Saturday, May 16, 2015

Conscious Words


What capitalistic competition also does is to create MASS POVERTY, the concentration of greater and greater wealth into fewer and fewer hands and, in this era of electronic revolution in global capitalism, we have the growing obsolescence of labor itself. In short, labor itself is being abolished. I don't know whether you failed to take economics, but you failed to UNDERSTAND it.



The "American Dream" has proven to be an illusion, which is why neither Blacks nor whites can achieve it. Worst, it has turned out to be---as even Dr. King observed after Selma--to be a NIGHTMARE.



There are no kings or queens in America, though capitalism is creating a growing mass of paupers--in all colors, genders and persuasions



I may be back this weekend to reply to some things that have been said, especially things said in reply to my posts. Suffice it to say for now that Baltimore has in the last two weeks seen the largest demonstrations since the1960s. And I'm quite tired out myself. But the Struggle Continues.



Isn't it interesting how often these gender warriors like SadbutTrue are right ringers? In her case, she's proves here to be an apologist for capitalism and the predatory 1%. And SBT, like many other reactionaries, imagine herself to be Christian. Yet there's hardly anything more antithetical to the values of capitalism than the gospels of Jesus Christ (at least as presented in the Bible). Of course, SBT is a known hater of Black men even though Jesus preaches against hate and promotes a gospel of love. Of course, this is quite common among Christians. All the more reason why I should remain an agnostic.



Actually, most Black women do NOT reject Black men--however much SBT would have us believe otherwise. Most Black men do not reject Black women--the buffoonish rants to the contrary by Uncle Tom Sotomayor notwithstanding.


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