Saturday, December 16, 2017

Savant's New words in December of 2017

Well at least white women showed a little more sense in Alabama in voting for Doug Jones at about 62% than they did in Nov of 2016 when 53% of them voted for Trump. But Moore is a blatant MISOGYNIST as well as a racist. How could 35% of white women vote for him. How is it that they are more willing to vote for that misogynist reactionary than are Black MEN--93% of whom voted for Doug Jones? Professor Michael C. Dawson's studies (and studies of others as well) indicate that the political sentiments of Black America--at least 70%-- actually lean in the direction of social democracy. If only white voters thought and voted the same way-- rather than just thanking us (or thanking our sisters, at least) for doing what THEY should have done.

Well at least we've thwarted that Republican fascist misogynist Roy Moore. Did he really think we'd forgotten Selma, and all the Republican machinations to thwart the aims of the Voting Rights bill of 1965? Or that we'd be impressed by his silly palaver about how our families were better off during slavery?

I want to COMMEND my Black brothers and sisters in Alabama for depriving that pervert misogynist and racist of a senate seat in one of the reddest states of all. 92% of Black men, and 98% of Black women have shown that they know time it is! Our forebears didn't endure the brutal repression at Selma in 1965 just so we'd would use our votes to seat a misogynist racist and Republican fascist

The ways of white folks are amazing Langston Hughes once wrote. It's incredible that no matter how stupid a white racist (e.g. Miscreant White) happens to be, he (or she) always imagines himself to be superior. And as with Miscreant White, the more stupid he is the more convinced he is of his intellectual superiority. Miscreant White is probably the LEAST informed person in this thread, and definitely the least intelligent. But the delusions of whiteness makes of him a fool who imagines himself wise. 

My previous post #56761 has content confirmed by such historians as Basil Davidson, Frank Snowden, W.E.B Du Bois, Cheikh Anta Diop--and are FACTS. By the way, these ALL these historians wrote BEFORE Afro-centrism existed. But they had to reply to a FLOOD of Eurocentric falsification of history which was an intellectual outgrowth of Western imperialism, slavery and racism. Interestingly enough, ancient writers who were around had not problem with the issue of Blacks in Egypt, Greece, Italy and the Middle East. No big to them. Color was mainly a curiosity as Dr. Du Bois (literate in Greek, Latin, French, German and other languages) noted way back in 1920 (SIX DECADES before the rise of Afrocentrism, but centuries into the prevalence of a toxic Eurocentrism).

 Actually, no one knows how many Blacks there were, partly because the ancients--unlike you modern white racist fools--simply weren't all hung up on the issue. In fact, color was not an issue and race had yet to be invented. (That malignant invention is part of the pride of glory of stupid contemporary Westerners). Blacks were around, possibly millions of them in the Roman empire. Even some Roman emperors are believed now to have been black. Except that was not an issue among the Romans. It would not have occurred to them even to do a census on how many blacks, whites or Asians there were in their empire. In 1920, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois (historian, sociologist, hommes de lettres, etc) noted that in the ancient world differences in color were matters of curiosity, but little else. The ancients, said Du Bois, would have regarded as LAUGHABLE the modern world's obsession with color and race--which means that YOU would have been a prize fool and clown in their arena. Or maybe a figure of fun in one of Aristophanes' comedies.


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