Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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FreeBLACKman804Moderator9 hours ago
GREAT ARTICLE. I must add that in my opinion, many of the brothers that date white, party white, and live white are usually the FIRST ONES to say that they are COLOR BLIND. As if being BLACK will hender them in doing what ever it is that they want to do in life. They seem to DISTANCE themselves from black culture.
I guess RG3 does not notice the people that think he speaks well for a BLACK GUY. Or that he throws well for a BLACK QB. Or that he has shown great leadership qaulities for a BLACK MAN. As if he is some kind of exception to the norm for Black football players. NO ONE has made a single comment on Andrew Luck's speech and leadership abilities. It is because he is white and being able to throw, talk, and learn the playbook seem to be expected of a white QB. RG3 has to understand and take a stand that he is NOT THE FIRST BLACK MAN TO PLAY QB IN THE NFL THAT KNOWS HOW TO WALK, TALK, LEAD, THROW, AND UNDERSTAND A NFL PLAYBOOK. And anyone that thinks that he is the first should be a direct INSULT to him and those that came before him.


cobaltbluModerator14 hours ago
They might not see color, but the rest of the world does. He'll find that out soon enough.


FreeBLACKman804Moderator8 hours agoin reply to Dandelion
"I'm sure his comments didn't settle too well with those DOUBLE SLAVES who love to share their wealth with Caucasian, Latina, Asian and any color but Black women"
TRUTH my sister. I liked your entire comment, but i thought i would lift this part of it and repost it. It says a lot.


DandelionModerator14 hours ago
“(My children) can thrive in any environment they’re in, because they don’t see color — which is something we really strive for in our lives...” Jacqueline Griffin said.
Since when did acknowledging one's race hinders one's ability to strive? I guess Muhammad Ali didn't get that memo. The only people who feel the need to distance themselves from their race are the people who have a negative view of their race.
If RG3 was raised by parents telling him he MUST ignore his black skin to be successful, why blame him for being an obedient child? A lot of these Black men with Non-Black women, are raised by self loathing parents who pass on this trait to their children. I would never tell my child they had to ignore any positive parts of their existence. NEVER. I once thought that Black men were deserters for marrying outside of their race. But now, I see it another way. How can one be a deserter when they were never on board to begin with?
As for Rob Parker losing his job, I agree with Mr. Starr. Parker chose the wrong medium to state the obvious. I'm sure his comments didn't settle too well with those DOUBLE SLAVES who love to share their wealth with Caucasian, Latina, Asian and any color but Black women.
By the way, great article, Mr. Starr. :)


OJ Simpson and many others thought the same thing until reality comes knocking on their doors.


stephenModerator10 hours ago
Ol Uncle Luke proudly wears his red,white and blue flag,the flag of a people who conquered him and is still to this very day putting a foot up his hind end,he should stick to his nasty child like garbage recordings he use to produce. Amazing how one white man can get these fools at each others necks cause Spike Lee voiced his opinion on this snake who is making fools feel good in seeing a hollywood made movie,this is how emotional and simple minded we could be,I understand now how co-intel back in the 60's destroyed the Black power movement.


S HModerator12 hours ago
"Uncle Luke" claims that slaves being forced to fight to the death is analogous to modern boxing. Sir, that's an insult to the slaves who were forced to fight to the death. Modern boxers, unlike slaves, are FREE. They can stop at any time. The worst they might suffer is some financial penalty for breaking a contract. So there is no comparison between the two. Of course if you think like a slave, like so many of your kind tend to do, you might just not understand that.
I know you feel proud of yourself because you used multisyllable words like "analogous" and "auteurs" but let's be clear sir: you are no intellectual. Stick with what you know.


ProBlackfistModerator2 hours ago
This is the same guy who use to back the 2LIVE crew and their trashy song " hey,hey we want some $%%?.
Glad I did not see no django or whatever.I did not need to see no movie to be called the n word ,nor did I need to see a movie to know about the current updated version of slavery going both mental and physical right in the faces of a vast % of black people.
A vast % of black's love to go run these phony twisted movies coming out of phony racist hollweird.
I wonder how many of these django movies watchers wil go buy this book here
" BluePrint for Black Power by Amos Wilson.
This book is about empowermenr and not rehashing some plantion trash or being called the n word while supposedly being entertained.
Glad I did not spend one lincoln slave master cent to go see this non-sense at all.

Originally Posted by Jbaby2008View Post
QT used the word being said back then as an opportunity to say the word in the present day. SMH. White people can troll black people right in front of their face and as long as they are not card carrying KKK members, people will make excuses for them.


DouglasModerator3 hours agoin reply to ProBlackfist
Thanks for mentioning the name of one of our great scholar ancestors, Late, Dr. Amos Wilson. Most black people don't even know who is was, or make an effort to research him and listen to his powerful lectures. They could careless. Some of his lectures are posted on youtube free, but you will notice then, like now, based on the turnout at his lecture venues, that black people don't get it. Black folks prefer entertainment, party, standup comics, useless t.v shows, and listening to uninspiring buffoonet on Tom Joyner morning show, that listening so brilliant scholars who devote their lives to educating and empowering us with knowledge. See now, how a simple opinion by one black brother can lead to verbal and vitriolic attacks from other confused so called black men. They are so quick to defend a white person...the same white person that has shown total disrespect to the work of another black man, Alex Hailey, regarding slavery, a subject QT is unqualified to even discuss. Yet, this arrogant white cretin, would disrespect another blackman and when Spike Lee reacts, the black clowns still in mental bondage fall over themselves to attack Spike, while defending and heaping encomiums on QT. What a pathetic set of humans.


disqus_lJh66GTnOcModerator15 hours ago
"They say the pen is mightier than the sword/but the sword will give any house n***a his just reward." Sleeping with the Enemy by Paris
Uncle Ruckus is what Luke should be called. I have never seen so many house n***as come out and defend a white person so much in my life. Spike has his right to have his opinion on the movie, just like everyone else, but damn you have Luke, Dick Gregory, and others coming out and dogging Spike with the name calling. QT has a history of over using the n word in his films. Denzel had to check him on the set of Crimson Tide. QT wanted to change the script to include the n word where HE seemed appropriate and Denzel had to get in his face.
This is one of the reasons we are not respected in the world because we allow others and ouselves to use this vile word. Nobody should get a pass in saying it, especially white folks. I don't give a damn how many black friends you claim to have. If you use it around me you will get popped. They need to be taught a lesson.
So to the brainwashed house n***as like Uncle Luke I have one question for you, "we sick boss?"



Kushite Prince on said:
I see what you’re saying. But I think overall interracial coupling always causes confusion for the non-white person in the relationship. And confusion and deception is the name of the game. If people are confuses they can’t UNITE against a common enemy and defeat them. Interracial dating/marriage gives the illusion that things are getting better in regards to racial equality. When in reality,things are not getting better for black people worldwide. Even in a so called “post racial” country with a biracial President.


ynotme on said:
I agree with you Prince…They are giving us this false impression that because they converse, sleep, eat, work, etc. with us, we are loved/accepted as equal by them. They play mind games with us to keep us from definitely seeing who the real enemy is. This is just one of the many tool they use to keep white supremacy afloat, and many of us are falling for their tricks.


Tyrone on said:
We fell for the hype blackman. If Obama was black on both sides, he would not be President. Many of us overlooked this ugly truth. Him being elected to the post is validation of white supremacy and the caste-system that was created during slavery. His half-whiteness allowed whites to put aside their natural bias against blacks because he was born from a white mother. Whites don’t want blacks to see Obama as biracial, because, they would not be able to pollute the minds of our people. Biracialness is a tool for racist whites to keep blacks jacked up in the head. Instead of loving real blackness, we covet those with white blood…Indirect Whiteness! This explains why some blackmen fawn over light-skinned blackwomen or biracials. He’s really lusting after whitewomen, but lacks the courage to look a blackwoman in the eye. If you’re mixed, don’t take my comments personal? If we’re gonna get right, we can’t sugarcoat the truth.


mary burrell on said:
Alphonso Ribera always was a confused young chap in my opinion. Especially the way he and Will Smith disrespected Janet Hubert. I just didn’t understand why they acted so ugly towards her.


Kushite Prince on said:
Karyn was pretty nice. My cousin and I walked her and her friend to her car. I still remember she had a light green Honda Accord.lol Blair was really cool. He was riding a horse outside and there was about ten women surrounding him. He hopped off the horse and gave autographs. He saw me and I said I was a fan. He shook my hand and said thanks. He was very humble and had no ego despite a bunch of women around him.lol


emile on said:
The whole specter of exemplifying Obama’s multiracial background is a defensive move used by whites on the chessboard to keep an advantaged position in practicing the ongoing system of racism (mistreatment). By highlighting Obama’s white parentage, this now suppresses any effective or constructive criticism of the on-going and refined characteristics of the game of mistreatment, and how it’s carried out in all nine areas of people activity. Whites can knock out two birds with one stone: (a) claim Obama’s white heritage as an undercurrent to their advantage for political and economic agendas and, (b) use the same strategy to model him as how far we’ve come in a “post-racial” society while furthering a counter-diplomatic global agenda of economic and military exploitation and imperialism. We must remember how good whites are in being deflective. When Blacks do it, we’re “racist”. When whites do it, it’s called “post-racialism”. All the way up until now, a biracial, multiracial or mixed person with at least one Black parent was never an ace card for social advancement. All that mattered was the fact that you were at the very least, the product of a Black/non-white man or Black/non-white woman and would be reminded of it, sometimes fatally, if you made the wrong chess move.
Sometimes things can be right up underneath your nose, and you still can’t see it, smell it, or even know it’s there subconsciously.
The quote that starts off this blog is one of the keys to Black people empowering themselves with the least amount of effort:
“If blacks would stop having sex with whites, the entire system of white supremacy would go into shock.”——Trojan Pam
Have you ever seen someone when they go into shock as a result of a traumatic experience? Ever counted the total amount of time in which they were physically/emotionally/psychologically disabled, immobile, helpless, vulnerable? Hypothetically, what do you suppose would happen if Black people put their minds to it and made this become a reality? What would you do with this time? Spend it wisely, strategically and with maximum efficiency? Or with folly, revenge or naivety? Or would you know what if not “anything” to do? As Dr. Welsing has said, would you know “what’s happening?”
“Our people are very serious about not being very serious.” – Dr. Kamau Kambon.
When Black people become very serious, that’s when you’ll see IRs come to a complete end.


edud01Moderator13 hours ago
Uncle Luke showed his mentality with the statement, and I'm paraphrasing, "He(Lee)wants to tell whites how they can and can not depict Black people". Wow!!! So it's ok for whites to DECIDE what images to put forth regarding Black people? Well, that's been allowed for 400 years and we see how that plays out on the world stage. NO, Uncle Luke, Blacks should have control over our images like others control theirs.

chocolatecitycomModerator6 hours ago
LMAO....more irrelevant negroes...Coonin for their mazzah....Luke can shut up...please go google any of his work...and disturbing videos. I'm sorry I'm rolling with Spike...the more these people try to speak against him...seals that.

Queen MennonModerator1 day agoin reply to P
He should do a jobs program like FDR did. He should re-institute the Glass-Stiegal Act. He should have stopped the bush tax cuts the last term. he should stop subsidies to the energy and agriculture sectors. he should cut the budget of the military industrial complex instead of upholding it full force. he should not participate in european excursions into africa for re-colonization. he did stop the private sector from making student loans that indebt graduates for a lifetime. europe is broke and needs africa to prop it up, again. we should not allow them to do it. he should throw a wrench in to the prison pipe line and stop them from arresting and criminalizing young Black youth who wear sagging pants. oh there is a lot he could have done which he did not do. the affordable care act is a joke. Now, everybody has to buy health insurance which is not health care. No single payer, like he promised during the 2008 election cycle. I am disappointed and hurt. I cannot look at obama because I know who he represents and it is not you or me.


Afro/British \•/Moderator4 hours ago
Ironic really, personally I wasn't going to go see the movie which arrives in the Uk on Friday, but I will now. I must add, the cinema will no doubt be filled with Black people, mixed couples and students ashamed of their history which is usually the case with such movies in the Uk. Collectively I'm sure also most of the above would be shocked and sadden by those who feel the need to slander and throw insults in way of Spike Lee for standing up to his principles and ethics. Shame on you's.. Black is Beautiful and that's where I want to be..




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