Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sandra Bland

Nixak*77*  a month ago
RE: Ms Sandra Bland's Death while in Police Custody in TX, based on a BOGUS Stop:
1} After that cop Encinia stopped Sandra based on BS, he took her off-camera & then slammed her head into the ground while cuffing her. Sandra can be heard [but 'conveniently' can NOT be seen] complaining that Encinia slammed her head into the ground so hard she was dizzy & could NOT even hear out of one of her ears. Based on this she may have had a concussion & even internal brain-bleeding that, untreated could have been fatal. If so then these TX cops likely fabricated this whole 'Sandra hung herself in her cell' meme to cover up their culpability for in effect her homicide!
2} From WSWS & Global Research, Aug 18, 2015- 'The Cover-up of Torture in America's Prisons':} Last week, the New York Times reported allegations that prison guards systematically tortured inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York following the high profile escape of 2 inmates.
- More than 60 prisoners filed complaints claiming that they suffered abuse, including beatings, stranglings and death threats. Most significant, however, was the apparent personal involvement of New York's Dem Governor Andrew Cuomo, in these brutal actions.
- Just hours before state prison guards without name tags descended upon the cell block to TORTURE the escapees' fellow prisoners, Cuomo visited the prison, asking one inmate, in the presence of the media, why he did not hear the escapees cutting through their prison bars. 'It must have kept you awake with all that cutting, huh?', before giving him 'his best tough-guy stare,' according to the prisoner, and walking off.
- Within a matter of hours, the inmate Cuomo spoke to was asked by an unnamed guard, 'You know what waterboarding is?', before having His Head Thrust into a PLASTIC BAG HANGING FROM A PIPE and being beaten for 20 minutes. Another inmate also reported being HUNG BY A PLASTIC BAG USED AS A NOOSE TILL HE PASSED OUT.
- Despite these shocking revelations, not a single national news outlet has commented on the incident since Wednesday or even bothered to follow up on the story - Including the NY-Times... {
3} One of notorious Ex Chicago PD Lt of Dects Jon Burge's favorite methods [of several he regularly used] for torturing false confessions out of mainly Black [& some Latino] suspects, was to hand-cuff the suspect to a stationary object [like a pole] w their hands behind them & then 'bag-em' / 'hood-em' = Wrapping a plastic bag or plastic type-writer bag tightly around the prisoner's head, to the point of passing-out!! If the prisoner still resisted confessing, Burge & his 'crew' would just keep on repeating this till they 'broke' the prisoners' resistance. This was / is a 'deviously clever' method of torture cause it left / leaves NO marks on its victims- so long as they did / do NOT suffocate to death or collapse into a coma!!!
So we see based on points 2 & 3 the Cops have been documented using plastic bags to 'hood' &/or hang prisoners in their cells!!! So maybe Encinia &/or his fellow TX 'crew' were having a bit of 'fun' w Sandra, but took it too far! Especially w her prior head injury she got from Encinia slamming her head into the ground!!!
PS: IMO it is indeed possible that Sandra was targeted- IMO NOT far-fetched at-all. The first thing TX cop Encinia would have noticed is that Sandra car had out of state [IL] plates. IMO he likely ran her plate number & instantly got a computer data-base read-out that the car belonged to a Sandra Bland from Chicago, a known Black Lives Matter Activist!!! Otherwise he had NO real cause to even stop Sandra in the first place!!!

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