Thursday, July 31, 2014

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It is not so much your "harshness ", but your bigotry which is objectionable. And your unmitigated hostility toward African American people in general, and African American men in particular---expre ssed vehemently by you in THIS and OTHER threads--belies the sincerity of your now professed wish that we might live together in peace or even indifference. As for personal relations between Africans and African Americans I'm NEITHER trying to promote such relationships, nor (like you) to oppose them. People who have paid attention to my posts over the years know (unless they're dunces) that I think people should be free to love whom they wish. But while that means (as usual) that most people will choose lovers and spouses from their own racial/ethnic group, others will seek or find lovers and spouses outside their group. For me that is perfectly ok. This thread---which I did not start--posed the question of why Black Americans and Africans usually don't date or marry. My posts regarding this theme have not PROMOTED, but discussed such relationships. And like TDL, I have surmised that relationships and marriages between Black Americans and Africans not only happen, but happen probably more often than we are aware. Obviously, there is little likelihood of an African with your attitudes befriending or forming love relations with African Americans. But all Africans don't have your attitude. My South African lady friend Mercy was as far from you as the moon. Similarly, someone with the attitudes of the American sister Dragonpat is not likely to form an intimate and romantic bond with an African man. Yet I've an older female cousin who married a man from Mozambique. I've a Black American colleague who has married a woman from Ghana, and while in France I dated a woman from Mali. A growing number of my students are offspring of AA and African marriages. And TDL not only mentions having dated an African man, but knowing AA men who dated African women. Moreover, I still recall reports of some study (which I'm trying to track down) which indicated that over the past two or three decades Black American relations with non-US Blacks has increased even faster than Black/White relations. Hence I offer as a speculations only--to be confirmed or disconfirmed by social scientific study--that AA/African romances and marriages are at least more common than most people believe. If it works out for them, fine. Even if it doesn't I don't know if that is any worse than all those--about 90%---who marry "in" rather than "out." But what bothers me about the antipathy of some Africans toward African Americans, and the antipathy of some African Americans toward Africans, is that something much larger than your choices of a mate is at stake. What's at stake---what is obstructed by this mutual animosity---is the SOLIDARITY need to achieve social justice and to join in joint struggles for the liberations of Black and poor people everywhere. That concerns me much more than who you choose to love, marry or share you bed with.



Unfortunately, Abdurratln doesn't know what scholarly standards are, hasn't even a clue. As for the so-called "fraud" he alleges I perpetrate on the thought of King (especially with regard to King's democratic socialism), it's remarkable that no such fraud has been discovered by KING SCHOLARS--many of whom were working on this stuff since I was in high school (if not earlier). Rufus Burrows and Lewis Baldwin--two of the leading contemporary King scholars who saw my manuscript before it appeared--not only didn't discover any fraud, but regard my work is highly original, pioneering contribution to King scholarship. Thus far NO King scholar whose reviews I've read have CHALLENGED me on the issue of King being a democratic socialist. (In fact, some elder King scholars even pointed me in directions where I could discover more about the Christian and democratic socialist dimensions of King's vision of the Beloved Community. One very well known King scholar even personally emailed me with suggestions of developing further the Personalist philosophical foundations Kingian socialism in his vision of community. The thought this important that I explore this further if for no other reason than that Personalism was King's basic philosophical position, and the perspective from which he critique's Marx's materialism, as well as both Communism and capitalism. Thus far, NO King scholar has accused me of fraud. None has suggested that I didn't know what I was talking about--not even some who DISAGREED with me. And I'm supposed to be swayed by the ignorant ranting of an Assdurratin who hasn't even done one tenth of the research I've done on King, and who claims to be an Nkrumahist but shows less philosophical understanding of Nkrumah than I had at age 19? Really?



 Dex Sims • a month ago From the article: "Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share. White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits– again, much closer to their 64 percent population share." Well it seems that YOU don't read so well. I guess I have to explain something else to you, huh. Please, shut your mouth, racist


 Dex Sims • 2 months ago It's so easy to just think of race as something that's done on an individual level, like Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. As long as it's looked at in that way, the larger and more pressing problems of structural and institutional racism go ignored. Why are Black and Brown people so over-represented in correctional facilities? Why is the wealth of White families 22 times the wealth of Black families? Why do economic hardships in this country disproportionally hit people of color harder than Whites? Why are Black and Brown children disproportionally targeted in zero-tolerance policies in the schools? This is real racism. Donald Sterling did far more damage as a slumlord where he was actively discriminating against Black and Brown tenants than he did when he was recorded talking about not wanting Black people at his games. America needs to have this conversation about race and come up with solutions to end racism


 Dex Sims • 4 months ago The US already gives to the moochers. They're called the big businesses, the defense contractors, the oil companies, et al. Those fat cats have been living high on the taxpayer hog for far too long while the working people are being squeezed. You're just too blind to realize that. And the Russians and Chinese cannot conquer, much less invade the US, Teabagger. Are you really that dumb to believe that they can? Please, get real. Stop listening to Rush Limpbrain and Bill O'Reilly and Faux News. Countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden care about their citizens and their social welfare. They believe that people should have universal health care, free education all the way through graduate school, social insurance, paid vacations, adequate minimum wage, and healthy and robust unions. They also don't spend all their money on military warfare, invading and dominating other countries, taking their resources to enrich the capitalists. America should be more like them. Hopefully, it will happen

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