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Nixak.77* • 5 days ago

Chris Hedges being Chris Hedges, did NOT bite his tongue about the duplicity of the Corp DLC Billary-Gore / Obama-Kerry Dims vis-a-vis the working-class / working-poor, green & anti-war movements. I was even a bit surprised at how strongly Hedges talked about the need to over-throw the current Corp Wall St Bankster controlled 2 party corpora-stocracy via revolution & mass-resistance. Although Naomi Klein alluded to it, Mr Hedges spelled it out that it was Billary & Gore that passed NAFTA [that they inherited as a 'to-do' from Bush Sr] w support from Newt Grinch-witch's Repug controlled congress. Needless to say NAFTA was / is both bad for workers both in the US, Mexico & Haiti & bad for the environment. So now Obama's pushing for NAFTA on steroids w the TPP & TAFTA! IMO Obama's been 'toying' w Bill McKibben re: the KXL, cause he's know there're other ways around it, via tar-sands oil trains & gas-fracking. And know for sure that tar-sands & deep-sea oil, gas-fracking & also much of the mountain-top blasted coal ain't really about so-called US 'energy security'- caused much / most of that dirty energy is ear-marked to be exported to over-seas markets.
PS: Also note that it was Billary & Gore that paved to way for GMO's [FYI: Mr {'Green-Jeans'} Gore even featured bio-tech {aka GMO technology} as a key part of his proposed economic agenda during his 2000 POTUS bid].

Ms Sawant being the socialist she is, echoed much of what Hedges said, & also talked about the need of public control of corporations & vital resources, & offered her socialist party as an alternative to the Dims.
Ms Sawant's coy ploy re Bernie Sanders was a bit amusing- Basically she tried to bait Bernie to commit to run for POTUS [if he indeed does run] as a independent & sever his ties to the [DLC Corp] Dims, & she would likely back him [Bernie kind of bobbed, weaved & ducked that one]. IMO it's note-worthy that Ms Sawant & Hedges got the biggest applause.

Naomi Klein also critiqued Disaster Corp Capitalism as the root of the global environmental & also the economic crisis. Ms Klein being Canadian stayed out of US {bi}Partisan 'poly-trickal' finger-pointing, but IMO the moderator did her & the audience a bit of a disservice by cutting her off as she was making a key point.

Bill McKibben started right off 'brown-nosing' Bernie Sanders by 'encouraging' [hyping] a potential Sanders' POTUS bid, as if Sanders is going to be any better than Obama & the Billary Clintons [I doubt it- especially if he runs as a Dim]. McKibben blamed the Koch Bros & the Repugs for the 'climate-crisis', studiously avoiding any serious critique of corp Dims- in other words stale anti-Repug {= pro Dim} political bashing.
And Bill- There's more to renewable energy than wind & solar- IE: tidal power, geothermal, bio-gas digesters, etc; as well as increase energy conservation & energy efficiency- including up-graded & very strategically expanded mass-transit [entails incentivizing folks to park &/or move-away from private cars]. And when will any-one talk about the need to transition away from the SAD meat-based & towards a more plant based diet, as a key to reversing environmental degradation [as well as improving both private as well as public health]?
> Bernie Sanders kicked-off this trite / SOS anti-Repug {= pro Dim} political bashing- which McKibben picked-up on. Sanders then danced all around the issue of whether- if he runs for POTUS- will he do so as an independent 3rd party candidate. After all Bernie, the Green-Party still exists. So if you run as a 'Green', IMO you'll likely get the backing of Ms Sawant, Hedges, Nader & many more. But IMO Bernie doesn't really believe he can win as a Green [nor as some other independent 3rd party] = his excuse to run as a 'liberal' Dim to the 'left' of Billary / Killary - which IMO is NO real challenge for anyone except a hard-core Repug.

The 2 best questions which put Sanders & McKibben on the Spot: Bernie talked about working people, health-care, etc, but failed to talk about the US' hugely bloated military / para-military / surveillance-state budget that nearly = the rest of the World's combined. The DoD is by far the USG's main gas-guzzler- consuming 93% of the USG's total fuel allotment = to Nigeria's- Africa's most populous country & an original OPEC member.
Note: Bernie did NOT say he was against bombing in Iraq & Syria, he said he was against US boots on the ground & the US acting alone without a 'Coalition of the Willing'. IMO w that Bernie sounds too d___ much like so-called 'anti-war candidate' Obama's quip: 'I'm not against all wars, just dumb ones'.

- And uhm Bill- When the guy asked about more people of color being involved in this 'green'-movement, IMO he was talking about from the US- NOT in Africa, Latin America & Asia! Uhm Bill, that may have been a pertinent answer if you had Africans, Latin Americans &/or Asians [Ms Sawant not with-standing] on the panel or at-least in the audience, &/or in the fore-front of [organizing] this 'climate-march'.


Nixak.77* • 31 minutes ago

It's a 'red-herring' that guy's like Sam, have pulled since the Bush / Cheney / Neo-CON{men} Iraq Attack- If you disagree w their illegal wars based on LIES, then you must be for their 'Evil Dictator De-Jour'- IE: Saddam, Khadaffi, now Assad [& lets not forget Noriega- who had Mr CIA Bush Sr as his CIA pay-master]. Of course, as you've alluded to, the CIA backed Saddam's brutal rise to power by over-throwing a more 'democratic' state in Iraq pre-Saddam. And then there's 'Rummy' Rumsfeld handshake w Saddam to seal a Ronnie Ray-gun / Mr CIA Bush Sr backed deal that sold Saddam Toxic gas & logistical support vs the Iranians during the 1980s Iran-Iraq War. Just a couple of yrs before UK-US NATO's ruthless & relentless bombing assault on Libya, all the heads of state at the fore-front of UK-US NATO were shaking hands w & grinning all in Khadaffi's face- apparently vying for a bigger cut of Libya's sweet-crude. In just 2009 Lurch Botox Kerry & his Heinz Ketchup wife were Assad's exclusive dinner guests. Just 2 yrs later Kerry was calling Assad a mad evil dictator. The sheer HYPOCRISY [& ruthless brutality] of these guys is without limits!!!


Nixak.77* • 8 days ago
NO Demands, NO Agenda, Plus Wall St Banksters & even Oil Corps will be part of this so-called 'Climate March'- Humm... Sounds like a BIG PHOTO OP-- Which Wall St Banksters & Oil Corps will use to 'green-wash' themselves!!!! And just whose idea was it to include Wall St Banksters & Chevron??! Sound$ like they've been co-opted!!!

From CounterPunch: How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign
[@ ]:} 'I’ve [the author Arun Gupta] never been to a protest march that advertised in the New York City subway. That spent $220,000 on posters inviting Wall Street bankers to join a march to save the planet. That claims you can change world history in an afternoon after walking the dog and eating brunch.
To quote Han Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
Encouraging bankers to a climate-change march is like saying Blackwater mercenaries should join an antiwar protest.
Having worked on Madison Ave for a decade, I can smell a PR marketing campaign a mile away. That’s what the People’s Climate March seems to be. According to inside sources a push early on for a Seattle-style event—organizing thousands of people to nonviolently shut down the area around the United Nations—was thwarted by paid staff with the organizing groups.
Branding. That’s how the climate crisis is going to be solved [NOT!]. We are in an era or postmodern social movements.
The image (not ideology) comes first and shapes the reality. PR & marketing determines the tactics, the messaging, the organizing, and the strategy.
The organizers will lead the movement into the graveyard of the Democratic Party, just like the movement against the Iraq War a decade ago. Thus Obama has now launched an 8th war and yet there is NO antiwar movement to speak of.
Avaaz and [Bill McKibben's] is footing most of the bill for the People’s Climate March with millions of dollars spent.
When the overriding demand is for numbers, which is about visuals & PR marketing, everything becomes lowest common denominator. Thus the lack of politics IS a Political Decision.
Avaaz has turned social justice into a product to enhance the liberal do-gooding lifestyle, and it’s set its sights on the climate justice movement.

Naomi Klein says we need to end business as usual because climate change is going to change everything. Unfortunately the organizers of the People’s Climate March didn’t get the memo. Because they are continuing on with business as usual that won’t change anything...' {


Nixak.77* • 9 days ago
Though it's true by absolute numbers, there are more poor whites, mainly concentrated in the south, than poor Blacks mainly concentrated in northern urban cities. Yet the south is the traditional bastion of the KKK / FOX Noise type 'Good Ole Boys' politicians [first Dixie-crat Dims but since the era of 'Tricky Dick's' 'southern strategy'- now Repugs]. Southern 'Good Ole Boy' politicians have traditionally played the 'racism-card' to get so many poor & working class whites [even some in the north] to act against their own best class-interests.

Note this excerpt from DN! [@ ] - MICHELLE ALEXANDER:} 'The system of mass incarceration stems from an effort to divide poor people along racial lines, to keep them divided and distracted. It is in many ways a backlash against the poor people’s movement and the civil rights movement that Martin Luther King launched. I describe in my book ['The New Jim Crow'], the get-tough movement in the war on drugs was part of a deliberate strategy adopted by the Republican Party [w complicity from the Dims] in an effort to appeal to poor and working-class white voters who were anxious about, threatened by many of the gains that were made by African Americans in the civil rights movement. And pollsters and political strategists found that get-tough rhetoric on issues of crime and welfare could appeal to poor and working-class whites and pit poor and working-class whites against poor folks of color.' {

Yet 'ironically' the main beneficiaries of the US' welfare system traditionally have been poor white mothers & their kids. Just as the main beneficiaries of affirmative action progs have also been white women. The Elites have always resented FDR's New Deal's welfare progs, even though it was mainly for white working class & poor people & was initially designed to exclude most Black workers. It was during the Civil Rights era, when these programs were expanded to include more Black people, that 'welfare' was spun into a 'bad word / talking point', & the power elites got so many working class & poor whites on-board w dismantling many of these New Deal Progs that FDR initially created to mainly help working-class & poor whites - because these programs were cynically 'spun' into / described as so-called 'Reparations' for Blacks- WOW!!!

The Racial code-words 'reparations' &/or 'socialism' to describe programs that likely would help ALL working class / working poor people [of ALL colors & back-grounds] is the favorite 'race-card' cynical politicians like 'to play' on so many working class & poor whites- who so many unfortunately buy into it.


Nixak.77* • 17 days ago
NYC, Feb 1965: The guy kneeling over a dying Malcolm X, Gene Roberts [a Malcolm body-guard], turned out to be a NYPD BOSS [Bureau of 'Special Services'] under-cover cop. The guy IDed as the shot-gun man during Malcolm's assassination [IE: 1 of the 5 Malcolm assassins] was seen by a witness walking in & out of an office in a nearby NYPD station- Without Escort & NOT in Handcuffs.
FYI: Turns out that of the 3 guys convicted for Malcolm's murder, 2 of them where NOT even there.

Memphis, April 4th 1968 [exactly 1 yr to the day after MLK gave his iconic anti Vietnam War speech]: The first to reach a dying MLK was a Memphis PD under-cover cop, Merrel McCullough, who later joined the CIA. In the 1999 civil trial: The King Family vs Loyd Jowers, Jowers named McCullough as one of his co-conspirators in the plot to assassinate MLK [Note: James Earl Ray was NOT named as a co-conspirator].

Chicago, Dec 4th 1969: The head of BPP's Chicago Chapter, Fred Hampton, is executed in his bed while sound asleep [he was drugged] in a joint FBI, Chicago PD, County Sheriff [= COINTELPRO] raid. The guy who gave the FBI & Chicago cops a detailed layout of Hampton's apartment, William O'Neal, who was Hampton's security chief [ala Gene Roberts for Malcolm]- was, you guessed it- yet another paid police informant who likely 'spiked' / drugged Hampton's drink just prior to his execution.

In J. Edgar Hoover's infamous 'Stop the Rise of a Black Messiah' memo Hoover specifically named Malcolm, Martin & the Black Panther Party [along w Kwame' Toure' aka Stokley Carmichael] as his main targets to be 'neutralized'.


IMO likely the most 'revolutionary' act the BPP did was NOT the iconic pix of BPP members in black tams, leather jackets, shouldering rifles which gets the most hype [by the BPP- but even by the FEDs & cops to gin-up 'Mau-Mau' type fear among whites of scary Black dudes out to 'kill whitey' & 'off the pigs']- But rather the BPP's free breakfast prog to feed Black school-kids along w their free medical prog [contrary to this Findley / Ram-boo joker's rants]. Needed programs that Dim poly-tricksters & their approved 'Negro' leaders too often failed to provide [at the time]. Apparently 'Ole J.  Edgar's' COINTELPRO also saw this as just too revolutionary- which explains why so often when cops searched BPP offices across the US, using the guise of searching for illegal weapons- they destroyed &/or confiscated food & medicine ear-marked for the BPP's free breakfast & medical progs- along w printing equipment & supplies.

The other 'revolutionary' act the BPP tried to do that does NOT get enough attention, was the BPP's efforts to try to quell gang conflict both on the streets & in prison. The COINTELPRO response- was to use In-Filth-Traitor agent-provocateurs to 'ironically' stir-up conflict between the BPP & street-gangs; or to fabricate bogus charges against BPP members in jail & throw them in solitary for decades on end- like what happened to TRNN's honored RAI guest, Mr Eddie Conway.

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