Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Talk and Glorious Words


Tru Earth on said:
Unfortunately, history teaches me to not be surprised by the comments you overheard. We are talking about a people who’s entire history is scripted… scripted and stloen from the Originals of this planet. They envy us, always have and always will. They envy our strength and ability to persevere. They envy our intelligence and ingenuity. They envy all that we are and all that we have accomplished as a people. It was our ancient ancestors who civilized the world, brought truth and knowledge to the world. We were worlds ahead of them in all areas of life when they first began to ask questions we had formulated the answers too long before.
The comments of those men are the same attitude exhibited by abusers in abusive relationships. The abuser uses force and deception as a way to dominate others who they feel are weak and our weakness as a people is our lack of unity. They will exploit that weakness by every and any means. When they see things are not going their way despite all of the hurt, trauma, and injustice they have inflicted, the abuser always cries victim! They see their power slipping away, they see that the abused are getting stronger, are no longer afraid, beaten and broken. The reality that they have alwasy been the minority of this world is finally setting in and they are scared – scared of the retribution they so deserve…


edud01 replied to firk
You are not THAT stupid, I hope!!! The OLD rules for kids were NOT to talk to STRANGERS, run, fight, kick and scratch if a STRANGER attempts to grab or detain you. NOW the Trayvon case has changed that memo, at least according to YOUR logic. So DON'T be a LIAR and a "flip flopper". Tell YOUR children it is NO LONGER the rule to avoid the STRANGE creepy man FOLLOWING them BECAUSE it's LEGAL for him to do so. And if the creepy man approaches them, just stand there because he COULD just be asking a question.

Umoja on said:
Cognitive dissonance and acute amnesia at it’s worst….uumm…I think it’s time to go meditate for a hotter planet now


No Black Pete on said:
Who are they trying to confuse? After the first two lines, I knew they were talking about themselves. The first two lines point at what they are jealous of, the rest at what they put in place to cover up the jealousy and hate. Their white babble must be making sense to them, otherwise they would shut it.
They need to address why they feel empty inside. No amount of white lies is going to cover up that hole they carry around with them. Actors can only act for so long… Cut. They cannot complain about this post, as you went nice on them, Negress.


diaryofanegress on said:
Jealousy is the main culprit of white rage. Always has been, always will be.


Tenacious D-ham on said:
Negress woman! You have hit the nail on the head this time!! They are some very sick people….I’ve tried to deal with their culture and their energy is too low for me! If you aren’t playing the ‘Mammy’ for them then you are a radical…..they are just sick….
Well, I recall the Madame Blavatsky (the Nazi so-called ‘psychic’) told the Nazis that in order for their ‘Ayrian Race’ to survive “the extinction of “inferior” races as part of mankind’s evolution” which lead to the human ovens of Hitler……(
Of course they need to kill all the people of color to exterminate the TRUTH and to perpetuate their lies of superiority. (How can you be superior if you’ve got the original peoples and their history still walking around)
When the evidence came to hit them in the face that they are NOT the Gods of the world….they can’t handle it and they are loosing their minds…..
If I had a nickel for every white boy that said to me something about going to Africa and being worshiped as a God because of his white skin I’d be rich!
They really can’t handle the REALITY that nobody sees that white skin as a reason to fall down and worship them…..we really never felt inferior to them, I know I never have…they can’t handle it!
I think their heads are going to spin around 360 degrees when they find out that Atlantis was off the coast of Africa and they were Black!


mstoogood4yall on said:
“Black people have this mentality that they are the superior race because “everyone is a descendant of Africa” and “You wouldn’t have white without black”
lmbao, so its ok for whites to feel like they are superior just because of their skin, but a black person can’t feel pride for being the first ones on earth? gtfoh, this the same mofos that say they are superior and that we would be in mud huts had they not enslaved us, and feel pride in doing so. They don’t want us to have a dam thing, its like they could have the whole world but still be mad at us if we get a little of our inheritance smh. They mad that they weren’t the first ones on earth, that is one major piece missing to complete their puzzle of lies. If they were the first ones they’d be even more egotistical than they already are. Blacks don’t feel we are superior because we are the first ones, we feel honored that the creator made us in his image, and chose us to be the firstborn. That wasn’t our choice it just happened.
I don’t see black ppl rubbing that in ppls faces and being like i’m superior give me ur car, give me ur house, give me everything on this earth because i am firstborn and own everything. Black ppl have not done that., white ppl have, they’ve told ppl give me ur land, give me ur wife, give me ur children,etc. Black ppl have been made to feel ashamed for our features, the features the creator gave us. THink ppl if we felt we were so superior wouldn’t we be going around saying everyone should try to be like us, and that everybody should have our features, like our hair, our nose,etc. but we don’t we know the creator made ppl different and don’t try to change ppl, hell a lot of us try to change ourselves, to look like everyone else. BUt the moment we say no we will look the way the creator made us it is a problem and we are being anti white and racist. No u got it twisted we are just trying to be ourselves nothing more nothing less, if u think otherwise look around open ur eyes.


Amilkar Says:
There could have been a lot of other things on Mr. Silva’s mind (wife, son, personal, future career choices, etc.) that I’d like to think he may be considering. After all, he has more than himself to think of planning for tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome of the last fight, he made a wise decision, especially when you think of how much more tragic his career could have ended. There are still many opportunities he can review at a relatively young age, allowing him to continue to enjoy family life. Whatever the choices may be, I congratulate him for the exemplary sportsmanship and value he’s brought to MMA. Now, the real fun begins for MMA by losing him…
The 7th area of people activity is an escape for most of us where when we really put our minds to it, we have a greater chance to excel. If I could produce a perfect world, the same would be said of the remaining 8 areas of people activity. Sports is also one of the few areas where we can safely “release” or counterattack racism in a constructive way, whether through actual participation or safely spewing jaw-numbing facts, figures or engaging rhetoric. Not much credit is given to the often-overlooked technical skills as well as physical shape an athlete needs to be recognized as a “superior” performer. Therefore, there should never be any shame in our “game”. The Creator gave these individuals that “something” special, a gift that they can use to inspire the rest of us, whether through imitation or spiritual empowerment. You never know what impression you are having on others. Hell, I still get fired up every time I hear or see Muhammad Ali in his warrior years:
All I can say at this point is:
“Thanks Mr. Silva. May The Creator continue to bless you and your family!”


Indeed on everything you said and, specifically that I think he was coerced into throwing that fight. Per the rematch, white folks WANT him it. Silva doesn’t and neither do I. There will be nasty things done to tilt the odds in Weidmans’s favor both in a re-match and in events leading up to it. If Mr. Silva can get out without putting his dear ones at risk, he should.

EXCELLENT post!!! This case was lost from day ONE when the defense was allowed to REDEFINE TRUTH by having the terms "RACIAL PROFILING" removed. This is a TACT of whites BECAUSE, if you can remove the REAL INTENT(RACE)from the argument, EVERYTHING else can be "explained" or JUSTIFIED. And that is a very sucessful tactic USED against Black people everyday. In this case we see this tactic first hand. They took away "racial profiling", and even had Blacks THEMSELVES denying "race". But notice O'Mara told the jury in his closing, "I WILL be addressing RACE and Profiling to better EXPLAIN what happened". Then he turned around and hinted at Trayvon's attire, the Black burglers, the Black "home invaders", etc. in an attempt to JUSTIFY why Zimmerman "targeted" Trayvon. ALL whites share the SAME ideology when it comes to Blacks and people of COLOR. In THIS case, they believe Zimmerman was right in "targeting" Trayvon BECAUSE "blacks" were the cause of their houses being broken into. In their supremacist mind, Zimmerman made an UNDERSTANDABLE "mistake" in MURDERING an unarmed INNOCENT teen and Black people SHOULD understand that. However, when it comes to white supremacy and white supremacist "systems", they resort to the "we're not all the same" game WHILE at the SAME time declairing that Blacks ARE all the SAME. Like you, I'm angry about this situation. So much so I had t turn off the trial as I could SEE white supremacist "system" at work right before our very eyes. But I;m MORE angry at Blacks for ALLOWING whites to CONTINUE the SAME game over and over again. As A. E. stated, "The definition of INSANITY is doing the SAME thing OVER and OVER again and EXPECTING a DIFFERENT result".

Stop lying you genetically FLAWED creature. Blacks have removed themselves from YOUR evil mist and started their own sucessful towns where they were comfortable and doing just fine. But YOUR genetic jealousies caused YOU to burn the towns and KILL the inhabitants. And to the extent Blacks follow YOU to better neighborhoods, they are only trying to survive in a "system" YOU CREATED in the FIRST place!!!


LBM says:
I appreciate Mr. Fuller’s response to that question. I think any time contemplating such a thing rather than working on the known problem is a waste. I’m sure that many said “if we can just get off these plantations___________” We’ll we’re off them (the literal ones anyway) and we continue to exhibit many of the same negative behaviors we were forced to live out while on them. I do understand that at this time we were on the plantation longer than we’ve been off of it – but what’s going to be different after another 100/150 years?
Having been to a few countries in Africa – overwhelmingly Black populations – I can say with certainty that the viciousness of RWS has very long tentacles. In the most remote dirt road villages one can find straight hair extensions and bleaching creams.
So let’s deal with what we know – the system of RWS must go.
P.S. Pam – I’m sticking with my Black/non-Black especially after Zimmerman’s lawyers brought out his “brown” mother and uncle to lie on the stand :(


Funny I was just saying that if I was a black American I wouldn’t celebrate no “Independence Day” because it isn’t mine, just before I click new post and I see this. Many of us just get caught up in the hype of these holidays that have nothing to do with us, I don’t see masses celebrating the day that black Americans got freedom from the shackles of slavery but hey let’s jump and down for the 4th of July.

Kushite Prince says:
Many still have not. It’s hard to break those family traditions. You will be judged harshly most of the time when you step outside of the box. Many times by your own family members.


John Henry                                                                                                         

They are quick to teach about slavery in the America's but never mention the slave revolts that took place. They wont dare say Nat Turner's name in a public school history class. They want you to think that the Africans were just decimated and overpowered (.i.e weak).
They teach about the Louisiana Purchase as the cheapest land deal in history, but they will not tell you that France sold it that cheap because Toussaint L'Ouverture whooped their butts in Haiti. The great Napoleon was defeated by these Africans, and almost went bankrupt trying to defeat them. He washed his hands of the Americans before he suffered any more losses. They will only teach about the subjugation of the African, but will not teach about the strength and empowerment of the Africans in America.



Yes! that was my point and I believe most African Americans understood what I was saying. You just laid out some great examples of what is not taught but history that's researched on our own. They give a very limited water down version of our history so much that most of us, don't care to explore it further because of there negative view of slavery.NOt understanding that, slavery is just a part of our entire history, not the only part.
Gorgeous george                                                                                                    

To be truthful, I do not expect a guilty verdict in this case. Most of us have either seen, read about, or looked at movies about court cases, during the 1940's to 1960's era, where a black person had been murdered in the South by a white racist with a political environment backdrop which made justice impossible. This legal mockery called the Zimmerman case has been so marked with an infinite line of unusual & extraordinary elements since the night of the killing and this trial has been consistent. I'm not a lawyer but I do recognize a shoddy arrogant rape of justice when I see one.
While this case makes me violently angry, I honestly believe the most productive change that could come from this clear injustice for Trayvon is if a strong era of ACTIVISM for black people results. In my humble opinion, our people have been somewhat passive at the grassroots level over the last thirty years. It is long overdue that we get up and start fighting. This "stand your ground" mess obviously was designed for people to murder minorities and get away with it using the law - WE AS BLACK FOLKS MUST BE AT THE SPEARHEAD TO ERADICATE THIS LAW!
Not only this, we need to publicly fight for our interests.....White liberals are no more concerned, discussing, or fighting for lowering the disproportionately high rates of black unemployment than is Cantor, Boehner, or Mc Connell. That is scary. We are not on their agenda. So we need to be getting in there faces. We need to demonstrate, speak out, organize think tanks, use the internet, be active like the tea party & occupy movement but on steroids, pressure politicians, ensure we keep a strong voting base that is present every election, and utilize all of the methods with known effectiveness.
Some of us could even join some of our organizations. Some of us may choose to strategically do things that disturb the big puppet-master companies until our needs are met. Activism means different things to different people....Why should minorities continue to shop like a blind man??? If you disagree with companies with racist right wing policies that invest in tea party operations & spend millions to spread lies about Obamacare - Why would you buy products from Koch bros. owned companies, like Brawny? So homework can be involved.
I could go on infinitely on this but the bottom line is...Trayvon's life should not be in vain. It was so sad to see last year how people cried and keeled to pray at the police station so Zimmerman would fairly be arrested, only to get clowned by the criminal justice system, like this!
Finally, if you have plans of rebelling after this case is over, do be careful and strategic about it. The cops have already discussed how they will be waiting, slobbering at the mouth, so they get to beat up a bunch of black folks and throw them into jail....which they so much LOVE AND LIVE TO DO.
Above all else PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do nothing if all you are going to do is destroy property belonging to another black person or damage your own community. Please keep your butt home, if that is all you can figure to do.
In law enforcement, they have studied the responses of minorities to blatant injustices just like a financial security analyst studies the performance of certain stocks or mutual funds. The FBI has confirmed that any public resistance by black people to injustice will likely last for no more than about 3 days. Therefore if you will resist, why go out in the streets the first night when the cops will be waiting and ready?
I'm a firm advocate of fighting social injustice by attacking the enemy financially. How we spend our dollars is one way. Not spending dollars with companies operated by political enemies is another way. Dr. King was effective with his bus boycott, if you remember. Sabotage is another way. Hitting the man in the pocket is a very effective way to fight.
We are in a capitalist system during recessionary times and some black folks need to decide IF this society will not be fair with us, there will be no peace. Whether you like those big windows at those big fancy Jewish banks to suddenly break, decide to super glue all the locks every month at those racist GOP owned establishments, destroy public property, do something to those businesses that always have blacks shopping but never have any black employees, or slash police car tires, there is plenty of work to do. LOL!
Just remember it is more effective to use sabotage with the idea of applying political pressure if done by plan, done by surprise, by one or two trusted people per unit, and for heaven sakes with a person that can keep secrets. I never liked the sight of mobs and fools running in stores looting but respect whomever can do damage. Avoid wild mobs. Wait several days before doing anything.
The idea is for hundreds to thousands of people acting independent of each other, in your town, to put extra financial pressure on the wealthy, the government, and political enemies, over a period of months until certain objectives are met.
Dandelion 2 days ago

DumbRedneck. Caucasians already have a white history month. It's JAN,



For the money we WASTE every day, Blacks COLLECTIVELY could and SHOULD buy/rent a building in EVERY city and EVERY Saturday teach REAL history to our children. Make it MANDATORY that children attend. One or two hours a week FOCUSING on an learning about Black history and white supremacy is the LEAST we can do.



You said:. Also, being a jack of all trades is cool as well as a means to understand the system oppressing us (and developing solutions from building institutions to daily things that we can do that can benefit our communities)
You better believe it because they are certainly the jacks of all trades. They take, take,take, without properly giving dues and respect to those they they have borrowed,steal from and in turn,label it there own. Whatever it is. But ,its done on the sly and if we are not paying attention, it's twisted into something that they start to believe is there own, and we are left wondering, how they took it. Anyway, we as African Americans, come from different experiences and backgrounds .If we can just figure out how to live and let live, with the main concern, being of unity, we will see things start to change a bit.


And NOW they are attempting to re-write history to sugar coat things even more. Some are attempting to get REVISED history implimented in ALL schools. This REVISED version PRETEND the slave era as loving and even ROMANTIC. While we currently can refute that version, 50 or 100 years from NOW our great great grand children will not. That's WHY it's IMPORTANT for us to TEACH TRUTH from BIRTH.



Remember the debate about the history books in Texas? I wish you could see the books they finally settled on. Black history has been reduced down to a few pages. And since most states follow the textbook selections of Texas, this whitewashed version of history is being spread throughout the nation.



Well...If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything"
"When you don't know your history, you are doomed to repeat it."
Lack of basic knowledge of self and the length that those that are determined to discount us will go as soon as we are caught slipping or sleeping. The younger generation of mothers and fathers need to be more aware as well as self-aware in order to stop actions such as the dilution of AA history in school dead in its tracks. A resounding and formidable protest would have done wonders.


There is something to be said about that protest in my opinion by them not getting the results that were needed. And yes indeed, they need to be shown by those of us that have the knowledge. That is why helping the youths in my community is so important to me. We take them to the libraries and not just have them read about their history but we also have workbooks and discussions where we have them play an active role in making sure they understand and take part in expressing themselves about what they've learned.We also teach them about the value of saving money, having and maintaining quality credit, instilling in the older kids the importance of doing well in school and preparing them for college courses, current events, government,as well as life coaching. I am so proud of them. Kids are very smart and love to learn when they are given patience and care.


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