Sunday, December 28, 2008

Troy's Info

Someone didn't like Eric's beliefs & info, so they started a topic to look for ways to besmirch him, as one maintaining the position that the Jesuits reign over the whole Illuminati (High-level, Deep Occult Freemasonic) network - including those within the Knighthood Orders & the Labor Zionist Kabbalists (such as the Rothschilds) working to bring about the New World Order.

Thus this information is completely relevant & on-topic, demonstrating just how correct Eric has been along in his thesis.

There is the position of the "Antizio-Nits" that "the Jews" are all-powerful. This is completely unfounded, as demonstrated by my presentation above, showing that the Rothschilds have been Royal & Papal Knights all along, loyal to their Sovereign Queen & to their Papal Grand Master & thus in deference to their Jesuit Overlords.

Just like Jesuit-educated Vatican asset Shimon Peres, recently made a Knight of the Order of Sts Michael & George, & thus loyal to his Grand Master the Duke of Kent (also Grand Master of the UGLE & thus global head of Regular Freemasonry - whose own son, a converted Roman Catholic, was married in the Vatican in 2006 with Papal blessings) & Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II, that Papal Dame of the Order of Malta.

You would prefer someone to talk drivel to in an attempt to divert from these incontrovertible truths.


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