Sunday, September 14, 2014

Revolutionary Thinking


I sometimes wonder to what use the internet would have been put if it had been around 40--50 years ago when much of America in general, and Black America in particular, was effervescing with revolutionary activity and idealism. At present we mainly get trivial conversation in AA Forum, mostly silly chatter and rumor about dating and interpersonal relations, but rarely matters of great substance.(Of course, interpersonal relations are matters of great importance, but not when chatted up in the silly ways we seen in Topix). Can you imagine to what use an AA Forum would have put in the time of Martin, Malcolm, SNCC and the ORIGINAL Black Panther Party? Can you imagine that in THOSE DAYS a "forum" flooded with chatter like "I don't want to marry a Black man" or "I don't to marry a Black woman"? Of course, in those days IR relations, whatever one opinion of them, were rare and considered at best a side issue---not the MAIN issue Black folk (or progressive non-Black folk) were concerned with. Then the issue was BLACK LIBERATION, social justice, ending the imperialist war in Vietnam, ending poverty, exploitation and racism, and fighting for a new social order. Moreover, in those days the personal and the social were not separated by a great divide. Thus, in their letters Martin and Coretta often discussed their commitment to each other and their people as though both were bound by a seamless web. In love letter between Angela Davis and George Jackson the synthesis of the personal and social were also obvious. And in the film FREE ANGELA AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS, Angela Davis states that part of the passion between her and George Jackson was due to their capacity to see each other not only as amorous companions but as partners in the struggle to usher in a new world Where are such concerns today? A Poor Peoples Campaign such as Dr. King wanted to organize in spring of 1968 is probably MORE relevant TODAY than in his own time. But TODAY, I hear the poor--especially the Black poor (from whose loins I sprang)--vilified as "ghetto" and "thug trash" even by other Blacks.

The the same people whom Dr. King called "the disinherited children of God." The same folk Malcolm X so proudly identified himself when he said "I'm a FIELD Negro, the masses of our people are field Negroes." Both he and Martin had an undying LOVE for the masses of our people. And in Martin this tended more clearly to encompass the masses of oppressed people of all colors everywhere in the world. Where is the aspiration to build a new world? Can one even IMAGINE any longer a world in whch there is neither rich nor people, in which racial oppression and animosities have ceased, and human beings are no longer divided between rulers and ruled, or between rich and poor? Can we imagine any longer a world at peace?



 Last semester, after having discussed some of the works of Hegel and Marx and Sartre, I turned to works by Africana thinkers like King, Fanon, Angela Y. Davis. Many students--white, Black and Asian--were simply unaware of King's quest for economic justice, and his critiques of capitalism. Then after a discussion of Angela Davis' "Unfinished Lectures on Liberation," we viewed the film "Free Angela and All Political Prisoners." One young Black man said "Man, we need sisters like Angela TODAY! Where are they?" One Black coed replied "Yes, and we need brothers like some in that film who worked with and supported Angela? Where are they?" I suggested that if they're BOTH about serious business, then they should hook up with other socially conscious students, however many or few, and you will find contemporary equivalents "in your own generation, even if not as famous yet, to the folk we've been discussing." Are there at least a few revolutionary minded folk in AA Forum? -Savant

 That's one of the reasons I would like a law requiring members of congress to be PHYSICALLY, and visibly present in order to filibuster. I notice reports that Republicans in Congress have even done filibusters in abstentia against the present presidential administrations. And there have been more filibusters during the Obama administration than in any other, at least so I read. Force the doer of the deed to perform before the ideas of the public. -Savant

 Fanon was in my opinion a brilliant revolutionary Black thinker, writer, and revolutionary humanist. Devoted his life to the liberation of Africa and of oppressed people everywhere. -Savant


There should be a White History Month in America. That way we can teach all about the things White Americans have done in history, like:

Cherokee Trail of Tears
Japanese American internment
Philippine-American War
Jim Crow
The genocide of Native Americans
Transatlantic slave trade
The Middle Passage
The history of White American racism
Black Codes
Slave patrols
Ku Klux Klan
The War on Drugs
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
How whites still benefit from slavery and genocide
White anti-racism
The Southern strategy
The rape of black slave women
Madison Grant
The Indian Wars
Human zoos
How the Jews became white
White flight
Proposition 14
Homestead Act
Tulsa Riots
Rosewood massacre
Tuskegee Experiment
Hollywood stereotypes
Indian Appropriations Acts
Immigration Act of 1924
Sundown towns
Chinese Exclusion Act
Emmett Till
Vincent Chin
Indian boarding schools
King Philip’s War
Bacon’s Rebellion
American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
History of the gun
History of the police
History of prisons
History of white suburbia
Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
George Wallace
Fox News
Real estate steering
School tracking
Mass incarceration of black men
Boston school busing riots

-Holip sism


I`m glad to see all these racist comments from Alex Jones drones.Because it lets black people know how much of this patriot movement feels about them,and that its not wise to join these racist patriot movements.Blacks joining the patriot movement will do nothing but distract blacks from the issues in their communities,which is gonna help maintain systematic white supremacy.And the patriot movement is run by the Illuminati anyway.The Illuminati long ago infiltrated the patriot movement,by putting certain agents in leadership positions in order to mislead the patriot movement.

And most of the whites in the patriot movement it seems,side with the Illuminati anyway when it comes maintaining systematic white supremacy,as we seen in the killings of Micheal Brown and Trayvon Martin.A lot of People in the patriot movement was defending the killers of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin.

Blacks better off joining the black nationalist movement because the patriot movement and The Illuminati are your enemies.Both groups engage in racism white supremacy, and both groups form alliances with each other when it comes time to help maintain systematic white supremacy, as we seen in the Trayvon Martin case and Mike Brown case.



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