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Words to Think About from Brother Nixakliel and Others

So BLM Folks Ask Killary Clinton to Look in her Heart? Huh WTF?
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 08:07
And Oh 'Please Say Black Lives Matter'... And they really expect to be taken seriously??? Are these guys radical activists or store front preacher wanna-bes???

Killary ['I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!'] Clinton, like her fore-runner & Hubby Slick Willy's Sec of State Madame ['I think the Deaths of 500,000 Iraqi Children are Worth It'] Albright [the 1st women to hold that post], has w those statements clearly shown themselves to be ruthless merciless sociopaths- yet apparently these BLM folks think just because she's a woman & mother [& grandma?] that she really has a 'heart' that gives a DAMN about Black people!!! And of course Billary / Killary's going to say 'Black Lives Matter', cause she's way too shrewd a poly-trickster NOT To- especially when she knows NO Dim candidate can hope to win without getting an overwhelming percent of the Black & Brown vote! [FYI: In 2012 Obama barely got 40% of the white vote, but locked-down 93% - 95% of the Black vote & 70% - 75% of the Hispanic vote - which put him back in the White House. - PS: Slick Willy also got over 90% of the Black vote]!!

So is this all the BLM folks plan to do, is ask poly-tricksters ala KIllary Clinton to 'Look in Their Hearts' [that presumes they actually have one] & say 'Black Lives Matter', like a Sunday morning go-to prayer-meeting [Amen]??!! And some of these folks actually call themselves Marxist style Revolutionaries??! Pleeease!!!

- Nixakliel


A Must Hear Young Activist's Critique of What's Happening w BLM
Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 06:17
R.L. Stephens II, founding editor ofOrchestrated Pulse and author of this essay, talks about Black Lives Matter and the creation of a leadership class @ Mr Stephens' is the 2nd Interview [FYI: the first interview is worth a listen too, especially when it talks about how white hi-school drop-outs or who have criminal records, have the same employment status as Blacks w college education, & white hi-school drop-outs actually have MORE Net Wealth than Blacks w college degrees]

Also see Dear #BlackLivesMatter: We Don’t Need [you as a new'] Black  {mis}Leadership [Class] @ - } Some Key Excerpts: At multiple turns, the fact that queer Black women started the Black Lives Matter hashtag has been a major point of emphasis. However, making certain Black people, even if they’re queer and/or women, the face of a new Black {mis}Leadership class will not save Black people. The problem with the Black leadership class of old isn’t that it was male, it’s that it was elite and used to control the masses. The same dynamics are in play today; just look at who was left behind following the Ferguson unrest. As Sarah Kendzior comments, “The average Ferguson protester is often struggling to get by… a lot of those people who were living in poverty on August 9th are still living in poverty; some more so, because they gave up hourly wages and other things to become part of the protest movement.”

The two women that interrupted Sanders last weekend seemingly did so unilaterally. You can’t build real mass political power that way, but building effective power is not their point. Make no mistake, this Bernie Sanders hoopla is ultimately about campaign jobs and foundation funding, not emancipation for the masses. These interruptions will create career opportunities for a few activists and political operatives—the Black LeaderShip desired by Tia and others—but, as with Ferguson, the masses of Black people will be unaffected.... - You might call this trickle down racial justice, and it’s deeply cynical.... {

Mr Stephens then goes on to talk about how LBJ used 'mainstream' Black leaders to Marginalize Fannie Lou Hammer's MFDP's attempted insurgency [by a real Black grass-roots movement] at the 1964 Dim Convention.

- Nixakliel


Submitted by akechlo on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 12:16
The DNC wants the Blacks to vote for their  party candidates by the masses. The party elites running the show are not interested in touching, leave alone, solving  any issue affecting the black community! PERIOD!

The DNC have channels through which it can get the African American votes without talking about that community's grievances. Some of those channels are elites in :

(a) Congressional Black Caucus (chosen and paid for)

(b) Black churches and their Ministers

(c)  Black Non-profit organizations (NAACP and Urban League) funded by multimillion $$ FOUNDATIONS

(d)  Black talk show hosts,.., etc.

These are some of  the elites through whom DNC channels  its mega $$ solicited from corporations ensure that issues associated with or affecting African American community are either watered down or squashed (not addressed). These elites are well compensated for the "demolition  and window dressing" jobs they do because their livelihoods depend on it.

Pleading with DNC to listen to you will never work because the black votes can be obtained by other means!


Corrected Link
Submitted by JWW on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 03:47
The link to the “video” of the BLM delegation and Hillary Clinton has been removed from RawStory’s site, but here it is in 2 parts:

Julius Jones, though he appears sincere, has no clue about how this system works. . . or how power works.  He is asking mass murderess, lying, scheming, corporate representative and mass incarcerator, Clinton to “examine her heart.”  Is he serious?  If only the devil will repent, everything will be just fine.  Pure fantasy.  And what shall the street do in the meantime?  Just keep hoping and waiting for the enemy’s repentance?

The government’s repressive occupation forces in the community, the prisons, the economic devastation, are all an exercise of power against the community.

The growing movement in the street is the emergence of an opposing power.

The struggle between the two creates the possibility of a realignment of the balance of power.  But realignment to what?  That depends on the objectives (articulated as demands) of the opposing forces.  To be sure, the state is clear about its objective: to maintain the status quo.  But the efforts in the street are at present, directionless.  That is why clarification of movement goals is so essential (both long term objectives and more immediate minimum demands). Then the struggle itself is the negotiation.

Black Lives Matter is a good sentiment, but sentiments are not enough.  Murder by police continues.

Black Community Control of Police is the only way to actually make Black lives matter.  Much depends on the conference in Philadelphia this weekend.  The Black is Back Coalition deserves our confidence and support.



Questions the BLM Folks Should Ask Bernie...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 08:33
Rather than just grabbing the mic from him & demand he say 'Black Lives Matter' [IMO BLM folks don't need to ask Killary {'I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha, ha, ha!'} Clinton JACK- Ditto for the Repugs - IMO it would be pointless cause They should NOT even consider endorsing Killary & has also 'allowed' the BLM folks to get 'schooled' by her]

Questions for Bernie:

Why did you support Slick Willy's Crime bill, & what will you to do to reverse the harm its done to Black & Brown Folks???

Why did you support Bush Jr's NCLB, & would you as POTUS continue w NCLB & Obama-Duncan's RTTT, or phase them out [if so explain just how would you phase them out]?

What's your stance re the so-called 'War on Drugs'? Do you intend to phase it out or at-least scale it down & if so exactly how?

As POTUS how would your DOJ & AG deal w the issue of Killer Cops gunning-down unarmed [or marginally armed] men, women, children & elders [generally Black & Brown]? Would your DOJ & AG charge & prosecute Cops in at-least the most blatantly outrageous cases???

Why did you support the Obama Regime's role in FUK-US NATO 8 mon 'R2P' bombing assault on Libya [& drone bombings in Somalia, Yemen, etc...]? Woulld your admin continue in this same vein of so-called 'R2P' / 'humanitarian' military intervention [& drone bombing so-called 'signature-strikes']???

How Bernie answers [or dodges] these questions, IMO should indicate to the BLM folks if they should even consider endorsing him!!!

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