Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Gems

Note by Me: Courtney is something special. She is a real Black Woman who was born in Louisiana and was raised in the state of NY. She is my Dear Friend, my intellectual equal, and a great human being. We both communicate with each other in private. I love her. I am not going to front about how I feel about her. She knows how I feel about her. :) Yes, I love her as a great Friend. She is a great human being.

By Timothy (Me)


Courtney: Hello Truth. :I see you are forever schooling folks along with a few others.:) How was your day?

Me: Hello Sister Courtney :)
My day has been great. I feel happy and my soul is inspired. The NBA Season is starting with games from TNT. Yes, Sister. School is in session and we love showing the truth. :) Justice for black humanity is what we and tons of other Brothers and Sisters here support greatly.
How are you doing today?

Courtney: :) Good. Just finished putting a desk together. fun times. smh. Thank you.So you are happy and inspired because the NBA Season started? lol As I Told you, The KNICKS are winning a title this year. :)

Me: For real though, You are Real, True, and Honorable Black Queen.
You have a great Light and I know that your future will be very excellent.
I do believe that me learning from you and vice versa is not an accident. I will always encourage you to be yourself too and express your great swag too. I will always pray for you great happiness, joy, peace, and long life as a real Brother would.
So, Goodnight to you Sista Courtney. :)
I respect you a great deal. :)
Peace and Blessings to You.

Courtney: And you are an honorable Black Man. King. We never stop learning , and never stop reaching. Your spirit is full of brightness, in a real way. Always walk your path, not what others think you should. Continue to connect to good energy through the steps of life. So, I pray for you and your family, and all the rest of the real people here,
Have a goodnight and peaceful night and will TTYL. Thank you. :)

Me: P.S. Thank you Sister.
Your words mean a lot to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Courtney: Truth, thank you for what you wrote about us as BLACK WOMEN. The fact that their isn't conflict between many black women and men on this site and they we show each other the same respect, we show our families ,friends, people alike, only means that a female like herself, is here to CREATE CONFLICT when she and OTHERS CLEARY SEE ,,their isnt any. These kind of people have an agenda and they fail to realize that, they get their misguided information about black people, black women and men, from stereotypes that they heard, witnesssed from tv, or some other misguided form of information that they LOVE to paint anyone that WEARS brown skin with. Sit back long enough, they will reveal themselves. Secondly, what would any of us gain by using someone on the net? have we promised anything to anyone here or material gains ,etc? YOu see. These kind of people deal on a different level of communicating with others.When a person has wickedness in their heart that fuels them,its not hard to lower themselves to using others, creating issues, when their are none.. In all actuality ,the charge that she charged us with is ridiculous and it says more about her and those that think like her , than it does about the people they are trying to setup ,conquer and divide.

You sit back long enough, and they always reveal themselves. Its beyond silly, immature and seriously, not a bright thing to say when she or anyone else, has not done the research, or asked why people feel the way they do.The disrespectful come in many forms.They start to attack what they can't get over on. What I mean by this is the behavior that they so eloquently state about anyone that is not or a certain color. Hilarious.smh Anyway,
As she stated to you, she does not KNOW THE history on here between (THOSE WOMEN ) as she put it and who started what. So when a person does not go back to the beginning to find out how things started,or asked since they seem to care by asking you certain things and stating certain things, they have an agenda. Im glad to see that the harrasser in question, has a fan. She has a right to believe what ever she wants. Their are always 3 sides to an issue. A beginning and when any piece of trash male on here comes out of their mouth disrespecting women first, you better believe women will defend themselves . Especially when the site has been asked to correct it. When it is proven that the site does not care, then those women have every right to defend themselves against the disrespect that was shown to them. Its a pattern with this type . No black woman on here, started anything with that person..But no one better not tell me how to deal with it either..Whatever..
Thank you TRUTH.

Me: Thank you for words Courtney,

You have always been real including other Brothers and Sisters. I am more spiritually inclined now. It is obviously that we as Brothers and Sisters can dialogue with each other, communicate, and appreciate our insights. We are not using each other. That is totally silly. We are communicating with each other, inspiring each other, and loving each other as allies in this fight for black liberation. I will continue forward in my life. I wish you the best Sister. Thank your for your prayers for me and my relatives. I will pray for you tonight before I go to sleep including your relatives too. That is the type of man that I am. Black women like you are strong and resilient. You deserve real dignity and real respect. We should strive for excellence and slandering Sisters have nothing to do with building a community. Building a community means inspiring Brothers and Sisters to do better and to believe in the each other. I believe in you. I cherish you, Dear Sister. It also entails constructive action from mentoring to funding businesses (including to educate black people on conscious issues). We are family. You are my Sister. I am your Brother, so I want you to be the best that you can be. That is what it is all about, Dear Heart. From the poor to the rich of our people, from the Brother from NYC to the Sister from Ghana, we are one black African people. That is why I reject faux stereotypes and just stick with reality. A divide and conquer strategy will never work on me (as has been shown by racists). The reality is that Black Love has nothing to do with hating them. It has to do with building up ourselves.

Courtney: You said in your response, you are cordial with any human being here. TRUTH. Thats how I was with the disrespectful male here. Like those I mentioned. When he does not like how someone thinks etc, he goes on the attack. Its a good thing I backed up the history on my external. Everyone that followed this, knows the truth. He also does it to anyone that does not align with his kind of thinking. Like, get over yourself. This kind cant be talked too so once the SO CALLED CONTROLLING tactic took over, played along for a bit until it got tiring..Here we are 9 months or so later and still doing the same thing. smh. Adults know how to live and let live.Remember, people pick at people who are a threat for some reason. They are in their own world. They can stay there. But if anyone wants to communicate , im all ears until they start acting like a horses as.I find it comical that they want to send females now. smh.Whatever. lol

As I wish you the best as well. Along with others here.I wish you the best because you deserve the best and im not speaking on anything material but those things that many are lacking in their hearts.I appreciate you. I appreciate SOULTRY, AMIRAH, EJ, DANDE, BROSHABBAZZ,EDUD01, JOHN is back,JAZZ,and others who are about building, being respectful, dialoguing ,joking, having some fun, expressing concern about issues.
LOVE is BEAUTIFUL. So that means, BLACK love is beautiful like all other kinds of love. Whether it be YT on YT, ASIAN on ASIAN, LATIN on LATIN, IR, etc. A person against Black love of any race, is a person that does not believe in LOVE PERIOD. :)

Me:  Great Words, Sister Courtney. That is what I love about you and you know how I feel about you. :) .
I agree with all of your words 100 Percent.
I am glad that Brother John Henry is back here. I remember that we talked about the Black Panthers and the civil war months ago. I respect Jazz's humor. I love Mirah's TX swag. I respect Edud's wisdom on white supremacy. I respect BroShabbaz's Strength. I love Soultry Soul's love of family and humor. I love Dandelion's relentless power and intellect, etc. There are so many Brothers and Sisters that are real here. You are real too Courtney. That disrespectful male unleashed slander unheard of by me in the Internet. Now, others are expecting grown women to just take it. That is illogical and silly. Black women have every right to strongly refute the lies and slander from that sick, misguided male. He started it and I do respect the Sisters showing their responses to that sick male. He always hates anyone that harbors a dissenting point of view. I made my peace in this affair and he continued to stalk me showing horrendous profanity against me. So, I set the record straight and other folks do not like it when we set it straight. It doesn't make sense. Yes, Love is Love.

We are human beings. Black Love is Human Love too. For me personally, the only human that fulfills my heart romantically is the black woman. The black woman is my greatest ally. There are no words to describe the dignity, sensitivity, wisdom, and strength of black women. Also, I appreciate black men doing what is right too. We black men are strong, resilient, powerful, and important in the world today. So, we can learn from each other, joke, laugh, and just have a great time in our community. That is why we are still here. We are one and we will persist forever. We have the right to call for justice.

Courtney: When have you or any other male known any real black woman to take anything slandered against her? :) Some of it is so ridiculous its not worth mentioning. I get that too but I felt compelled to say something. Again, always a way to do things so when you unleash that realness, you know you are standing on the right side of issues. :)What he did to you is what he does to just about everyone who thinks a certain way. Sgt WAters again. :) I see ultimate beauty in black love ,not that I am against any other form of love but black people speaking up for black love , should not be looked down upon.not by other races ,or by some of our own.The issue lies with them. I could never be ashamed of the two that made me. Everyone you mentioned are very intelligent and great human beings.

Me: I know.
Holla at Homegirl Erica for me Sis. :)

Courtney: Hey EJ!!!! :) What up Mirah and Dande wherever you are. :)

Me: :)

Courtney:  Goodnight Truth.Thank you for defending what is right. I appreciate you as well as all of us.
Have a really goodnight and TTYL :)

Me: Good night to you Courtney. :)
Peace and Blessings to You
You know that a Brother has Sisters' Backs :)
You're Welcome.


On our late Brother Kendrick Johnson, RIP.

Courtney: Somebody knows what happened. Somebody saw something ,knows something or heard something.This is beyond disgusting. smh

Me: Yes, it is a disturbing situation. Why was the video footage released immediately instead of so later on. If the federal authorities is taking over the case, then local authorities made extreme errors in attempting to deciphering the truth of Kendrick Johnson's death. Justice ought to be given to the Johnson family. The video footage being released outlines some new information to the wider pubic. The second autopsy shows unique information. How his organs were treated is beyond horrid. I believe that the finding of real answers may take a while. Also, Hello to you Courtney. :) How do you feel today?

Courtney: That family is strong to be so calm.On HLN, they showed the disturbing pic of Kendrick Post mortem with a bruise on his face. The picture will make anyone absolutely upset and angry. To see a beautiful child like he was, laying dead , not looking anything like himself, says it all Truth. Somebody is going to answer for that and they will find them. Its time for black men to watch over black men and boys because, they think these kind of acts, are a joke or something. I dont care what color a person is, to see that picture of him, with his family having to see him like that, and looking at him like that, will touch anybody who has a heart,who calls themselves a human being, and is about right and wrong. Somebody did something to him.smh

Me: I know. The family is very strong. I do not know what I would do in their shoes. I can never imagine losing a close family members in that horrendous fashion. They are going through incredible pain and heartbreak. It is a tragedy and the harm done to the young Brother is beyond words. There should be huge accountability not only to those who caused his death, but to those who stole his organs as well. Indeed, more black men should look after black men and black boys. The day of naivete is over. Black masculine power is always great to advance in the black community. Black men have every right to legitimately help black boys, show their strength, and to believe in justice for all in society.

We are blessed to have real Fathers in our lives. My father directed me to follow strength and he made me aware how the world is. So, male adults should mentor the youth more.
So, real black men should be active to assist the black youth as a means for the youth to achieve their highest potential in life. Many of the youth need guidance and real strength from men. For the masculine and feminine influences in world are valuable in the human race. Answers should be given in this case. The pictures are disturbing and regardless of someone's color, this event does strike real emotions. No one deserves how Kendrick Johnson was treated irrespective of color. Kendrick was disrespected even after he was passed by those who allowed his organs to be missing.

Courtney: Absolutely.When you look at his mother and father, but just paying attention to the mother, its like she has no words.I cant imagine. Black boys and men have to understand that rule that,they are a threat.And to keep their eyes open for one another.When other men see that the older ones, who teach and protect the younger males, and see that kind of strength, it kind of makes it a bit harder to isolate and target black men and males,one by one.It has to be a understanding .As you stated, the masculine and feminine influences of the world ,have to work hand in hand, to teach,uplift, give knowledge and wisdom, leadership to those younger , who need teaching and guidance to help keep them moving forward, uplifting one another and watching each others backs .Kendrick deserves answers. Like Trayvon, Like Jordan Davis and those that are guilty, deserve the consequences of their actions. Whatever they are..

Me:  Goodnight Sister Courtney :)
It has been a great discussion. It is great for your words to be shown here, because you make me think and analyze important issues of our community. In my life, I am more spiritual. I am more moral in my life now and I am glad. I feel more compassion in my heart. I feel different from many years ago. I will continue to fight faithfully for the liberation of our people like you do (and others). You have my back and I have yours forever and ever. I am happy and I am appreciative of the sacrifices that were made by our people, so we could have the opportunities that we have in the 21st century. I am not going to front on how I feel. You know how I feel about you. I respect you and I greatly appreciate your views on issues. :)
Peace and Blessings to You.
Have a Great Sleep, Great Black Queen Courtney. :)

Courtney: Hello TRUTH :) Good evening. :) I loved the discussion yesterday..I'm happy to be able to converse with REAL MEN such as yourself and others here as well as REAL WOMEN. You are always upstanding towards me and other women too because that comes from the respect of knowing and acknowledging that you were raised by an outstanding Woman, BLACK WOMAN, who helped to nurture and guide you in understanding how a MAN should relate to a woman, the right way. That does not mean in any way that you cant handle your business from the masculine. You just know how to control it and that was shown by your Outstanding Father. Keep handling the real simps on this site because the ones calling you that, are the ones in last place. Believe that. :) Thank you for writing back . I'm a bit renewed today after a long week. And yes, I do know. I respect you too. Thank you.

Me: Hello Courtney :)
How are you doing this Evening and Good Evening to you.:)
Yes, it was a great discussion yesterday and it was an important one (because our late Brother Kendrick deserves justice). You bring out the best wisdom out of me at times. It is excellent to communicate with real women like you and with real men as well. That is part of life and God with foreknowledge so to speak differentially envisioned us communicating with each other with respect and great inspiration. Thank for your kind words about my Mother. I was raised by a real great Black Mother like your Great Black Mother and your Father raised great values in you. My mother taught me about inspiration, strength, humor (since my mother has an amazing sense of humor. I can tell you stories about that for days). Also, I was raised by a great Father that taught me manhood, responsibility, strength, and never giving up in life. Yes, I will always respect you and women since without the Black Woman, I will never have existed in the world today. Yes, I respect my masculinity too. It takes true masculinity to build up males and to love females as well. I love females too. Thank you for your kinds words about my Father. You are such a Sweetheart and I feel so much joy and happiness when I dialogue with you. I am glad that you are renewed in your strength. I will always respect you and respect Black Women including Black Men. I will always fight for justice (and you keep on fighting for the justice for your late Father too).

Courtney: I'm good truth. How are you doing? I have to put two daybed together. lol Its for mom. :) I was just pooped out by the end of this week but got sleep last night...Thank you.
I'm glad to know that you see that in me. Their is much to learn from one another and from people in general.NO need for so many people to be hostile for no reason at all on here.You know the types I 'm talking about . Of course not ever talking about the people who stand up to these ignorant fools.Your parents are a blessing and I respect them.

Me: I am going great Insightful Sista. :)
I am constantly learning new information.
Hey, handle your business for your mother Sweetie. God Bless your Mother. She is a great woman. Last week, I was extremely tired and now I have great energy. I think it is because of my competitiveness. I am glad that you are greatly rested.
Yes, we all know the types that you are talking about (folks that are angry for no reason, those who use slander, those who are bigots, those who are women-haters, and the religious hypocrite that we all know). Thank you for your words about my parents Sister. They are active in the local civic league, they have worked with helping children, they give clothing to charities, and they have assisted my other relatives during my other relatives' financial rainy days. My family has been blessed in many ways. They are set for life. I respect your family too. They are strong, filled with humor, and filled with wisdom.

Courtney: :) I was at home depot trying to find the right bolts and stuff. I needed 24. The guy that worked there was laughing at me. lol. We figured it out. I sure didnt want to go back there to change them out. 24 of them. Yeah, I was feeling like you were feeling last week. Its rare I get tired like that but it does happen after high energy after a while.Thank you about my mom. She loves her day beds. smh .lol
Those people are a waste but we can learn much from them on how not to be. :) Civic center. :) My dad ran one when I was a teenager. It was a great, safe ,hangout spot and I would go with him to hang out. :) Your parents are doing a wonderful thing. Guiding ,giving back. My mom can do great impressions and its hysterical. I mean ,on point with everything. I love it when she does Lucille Ball but she can do anyone she see's. lmao. Its so funny and my dad would be laughing and shaking his head. Great memories.

Me: Those deluded folks do teach us on how not to be as you have said. I said that before too. :)
Your mother doing impressions is cool. I can do impressions as well of numerous celebrities and so forth. Your mother is humorous like my mother. My mother has the Southern accent and just expresses funny comments about shows including about society in general. My father is a blue collar man. He talks with a very strong masculine voice. He talks more manly than any man I know. He talks similar to the actor John Amos. Your father running a civic center is great. Your late Father was a real Black Man. He contributed to your family and he worked to advance improvements in your community. He sacrificed his time as a means to provide for you and he helped to save lives during 9/11. Kudos to your family. Therefore, these great facts about your wonderful family should be recognized and praised. Our memories about our parents shape us They inspire us and our parents are just real human beings. Home Depot is a great spot. I went to one near the Mall in my area. 24? o_0 Well, you have to do what you have to do for your mother. I appreciate that. We do great things for our mothers. God Bless your Mother Sweetie. :)

Courtney: Funny because my dad always reminded me of John Amos. He was very much like that..Big ,hardworking, talked liked him as well. lol.When he was serious, he meant what he said for real. He had the biggest hands ever. Yeah, mom is nuts. lol in a good way. You just sit around listening to her tell a story about what somebody did and re enact it, and you would literally be in stitches. Just like your mom, she is from Louisiana ,the south but speaks very clear. She does not have a southern drawl and I think its because my grandpa was a teacher and principal and they put emphasis on speaking clearly. Its a straight up comedy show when she gets going.She would get going telling dad something and he would be laughing lol.They were a great team and always together.They never worried about each other for real. Thanks for the memory. :)

Me: You're Welcome. :)
Our parents are there for us and they deserve all of the props in the world. Our fathers inspire us. Your father reminds you of John Amos as well. That is great. The love of family and just loving our people are great realities that we endorse. The love between Brothers and Sisters is great since God is Love. Your mother is a comedian. That is fine with since laughing loudly at times is great for our souls. I know your mother caused you to laugh loudly when see told your family jokes. We need to laugh sometimes and we as a people are very diverse. My mother was raised in a rural community, so she maintained her country accent even now. There is nothing wrong with speaking clearly. Your parents acting as a team is a great display right there of BLACK LOVE. We all love our parents and we love the truth.

Courtney: They always are and absolutely were there every step of the way.We are blessed and so are others and even for those that didn't have that, they have a chance to give that gift to their own kids and break that cycle. kids grow up to be adults and they never forget what was done for them. Just try your best but most importantly, always be there for them.Thats making a difference.We don't have to repeat that cycle because we may not of gotten certain things . give that gift to the next generation because it makes a huge difference. Thats pure love for real. Nothing wrong with an accent . :) They were the greatest example of LOVE and BLACK LOVE that I witnessed first. I'm very proud of them for sticking together. That was very impressionable on me and I respect that a great deal. You are blessed to have your parents. :) Like many others on here too.

Me: Excellent Words Sista Courtney.
Your words exemplify what it is all about. The Black Love
among both of our parents is long-lasting and potent. My parents have been married for over 40 years and I appreciate them a lot. I saw their wedding photos from back in the day too (Yes, my Father wore an Afro back then. LOL. It is what it is) and their marriage outlines true LOVE. True LOVE is very powerful and it is just about goodwill and doing legitimate actions. It is about caring and being compassionate with each other. Their love surely has been inspiring and wonderful. They gave me educational opportunities and they are my excellent supporters in my life. Our families are our great allies. From school work to sports activities, they encouraged us in those affairs and they were always in our corners. Children should be encouraged to strive for excellence. Breaking that cycle is important, because it is just like a new beginning. That action of breaking the cycle will cause growth of new families and basic social development in families. Some break the cycle by being in the lives of their children, ending certain habits, or just being excellent parents to their own children. Yes, having an accent is great. I love my special accent too. :) We are all blessed to have our parents. :) Others have what we have in our parents and families.
God Bless you Courtney and your Family. :)

Courtney:  Goodwill and being compassionate enriches lives. Bless your parents for making it 40 years and another 40 to them. :) They were meant to be and that's beautiful that they continue to make the effort and see value in that. Today, everything is so instant. People throw away people like tissue.. It is madness in my opinion but then you have those people who can see through the illusion of society. I think the quote is, be in the world but not of it. This speaks to a higher understanding of a certain order that many believe it not to be of any importance. We are seeing why it is everyday, why this quote rings true.. Basically,try to navigate around things to make wiser decisions for ourselves. Its a hard thing to do but worth it to try and to grow from mistakes to gain greater understanding about what really is important.
A childs greatest influence is what he sees first. his parents, guardians.The effort that is put into them will show later on.We are blessed to have them. All of us .Even those that have passed on, that left behind great memories, made it all worth it for us to pass it on. :)
So , Goodnight Truth. It's always a pleasure to speak to you. Have a wonderful ,peaceful night and TTYL. :)
Thanks for the convo.

Me: Thank you Sweetheart for your words about my parents again. My parents been through a lot, but their love is as strong as ever.
Technology can be used for good and evil. So, we should have balance in our lives as a means to handle our daily affairs and to take time to appreciate love, to appreciate our families, etc. We should be patient with love since sometimes love is not grown automatically. Some relationships will grow slowly. You made a great point of living in the world, but being of it since much of the world is filled with corruption, etc. We are constantly learning. Getting advice from others is one great means to navigate in this 21st century society. The harm and exploitation of people is abhorrent. We should expose evil folks of course. Yet, we should be compassionate toward decent human beings. We should not throw away folks like tissue. We should build a Brother or a Sister that legitimately needs assistance. The rest of your points are excellent like usual, Dear Heart. So, Dear Heart, a Brother is about to get some Sleep.
So, Sister Enjoy your Day.
Have a Blessed Weekend and you can check out my new messages to you from Bp.
Every single word you have mentioned above is accurate. :)


Hey TrojanPam, not to break your communication with the commenter Larissa but as a health professional, this blew my mind. White supremacy will literally send black folks to their graves!
“In terms of how this wicked policy of depopulation has affected Africa and the Third World: During my last visit to Zimbabwe, in southeastern Africa, we learned how the AIDS pandemic was killing 5,000 Zimbabweans a week—20,000 a month. And the biggest industry at the time in the capital city of Harare was the making of coffins … And although it was the Blacks who were dying of AIDS, I asked about the White population—were they dying of AIDS; and the answer was, “No, they were not.” I went to a luncheon sponsored by the Zimbabwean Department of Health, and a wonderful female doctor who was the Minister of Health was so proud to announce that every child in Zimbabwe was vaccinated with vaccines that had come from America and Europe.
I grieved over the widespread death due to the poisons, not “un”-intentionally put in vaccines, but intentionally put in vaccines to limit the population of Black people in those countries and places in the world where America’s needs for their vital minerals and resources were deemed necessary—in her mind—for her national interests; to keep America in the world as the “No. 1 superpower.”
Killing off tens of hundreds of thousands of people in Third World nations, because those nations trust the scholars and scientists of the Western world, White people, who claim to want to “help” them. While there are many White people who are sincere, they are the “fronts” that are used to open the door for the insincere Satanic Mind to enter, to practice evil under a claimed “noble motive.”

TrojanPam says:
Right, it has sent billions to their graves and before it’s wiped off the planet will send billions more.
Re Zimbabweans, I believe there is a DIRECT LINK between vaccines and these so-called “sexual” diseases (that are NOT sexually transmitted)
Non-white people MUST WAKE UP and stop being naive about their enemies. It doesn’t matter how many whites are “sincere” — we have NO WAY of telling them apart. Nor do I believe that “many” are sincere, in fact, I’ve found the OPPOSITE to be true. And what appears to be “sincere” is USUALLY winds up killing us or impoverishing us or deceiving us
Black people MUST let go of this notion of “good white people” because we are too easily fooled by the outside appearances of things, like the African Aid concerts that are just FRONTS for white supremacy.
Where is the evidence of all these good white people?
Why after all the years of “integration” are black people falling to the bottom again, regardless of education? How can murders of children like Trayvon Martin go unpunished? How can black people still be slaughtered in the street by policemen who go unpunished? Why are black people still filling up the prisons? Why do we have the HIGHEST unemployment rate in America, even higher than illegal immigrants, regardless of our education and experience
YET there are allegedly so many “good white people” around?
As long as we stay in that comfort zone of thinking some of our white mommies and daddies “love us” we will stay an undeveloped and retarded and child like population
sorry to be so blunt but I believe it’s true


TrojanPam says:
@ larissa
I’m so sorry to hear that! Is your dad’s partner a black woman or…?
Your tragic story reminds me of a young black female I know whose ex-boyfriend (a black male) broke into her house, where she lived with her parents, and tried to choke her to death. The father and mother woke up and he ran off. When she filed charges against him, her father refused to testify, saying he didn’t want to lock the young man up and stop him from being a father (?!?)
I could tell more stories about the blase attitude of the black community toward the physical and sexual abuse of black females and the pressure on black females to remain silent and just “suck it up” but that would take too long.
The only way I can explain it is I believe this ‘attitude’ is a carry-over from 400 years of chattel slavery, where rape was an everyday occurrence for black people, in particular, black females.
To survive emotionally, slaves had to numb themselves to the PAIN of other slaves. Male slaves were unable to protect female slaves, their children, or themselves and had to learn to live with their women being defiled and degraded –and in some cases would blame the black female for being a rape victim of the white male aka “the red dress” syndrome, where black females were suspected of being WILLFUL sexual toys of the white slave-owner — as though a slave HAD A CHOICE in whether they would be raped or not (!)
the second part of this POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY SYNDROME is anti-blackness, where blacks learned over hundreds of years to be ANTI-BLACK, and you can see that attitude today, where black people often blame or ridicule other blacks for being poor, or mistreated, or sexually abused.
And due to TV AND MOVIE PROGRAMMING, many blacks believe that empathy and sympathy for sexual crimes should be reserved for the WHITE FEMALE — since HER FACE is the only face they see as “VICTIM” — and I write about this in my first book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, in a chapter called, “The Dead White Woman’s Club” — where the public is FORCED-FED an endless stream of young white female victims, like Lacey Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, etc. as though white females are the ONLY ONES worthy of being victims.
Unfortunately, black people have absorbed this fraudulent image, so when it comes to black females, it feels abnormal to see us in the same light. In fact, we are expected to NOT FEEL ANY PAIN and to keep on truckin’ — no matter what damage is done to us.
That’s why I reject the stereotype of the “black superwoman” because what that does is make us into NON-BEINGS that do not need or deserve any help or compassion.
I tell you this to say, whatever happened was NOT your fault. Period. Regardless of how callous or ignorant or insensitive some people may be towards you. I hope you will seek help or counseling if you feel you need it. Again, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. Take care


Your post is SO laughable and absurd I can hardly respond!!! IF the percentages of "good" whites were on the level you indicated, WHY did it take so long to OFFICIALLY end slavery??? Where were the "good" whites when the racist started the voter ID crap(Intended to reduce Black voters, and ONLY AFTER President Obama's election)? I don't see these "good" whites addressing Stop and Frisk DESPITE evidence that MORE whites are found with weapons and drugs. I didn't see the MAJORITY "good" whites demanding justice for an innocent teen MURDERED while walking home. No "good" whites demanding an end to police brutality of Blacks. Where were the "good" whites when Bush sent your son's and daughter's off to die over a LIE??? Were YOU the only "good" white who KNEW it was a LIE??? President Obama is a socialist/communist for suggesting the government aid it's citizens in need? I thought that was a "good" christian deed. But YOU have NO voice when your wealthy brothers use the government's money to further enrich themselves. How many WHITE companies made millions/billions off the Iraq war??? Where was the voice of the "good" whites? In fact, by YOUR own acknowledgement, Blacks would be WORSE off without the "good" whites. Sounds like you are admitting a "system" of white supremacy, racism, and discrimination exist. Poor Southern whites vote against their self interests BECAUSE your wealthy brothern has given then a sense of "superiority" over Blacks and people of COLOR instead of money to feed their families.


Of course YOU want to have the last word on this subject. NOT!!!

1). You are right that slavery was the social norm during that era as racism against Black is the social norm for whites in this era. Blacks of that time addressed racism and were called race baiters and worse, just like they are now. Whites like YOU want to PRETEND that slavery, white supremacy, and racism came to a complete STOP upon signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. NOT!!! Whites like YOU are satisfied with the "claim" of OFFICIALLY ending racism WHILE agreeing to the PRACTICE of racism/discrimination. The practice of racism/discrimination CONTINUES because the ROOT cause, white supremacy, has NEVER been eradicated. Until YOU address the ROOT causes of racism/discrimination it HAS to continue. Whites don't want to address THAT issue BECAUSE it would erase your social advantages.

2). Here is ANOTHER example of you attempting to deceive. Ilegal immigration is NOT new. It was around LONG before President Obama came to office. Whites themselves have concluded that cases of voter fruad is NILL. I beleive there has been ONLY 1 or 2 claims of voter fruad ACROSS the entire country. As to voter ID being a conspiracy against Blacks, I will let the several RECORED conversations of "white" conservatives speak for itself. The INTENT of this law and gerrymandering is to LESSEN Black political influence in elections. This IS a CONTINUATION of white supremacist ideologies that ONLY whites should vote.

3). Stop and Frisk dosen't have to be in your city to add your voice. Most truely MORAL people are NOT hindered by such factors.
The law/Justice is NOT based on proportions(That's the NEW "game" of supremacists), EXCEPT when it comes to Blacks and people of COLOR. It is KNOWN that whites have MORE guns and drugs, so WHY are they the LAST to be stopped by police??? You KNOW why. Like #1 it IS the social norm of white supremacists to "target" Blacks.

4). Again, you are giving white supremacist logic. You have NOTHING to back up your claims EXCEPT Zimmerman's WORD of events. And his WORD alone is enough as it fits YOUR supremacist ideology. EVERY word put forth by Zimmerman, from spotting Trayvon, to exiting his vehicle, to following and shooting him would be REJECTED on it's face if a Black had killed a white teen walking home from the store. Supremacist Creatures like YOU are SO mentally ill that you CHANGED decades of advice given to kids DAILY when leaving home. Be suspecious of "strangers following you", "Run, yell, fight if a stranger touches you", etc. But according to YOUR supremacist logic, those rules DON'T apply to Black youth. Black youth are to STOP and OBEY the "stranger", especailly if he is white. I hope you are being fair and telling that to YOUR kids. Let them know that the "stranger rule" no longer applies. Again, give me independant FACTS, not Zimmerman's WORD of events.

5). Point me to WHERE whites are addressing police brutality against Blacks or people of COLOR!!!

6). If people were INDEED mad about Iraq, the war wouldn't have occured in the first place. Everybody with common sense KNEW Bush and his war hungry administration was LYING. But the lie was easy to let pass as Iraq is full of COLORED people.

7). See you are spouting white supremacist talking points. I agree that SOME people, especailly whites, are NOT in NEED of government assistance of ANY kind. What is needed is to locate those NOT in NEED and remove them from the dole. Proclaiming there is NO need at ALL is disingenuious at best. I disagree with your definition of socialism/communism. Helping the elderly, children, and the poor is NOT socialism/communism. As a citizen of this country, I believe the government SHOULD assist those in NEED. Especailly when the economy is down due to NO fault of the people. From a religious point of view, there IS an obligation to help the poor. When you can SHOW me PROOF of able bodied people not want to work(If work is available)I might agree with you. But blanket supremacist statements about "lazy Blacks" won't cut it with me(Yes, that's what YOU really mean).

8). Denial of white supremacy and white supremacist "systems" is the BIGGEST lie supremacists have. There is NO mysterious "boggyman" concerned about cultural/ethnic "differences". Whites supremacist "systems" were created as a means for white CONTROL of COLORED people, especailly Blacks. The ONLY issue with diverse cultures/ethics is white NEED for their culture to be SUPERIOR to OTHERS. NOT!!!

9). Stop playing. Southern whites have voted against their own economic interests for a long time. They economic interests PALES incomparison to their false "FEELING" of superiority. That's the ONLY thing their wealthy brothern gave them in exchange for USING them for their financial gain. During slavery, not ALL whites owned slaves. That was reserved for the wealthy. So, what were they DOING during that time period??? They were working for their wealthy brothers and living a 1/2 step above the slave. But then as NOW, they had their false FEELINGS of superiority.
Finally, YOU can't CONTROL what I say or how I CHOOSE to reply to your post. Talk about white supremacy!!! Where did I insult YOUR genetics??? I gave you TRUTH about your genetics, not an insult as you CAN'T help YOUR condition. It is obvious we will NEVER agree as I REFUSE to be deceived by supremacist "game". I know you are use to CONVIENCING "silly" COLORED people into BELEIVING a LIE, NOT me!!!


Malcolm told us about our psychological NEED to IDENTIFY and PROTECT whites. Like most victims of evil, we HOPE our LOVE towards them will make them see us differently. Most of us SEE this behavior EVERYDAY in one form or another. Recently, I observed a well dressed Black man scold a homeless Black man only to walk a little further and give money to a homeless white. But what SHOOK me to the CORE was the LOOK in the eyes of the homeless Black man who witnessed his "brother" assisting the white. In ALL aspects, from the boardroom to the bedroom, Blacks have a NEED to make white LIKE them.


So true!!...Many Blacks are truly OUT OF ORDER!
My Grand pops told me about the speech in which Malcolm X spoke on a slave 'saving suh massah burning house'.The house was on fire and the slave skin was melting off but he was still standing there talking about "suh all that matter is that you safe"...



The DIFFERENCE between white and Black supremacy is white supremacy is BASED on FALSE ideology. If mankind originated in Africia FROM Black people, as YOUR scientists HAD to AGREE, it stands to reason they are genetically SUPERIOR. If 90% of the WORLD is COLORED and YOU are NOT, it stands to reason that COLOR DOMINATES NON-colored. Despite these FACTS, there is NO recorded history of Blacks attempting to subjugate, hate, or dispise whites. Today, Blacks have LITTLE interest in aiding YOUR demise. But your FEAR is, if left unchecked, Blacks would NATURALLY take over and rule whites. Thus, you CREATED "systems" to impede Black progress. The "lazy" Black "game" IS just that, GAME!!! During the slave era when Blacks were working from sun up to sun down building this country and enriching YOUR wealthy brothern, whites STILL proclaimed Blacks as being lazy. A REVERSE psychological "game" to get them to work even harder to enrich your kind. The SAME is TRUE today. Your wealthy brothern want to make millions/billions in profits and bonuses off the backs of the poor while paying them minimum wage. In fact there was a story the other day inwhich it was revealed that the INTENT of the Koch brothers(and other top 1%)was NOT to keep wages low(regulated), but to do away with ALL minimum wage laws.

Let them pay what they WANT to pay, if anything at all. We are witnessing the RESTRUCTURING of society right NOW(Cuts in food stamps, high unemployment, etc). And your hatred of Blacks is so DEEP your wealthy brothern has YOU voting against YOUR own economic interests. By the way, you DO know that not ALL whites owned slaves. That was ONLY for the wealthy. So, WHAT were poor whites like YOU doing during that time???? I can tell you. You were living a 1/2 step above those you hate. Farming, share cropping, and paying your dues to your rich brother. And in exchange for USING you, they gave you a FALSE sense of superiority over Blacks. That's ALL!!! Now, whites can't abide the FACT that they are being USED by their rich brothers, so as usual, you MUST blame Blacks for YOUR condition. Even AFTER your rich brother, Gov. Romney, TOLD you what the rich think of YOU, you STILL have a mental NEED to blame Blacks. But BECAUSE of your genetic condition and impending demise, you MUST stick "together" regardless. I KNOW YOU despise the TRUTH I reveal about YOU TRANSLUCENT creatures, and I LOVE it!!!



BroShabbaz804: Brother Truth.... There is a reason why GOD made the DEVIL. It is part of the devils job to move among our people. If you recall the story of JOB. The devil was among them when they came before GOD. Satan knows how to make evil apear to be fair seeming my brother.

Me: Brother, it is good that we will never throw our people under the bus. At first, I did not want to respond, but the more times I read the words, the more inspired I felt to set the record straight about Black Love.

BroShabbaz804: Indeed my brother. Indeed. I applaud you for taking your time to make the truth plain. We all have our positions to play in this movement. And you play yours very well.

Me: Thank you Brother.


Erica: Thank you Truth. You know that we respect you. That needy, clueless Irish wasn't even worth my time to put her in her place which is where she doesn't seem to realize she belongs. And I had Clarke BANNED from this site. Hey, Court. Haven't spoken to u in a while. :)

Courtney: Hello EJ. :) So here they come with a different Tactic.smh. Such a shame really. They want to bait to get people thrown off. I seee you lmaooooo. ( to them) I really dont like people who are weak and cant stand on their own to let others be because they cant measure up... Whats up with you dear? Yes Truth was laying down the real knowledge again.. This ones tactic is to purposely mention us without naming to get us to go off or something. ? Bait into something.?Again, the one she is defending is guilty of starting the harrassment and if she is a woman, she should of been offended as well. That goes to show you some things huh? Anyway. were is Mirah and Dande?

Erica: Hey, Court. I haven't seen Dande on here in a min. I text Mirah a little while ago. Hope your evening is going great and I'm doing just fine. :)

Courtney: I know. I haven't either. Hope all is well with her. I'm good. Happy to hear everything is ok with you and yours. :)

Erica: Why thank u Courtney

Courtney: You are welcome. I'm going to bed so goodnight to you and Truthseeker.

Me: I am doing Great Sister Erica.
I first read her comments in the morning. I had to work, so I did not have enough time to write a response. I wrote a response after work. I know you respect me and I respect you a great deal Homegirl and Sweetpeach. :) Court is here. Clarke is banned. Well, that is karma. I told you yesterday that karma is coming for him. :)
Bless you Erica and have a Wonderful Day. It is cold as an iceberg where I am from. LOL.

Erica: Lol. Here where I am it is still like spring. You responded to her very well and I'm glad to know you are doing well. Keep keeping on, Truth.

Me: You too Sister Erica.

By Timothy


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