Thursday, June 22, 2017

Savant on Democratic Socialism

No, but I've considered expelling you from the USA. If we expel enough of you reactionaries and racists may yet build a prosperous democratic socialist America. Recent studies indicated that socialism is becoming more appealing to the millennial generation anyway

If SAVANT is an imbecile then Paul, my inferior, must be an insect. The troubles go back before Obama came to power. The collusion between the American ruling classes and Venezuelan elites to undermine democracy rather than allow a democratic socialism to prevail goes back before Obama, though Obama (the black mascot of US imperialism) also played his role in undermining Venezuela. "Liberals " and "Conservative s" within the American ruling class have no problems working to undermine popular resistance in other countries to Yankee capitalist hegemony. GW BUSH supported the failed coup against Chavez just as Obama later on supported the coup in Honduras. "Liberals " and "Conservative "--the fox and the wolf. Obama smiles, Trump growls but they both kill. Death to the plutocracy!

"Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a bloodsucker." Malcolm X

Tell the average American capitalist, or your garden variety "pro-market, limited government" Republican how pro-business Scandinavian social democracy. Be sure to bring a helmet to deflect flying objects and a vest to protect against bullets. Sweden has what used to be called a "mixed economy," with large public and private spheres. Also, you can have businesses which work as cooperatives rather than as capitalist enterprises. There are millions of people even in the USA involved in such enterprises, and many more in other parts of the world. As capitalism comes apart at the seams throughout the world, as it becomes decayed as feudalism decayed in the early modern period, the world may see cooperatives replacing archaic capitalist institutions. Capitalist institutions may be replaced by cooperatives as feudal institutions were once replaced by capitalist. And it's probably only a matter of time.

Paranoid stupidity runs rampant in your community and is a threat to humanity, even to white humanity. And it is the reason why a bigot and fascistic charlatan is sitting in the White House.

By the way, that "silly BS" is documented. Most victims of terrorism since 9/11 were afflicted by WHITE, right wing terrorists--which is what most terrorists in America are. Most terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 were the doings of white, homegrown right wing loons. The KKK was perhaps the oldest terrorist organization in AMerica--long before there was any ISIS, Al Quaeda or anything else. And they once numbered in the MILLIONS, and occupied seats in Congress, offices of mayor and governor, and police commissioners. Only unintelligent Americans are more afraid of Muslim terrorists than homegrown white ones.

But there are factors that these numbers do not reveal. Among them are the racial inequities in the judicial system, and also the fact that Black urban communities are more heavily police. If you're under greater surveillance than you're detected and arrested more easily and more often. If you're less heavily policed you're caught and arrested less often. There's also evidence that just as the police are more likely to kill UNARMED Blacks than armed whites, the judicial system tends to inflict heavier penalties on Blacks than on whites for the same offenses. Consider just one inconsistency: Probably the largest increases in proportion of arrests and incarcerations from at least the 1980s onward (maybe earlier with Nixon regime) is due to drug related offenses. Now even the FBI admits that whites sell and use drugs in proportions equal to if not greater than Blacks or Hispanics. But visit almost any prison and you will see Black and Latin bodies, but relatively few white ones. Turn on the TV and you see Blacks being cuffed for drug offenses, and when not Black they're Latin. But how often do one see whites arrested? And WHY is this the case of even law enforcement agencies--never known for their liberalism--acknow ledge that Blacks do not possess or sell drugs in proportions greater than whites? And there are a lot of other things I could say about this. I would like to suggest two articles on these matters for your consideration: "Black Crime Rates: What Happens when Numbers Aren't Neutral" by Kim Farbota. And also by Lisa Bloom "White People COMMIT THE MOST HENOUS Crimes, So Why is America Terrified of Black Men?" As polemical as the latter article's title sounds it's well researched, and actually an excerpt from a book called SUSPICION NATION.(Excerpt appears in May 13, 2014 edition of " . In short, while there's not denying the serious problem of crime in Black communities the issue is not as simply as its made to seem by the endless stream of unexamined (and not always reliable) statistics.

 Wrong. Most terrorist attacks in the USA are by RIGHT WING, usually racist WHITE extremists.


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