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Political Realities

Most members of the Black Panther Party were working class, not lumpenproletariat. But there were also middle class Blacks and Black intellectuals involved as well. Since Fanon died in 1961 and the Black Panthers were founded by Huey and Bobby in 1966, it doesn't surprise me that Fanon never heard of them. LOL! Folk should read Fanon: BLACK SKINS, WHITE MASKS; A DYING COLONIALISM, TOWARD THE AFRICAN REVOLUTION & his magnum opus: THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH.



 I also mentioned to the French journalist that when King confronted Johnson regarding our right to vote, he got a bunch of foot shuffling and temporizing. "Oh yes, you're righht reverent. But we can't move to fast. We just got the civil acts act through, and maybe we ought to slow down for awhile and go for Voting rights a bit ladter." As I informed the journalist, Dr. King said "No dice! We're going to force your hand if we have to." And, of course, there was the Selma campaign which did lead to the Voting Rights Act. "What history teachers us" i said to the journalist, "is that while elections DO matter, ultimately it is the self=-activity of the MASSS which mattter more." I further explained that even if Obama hs the most progrressive sentiments it will mean little unless there's a MOVEMENT happening. Otherwise, the only voices Obama will hear will be those of donors and lobbyists---which is usually how American politics works for boht Democrats and Republicans. I argued that IF Obama still does have progressive sentiments, and we have a MOVEMENT happening, he will be able to appeal to the "will of the people" expressed in the streets. If he is NOT still motivated by progressive sentiments, a Movement may move him--kicking and screaming if necessary--in a more just direction. I told Bruno that "I wish I can assure you--since you seem to have progressive sentiments of your own---that Obama's victory in November will mark a great new era. But without popular insurgency it may turn out to be just another election--its symbolic significance notwithstanding. " [That interview was actually published in France]



 I was interviewed by a French journalist in Bmore a couple of months before the 2008 election. He asked me whether Obama's election, if it happened, would mark a new and postive turning poing for Blacks in America and the poor in general. I responded that while I had read up on Obama (including him memoirs) and knew about his relatively progressive PAST, I could not be certain what his CURRENT politics will be like if he is elected. I mentioned that many elected officials with progressive histories going back to the 60s when Obama was in diaperss (and I a small child), became greatly different kind of folk once in office. "It will be a matter of SYMBOLIC historical importance if he wins. I initially didn't expect him to get this far. But it is what happens AFTER he wins which will indicate whether there is SUBSTANTIAL historic importance." I also pointed out to the journalist my concern for the lack of a PROGRESSIVE MASS MOVEMENT on a large scale. "The system is the system" I told the journalist. And it is often forgotten that accomplishement acnieved under so-called progressive administrations flowed more from the presence of MOVEMENTS already on the ground before the new administration take office. There would probably have been no Civil Rights legislations under Kennedy or Johnson had there not be the Black Freedom Movement. White liberals didn't organized the Movement in Montgomery. The sit-ins and Freedom rides were already in progress when Kennedy was elected. Earlier the militant Labor Movement was in progress BEFORE FDR took office, and A. Phillip Randdolp had to threaten a mass march on DC to get FDR to act on segregation in the military.



 I've read Obama's DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, and it only convinces me (especially in light of his performance since 2008) of the limitatons of politics in this racist capitalist republic. I wonder at times what Obama sees when he looks in the mirror these days, Yes, he was involved with anti-apartheid movement, with Black and Latin student organizing, reading Fanon and critiques of colonialism and neocolonialism, hanging with Marxist profs and supporting women's groups. But that eventually went by the wayside as he became an Establishment politician. But I'm not surprised. I know elder brother warriors whom I used to look up from the old Black Panther Party who are now politicians, and not a whit more progressive than other politicians (though, like Obama, they sometimes fall back on the old progressive rhetoric of Movement days that is still appealing to much of the Black masses). They, like Obama, were expected to be "transformati onal" leaders and proved to be (or eventually become) transactional politicos. Our people should have been warned when "leaders " after the 1960s began saying that we have to shift the Movement "from the STREETS to the SUITES." A red flag should have gone up immediately. We must fight CLASS and as well as RACE oppression. Yes, wold should opposed right wing racist attacks on Obama and others. But we must hold to the fire the feets of Obama and all other black bourgeois politicians, Our emphasis has to be on POPULAR and grassroots political activity and self-empowerment. And we cannot limit ourselves to electoral politics, but must begin to create new, revolutionary democratic institutions and associations.



 I am essentially in agreement with what you're proposing here. i especially want to emphasize the creation of cooperatives simply because they're economic forms which REQUIRE democratic participation and governance in ways not require, or not even possible, with capitalistic enterprises. Some of the programs offered by SNCC and the Black Panther Party can (with some modification in light of contemporary realities) be still relevant and useful. And they can help[ us lessen whyite capitalist economic power over our communities. The only problem is that there must also be changes in the larger society--fundament al changes. Hence our politics--and by politics I don't mean just electoral politics--must also master the art of useful alliances. While I do not share the same degree of animosity toward liberals as does Abdurratin (since the Right is obviously FAR worst), I wold not rely on them when it comes to FUNDAMENTAL social transformation either. And Dr. King himself argued in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, CHAOS OR COMMUNITY that the old liberal coalitions were not likely to work any longer. You may recall that he argues that as our movememnt was transitioning from the fight for constitutional rights to the fight for HUMAN RIGHTS (as Malcolm had argued), a new more revolutionary thrust would have to characterize not only the internal politics of the Black struggle, but also the kind of alliances would would have to make in the future. The liberal coalitions under liberal Democrat administrations (which hardly exist any longer) might have been useful during the EARLY phase of the Civil Rights Movement, but not much after. And it is now LONG after. I am interested in both internal Black political and intellectual efforts which have a revolutionary character. And at least a revolutionary potential must be there in the multiracial alliances which we may opt for in the future. I am convionced that Dr. King was right that we need a "radical revolution of values" and a "radical redistributiion of political economic power."



 There are any number of books which I've not mentioned; including nay number which I've READ (unlike Assdurratin), but hadn't thought of at the time. They would included Huey P. Newton's TO DIE FOR THE PEOPLE and REVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE---titles which i don't like but containing much substantive analysis that I can support. I would also include SEIZE THE TIME, and DIE N***a DIE by H. Rap Brown. I would also included BLACK AWAKENING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA, by Robert Allen. Also SOLEDAD BROTHER by George Jackson....and even (with some reservations) BLOOD IN MY EYE, also by G. Jackson. And yes, I would include a number of books by Angela Y. Davis--whom the Black Panthers themselves considered to be an ally (Addie-rats ignorant opinions notwithstanding)-- including her memoir ANGELA DAVIS: AN AUTOBIOGRPAHY. I happen to be an education and a revolutionary intellectual. So there are any number of things that I might not have mentioned. What folk need to learn might be a list circling the globe a hundred times. And unlike Assdurratin, I recommend stuff that I've actually READ. I don't just drop names and titles. This is Black History Month, and I think we should deeply study our history and things of historical-social significance to the survival andl liberation of our people. 





Cornel West (whom I know personally) is, like most of the Black (or white, or other) intellectual left is convinced that race is a fiction, but that racism is not. However, we mainly think that race is a fiction insofar as it is conceived as a natural entity, or divinely created one. We reject racial essentialism as both FALSE and DANGEROUS. Obviously, we can acknowledge the obvious fact that race as a HISTORICAL SOCIAL reality is real. Most of the discussion of ending whiteness seems to come from WHITE scholars in the area of critical race theory. And they are divided as to whether whiteness as a form of identity can be detached from white racism and white privilege. AA philosopher Lucius Outlaw whom I met as a student, is one person especially noted for idea that "whiteness" is redeemable, that it can become mainly a cultural identity liberated from the chains of racism and privilege. It might then be harmless, even creative.

On this issue I am undecided. But as I stated on a panel with Lewis Gordon, another AA philosopher who was presenting his book HER MAJESTY'S OTHER CHILDREN at a meeting of the American Philosophical Association, "racists don't have much of a problem with the concept of race. Racists have a problem with BLACK PEOPLE." So, for me the critical issue is to ABOLISH white racism, and the system of plutocracy with which it has been inseparably connected from the very beginnings of the entity that we today call the USA. Once institutionalized racism and plutocracy are abolished, then probably EITHER whiteness (and maybe even blackness, not sure) will disappear OR it will take on more benign forms. I guess I stand between those who either insist that whiteness must simply be abolished and those who think it's redeemable. I say "End the system of oppression and injustice on which at least PRESENT FORMS of whiteness is grounded, and the rest can be worked out or will work itself out." That can become the basis of solidarity both WITHIN the Black community, as well as the basis of transracial solidarity binding all the disinherited peoples of America and the world. But as long as sONE and Hendrickson refuse even to admit to the white privilege they benefit from, and as long as many whites delude themselves into thinking that anti-Black racism is a thing of the past (or that anti-white racism is the major problem today), then with THOSE white people I cannot and do not expect much.

I do think that SOME whites are open to this kind of solidarity and willing to acknowledge the realities of white privilege even while also acknowledging that most whites are themselves oppressed. Some are willing to fight racism as well as class oppression. Far from being mutually exclusive the struggles against both aspect of oppression--and against Patriarchy--are mutually dependent for victory. I am probably MORE optimistic on this score Johnny ("in Black Revolutionary Films") or Attai. They are BOTH right, however, in their view that MOST whites are not there yet. Only I think that a LARGER minority of whites than before are accessible for the struggle against racism and economic injustice. Indeed, I think that a MAJORITY of peoples of color and a SIGNIFICANT minority of whites (20--35%) can form a progressive, even revolutionary movement for social justice NOW if they can be somehow galvanized. But that's another discussion for another time/




Again, the usual disruptive behavior... which I have to believe comes in part from people who are as they seem---drooling racist kluxer wannabes---or agents of guess who sent to disrupt positive conversation. Bappy and Savant offer up plenty of positive conversation, and so are attacked by packs of racists quivering with angst at being consistently intellectually punked by BLACK people, whom they detest irrationally. Then their self-esteem drops even lower, then they must barf up even more racist crap to compensate and so we go around the vicious racist cycle of idiocy and psychosis. Recently a certain PR went off on me in here, hysterically quivering with fear of Mexicans, and thread after thread appeared, with a few slopeheaded Afronazis trying to jump on the bandwagon... too bad I sent the entire wagon hurtling off the cliff. Racists are the most pathetic of losers. Yet I cannot pity them, since their racism is sociopathic and does have negative effects, even the racism of a worthless little dweeb like Oh-Really, it creates bad vibes if you will...

 -Ish Tov



 A great quote from Sister Bernice King:

 "...My father, if you study his life's work, was in the midst of addressing economic injustice. In fact, he saw economic injustice as inseparable twins and so he spent the last three years of his life really raising the issue and talked about it during the poor people's campaign that he was crusading for when he was assassinated in Memphis."


 You can SAVE the FALSE Samoan "game". Pretending to be of "COLOR" does NOT supercede white supremacist behaviors and "systems" inwhich YOU agree with. White people don't care about white supremacy or agree with it??? Surely YOU are joking. If whites didn't believe or agree with white supremacy, how does it survive??? If they DON'T believe or agree with white supremacy, HOW and WHY do Blacks receive HARSHER penaties for drugs used in the SAME amount as whites??? Why do WHITE sociologists ACKNOWLEDGE whites ARE obsessed with race to the EXCLUSION of ALL other races??? Why do whites in the criminial justice system, including Mark O'Mara who defended the VILE murderer George Zimmerman, ACKNOWLEDGE the system is rigged AGAINST Blacks, especailly Black males??? They DO it for the SAME reason YOU do. They KNOW the TRUTH but practice white supremacy as it BENEFITS whites to the EXCLUSION of ALL colored people, ESPECAILLY Blacks. It is CLEAR you are NOT in the mental health field. Most PROFESSIONALS who have been educated at any school of note understand to social STRUCTURE that IS BASED on white supremacy. The FACT that you want to IGNORE that and BLAME Blacks for the social CONDITIONS YOU set up in the first place speaks VOLUMES about you mental health education. It is IMPOSSIBLE to Love ALL people EQUALLY while SUPPORTING white supremacy and white supremacist social "systems" that are ANTI Blacks on it's face!!! And LIKE whites, YOU attempt to turn TRUTH about white behavior into HATE. Call it what you WANT, but the TRUTH remains the SAME!!!



Great Jewels from the Great Sister Courtney:

Table Salt = BAD!
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This type of salt is not naturally occurring and in fact, when salt-water fish are placed in salt water made with table salt… they die.
This type of salt is also devoid of the many trace minerals that the body needs… so it is a wise decision to avoid it.
The problem is, that when companies reduce table salt in their foods to make it low-sodium, they don’t replace it with trace minerals and healthier options, they often replace it with MSG and other chemical additives to achieve the flavor without the salt.
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The many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt’s rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content.
In the same manner that vitamins and minerals are perfectly packaged in fruits and vegetables, because this salt was formed naturally the minerals within the sodium work in synergy.
(Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.)
Iodine- Natural salts are rich in iodine, so it doesn’t need to be artificially added in.
Less sodium consumed per serving- Himalayan salt is made of the same components as table salt but since the crystal structure is larger than refined salt, and by volume- this salt therefore has LESS sodium per 1/4 t. serving- because the sea salt crystals or flakes take up less room on a teaspoon than highly refined tiny table salt grains.
Packs a hearty 80+ minerals and elements- Himalayan salts are mineral packed crystals which formed naturally within the earth made up of 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals including: sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride (in descending order of quantity).
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Create an electrolyte balance
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It is even said to support libido, reduce the signs of aging, and detoxify the body from heavy metals.
JUST some more helpful information to be aware of. The fact is, real salt is not bleached ,whitened etc. You can find different REAL SALT IN PLACES LIKE HEALTH FOOD STORES OR ORDER IT ONLINE. SEA SALT, CELTIC SALT PINK SALT.ETC
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