Sunday, July 16, 2017

Savant's Words.

Your statement is simply false, and sounds like Nazi propaganda with "Black" substituted for "Jew" in Nazi narrative. Actually, most African countries as well as Caribbean ones have lower crime rates than does the USA. In fact, most countries in the whole world regardless of racial composition has a lower crime rate. Only a stupid white fascist and supremacist like Paul could fail to see that. Again, Obama made an effort-partly effective, partly not--to clean up the Republican mess of Gw Bush and Wall Street. The recession was in full swing BEFORE Obama took office,, and on its way to a Great Depression--which is almost certainly what would have happened if the Republicans had won in 2008. The wars which helped precipitate the recession was caused by the previous administration--no doubt voted for by bigots and simpletons like Paul. But all this is probably pointless now. Capitalism is dragging civilization down to the depths of barbarism. And not enough of Americans have enough imagination to even envision an alternative. Time is running out. People had better wake up soon before it's too late.

Has anyone noticed that the "leftist " states as Paul calls them are on the whole the least poor and better educated states? How about Republican strongholds like Mississippi and most of the Bible Belt--the strongest bastions of right wing Republican Reaction, and which were the strongest bastions of right wing Democrat Reaction when the Dems were the most right wing and racist party

Read Eugene Genovese's FROM REBELLION TO REVOLUTION and Herbert Aptheker's AMERICAN NEGRO SLAVE REVOLTS or CLR James' BLACK JACOBINS. Four centuries of slavery were also four centuries of perpetual, often violent, struggle. Whites haven't forgotten. And in modern times Blacks have been at the cutting edge of nearly every progressive and revolutionary struggle in America.

Millions of people are always broke in this bankrupt capitalist society, but Blacks are doubly impoverished by the combination of capitalist exploitation and structural racism. Still, one must be careful. Obviously, upper middle class and rich black men are not always broke. Many working class black men are not always broke, but often are. Why not direct your criticisms against an economic system which keeps so many people impoverished in the world's RICHEST NATION?

The interesting thing is that white racists think that being against THEM, being anti-racist, is the same as being anti-white. If I were white--and a DECENT human being--I'd be incensed that these white racists assumed that their bigotry represented me, that I'd have anything to do with such sorry excuses for a human being. I'd feel insulted that those white bigots thought that they and I had ANYTHING in common.

YOU may not care but DECENT human beings care, including decent white folk who find you disgusting or embarrassing. As I saw a placard carried by a young white person: "Even us whites are getting tired of white folks BS!" If even THEY are sick of you, you can't imagine what loathing and disdain I have for you.

Decent human beings--unlike yourself-- respect HUMAN DIGNITY, and therefore reject racism. They tend to promote freedom and equality and justice--unlike you trashy white bigots. They notice that is it right wing racists like YOU who are always blaming Blacks, Latins, Asians, Muslims, gays, immigrants and whoever else for YOUR problems. They may even recognize that many of your problems, like those of Blacks and Latins, are not wholly your fault, but rooted in unjust social conditions. They recognize that your poverty, ignorance and narrow-mindedness is largely (not solely) due to the unjust inequities in the social structures, inequities that are CLASS as well as RACIAL. But they also recognize that your problems cannot be adequately handled until you direct your stupid anger away from Blacks and other oppressed people, and join in a COMMON STRUGGLE against social injustice--which is a fight against the power of the 1%. But as long as you're are stuck on stupid, stewing in the toxic juices of your own racial hatreds and paranoia, there's little hope for you ever to become a decent human being. Until you CHANGE you will remain TRASH, impotent cretins who imagine that it is the intelligent and honorable men and women of all races who are cretins. That is all too typical of you denizens of American idiocracy. It's a choice you have to make: Do you want to be a fully human person, or depraved trash? Thus far, it seems you're choosing to be depraved trash. Your hatred diminishes you

 There's no evidence of the "dead" votes. That one of those "big lies" which Trump and other Right wing Repugnant Party (in imitation of the Nazis) simply spew forth to be swallowed by their idiot base.

My ex-wife is a Dominicana who is normally seen by North Americans as black. Her dad is about the color of Michelle Obama, and her mom (like my mom) is about the complexion of Barack. Noemi is somewhere in between those light and dark complexions. But why isn't it possible to see someone as Black and Latina? There are millions of such people in Latin America. Latin America seems to be a very mixed population.

LOL! "Fun Facts" remarkable economy with words, not to mention his incredible paralysis of analysis, clearly reveal him as a member in good standing of the Repugnant Party's idiot base


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