Tuesday, January 28, 2014

COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America


But we are not helpless. We have many options including:
1. Building businesses within our community--the funding exists within our churches, social organizations, etc. We have to make the decision to invest in our own.
2. The recognition that we have a natural born enemy--limit our interactions with those enemies to only those that are necessary
3. Recognize that black men and women need each other--there has been a concerted effort to drive a wedge between us and we have to be smarter than that
4. Stop holding up people in their stupidity--if a brother or sister does/says something idiotic, call them out on it. I've stalked here at the suggestion of a friend for months and some of the comments on here are terrifying
5. Encourage our youth to take more challenging coursework at school--the number of our kids that take college courses that mean something, that could contribute to the growth of our community is abysmal
6. Take responsibility for those things we can change--too often we point the finger at others but we hold the key to many things that are wrong with our community
7. Mentor--it is too important that those of us who are the right kind of influence take time out and guide our young people
These are just starting points, but we are at a crucial point in history. If we do not stop with the foolish antics, our children will be in chains.




Thank you for these points, brother. There are a few more things I would respectfully add to your list. 

1) Respectfully be able to take criticism. Too often, when we receive constructive criticism regarding our actions and words, we immediately dismiss them without considering whether they are valid, 

2) We have to consider that sometimes it is not about the messenger, but about the message, 

3) Again, all our skinfolk ain't our kinfolk. Everyone that is black does not have the best interests of the community at heart. I used to be of the opinion that all of our people could be saved. The more interactions I have with some people, the more I realize this is not always possible. We have to be willing to let some of them go.


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