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That says it all. She seeks a "true white" in the White House. Too bad for Carol that times are different and we're not living in the pre-1960s era when white supremacy went unchallenged.



MAX-- wrote:

Why do 95% of black people vote Democrate
Come on know why....
Goverment handoutsgovernment jobs and stupidity
for the same reason that most Black people used to vote Republican when it was the most liberal of the two parties, you simpleton.
The Republican party isn't even just conseravtive, It's party of rightwing nuts, or at least its leadership is.
Clue: It's not the Democrats who today are involved in voter suppression;
Clue: It's not the Democrats who are trying to strip workers rights to collective bargaining.(By th way, Dr. King was PRO-Labor and spent his last days fighting to achieve for Memphis sanitation workers what Scott Walker took from Wisconsin workers).



Sounds almost like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it? Like talking about square circles.

And yet there were once such creatures of LIBERAL Republicans.
In fact, during the time of Lincoln and Reconstruction Republicans were MORE Liberal than Democrats. Some were even LEFT of LIberal.
Yet today they're so far to the right as to border on fascism in some cases.
But once upon a time, Alex Haley (author of ROOTS & co-author of Malcolm's AUTOBIOGRAPHY) was a liberal Republican. Senator Edward Brooke was a liberal Republican.
And it largely a coalition of liberal Republicans and Democrats who lent support to the Civil Rights Movement.
In fact, Republicans were once MORE liberal than Democrats. And Blacks, most of whom have always been politically liberal(or sometimes more left than liberal), were once mainly suppporters of the Republican Party.
Not it's all the reverse. It doesn't sound strange to speak of a liberal Democrat, or a conservative Democrat (some called Blue dog) or moderate Democrats.
But over the years the Right, increasingly the far right, have hijacked the Republican Party. These reactionaries may be the biggest enemies of the party which once called itself the Party of Lincoln and Emancipation.



ANSWER: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was NOT a REpublican.
In general, he kept a certain distance from BOTH parties.
Neither the King Estate nor researchers with the King Papers project (e.g. Clayborne Carson) verifies that Dr. King was a Republican. It seems his father was Republican, at least for a while. And his father supported John F. Kennedy, not Richard Nixon,for the 1960 Presidential race.



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-Cap Black


Anonymous Reply:

You should not be confused.The systems of racism and organized crime is very similar…Many times in organized crime when a group wants to carry out their criminal enterprise without receiving too much attention, they use what is called buffer.
That buffer(see Obama) is put in place to take the rap and give the enterprise legitmacy when things go south…White people set up their orgainzed racist system as a hierachy with them on top, blacks on the bottom and mixed people in the middle as the buffer and those mixed people(coloreds in South Africa) are given concessions and accolades that the blacks on the bottom are deprived of in order to create:
1. Motivation for the buffer to want to protect the ones at the top because of their mid range treatment
2.A biological strain that would look black but in 50% of the cases have loyalty to them.

Anonymous Reply:

So true, but black women are waking up and accepting their true natural beauty. A new report states that relaxers are on the decline. I myself am in transition and am no longer relaxing my hair. I can’t even begin to tell you how free full I feel. Our hair is rare, unique and was given to us for a reason.

Anonymous Reply:

There is an agenda to erase the black race. It will never happen because we are a chosen people.


SoultrySoulModerator3 hours ago
"NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond "Narcissist" Kelly revealed plans for his department Wednesday to test a high-tech device that could cut down on the number of “Stop And Frisks” in the city."
*cut down - just stop violating Black Men
*Test the high tech device - understand a test is just that.
The problem with this device is you have to consider those with valid "conceal weapon permits", and if this device picks up on every legitmate law abiding Black Man in NY - that right there will only confirm "RACIAL PROFILING".
Racist sound off...

LexxsModerator3 hours ago
This will further reduce privacy, not increase it. Also, the radiation is unhealthy. The police state is now worse than ever




I think the proposal is less scary than what some human beings make it out. It is a gradual three year plan. The females must pass a physical test and they are given the opportunity to do so. It is not given in a free platter. Therefore, I agree with this change of policy. I don't agree that this change in policy has to do with a great social experiment. It is not scary. Women have been in other combat roles for years. Israel has done for it years without massive gender instability. I don't agree with the reactionary leadership in Israel, but it is what it is. The military's physical standards will not be compromised. My concern is that I hope this new policy will not glamorize militarism or Empire. Even the Sister Goldie Taylor was a Marine. The U.S. Marines is not some joke. General Martin Dempsey believes that this new policy can stem sexual assault in the military.If a woman mentally and physically qualifies for the job, then they have the right to do the job. Equality means equality in our daily lives not equality some of the time. It has nothing to do with following the white man. In fact, white supremacy have bashed the masculine and the feminine principle in the Universe for centuries. It has to do with following equality, which is part of the black African cultural ethos before modern white society existed. Then, some (in following the agenda of many racist whites ironically) want to scapegoat Latinos when they forget that many Latinos have black African descent. Many Latinos are black and immigration reform deals with Africans and Afro-Caribbeans too (our people) not just Mexcians. There were black African warriors of both genders thousands of years ago. There were the Candaces of ancient Nubia and Queen Nzinga fighting in combat. So, balance is necessary. Sometimes jewels have to be dropped. It is not a big deal.

-By Timothy (Me)


HopeModerator16 hours agoin reply to KIR12
Not So. Black Feminism was not what flipped this race up side down. Many black women were not into feminism. What flipped this race up side down was first the white man and woman never stopped working on destroying you. You under estimated those who seek to destroy you. Next black men and women decided that they did not want to be black any longer. They started coveting the white life. They didn't just want their kids to get an equal education but they wanted them to be educated by white teachers in white schools. This snow balled. Then the media started in on their portals of black men lusting after white women in movies. And it continued from there. Then they pitted black men and women against each other with education and corporate jobs.
There is a lot that I have left out and my post doesn't encompass all that has happened but instead highlights of some of the major breaks of black men and women relationships.
The emasculating of black men came from white men and white women. The majority of black women have always raised up black men.
Don't read a google article, Go to a library and it a true piece of knowledge, go get a book and get every book about your black history written by another black person.
Articles can't fill your knowledge gap in like a book and it can't give you complete picture like a book can.

DandelionModerator4 minutes agoin reply to Lexxs
''I enjoyed seeing photos of the Obamas dancing, even though it was just a show".

Lexxs , and you know this how? I'm really surprised at you going there when you throw fits anytime someone questions your marriage.
Also, why do you feel Black women adopted feminism from Caucasian women? The major component of feminism Black women may have identified with was the abuse some husbands inflicted on their wives who were dependent upon them. All these great stories of Black love wasn't apart of everyone's experience. I had friends who fathers were drunks, chronic womanizers and who would beat the daylights out of their mothers. I grew up in the inner city, but these stories of abuse happen across all economic levels. If anything, Black women want to be protected if they're ever deserted by deadbeats (with happens to Black women the most) not because Black women want to do without men. So let's not make it seem like Black women are following suit after Caucasian women. Black women are on average more traditional and more conservative than Caucasian women. It's a known fact, Black women are the most faithful church goers. Meanwhile, Caucasian women can be seen at bars making out with females (just to get attention from males), getting drunk in bars and making out with complete strangers and doing a host of other illicit activities that even the most hoochie-fied Black woman wouldn't be caught dead doing.
There will be fewer Obamas and strong Black families. Especially when Black men fall into the criminal element, decide to be baby daddies and not husbands and fathers, and let's not forget the marriage minded wealthy Black men who marry other races. All of these things are harming the Black family. Yes, Black women share a part in this destruction. But, Black women who only want to procreate with Black men don't always have the best to choose from. Quite frankly, if Black women decided to only procreate with educated, family oriented Black men without criminal records, the Black population will PLUMMET. As for Black people being eradicated from the earth, have you done anything in your personal life to stop this from happening?

Oh and Black people were moral and just long before any Caucasian God existed in our schools. To be exact, Black people were moral and just long before Caucasians even existed as a race. It's rather perplexing to hear Black people (who are the original people) depending on any inventions of Caucasians (the last people created) to save us.


DandelionModerator1 hour agoin reply to KIR12
KIR12, the feminist movement happened for a reason. Let's not forget, it was spurred on because MEN were abusing their housewives (as they still do). That is leaving them penniless for their mistresses, and beating the crap out of them. Just like the Civil Rights Movement, the feminist movement was reactionary not unprovoked.
Also, Black women collectively were never part of any feminist movement. Most Black women I know are still old fashioned at heart. Those of us who had loving Black fathers want a traditional man co-leading our households. Yes, we have some Black women, saying they don't need a man. That's only because they never experienced a REAL MAN. If they had, they wouldn't speak such nonsense. These Sisters should speak the truth and say they don't need a bum.
As for your Black Matriarchy spill, why haven't you countered with Black Patriarchy? Oh, that's right. You're the cat who blames Black women for ALL of our problems.


HopeModerator17 hours agoin reply to Marcus Adams
I have to say ditto for me. What is happening and has happened you got some of these black fools that have started hating other black people and loving their masters or any other race.
There is a plan that has been kicked into effect to make black women and men hate each other. I am serious. I remember many articles in magazines, etc. pitting black men and women against each other. I could see the tear and this was when I was a kid. So, now it is in full swing.
I hope black people quit letting this internet, news, and media poison them.

FreeBLACKman804Moderator1 hour agoin reply to CourtneyR
Beantown has been known to leave questionable comments on here my sister. I stopped paying attention to him when the Trayvon Martin stuff was going down. I found some of his comments to be offensive. Any article that deals with police brutality, self defense, and a whtie person shooting a black person, beantown almost NEVER support the black person. So i think that is why brother Tracy has so much venom for mr beantown. Just check his comments on this thread. He says that the prison system plays no part in the systemic destruction of the black man. his body of work on this site is what people like tracy and myself reject. Not so much his parents.


Mike Hunt wrote:
I watched a documentary on white men who flew to Thailand to rape children and it nearly broke my heart. The family approved of this white man raping their little girl because that's the only way they could eat. The little girl was not.happy about the white man visiting to rape her but her mother spoke of the white rapists with such high regard. Imagine if black or any.other race was flying across the globe to rape children, there would be laws put in place to stop them or they would be killed when they step off the plane and there would be a media frenzy that would last forever. There wouldnt be a grinning Asian woman saying she looks forward to his visits.

Every race has economical problems and unfortunately most of it is caused by whites. Whites rape the black/brown/yellow people of their natural resources which leaves the people in a position of total dependency abd desperation only to be further taken advantage of by whites. U don't blame the thai women who allow this to happen to their daughters. I blame a race of white psychopathic predators.

Everyday whites are flying around the world to rape children and this is not seen as a problem because they are mostly flying to rape brown/black/yellow children so the white world approves.


some of what you say is true and its a problem form both many black males and females today. Not just black females. Those of us ,that were blessed ,to have two black parents in the home,cant settle for todays terms. Period..

TheBurningBushModerator21 hours agoin reply to CourtneyR
Right on sister! And the black man must understand that he can't do much without the black women and the black women must understand she will not get anywhere by herself or baiting a gender war with the black man it's lose lose for everyone children included!


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