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Jesuit Coadjutors


ColossusOfDestiny wrote:
Sorry if I am a little behind on termonology but what is a Temporal Coadjutor?

No problem, Colossus.

I think that the following piece is a good demonstration of the particular type & definition of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor that I was using here. These are "Jesuits of the short robe", Jesuit-trained intelligence & espionage agents provocateurs, thus not Jesuit priests .

Their numbers include top politicians, military men, intelligence ops, financiers & even conspiracy forum diversion agents:

Possible Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors at Freedom4um

00-Hotherp Reports 13 Aug 2007 Coral Snake

Before we start I must explain the term Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. A Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor is not someone who wears a black robe with his collar on ass backwards as you might expect, in fact they are not even necessarily "he" at all. This is because a Temporal Coadjutor is not a Jesuit but someone in the order's employ, particularly when working for pet "New World Order" projects. Most of them were educated from Jesuit run Roman Catholic schools and universities and have received their brainwash regarding pet "New World Order" projects they are supposed to participate in in those schools.

One of the main projects of the Jesuit Order and thus the NEW WORLD ORDER, which is nothing more than the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE disguising itself as an organized religion using the NEW WORLD ORDER to regain its "temporal authority" over the world is Anti-Semitism or more accurately Anti-Judaism. However we will continue to use the term Anti-Semitism in this article because that is what Anti-Judaism is best known as.

Anti-Semitism serves many important purposes for the Jesuit Order in reestablishing the Pope's emperor ship or world "Temporal Authority" through the New World Order. Probably the most important is to tar anti New World Order truth groups with the brush of the Nazism and Anti-Semitism that the Jesuit Order actually created. This is the one we will be concerning ourselves with here. (Hitler was brought up with a Jesuit/Roman education and it is now believed a Jesuit priest rather than Rudolph Hess was the ghost writer for Hitler in the writing of Mein Kamph. In addition to this Hitler admitted having the deadly SS force organized along the lines of the Jesuit Order showing that he and Heinrich Himmler knew the organization of that order intimately.) Other New World Order purposes for Anti-Semitism are:

1. Undermining the authority of the King James Bible all of which is translated from documents written by JEWS under the inspiration of God.

2. Depopulation: The Holocaust or Showah as it is known to Jews was part of a more general depopulation scheme by the NAZIs that included even so called "aryan" Germans that did not match up to Hitler's and the "New World Order's" standards for the best "citizen" slaves of that so called "master race". (And yes the Holocaust or Showah was a historical fact no matter how much the Anti-Semites try to deny it.

3. Undermining the ONLY gun rights group that gives the TRUTHFUL history of so called "gun control" laws and their DIRECT tie to GENOCIDE and DEPOPULATION movements, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Now on to the story of possible Jesuit Coadjutors amongst the Anti-Semites at Freedom4um. It begins with two other web sites Liberty Forum and Basically in its beginnings Liberty Forum is a forum site formerly run by a Libertarian screen named John Deere (probably after the tractor company by the same name) for debating assorted Libertarian issues and is a hard core Anti-Semite site that accuses Jews of involvement in every crime since the late 19th century as well as practicing Holocaust/Showah denial and pro Hitler "nostalgia". has also been tied in with the Jesuits as a Temporal Coadjutor site. These two sites came into voilent fusion when Hard Core Anti-Semites who were AND ARE in all probability Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors began posting articles to Liberty Forum turning it into a "lite" and destroying its original purpose of being a debate forum on Libertarian subjects. This eventually caused John Deere to simply pick up and leave the site to the Anti-Semites. Eventually Libertarians regained control of Liberty Forum and began to push the Anti-Semites off their forum, first by outright banning but later by use of a "Bozo" like system based on voting or against articles in such a way that unpopular articles would not be seen unless an individual wanted to see them and set the software to show them. (This latter system like the Bozo filter is used by the general populace of the forum and is therefore seen as a more Libertarian way to deal with the Anti-Semite problem than outright banning by an admin or moderator.)

The so called "censorship" against the Anti-Semitic Jesuit Coadjutors at Liberty Forum caused them to look for another place to spread their venom and undermine genuine patriots and Constitutionalists trying to get the truth out on the New World Order by tarring ALL of them with the Anti-Semite brush.

At about the same time as all of this was going on another Constitutionalist/patriot/libertarian forum called Freedom Underground was being split in two with one half of its membership staying at the Freedom Underground site and the other half forming a new site called Freedom4um. No sooner did Freedom4um start up than its Anti-Semitic contingent started inviting the hardcore Anti-Semites that were being "censored" (actually Bozoed by having their articles voted against by the Libertarian majority there) at Liberty Forum over to the New Freedom4um. This event pretty much brings us up to the present.

Now to get back to the issue at hand, why do I consider at least some of the Anti-Semites at Freedom4um to be Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors. The first reason for this is when I first began to expose the "New World Order" as nothing more than a scheme by THE POPE and the JESUIT ORDER to restore the Pope's Imperial/Temporal Authority over the world and a new ROMAN EMPIRE on Freedom4um the ANTI-SEMITES there began a ridicule campaign to try to shut this exposure down with several of them ACTUALLY ADMITTING to having been educated in JESUIT SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES.

All I can say is that it is a good thing that Freedom4um is a relatively small site relative to FreeRepublic, LibertyPost and Liberty Forum. Even though these three forums continue to have their own serious corruption problems Anti-Semitic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors undermining and condemning as Anti-Semites serious efforts to expose the New World Order and ITS REAL SOURCE, the wannabe NEW ROMAN EMPIRE currently disguised as an organized religion are not amongst them. I believe that this IS a current and DEADLY problem at Freedom4um and one that other patriot and truth sites should be very careful of even if it means abandoning a little libertarianism in speech, for this Jesuit founded project of Anti-Semitism could by public demonization alone destroy the patriot/constitutionalist/truth movement very easily if it gains control of ALL of its forums and Chat rooms the way it did with Freedom4um. Not to mention the fact that Anti-Semitism itself is probably of genuine demonic origin in all likely hood because of its ability to undermine the Authority of the Jewish originated documents that were translated into the King James Bible.

Note that the people running & financially driving Israel are not of the Jewish religion, they are Kabbalists (e.g. those Royal knights & Papal Court Jews, the Rothschilds & Shimon Peres), & that since the time of Christ the Talmudics have controlled religious Judaism (the Papal-loyal Rabbis & Rebbes, who have no king but the Papal Caesar). Karaite Judaism is the only form of non-Talmudic (as were the true, original followers of Moses through to the Babylonian Exile, though recurringly plagued by Occultists in their midst, especially from Solomon's time on) religious Judaism, but even this is Antichristian & hatefully so from some of the quarters that I have read.

The ordinary, non-fundamentalist Jews, not leaning toward either extreme Orthodoxy or extreme & mostly covert Occultism bear the hatred of those agitated into anti-Jewish fury by Rome. The true spiritual Jews today - though now freed from the Law - are Christians, not the Babylonian Talmudic Orthodox "Jews" or Kabbalistic Occultists: both flipsides of the same coin & working in tandem for Rome against both non-Talmudic, non-Occultist Jews & Protestant Christians.

I realize that this is slightly off-topic as per your question, but necessary context to add to the above piece I feel.

Provable Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors, Jesuit-trained assets (Hayden, Tenet, Rumsfeld, Giuliani) & other Papists (such as the Bushes) executed 9/11, to blame ultimately on the "Jews".

I have posted lists of these men & their Jesuit, Papal & general Romanist connections.

There are those who strongly deny any of this.

There are those who say that they agree, but then act & write in a way that can only benefit the Great Red Dragon of Rome.

The question that we must ask ourselves in both of these cases is why?




Zvi said...

The true spiritual Jews today - though now freed from the Law - are Christians, not the Babylonian Talmudic Orthodox "Jews" or Kabbalistic Occultists

How could you leave this lying slandering trash uncommented???!!!

Timothy said...

First, the Bible in the NT says that Jewish people should convert to believing that Jesus is the Messiah. By your words, you might be an Orthodox Jewish person. It's not slandering trash and you haven't cited a word to refute that assumption at all. The Bible says that all men will bow to Jesus Christ whether you want to or not. I respect Jewish influence in Christianity. I just don't worship it. I worship God alone.

Timothy said...

How is an Occultists loving the anti-Torah Kabbalah spiritually. I respect Messanic Jewish people worshipping the Messiah, but I don't align myself with the Kabbalah at all.

edomsthorn said...

You may find what I have presented here of interest! I have proven that the so called JEWS did not write the Bible!