Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crammasters' New Words in 2014


The answer is programming. Anti-blackness is built into the white supremacy system-- the system we currently live under. I would suggest you check out the BOOKS ON trojanhorsepress_com and they will explain this mentality. Also, check out Neely Fuller, Jr on youtube and you will understand that all people of color have been programmed to think white is superior



crammasters Feb 1, 2011 i'd say both still it's suspicious that the only time Hollywood seems interested in a "serious" black movie, it always shows BM and BW at each other's throats or we're mistreating our kids, never the BM and BW working out their problems together or saving our children


@Cali then spread the WORD, sis...to all your folks There is NO greater power on this planet than BLACK LOVE -- the love between the black man, woman, and child... which is why this "system" keeps attacking it! they want us to turn on each other...which means they NEED our cooperation, without it, we WIN, they LOSE...


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