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I have already addressed in my essay that this is not a "correction", but an orchestrated implosion break-down of the economy, therefor not "Avoiding the correction" would result in massive genocide on a global scale as highlighted in the first quotation of my essay [1.5 Quadrillion dollars in private sector/off books speculative derivative contracts and a 5 Trillion dollar infrastructure deficit are causing this Depression/Collapse].The Derivatives are not Government creations and are sucking the life out of all Commercial Bank credit issuence, Thankfully you stray from the Austrian school on this issue and agree that they must be wiped out.The Infrastructure is falling apart and threatens to destroy the economy as well [it has not been updated since 1958 for the most part] , the essay shows the amount of potential infrastructure failures we may have due to neglect.

-Revolt 426



One could easily posit all sorts of ridiculous fearmongering scenarios concerning government-controlled police and government-controlled armies as a way of scaring the gullible into embracing the stateless utopian fantasy world of the Austrian School, wherein--according to those who promote this delusional, quasi-religious fairy-tale--a mystical, God-like entity euphemistically called the "free market" magically keeps privately controlled police and privately controlled armies from terrorizing, oppressing and enslaving people.Fortunately, most of the people in this forum aren't quite so gullible. They know that keeping the police and military in public rather than private hands is, if nothing else, the far lesser of two evils; and that the reason certain public institutions have become so corrupt and oppressive in recent years is that they've been, in effect, "privatized" to one extent or another (case in point: the "Federal" Reserve), and that the solution to this is not to mindlessly throw the baby out with the bathwater but to reclaim from these private interests our rightful control over our own government.

I don't know about anyone else, but I, for one, say "no" to the privatized tyranny that anarcho-capitalists would have us all living under if they had their way, and "yes" to the liberty and freedom that can only be experienced in a truly Democratic Constitutional Republic:



No one advocated any planning. The point of the essay was to highlight major flaws in an appearently popular system on the internet and provide an alternative (issuence of currency for labor by spending it into infrastructure).

There is no private "Infrastructure" market, the private sector has never developed one major infrastructure project without Government lending or spending.
A) Startup costs are top much for Corporations to build it
B) They don't even want to build it , since they wish to de-populate the planet
C) It is not profitable enough for them to waste their time with it

That being said, no one has advocated anything other then spending Greenbacks into Infrastructure (No micro management, "centralized power" , "Large Government").

If you think the Government building a canal, bridge, road etc.. is Socialism or "Centralized Power" then i suppose our first President and founding fathers were Socialists!....... this is all explained in the essay i posted , however.

The reason why you cannot find "The Line" is because i do not belong to a particular school of economics, but i would consider myself a Dirigist to some extent (explained in essay).

So, where is the line, i'll answer that no problem;

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution "General Welfare" Clause.

Before attempting to impliment any policy, ask yourself "If this for the General Welfare" of the population of the United States (Meaning , is this going to damage a portion of the population)

I believe in the "Freest Markets" possible without parasitical elites with the ability to destroy life....... so fixing exchange rates would be a great answer to one of these problems. Is that tyrranical? i do not see how it is in any way shape or form - yet the Austrian school proclaims it is tyrrany.


i do not profess to agree with either side entirely, however, i do believe that free markets are not evil, and i do believe there is something that could be defined as "an invisible hand".

Geo and Revolt, i have had Revolt admit that it (invisible hand) exists, however, im getting the impression neither of you feel that it is of any worth, in fact, you appear to think it does great harm.

I can't speak for Revolt, but as for me, I happen to believe in free enterprise. I just don't buy into the implied notion that calling something "free" makes it so. It doesn't. The "devil" (or lack thereof) is in the "details," as they say.

this is where i feel i would disagree with you, when you say "100% of the austrian school is lies etc", that is a wild and erroneous statement for obvious reasons.

Actually that's not my position. Have you read the following post of mine?

if so, why do you talk of free markets as though they were magic,

I'm afraid you've got it backwards; it's the Austrian Schoolers who do that. I merely call them on it.

i appreciate you believe in liberty and the constitution, but you seem unwilling to trust in them in so far as allowing the natural progression of markets,

The problem is that "allowing the natural progression of markets" is very often (though not necessarily always) an Austrian School euphemism for allowing an artificial implosion of markets to occur, which means allowing the very criminal bankers who orchestrated the collapse in the first place to foreclose on everyone and buy everything up at pennies on the dollar. Austrian Schoolers, in true Orwellian fashion, routinely call this parasitic transfer of wealth a market-based "correction" or "adjustment" (and that letting it take its course is thus conducive to "liberty"). In reality, it is a fraud-based looting of the real economy, and is conducive only to feudalistic tyranny.

Hope that clarifies the nature of the dispute.


-Revolt 426


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