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Dr. Kiing's Speech at Lincoln University on June 6th, 1961


Is humanity which celebrates Dr. King. Most recognized him as one of the great fighters for the freedom of humanity, for peace, for justice and decency. It is the ruling classes, the power elites---all the old enemies of humanity---which had reason to celebrate Dr. King's death. But they themselves are the Party of Death against the party of humanity.



Frankly, these ranting preachers, long on rhetoric and short on analysis, are really old hat. We need clear, revolutionary analysis and sound grassroots organizing. We cannot function in Western society largely because Western society is itself dysfunctional. The capitalist system is dysfunctional and self-destructive.. Failure to find or create alternative will lead to our doom.As for that ranting void of social analysis, I leave for reflection the words of a revolutionary Black Christian minister, Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I wish today, that Christians would stop talking so much about religion and starting doing something about it, and we would have a better world. But the problem is that the church has sanctioned every evil in the world. Whether it's racism, or whether it's the evils of monopoly capitalism, or whether it's the evils of militarism. And this is why these things continue to exist in the world today." Dr. King, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, January 7, 1968



You may recall that when we first met in Bmore I said that I didn't see what one could call Black or Arab ghettoes, but that was 20 years ago, and that some people who visited France in this century claim that such ghettoes have begun to form. Triste. But segregation is not so deeply entrenched in France as in the USA. You must reverse this tendency before it becomes to deep-seated to remove. Trust me on this one: A racially polarized society his HELL to live in, especially for a person of color.



The biggest no-contributors are the privileged classes, the rich 1% who get rewarded not only when they contribute (as they commonly do) little or nothing to the common good. But who are even esteemed. And since we're speaking of Dr. King, let's recall a bit of national hypocrisy which he points out somewhere in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?? He notes that government funds to the rich are euphemistically called "subsidies ", while funds to the needy are described contemptuously as "welfare. " The very language reveals class contempt for the underprivileged and fawning admiration for the privileged. Now it was precisely this class contempt for the common people which, along with racism, Dr. King found so deplorable. Hence his efforts at a Poor Peoples Campaign which, unfortunately, he didn't live to lead. And thus the necessity of completing the incomplete work of Dr. King and the heroic freedom movement of the 1960s.



Non, mais j'ai entendu autour Marseilles..I have heard that there's a large immigrant population--both North African and sub-Saharan African--a Marseilles. Et le milieu raciaux est souvent toxic. But I've not been there. Interessement, I wanted to go there in 1990. I chickened out. But it wasn't because of the toxic racial climate. I had flown into Paris and happened to meet several persons, including sailors, from Marseilles. The first thing I notice was that I couldn't understand them. Not that my French was perfect even then. But usually I could understand folk. There's some kind of dialect in that city that I can't crack, and couldn't even in those days when both my spoken and written French was vastly more fluent. But someone told me that the French we learn in the schools is Parisienne, le Francais des intellectuels, professionelles et la bourgeois. Even in Paris most people don't talk like that all the time. In Marseilles the popular speech patterns are naturally more divergent from the Parisian norm. Having heard that le Pen and the Front had MORE influence in Marseilles than in Paris and other towns, and considering my difficulty with the local dialect, I thought it wise to stay clear of Marseilles unless I was accompanied by a native French friend. And none whom I knew had any plans to visit Marseilles--at least not while I was still on summer break. I would like to visit Marseilles. Aren't the citizens of that town the ones who gave us La Marseillaise? "Aux armes citoyens! Formez les batallions!"



I've seen a couple of studies which indicate that however much IR relations and marriages have increased over the years, INTRACIAL marriages have increased even more between US Blacks and Blacks from other lands (especially Caribbean). There are probably more marriages between Africans and Afro-Americans than we know. And then here are Afro-Latin and US Black marriages and relations.(My own ex was a Black Latina from DR). So, in a sense Black America is becoming more diverse in her marriage patterns. I don't know that this will lead to the extinction of Black America since MOST Blacks marry Black.
But whoever you marry, try to love and be good to each other. OK? And don't worry too much about what other people are doing. You've no say in that anyway.


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