Sunday, March 19, 2017

More of Savant's Words

To an extent this may be by design. You know, I heard a student of mine say that he posted the words "Black Love" to see what he could find on the internet, but all (or nearly all) that came up were things about was about the same old Black man vs Black woman hate crap. Imagine (as he said happened one time) posting on Black love and finding two or three videos of Uncle Tommy Sotomayor, or vids of black women demeaning black men. I suspect it's built into the system. However, I think there's another side to this: the low cultural level of Americans generally--black, white, brown or what have you. How many people go into the internet to check out Angela Davis, William Barber (of "Moral Mondays" movement), Alicia Garza and others are talking about. Even aside from the male/female bashing, they're probably looking for porn, violence, twerking or what have you. Similarly, what do most people READ--if they read anything. Many people read mainly emails and tweets. (And here President Trump--in sharp contrast to the learned Obama--is a reflection in the highest office of the land of the social, cultural and intellectual backwardness and poverty of America. An embodiment of the collective buffoonery of the nation.) But why is this? Why is their so much backwardness, so much anti-intellectual buffoonery, so much militant ignorance and even hatred? That is something that needs addressing And why are we not having discussion about the impact of revolutionary Black women, and social implications and historical meaning of a rise of radical sisters? Why can't even the BLACK WOMEN in this thread focus thoughtful attention and reflection on this?

The whole world--at least everyone who opens his or her eyes--have WITNESSED Il Duce Don Trump's erratic behavior. But like many mindless, goose-stepping "good Germans" you have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, and a mind (of sorts) what does not think. As for "Fake News"--an essentially right wing concoction--I don't pay it much attention. Like most intelligent men and women I've nothing but disdain for Fox. However, I won't say it's fun watching you become unhinged. Your mindset and that of your proto-Fascist messiah Il Duce Don is a thread to democratic freedoms, and to the peace of the world. For the sake of humanity and decency, the anti-Trump resistance must continue. And there are MILLIONS of us.

Actually, Trump's behavior is soooo erratic that he has many people at various levels of society, both in America and abroad, questioning his sanity. As for Obama, my issue with him is the centrist liberalism which never transcends corrupt corporate power. His stability and intelligence has never been in question--at least not by intelligent people. And he hasn't been called "no drama Obama" without a reason. Trump is virtually the epitome lunatic drama. He's a climate change denier despite all the research in the scientific community that overwhelmingly evidences the reality of climate change, and of human involvement in it. He was a birther up until almost yesterday. He lies, and claims that he won the popular vote even though he lost it by about THREE MILLION votes. And when challenged on the FACTS, he (or his surrogate) appeals to "alternative facts." He claims that Obama bugged him during his campaign, but offered no evidence for this--not even superficial circumstantial evidence. He calls for a new arms race which would probably mean a new Cold War. He demonizes Muslims and Mexicans. Il Duce Don Trump was erratic and loony during his campaign; and to the chagrin even of some Republican leaders (who expected him to act normal or "presidential " while in office) Il Duce Don has continued to operate like a fruitcake. In temperament and leadership style Trump is more like Mussolini and Hitler, European fascists of seventy or eighty years ago than American political leaders of either Democratic or Republican party.


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