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What was she trying to prove? At a time were we need to support one another, especially with this entire TRAYVON injustice, she comes out her mouth with that?
Chong said-
At one point, Chong reportedly makes reference to Oprah’s looks, saying, “She’s so enormously insecure. If you wanna distill Oprah Winfrey down to like her most basic components. She wants to be beautiful.”
She said this after saying '“All I can say is she is amazing, I respect her, I think she has done great things for women of color, women of a certain size; I think she’s an icon, but does that mean she’s a good person?”
That is a back handed compliment. What she is really implying is that, even though Oprah has accomplished so much in life, she will never be as beautiful as me..Ms, Chong is wrapped up in her looks for the wrong reasons. smh. This is how I see it. Ladies need to get it together.My mothers generation have no issues, pulling other women aside, in private, and dealing with things on a maturer level.


An attempt to "spin" and decieve. You canNOT start a SERIOUS conversation on race and white supremacy by PRETENDING that BOTH sides are EQUALLY responsible. Race is the ONLY situation where we want the victim to SHARE in the Perps behavior BEFORE progress can be made.
While MOST businesses desire to hire the best, yet white business owners and HR staff often ACKNOWLEDGE they prefer to hire those who look like THEM. So much so that they will often hire the white high school drop out over a college educated Black. That's WHY, according to a recent university study, whites with a Felony record have the SAME odds of landing a job as a Black man without one. In addition, even white reasearchers concluded equally qualified Blacks STILL make 70 cents on the dollar compared to white men doing the SAME job. Now That's how the "system" REALLY works.
And while you CORRECTLY acknowledge that poor whites are in the SAME boat as Blacks from a monetary/educational standard, white skin privilege affords them GREATER oppertunities and LESS stigma. A white "criminial" is UNDERSTOOD by the white business owner and given a second, third, fourth oppurtunity. The Black "criminial" by contrast is also UNDERSTOOD by the white business owner. But BECAUSE he is PART of the very "system" of white supremacy, he denies the Black an oppurtunity while PRETENDING he don't/can't hire "criminials". The supremacist 'system' ITSELF is the Organization set up to help poor whites out of poverty.
Supremacy and racism can NEVER reach a satisfactary conclusion because the PERP is FOREVER trying to CONVIENCE the Victim that the roles are reversed. That's akin to me stepping on your bare foot with the heel of my shoe. You BOTH see and FEEL me standing there, yet I continue to tell you that YOU are a liar. If that don't work I simply PRETEND YOU are responsible for me standing on your foot. If that don't work, then I propose we agree to disagree while I'm STILL standing on your foot. If that don't work, I just shoot you in the head. Your silence allows me to CONTINUE pretending that I did nothing wrong. White supremacist "games".

They had evidence that Trayvon was walking the street minding his OWN business. They had evidence that he was NOT targeting Zimmerman. They had evidence Trayvon was NOT committing a "crime" in the neighborhood. They had evidence that he was afraid of Zimmerman as he RAN away from him WHILE Zimmerman was STILL in his vehicle. They had evidence that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle and FOLLOWED Trayvon. They had evidence that Trayvon couldn't have "grabbed" Zimmerman's gun if he was straddling him the way he stated. They had evidence that he SCREAMING stopped the SECOND the gun was fired. They had evidence of NO Zimmerman DNA on Trayvons hands.
Even under white supremacist law, there is TWO types of EVIDENCE widely ACCEPTED by the court. One is DIRECT evidence. The second is "indirect" or CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence(Used a lot when no BODY or weapon is found). In fact, MOST cases are made based on circumstantial evidence as it its RARE to capture MOST crimes on video or with a slew of witnesses. In THIS case, whites desire to IGNORE any and ALL "circumstantial" evidence. But that SAME circumstantial evidence would have been MORE than sufficient to arrest/convict a Black of killing a white teen under the EXACT same situation.


Most of the racist violence in France is directed against North Africans and Blacks. Of course, you can point out exceptions. And in the oppression of blacks and North Africans, the State also has a hnd in matters. Antisemitism and violence against Jews is still there, and the National Front has also had a hand. But as far as I can tell, most raical violence in France today is directed against North Africans and also gainst Blacks. Some of at least the harrassment I saw with my own eyes! 



There is anti-Black racism in France and other European countries. But unless things have greatly changed in the last twenty years, you may not encounter it personally in France if you're an American. I saw it directed against Francophone Blacks, and against North Africans. In a way, it sort of reminds me of America in reverse. OUr kindred from Africa are often treated better than we are in the USA. We're often treated better than Black French peope. Ever read Angela Davis' AUTOBIOGRAPHY? YOu shoujld if you haven't. She's nearly 70 now and grew up in Birminghan, Alabama under the notorious Eugene "Bull" Conner. In her autobiorgraphy she mentione herself and her sister Fanai entering a department store and sitting in the section reserved for white women. When the clerk (or whomever, I forget) ordered them to leave the white area, Angela and Fania feigned incomprehension and spole only in FRENCH (Angela comes from a cultured, middle class Black family). The manager, who was then summoned, tried to get them to understand that the section where they were trying on clothes were for WHITES ONLY. But they simply replied in French, and pretended not to understand. Finally, the manager told his underlings to simply leave them alone, and allow them to finish and leave as soon as possible. Those two colored girls, he explained, must be from another country. Maybe daughters of some foreign diplomats. And he didn't want any embarrassing incidents to cause public attention and attention from the Feds and the media. He reasoned that "if they were some of our n*****rs", they would not be speaking French, and they'd KNOW better than to DARE sit in a section reserved for white women." Of course, the joke was on those racists when upon leaving Angela said something liketaken for foreigners to be treated like human beings in our country?" Of course, France never had Jim Crow segregation. So, the p;icture is a bit different. Still I noticed how I was sometimes treated better than were people of color who lived there. An American passport and American Express can come in very handy in Europe.



When have Black people ever had a GOOD REASON to respect the law? A law which upholds oppressive white power, white privilege and exploitation. Also, the fact that you refer to Blacks as a "criminal race"--which is pretty much how Hitler described the Jews--is evidence that you are mentally deranged (as racists usually are) and incapable of rational thought. Jean-Paul Sartre wss right: Racism is an anti-rational religion; and you're clearly a religious fanatic.


"WELL" AS WE ALL know me myself has been a strong voice against the OUT OF WEDLOCK BABIES BEING BORN IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY..That alone is one horrible epidemic in our community.He's right,young blackwoman do need to stop the baby having with no husband and proper resources....HOWEVER,WERE NOT GOING TO LOOSE FOCUS AT HAND..WHITE SUPREMACY,RACIAL HATRED..DON might be saying this because whites all over are going to retaliate and if youre black you gone catch it,period..He might be feeling some racial undertones up there at that news station..He is currently on the biggest plantation..Georgia...

What Rush, O'Reilly and Hannity does or say does not concern me in one bit. Matter of fact FOX News is not on my programmed channel, I omitted it,. I try not to say the word n_____,but I do at times when I feel it's appropriate and we all know at times it is. We have problems in our community with lack of quality education and JOBS, as I've said repeatedly when folks are working for a living,paying taxes they feel they have a stake in the game and see Life differently.Their values become different,they want a better life for themselves .Neither Don Lemon or Larry Elder will speak to those truths. it's also a fact Black college Grads are refuse jobs over White males with a criminal record and CNN did that study. How young Blacks speak and dress really is non factor in this conversation.




Teach the TRUTH!!! The mental NEED to "fit" into white supremacy's "standard" of beauty affects Black female on female behavior in many negative ways and need to stop. Outside of the "bedroom" whites have NO love for ANY Black woman, regardless of skin. I have also noticed that white supremacist "beauty" standards are starting to affect Black men as well(Not to the degree Black females are targeted, but on the rise). In my generation, and CERTAINLLY my fathers generation, it was UNHEARD of Black men talking about WHAT other men wore, looked like, etc. But with the growth of the so-called "metro s3xual" man(A white male invention)and acceptance of homosexual life styles(Dress, looks, mannerisms, etc)the DIVIDE based on "looks" and COLOR is becoming a problem among Black males. All Blacks, with a desire to eradicate white supremacy, LOOKS, DRESS, etc should be the LEAST of our concerns.


Ok, I will let YOU tell it to me since EVERY issue is "purely black and white..." to me. YOU tell me ANY SOCIAL issue with absolutely NO white influence, direct or indirect. Your implication that white supremacy/racism canNOT be true as no two people "are the same" let alone ALL whites. As YOU know, conspiracies(Collective actions)are BASED on SHARED ideologies, not individual ideas. Whites have a shared ideology when it comes to Blacks. A recent example of this deals with the MURDER of Trayvon Martin. I have not heard or seen ONE white, on line, in person, or in the media DENY Trayvon would have went to jail THAT night if roles were reversed. Collective ideology!!! Nor do whites, collectively agree that Trayvon had a right to Stand his ground. Collective ideology. As long as people share the SAME basic ideology, the outcome will be collective behavior. And that COLLECTIVE behavior covers those that hate the sight of Blacks AND those that just got out of the bed with one. Again, there are NO social issues without white influence. Period!!!

And WHERE does ALL these sell-outs LIVE(C. Wright, C. Thomas, L. Elders, West, A. Williams, etc)??? They MUST live AMONG exclusive whites. I canNOT imagine ANY of them living and walking among Black people and NOT being CHALLENGED their BLATENT lies and disrespect for their own people. Then again, I do.....


Ms. J says:
I thought the SAME exact way about B29, Trojan Pam.
While all the 5 White female jurors get away – yet again – the one non-white female juror is now the focus of everyone’s attention and is all out for the public to see.
It’s like a game for these people, which is sad.
I also think that it’s telling that she said George Zimmerman couldn’t get away from “God”. This is a classic line of non-white people when dealing with racism. The people causing the problem do their thing on this Earth why we keep looking up at the sky.
But I think she was deliberately confused. The RWS are very skilled at making non-white people reconsider our views on many things. You – a black person – could be looking at an apple, and they will try to get you to think it’s something else when they know full well it’s an apple. This tactic led to the confusing racial categories produced at the dawn of RWS, and even the changes with gender/sex. In England, the definition of a “husband” and “wife” have changed, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens here. I’ve seen other non-whites talk badly about Maddy, but I just see her as a representation of how many of us behave day-to-day. We ALL comply with this system in one or another, and are genuinely CONFUSED.


Bill O'Reilly is a notorious enemy. He is a pervert against a woman. An adulterer has no moral right to criticize any segment of the black community at all. Now, Don Lemon uses the moral argument. It is important to have morality and ethics in society. We know that Wall Street lacked a lot of morals and they were influential in causing the economic recession in the first place. It was some of the white supremacist Founding Fathers who lacked morals. Some of them and their colonial allies stole millions of square miles in North America (and allowed the extermination of millions of Native Americans including some of them being involved in the enslavement of black human beings). Don Lemon's error is to have a too simplistic approach in outlining the reason why were are in the situation that we are in. He talks about sagging pants, but he will never talk about revolutionary, radical solutions to end this problem like ending the War on Drugs (many of those in prison are non violent offenders and many folks in prison are straight up innocent) in order to have alternatives, ending imperialism, ending mass incarceration of young folks of color, having radical economic solutions, and ending white supremacy once and for all. You can wear suits (some of biggest war criminals in history wore suits and ties. They never sagged their pants), speak perfect English, tap dance, drink tea, speak at meetings, kiss up to white reactionaries, mimic their ways, praise the Queen, worship the blond haired Eurocentric false god, and eat apple pie, but you can never be free truly unless our actions benefit our community collectively.

Many folks lack opportunities to receive decent paying jobs. Larry Elder's praise of Reagan is treasonous. Bohemian Grover Ronald Reagan was the man that appealed to white racists via the Southern Strategy to get elected and caused massive economic inequality during the duration of his administration. Reagan was the one that harmed the effort of the Brothers and Sisters from the Black Panther Party. Reagan advanced SWAT units to harm the communities of human beings of color nationwide. Reagan's allies were involved in Iran Contra (whose fruits harmed our community a great deal). The poor black citizens collectively are not mostly murderers, pants saggers, rapists, or morally dysfunctional human beings at all. They suffer at the hands of an oppressive economic system and we have the right to fight for real justice. We have individual responsibility as humans, but we have the collective responsibility to disagree with the tactics of the oligarchy. Also, the enemy wants us to change our actions as a means to try to make us act, think, worship, dress, and behave like them (not to think, act, and behave like an African like we all are). That is the point. Ihsani haiozi. Asante.

By Timothy (Me)

Ms. J says:
I mean, think about it. The RWS in charge are clearly responsible for this preventable debacle, but they’ve convinced many of us that a non-white person was clearly at fault for not causing a hung jury. And Whites also tried to squash Black anger by saying, “What about Black-on-Black crime?” and “Zimmerman is Hispanic”.
So even you and a White person clearly see an Apple, they do everything in their power to convince you that the Apple is actually an Orange. That’s the key.


TrojanPam says:
@ Mariama
Yes, there are some. Unfortunately, there are black females who are demonizing her, too, and I think a lot of this ANTI-BLACKNESS (male and female) is provoked by her being dark-skinned and how SHE makes US look to — guess who? White people
again, that burning need for white validation and many blacks thought she “represented us” poorly — which is a sign of mental sickness in and of itself, but this is all part of our inferiority training we receive from cradle to grave
there is a tremendous amount of work to do to heal ourselves, I just don’t know what it would take OR if we have time to do it


TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J
Deception (LYING) is the cornerstone of white supremacy, and the nonsense that is used to justify it is all part of the sociopathic and/or psychopathic NEED to maintain the system of white domination and non-white subjugation.
for example, I’ve heard (some) whites say, “What about OJ Simpson?”
What about him? What does OJ Simpson have to do with the Zimmerman trial? Is that supposed to mean that Trayvon is “payback” for OJ allegedly chopping off two white people’s heads?
If that’s the game we’re playing then black people have a TON of catch-up to do when it comes to the sheer NUMBERS (in the MILLIONS) of blacks who have been murdered by whites –STARTING WITH SLAVERY.
And what about “white on white” crime? Following the logic of justifying Trayvon’s murder by quoting black-on-black crime stats, we could also say, “since a lot of white males kill their wives, then it’s no big deal if a black person kills a white person.”
of course, that would be an unacceptable thing for any black person to say



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