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Sister Trojan Pam's new words in October of 2014

@ Courtney H

Thanks for sharing the article. I believe Ebola is a man-made VIRUS and biological weapon used to reduce the world’s population and to create fear in the world’s populations.

There are four other reasons that the white supremacists (and it makes no difference if they are from the U.S. or Europe or Israel, they are all one and the same) are attacking Africa and African people:


Africa is a strategically mineral and resource rich continent. Whoever controls Africa, controls the world. Now that China is making inroads into Africa, building infrastructures and alliances with African leaders, the white supremacists are not going to sit by and let that happen. Africa belongs to them like the rest of the world and they are trying to sabotage any efforts to build it up. This recent “outbreak” of Ebola is one hell of a coincidence.

I would highly recommend a youtube channel — “X22 Report” and start back about six months ago up to the present and it will explain a lot about what is happening between the U.S., China, Russia, Africa. Your eyes will be opened WIDE
In fact, I’m thinking about posting some of his youtube videos on my blog because we have to learn to look beyond the obvious ways racism/white supremacy is practiced and start to see the GLOBAL PICTURE and what lies in store for all of us, including the entire planet. This is much bigger than mistreating non-white people, this is about the intention to create mass genocide all over the planet.



The movie: 2012

If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it not because it was a good movie but because it revealed a very important reason why white supremacists want to control Africa and why they want to greatly reduce the black populations there

A natural disaster occurring in the U.S. and possibly other PARTS of the “white” world: One of the most possible scenarios is the eruption of the huge volcano below Yellowstone National Park.

If you remember in the movie, the world was experiencing a global calamity at the hands of mother nature and they built “arks” to take them where: TO AFRICA — the ONLY PLACE where life still existed. I thought at the time I saw it back in 2011 or 2012, AHA–what are white people trying to tell us?

That they believe Africa will be the new white homeland for white people.

And when I found out about two months ago that the U.S. offered the African National Congress (the ANC) TEN BILLION DOLLARS a year to build camps in the event that Yellowstone erupts and they’ll need to evacuate Americans, I said, wow, this reminds me of that movie.

ANC turned down the offer and said very diplomatically that allowing millions of white americans into Africa will destroy their cultural identity when what they were really saying, I believe was,

“After all you’ve done to us, you want us to save you? Well, what goes around COMES around. Ain’t Karma a B___?”

Shortly after, there’s a “outbreak” of Ebola. Hmm….


The white supremacists know the African people will rise up one day and bring an END to the system of white supremacy. The population of African people is still increasing despite all the attempts by european scientists and politicians (ALL CRIMINALS and psychopaths) to reduce non-white populations via manufactured wars, famines, man-made diseases, and the poisoning food, crops, and water supplies, etc

Despite all this, the African/black female, the most degraded person on the planet, is still the MOST FERTILE WOMAN ON THE PLANET


And NO MAN, NOT even racist man and woman can defeat God, the UNIVERSE OR Mother Nature


Killing black and African people is what white supremacists do. They don’t have to have a reason, they just do it.

I hope you’ll check out the youtube channel link above or just google “the X22 report.”

Also, google on youtube: “Paul craig Roberts” — he is also a good source of information despite there being a few things I disagree with, but mostly he’s right on.

-Trojan Pam


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