Sunday, May 1, 2016

Savant's Words

Yeah, I know. These anti-Black reactionaries are too stupid to debate, and not worth spending your time on.



I listen to WEAA FM in Bmore. Plays everything from Hip Hop to Jazz or blues. But I heard a tune from South African singer Miriam Makeba that I liked so much I found it again on YouTube: "Pata Pata."



Well a negro male (for you are NOT a Black MAN) who'd even think of naming himself "PIMP" is clearly not a man of much quality himself, and hardly someone with a mind or character that would make him a good judge of black woman or anyone else. Malcolm X once said that the Black man will get respect from NO ONE until he learns to respect his own women. In fact, REAL Black men do not even respect such poor excuses for manhood.



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