system. For example, Coworker A makes 20% more than Coworker
B even though their jobs are identical. Eventually, Coworker B becomes
suspicious and asks Coworker A about his salary.
Coworker A avoids the question and denies he is treated any differently than any other employee. He also hides the fact that he is related by marriage to the personnel manager.
Coworker A knows it is to his advantage to avoid direct answers to Coworker
B’s questions. Otherwise, Coworker B might take some action (like fi ling a
lawsuit) that causes Coworker A to lose his “privileges.”
Most people — including Coworker A — cling to the (often false) belief that they are honest and ethical people EVEN when they are benefi ting from the mistreatment of others.
This “belief” requires MASS SELF-DECEPTION on the part of those who
benefit, and MASS DECEPTION towards those who are being mistreated. In a
system of white supremacy, it is necessary to:
1. convince non-whites they are NOT being mistreated
2. convince non-whites they are disadvantaged because they are inferior
3. convince whites they have earned advantages because they are superior
4. convince whites that they are being mistreated by non-whites
5. convince whites that non-whites deserve to be mistreated
6. pressure whites to keep silent even when racism is happening right in
front of them
and that is the “dance” of white supremacy, the victimizers (winners) and the victims (losers) and until we understand HOW it is played, we will keep getting PLAYED


crammastersApr. 30th, 2010
at 10:44 pm

@ _A_
you’re right, that’s how the game of white supremacy is played. The victims must be CONVINCED that they are NOT being victimized. That’s why a white folk will look you DEAD in the eye and tell you that racism is in our imaginations when he or she KNOWS it is the farthest thing from the truth.

they know they benefit from white privilege because whenever they lose anything to a non-white person, they cry “Foul! Reverse discrimination! Not fair! Somebody’s cheating!” etc, etc.


tc2ewraApr. 30th, 2010
at 9:16 am

@CaliFemme23 “And people say I’m wrong and racist for keeping my distance from those ill fated, self proclaimed superior beings…tragic at best…”
No sister that doesnt make you racist. From where Im standing that makes you intelligent. Your way takes out all the guesswork.
I hear you. It should be about us. We most certainly have a lot of work to do but we must understand that even if our communities were “fixed” many will continue to try to use this system against us.
How do we know this? Because in our present efforts to repair the damage they fight us toothe and nail.


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 11:16 pm

@ CaliFemme
see, this is the best sign of an mentally enslaved and subjugated black mind directly caused by too much integration as an inferior black person…
Now, some blacks are blaming EACH OTHER for what whites are doing to Obama? How are black folks who gave him 92% of their vote now responsible for his problems? what would make a black person blame other black people for what white people are doing?
I hear more and more black folks blaming other black folks for poverty, for inferior schools, for police violence, or for just being black. And they have clearly forgotten they are black, too, and that someone is judging them the way they judge other black folks.
It’s almost like mental displacement, where your mind is not your own, and you see the world through white eyes even when that white view condemns your black self…
This is the kind of mental sickness that worries me the most because it’s a sign of insanity where you ove your tormentors and despise those who are like you.
That’s part of the reason so many falsely assimilated blacks are into IR relationships today. The little white traffic cop in their brains, mainly planted there by the white school systems, the white media and the endless advertising and promoting of white, IR and bi-racial folks — is like putting black folks on mental and emotional remote control…
the real question is what happens when the batteries in the remote go dead?
d concern for those just like yourself.
Even black suffering doesn’t faze many black folks anymore…


crammastersApr. 29th, 2010
at 7:36 pm

@ Khalif2000
brother, I hear you and I agree that we should not let racism defeat us BUT where we disagree is — my motivation should not be to “prove” anything to ANYONE who does not want to change their minds about me. I wouldn’t do it for an individual, let alone an entire race.
the long list of accomplished blacks over the CENTURIES has not changed the overall stereotype of black people, so when will we get a clue and start working on the IMAGE in our own mirrors?

what will YOU show white folks that they haven’t already seen before, brother? Black college grads are nothing new. Sophisticated, intelligent, brilliant black folks are nothing new. SUccessful black folks are nothing new. There is truly nothing new under the sun that blacks can do, brother. Even Tiger Woods, one of the most white-identified BM on the planet, with all his money and achievements was and is still treated like a n___, brother

Until we move away from NEEDING white validation, and start VALIDATING OURSELVES, we will continue to be treated like inferiors, because deep down inside, we still believe we are….
otherwise, we wouldn’t spend so much time, trying to “prove” something and start handling our business because it IS our business to handle…


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 18

wryteman --

you can love a person of another color, no doubt, but "love" just ain't enough. I'm talking about survival and black folks had better stop focusing so much on what's just good for "ME" and start focusing more on what's good for "WE". Otherwise, we are in for some very hard times..

Take a look at the condition of our communities, at our unemployment, at the violence, at 70% fatherless kids, at our BW carrying more than half the load. How can a BM justify leaving his own community and then saying he's down for "black unity?"

Then look at all the IR sexing and breeding black folks -- especially us BM -- are doing and what did it get us?

What do we own or control in America? Nothing.

Who's got the highest unemployment rate in America -- and that includes ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Black males

Who has the highest incarceration rate in America? BM & BW

Who is more likely to live in poverty? Black men, women, and children?

Who has the highest foreclosure rates and is more likely to get a fraudulent sub-prime mortgage? black folks

who is usually the last hired and the first fired? black folks

Brother, in another place and time, after racism has ended and there's a chicken in every pot, and black and white and brown and red and yellow folks have learned to live peacefully on one planet, then my message would be be extinct

But until then, until racism/white supremacy continues to destroy the lives of blacks and other people of color, to lay down with the symbol of your oppression is to me psychological and economic suicide...

Like i said, it's about MY loyalty to those who have been there for ME, brother, and my loyalty for the race of women who rode the buses down to Jena, LA to fight for six black boys they didn't know from a hole in the wall.

It's about ME supporting the same women that have been supporting me from day one, not trying to prove that I'm as good as the white man by having his woman..

I would NOT put myself in any kind of romantic or sexual situation with a race of women who did not share my love for my people and did not respect MY reality and be down for my fight. it just ain't happening, but that's me...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 08, 2010

@ Currymel who said, "one of my pet peeves is this commercial put out by our gub'ment about securing loans. It shows a young brother talking about how he had to work when his "boys" would come by wanting to hang out. Then he goes on to say how easy it was to fill out the forms "EVEN FOR ONE LIKE HIM THAT DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A W-2 FORM WAS". WTF, you worked, yet didn't fill out your taxes?

ME: sister, check out the commercials for "job training" and how they encourage young BW to go for "nurses aides" and "medical and dental assistants"

but NEVER encourage them to become REGISTERED NURSES -- folks with a REAL SKILL they can take anyway in the world and make a GOOD LIVING

they aim them at permanently low-paying jobs so they cannot lift their children out of poverty. They will do the grunt, nasty work for very little pay, while the government is IMPORTING foreign nurses instead of training young BW and BM to become real nurses

the game is going STRONG and we better start peeping it cause we are losing big-time

if i had my way, I'd make black folk TURN OFF THE TV for ONE WHOLE YEAR

and I bet at the end of that year, we would have gotten some of our SANITY back.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 20, 2009

I-LL, I read your post last night. I had to think about what I wanted to say

You said: "Its hard to tell me even not to do anything that will increase my chances of happiness and fulfillment in my own life and to tell me that it only comes in a certain race of people."

Sister, I hear you loud and clear, and I understand. It is hard to tell BW they shouldn't look elsewhere for love when so many BM are doing it. I can't make a BM come to his senses and care as much about their own communities as he does about chasing the WM's wet dream and his own slave-minded nightmare.

Just like I can't tell you or any other BW to sit on a shelf and wait for a BM who may never come, or who comes too late, after a BW is bitter and disillusioned about black love.

No doubt, you can love someone of a different race, but love is NEVER enough, not when it comes to building a strong black nation for survival. Folks do a lot of wrong and call it love. Folks justify a lot '"for love" but love is just not enough. Love doesn't make wrong right.

And for those black folk who are CONSCIOUS of what it means to be black in America, and how we are being used against each other, they know it is psychological suicide to bond with the symbol of your oppression.

IR relationships usually requires the black person to put on a false face, bite his/her tongue, and pretend that their white partner's reality is OUR reality.

A lot of black IR-daters will deny this, but I've seen the little dances they do to appear to be "non-racial" in front of their white partner. In an IR relationship, something has to give, and it is usually the black person who gives up the most (in terms of identity)
If you find a WM (or WW) who sincerely embraces/respects your black reality (and I'm not talking about white girls wearing cornrows), then you have to deal with certain facts.

The more unstable America's economy becomes, the more racism will increase. There will be many places in this country where it will not be safe to be in an IR relationship, especially where the black population is in the minority.

This is especially true for BM/WW. Believe me, some will come running back to the black community, only to find they got nothing coming, because they DIDN'T BUILD ANYTHING.

INSTEAD of dating more white (or non-black) folks, BM and BW should be MORE ACTIVE IN RESISTING the imagery (lies), the entertainment, the economics, and the politics that are driving us apart. We should stop supporting ANY movies and TV shows and entertainers and music that degrades black folks.

Why are WE allowing the white supremacists to divide us even further? If they can convince me that I don't want you and you don't want me, who wins? Not the black community. When are WE going to FIGHT BACK instead of fighting each other?

Bottom line: The white supremacists can do a lot of things, but the ONE thing they cannot do is make ME STOP LOVING BW. They can't make a BM choose a WW, or a BW to choose a WM. They can't make a BM disrespect a BW or vice versa. Only we can do that. The POWER IS IN OUR HANDS (and OUR HEADS).

It is time for BW to hold us accountable for our defection (make it socially UNACCEPTABLE) instead of giving us UNLIMITED SEX and babies that we may not stick around to take care of -- especially when YOU know we already got babies we ain't taking care of.

It is time for BW to raise their standards and refuse to give us a family if we are NOT willing to marry you. It is time for BM to hold OTHER BM accountable (make it socially UNACCEPTABLE) for a BM to NOT take care of our black women and children.

BM have got to STOP cosigning on bull___ excuses when other BM complain about their "baby momma" being money-hungry because she wants him to spend his money on his kids instead of paying the note on a Benz he can't afford.

It's time for BM to start asking other BM why dude is having babies with a woman he doesn't RESPECT enough to marry? It's time for BW to start asking other BW why they are sleeping with another BW's husband if they want BM to STOP BEING DOGS?

A lot of sisters could use some serious moral and mental housecleaning, too (I'm talking about attitudes, values, materialism, vanity, promiscuity, not being trustworthy, conning, scheming, lying, cheating, infidelity, dishonesty, immorality, and poor azz child-rearing, and role-modeling.)


PS. Regardless of whatever path you choose, 1-LL, I will always be your BP brother...

(Sorry about the long post)


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 08, 2010

@ nodoubt who said, "because MLK, JFK, and Rosa Parks went through ALL of that so that we can have sex with each other?wow!! I'm not going to show disrespect to those leaders by saying they would spit in this dudes face for wanting to get his 'rocks off' with women of other races, (because that's all it's about), but I really don't think they would like that idea."

ME: great point, they didn't DIE so we could turn our backs on black women and children, man

what' kind of sh__ thinking is that?

that's what comes from being IGNORANT of one's history and of the world we live in

read the rest of your posts, agree with them, and thanks for the links, brother

CaliFemme23  _______________________

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted February 27

@ AfricanSpeech -- Your post is right on point!

One of my BM mentors who has traveled all over the world, spoke about the tombs in Mexico that held ancient artifacts but were OFF LIMITS to the public.

He spoke of another time when he and some other brothers went to the Daughters of the Revolution building (where many archives about who they are and who WE are are hidden from the public) and they were dressed in robes and head dress that turned out to be IDENTICAL to the roomful of white folks there.

As soon as they saw these brothers enter the room, dressed in the same clothing, they ADJOURNED the meeting. Whatever was going to be discussed was not for any black person's ears...

Lies and secrets make today's world go round....

@1-LL -- It's NEVER just about money. The white elite control all the money, and if they want to put something out of our reach, they can do it. If we get the means and the will to make a move to get the info, they will simply change (or break) the rules. They can't afford to let their black slaves peep the truth about the white supremacy's vast web of white superiority LIES

They know that if you can control the minds (and the self-esteem) of a race of people, their MONEY WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW.

They cannot afford to let black folks find out WHO WE ARE, and what and where we came from, that we were the FIRST people on earth and the ORIGINAL CREATORS of modern civilization. Europeans have DELIBERATELY kept this info/knowledge from the oppressed black masses because OUR IGNORANCE is their greatest weapon against us.

Knowledge is dangerous, because knowledge is POWER and just like the Wizard of Oz -- with all the bells and whistles of white supremacy/black inferiority -- once the curtain is pulled back, all you see is a little old white man behind the scenes, pulling the levers.

Once we understand what and who we are dealing with, and WHO WE ARE, we will understand EVERYTHING we need to know


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." -- Sun Tzu, Art of War


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 04

AfricanS wrote: "I can recount countless times I have helped black people get a job or some information to help them get a job but when I was looking for a new lead or contact, I would find out that these folks secretly got some leads even though they knew I was looking... It's about competition and black people are envious and jealous of other black people because they feel that all black people like them are the same (another byproduct of racism and white supremacy). A black person will elevate a an average white person by default before they respect a gifted black person. They will only do so when white people acknowledge that black person..."

ME: I hear you loud and clear. The colonization of Africa and the enslavement of blacks in America have produced a similar dysfunctional mentality that is rooted in a black inferiority complex. NONE of this existed before white supremacy infected the planet. That doesn't mean Africans didn't have problems, BUT not one based on DARK SKIN. Africans once ruled the WORLD, so it's illogical to think Africans EVER felt inferior before they were CONQUERED and FORCE FED a 500 year diet of white supremacy lies and false standards.

Everything you and 1-LL speak of is due to the DECONSTRUCTION of the proud and sane African mindset.

Once we understand what happened to us, we will understand WHY it is still happening and how we are perpetuating our own demons, like the EverReady bunny that once it gets powered up, it runs on its own power. That's what "programming" means...


To those out there that believe BAR is too hard on Black folks, you all need to get over yourselves. Jared Ball's commentary is right on the money, as is the BAR staff regarding the issues that affect our lives. Do you all really believe that BAR needs to back off when we still support Obama and by proxy his wars, when we are more concerned about celebrities, Dancing with the Stars, and sports than we are about our brothers and sisters incarcerated in mass, when we critque OUR people who are pushing forward OUR agenda and dismiss them as negative ( which is essentially delusional because there is very little positive going on in the world). I could go on and on, but Black people, we DON'T have it together, and we need to stop being so damn sensitive when people give us honest and constructive criticism. We have to be real with ourselves if we are to change our conditions!! We are still being foreclosed on with no mass movement to change those conditions, we still let the petty bougeise get away with murder, and we still believe the cops are our friends despite Oscar Grant, Lovelle Mixon, Ayiana Jones, and that was just the recent cases (that we KNOW about....!!)
So stop being babies, get over yourselves, and take a good hard look at our communities. Listen to what your friends and family are talking about. As soon as our conversations stop being inundated with concerns about celebritys' children (a special on TV One I was forced to watch and be tortured by my mother-in-law, with TV One being the biggest crime to humanity in the "so-called" Black media), atheletes, and Steve Harvey books on how to date him, then I may agree that BAR is being too hard (that is, as long as we start to discuss a revolutionary agenda), but that is not the reality. We care too much about pop culture that is bank rolled by the Wells Fargos, corporate media, and other monied (white)institutions. Wake up and be realistic, BAR and BAR supporters will be positive when that attitude fits our material reality.



Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted May 02


Venitabr asked th million dollar question didnt she " What? is it about whites that we love so much. Why? are we as a race so obessed with being liked and accepted by them."

You nailedit Brother this Obama thing is just like a drug. Seems almost hypnotic. Like PE's "night of the living baseheads."

You know, regardless to what I may think of him Many Blacks loved Jesse Jackson prior to Obama. They loved Tavis Smiley, Eric Dyson and Rev Wright.

But The "O" man comes along and those kats get the back of the hand.

At one time we were heavy into the anti war movement. Now many Blacks dont want to take a position.

Many see him as an inspiration. I honestly think he makes it more difficult for the free thinking Black brother and sister.
Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted May 02

@ venitabrooks

Sis, i feel is frustrating, their loyalty to the ones who mistreat them is disturbing. My bet is MOST of them are experiencing racism on a regular basis

but have become convinced that racism is not a problem. This comes from watching too much TV and movies and videos and not putting enough KNOWLEDGE in their brains.
A lot of them are young, arrogant, and ignorant of the ways of the world, and so we as black adults have allowed the TV to raise them so it is our fault.

I don't think it's hopeless for all, but a large number will simply bite the dust and will be eaten up, as the economy declines...

I'm afraid Obama's election sealed the deal for many blacks and restored their "faith" in white society, despite them losing everything they own...and Obama not saying one word to the black community about ANYTHING...

false hope is DOPE, like crack on the brain, and eventually it will drive them INSANE

but I ain't going out like that. My position is those who get my message will get it -- those who don't want it, won't.

nothing I can do but keep planting seeds...

crammastersJul. 3rd, 2010
at 6:47 pm
@ MiSz_PiNk_DiamOnd
u made some good points, but i don’t want to hog the blog by responding to all I agree (or disagree) with
suffice it to say, same old game, like Pavlov’s dog, ring the IR bell and (some) black folks start fighting
one thing I will guarantee you, you won’t see them trying to divide and conquer white males and females on a white website, and you won’t see a bunch of IR ads, cause white folk don’t play that divide and conquer bulls___
how do we think they managed to rule the world?
yet some of us think black unity is “racist,” and IR is gonna feed, house, and put clothes on our backs…incredible..
(when u gonna check out my blog, sis?)


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 05

@ AfricanS,

when you said, "The only roadblock to black unity is black people...

If we all collectively decided to work together wherever we saw black people in the world to build a long-lasting network of contacts, there's nothing we won't be able to achieve...Imagine if all black people across the world moved back to Africa, and contributed equally, the west would be dead and they know it... We have everything and NEED NOTHING FROM THEM...:


ME: ABSOLUTELY. And this is my DREAM and it's what keeps me going, even though I know the odds are against it happening...

brother, don't get off the soapbox,
I enjoy dialoguing with thinking black folks...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted April 16

@ A:

regarding your comment and AfricanS's comment about the negative reactions of some black folk when black folk talk about starting our own schools,

there is one thing I've had to face recently and that is:

for some black folks -- unless the WHITE MAN (the voice of authority AND the image of God) tells us what to do and how to do it -- we don't think we CAN do it

If the white man's system of educating our kids is NOT followed to a tee -- even IF it doesn't work -- black folks still think they must follow it anyway.

Why? cause that's the way it's always been done

And that's why we think we can't do it, because our SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-CONFIDENCE has been destroyed in the SAME EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that is destroying our kids' intellectual self-esteem

THINK about what I just said.

There is NOTHING wrong with our BRAINS, but there is something wrong with the way we think

God made US -- not the white man -- AND only God can determine OUR TRUE POTENTIAL -- and GOD made us in his IMAGE -- the planet's FIRST HUMAN BEINGS

We think it takes a lot of money and big buildings but I got a partner -- my mentor -- who HOME-SCHOOLED all 13 of his kids (by the SAME WOMAN) and they all went on to college and are doing very well, some started their own businesses, one is a lawyer, etc.

We can educate OUR OWN KIDS. It can be done. It won't be easy. In fact, it will be the most difficult thing we've ever done as a race -- but it will pay HUGE DIVIDENDS

And we may not have money for the best buildings and classrooms and equipment but it doesn't take all that.

What we will have is our KIDS' BEST INTEREST AT HEART -- and THAT is what ALL KIDS really need and respond to

somebody who gives a damn...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted April 30

@ i_abstract

I hear u, but I personally wouldn't go within 1000 feet of Un-Holy-Wood -- except as a tourist

Hollywood is the LAND of white supremacy, eats negroes for breakfast and turns them into SUPER-PRO-WHTE negroes. Look at the negroes and what they stand for -- NOTHING

make no mistake, an idea like this wouldn't fly there. Even that movie, "White Man's Burden" with John Travolta playing the role of a white man in a black supremacy society didn't fly and was pretty much ignored...

Also, to fit in, my wife would have to loose her beautiful short natural hair and get a BIG blonde weave OR I'd have to dump her for a white female

However, I've considered doing a comic strip or graphic novel expressing my politics


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted May 05

@ Popique who said, "just a quick question, whose on the corner preaching all this good wisdom to the peeps that needs it I've been around talkers and fishermen. I prefer the fishermen, we don't hide or blame."


ME: not sure I get what u mean...the point of the story was to illustrate the way the educational system functions, how it's inherently racist and how it deliberately destroys black children intellectually...

Of course, we have to do more than talk, but brother, that's all I can do on a website is talk, now what I'm doing when the PC is off is another matter altogether, I can talk and act at the same time...

Popique: "As a parent and uncle and to some a friend educating our children happens w/ the family first and far most. We know the school system it been that way for years why would it change now.Don't expect the Prez. to address black issues if we don't put it in his face maturely..."

ME: I don't expect whites to do change a system that gives them a HUGE advantage, I expect black people to get a CLUE.

Regarding Obama, I wouldn't waste my time putting anything "in his face"...

He's FROM Chicago, and won't even speak one word about black kids dying almost every week in my city.

I won't say more, because I don't want to get into a thing with black folk who have turned a politician into a hero and saint--because he's another 'first black'...Thanks for posting an opinion..


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 11, 2010

@ Venita

that's an excellent question

my first impulse is to say no because "white-identified" brings up images of black folk tomming and trying to act "white"

but when u think about it, being "slave-minded" it means we think and act and treat other black folk the same way we saw whites treat usfor example, being "slave-minded" (to me) would be the way some black folk beat the hell out of our kids -- the SAME WAY slaves were beaten and the same way that we were forced to beat and mistreat each other

but would "slave-minded" black folk exist if we had not been the slaves of whites for 400 plus years?

I would say the two things usually mean the same thing, but one may be more visually obvious (white-identified) than the other one where you have to really analyze the behavior of slave-minded black folk to see where their behavior really came from...

(hope that made sense)


Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 12, 2010


Interesting answer to the sister.

I see being 'slave-minded" being related to fear. Being afraid to step outside of the place that has been allocated for you. Not wanting to expand an idea, thought or discipline if you think it might upset. White people. Not wanting to do anything that might displease them.

"White identified" I thought had more to with trying to imitate White people. Trying to act like them, think like them, talk like them, govern like them, worship like them etc. Trying to emulate White people.

For some reason these are just the images that come to mind when I hear those phrases.

Certainly I could be wrong.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 12, 2010

@ tc2ewra

right, i think the same thing you do when i hear those phrases

then again, both are an attempt to appease whites by either "imitating them or by staying in our place and making sure other blacks do the same -- stay in their place by demeaning and mistreating each other

i think the surface behaviors may be different but the underlying reasons -- fear, like u said, and wanting to do what we think we are supposed to do is slave-minded behavior even if you have a PhD from Harvard...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 05, 2010

@ venita

right, right, (some) educated blacks are the enemy of their people -- which is WHY the white supremacy system gives them scholarships, tenure, good jobs, awards, titles, and offices

their main function is to create the (false) illusion of "black progress"

and their other job is to ride herd on the black masses to make sure no real progress (or grass root leaders) are created

when i ask black folk what the last "first black so and so" ever did for them or for any black folk, all I get is a blank stare

that says it all


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 05, 2010

@ venita who said, "My interest is hiv/aids.I was reading a story about a young 27yo single bw who was hiv positive with 3 children and was homeless,Shelia JOHNSON CO FOUNDER OF BET ,WHO is a billionare,did a documentary about this young womens story and the young women just got public housing this year.Shelia johnson stated she was so moved by her story,but could not be moved enough to buy this women and her three children a home with all her wealth.

D____ shame,if i was in her position not only would i have brought her a home,but furnished it.Yet these are the people we love,fight for,support and they dont care about us or like us.They are better than us.Just dont get our peoples mindset nor blind loyalty.

someone once commented right after the earthquake in Haiti, said, why are all these rich celebrities giving concerts and begging us working and poor folks for donations

when they are RICH and between them could donate millions instead of trying to RAISE millions from us


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted Yesterday

I feel u, sis, it is frustrating

African S sent me a note earlier saying, he focuses on those who want to know and leaves the rest alone

and i think that is what we all must do, even though we want to do more, we can't force people to see what we see.

as a race, we are still trapped in 1865, when the slaves were told they were free only to find out it had been a big scam

and so our people are confused, because the small daily courtesies make it seem like we are making progresss

but you judge PROGRESS on the quality of the life of the masses of black people

even if u own a home, are u paying more for it than a white person would?

even if you have a job, do you have the same opportunities that a white person has?

i don't judge the condition of black people by ME, i judge it by the number of black folk who are suffering, who are unjustly imprisoned and murdered and lack their basic needs

I don't give a d___ about the number of "showcase blacks" who parade across the TV screen as a symbol of "black success"

to me they are USELESS if they do not use that platform to fight for justice for their people

but the catch-22 is IF they did that, they wouldn't have a platform anymore...

stay up, stay strong, and have a GREAT NEW YEAR


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 22, 2010

@ venita

absolutely right

i have SEEN and heard whites with black partners or spouses practice racism. I know a BM from the UK who told me that some of the BM and BW he knows who are dating/married whites have been called "n----" by those whites. I have relatives who are married to whites who do not like being around other black people outside of their partner's black family -- and even then only the few who are not too "black" acting
so it is extremely naive to think someone can't be a racist because they are sleeping with a black person, just like some black folk don't like whites people in general but only deal with whites as lovers (SICK)
racism makes everybody -- white, black -- mentally ill, because it creates a sick society based on a false superiority and a false inferiority


Female, 45, Utica, MI
Posted September 07, 2010

Excellent blog... I did not view the video, but I already knew what I was going to see... I have said this before, but I guess I will say it again. The white population is not growing so the men have allowed their women to date black, hispanic, and etc to increase their community. By doing this, they can also say and prove that they are becoming diverse... If you have noticed, the word diverse has become their new word of choice concerning engaging with others. I have been told that when white women date black men, they feel as if they are helping society, so to speak...smdh

Another thing I have said before is that the white community wants our melanin. Our melanin protects us in ways that nobody really knows... Yes, it protects us from the sun rays, but it also keeps us healthy from certain diseases and some even says it has something to do with our intelligence. The white community has been trying to recreate melanin for years.

The white community knows if our black men stay with us they are going to have some serious problems, because together a black man and black woman are an incredible force. Therefore, they will make black women look as bad a possible in any way in order to distract the black man. So far it is working. Hoping the black man will realize this before it is too late.



Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted September 07, 2010


CORRECT! We are frowned upon HEAVILY especially by black males, (I call them males, not men, because our MEN wouldn't do us like that). But like Cramm says, might as well speak on it, what have we got to lose? I think those on this site that 'know' how I post, what kind of character I have, are well aware of the fact that I could care less what is thought of me in the aftermath. I mean, I'm already the resident 'bitter lesbian', (NOT!), so hey...I speak.

And like I tell the sisters on this site that do hit me up and rant privately about what I rant about publicly...what difference does it make whether you post it or not? I would explode if I had to 'hide' what I truly felt/thought about certain issues among blacks.

Cramm is right when he says sisters aren't TALKING, speaking up on their absolute HATRED and DISGUST in this constant IR promotion. Too busy trying to be publicly 'liked' and seen as a 'good guy'. Damn all that! It sickens me when I hear a BM/BW destroy their own kind JUST to have sex with another race. And for the record, I'm talking about EVERY other race.

That's another thing! WHY do some blacks feel that they aren't 'harming' anything by dating hispanics/asians etc, just because they are non whites? News-fckin-flash: NON black is what it is. And no other group or race will accept blacks like we accept them. PERIOD. I'm telling you, when whites see a black man with another race of woman, especially white, they don't think..'aww how sweet, interracial love!" Like blacks tend to see it.
NO! They are thinking GOTCHA! Another one DOWN, and some more millions to go!


what do they know about being a "hood"? they all grew up rich in the suburbs, and they're talking about "street cred" and "status gotta be hood" and "gotta be a soldier"and all that other bullshit. beyonce's dad worked in corporate america before this. but i guess they made a lot of money off this single, so they don't care if they are contributing to the deterioration of the black community and the extinction of young black males that think that the only way to be a man is being a "thug". sad.


Male, 27, Saint Louis, MO
Posted September 08, 2010

I had a hard time finding words to express how I felt after reading this blog, so I went through each comment and kind of pinched off what other said and added my own knowledge. By doing this I think I expressed the point I wanted to get across to everyone.
Brace yourselves, I'm going in?

"If they allow Vanessa to have a "sex life" with a man, my bet is he will be a white male... aka a "white man's w*hore". (Can anybody spell "Halle Berry?)"

Kind of like the new t.v. show called Hawthorne with Jada Pinkett Smith and she is supposedly in love with a WM in the show.

LOL at the creativity in these oblivious edited videos, =R4XlEqljOtQ&feature=relat ed =Z-J8YzrpSeM&feature=relat ed

be sure to check out the comments.

"Statistics say that there simply aren't enough black men for black women to date."

and articles like this perpetuates those statistics, 0/09/03/young-black-males-dyin g-in-detroit-at-alarming-rates /

"There are no black teenage girls with even small parts in the so called "teen show lineup". Forget about lead roles."

Except for the show Degrassi, that I wrote a comment about in another blog by Cram. Basically this is a teen show that comes on Teen Nick and I remember seeing a preview for this show while I was watching another channel. It showed a young black teenage female going to bed with a young white teenage male while she beckons him into her bed saying, "Don't worry my parents aren't home".

"It's also time to eradicate this bickering between Black Men and Women. Honestly, it's getting old and it irritates me to see that contempt for each other knowing that there should be love there. I also believe that we need to educate ourselves on our history, culture and identity which is one of the many reasons we don't find ourselves standing up with pride in our own."

Exactly!!! actually just wanted to repeat this quote.

"You hardly see any dark-skinned Latinos (which is the majority) so even they are not getting the kind of self-respecting TV programming that they should be getting and their kinds are getting the inferiority programming just like all non-whites?"

Yeah bro, you are right on with this. That color line exists among all nationalities. You hear about it in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines. For some reason it seems as if the world doesn't like anyone with darker skin.

Also, you said, "[BW] will support movie actors and singers and entertainers that wouldn't date or marry them in a million years".

This is true and it reminds me of how irritated I became when I read the article about John Mayer stating he had a racist %#&@$!, and it seem as if most of the BW who commented on it stated that they still loved his music and they were also really butt hurt of this guy's comment like they were really planning on meeting this guy to have sex with him.

article and comments found here: -curious-nation/news-one-staff /just-curious-do-black-people- actually-like-john-mayer/

and CRAM said, "they are NOT too young to learn about racism, just that the message must be tailored so they can understand it. black folk have got to get over being uncomfortable about telling our kids the truth or they will get their heads bumped and might not recover."

LOL, because you better believe that the white folk will let their kids know. It's not right but I would rather my children to be able to see the craziness before it comes so that they can handle it, whether than be blind and be taken advantage of.

and CRAM said, "yet we think IR is '"racial progress"....which makes you wonder have we lost our damn minds..."

lol yeah we cannot hump ourselves to a post racial society!!


"The white community knows if our black men stay with us they are going to have some serious problems, because together a black man and black woman are an incredible force. Therefore, they will make black women look as bad a possible in any way in order to distract the black man. So far it is working. Hoping the black man will realize this before it is too late."

Amen sister!!



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 23, 2010

@ Harvey33

brother, I agree with most of what you said, and would add that they have done the same thing to the BM, taught us that the BW is the cause of all the BM's problems,

after all, what instigated this post was a website BY BM called, "blackmenvent" where BM are ranting against BW

and i got to be honest (otherwise, what's the point of me doing this) -- i see a h___  of a lot more BW bashing by BM on-line than BM-bashing by BW

so it might be a case of BW doing catch-up
whenever BM and BW talk about the way black folks are portrayed in the media, we STILL BLAME OTHER BLACK FOLKS

knowing d___ well, black folk do NOT CONTROL THE MEDIA

we are so well-trained (like circus animals) we jump through the white society's hoops and bash each other and i think part of it is we are AFRAID of white folk

otherwise, we'd be calling this society on what it's doing to us INSTEAD of blaming each other

of course, there are two other possible explanations:

#1 -- blaming each other is EASY and SAFE

#2 -- blaming each other NEVER solves any problems but only makes things worse -- and maybe that's what we want, for things to get worse. This brother -- can't think of this name -- actually lectures about black people wanting to die, that we have reached a point where we just want to die as a people, as individuals to escape the pain of racism

Is he right? I'm starting to wonder about that
because we sure don't ACT like people who want to LIVE

because NO people who wanted to survive would tear apart their own race, and destroy the self-esteem of their children

so maybe, we have begun to embrace our misery to the extent that we PREFER IT, I know whenever i have posted positive info about black love it's largely avoided by BP members.

but as soon as somebody posts something NEGATIVE and starts bashing BM or BW, the foxes come out of the holes, salivating...and ready to take a bite out of the opposite sex

otherwise, I can make no sense out of why we (BM) would blame BW for what white society is doing to us

Or why BW would ignore the posts that praise them as BW

anybody else got some answers, please share them


crammastersJun. 3rd, 2010
at 1:20 pm

Remember that old saying?
Those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
Black folk have dropped our books and forgot our lessons. If we hadn’t, we would know our history, which TEACHES us that old racial demons ALWAYS emerge during hard economic times. (Ask the Jews in Germany).

History TEACHES us about “minorities” are ALWAYS used as the scapegoats to divert white rage away from the disastrous economic policies of the powerful

History TEACHES us that REAL power never concedes without a bloody fight YET we believe those in power simply handed over the presidency to an independent “outsider.”
If we understood our HISTORY we would be anticipating AND preparing for the rising racial hatred in this country by coming together

We would stop falling for the CON (LIE) of assimilation, integration, and the CON of the white media that makes us think we are BETTER OFF interracially breeding, dating, and marrying outside our race, while white hatred toward us continues to grow (to ignore this FACT is INSANITY)

we would ASK ourselves WHY the media keeps pushing Interracial dating on black people and our KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY would warn us to do the EXACT OPPPOSITE of what they tell us to do
And the BM and BW would be COMING TOGETHER to HEAL the relationships that were damaged during our 500 YEAR AFRICAN HOLOCAUST IN AMERICA
Unfortunately, some black folks reading this will blow it off, and say, ‘fugg history, what’s that got to do with me?’


CaliFemme23Jul. 22nd, 2010
at 9:26 pm

6ft180nATL, Hmmmmm, why is it when a black person doesn’t feel the need to intermingle with whites, they are automatically thought of as low esteemed OR they feel threatened by whites? Why is that the as*sumption?
How about, there are those of us that don’t NEED to deal with whites to feel validated or complete? It is you my sweet who needs to work on your esteem since you feel as if interracial dating is something you can’t fathom living without…lol
I think a few people are right about you dear…You must be laying with a white woman because you are defending them with every strike of key…If you admit to or agree with anything that perhaps ‘crammasters’ says as truth, then you would feel like an idiot for laying with that white woman…
And we know you don’t want to give her up…Think about yourself going against your own to simply have sex with others…such a shallow prose…



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted June 29, 2010

@ bush2win

missed your presence, brotha and I think most BM (if we were honest about it) would ask the same question:

where would WE be without our black women, black mothers, sisters, grandmothers, wives, friends, and lovers?

where would the Jena Six young BM be if it were not for the young college sister who started the movement to go down to LA for six black boys she'd never met?

didn't see no Hispanic or Asian OR white female organizations or co-eds down there, brotha...

I'm a broken record, but hell, if that's what it TAKES, that's what i will do

some folk think by ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of BW in our lives, we are saying they are perfect. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

do we not honor our mothers, and in doing so, does that mean our mothers were perfect people?

Again, showing appreciation and love does NOT mean we lose anything in the process but AS MEN, we actually get stronger and more confident in ourselves.

why do we think the WM praises and uplifts the white female PUBLICLY?

because SHE is a reflection of HIM and by raising her VALUE, he automatically raises HIS VALUE....

simple math and physics....

Note by Me: I don't agree with calling white women "becky" but I get the picture. You don't have to be forced to lay up with a WW to prove equality or validation.
By Timothy

Male, 31, Detroit, MI
Posted August 19, 2010

Yea, I noticed that commercial to. I was at the food court across the st from where I live and this becky was checking me out so hard and she was looking why I wasn't interested in her and then some fine sistas walked passed and they got my attention as they walked passed where the becky was sitting she rolled her eyes at them then looked back at me and starred as if I was supposed to lust all over her and all black men are attracted to white women. I get called racist all the time for turning white women down by whites. So, now if you don't have sex with whites or not attracted to them. You're considered a racist in thier demented minds. I really hurt becky's feelings that day. She was turning red. I noticed that she was with another white chick and a brother.

and before I get on a roll, I'll stop


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 19, 2010

@ Daenticer79

Brother, u have no idea how many times i have been in that situation, especially when i was playing college ball, white females could not understand why a BM would not give them play.

They didn't know my pops RAISED me to respect BW NOT to lust after or admire WHITENESS, I grew up around my moms, and a lot of beautiful dark-skinned, intelligent, and classy black females, so I learned at any EARLY age the value and beauty of black women...

thank God....

what i discovered is a WF is practicing racism when she EXPECTS and DEMANDS that a BM accept her "sexual challenge" OR EXPECTS or DEMANDS that he rank her above the black female.

What the naive BM does not understand is a WW will sex a BM on a dime because she does not care what we think, we have NO POWER to destroy her reputation, we have NO credibility in the white community, only a WHITE MAN can hurt her reputation and that's why she will do things with us that she won't do in front of the WM...and will TELL you that..

"I better not let Jim or Joe see me doing a BM ...giggle, giggle..."


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ venita

if u did hate me, I might as well cut BP loose...because that means I lost a beautiful, down for her people, sister,

which would mean I was doing something wrong....

I agree with u, but a part of me believes many black folk are playing the hide in the cotton NUT ROLE, I think they get what I'm saying, I think they know the truth underneath all those layers of BRAINWASHING


the DESIRE to get at that info MUST be there and the will must be there and many are taking the easy way out, thinking that will make them safe, but i am here to tell u and anybody else reading this

ignorance is not safety. Ignorance makes you more vulnerable, and if we don't believe that look at our unemployment rates, our foreclosure rates, our incarceration rates, our divorce rates (and BM/WW divorce rate is the HIGHEST compared to BM/BW, WM/WW, and BW/WM divorces), our low marriage rates, our low business rates,

come on now, hell, what I post ain't the problem, it's our IGNORANCE, our willful ignorance about the system of white supremacy that has put us in this trick bag

so what do we do? We get deeper into the shyt by rejecting our own and breeding, dating and marrying the same folks who BENEFIT from our oppression (??)

and then have the nerve to "wonder" why we are in the condition we are in?

a few years ago I actually had a BM on blackvoices come after me, slamming my posts and telling me that there was no excuse for black poverty, that people were poor because they wanted to be poor, and that he was doing great and wasn't worried about the economy because it will always be good for folks like him who work hard

well, he's out of work AND out of luck...

it's that kind of foolishness, refusing to believe that we are part of a community of black people (whether we want to be in it or not, just ask Harvard Prof Gates when he got arrested in his own home) if he is black or not....

and the same black folk that would call me a "racist" for talking agaiinst white supremacy are the same ones who are losing everything, their jobs, savings, homes, and MINDS...

(excuse me, Venita, I'm on a rant

Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted August 20, 2010

Oh wow....I watched the little commercial...

Ummmm, "I like my sliders like i like MY men"??? Are you kidding me?

This black man is basically puppy dogged on the arm of a white woman. Talk about a message! I don't think I have ever known a black man in my lifetime that would be on one arm of a white woman as the TOY, while the white guy sits on the other arm as the 'PRIZE'...Heads-up black men, this is how white america views you when it comes to white women...

This is another reason why white men are so angry with black men. Even though this commercial clearly represents the white male most likely as the 'smart' one, he's still the WEAKER of the two. In white people's eyes, thats perfectly alright because it also shows that they in fact, have the BRAINS. I personally would choose to have brains over brawn any day. (Just not from a white male...AHEM!).

It is commercials like this that also perpetuate the 'black men are sexual deviants' MYTH. WM's FEAR BM because of this. White people have always painted black men as these overt, psychopathic-sexual maniacs that can't get enough of their white women,(which also explains the BM's p*enis being cut off in EVERY lynching that has ever taken place),...And sadly enough, some black men feed right into it...Especially when they turn on their black women.

The brother right 'below' me is correct when he says that white women are astonished when they can't grab the eyes and attention of a black man. When my female white co workers found that NONE of them could grab one black guy's attention at work, they automatically tagged him as gay. So a black man has to be gay if he doesn't want them? How very superior is that! Nevermind him being married to a black woman already, and the simple fact that he isn't attracted to white women, those chicks just couldn't believe it.

@Daenticer- You are also dead on about blacks being called racist if they won't or don't want to date whites. True as well that white people put the tag on us. But I can go you one better and tell you of MANY times that a BLACK MAN has told me I was racist, bitter, and prejudice because I prefer blacks, my own people, over whites...That one NEVER ceases to amaze me, and it is commercials like this one that fuel the fire.
But ask ANY black person WHY do we have to intermingle with whites and they will tell you that it's because this is the year 2010, racism is over, we should get over slavery, we had the glorious integration blah blah blah.

But yet, they have NO problem with whites that ONLY date, marry and sex among their own kind.

I have also seen black men that attempt to get white women's numbers, and when she says 'no', he quietly keeps going on about his way...BUT have watched and heard black men curse a black woman OUT if he can't get hers...

Not only do whites feel as if they STILL 'own' us, and we black women are to do what they say do...They have now talked our black men into feeling the same way about us...

And people wonder aimlessly and tirelessly at WHY and HOW a black woman could become 'angry' in this day and age...Because the ill treatment of the BW hasn't changed since we were forced onto these ill fated shores....Cramm, this one is TOO deep! You know I shall return!


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 08, 2010

@ Cali

RE: itsbigma2090 -- like we're not talking about prime dude, here,

here's clue # 1 -- check out this BM's page, i mean, like come on, sis, dude got pics of himself drinking from a bottle, flashing money, just another wanna be gangster...who has learned his manhood from watching rap videos and television...

clue # 2 --

why didn't he post his BOLD OPINION of you PUBLICLY instead of sending u a note? why not post it PUBLICLY on my blog or wherever he read it if he thinks he's right?

that's clue # 3

If he really believed what he said was CORRECT, he would have POSTED IT PUBLICLY to get his props, am I right?

A lot of BP folks despise me, Cali, NOT because they think I'm wrong, but because they know deep down that I'm right, and they can't stand HEARING THE TRUTH, because now they must be accountable for what they know to be true and they don't want the responsibility of fixing or changing our conditions.
OTHERWISE, if they thought i was wrong, why not correct me PUBLICLY and get their PROPS?

see, most folks get madder about the truth than they do about a lie, and that's a fact

folks ATTACK black folks who tell the kind of truth they don't want to hear or THINK ABOUT

on some level, dude knows what he said is all bullshyt, because from looking at his pics, he's a young black male, don't have much going for himself, trying to get cool points by posing with a bottle of alcohol and flashing money that he won't have two weeks later

he knows he's screwed, and he knows he's got nothing coming from the white and Korean community

and he knows FUGGING white and Korean females ain't gonna change his REAL situation,

he's doing nothing but killing time, but he doesn't want to THINK ABOUT IT because he doesn't know how to get out of that HOLE he's stuck in

so his comment TO you ISN'T about you, it's about the way he feels about himself,

and then your smart female self came along and tried to blow up the easiest thing he knows how to do to make himself feel like somebody

fugging non-black females and thinking they can give him the self-esteem his family didn't instill in him

the temporary panacea called INTERRACIAL SEX for some BM is all they got to make themselves feel like somebody for a hot second

the biggest reason, Cali, that BM like this slam BW is so they won't have to LOOK AT themselves and see their failure as a man


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 09, 2010

@ venita who asked, "Why do bm that date/ marry ir care what bw think about their relationships?I once was talking to an older black man who told me that,white women open up doors for bm.How is that possible?What doors are they opening up for black men?"

ME: except in certain circles that most BM will never travel in, that's just an old BM "wives tale"

check out the typical white female BM get, what kind of door could she open for any damn body? We don't get the upper-class white females, the ones who came from money, except in rare exceptions.
usually we get the rejects and WM leftovers, the ones with bad teeth, bad hair, bad skin, all kind of genetic defects, the WM just waves his hand at them and says, "take 'em, I don't want 'em"

if that was true, sis -- that white females open doors for BM -- why is the BM unemployment rate going up, while white females are climbing HIGHER on the corporate ladder?

if she was "helping" the BM (other than helping him pull down his pants zipper) why isn't she pulling a brother up the corporate ladder?

why is she the main one opposing "affirmative action?"

why isn't she picketing and protesting the BM having the highest unemployment rate in the nation -- even higher than ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

it's just another LAME excuse for making poor a___, slave-minded decisions...

Sis, we lay it out in our next book, the whole IR thing and when u get thru reading it, you will never look at IR the same AND you will never ask "why" again, because you'll have the answers u need


@ jazzwatch
got to drop these nuggets on this board…

1) MOST WW DO NOT WANT BW, most WW want WM, the same way most WM want WW. Stroking a negro (d___) is NOT the same as RESPECTING a negro, too bad some of us don’t know the difference….

About four years ago, ABC’s 20-20 did a show about the kind of men women preferred. When they profiled WW, the majority wanted WM and said it would take $70,000 more for a BM to compete with a WM (that’s approx fig, if I remember right).

2) The white females BM usually get are the disposable white female population (average or below average looks & income & education) and most of the time, we get the lower-caste white females, the rejects (no disrespect intended, ladies), and those with genetic issues that show up in their bad skin, faces, bodies and hair..UNLESS…

the BM has something (like money and fame) that tips the scale of his social and false sense of racial inferiority, non-white status. Of course, there are exceptions, but in my experience, that’s the case…

3) No matter how much black d___ white females might like on occasion, they will NEVER TURN A BM INTO BLACK RICHARD GERES, TOM CRUISES, OR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES…

white females PREFER their white male sex symbols, and while they might like or admire a BM entertainer, they will NEVER UPLIFT that BM over a WM, have never seen it happen…

Every UNKNOWN BM entertainer who became a BM SEX SYMBOL, was put there by BLACK WOMEN, and usually repays BW’s loyalty and financial support by marrying white females…

4) When a rich BM marries a WW, it’s the kind without a pot to p___ in, and when she divorces him (it’s usually her that wants a divorce) without exception,
it’s the white female who has been transformed from a stripper, nanny, or waitress into a RICH WHITE WOMAN, who will take that BM’s money and — marry a white man…she will never reach back and marry a BM who was as poor as she was when she met her rich BM sucker…
continued on next post…



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 09, 2010

@ venita who asked, "Why do black men blame bw for their reasons that they date ir?"

ME: the same reason folks who KNOW they're doing something wrong -- deep down -- always blame other folk -- so they won't take the blame or the responsibility for doing something they know is fugged up

Otherwise, WHY would u have to blame anyone at all -- unless you KNOW you're doing something wrong?

and what is more fugged up, sis, than rejecting your female mirror image? what does that say about YOUR self-esteem? What kind of man abandons the women of his race to get with the women of his enemy?

while his own black community is in a shambles and the black kids he had with a black female, he's left them in the dust?

what man is gonna admit to being that FUGGED UP, sis?

so he's got to blame somebody, otherwise, he looks like a LOSER and a FOOL


he can DECEIVE himself into thinking he's okay, he's not a fugging slave, he's not a punk, or a wimp who has given in to white supremacy,

he can DECEIVE himself into thinking it's the black female's fault because she's so defective he was forced to date outside his race

but like I tell BM who bring that bullsh___ to me,

if the black female is defective,
and u came from a black female
what the hell does that say about YOU?

if the white female is superior to the black female
that means the white male -- who came from a white female
is better than a black man
what the hell does that say about YOU, brotha?

needless to say, not too many BM bring that shyt to me
cause they know I ain't biting
i'm not about to put white folk on a pedestal
not above my momma, my sisters, my daughter, my wife, brothers, pops, or my damn self

IF the IR-loving BM didn't think what they were doing was FUGGED UP why are they always blaming BW for doing it?



Only a Woman of Color

Posted 6/28/10

I can't take credit for this "essay" that a BM partner just sent by email but I had to share it with my BP family.

I am most definitely in agreement. I have lived it, breathed it, known it, been amazed by it, been loved and nurtured by it, have loved, lusted, kissed, and adored it, have touched and caressed it, been obsessed by the flesh of it, and I married....HER....

Because no matter what the mainstream (white) media says about the AFRICAN MOTHER OF ALL CIVILIZATION; no matter how much time, energy and money is spent creating LIES to turn ME againt MY BLACK WOMAN, and ultimately against MY BLACK SELF...
I know for certain TWO FACTS:

#1 -- the black woman is the most IMITATED WOMAN ON THE PLANET

#2 -- NOBODY IMITATES JUNK... you are rare and precious beyond word up, my beautiful black queens.

Without further ado, the feature presentation....


Female, Age Private, Las Vegas, NV
Posted September 10, 2010

lol crammaster i have been readiing, but i would also like to know, why the divorce rate is higher in bm/ww unions


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 17, 2010

@ Cali who said to easy_one: "Just WHO is making you think that IR marriage is so successful OR anymore successful than any other marriage between the same parties of race?

Contrary to popular belief, black men are not running in droves to marry other races of women. Those are the relationships that the MEDIA highlights because they want us DIVIDED

ME: Right, most BM IR relationships don't end in marriage, even if babies come into the picture. In fact, the marriage for BM is the lowest it's ever been, even lower than during the Great Depression!

which is one reason -- in my opinion -- that the black community is so fragile: unparented children, breakdown of the black family, fewer and fewer stable, two-parent households

The FAMILY is the foundation for all human societies. And when the family is damaged, the kids, the community, the nation is damaged.

What has happened, Cali, is the media has worked overtime degrading the image of BW, from music, to movies, to comedy, to BM wearing dresses in roles designed to degrade BW, that some weak-minded BM have fallen for the hype of seeking a "better" woman aka one that the white folk will approve of...

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 10, 2010

@ sophinal40

we talk about it in depth in our next book but here's a short list

#1 -- a lot of BM/WW couples get together when they're young and lack life experience and common sense

#2 -- some BM/WW couples get together to "rebel" against society or their parents (especially the white female) #3 -- lower-class BM usually wind up with lower-class WW and as a couple have less education, no money, which = lots of stress which = divorce

#4 -- they get together for the wrong reasons, like the BM's sexual stereotype, or the white female's (false) higher status than the black female's -- u can't build a strong marriage based on bull S
# 5 -- regardless of who she is or what he is, the black folk in an interracial relationship MUST SUBMIT to the reality of that white folk in order to get along with that white folk
i don't care, sis, if she lives in a black neighborhood, or if that BM beats her, or cusses her, or mistreats that white female -- SHE is still most powerful person in that relationship because SHE IS WHITE in a white supremacy society
at any time, she can pull the plug on his black a___, falsely accuse him, send his a___ to the slammer, AND she can always do better financially than him (if she chooses), and has MORE RIGHTS in America than he has because she has WHITE PRIVILEGES and he's just another N___

she knows it (don't be fooled by no false innocence) and if that BM doesn't know it, he soon will when he p___ her off

it is VERY common, according to my BM associates who have experienced or witnessed it first hand, for that white female (or white male) to use racial slurs, like "n____" if they get mad enough, or to make disparaging comments about black folk

now, i'm not saying every white female does that, or that some don't treat their BM pet nicely, but the bottom line is the BLACK MAN must SUBMIT and men are taught that they should not submit to women, that the MAN is the head, right?

so the BM who is in that situation, has two choices: he can SUBMIT or RESIST

if he submits, he loses respect for himself and that white female will lose respect for him and just might DUMP his a____.

if he resists, he will start clowning, rebelling in all kinds of ways, or maybe start cheating with other females (a lot of BM in IR cheat on their white females with -- guess who? A BLACK FEMALE. don't ask, I got my sources..)

that's why, if u notice, a lot of white females in IR with BM don't want that BM around any BW who are not relatives. She knows that BM might come to his SENSES and go BACK TO BLACK where his a____ belongs....
and the last reason is, hell, the novelty of being "different" or "rebellious" against society by marrying interracially just wears off, so one of both of them split...

whatever the reason, BM/WW couples are TWO TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIVORCE than BM/BF couples

guess it ain't all peaches and cream in interracial land....

(and i guess i lied about a short explanation.....LOL)


crammastersNov. 30th, 2010
at 12:50 pm

@ AfricanS who said, “Why would one try to make it behind enemy lines? If you are behind enemy lines, you fight your way out, retreat and regroup and then attack the enemy…
A black man making it in America can have it all taken away in a blink of an eye… Just ask the rich black folks that are now in trouble with the IRS, government, banks, etc…”
Unfortunately, too many black folk refuse to believe we are at war — or at least, that war is being waged against us, cause we damn sure ain’t fighting back, but we’ll beat the hell out of each other — because that’s EASY and not too scary.

I have watched famous BM and BM i know who have played the WM’s game to perfection, did everything they were told to do, and still got SMASHED, and all their stuff SNATCHED, and we still don’t get it.
I just posted some interesting info about the TRUE financial status of black people in America (which can’t be judged by how many luxury cars and fancy homes and designer clothing we rent — NOT OWN — since we’re still paying on it)

and the one big highlight was the AVERAGE WHITE PERSON IS FIVE TIMES RICHER THAN THE AVERAGE BLACK PERSON — even when that black person is at the upper end of education and income.

that’s the way the SYSTEM is rigged, to make sure that whites stay on top. We can’t win playing another man’s game, especialy when that “man” can change the rules anytime we start winning a few hands…

at some point in time, we will be faced with the hard truth. We will have to get out of his game and create our own if we want to get out from under the boot. that’s the bottom line.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 13, 2010

@ Tigerris1 -- appreciate your praise, if i knew how to blush, i wouldn't admit

Sis, u got to go back much further than the 1960s, the breakdown between the BM and BW began during slavery, where the BM was raped in front of the BW, the black babies were raped in front of their mothers and fathers, and the BW was raped in front of the BM

Now, imagine this happening for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS...

It is a MIRACLE, sis, that some of us are still half-way sane...

that's what we have to do is RE-LEARN EMPATHY FOR EACH OTHER, the BM for the BW, and the BW for the BM, or we will NOT be able to go one step further.

I appreciate you stepping up as a black woman and trying to take responsibility for the BW's role in what has happened to our families and communities

yes, the BW shares in some of the blame BUT as a BLACK MAN, i cannot BE a man without taking the LION'S share of the responsibility.

however, the blame game is not useful when the BM and the BW are STILL prisoners in a prison camp -- all OUR TIME AND ATTENTION AND ENERGY MUST BE FOCUSED ON GETTING OUT OF THAT PRISON

and NOT putting the blame on each other for being VICTIMIZED (prisoners), but putting the blame where it belongs, sister


as a man, especially if I AM MISSING FROM THE HOME, i cannot expect the woman to be whole and intact and undamaged when I have been unable to PROTECT HER

I agree that showcase BW are allowing themselves to be used in the white man's game of divide and conquer, but we BM do not have clean hands.


and those who refuse to "play the devil's game" are thrown out altogether, so i choose to focus on the BM and the BW puppets, and more so on the "masters" of the game who are writing the rules and controlling the game board

What happens to women who are NOT respected OR protected, sister, is they become broken and bitter, and so in our next book, as (mainly) BM, we take up the cause of making the BM responsible as a MAN, for what MEN must do to be considered a MAN.


if the women and children are out of order, then the MEN are already out of order. When the MEN are in order, the women will follow that man and together they will raise their children to be RESPECTFUL, including their DAUGHTERS, because the BLACK FATHER has given them the correct role modeling of what a respected black man is

and I have NEVER once seen a black girl who loved and respected her father, disrespect black men. I'm talking about my wife, who loved and respected her father

and I'm talking about my partner, whom i consider my wisest teacher, who homeschooled all 13 of this children, sons and daughters,

(all from the same BW, his wife) and all his kids love and respect him, and none had children out of wedlock and most are married and none to a white person.

A man gets the RESPECT he has earned. If he does not earn it, it is NOT the woman's fault, because a man who respects himself will NEVER tolerate a woman who does not respect him. He will NOT marry her, sex her, or breed with her.

Like The Honorable Elijah and Brother Malcolm and the Honorable Farakkhan (note by Me: I don't agree with Elijah Muhammand and Louis Farrakhan on every issue. By Timothy) have said basically, "The men create the women's character by the way they treat them."

See, it makes a man WEAK to put the blame on someone else, and sister, I'm trying to build STRONG BLACK MEN, not males who blame everybody but the man in the mirror.

too many black males have been coddled and given excuses by their black mommas and girlfriends and it's time for BLACK MEN TO HOLD OTHER BLACK MEN ACCOUNTABLE


------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --


Can work full time while finishing school, raising respectful and intelligent children, be active in the PTA and a make it all seem effortless

Can make a $100 out of 15 Cents


Can go from the boardroom to the 'hood and 'keep it real' in both places.


Can live below poverty level and still set fashion trends.

Can fight two struggles everyday and make it look easy.

Can be 75 years old and look 45!


Can make other women want to pay plastic surgeons top $$$ for physical features she was already born with.

Can be the mother of civilization.

Did Ya Hear me?

Pass this along, and let a woman of color know how special and beautiful she is...

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ zuribibi who said, "By doing this, they can also say and prove that they are becoming diverse... If you have noticed, the word diverse has become their new word of choice concerning engaging with others."

ME: just a con game, racism is getting worse, which is ONE reason the powers that be are promoting IR for the clueless black population

what better way to DO U, than by making you think things are cool?

black folk having the highest unemployment and foreclosure rate and losing all the gains of the last 40 years isn't enough proof of what is really happening

Oh hell no? It's a white folk in every black bed, that's PROOF black folks are moving on up

IR-loving BM and BW are the last ones to see the truth, because they are so trapped in their white partners' reality, and if you get into a conversation with one, one of two things will happen

either they will be so white-identified, you will want to upchuck,

or they will be PSEUDO-BLACK radicals, who talk black and sleep white

either way, they have NO CREDIBILITY because if they understood the real deal they could NOT consciously make a choice to lay down with a white folk every night and think they can get up in the daytime and be self-respecting enough to fight their own oppression without going insane

just like Omar Thornton -- the young BM who killed 8 whites in Connecticut -- didn't understand that he was putting HIMSELF into the PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRE by fighting with white folk on the job and going home to a white folk

nothing but a recipe for psychological disaster

thousands of black folk do this every day and the ones I have seen and known are confused, secretly demoralized, and self-hating,

and some are blaming other blacks for the racist ways of white folks! as though racism was caused by unruly black folk. I guess slavery was caused by unruly Africans, right? lol

Like, "If those (other) blacks weren't so this and that, white people would see me in a better light." OR "why can't blacks just get it together so the white folks will stop being racist? (speaking in 3rd person, like they aren't black, too)"

and then you have the kind of IR-black that marries and then complains about their racist spouse's ways, like the BW caller on Dr. Laura

nothing but confusion and denial...that's what IR does for the average weak black mind



Tiger Woods and the OJ Simpson Syndrome

Posted 12/4/09

I'm only weighing in on Tiger Woods -- not because I give a d___ about what happens to this denatured white man in brown skin -- but to ask why black people give a d____ about these showcase blacks who could give a d____ about them (the black masses)?

So what if Tiger plays a mean game of golf? If you don't follow golf, who gives a d____?

So what if he makes a lot of money? He's not building generational wealth for any black men, women, and children.

So what if this dude is called a "the best black golfer" by the press? This dude didn't even want to be called black -- and actually made up a racial classification for himself: "Casablanasian," and later dyed his hair blonde (I assume to match his wife's hair) so, what is it WE don't get about blacks like this?
Are we so desperate for validation that we have to claim "blacks" who don't claim us? Is it about their talent, fame, or their MONEY? In actuality, these showcase black celebrities serve NO useful purpose and, in fact, damage the black nation by sending the wrong message to young black males about what success means (getting a white or non-black woman).

The white elite will always promote and reward black celebs who promote the idea of white supremacy -- until they've outlived their usefulness, and then it brings them crashing down. Again, who gives a d___? Let them lie in the beds they made and we can turn our attention to more important things (and people).

I read a article recently which posed the question of why so many black male celebrities date/marry outside their race. Here's my take on why it's so common, especially among successful black males (and females):

Black males choosing white females (over black women) is about the white supremacy programming the black male receives from cradle to grave. The ego-driven (low-self-esteemed) black male will always seek status (and white validation) from the most powerful male on the planet: the white male.
The ego-driven (low-self-esteemed) black male knows he cannot get this status by being with a (black) woman who, like himself, has NO STATUS in a white supremacy system. So, he deliberately (and repeatedly) chooses non-black women in a vain attempt to resurrect his low self-esteem. The white man in power encourages interracial unions between BM and WW for several reasons: (1) IR neutralizes the will of the BM to fight his own oppression, (2) the black male becomes the target for the frustration of the average, ordinary white male who is suffering from job and financial losses, (3) it destroys the NATURAL BOND between the black male and his ONLY natural ally in a system of white supremacy: the black female, (4) it destroys the possibility that we will create strong black families, black communities, and black economic bases. (5) and these black male celebs serve as "role models" for young and impressionable black males who seek to imitate them.

It's a win-win for the white males in power, which is exactly why they reward black males who date/marry outside their race with movie, record, and TV deals. These "showcase" black male celebrities do NOT determine how much money they make, the white men in power decide how rich they will become because THEY control the studios, syndication companies, distribution networks, sports teams, etc.
For example, if the powers that be decided that Michael Jordan, at the height of his career, would only be paid $1 million dollars, he would have played for $1 million dollars. If the powers that be didn't want to syndicate the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago, she would NOT be syndicated and would NOT be the richest black woman on the planet.
These showcase blacks are allowed to get rich, because they are the best advertising white supremacy can buy. Most stand for nothing, do nothing (other than donate some money to charities named after themselves then write it off on their taxes, or use it to get endorsements), and many entertainers actually degrade black people for profit. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.
It is no accident that the most successful black males in entertainment and sports are also the most likely to be involved interracially because they know the BEST way to make it in the white entertainment industry is to be promote white supremacy by taking a white (or non-black) spouse.

 In the meantime, the ordinary (non-famous) black male is the MOST likely to be unemployed, regardless of education, and is the most likely to be murdered by police, or incarcerated. Why? Because the ordinary, average white males (who are enraged by the BM dating/breeding with/and marrying WW) are the same white males who sit behind the employment desks, and wear policeman's uniforms all over America.
The black male does not see his dilemma because he is so blinded by his need for white validation, he does not see that we are the ONLY MEN on the planet who do NOT understand the power and protection of ethnic unity. Instead, some of us deliberately seek out non-black women who know NOTHING about our struggle and could care less. We callously abandon our black women and too-black children YET we still have the nerve to wonder why the BM is still under the boot of our oppressors.

It sickens me as a black man – who had a wonderful black mother, who has a beautiful black wife, and black daughters (who may not find a BM to marry) -- to see so many denatured black males bonding with women who didn't man the picket lines, didn't get beat, lynched or spit on during the Civil Rights marches.
It was the BW who has been by our side for over 500 years, and hundreds of young black sisters who rode on buses for 10, 15, 18 hours for justice for six black boys in Jena, LA.
Where were the Asian, Hispanic, and white females who should have been riding that bus, my brothers? Where are they when a BM is murdered by the police? Where are they when the BM goes to the corporations -- hat in hand -- looking for a job at the same places THEY work?
Where is the honor of ANY MAN who turns his back on his own women, his mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and daughters,  and chooses, instead to uplift the women of his oppressor?
Bottom line, you can't lay down with white supremacy by night and fight it in the morning.
Divide and conquer = death for the black nation.

Peep the game before it’s too late.



Happily Ever After: Stories of Black Marriages and Why They Work (Internet Trailer)

Posted 11/14/09 =cJDKpHH1l1c&feature=related

Funny, I never heard of this movie

Not that I'm surprised....
A positive film about black marriage wouldn't be featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, Wendy Williams, or any news/media outlet
That is NOT a message the media and their white & black enablers want to promote about black people.
Not when people like Wanda Sykes can come on Oprah, now that she is out of the (gay) closet, and proudly announce that her wife is white and that she used a white sperm donor to have white children so her white woman wouldn’t have to worry about combing their hair if Wanda died.
Now, THAT's a message the media - including Oprah, who passionately and a little bit too enthusiastically, called Wanda's gayness a "spiritual awakening," - loves to promote!
Even movies like, "Precious" offer too precious an opportunity to show just how miserable black life is, how terrible black men are, how terrible black parents are, and just how fat, illiterate, and promiscuous dark skinned black women must be...
Folks might think I’m going overboard -- "Wait a minute, cram, you know (white) people don't think Precious represents all dark-skinned black women!"
BUT we also know perception is more important (and more precious) than reality.
Try to remember the last time you saw a really dark-skinned black woman on TV or in a movie who wasn't ridiculed, or made to look undesirable and ignorant. Try to remember a movie where the black man picked the dark-skinned girl instead of the light-skinned girl.
If perception wasn't more important than reality, how could TV show host Bill O'Reilly be so shocked that black diners in Sylvia's (in Harlem) don't scream to their waitresses, "Hey, mothaf*cka, bring me some more ice tea!"
Bill O'Reilly lives in NYC, where there are hundreds of educated, sophisticated black New Yorkers, yet the perception of "ignorant" black folks overrides his every day reality.  It's called PERCEPTION.
Why do so many whites in general automatically connect welfare with black folks when they see black coworkers everyday who get a paycheck, pay taxes, and do not live off food stamps? PERCEPTION.
Why would a forty-something white female automatically think that a 45 year old black woman was into rap music, or think calling her a "b*tch" was acceptable? (I saw this on TV a few years ago on a show "Black and White") PERCEPTION.
Why do black people have to battle stereotypes EVERY DAY even when they make no sense? PERCEPTION.
Because perception is more important than reality.
What people remember is NOT the message (in a movie like Precious).
What they remember is the subliminal message behind the imagery (to be black is to be miserable, to be black and female is to be fat, illiterate, unloved, unlovable, and promiscuous)
That's why the media promotes so many ignorant and negative black shows, movies, images, and celebrities.
They know WE think it's just entertainment, BUT the media powers know if you repeat an image often enough it becomes reality -- and it becomes truth in the minds of the people watching it. And that the victims will begin to believe it about themselves. That's what the Nazis did to the Jews (turned them into monsters who deserved to die) and that's what they're doing to us.
I'm going to support this film by buying a copy of their DVD (and, I refuse to bootleg it, so anyone who wants a copy, cough up the dough). We all need to support the efforts of black people who promote positive messages (put our monies where our mouth is) OR stop complaining.
We also need to stop supporting our enemies (black and white) who promote negative images about black people. Let's be for real, Miss O seems to prefer movies that show black men in a negative light, like black males as the eternal child rapist, but never showing movies about BM and BW loving each other.
It's time for us to TAKE CONTROL of our own messages and stop these mothas from poisoning our black children’s minds. If they continue to do it, let them do it on their own damn dime, not ours.
Here's the Amazon link: ct/B002K7B780
No offense intended, but please don't bootleg this movie. They can't make films like this if we steal the money.


crammastersJul. 3rd, 2010
at 6:30 pm

@ CaliFemme
you are on point, sis, nothing but PLANTED WARS to divide and conquer us. At some point, we must be smart enough to recognize the ENEMY’S tactics and stop falling for it.
& Venita
sister, be mindful that we are being manipulated from every direction. Do not take the silly azz ramblings of some BM youngsters too seriously.
A mature BM does not have to resort to childish schoolyard taunts to get attention — or to get his point across. Always consider the source, not just the comment.
most of the BM out here do not share those opinions, as you can see, it’s the same handful (who shall remain nameless) who post the same shyt over and over
the opposite of love is not hate, sister, it’s INDIFFERENCE
and any BM who is spending time on these threads to put BW down INSTEAD of spending his time on a WHITE WEBSITE trying to hook up with white females
does not think BW are inferior…
he’s just a frustrated BM who does not understand that when he looks at you, he sees a (low self-esteemed) reflection of himself…



crammastersJul. 24th, 2010
at 9:06 pm

@ CaliFemme
sis, if i had a DIME for every BM that comes on these threads and repeats the same TIRED stereotyped lines (and lies) that they they re-post WITHOUT thinking about what they heard, like a bunch of black sheep

and u can tell repeating something they heard OR read because they can’t explain OR defend it logicallyand just for the record, this ain’t directed specifically at Esco73, I’m speaking in general…got to rant for a sec, so bear with me…

and some of them RIGHT NOW are living off a black woman (like MOMMA) talking about black women are “unappreciative?” and money-hongry?????

My pops did me and my brothers the biggest favor he could have done

he let us know that once we left school, we had to get our S together (become self-supportive, we better NOT bring no police around his house, don’t call him if we get arrested for something we DID, he wasn’t paying for no babies, don’t make no babies in his crib, and we wasn’t laying up on his dime…

that’s why I can’t believe the S i read on these threads, from dudes who can’t take care of their damn self, talking about being a “man,” talking about “gold-diggers,”

and praising latin and white females who could GIVE A DA*N about black folks, and who didn’t put a dime’s worth of FOOD in their stomach or clothes on their backs for the first 18 (to sometimes 41) years of their lives

Cali, that shyt really p____ me off…


crammastersNov. 30th, 2010
at 12:34 pm

@ _A_
right, right, the key is to repair our FOUNDATION — the Black Family. The family is the cocoon that (should) nurture and protect our children until they are ready to stand on their own. That’s not happening enough….
The black family is in trouble because our relationships (BM/BW) are in trouble. Repair one and you repair the other
which is why i will continue to sound like a broken record when i say we BM must uplift our women (instead of degrading them) because our WOMEN are the MOTHERS of the children, and if they are demoralized and degraded, the children — including the MALE CHILDREN — will be demoralized and low-self-esteemed.
By uplifting I don’t mean making them vain or excusing their faults, I mean we should not allow the “system” to use US to degrade our women in music, film, movies, or on the street.——
and the BM must stop degrading other BM, calling each other “n*ggas” and listening to music about killing each other for sport, etc.—–
the BM and BW should stop allowing the “system” to divide and conquer us by pushing the IR relationships on us — because we know what time that is. We are doing MORE IR dating, breeding, and marrying — and our communities are in MORE trouble than before, our unemployment is higher than it was before, our children are in MORE trouble than before
while UNIFIED non-white communities with STRONG ETHNIC FAMILIES are thriving, the DIVIDED and DISUNIFIED black community (that uses IR like a weapon against each other) is getting poorer and poorer.
if our kids see the BM and BW loving each other, standing up for each other, working together, cooperating together, supporting each other, and raising their children TOGETHER, there will be NOTHING on this earth that will shake the self-esteem of our boys and girls


crammastersJul. 24th, 2010
at 6:44 pm

@ Esco73 said, “The other thing I have noticed about most sista’s are they want a man, but don’t want to let him be the man. They want to run a house, but have the nerve to want a King…”

ME: Brother, If WE are not acting like KINGS – making our communities SAFE for our women and children, and providing for our women and children, they GOT to be the KING and the QUEEN. What choice are we giving them IF we are missing in action OR not taking care of our business?

Brother, I got partners who had a moms who PUT their azzes through COLLEGE, without a dime from pops. Let’s keep it real HONEST, brother. Too many BM are too dependent on black females, to lose what little support we have…

maybe, that’s the reason some BM post what u do. The BM owes the BW too much, and it makes us feel like less than a MAN, so we try to make them feel like less than a WOMAN.

the problem with that is, the more lies we tell, the weaker we get and the less MANLY we get, and the next thing u know we got our pants hanging off our azz, wearing more jewelry than six Jewish ladies at a Bar Mitzvah, because we lost our manhood…

Esco73 said, “I’m not condoning his actions, but I do understand. He said he likes lighter women. That’s cool, cuz I like lighter women,”

ME: have you ever asked yourself why, brother? I’ll tell you why, because the WHITE MAN told you lighter was better. Now, here’s a question for you: when you look in the mirror, do you see “dark” or do you see “light?” Is a light skinned or white man better than you? Just curious…
Esco73 said, “Black women are perceived to be gold diggers. I’m not saying its true, but the perception is there. White women are use to money and latin women know there place…again. I’m not saying its true, but these are my perceptions of black men on white and latin women.”

ME: The MAIN reason, brother, is WE – BM – gave them that reputation, despite all the BW who are supporting baby and adult BM. Almost funny how many BM without a pot to pizz in, talking about “gold-diggers” wanting gold that don’t exist…lol…

If all most BW wanted was money, brother, most BM would be ALONE, and the black population rate would fall to ZERO.

No doubt, there are black gold-diggers, but they come in all colors, and the best example is all these negro males giving WHITE FEMALE (gold-diggers) – MILLIONS of dollars after a DIVORCE.

And after most of these poor azz white females divorce that rich negro male that married them, she takes that money BACK to her white community and marries a WHITE MALE, brother, for example, Montel Williams’ ex-stripper wife #2 – and once these white females got that silly negro’s wad of cash, they are NEVER seen with another BM.

Do you think Tiger Woods’ ex-wife will marry another BM, now that she’s one of the richest women on the planet? And check this: when’s the last time YOU saw a rich white female marry a poor BM?

Esco73 said, “Now with all that being said I am expecting some backlash from the comment. However, I won’t be coming back on the article to look for it.”

ME: No disrespect intended, but that’s kinda “tired,” to drop a pack of negative comments AND not have the heart to defend them. That tells me one thing, that you don’t really believe what you wrote, and maybe, there’s hope…


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 17, 2010

RedAlert7 said: "Just because a white man/woman is nice to you, it doesn't mean they aren't/cannot be racist. The name calling on sites across the internet is proof of that.
Even though these people are hiding behind their computer screens spewing their views? The sick thing is, any one of these people could be dating someone black."

ME: A lot of them are dating blacks OR have dated blacks.
This sister who posts a lot of 'black-oriented' material on Facebook, said she gets a lot of nasty notes from WM, calling her black Bs, etc.,

and finally she checked out one guy's profile and he's on Facebook talking about how much he "loves BW and wants to marry a BW."

I keep warning sisters DON'T FALL FOR THIS IR SEX HYPE. Most sisters will wind up just another notch on a white boy's bedpost, who will keep right on practicing racism.

They are trying to turn our women into black Jezebels and playthings for white males who have always lusted after our black women from day one, only NOW they want BW to make it "EASY" for white males to get some sex by making BW feel so desperate, they think that's their only alternative.

the same is true for many BM, but like i tell BM OUR body IS OUR TEMPLE, and who we lay down with is who we GET UP WITH, and if we're laying down with white supremacy, we will get up being submissive to white supremacy OR wind up going crazy, like that BM in Conneticutt who shot up his coworkers.

White females use our bodies as sex toys while they keep right on PRACTICING RACISM, and co-partnering with the WM to keep the BM on his knees, make no mistake...

RedAlert7 said: "Very few interracial couples fall in love. Their cohabitation is usually out of curiosity, perpetuated stereotypes or simply just lust."

ME: I agree, since RACE is the primary reason they were attracted to each other, and once you get hung up on THAT, your other feelings take on the same falseness as that initial attraction.

It's a fetish on steroids, the high of sexing something different, forbidden, taboo has nothing to do with real love OR the REAL person inside,

it has EVERYTHING to do with stereotypes, fetishes, racism, and turning other folk into objects and things..a far cry from genuine love....

not saying some IR couples don't love each other, but i suspect it's based more on falseness than realness...and if the relationship is going to last somebody's got to wear that false mask most of the time...and that someone is usually black...

RedAlert7 said: "These are the people who never last in interracial relationships because they don't brace themselves for reality, or the nuances of bigotry, racism and hate that they will have to deal with."

ME: Right, according to stats by the Pew Institute, BM/WW couples have the HIGHEST divorce rate of all black/black, white/white/ couples. There's a lot of reasons that we will talk about in our second book, which is what I'm working on as we speak....


CaliFemme23Jul. 24th, 2010
at 10:18 pm

crammasters, Hmmmmm, you know you’re probably ‘in for it’ now from the fellas…
But it is a shame that some black men have taken to, like you said, simply repeating what they see and or hear, because it’s popular? Calling black women gold diggers and whatnot, when the black males that complain of gold diggers don’t even possess that kind of money! Again, they are just regurgitating…
Damn shame what our minds have allowed to soak in at the hands of a race who doesn’t respect us in the first place…
I don’t get it Cramm, and I don’t think I ever will. How do so many black people defend, fight for and embrace the same people who stood on their backs for hundreds of years? I defy anyone to point me to a person of Jewish culture that lingers in groups and on websites who will deliberately disrespect his/her own to defend a german!! It’s not happenin!
Blacks were asking, begging, telling whites to ‘go away, leave us alone’ for YEARS! Now all of a sudden, whites want BLACK FLESH, yes I said it, they only want BLACK FLESH, and negroes run to whites like they have been waiting patiently all of their lives to be ‘accepted’ by those people?

crammastersNov. 30th, 2010
at 7:25 pm

@ coldt7
u got that right, the white suicide rate has always been higher than the black even though they don’t go through a TENTH of what blacks go thru

maybe that’s what made us stronger in the past BEFORE all this integration and IR-dating
what else could account for the rise in black suicides among BM if it is NOT trying so hard to “assimilate” with whites? when we were separate, blacks were more unified and had stronger communities and relied on each other (since we had no choice), dated and married each other, and black suicides were rare

anybody got any other explanations, please share them


crammastersNov. 30th, 2010
at 1:11 pm
@ Jazzwatch

like u said, FEAR is the number one motivation of racists

if they didn’t fear us, they wouldn’t have burned down ‘Black Wall Street’

or created the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws right after slavery (so-called) ended

or castrated BM (destroying the black pe*nis)

or made sure in every state in the nation that black kids get an inferior education

and the list is too long so i’ll end with this:
if blacks really were inferior, there would be no need to create a system to keep us inferior
Guess those who LOVE to keep others(especially US) from succeeding hides a factor that proves their motives to stay on top: F-E-A-R…….


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted December 27, 2010

@Tc2ewra, I agree with Cramm, your comment on page 2 I believe summed it up! Good stuff brother...

@AfricanS, Cramm and RedAlert7,

Thank you so much brothers....You guys enlighten me constanly, I have learned a lot from all of you really. I appreciate that. And most importanly, I'm glad you don't see me as angry or bitter. It's nice to be understood when I speak. Let's me know it's not only me, and my black men do 'get' what I mean and where I'm coming from...

You don't know how much that means to me, especially in this divisive day and age....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 09, 2010

@ Harvey

i agree, black folk are terrified of the white man AND terrified of displeasing white folk in general (because we don't trust them),

which is why WE defend them more than we defend ourselves...and accuse other black folk who speak TRUTH of being "racists."

A lot of folks didn't see what happened to Acorn, that they were destroyed because they represented grass root folks and this system does not want the common folk to come together

and so they create a scandal that destroys public confidence in those grass roots organization and place their faith back in the "man."

you're right, the BIGGEST problem in the black community will be the SELL OUT blacks who work against us in secret, and that includes the MAJORITY of blacks in entertainment, who will sell their mommas for a new record deal, movie, or TV show

yet black folk put these strangers on a pedestal higher than we put our own loved ones

and the biggest fraud, who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, has been elevated above Martin Luther King and there is NO comparison between the two....King was an honorable man who gave his LIFE for his people,

not an opportunist who is being rewarded and SET FOR LIFE by the same people who are oppressing us...

Note by Me: We know who this fraud is.

By Timothy

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 09, 2010

@ tc2ewra who said, "Yes we need strong mothers and fathers but we also need strong communities.and thats difficult when someone who's values are different than our own is setting the standards.WE NEED OUR OWN! Everything else is just patchwork."

i agree

we can't have strong communities without strong black families, and we can't have strong black families without strong black men and women GETTING MARRIED AND RAISING THEIR KIDS TOGETHER UNDER THE SAME ROOF.

without strong minded black males and females creating strong black families, we can't build a snowball.

and our communities are the PROOF of that, where folks getting off the boat have more businesses than we do...and a lot of us see nothing wrong with that.

i keep saying it and saying until i sound like a broken record:

what will black people do if we are unable to rely on those outside our communities?

until we get back to basics -- the black family -- nothing we do will work.

you're right, we MUST have our own everything, otherwise, we have NOTHING we can count on


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 12, 2010

@ tc2ewra

I agree, Venita made some great points

brother, I think we are measuring our "progress" by how many material comforts we have NOT by how much freedom we really have. A lot of us do not see that we are MORE dependence and disunified and WEAK -- lacking real power -- than we were in the 1960s.

At least then wewe knew where we stood, we married each other, we actually GOT married, sometimes before we had kids, and most definitely AFTER we had kids, and we knew we had to stick together to get anything done

if the Montgomery bus boycott happened today, it would have FAILED and Dr.King would have given up the fight..

we have lost track of the biggest asset we ever had in this racist nation: UNITY

and now we're pretending that we can make JUST on what we do as individuals, that we don't "need" other black folk, that it's all about (just) us, and that "racism" and "racists" are something we don't have to worry about

(a poster actually told me that a few days ago on Black Voices)!

yet, black folk are taking MAJOR hits in foreclosures, personal and business bankrupticies, homelessness, high school dropout rates, unemployment, gang violence, relocation/gentrification, being pushed out of our neighborhoods and homes, and even out of the state of Louisiana, no business bases, very few viable black businesses that are still standing

case in point, there was a black-owned fish place about ten minutes from my home, always had plenty customers from what i could see and they closed a few months ago, but the Arab fish places are multiplying in black areas all over Chicago

i cannot for the life me understand why this place closed with all the fish-eating black folk in Chicago...

in an economic period when entrepreneurship will be the ONLY way most folks will be able to keep up their standard of living,

the days of getting a "good job" and hanging on to retirement age is a relic of the past, YET I see FEWER black businesses today than i did in the past

we seem to think none of that is significant, as long as we have the deluxe cable TV package and can eat at Red Lobster


crammastersJun. 4th, 2010
at 8:10 pm

@ MisterUnderstood425
absolutely, what is happening is nothing new. there is nothing new under the sun because humanity never learns from its past — or its past mistakes.
Katrina should have been a wake-up call for blacks in america, but after the coverage died, so did our interest. i believe we KNOW on some level that we will NEVER be considered equal to whites in this nation, but are avoiding facing the truth. They are not going to change a system that benefits white people. Who would? So, that means WE WILL HAVE TO CHANGE
and that doesn’t mean “interracially dating” — that is a certain death sentence for a people who lack unity. Believe this, behind closed doors, whites aren’t telling each other to “date interracially” they’re thinking about WHITE UNITY — and so far, it has helped THEM rule the world!

Changing means we MUST COME TOGETHER, BLACK MALE AND BLACK FEMALE, to raise our children so they will NOT be completely INSANE, and coming together to create a sustainable, safe,and productive environment where being “black” is not a crime; it is an ASSET.
if we do not put that remote down, and stop watching all that “fantasy TV” and start paying attention to what is really happening to our own people — be it unemployment, prisons, foreclosures — and understand that NONE of this is by accident, it is all by design —

we will keep going circles, getting dizzy, asking over and over and over — “what’s going on? why are they doing this to us? When will it stop?” etc, etc.

the answers are there, in books like ours (check out my personal message), in books by Dr. Frances C. Welsing, Neely Fuller, Jr., Haki Madhubuti, and so many other black men and women who sometimes sacrificed careers to bring the truth to the black masses…you can find Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller on youtube. check them out.

the most powerful weapon blacks have at their disposal, right now, is NOT a new Mercedes, a recording contract, a college degree, or any status or material item

the most IMPORTANT thing we can possess is KNOWLEDGE. We better get some while there is still time, or suffer the consequences…


crammastersMar. 22nd, 2010
at 8:51 pm

@ XL_611
you’re d___ right, we bring up the past, because
(1) we are still fighting the same racism that our ancestors fought
(2) only a FOOL forgets the past, because that forgetting means will be doomed to repeat it
(3) whites don’t want blacks to “bring up the past,” because the TRUTH about our past would destroy the MYTH of white superiority/black inferiority, AND tear apart the whitewashed lies that pass as “american history” in the American school system
(4) bringing up the past would qualify the descendants of American slavery — the most horrific human “Holocaust” and CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in recorded history, which means blacks in America would qualify for MASSIVE REPARATIONS in the TRILLIONS of dollars

and(5) try telling Jews to “forget the past.”


crammastersJun. 4th, 2010
at 6:14 pm
@ MisterUnderstood425

you’re right, it’s a systematic erasure and a whitewashing of the 500 year African Holocaust in America, so we will stay confused and think we deserve what is happening to us. Bottom line, ANY people who let their enemies WRITE THEIR HISTORY, is a people who are doomed to be enslaved and brutalized.

I’d like to share a quote with you from a BM on blackplanet, tc2ewra, who said:
“You don’t leave your history behind. You take your history forward with you. I’m not simply talking about kente cloth or totems. I’m talking about VALUES and MORALS. Your history should be evident in all that you do and in the manner in which you do it.”

it bears repeating, “Those who refuse to learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it.” And if you look at the prisons which are full of hundreds of thousands of folks who look like US, where inmates work for corporate entities and wall street for NINETEEN CENTS AN HOUR, many of them BM and BW who were locked up for mandatory 5 and 10 years for for non-violent drug offenses,

if folks don’t call that SLAVERY, then I don’t know what the hell to tell them…


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ blknall

for those BM who blame BW for dating outside their race,

If that black male can say -- OUT LOUD -- "Yes, my mother is not a good woman and was NOT a good mother, and that is why I do not date or like BW"

I might understand that because he was damaged by that childhood experience

just like a lot of BW have issues with BM because of issues with an abusive or missing father.

However, if that IR-dating, sexing, or marrying black male claims to love AND respect his mother

and at the same TIME claims BW are the reason he dates outside his race to justify REJECTING the SAME race of women as his mother

then he is a liar who does NOT understand the meaning of the word "respect" and "love" and therefore cannot love the white female because he DOES NOT LOVE HIMSELF

at that point, it's all bulls___ and he's just playing out the submissive role of a white supremacy slave...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted September 07, 2010

@ blknall who said -- and I REPEAT --- "This is something about blk guys that r in interracial relationships. They r all slaves but they dont' want to admit it so they say it's the black woman's fault they wit white women but it's this is a form of proof that its their mental malfunction"

ME: brother u hit the nail on the head with that one.

I personally cannot stand that weak azzed BS of blaming BW for being with a white female, or blaming BM for being with a WM

MAN or WOMAN UP and be with whoever, accept responsibility for your choice -- and accept the consequences when and IF that IR shyt blows up in your face

BW ain't got a D___ thing to do with white supremacy OR our inferiority complex as men

we talk about this AT LENGTH in our second book and so we shall see what is what


@ ATL_peach10
regarding why black people are “grouped together,” sister, that’s called white supremacy.

White folks group EVERYBODY of the same race, haven’t you noticed that? White folks (the ones who run the whole shebang) name us, classify us, describe us, control our images, our TV shows, our magazines, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our food, water, and medicine, so how can you (or anyone) blame black people for something that has been happening for over 500 years?

Black folks have been “grouped” together from the day we came off those slave ships so you might as well face that FACT. YOU are part of the black masses, whether you like it or NOT, (at least in the real world)

and so are Asians part of the “yellow masses,” and Native Americans are part of the “red masses” and Hispanics are part of the “brown masses”

that’s song and verse in a white supremacy system, SO, if being “grouped” with the black masses bothers u, i suggest you take it up with the folks who put you there — white folks….

just like Tiger Woods didn’t want to be a black man, and renamed himself a “Casablasian” but they still called ole Tiger, the “black golfer,” didn’t they?

me, I don’t have a single problem with being part of the black masses, I fugging LOVE IT. I would NEVER blame the VICTIMS of 500 years of racism instead of blaming the ones who committed the crimes…

so whatever “hardship” you are experiencing, i suggest you go STRAIGHT to the SOURCE — white folks.

think about this, whites ALSO group themselves together — by choice — because they understand how political and economic power is created AND maintained: White man and white woman united = MASSIVE POWER = WHITE UNITY.

So, instead of black folk feeling so blue about being lumped in with the rest of us black folks, if we were smart we would EMBRACE the same philosophy that has put whites on top of every other race, including us: BLACK UNITY.


Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 12, 2010

Crammasters said " brother, I think we are measuring our "progress" by how many material comforts we have NOT by how much freedom we really have."

Thats so true. We are willing to accept a few meager creature comforts as payment for the millions of Black lives that were lost and Black minds that have been "White washed".

Thats not justice! Tthats rediculous and in a twisted way it is selfish. We owe it to those of us who sacrificed their lives fighting for our survival to not accept anything less than a full and complete freedom. That includes education and economics.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 07, 2010


your post really touched me...

it's one of tne of the most honest responses I have ever received.

Be glad, and be very grateful that you have that rare and humble ability to be honest with self -- you have no idea how valuable that quality is...and what a great gift of love to give yourself...

The media has dirtied the image of BW. Some of you have bought into the lie that all you have to offer is sex and so you disrespect your precious bodies and sexuality for males who are not worth it.

Who you lay down with -- YOU GET UP WITH -- and that allowing a man to enter your body is a SPIRITUAL THING. If his spirit is foul and confused, you carry that piece of him with you even after you get out of bed...

If a man demands sexual satisfaction from you BEFORE you know him or trust him -- TRUST ME -- he won't be around too long anyway, so you have NOTHING to lose by respecting yourself - and everything to GAIN...
I tell women friends this all the time, isn't it better to find out a dude is foul BEFORE you sleep with him than find out AFTER you've slept with him? Their answer is always the same...

Fortunately, there are still good men, good brothers out there but they may NOT be wrapped in designer gear, or driving a hot ride, or flashing big bills, or have the most handsome face and body.
Most of the time, they are right under your nose, overlooked until you open up your eyes and heart to see that a real man is a man who loves and respects you and provides for his women and children...
I wish the best for you, my sister, and hope you will make the kinds of choices that you can look back on with pride...


crammastersMar. 24th, 2010
at 1:48 am

why don’t you direct your comments to me, instead of some (invisible) 3rd party?
without getting into a thing with you, you don’t know me, so please, let’s dispense with the dime store psychology and metaphysics, or whatever the h___ you’re talking about…and stick to the topic, which I assume was racism and slavery and whether a white person can be a “pro black revolutionary” to which my answer is:
It has been my experience that most whites are in deep denial about racism ANd play the nut role unless they have some mental disability that prevents them from interpreting the world in front of them. Most whites — in my opinion — KNOW being white means something totally different in America than being black.
They know UNARMED white boys don’t get shot 41 times for pulling out a wallet. They know whites get breaks and promotions and opportunities that non-whites don’t get — and most whites LIKE IT THAT WAY because who wants to give up privileges (they haven’t earned) just to make a level playing field where they MIGHT LOSE FAIR AND SQUARE?
And white folks know about white privileges because whenever a white folk is DENIED something that a black person gets (or earns), or competes with a black folk who wins, white folks are quick to cry “reverse racism! Not fair! Not fair!”
Why? Because they know in America (a white supremacy system) that whites are supposed to have a superior position compared to blacks. That’s why a black folk driving a luxury car, living in a luxury home, or attending an Ivy League university is usually perceived by most white folks as “cheating” or getting something that black folk didn’t earn, and cheating a deserving white folk out of something they deserve MORE than the black folk…
This has nothing to do with being “angry” this is me — a BM — peeping WHITE GAME, the same game that has been going on for over 400 years, only it’s more sophisticated and deceptive because the game is intended to deceive it’s (black) victims with the false illusion of “black progress.”
White folks — collectively — run much game, especially economic and head game, and what happens is when a “angry” black man (like me) peeps that game, here comes the next game, and that’s to get personal and try to use psycho-babble on that black head to make that black head spin like a top, so that black folk doesn’t believe what they are seeing with their own eyes….
Sorry, son, but that game don’t work with all of us… some of us TRUST OURSELVES more than we trust YOU…
Speaking of “issues of the past”
Two questions:
1) Do you believe Jews should “forget” their past?
2) Do you believe schools shouldn’t teach “the past” and only focus on current events?


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 17, 2010

I want to make this important point

whenever I've been involved in a grassroot black organization, for some reason, these white females start coming out of the woodwork, often brought in by some clueless black female...

After a while, i started noticing a pattern...most of them wound sexing a BM in the organization. I have been cornered, propositioned, groped, goo-goo-eyed, etc by these "socially conscious" white females and I finally figured out the real deal

There's something about an "angry BM" that makes some WW's panties bunch, because they figure we're going take out that "righteous anger" on them in the bed aka hot, nasty, angry sex...

I was listening to a black internet radio station last week where the BM host was interviewing this young white female who claimed to be an "anti-racist" fighting racism

and then a BM caller asked her this question: "Have u ever been sexually involved with a BM?"

Well, she didn't want to answer it (understandable) but her non-answer turned into this:

"Well, I got very attached to this black man, and I was very interested in having a relationship with him but he said he couldn't get involved with a white woman."

I could hear it in her voice that she was still angry and disappointed when she said "I didn't understand his reaction, why should race have anything to do with two people getting together?"

And i said to myself -- "BINGO"
Once again, a white person reveals their attempt to sexualize every encounter with a black person. Here she is supposedly fighting racism, and she refuses to see that this conscious BM knew he couldn't fight racism while he's boning a white female.

She couldn't respect that, because she had a different agenda than fighting "racism,"

In fact, I'll go further and say she INSTINCTIVELY knew that fugging BM would allow white females like herself to have her cake and eat it, too.

because once that BM gets into bed with her, his head is messed up, and he will NOT be able to fight white supremacy as effectively as before he got into her bed and threaten her white privileges.

so maybe, on some deep instinctive level, she was trying to derail and distract this BM's attempt to fight white supremacy

like RedAlert7 said, this IR SEX and RACE s___  is DEEP, much deeper than most black folks will ever go and that's the reason white folks are WINNING and why we are still behind the eight ball...

they have an agenda and don't care how they accomplish

while black folk are too busy worrying about "offending" whites to have one....

just food for thought...

Female, 38, Bedford, OH
Posted August 17, 2010

Cramm,I know the full definition of stockholmes and i know it explains alot,as it relates to blacks behavior and actions towards whites.Its still shocking to see or hear it taking place.I dont understand why black women allow ww to befriend them for the sole purpose of catching a bm.I recently had to float to another floor @ the hospital,im employed and a white nurse who dates bm,stalked me for 12hrs,trying to get me to hook her up with a bm.She was showing me all these pictures of her an random black men,saying' wHERE DO YOU LIVE"wE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER AN GO OUT' all shift i put up with this nonsense an her motives were clear.I finally told her i dont know any blackmen that dates ww and she finally left me alone .Now when i see her she does not even speak,lol.She has now moved on to one of the bw housekeepers,who avoids her an complains about her,but doesnt have the guts to tell her to leave me the hell alone.I deal mainly with ww @work,their are afew that i like but never to the extent that i would hang out with them outside of work or am i interested in hanging out with ww who only date bm an act black.Some black women need to get a clue an realize these ww are only hanging around them to get bm.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted January 30, 2010

Sister, you're absolutely right, it is hard work. Hope this doesn't sound pompous, but the ONLY reason I'm on this site, is to promote MORE respect and understanding between the BM and BW, and encourage us to LOVE EACH OTHER because WE NEED EACH OTHER.

We have to undo the damage to our relationships after 500 years of slavery, oppression and racism. We MUST understand the past and what happened to us BEFORE we can fix the present OR make the future better. Until folks understand that, nothing will change, I guarantee you that.

Our 2nd book, which we hope will be finished in March, is about black male/female relationships. We explain what happened to break them down, how the white supremacy system and media is finishing the job of dividing and conquering BM and BW, and how we can overcome this system and REBUILD our relationships and families.

All things are possible IF WE ARE WILLING TO MAKE THE EFFORT.



Female, 27, Dallas, TX
Posted August 18, 2010



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