Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Savant on Issues

Aux-Etats-Unis, c'est impossible. Nous avons les Democrats et les Republican seulement. C'est un grand difference politique entre l'Amerique et les pays d' Europe. Vous avais plusiers de parti politique---meme parti du Gauche, socialistes, "greens,' etc. C'est un raison pourquoi M. CLR James a ecrit que "The United States is technologically advanced but politically and socially backward." We have no "party of the people", except on the margins---and with severely limited popular support. Pour cette raison Professeur Noam Chomsky--pendant 2012--proposed that in any state where the Republicans had not even a prayer of winning that progressives should vote Green or some other progressive party left of the Democrats. But in any state which the Republican MIGHT win if one doesn't pull out all the stops, you should hold your nose and vote Democrat. Je ne sais pas ce que vous pensez. Mais beaucoups de nous Americains pense que les Republicains son proto-Fasciste. Indeed une amie Francaise m'a dit qu' il'ya quelque elements dans the parti Republicain qui sont "as reactionary and raciste as our National Front, some maybe MORE reactionary." So BOTH parties stink. But the Republicans have moved so far to the right--even further than in Reagan's time---that they've become a serious threat to what' left of American democracy. I wish we had your options, that America had REAL opposition parties at the CENTER rather than on the margins of political life. I'd to be able to vote for a labor party without fearing I may end up with Republicans who will make REAGAN look progressive!!! Our corporate two party system sucks. Probably our only choice is to promote progressive and insurgent popular movements with some of Chamsky's advice in the electoral arena.


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