Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our History 

D1Mind  21 days ago

George Washington was elected president because under the British system of the House of Burgesses, which was a 'secret society' of rich white landowning male slaveowners, only landowners could vote. The House of Burgessess was the template for all representative assemblies in the United States. This also means many governors, mayors, supreme court justices and other high officials were also landowners and slave owners. Washingon only came into his large shares of land as a result of marrying the widow of George Custis one of the biggest British landowners and slaveowners. The plantation they lived in was the White House plantation and from that came the later "White House" in DC. Martha Washington Custis' later descendants also built Arlingon Mansion. And it was one of these descendants who Married Robert E. Lee, who inherited the mansion as part of his estate. The Mansion was confiscated after the war and became Arlington cemetery.

The whole establishment of the Kings' companies of the American colonies was to profit off the land and labor of people conquered under the flag of the templars, the church and the Crown. That system created the House of Burgesses to manage the affairs of the company as administrators or local political elite. This was always the system and George Washingon, the former British general, was part of that system, which is why after he became president, he maintained the same system that he was part of under British common law and only expanded the companies assets to the Western Shore (sea to shining sea) as mentioned in the earliest charters given by the British crown. Just read the founding Charter of Pennsylvania which has not been rescinded. Not only that many of the early anthems of the United States are based on British anthems, like God Save the Queen.
The idea that the United States represents a break away from the colonial, corporate exploitation of land and labor as part of the global system of European banking houses and royal charters and common law is simply nonsense. It was simply a change of uniform but underneath the same old system.

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