Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Real Strong Truths



Shanequa says:
While racism is being hit in front of our black faces, we have a great number of black men & women that are in denial that racism still exist. We have came to a point now instead of us pointing our fingers at the root cause of our condition which is white supremacy, we will point the finger at our own black brothers & sisters. We as black people need to stop running to the rescue to save these other races when they wouldn’t dare come to our rescue. I rarely watch television but that is a tool for manipulating and sending our people the wrong messages. Sometimes I’m even glad when they don’t have black characters on television because it is always a degrading or submission role they will play.


TrojanPam says:
@ Shanequa
I agree, that’s why there is so little cooperation (and participation) when it comes to our own (black) liberation.
I am also relieved when I don’t see any blacks in TV and movie roles because if we are present, black males will be separated from black females — or in conflict, and the one or two black faces present will be in service to white people and white supremacy by playing either a degrading role OR that of a “color-blind” black person who is totally accepted by whites


Shanequa says:
@ TrojanPam 100% agreed with your statement.
I know when that interracial Cheerio commercial came out with the white woman, black man and biracial child, black women got a lot of negative backlash from black men. The media made it a big up roar but to me it was another divide & conquer scam toward black men & women. I seen black forums & youtube videos of black men complaining on how racist white men & angry black women were upset by the commercial of seeing a loving interracial family. But again that interracial family image sends a negative message to our people saying its good to love non- black but bad to love your own black people. I notice this to on television when it involves a black family they will always have two dark skin parents & biracial children but never two dark skin parents & dark children.
The same thing when it comes to natural hair products rather the woman is biracial, light or dark skin they will always try to find the one with “good good hair” curly or wavy hair (in black people term) to advertise there product you want find a black woman with kinky or tightly coil hair . Even on youtube you have natural hair black women trying to define there curls which in my opinion trying to manipulate there hair into a curly or wavy pattern but if you wasn’t born with that hair pattern its not going to work. Then its a hair chart of the varies types of hair texture that I seen some black women go by to find their hair texture type. But in my opinion that hair chart you can’t really go by because we as black people have too many different types of hair pattern & textures they doesn’t match to that chart.

TrojanPam says:
@ Shanequa
I’ve noticed the same things, how dark skinned black children and females have DISAPPEARED from TV commercials and how over 95% of the “black” children are the offspring of white females with black males. (according to someone I knew who worked with casting directors — MOST OF THEM WHITE FEMALES)
no accident
And how natural hair products hardly exist BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PROMOTE WHITE BEAUTY STANDARDS
and how most of the top black female entertainers have lightened their skin and their hair and wear UNREALISTIC looking hair weaves — because that’s what black females have to do TO SECURE WORK IN A RACIST ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY
and how black males who DO NOT DATE OR MARRY BLACK FEMALES — get MORE WORK AND MORE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES than black men who DO
Once we start to REALLY SEE what we are looking at, we will recognize it as WHITE SUPREMACY PROPAGANDA — and will be able to build PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFENSES against it.

sondis says:
Powerful…posted on abagond’s blog.


TrojanPam says:
@ sondis
there is so much anti-blackness being generated by mass media that it is endangering our survival in this nation.
I compare it to a husband and wife who are trapped in a burning house set on fire by a mob
and instead of trying to put the fire out OR get their small children to safety,
the husband and wife are fighting each other over why he or she came home at three in the morning the night before
Yes, that might be a conversation that needs to happen (why one partner came home late) but NOT RIGHT NOW
NOT while their house is on fire and their children are dying of SMOKE INHALATION and BURNS
We –black males and female — better WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT OUR HOUSES ARE BEING SET ON FIRE
so whatever BEEF black males and females and black males and black males and black females and black females have with each other
has got to be either TABLED OR SQUASHED
(that’s what I’m saying)

TrojanPam says:
@ Timothy
Thanks for supporting this blog with your input.
I agree, we must do our best to respect each other as black and African people, no matter where we are in the world. We are ALL under attack–and we need to see that as EVIDENCE that the rest of the world knows how potentially powerful MELANATED PEOPLE ARE — and that we have the SPIRITUAL POWER TO TRANSFORM THE PLANET and ERADICATE WHITE SUPREMACY.
That’s why we are being attacked. If we were so “inferior” and worthless why bother oppressing us? You don’t have to make inferior something that already is. It doesn’t make sense.
And the one thing I know for sure, like the air I breathe, is that when we disrespect other black people, that DISRESPECT REDUCES OUR OWN SELF-RESPECT.
Have you ever noticed that some of the most anti-black black people, who are always putting down black people, are some of the angriest and miserable people you know?
Like the young black females on these reality shows, calling each other the most horrible names, like “rachet h_ b____h” and if you look at them and their lives, they are CHOKING ON THEIR OWN POISON, and are usually involved in very dysfunctional sexual relationships
and they can’t put it together, that by dogging out and degrading other black females there is NO WAY THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES, no matter how much hair and makeup and high heels and BIG TALK they use
and that is the TRICK of white supremacy. They get US to do THEIR dirty work and stand back and watch us SELF-DESTRUCT
we have to be smarter


ProBlack says:
Thank You Pam, for this post.
I had read about the murder of Kendrick on another website. I was deeply disturbed to say the least. These atrocities keep happening. At times I wish I had a magic wand…at others, I am consumed with hate, and wishing the perpetrators dead! But, I come back to my senses and get
down to work (homeschooling my son, buying black, etc…). The determination and persistence that I have been blessed with, keeps me going. On the other hand, I am inpatient and want to see immediate results, a better position for our people etc…. However, I keep telling myself if it was up to THEM, we would have been exterminated long ago. So, the only fight is the good fight, and I am not in it to LOSE!
Once Again, Thanks for all you do!!!


TrojanPam says:
@ ProBlack
I think you have to be a robot NOT to feel anger and even a degree of intense dislike when you see what is happening to other black people JUST because they are black.
It’s the black people who don’t feel anything, who aren’t angry or outraged, or who walk around talking about being color-blind, that have the REAL problem
A moral person is always OUTRAGED by cruelty and injustice
anyone who isn’t — in my opinion — has lost their moral compass, or never had one to begin with
Thanks to you for supporting this blog!
Please share the info with others

anonymous says:
Ms. Pam, I have a couple of questions? In your opinion why is it that lately I have noticed a lot of attacks on Black women, like White people going out of their way to denigrate Black females, and lastly, why do a number of them seem to get scared when Black people wear their hair in it’s natural state?
I am posting a link here where I was reading about the ill treatment a young lady has gotten from individuals while living in Taiwan. I am struck by how many White males who are living there are participating in the dynamic. I see this behavior as increasing. They seem to really be uncomfortable when we wear our hair in it’s natural state, and I see an increase in ill mannered behavior toward Black women. Why do Black women scare them so much? Thank you in advance for your answers.
And of course LAPD, where they treat you like a King.


TrojanPam says:
@ anonymous
Absolutely! I expected some of this when I read — about ten years ago — a study on the self-esteem of teenaged girls.
According to the WHITE PEOPLE who conducted this study black girls had the HIGHEST SELF-ESTEEM when compared to white, Asian and Hispanic girls.
I was like — uh-oh! They’re coming after us now, they can’t let that fly, after all the demonization and denigration of black females over the last 500 years, how DARE us have higher self-esteem than white females!
And then I started noticing more degrading images of black females in the media, the black males wearing wigs and dresses to look like ugly black females, and promoting attractive black females as “video h_____” and today, most attractive black females in TV and movies are chasing and begging white males for sex (AKA being white men’s W_____S).
And now that black females are doing a reverse, and getting away from degrading OURSELVES, the harassment and degradation aimed at black females who choose to wear our natural hair is DESIGNED to further confuse us and devastate our attempts to restore our self-esteem and dignity.
As long as we wear unrealistic, unflattering weaves and wigs and perm our hair and straighten, the white supremacists can relax.
But once we embrace the bodies and hair and skin THAT GOD GAVE US, then who knows what might happen next? We might start really loving and respecting ourselves and not buying into the notion that whites are superior.
And once black males SEE us LOVING OURSELVES, they might find the COURAGE AND CONVICTION TO LOVE THEMSELVES — and US
and before you know it, black people are liking and loving themselves and each other and our children are rising up out of the psychological and emotional and sexual cesspool of white supremacy and becoming OVER-DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS instead of UNDER-DEVELOPED, SELF-HATING CRIPPLES.
Because once a people falls to that lowest of levels where they hate themselves and love their enemies, they have become the WALKING DEAD
That’s why almost EVERY black female in entertainment is wearing a weave, and more are wearing blond weaves and MOST of these weaves LOOK LIKE WEAVES and are very unflattering. I suspect they are told they have to wear them if they want to get work in the industry.
I also believe a lot of white males who degrade black females’ bodies and hair ARE CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS — AND view us MUCH in the way a FEMALE VIEWS HER FEMALE COMPETITORS because what NORMAL HETEROSEXUAL MALE spends any amount of time talking about women he is NOT attracted to?
And why are Black males being REWARDED for being homosexual and for shunning black females as lovers and wives?
I believe it is happening for three main reasons:
1. black males embracing black females could lead to BLACK UNITY
2. black males embracing black females means MORE BLACK BABIES
3. black males embracing black females (or any females) means FEWER black males that are SEXUALLY AVAILABLE to the racist homosexual and down-low white males.
It is obvious there is some kind of fixation on black male genitals by white males collectively, and I think some view black females as OBSTACLES in their quest to control and covet the black male’s penis and his awesome reproductive and sexual powers — while at the same time, whites males’ sperm is increasingly NON-VIABLE (UNABLE TO FERTILIZE AN EGG)
I would warn black females collectively to be aware of all the above, and to NOT INTERNALIZE anything anyone says about us. They are afraid of us FOR GOOD REASON.
I would also warn black males NOT TO JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON of bashing black females. Like the KING on the chessboard, once the QUEEN is removed from the GAME,
Black brothers, do not become APPEASERS, hoping the white alligators will eat you last (and eat the black females first).
Do not throw your women and children to the alligators but join with them to defeat your enemies.
I don’t want to make this post any longer. I talk about this phenomenon in my fourth book, “The Beauty Con Game” — and about the homosexual connection between white males bashing black females and secretly desiring black males in my third book, “The Interracial Con Game.”
I’ve made both books available in print and ebook so they will be affordable.


anonymous says:
Thank you Ms. Pam for taking the time to respond to my question. I read another post on the same website where the young lady would overhear Chinese women asking their mates if they thought she was pretty, to which they replied they did not. I have to wonder about any woman who would have to resort to that type of behavior. They must feel terribly challenged by her presence, and insecure about themselves. I will try to remember what you have said, and I hope to one day be able to read the books you have written.


TrojanPam says:
@ anonymous
I have personally experienced a great deal of hostility and insecurity from both non-black/non-white females and white females because of the way I look.
It’s hard to describe, but there is something SPECIAL about black females that we may not see BUT they do
Black females have a strong presence that has nothing to do with being masculine or “superwomen” (because we’re NOT)
but I think it’s an invisible force, something spiritual and a lot of non-white cultures have worshiped black females as the MADONNA, a diety, but only through the lens of white supremacy is the black female deemed inferior
If I could accomplish nothing else before I’m buried six feet under, I would want to convince black people that WE ARE NOT INFERIOR
if we were, there wouldn’t be this HUGE EFFORT to oppress us
because it wouldn’t be NECESSARY

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