Monday, November 5, 2012

Wise Words


ALEX,this is simple.
The demographics were not in favor of romney.
The voter suppression tactics of the g.o.p.,only made the minorities mad and,DETERMINED TO VOTE.
They turned out in numbers exceeding those from 2008.For some reason,people thought young folks and,minorities were not gonna show up. WRONG,WRONG,WRONG. 2016,i guarantee the dems will run a woman and,a latino and,will win again.
Barros Serrano wrote:

My Cambodian friend commented about this election, and she is not very political,“obviously the Republicans don't care about anyone but the rich”. She voted for Obama, and said her father did also, and his comment was,“the whites don't want to share.”
Pretty astute for people who really don't follow politics much. And these are very hardworking self-sufficient people who've been through hell and back, yet I'm sure Romney would consider them among the 47% of parasites.
It has become glaringly evidence that the Republican Party is a white party. All that blondness during the Tampa convention made my eyes hurt. And I suspect most of it was FAKE!
At some point whites voting GOP have to face the question: Are you happy clumping yourself off in a corner with nothing but whites? What the hell is this, a return to segregation? I'm sure some of them wish so...
I just wanted to point out Webster Tarpley SIMPLY DESTROYS Alex jones in this debate. It was like watcing a immatchur child trying to argue with a wise man with his SIMPLE CHILDISH talking points. Alex is the face of anti establishment?????????????!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes such a simpleton.


Yea. It's like he's so blinded by his Ideology, he disrespects the one man responsible for one of his most popular Documentaries. Alex is a closet Republican. Does he really think that Tarpley is pro-Obama? Foolish, Childish, and non-pragmatic...
And dont forget ron paul betrayed on 911 truth big time.And im not talking of 911 secretarianism of planes or no planes or whatever.It was just up to ronny to question 9/11 and he failed two times.He was even angry about being associated with 9/11 truth.


That's the thing about Alex though, he's always said to not buy into the "left right paradigm" yet he himself buys into 100% as he demonstrated in this interview. He's about as right wing as they come these days, not that there's anything wrong with that but practice what you preach.
He blasts Tarpley for having a few left wing views yet he doesn't like it when Tarpley blasts him right back for having right wing views. Can dish out but can't take it. Btw the interview STILL hasn't been posted.

Webster Tarpley is so patient -actually, gracious to the point of indulgence- with rude, childish Alex Jones. I increasingly think Jones is actually jealous of Tarpley, because he is far more popular, intelligent and well-read than him. Tarpley's worldview is simply more thoughtful, complex and humane than Jones's.



Note by Me: I never really outlined a longer response on my feelings on this controversy. Here are my total views. Cornell West is right and wrong on some points. First, he is right in that we have right to express legitimate critiques of the White House policies from foreign policy to economics. Many of West's critiques are on point. He is right that we must battle against poverty and so forth. Now, he is wrong is trying to outline debased, demagogue words about the President in calling him blackface, etc. Blackface is bigoted terminology that racists readily use to dehumanize blacks. The brother President is a lot of things, but one thing that he is not is a blackface. He's a strong man that is right on some issues and wrong on others. When he cried, I believe that his tears are sincere (even if I have disagreements with him on some issues. Those tears represented to me a lot of struggle of our people in our journey). Many of our problems existed before he was elected. Yes, the President should be made accountable for his policies (and I am critical of the brother President on some issues), but immature rhetoric doesn't equate into reform. We make solutions by demanding change, yes. Yet, also we have a responsibility too (not just the President). We have the responsibility to help our people, to fight crime, to improve our social straits since theoretically the President can't do everything by himself. If FDR and LBJ (2 of the most progressive Presidents of the 20th century) can't fulfill the Dream then, it won't be easy to fulfill it now. In my opinion, it can be fulfilled, but we should fight for it. Now, one brother here from the 804 (in my state of VA) is right that black leaders should unite and call for radical solutions (without fanfare, without massive TV commercial exploitation, and no distractions).

In the final analysis, the President should be criticized of his errors, but our responsibilities too ought not to be eliminated from the equation. Also, West is wrong to call the lovely Sista Melissa Harris-Perry a liar when she works all of the time for real in helping poor folks in New Orleans, Chicago, etc. She even opposed the charter school system in favor of public schools on one show. She obviously cares about poor people and voting rights. I don't agree with the Sister on all points, but this Sister loves her people. Also, you can make the case that the President is similar to Nixon on health care, but the President is not to the right of Nixon on health care (as claimed by Mr. West). Nixon wanted a totally privatized health care system without a public option (The President wanted a public option, but he didn’t get it because of the House). Even I acknowledge that the President has made many legitimate policies in the USA. I can't believe that a so-called liberal like West wants to glamorize a lying, war mongering, racist, and jealous of JFK actor like Richard Nixon. Other than that, I respect many of Cornell West's populist views (without the demagogic rhetoric).

By Timothy

________________ _______________________________________

@Manks 100% agreed.

Also, food for thought: My parents live in NC and my dad told me that Billy Graham's website for the longest had on it how Mormonism is a cult. Now, that message has been deleted.

It is also extremely disconcerting that the conservative Christians who support the Republican party, who have denounced Mormonism, will compromise their beliefs just to elect this man.

I am not saying Democrats are perfect. I am just saying Republicans yell the loudest and almost always have the most hypocritical platforms.

-Inner Peace


Augusta,Ga |
I think black women and men of character should be angry. I consider myself a good black man not perfect, as a father of teenaged daughters . I try to set a example of how a man should treat them.I hate that good black men are kicked to the curb because of self hating men like D.L. I love my black women and until the day i die, i will continue to love, support and respect them. As a race we need to stand up to our own race, stop supporting shows, enetertainers, celebs etc who bring us shame, hatred and disrespect to our race as a people


RE Laitin America & the Carib: Don't Forget Honduras & Haiti

Here's My 2 Cents Worth:
Obama & Billary backed a coup against Honduras' duely elected Pres Zelaya while they pretended otherwise.
RE Haiti Obama & Billary maintained Bush Sr/Jr's & Slick Willie's policy of suffering Haiti by opposing Pres Aristide return, even after the 2010 quake, while imposing Neo-Duvalierist {not so sweet}Mickey Martelly on Haiti. Compared to Obama & Billary [& Napoleon Complex Sarkozy] allowing Baby Doc to just waltz back into Haiti without a care, as they suppressed Aristide's & the Haitian People's Lavalas party. And then in the wake of the Haitian quake, Obama ordered an invasion of Haiti disguised as a so-called 'humanitarian relief' effort.


PhaetonModeratorJust nowin reply to GN
The NAACP is full of blacks who have an education. To say blacks shouldn't have a say about the food on their plates is absurd. GMO foods are not good for us. The fact that the NAACP went along with Monsanto should be a cause of concern to the rest of us blacks.

Self fulfilling (white horse) prophecy:

The Zionist Mormon's and confederates might want to provoke Russia and China into targeting the the U.S. Federal government and major population centers with nukes:
Strategic Relocation: White Horse Prophecy radio with Alex Jones and Joel Skousen:
Get Away from those damned American Gentiles! (The 47%?)
[Note: Clip is boring in the beginning but starts to pick up]
Alex: where do you live Joel
Joel: Well I follow my own advice. I moved to Utah!

Laying the foundation for tyranny

Clearing the path for future tyranny

Regardless of who wins the US elections, Obama's war on civil liberties gives future presidents deadly capability
 What I noticed from the few times I've seen it is that all the blacks tend to look the same or they could be related.

It's like he is purposely searching out a certain "stereotype" and disregarding the Honey Boo Boo families in favor of exploiting people.

Maybe it's a quietly kept secret among whites that they'd rather see blacks act like circus sideshow freaks than their own doing it.


Since Obama, Jessie & even Duncan & Rahmbo are from Chi-Town

I posit that instead of Obama picking that Mr 'Eco-science' John Holdren guy [who called for extreme population control measures under the guise of phony environmentalism] as his science chief, Obama could have tried to get my fellow home-town girl- Dr Mae Jemison instead. She's Black [the first Black-woman to go in space], from Chi-Town, definitely better-looking than Holdren & probably a heck of a lot smarter too. But then she may have clashed w hi-ranking sexist bigots on team Obama IE: Larry Summers & Rahmbo.


DandelionModeratorJust nowin reply to josemarina
josemarina, why do you equate being inspired by people who look like me as being preoccupied with racialism? I have been inspired by ALL RACES. Does that make me preoccupied with humanism as well? Colin Powell's war record isn't what inspires me. What inspires me is he's a first generation American with Jamaican parents who advanced to the highest rank in his profession. Is this okay with you? I mean, do I have to run all MY INSPIRATIONS by you?
The only one being infantile is you. I don't know what RACE you are but you're beginning to sound more and
more like an arrogant bigot. I'm very capable of discerning who are worthy of
my inspiration without your 'tutoring'. Thank you.


Prop 37 Defeated 53% to 47%... So Goes the Country...

If you can't get a GMO labeling law passed by voters in so-called 'Liberal', informed, health-conscious, natural foods loving, sun worshiping- California- IMO the US is done for on the anti-GMO, anti-BIG-Agra-BIZ / Big Corp FOOD score [& on the environment- cause its all linked together]. I don't give a d___ how much $$$ Monsanto, Bayer Crop-Science, ADM, Nestle', KFC, etc- spent to confuse people- or gave to the NAACP to sell out to try to confuse Blacks. If they can be that easily 'confused' about something as basic as the fudamental right to know what's in what you're eating & what type of food you're buying- God Help Us! [Blacks should be kicking the NAACP's A___ to curb over this issue- but then they've held fast to Obama-laid haven't they.]! All that hype about people cherishing 'Freedom of Choice', 'Right to have Control over Their Own Bodies', Freedom of Information, The People's Right to Know [what affects them], etc... apparently is just Slogans for some particular political Agenda(s)!

DICE Reply:

you dont think that the bloggers on this story who are defending race mixing arent serious ?
is just an entertainment blog when they defend these relationships too..
telling the history of Robert DeNiro is no more valid that telling the history of Strom Thurmond.


Darla Reply:

True that!
And an aggressive jobs program for black folks early in his term might have helped, even though the Republicans did shoot it down after midterm elections. That ain’t a handout, that is taking care of your constituency. That is politics. White folks got black politicians’ heads all f___ up talkin’ about that’s racist. But when they hook their constituencies up, it is called commerce. GTFOH. But Pres. Obama doesn’t want to go near the topic of race, look at what he did to Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture. The woman was lied on and the White House wanted her to resign before all teh facts were in. I don’t know what the purpose of his presidency was, but it will not bode well for black folk for years to come.


Darla Reply:

You just contradicted yourself. You said in the previous statement that his grandparents raised him to be a black man because they knew the world would see him as black.
Then you say as Midwesterners, they could not have possibly taught him about the “black american experience {paraphrasing}”
Listen hon, Being an Obamabot was so four years ago.This is an administration which argued before the Supreme Court for strip searching in a case that involved a black man who was not even driving the car, his wife was and he was stripped searched, no probable cause.
Obama is sending AFRICOM into Africa to steal its natural resources for corporate America.
Obama didn’t come hard enough on those Republicans, even though he had a mandate. Know why? Ask the Crown and Pritzker crime families in Chicago.


DICE Reply:

Us antiquated n_____ never kidnapped, raped, robbd, mutilated, murdered and stole whole nations of people because of their race…
We never lynched people, we never denied others the right to make a decent living, the right to a decent education the right to vote, and we never forced anyone to stop speaking their languages and practicing their culture then by threat of death and mutilation forced the to adopt our language and out culture…
But knowing these things, historically, white people love to accuse others of the crimes, they themselves commit or have committed…Its a mind phuck that weak minded and miseducated people fall easily prey to.


DICE Reply:

with all due respect English, Africans fought almost 200 Major wars against the European and those Africans who chose to align themselves with them for the purpose of profiting off of human bondage….
Lets stop pretending that the European were just docile innocent bystander shoppers, who innocently purchased human beings who did not wish to be kidnapped…You mofo’s are insane…They dont call you the BLOODY BRITISH for nothing..
You people were involved in DIRECT WARFARE on the continent for the purpose of kidnapping human beings for profit…You set the system up and then attacked certain tribes and other tribes were threatened with warfare on them if they did not cooperate in capturing other tribes…
I can name you 175 wars that Europeans engaged in direct combat in Africa to murder, steal from and kidnap AFRICANS…
You people never change…You never assume responsibility for any of your crimes and you are always just innocent victims helping out with religion and wars of humanity…


Dravidian(s.Indian) community didn't have 4 folded caste system like Indo-Aryan(n. Indian). Mostly people with land had lot of powers. Brahmins were mostly elite but it's usually the middle caste(like Kshatriyas & Vaishas) people held more land.

I don't believe you can be a Brahmin and a Christian at the same time because Brahmanism implies to reading vedas and practicing strict vegetarianism. I believe some Brahmins aka Nambudris embraced Christianity in earlier days of Christianity so they bought some caste influence but from 1947(after India's freedom), Christians were least concerned about caste. People don't talk about caste unless it's for marriage aliance(arranged marriage). My sis in laws are all Hindus and some are north Indian too(my bros had love marriage).

I'm Tamil Christian.

Savant wrote:

You mention a sister-in-law being a Brahmin. Is that the part of Indian society from which you also come? And I forget, what was the original social position of Gandhi?
Would you say that the philosphical and religious culture which shaped Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence largely derived from that sector of Indian society and culture?


White supremacy is ever present with its entitlement, privilege, hubris, and pretense to the throne. There are always those notes of subtle and not so subtle recognitions that white folk are racist to the core.

But, I agree. They are coming out of the closet with the c___ in ways that are different. They are no longer subtle about their contempt and hatred for non-white peoples. And, it is not limited to Tea Party types. It is across the board with liberal, conservative, progressive, female, gay, rich, etc.; all of the m_____ are showing their a____. And you are correct, part of the evidence is the way they talk to Black people, with such disdain.



Yes, some of these white people have been losing their minds since 2008! They've been definitely cutting the fool this year even moreso. Nooses hanging from trees, chairs in yards w/foolish signs sitting on the chair, shirts talking about turning the White House back white, etc! I mean they spout off stuff that has already been shown as a lie, but they just can't justify their dislike for Pres. Obama in an understanding matter. I know everybody won't like him, and that's fine b/c he's not Jesus. However, some white people just don't like him simply b/c he is black. You know it's obvious when other white people are saying this in the media.

-A Woman


DandelionModerator14 minutes agoin reply to josemarina
josemarina , you really need to stop trying to psychoanalyze Black people because you're making a complete fool of yourself. I will never get over being inspired by Black people like President Obama, Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, college graduates, business owners and I can go on and on. It doesn't matter to me that President Obama doesn't have any slave blood. Especially when countless Black men with his complexion, DO have slave blood. Nor does it matter to me that Powell and Rice don't share my political views. No amount of modern inspirations would ever make me forget our history....EVER.
My pride for successful Blacks has no impact on my AWARENESS of the suffering of poor Blacks. Why on earth would you even suggest such IGNORANCE? Oh never mind. It's quite telling that you feel a BLACK WOMAN needs to be educated about the state of inner city Blacks. I live it EVERYDAY. So spare me.


Originally Posted by x-wifeyView Post
Consider the source and the intellect of GAME. Most men that cheat have poor morals and values all the way around. Yes, I'm sure ppl in his 'circle' do cheat..but I know a LOT of men that don't. Men who cheat need to look inside's not even about the woman or the sex their getting, it's about their own insecurities.
You better say it, sistah!


Scox wrote:

Last night will be one of those "Where were you?" kind of events for sure, Loomer. You should be totally stoked because the result made history, and has very far reaching implications on the future of our country GOING FORWARD.
America had the AUDACITY to pull the levers on HOPE by making Barrack Obama a two term U.S.President because twice elected is the hall marks of a successful Presidency.
This great country of ours, the most powerful the world has ever witnessed, knew that only by including everybody - whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, native, straight.....
Well, you know,lol, can we all move forward as one nation.
Obviously you're in the know and probably read some of Barrack's NY Times best sellers 'Audacity of Hope' and 'Dreams From My Father.' Those were great reads and gives you the true feel for what our President experienced as a teen growing up in Hawaii and the mean streets of New York, where he was scarred by the ugly specter of RACISM in the public schools.
They should be required reading in public schools!
And, we must credit Mitt Romney for being such a fierce competitor, Loomer, far tougher than even that Viet Nam vet hero John McCain to defeat. Romney was a successful hedge funds mangr who built up companies in turmoil. And, wealth was not handed down to him. Did a great job with the education system in Mass.
Couple that with lots of problems we have going ie $13 trillion debt, millions out of work and given up, military in disarray, foreign policy not being respected, et al. That's why we had to make Mitt Romney and his wealth the issue? No choice, but that's the nature of political war fare, poli sci 101.
And now, let's hope both parties hold out the olive branch and bury the hatchet. And, work to tackle the nation's GInormous headaches together. Neighbors help neighbors, states helping states.....
DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, which is Obama's memoir, is s supert work of Literature as sell as social commmentary. I plan to read it again when the semester is over and I have more time,
By the way, there's a book called READING OBAMA by Professor James T. Kloppenberg. It examines both Obama's writings and his intellectual development (and his youthful activism).
People who believe that Obama cannot speak without a teleprmpter, or who beieve that Obama is a "Marxist" or a "Muslim Communist" (whatever the h___ that is), are simply ignorant beyond belief.
Barack Obama is one of the best educated men ever to occupy the White House.
But now that he has been re-elected, now that the right wing effort to destroy him has failed, the question is: "What's next?"



I cry tears of joy to hear the voice of Prophet Garvey, from his voice we hear the sound of Africa going back to the Garden of Eden in the heart of Africa, the moral superiority of the AFrican spirit, which caused the Greeks to praise the people kissed by the sun for there was no people more noble and dignified, lofty and full of joy and kindness....the European has tried to kill our birth right as the origin of humanity, spirit, civilization...but God has sent Garvey to bring us back


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